Big Brother 14 – Jojo the Super player “I don’t mean to be c*cky but I can get any guy I want”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 13 (Friday)
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 15 (Sunday)
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: Frank and Kara
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe

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3:00pm Arcade Room Danielle, Janelle and Kara Chatting about the message boards, Janelle warns them that they will all get hurt if they read about themselves on the Internets. Danielle thinks that the people online will comment about her weight. Janelle thinks that there is haters out there but there is also a lot of good fans. Danielle thinks it’s un-fair when Guys rip girls for cellulite because they don’t get it. Janelle Agrees says if Boogie says anything about a girls cellulite she’s going to “bust him in the chomps” Janelle says that Boogie is a creep and he wants to try and keep Janelle around just to beat her in the end. Danielle questions why boogie picked Ian. Janelle thinks it’s because Boogie knew Ian looked super smart. Janelle recalls a story about Ian telling her that he doesn’t have any bathroom etiquette. talks moves to the number of blondes in the house, Janelle points out that her and Britney are the same shade. Danielle says that Guys always notice the blondes, Janelle and Kara agree but add that the guys notice the blondes but they go after the brunettes.

Danielle brings up that Jodi told her she knew she was safe because they couldn’t evict the token black person from the house. Janelle doesn’t think that is how it is.

3:27pm Backyard couch Jenn and Ashley Jenn asks her what she’s doing. Ashley says she’s plucking out her pubic hairs. Ashley keep cleaning out the hair around her bikini, She says that right now she’s a have nots so she’s going to not shave. Ashley: “as of now i’m just letting it rip”. Jenn is surprised she’s having such a easy time plucking out he hairs because for her it would be hard.

3:40pm Head of Household room Wil, Janelle, Willie Janelle is telling them they need to take out the strong players that are gunning for you instead of the weak players. She adds that the fact Joe came up to them and told them about Frank wanting to make a deal with them. Janelle: “He could of kept that to himself and played both sides”.
Wil is saying that Danielle isn’t annoying him as much anymore. Janelle says it’s because Dan is telling his girls to play nice with everyone. She rolls her eyes. Willie asks wil who he would put up if he wins HOH this week, Wil says he would put up Ian but isn’t sure who else.. maybe Jenn and Danielle as pawns. Janlle tells them that if they can win the next 2 HOH competitions they can remove one coach from the game. Willie keeps saysing how important it is that they win HOH this week. Wil brings up if the coaches are going to be let into the game or perhaps the teams are going to get mixed up. Janelle doesn’t think the coaches are coming into the game she does think they might mix up the teams, says if that happens they still need to stick together. Wil asks Willie who he would put up, Willie says he would put up Ian and Jenn and if POV is played then he has a big decision to make.

Janelle says she really wants to blindside Boogie this week so everyones need make Frank feel he’s safe, Janelle wants to see the look on Boogies face when Frank walks out the door.
Ashley joins them and they start talking about Joe giving them the information about Jenn and Frank. Now they know Joe is with them. Janelle points out how happy Joe was when they thanked joe for the information. She points out that they can use that in the future.

3:50pm Shane and Danielle Have nots room Shane saying that he doesn’t trust frank at all he knows that Willie is planning on talking to Kara and Frank. Shane says that Dan and Kara have to realize that the only way for them to stay in this house is to be with Shane and Willie. Danielle points out that Dan is a church guy he’s not going to lie he’s telling Shane and Willie the truth when he says they are not targeting them. Shane mentions that Dan won a season of Big Brother already he didn’t do it without bending the truth. Shane plans to play the game as truthful as he can he’s going to shake on an alliance and go for it. Danielle is also planning to finish the game with her head held high.

