Big Brother 14 – Joe to JoJo and Shane “Willie.. he sh!t on ya both”

POV Holder: ? Next POV: July 22, 21
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle
Next Coaches Competition
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie

9:36pm Cam 3-4 Frank and Ian frank talking about how he was thinking about teaming up with JOJO and Shane. Ian thinks that would of been a bad idea. Ian: “Right now everything is butterfly’s and roses because public enemy number one has left”. Ian is super exited that he’s going to see the table shrink. They start chatting about how screwed Jojo, Shane and Britney are because of Willie. Ian says that now Willie has to live his entire life

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10:00pm Cam 3-4 Ashley, Wil, Janelle and Frank Janelle wishes she had gotten to know Frank earlier in the game because he’s so funny. Janelle comments that she wasn’t allowed to talk to Frank when Willie was Head of Household. They ask Frank who he is going to put up if Shane wins the POV. Frank says Danielle, but pleads with them to keep it on the down low he doesn’t want Dan to find out. Janelle agrees says “Dan can be Tricky”. Frank thinks Willie was trying to live up to his brothers name, he’s surprise that Willie acted the way he did because he was a fan of the show.

Danielle joins them they all talk about how glad they are that Willie is out of the house. Janelle: “What a butt hole”
Danielle says that Willie told her he wanted to go out on his own terms. Frank: “He ruined 2 peoples game, lost a month of pay and wasted everyone’s time” Janelle points out that pays for his flight home. Janelle says that Willie DR were so bad they called him in at 6 in the morning because they were so incomplete. They wonder if the fans liked Willie, Janelle doesn’t think so (I liked Willie and I’m kinda a fan)

Talk moves to the GIANT fart Frank blew on Jenn on Wednesday night and how she almost didn’t vote for him. Wil thinks she was joking. Frank explains that he crawled on his hands and knees and begged her forgiveness.

They start to deconstruct the past week and bash Willie and whats left of his team. Janelle tells them about Big Brother 6 and how Cappy is like Willie.

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10:20pm Cam 1-2 Jenn, Joe and jojo They are talking about alcoholic family’s.

Shane joins them and tells them that he sided with Willie because Willie was in his team. Jenn says she would of done it differently Shane still had a choice. Joe jumps in says Willie had powers of persuasion. JOJO adds that Willie screwed them both.
Joe: “he shit on ya both”
Shane: “Big Diarrhea shit”
Jojo leaves.. Jenn goes back to talking about her father

10:35pm Cam 1-2 Bathroom Britney and JOJO

Britney says that Janelle and Boogie have all the numbers now they are going to take her and Dan out and march to the end. Britney adds that Janelle hasn’t looked at her since they’ve won HOH.

Britney: “everything that happened seems too ridiculous than real ”
Britney mentions how much different this season is from the last one. This time around she has a husband that she really misses. JoJO says she misses her ex boyfriend back home. JOJO: “I’m a cuddler.. I like being loved and loving.. having sex..”

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I am starting to hate Joe almost as much as I hated Shelly last year


Joe is actually one of the people I’m seriously thinking about as having the best odds at making it to the final 2. Don’t forget, Simon! End of week 2 is when I ask for your final 2 predictions! Has Joe revealed any temper issues though? That’s important to know.


I doubt that very seriously. Real hard to tell if Shelly was a Straight Shooter or Shooting Straight. Joe can just go


Don’t you mean in 3 days seeing how that it’s already jury point if in case the coaches don’t come back? ๐Ÿ˜‰


Doubtful. I would say Joe is the biggest douche on Big Brother since Jesse.


Joe is definitely Shelly with a beer belly and a chef’s jacket. Wil is Rachel tearing at his extensions… Why? Why? Why am I the only one to see that this seemingly harmless middle-aged man from the suburbs is so dangerous?!?!?!
Janelle is Jeff and Jordan morphed….. Hee hee ha ha! Did you hear what Joe said? Joe is so funny! What does Joe think? Did you tell Joe yet? Be sure and keep Joe updated! Be sure and tell Joe every single thing we are plotting! Where’s Joe? Upstairs? Hanging with Boogie’s team yous say? Oh! Haha! He is so funny! La la la….lalalala. Am I getting fat? I want a gummy.


Good job casting sane people, Allison Grodner. Solid as usual.


4 people in 14 seasons isn’t that bad.


Did Allison Grodner eat the pork rinds that were thrown at Janelle?


i call bs on qaz!!!! now u r her biggest supporter! where is the ag bashin qaz i am familler with?


“Britney adds that Janelle hasnโ€™t looked at her since theyโ€™ve won HOH.”

Britney, when have you ever looked good? Seriously, girl?


I HATE JOE!!! And wtf is going on with BBAfterDark? Everytime they start talking about Willie, they switch cameras to some pointless convo about traffic tickets and Joe’s football injuries. I don’t friggin care! And Frank is all over the house constantly talking and I can’t stand his voice! At this point, I only like Brit and Dan. Jojo maybe…


Lol I don’t like his voice either and his hair and his short shorts


I like Joe but hate Shelly. Joe plays quite an awesome game, as for Shelly, she’s nothing but a pathetic liar and hypocrite.


joe is an asshole and needs to go. i am sam sam i am i love my green eggs and ham LOL ๐Ÿ™‚ actually i just feel that joe rubs me the wrong way. dont know why as in last year with shelley did too. but i digress i still watch (except i fast foward when Joe boogie brit and janelle are on ad) so i end up watching 10 minutes of ad ๐Ÿ™‚


Shane got screwed this week, it sucks that he’s going home, and Brit loses 2 people in 1 week?


