Big Brother 14 Willie tells Frank that he is physically fighting for him to stay in this game!

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 20 (Friday)
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 15 (Sunday)
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: Frank and Kara
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe


1:40pm Willie and Frank are up in the HOH room talking. Willie tells Frank that he is physically fighting for you to stay in this game. He tells him to not talk to anyone… anyone! If you think that it’s okay, you may want to re-evaluate it. Frank asks like who? Willie says just don’t talk to anyone or else my hands are tied and I can’t fight for you. Frank says that thing with Shane and Mike the other day that was not me ..that had nothing to do with me. Willie says that if you talk to anyone are going to end up fu*king yourself. Willie says we don’t need the coaches ..if you and I work together and no ones knows we could get far in this game… there is no benefit to us not working together. Willie says don’t offer people any information, we need to keep us a secret. Willie says that he believes whatever I want to happen will happen. I am taking a major, major, major risk …if you don’t do what you said you were going to do …it could end my game.


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Frank says you getting me these votes this week proves to me that you want to work with me. Frank says if I get HOH next week I will put up Danielle and whoever you want up from your side. Frank says that he appreciates Willie telling him the secret about his brother being Russell. Willie says that most everyone knows, the only person that doesn’t know is Boogie. I just don’t want people coming at me next week with it if I didn’t come out about it. Frank says that thing with Mike was all him ..he cornered Shane. Willie tells Frank that he has a vote from him. Votes are extremely important in this game and you have mine. I know Boogie wants to make a point by sending me home that’s why I don’t want him in your ear. Willie says all this friction is from the coaches in the game.
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Frank says that he is busting Dan’s balls a bit lately. Frank says that he told Boogie yesterday Shane walking in on us talking is only going to get me sent home …so you need to let off the gas a little bit. Frank says that he doesn’t trust anyone as much as he trusts Willie. Willie says that he is trusting Frank with his game.. take it easy and please don’t say nothing at this point. If I go home they are going to be gunning for you. If Ian or Jenn win this I have your vote and hopefully you can convince them. If we win this next week I am going to protect you again. Frank says and I will protect you again too. Willie tells Frank that when you try and protect me you need to give a reason why otherwise that will raise suspicion. If you would turn on my I would bomb on you. I need your vote! Trust me I am going to get you the votes this week. Don’t leak or give them information. Frank said that when Kara asked me if I felt safe, I just said I don’t know what’s going to happen. Frank says that Mike doesn’t like it when I tell him to let off the gas. Willie says the only reason Mike wants me out is because I am Russell Hantz’s brother. Frank says Mike is easy to deal with too ..all I have to do is stroke his ego. Willie says yeah and if I wanted to fu*k Mike all I would have to do is get you out. The coaches have no say in this game. I listen to Brit because she has played this game, but that’s it she is just an advisor. Frank says if I fu*k you next week the hole half of the house is going to know I can’t be trusted. I believe our best chance making it to the end is working together.


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2:15pm Willie says that he thinks if I go on the block and I don’t think I have the votes I would not make you vote for me …but if I know I need your vote I would tell you I need you to vote for me. I know I did a dirty to you and I am now trying to make it right. I put you on the block so no one will think anything is going on with us. You just need to really not talk and not give any information. This is such a good deal because if we could do this it would be such a good plan. Frank yes, and with the competitions being such a crap shoot ..we need someone on the other side. Willie says people are going to talk and try and pit us against each other but we just need to trust each other and not come running up here all the time. Frank asks how well he trusts Janelle? Willie says he doesn’t know …the person I trust the most is you and that scares me! Frank says when it comes we will need to know who to trust. Frank asks if Willie trusts Joe. Willie tells Frank that he trusts Joe and thinks that he is a loyal person. Willie tells Frank that he will never, never back door him. I won’t back door anyone. Frank says I won’t either, I hate that move. Willie and Frank hug and Frank heads downstairs.

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2:25pm Janelle, Joe, Ian, Ashley, Willie and Shane are relaxing out on the backyard couch talking about the first power of veto competition. Britney asks Joe what’s on the menu for tonight. Joe says sockeye salmon with white wine, butter, and lemon sauce, but only if we don’t get sushi for Mike’s birthday. Mike says it’s a 50/50 chance that it will happen.

