Big Brother 14 Spoilers – Willie gets Kicked out

POV Holder: ? Next POV: July 22, 21
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle
Next Coaches Competition
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie

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8:00pm Cam 1-4 HOH Boogie and Frank Willie is gone. Boogie saying that they have knocked out 2 of their players on one day what they have done today is amazing.

Boogie: “Everyone is freaked out and stuff about Willie and getting Kicked out”
Frank: “Hopefully we can get Shane out”

Boogie: “The first time in history.. you got HOH and were able to take out 2 players from an opposing team … Dan and Britney each have one player after this week”
Boogie: “explains that they needs to start thinking about the future” Boogie wants them to embrace Shane just incase he wins the next 2 competitions

Joe joins them says that they should get rid of Danielle next week..
Boogie If Shane wins POV we should just dump Danielle now. Boogie tells them that Ian and Danielle should go up on the block next week this gets rid of Dan.

8:14pm Cam 3-4 Kitchen JOJO, Shane, Wil and Joe JoJo tells them that Willie FU*ked them over today.. he could of just waited and gone home on Thursday now ether JOJO and Shane are going to go home. Shane and agrees, “Thats what you get for being loyal to Willie”
jojo: “Good thing I didn’t cuddle with him”
Shane: “He told me you guys hooked up”

8:23pm Cam 3-4 Dan and Danielle

Dan: “Don’t promise your vote to either Shane or JOJO”
Dan tells her she needs to get friendly to everyone and she needs to go with Frank directly and tell him you are going to vote any way he wants.

8:31pm cam 1-2 Joe, Janelle, Ashley, Boogie,Ian, Frank HOH Joe running his mouth saying that they are in the best spot in Big Brother History they have a clean walk to get final 6. (I’ve heard this before)

Britney joins them.. They all start chatting about about how shitting of a spot Brintey is now. Brintey points out that this was the same week she was nominated during Big Brother 12

Janelle says that Willie threw pork rinds at them and told her to Fuck off, he also called Janelle a C****. He was kicking the have nots door and “headbutted joe 4 times in the head” then was removed from the game (I’m not sure if the last one is true Joe doesn’t look like he was headbutted). Janelle adds that Willie entered the Diary room before he was removed security didn’t come in to get him.

8:48pm Cam 1-4 Everyone Their eating pizza which was given to them from production because of the Willie incident

9:09pm HOH Cam 3-4 JOJO and Frank Having a honest discussion about the nominations. Jojo and Shane explain why they were Willie and they understand why Frank nominated them it makes sense. They start to try and explain to him that they are not the enemy anymore. Frank understands the situation they are in thinks it was a shitty thing that Willie did, but wants them to know that if POV is played there is still plenty of Good targets to choose from it doesn’t mean they are going home.

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152 thoughts on “Big Brother 14 Spoilers – Willie gets Kicked out

    1. yea but are we seriously going to have to deal with joes overly annoying loud voice, boogies ego and franks know it all attitude… i was routing for all of brits team and thats it, now willies gonna, either shane or jojo is gonna go, way to go bb AGAIN this season is gonna suck.

      1. bb had to do that Willie was a bully and going around physical touching someone what a loser its a game he lost cause he played his cards way to soon. This is all Willie’s fault not BB. You don’t go around physical trying to harm someone because you lost the battle OMG Willie is the biggest idiot.

        1. I’m southern and am very intelligent.
          Not all southern people are water melon spitting,corn cob pipe smoking creatures with unintelligible grammar like Willie.
          I know some very unintelligent people from the north too so please don’t generalize and stereotype.

  1. Craziest. Season. Ever. Holy crap. Wow. I can’t stop saying wow. What are they going to do? There isn’t enough players to go all the way.

      1. That would be awesome! How about instead of Ragean they put Enzo since he was a Bragade member, and ragean wasnt.

    1. They totally should have hog over again. Even tho they won’t because they will say Willie wasn’t nominated yet. But come on it should count

    2. What a selfish tool Willie turned out to be. Maybe he wins pov then next week hog & renews faith & makes a name for future bb years or maybe he would have went home anyway but I can’t support that defeatist behavior. Good riddance. Now the hantz we know consist of a “villain”, a god-fearing psychopath & a quitter. Lol

  2. What a night for the comments to be mixed up!! BBAD is going to pretty good. I may just have to subscribe to the feeds this season – week 2 & somebody is kicked out! Wow!!