Shane: “Frank doesn’t talk to people unless we wants something”

Shane says they need to get Joe out. He adds that If Danielle wins HOH she should put up Ian and Jenn then backdoor Joe. Danielle questions if that will work because Britney is working with Janelle. Shane thinks it will, Danielle smirks at him know it’s a load of shit.
Shane: “I doubt trust wil or Ashely”
Danielle says that they want to work with Shane and willie they can make it they are physical and brains. Shane says he trust Danielle but he doesn’t trust Dan yet. Shane doesn’t think that Kara has been playing 100% on her own. Danielle tells him that Dan wants them to put up Ian and Jenn or ian and Joe. Shane: “the 2 weakest players”

4:15pm bathroom JoJO and Janelle janelle is saying that Dan is trying to get Danielle to have a shomance with Shane. Jojo has a real problem with this doesn’t think that a girl like Danielle can get a guy like Shane. JoJO is getting really irritated with Danielle. Janelle warns JOJO if Shane starts a showmance then she’ll be in the outs with Shane.
JoJO says if she had a showmance she would keep it in the down low. joJO doesn’t think Danielle is Shane’s type he told her he likes tanned girls that are really funny.
joJO starts slamming Danielle says she she has a really weird body and a unattractive face. Janelle asks her if she would get into a showmance with Shane
jojo: “don’t get me wrong he is so hot.. but no.. i’m a really sexual person”
JoJO starts calling Danielle a floater says that she can’t stand them and to be one so early in the game is stupid.
joJO: “I don’t mean to be c*cky but I can get any guy I want” JOJO complains that there is not enough guys in the house for her to “Work them”
A lot of ya ya ya from Janelle

Janelle warns Jojo that Dan and Boogie are going to try and pull Dan over to their side. Janelle wants them to pull Shane into a “team” talk once a fay so he feels like he’s part of the group. Jojo agrees says that Shane is easily persuaded. Janelle again warns JoJO about Dan’s “mind powers” and how he’s able to brainwash girls.

JOJO: “I would love to see you and Britney take them out”
janelle totally agrees says that it’ll be great that to have 2 girls take out the 2 strongest guy players int he game. Janelle adds that Dan and Boogie are considered the 2 best players ever. Janelle tells JoJo they cannot fracture at this point because if they do then Boogie and Dan will have the upper hand. Janelle brings up last year when “Dani Donato” turned on her alliance. Jojo goes on and on at how dumb Dani was and how she will never turn on her alliance.

Janelle: “Joe is the most Loyal person ever” JoJO jumps in reiterating over and over again how loyal to the alliance she is. janelle reminds her that there will be a twist that might switch the teams up, “Wil might go to Dan or Ashley to Boogie” She stresses that they still need to keep together.
jojo: “I’m strong about Women power.. and women rights… supporting the underdogs”

They start talking about Dan and all his questions.. they think it will be funny to start to lie to Dan. Janelle: “Dan asks some really personal questions”

Janelle starts in on her campaign that no women can win the game if they are up against a guy she doesn’t think the jury every respects a wowmen’s Game play

4:45pm kitchen A collection of house guests are sitting around the kitchen snacking on some chips. The conversation revolves around Ian and his Date with Ashley. Frank jokes that there is going to be a Rose Ceremony at the end of the show. Willie teases asks Danielle when she’s going to go out on a date with Ian. Danielle says she’s not going to. The rest of the players tease with her saying she needs to it’ll take 20 minutes and help build ian confidence.

JoJO and Janelle come down from the Head of Household. Willie tells them to try the chips, “This is the best thing I have ever tasted in my life.. it’s awesome” Dan: “It’s healthy for you to”. Britney explains how she made the, they are tortilla with apple and sugar and the dip is, kwiwi, apples and grapes chopped up with a little bit of sugar.

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Looks like Frank is gone unless something drastically changes. I’m really looking forward to them all blind-siding Boogie and Frank.:) This will hopefully also bring Dan to work with Janelle and Brit to get rid of Boogie’s team all together.


Watching Joe on BB tonight reminds me of Lawon! Like why are you yelling at me?

I think this super alliance between Brittany and Janelle’s team is smart, but I hope they back it up by winning comps. But they do have to keep in my mind that Julie could shake up the game with another twist.


Joe needs to go. He is so annoying with that yelling all the time. Also how the other HGs were complaining about him using all the food and he has to realize that the food there is all there is for a while. Hopefully next week he will be voted out of the house.


whats with janelle wearing that hello kitty pink shirt n tights what is she 12 🙂


How come no one likes Boogie? I think he’s smarter than what people give him credit for. I mean he did win. Janelle plays the same game every time and lost both times. And Britney was too stupid to see that all the guys were in an alliance in her season.


boogie was so funny when he said joe cooks large portions like it was for the waltons too funny i kinda like boogie this year. i am getiing over britknee and janelle quickly they are on bbad 80 % and now on cbs BB 80 % . show some of the newbies so we can get to know them. I barely remembered danielle until she got a key because she has only been on AD like 1 % and tonight was the first night I saw joe he has only been on BBAD for 1 minute. anyhow team Dan def. I like boogie this season but still dont want to see him win. its dan or forget it just cancel the 100 grand LOL


I love how Boogie’s suspicions of Joe are correct. I’m not sure if Joe will be found out or not, but if he does he will surely hang himself. I’d be interesting if he was put on the block this next HoH.


