Britney busts Willie for not brushing his teeth, its day 9 and you did it for the first time last night.

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 20 (Friday)
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 15 (Sunday)
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: Frank and Kara
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe


11:50am Janelle and Britney talk about how its kind of a waste to get rid of Kara. Britney says that Frank doesn’t have anyone and Kara has people like Shane and Danielle. Britney says that she is worried about Kara floating way, way into this game. Britney says don’t worry about floaters. Britney says she is not worried about floaters, I am worried about Dan. Once Dan has one player he is powerless. Britney says Dan could win this game again. Janelle says yeah how could you not give him the money he is the nicest guy. Britney says that we shouldn’t tell them about how big of a threat Dan is in this game. Janelle says don’t you think they will figure it out when we keep going after his players.

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12pm – 12:15pm Janelle says if we get out Kara then it cripples Dan and no one will want to work with him. Janelle says that Dan is pushing for Danielle to get in a showmance with Shane because he wants more numbers on his side. Britney says that Shane flat out told her (Britney) that he doesn’t like Danielle and wouldn’t get into a relationship with her. Janelle says yeah but we’re in here for 3 months and he’s a guy. Britney says that when Kara is voted out Dan will be crapping his pants ..its week one and hes down to one player ..and he still has 10 weeks to go. Britney says we need to be careful about how hard we push because they will figure it out that we are just looking out for ourselves. Janelle is nervous that Joe will get mad at her asking her if she knew she was going to enter the game. Britney says that she hopes they let her review her contract today. (Britney wants to review her contract to see if it says anything about her entering the game.)


12:25pm – 12:40pm Willie and Mike are laying out by the pool. Willie is asking Mike were things are around the studio. Mike tells him that he lives just 5 minutes from the big brother house. Dan is in the pool juggling. The others are hanging out and suntanning.


12:45pm – 1:25pm Janelle, Willie, Ashley and Britney are in the kitchen eating and talking about their cast. They talk about how they have an older cast than previous seasons. Britney starts busting Willie for not brushing his teeth, she says its day 9 and she saw him do it for the first time last night. Britney says that his tooth brush is still packed in his suit case. Willie laughs and says you wanna do this! They talk about how its Boogies birthday and they need to make him a cake. Ashley, Janelle and Britney talk about Ashley’s date with Ian last night. Ashley says that Ian cut it short when she thought it was going to go longer. She also says that he walked in front of her which he shouldn’t have. Britney and the others yell out oh Ian!


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Is Willie serious about secretly working with Frank or is he blowing smoke up his ass so he (Frank) stayed quiet until Willie along with Janelle and Britney’s teams vote him out? I know they’re trying to decide between Frank and Kara now, but I’m not sure on this Willie/Frank thing.


Seems like he’s keeping his options open since they’re flip-flopping every 5 minutes on who to vote out. Seems an easy choice, better to boot Frank and get those two teams down to two each. Have to get Britney off of her “get rid of Dan’ infatuation…like wtf??


I see the Janelle and Brit team alliance coming to an abrupt end on thursday. Everyone, except for Willie wants to get rid of the biggest physical threat in Frank and they should. Willie has this unfounded notion that if Frank goes he will be the next target cause he is the next most dominant physical player. Come on, the guy smokes a pack a day and when he isn’t smoking he is verticle in the HOH bed. Shane, Wil and probably Joe are bigger targets then Willie but Willie’s huge ego has him thinking that he is next in line. Anyway, I think when Willie says he decided to keep Frank and get rid of Kara – Shane, Wil, Joe, Danielle, JoJo and Ashely are going to say F@#K THAT. They will conclude that Willie and Frank have a final 2 agreement and that Frank is the one that has to go and they will go against Willie and Britneys wishes. Willie is too paranoid for his own good and it is going to cost him his alliance and eventually the game.


I think Willie is seriously trying to work with Frank. I mean once Frank is gone, Willie and Shane are the next targets. So it’s better to work with him than be against him.


It seems like Britney has only one player, all she does is (somewhat) coach Willie. Janelle talks to JoJo wayyyy more than her mentor Britney does, and lI think she forgot that Shane is on her team. Its basically like she doesn’t realize she has 3 chances at 100,000.


I think Willie would work with Frank if Brit wasn’t there. He is feeling the tension between his own alliances and being Brit’s puppy. He doesn’t know what to do and doesn’t know how to take the bull by the horns even though he is HOH.


For starters, how would Shane (Tom Cruise would have shomance with Danielle (Jordan 2.0) to get Kara votes to stay. I think it would be hard to see Kara leaving. However,Dan would indeed be pissed if he has one player down. He is totally screwed. If I was Dan, I would push for Frank to leave instead of Kara.
Also, I think that If Ian does win the next HoH with puzzle or Q&A. Janelle & Britney alliance are in big trouble. Mike Boogie would Damage J&B alliance if shane (Tom Cruise) would have shomance with Danielle (Jordan). It could be interesting but I would love to see other than Ian (Carl) like Joe or Danielle or even Wil. It can happen. What’s your opinion Simon?


This season is annoying because the players I like have the coaches I hate (Mike and Britney). I hope that the twist is that once the coaches are down to one (or zero) players they get to enter the game. That way they can get evicted, plus it will be really interesting to see the coaches turn on their players. It will really turn the house upside down.

Who is with me????????????????

I hope that happens.


Probably it would be interesting if J&B alliance keep ball rolling. However, it would be sucked if Ian (Carl) win HoH and backdoored! It would be Russell vs Ronnie all over again. Please I want to see Joe win HoH and Chef Outfit! If Ian (Carl) win HoH, I will throw up!