  3. Is there a problem with comments? I have posted a few and they dont ever say waiting for moderation. I do something wrong? :(

      1. Simon my comment is half or more cut off I know I can go on and on but really I didn’t tho k it was that bad. I just was hoping that the real snakes didn’t get Willie to lose his cool and give up that easy. He could have won veto and stayed. I know joe wil and janelle lied about him but. Wow this would be different if Ashley who knew the truth could have just stood up for what was right. I don’t think I can ever like her again EVER.

      2. simon does your site have a virus? it keeps messing up comments will only show old comments ( is working now agin) but this the 2nd time within 2 hrs it has happened? oh and why was willie evicted? thanks

        1. No virus.. I have been tweaking the servers to perform better. We’ve added more hardware optimized code etc etc.. Not a smart thing to go during the day but I figured with the feeds being cut it was a good time to do it.

          The good news is I think everything is working right now and it’s faster

    1. Comments were FUBARed for a while (earlier comments and threads peppered throughout) but seem fine now. Wow, did a few of you call it or what? Too bad, he could have added to an interesting mix but obviously he was WAY over the top and didn’t know how to get back down. Implosion. What is it with this family? Will they still boot someone this week? If they do, it’s a waste of HOH. They’ll really be ahead of the game now

  4. Please say it is not so, I really like Willie and felt bad that the weasel’s jos and wil and I hate to say it janelle got to him so much with there lies and their manulapation. He really didn’t do any of the things that were grossly exzaurated u know what I mean in the house he just tried with the house meeting not to let the start of this season end up like last season with newbees running scared. I hope he didn’t lose his temper and hit anyone but if he did I hope it was boogie he has been owed one since all stars and I hope he gets what is coming to him along with joe and wil who are worse on the inside than Willie could ever be.

      1. You’re kidding, right? It won’t “blow” without Willie. You can’t play a game with a baby! He needs to grow up. When he was HOH he was cocky, he was rude and he was a racist and a homophobe. The VERY second the game wasn’t in his favor he had a tantrum. I can only hope his brother is embarrassed by his poor sportsmanship.
        Glad I got my grade 10

  5. That pisses me of so bad willies a idiot people try so hard to get on big brother and can’t but this guy gets on cus his brother and the little bitch quits cus shits not going his way and he still had chance at the veto to it make me mad that some one else would love to be in this game and this loser quits

      1. I can’t even get upset at Willie for quitting for the simple fact that he didn’t have to audition to get into the house. Most of the people there didn’t, so why would any of them care for the experience of the Big Brother house; the majority of them didnt even know about Big Brother until the recieved a call
        From them. Most of the people there were scouted based upon looks or who they are related to.

        They dont take the show as seriously as we probably do, since we’ve been fans for so long.

        I truly don’t even get mad when anyone quits because it’s not as if us regular folk will ever have the chance to be on that show again. Regular people is just not what BB is about anymore. It’s all models and actors.

        Anywho, I’m really upset Willie quit when he did. He should have Atleast tried to play POV and if he lost it, THEN he should’ve threw the tantrum. But to quit before you even try is upsetting.

        Now I have no one to root for because everyone else there erks me, especially Joe.

  6. I can’t believe Willie got kicked out! What now? We will have new HoH again. Btw simon, what’s wrong with these comments. It change differently and can you fix it.

  7. Best thing for Big Brother. People don’t understand people that become hated like BR and Willie are not good for conflict because the whole house, then, has a common enemy and gets along. That is why BB12 became so boring.

  8. To think, if Willie had never called that “players only” meeting, things would be so different. People wouldn’t be so wary of the coaches, Wil wouldn’t have said that he didn’t want to talk game, Frank wouldn’t have turned Willie’s comment there into something it wasn’t, and who knows where we’d be right now.

    1. willie was a lil too cocky (guess thats a hanson thing) but really woulda coulda shoulda if only boogie had picked willie if only it would have been shema that came back to coach etc…

  9. If Big Brother has any consistency in their rules at all, their should be another HOH because that is what they did in BB11.

      1. People might have played the HOH and Coach’s Competition differently had Willie already been removed from the game. Dan, for example, is really screwed now if Shane or jojo win pov, especially if Danielle does not get picked to play in it.