Not intending to start a fight with JJBR fans, but I don’t see how Dani was dumb in turning on her alliance, JoJo. Sure, she may have screwed it for herself, but logic would dictate that you shouldn’t stay in an alliance with people who want you out. That’s hardly dumb. Plus, who knows what JoJo may be with in 3 weeks, alliances can turn on their heads fast in this game.


What we know from Big Brother is big alliances at the beginning don’t work. Big Brother does not like the game being dictated at the beginning.
They’ll shake that alliance up really quick.


Oh, I almost forgot. I also wanted to ask if anyone subscribed to Evel Dick’s, Dick At Night show? I watched it last year and it was awesome, but this year we have to pay. 🙁 So did anyone pay?


simon on cbs tonight ian was also put on slop even though he is safe from being nominated this week and the next pov ceremony is july 18 wed. Just trying to help as you dont have this on the top page of information.


Erm…JoJo is gross. Get any guy old and fat maybe. Not a Danielle fan but I love the fact that Jojo is getting pissed cos Shane is more interested in her than Jojo. Hilarious.


I don’t think Shane is interested in her. Danielle has been throwing herself at him for a couple of days now. It’s kind of pathetic to watch. What’s Shane supposed to do? Danielle is so dumb and all Shane has to do is turn it on a bit and she spills everything. It’s not like Shane is being a douche about it and trying to get with her, but if the girl is offering it, how can he not play her to advance his game?

Beyonce fan

I think that’s why janelle ask jojo will she date shane because she know jojo like him but he don’t like her.


Shane should just play every girl. he is obviously the best player in the house. He has a solid social game,he can deffinately win competitions, and he’s got Danielle throwing herself at him and Jojo being jealous. He is going to go very far this year.


Shane acting like jeff in s11. While his team mate was hoh, he had a showmance with jordan. While Willie is hoh, shane might be starting something with danielle. hmmm. interesting. im just saying its very similar..


I think Dan should start working with Boogie.I know Boogie is shady,but he should work with him,just until they destroy Janelle and Britney’s team.Dan is one of the best strategic and social players ever,and Boogie is good at pitting people against each other.By the both of them bringing their skills together,I think they will make it far in the game.With that being said,I want Dan to be the winner of this season.Jojo’s rant about Danielle sounds like pure jealousy,all Janelle said was that,she thinks Danielle likes Shane.For some reason Jojo felt the need to say that Danielle has a unattractive face(basically she’s calling her ugly)and bad mouthing her body.Then she goes on to say,Danielle isn’t Shane’s type and Danielle is a floater.Does Jojo know what floater means?Danielle is working with her team(Dan and Kara)how does that make her a floater?I think Jojo likes Shane and that’s why she’s trash talking Danielle.She’s pathetic.


I’m surprised Brittney didn’t throw in some fingernails on those chips. In the name of all that’s Holy, take your fingers out of your mouth!


It would be interesting if Dan and Boogie can be Chilltown. Population 3! Dan & Mike Boogie can destroy Janelle & Britney Team!


Jojo talks a lot of crap about Danielle, and no, she cannot just get any guy she wants.


I lived with Josephine for a short period of time. Everyone doesn’t call her jojo she clls herself that. She is just as vapid and stupid in real life. I couldn’t stand her. Her goals in life are to talk about Staten Island, how she’s not Jersey, loves to tan, loves her ex bf but is always w another guy that will buy her stuff. Oh and she’s been to rehab for alcoholism and pill abuse. I was so glad when the people in the house and across America see exactly what I did. It’s not hard.


Do I have any pictures of her and I together ? I’ll have to check . I have pics of her w other roomates from FB. I wasn’t her friend we were housemates and I didn’t like her. This was in Ft. Lauderdale. I’ll email you. This isn’t BS. I couldn’t believe it when I saw her haha