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2:35pm – 2:55pm Willie and Britney are up in the HOH room talking. Willie tells Britney that he talked to Frank and told him he might be safe this week and to not talk to anyone. Britney says if we cut out Kara that will make Dan pretty much useless. Britney tells Willie that he doesn’t have Wil might turn on Janelle to save Kara. And I am for sure your favourite. Both Britney and Willie don’t understand why all the girls are falling all over Shane. Willie says yeah when they could have all this …all day (Pointing to himself). Britney makes fun of Shanes white necklace and says that was cool back in 1993. Willie says that Wil has to go because we don’t want to wait for him to choose. Willie says that Frank won’t put me up because he knows people won’t trust him if he does. Britney says lets just get Kara out she is just causing too much drama. Willie says that he is just going to keep a tab on Frank to make sure he’s with us. Britney asks what he thinks Joe wants to do. Willie says that he thinks he really wants Frank out because he is always running back to us telling us what Frank said. Willie says that we are only going to be able to do this with Janelle for another couple weeks and then we have to burn that. Wil needs to go because he is going to be bitter because with Kara gone all his eggs in his basket are going to be gone. Willie then laughs and says that was stupid ..I just made that saying up and it makes no sense. Willie then leaves Britney’s room to take a nap in his HOH bed.

3pm Janelle is in the kitchen making Mike a cake for his birthday.


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Willie is about to make a really stupid move and I hope Frank burns him!


Joe, is this year’s Shelly. Running to both sides and playing everyone to hard to early. Willie, like his brother Russell, is trying with success (so far) to have everyone as a final deal to the end. The Coaches should have not been allowed to live inside the house and just be a coach through a special room once a day sessions.

Jedi Jani

Joe is clearly this year’s Shelley…..He can’t stop running from side to side…….Wonder how long he will last…..


Joe can’t be Shelly. He’s not emphasizing how honest he is every 56 seconds.

Jedi Jani

LOL…Good point CJ…..He isn’t constantly smoking either…..

Beyonce fan

i hope frank stay in win hoh and put willie ass up.


It would be shocking if shane have shomance with Danielle. That way, it would cost Shane (Tom Cruise)& Danielle (Jordan 2.0) a shot at 500k! I would step people toes and reconsidered of Shane (Tom Cruise) and Danielle (Jordan) end up in the Jury House. But, it will benefit of doubt that Shane (Tom Cruise) will go to the jury house!


WTF is this gibberish? After the first sentence it just gets progressively more erratic and nonsensical.


shane looks more like josh brolin than tom cruise.
simon are you gonna add pictures of the cast mates like you do every year of who or what they look like? def josh brolin for shanes pic and the guy from rocky horror movie “riff raff” for wils pic
thanks above are links to the 2 pics.


oh yeah and carrot top for franks pic


Simon, can you also put picture of Ian as Carl of Phineas & Ferb! Try google Search Ian as Carl of Phineas & Ferb!!


I think Wil is already solidified as the new “Fabio”.
JoJo reminds me of Mila Kunis every once in while also…until she opens her mouth, that pretty much kills it.


Mike Boogie Birthday Gift is 42 Powerbomb by Frank’s Dad Sid Vicious! Hope you have Health Insurance!

Jedi Jani

Dunno….Fickle Frank can’t seem to make up his mind….but neither can Willie…..Hoping Frank goes home only cause I think Boogie will have him renigging as soon as possible on any committment he has made……


Willie is the flip-floppingest mofo I think I’ve ever seen. Britney’s almost as bad, and these two just keep feeding into each other’s bullshit. Every time they turn around they are having this conversation again and again and trying so hard to convince themselves that they are making the right choice. Another 3 days of this madness, I pity Simon and Dawg.


Frank is just playing to his best interest. He’s made his mind up. Once the coach gimmick ends (if it does), he’s distancing himself from Boogs.


oh my GOD im so tired of this fucking willie and frank alliance ALREADY. reminds me of dan and memphis, which i hated.if people are smart they will vote frank out. if not they are dumbasses.


I like Willie… But I hope all this nice guy stuff, not being like his brother, isn’t bs and he is going just flip one day down the road.


Willie says the only person that doesn’t know that he is Russell’s brother is Mike. Later on, he states that Joe told him that Mike wants him out because he is Russell’s brother. I don’t think Frank caught Willie’s lie. If Willie is going to lie, at least be consistent.


I caught that too! I just thought I was smarter now that I got my grade 10.


I think Willie was talking about Mike thinking he was a Hantz from the beginning. I don’t think anyone has actually told boogie it’s really true.