      2. I think if Frank would have put him on the block they would have another HOH. I believe Chima was nominated when she quit and thus there was no need to cast votes.

  10. Willie Willie Willie…… Can you only participate if you’re winning? I was pulling for you but now I have no respect for you. hopefully the excitement doesn’t leave with him.

  11. Willie got the boot. He threw pork rinds at Janelle and called her a bitch and cunt. and he head butted Joe four times

    1. lol… that is Joes and Jennells version .. and from what i have seen so far the trueth doesnt come out of their mouths .. ONLY LIES .. now does joe look like he took four head butts to that so called already ugly face … i dont think so …lol WTG WILLIE .. still GO TEAM BRIT

      1. of course brit’s team was put as have not’s…of course they didnt want to give willie a shot via nom to fight to stay

        but we ALL KNOW who watch BB, that he would have been picked to play for POV. I mean cmon.

        knew he would snap, but this was just childish more than it was losing it

      2. of course brit’s team was put as have not’s…of course they didnt want to give willie a shot via nom to fight to stay

        but we ALL KNOW who watch BB, that he would have been picked to play for POV. I mean cmon.

        knew he would snap, but this was just childish more than it was losing it

  12. I have a filling that if two coachs have 1 player and the others have 3 there going to even the teams and give each coach 2. IF they dont do this then I belive the coachs are coming into the game

    1. Nah that twist was reserved for Veteran Twist, none of the noobs were ever going to come back in the house, had Brenda not got evicted the twist never would’ve happened..

  13. WHAT DID HE DO…. I heard he slammed Britney into a wall and then punched Frank in the face. I knew it was a joke but it was hilarious!

    1. This year will be boring without him. Strike one: coaches coming in rather than players coming in (yawn)
      Strike 2 : coaches becoming player rumor . ( yawn) Strike three: willie is gone ( as is the suspense )

    1. I just posted – happy the comments were back but normally I see the comment saying it’s waiting moderation – don’t see that this time. I know ya’ll are working so hard on this site!

  14. Damn, there goes the drama. Willie said the pressure was 1 word he described being Hoh, though, so I guess he cracked under pressure when Brit lost the Coach comp and they were put as havenots. Gotta say I’m disappointed he couldn’t man up and ride things out.

  15. maybe they should let Jodi come back since she never got a real chance in the game? or let Kara & Jodi compete to come back – some kind of endurance challenge, perhaps?

  16. Not fair that Frank still gets to make nominations. When Chima left, Michelle`s HOH was over. Maybe Frank didn`t nominate yet, but he was putting Willie up, so his target left. The justification for ending Michelle`s HOH was that her target left, her power was over. Why is it different for Frank, especially when Jo Jo and Shane are screwed and it isn`t their fault. I don`t feel bad for Brit because a lot of what happened with Willie is her fault. They should hold a new HOH to make it fair. They are down to 9 people in week 2. And the pre season ads were saying `the most players ever“. Ha! BB should always have back up players in sequester to bring into the house in case they lose players. I really hope they don`t put the coaches in the game.

    1. Not sure about this, but was Willie even nominated before he got evicted? If he wasn’t nominated, then Frank should keep his HOH

  17. That sucks. Team DRAMA took a big hit, yo. What was he thinking? He still had allies, he was a POV away from staying and possibly making up with others. Alliances flip all the time. Just terrible.

  18. @JJ. I bet you they won’t have another HOH,right away like they did on season11.Which,sucks because I have a feeling that they’re going to try to get rid of Dan.Which means they will evict Danielle.I want to know why did Dan,throw the coaches competition?

    1. Me too, what’s the strategy for Dan throwing comps? To avoid being a target seems a little thin, his team has already been targetted. What’s the benefit?

  19. Why the fuck did have to do that shit for? I liked the guy – he was entertaining. I hope his bro Russel gives him a lot of shit for fucking up like this.

  20. Everybody Asks me why i’m smiling from ear to ear!!!! I’m so happy I think will is takeing the next hoh.

  21. He headbutted Joe, threw pork rinds and Jani and anally raped Mike. The last incident came first but Willie was not reprimanded at Mike’s request.

  22. The rumor of the whole coaches twist is that if one of the Coaches loses all of their players, they will then enter as a player in the game. That will then change everything with the relationship of coaches and newbies.