There is still a POV to be played. Shane is not totally out of there.


@BBFAN14. I have a feeling that Britney isn’t going to lose another player this week.Shane will more than likely win the power of veto,like he did last week.And then Frank will do what he’s telling the other house guests to keep a secret from Dan.Which is nominate Danielle and everyone in the house will vote to evict her.Then Dan will have to leave the game.I’ve been rooting for Dan from the beginning and I’m still cheering for him.But,luckily for team Britney fans,it seems as though no one wants to work with Dan.I thought I remember Boogie saying that he’s willing to work with Shane.But,even though Dan has been laying low and staying out of the drama,they still see him as a threat.As a viewer I don’t want Dan to leave.But if I’m going to tell the truth.If I was in the house with Dan.I would want to get Dan out as soon as possible,because he’s to good of a strategic player and he’s so likeable.Unless Danielle wins the power of veto,I think Shane will stay in the game.But I hope Danielle can pull off winning the POV competition.


Brit and Willie are ridiculous. Had them stick with Janiele’s team and take out Frank, non of these would happen.


โ€œIโ€™m a cuddler.. I like being loved and loving.. having sex..โ€. Why did Jojo say this out of no where?Lol.


jo jo is the gift that keeps on giving
even when she is on the rag she gladly let’s you put it up her butt (what? what? up the butt?)
( just hope you don’t get a chili dog ) LOL


I’m surprised they got a pizza party, I thought for sure it would be fruit loops!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


BBAD thinks we are all idiots! like we havent been followin simon n dawg for years now! we already know willie went home. i does nothin for you to change the feeds 22 seconds into a conversation about the fight with j… i mean that one guy!


*it does nothin for you to change the feeds 22 seconds into a conversation about the fight with jโ€ฆ i mean that one guy!

J terry

hurricane willie has left the house. to bad he left the assholes in there

Alexander the Great

So much pressure is on Shane to win this veto lol


Joe is cool. Without him, this season would be boring right now. He’s started all the trouble in the house, and I honestly think his early lies won’t be figured out until everyone leaves the house.


I think it’s RIDICULOUS that another HOH isn’t being played. They replayed the HOH in BB11 after Chima had her little hissy fit, they should be doing the same thing now. Frank’s HOH reign should be over and they should play again. BB needs to be consistent. Willie’s tantrum was no different than Chima’s (I mean in general, not the specifics of course) and therefore should have the exact same consequences on the house. Not playing another HOH puts Britney at an unfair advantage.

Not that I am surprised…Boogie and Janelle are CLEARLY the vets CBS wants you to be rooting for this season….

It is all bullshit. Jesus Christ. I mean, I’m not going to stop watching but this kind of unfair production shit (BB13 anyone?) really pisses me off.


I would agree, but the same thing happened to Dan. BB made him send home one of his players before the game even started, and then it was obvious the other HG’s would try to take him out with the upcoming eviction.

BB will probably add some twist to bring someone back anyway. So all is not lost for Brit.


I could be wrong..but I think the noms were already done in Chima’s case..and she was on the block…so technically the HOH was over..and a player they played for new HOH right away..This time..the noms had not happened yet. Just a thought.


I agree that a new HOH should been played. Everyone knew that Willie was going on the block and home. I think Willie got in Joe’s face hoping that Joe would hit him and send out JOE. Willie didn’t hit him or otherwise the security would have taken him out of the game. They didn’t as Janelle said he left after going to the DR. He finally must have realized that it was JOE that screwed him over. But, calling Janelle the C word and going off on Brittany didn’t sit well with CBS who are for SURE protecting their coaches. Should had Russell in the house instead of Willie. Russell would still be making deals and burning socks when no one was looking. Brittany didn’t a terrible coaching job with her team. She picked Kara and Frank, She picked Janelle’s team to go with and told Willie Joe was solid. She put out the coaches coming back in the game. She told Willie about Frank. Then, SHE jumped ship quicker than the other players.

Big Brother's Big Brother

You gotta laugh at someone whos yells to everyone, “I’m a man”, but he’s not ma enough to even be evicted they way EVERYONE has been before. Total coward, and it’s moves like that which show the real Willie. What a child.


I was not a fan of Willie, I’m actually glad he is out of the house, but I don’t think he left because he was a coward, I think he was trying to save his team


Janelle is really starting to rub me the wrong way.
She’s definitely going to be bouncing to whoever’s in power every week.


It would be fair if they play the HoH! I totally agree with some of you. They should play the HoH since Willie departure. That would be fair.


I agree with you, I’m not a fan of britney, jojo or shane but I feel bad for them, I think willie thought he was helping them by leaving but he ended up hurting them, one of them better win pov

Dae Yum Yum

Willie was a ticking time bomb and Britney lit the fuse! Bye-Bye Hantz!


I agree I hate joe and I hate that they are voting out Josephine for willies mistakes when all they were doing was being loyal to their team , like everyone else in the damn house is doing , f*** all of them assholes!