    1. Aww Simon!! But now– it looks like Dan is going home this week too. I really think that Shane will win POV and Danielle will be sent packing. Do you think that someone’s coming back? Maybe Kara? And I do remember that when Chima got kicked out, Michelle’s HOH was over. And they didn’t do that this time… Do you think that the producers have something else up their sleeve?

      1. Dan is my all time fav player too! I just wish that he could have stayed in the game a little longer. And no matter what a newbie will win this season. The coach is not going to win the BB14 Title aside from the $100,000. I do hope that either Shane, Ian or Frank wins if Danielle goes home on Thursday. I think its obvious that Shane will win POV, take himself out — I hope that I’m wrong. I hope that Danielle wins POV and takes Shane off. This is Dan’s best chance –and for that matter, Britney’s best chance too in keeping Shane.

        1. Dan is one of my favorites also, but I don’t think he is leaving this early, there are more twists coming up, they are not handing over 100,000 dollars to someone that easily, they are going to have to really hard for it

    1. It was probably the physical violence that did it. He was supposedly threatening people before the incident as well, so they all knew he was about to pull something…..

  23. Team Britney pretty much just got screwed since Frank still got to nominate her other two players. Unless Shane *happens* to win POV again, although I wouldn’t count on it. They really should have just had another HOH like everyone already pointed out. Or Britney could bring back Kara or Jodi as part of her team, but Jodi already left sequester, so I don’t know how that would work……….

  24. this pisses me off so bad willies a little bitch so many people try out and cant get on and he gets on just cus his brother then when shit isnt going his way he quits like a little bitch

  25. CBS Production did the great job of stepping in. However, why did frank still HoH? They should have two evicted houseguests battle out for the right to come back in this game. That’s mess up. Willie I respect you and now I lost my respect to you.

  26. I feel so bad for Team Brit. I really hope that Shane and JoJo can pull it out because I really like both of them. Unfortunately, it looks like either Team Brit or Team Dan will be taking a big hit this week – Brit will be left with 1 or Dan will be gone. I despise Boogie and Janelle hasn’t been up to my expectations this season.:(

  27. I know I’m probably the only one on here that want the coaches to be allowed to play the game.Well,I mainly want Dan to play the game.Does anyone know if Willie had a physical fight with any of the guys?And why are Janelle players,off limits for Boogie/Frank to nominate?I thought Boogie hate Janelle.Are they now best buddies?Lol.

    1. Just wanted to point out that you’re not the only one who wants to see the coaches play the game. I do hope that Dan enters the game if he leaves as a coach. A nice surprise waiting for him if Danielle gets evicted.

      1. @Isabelle. It would be great if that actually is one of the twists.It does seem as though Dan,thinks the coaches will be allowed to play the game.I guess we just have to wait and see what happens.

  28. simon BB gossip posted that nominations were done and shane and jojo are up is there any truth to this< also it posted that janelle saved ashee

    1. That’s is an absolutely horrible thing to say. I might now like Willie all that much, but wishing death on him is crazy. It’s never that serious. It’s just a show.

    2. That is totally uncalled for. The guy’s already down and you want to keep beating on him. Especially with what happened today in the real world. Wow –totally inappropriate and it doesn’t even matter if you think it was “funny”

  29. Are comments working for everyone? From my browser everything looks good but i’m still getting messages from people that they are broken.

    1. working great simon thanks id rather be on here then anywhere else on friday niight. :) your the best. TEAM DAN

  30. seems the coaches are running this show and the players that should not be up are and the ones that should be ( joe ashee) arent. stupid coach twist. Im hating to see jo jo ( the up the butt girl) and shane ( batman 2012) either go.

    1. BULLSHIT, that’s should not be grounds for eviction, that’s entertainment dammit.. if they were real headbutts we would see the bruises, so it was a minor physical altercation a situation , right before it turns violent, he got kicked out for nothing…. BOOOOORING

  31. oh stop feeling “bad” for brit, she brought this ALL on herself by unleashing the hurricane telling willie people were saying things as stupid as impersonating wil

    1. your right brtiknee should never have winded up willie. and she should have interferred with that house meeting woulda coulda shoulda

  32. Not at all shocked by this. I called this two days ago.

    What I find to be BS is how they cut the 24/7 live feeds when something like this goes down. We pay extra money to “see what they can’t show on TV”, yet they cut the feeds whenever they want.

  33. I hate when production gives them stuff when an “incident” happens… don’t give them shit to “calm them down” let the tension stir, then more drama and possibly more ppl heading out…. They did this when Jesse Douche left, and ChiaPet(Chima),Chlamydia(Lydia), and Gnat(Natalie) was whining and threatening to walk out, i think they got chinese… Production are idiots for letting them calm down..

    Don’t stress out and be entertaining to the audience …..Look here’s some pizza, a candle light dinner, here’s some teddy bears and xanax…. fucking stupid

    if they didn’t meddle in the game and let it form by itself, Big Brother would be tons more entertaining

  34. Here’s a random thought:
    I kinda hope Danielle gets backdoored this week, so that some magical twist that allows for coaches without players to come back into the game. Therefore, Dan gets to play the game!
    Plus, they’re a few players short now.

    But that’s just my wishful thinking.

    1. I’d like to backdoor Danielle, too. Her only redeeming factor is she has a great ass! Watching her flopping on the beds in the first HOH comp was her highlight of the season!

  35. Testing?

    Oh, and thanks in advance for sending an email. I think it may be working now, but I had tried to post a comment for the past couple hours and I wasn’t seeing them or that message saying that it will be moderated.

  36. As interesting as it’s been, the only HGs I like are Ashley and Dan. I could add Ian and Jenn but they need to step up. Can’t stand Joe, Jojo or Boogie. Janelle and Brittney are interesting ’cause they’re causing drama but definitely not likable. Brittney has lost her sense of humour. I’m ambivalent about the rest.

  37. Does anyone think that there might be a HOH comp following all this, like they did for Chima or are they just gonna let the week go as it is?

  38. Hey Simon, I saw my comment, I guess it was my other computer. Now I can game talk :)

    With Willie gone, this game has changed as far as I am concerned. Willie was going to keep things interesting for the next week, but he decided to exit himself out and that means the next CBS episode should be another good one on the line of Chima.

    Dan has gone from outhouse to inhouse as far as I am concerned. Willie may be gone, but the wreckage he left with his loyalist is obviously being felt. Right now, Boogie wants Shane…if Shane saves himself, the Dan is back to the outhouse. I honestly would love to see the nominations stand and Shane cut a deal. If the POV is used for Shane, then JoJo has to go. She was the more loyal Willie-yte and honestly. delivers nothing to the game. Besides, ive got a crush on Danielle lol.

    All in all, I just hope the season doesnt fizzle out with the spark of insanity out of the house.

  39. for someone to say that they hope willie gets killed on his way home it totally out of line and completely fucked up, this is just a game and to make that comment shows just what a stupid fucking moron that person is and i agree with other comments that they should have had another hoh because now britney’s team is fucked losing 2 players in one week unless there is a surprise twist that makes up for it.

    1. Totally agree. But then again, didn’t Dan lose two players in one week though?

      I’m wondering what BB will do. There won’t be a fast forward at this point. And it’s two weeks into the show and they’re almost in jury.

  40. Thought I was done. Anybody else think Boogie is reverse aging? He looks about 93 and dresses like an 8-year old.

  41. Testing, testing. :) Hopefully this will get thru…if so, then comments are working for me. :) Yay on upgrading the site Simon…I’m all for it. Anything that lets me connect faster is a good thing, in my book.

    WOW!!! Twitter was going crazy over the feeds being down for 4 hours. Glad BigBrotherOnline is up again so I can get the truth (and not rumours.)

    Willie, Willie, Willie…what did you do? If you had just laid low, you might have won POV, had a chance…but now…Dude! You just totally self-destructed. What else is there left to say but Bye, sorry to see you go…but, not that sorry if you’re gonna act like that.

    Now who do I support? Honestly, I’m a big fan of the underdog so I think I gotta go with Ian. Why not? He seems like a sweet kid, not a lot of game, but whatever. I’m cheering for Ian…if only he wanted to win as badly as I’d like him to win.

    What a day. I’m exhausted from it all and I’m not even in the house! BBAD can’t come fast enough. One more hour (for me) to go.

  42. can you just ban this person’s ip address?

    I remember this person from last season and all she or he does is post utter garbage!

    1. are you referring to beyoncefan? if so i totally agree. what an ignorant person (he) she is. It is dragging this site to the gutter where it came from :)

        1. thanks simon i try not to complain as i make some comments that are questionable also but i try not to cross that line. and when someone wishes someone to die whether joking or not it drags this fun site down to a very serious undertone and makes it uncomfortable to read on, on here so thanks remember you have fans too I’m one of them :)

  43. This really sucks…Willie kept the game interesting. I was hoping for a good season , but now that Willie is gone…not so sure. He didn’t do anything but play the game even though he was so grossly targeted.

  44. I just have one thing to say – the coach aspect sucks BIG time !!! They have ruined this whole game for everyone !! Gonna miss you Willie!!

  45. simon every year there is an ignorant person that comes on this site and makes the most ignorant and uncalled for remarks and every year you ban them. this year it’s beyoncefan can you please get rid of this joke once and for all. it brings this absolutely positive and fun site down. thanks and i think i speak for alot of the BB fans on here.

  46. Dan most likely threw the coaches challenge because he did noy want to pick people to be Have Not’s. This way Janelle gets to be the bad guy and he is still everyones best friend. Like Mister Fucking Rogers.

  47. Couldn’t all those PRE BB medical tests have shown Willeee was a loose cannon. NO clue who to root for thus year. Shane, Dan, Ian???

      1. i agree joe is this year’s shelly running around lying to everybody and just like shelly it will catch up to him and bite him in the ass and on a side note does he own any other shirts beside blue kentucky basketball shirts.

  48. Rooting for Shane, Danielle or Ian for sure!! CAN’T STAND BOOGIE!! He is still riding Dr Will’s coattails and I am sure Dr Will is over him. Boogie takes credit like he has anything to do with it. GLAD THE PSYCHO POSTER WAS BLOCKED!

    1. I agree, Boogie was evicted early season 2 and he only won allstars because I believe will mike and erica had a deal before going into the house, there is no way the always cool Dr Will snapped and yelled at Janelle,
      Janelle is only good at the challenges she is horrible at the social game and always plays personal
      Britney is horrible and the challenges and totally got played on her season
      Dan is the only won who knows how to play this game which is why is the target

  49. Surprised you didn’t put in here about the reason why Willie is kicked out…Ian tells exactly why at 9:30p BB time…

  50. Willie is an A-Hole….. If he head butted another player, The rest should have beaten the crap out of him. Once a Hanz always a Hanz. He wanted to get out of Russel’s shadow, his actions show he is worse than that A-hole…. Good riddance.

  51. how come more people are not seeming to be upset about our sweet janelle turning out to be a bad person this season, and teaming up with boogie who did her like dirt? omg where do i begin there??? I cant see straight for how she got brit to trust her they were a team going to vote together and get the boys out and like any girl can tell you when that so called friend does this…….omg its not good! Brit was betrayed in a way that only girls that are close to other girls can understand, its not a good thing, now i am wanting britney to grow a pair and get revenge and show those other coaches that being a sleeze is NOT a way to wiin anything in life! Might need some help from bb but bullies and lying betrayers in the begining of the show gotta go! Give brit some special powers that can get her revenge, i dont even like boogie and this season, janelle is not the same person either we all grow up and up and change evidently not always for the better! Sorry janie but i was a fan till you slamed the door on a poor little girl like britney!

  52. read all your post, i am so disapointed i n janie geez did she change or what? boogie she trust after her season with him crying on the couch all night it was due to him and will gee get a grip janie i was all excited to see her and brit team up and what does our janie do she LIES and is on the boys team and brit is all alone, she broke the girlfriend CODE, she will need to pay for that, i am no longer a janie fan, she is not the same girl i pulled for in years past, she did not learn a thing about MEN! GEEZ Brit i am for you all the way, someone needs to give our brit some special powers now to help her along! My sons love brit and think she was wronged by the men before, so if you keep brit in the game the 20s and 30 something will be watching, i dont think so much with boogie and janie, but you know what, SEND IN OUR RACHEL TO HELP BRIT! Janelle needs a good kick in the KARMA area!

  53. I myself liked Willie, I can NOT stand Joe, he is a self centered PIG if you ask me, thinks he is god and so does Boogie whome I hate also. This year sucks, I mean you put them in as coaches and a person leaves on night 1. How fair is that to Dan? And its all about the coaches not the players. I have been watching all 14 shows and by far this year is the worst. I didn’t even buy the live feeds for the first time, and I’m not going to either!

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