Andy tells Amanda we have a golden opportunity to get rid of Nick and keep our greatest asset.

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 8
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Nick (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


CBS Interactive Inc.

5pm – 5:15pm Out on the backyard couch – Elissa and Amanda are talking. Amanda talks about getting and taking a Xanax. Elissa asks if Amanda can give her one. Amanda says that they only give her one at a time. Elissa asks if Amanda can ask the diary room for another and for her to give it to her. Amanda says there is no way, they only give me one a week. I negotiated it when I came in here. Elissa asks if they would give her one if she asked. Amanda so no way. Meanwhile in the havenot room – Andy tells Helen that she is fine, she is not going home. Helen talks about how they need backdoor Spencer next week with the MVP. Andy agrees. Helen says that if we keep MVP on our side we can use it and at least make it to jury. Andy agrees and says the best option is to get rid of Nick this week. Andy says I feel really strongly about everyone in our group but Spencer. Helen tells Andy that we just need to keep Aaryn in the loop as long as you think we can trust her. Andy says that they can and that he will continue to talk to her. Andy leaves the room and comments that its good we are both on the same page. Big Brother then tells them that this is a lock down, please go inside and close the sliding glass door. Andy comes out of the Havenot room and bumps the door into Elissa and Spencer. Andy leave the bedroom and Spencer and Elissa are seen shaking hands.


5:15pm – 5:30pm Up in the HOH room – Andy, Nick, Judd, Aaryn, Jeremy and Kaitlin are talking and hanging out. Judd jokes that if he gets HOH and gets to decide havenots, he will put Andy on it again because he wants him to be the one on it the longest in history. Meanwhile in the downstairs bathroom – Amanda is tweezing McCrae’s eye brow. McCrae complains it hurts. Amanda says can you imagine doing this on your balls. Amanda says if we go that way we just have to make sure we don’t align with people that are shaddy. Amanda says that we need to make it clear that if we keep him (Nick), he can not put our a$$ up. Andy joins them. Amanda says that McCrae is such a baby. Amanda asks how to pluck her n!pple hair. She says that she is going to donate it to locks of love.


5:35pm – 5:50pm Up in the HOH bathroom – Aaryn is doing her make-up while Gina lays in the bathtub talking to her. Meanwhile in the bedroom – Judd, Jessie, Nick and Gina are talking about random things. Andy heads into the downstairs bathroom and tells her that we have a golden opportunity to get rid of Nick and keep our greatest asset. Amanda says Mmm, Hmm. Andy leaves the room.


CBS Interactive Inc.

5:55pm – 6:10pm Amanda tells McCrae that she is willing to do whatever he wants to do in terms of voting. McCrae asks her why she changes so much. Amanda says that she wants to make it so there is no one coming after us. Amanda says that we could make a deal with Nick. Amanda says that she just doesn’t trust Jeremy. McCrae says that he still wants to talk to him again. Amanda says that people swear on a lot of things.. McCrae says I know. Amanda says we have to make them know that we are doing them a favour. I need to know that Nick will not have my name come out of his mouth again. McCrae says we need to win HOH this week. Amanda says no, we need to play like we don’t need to win HOH. Andy joins them. Amanda asks where Spencer is at? Andy says that he thinks Spencer is looking to get rid of Elissa. Andy says if we get rid of Elissa, I don’t think anyone will come after me. But if we keep her a lot of people will be coming after me. Andy comments that his gut is telling him they need to vote out Nick. Amanda leaves the room. Andy asks McCrae what they should do. McCrae thinks they need to go with them and then back door Jeremy. Andy says if we get rid of Elissa the water will be calm. Andy and McCrae agree that they still have more time to figure it out and hope that there are more tell tale signs. Andy says that it worries him that Spencer was so ready to talk game before and now he isn’t. Andy says that it is just so safe to vote with the house – to vote out Elissa then Candice. Andy tells McCrae to keep him in the loop. I trust you and Amanda.


6:15pm Aaryn and Kaitlin are in the HOH bathroom talking. Aaryn brings up how she is being told that the house is divided between the popular people and the misfits. Aaryn thinks that McCrae will get MVP and so we need to stay close to him. Aaryn says that Howard and Spencer will never get it. Aaryn says that she thinks Kaitlin and Jeremy will become targets. She says that people think that you are Jeremy’s downfall and that they need to get you out to get to him. You are going to have to fight very hard in every competition. Aaryn tells Kaitlin that she will probably go up by the MVP. Aaryn says that it would be the same for me if David was still here. Amanda joins them in the HOH bathroom. They decide to have a shaving party. McCrae comes up to watch the shaving party.


6:35pm – 6:50pm Amanda is in the HOH bathroom shaving her bikini line while Andy, Aaryn and McCrae watch. Meanwhile down in the bedroom – Spencer and McCrae are talking. Spencer tells McCrae that the others don’t trust Amanda. McCrae says that he thinks he can get her on board with doing what the others want. Spencer says that if Amanda and I can work together in this group it would be good but that it won’t be good for MC. Spencer asks McCrae to talking to Jeremy. McCrae says that he is already planning on doing that. Nick comes into the room and they end their conversation. Nick and Spencer talk. McCrae, Howard, Nick and Spencer talk in the bedroom. McCrae tells them that if they don’t trust Amanda then that means they don’t trust him. Nick says that he can’t be seen talking with them and leaves the room. Spencer tells McCrae to promise Amanda a final two deal until we cut her. McCrae says that he will keep her in bed all day. Howard says so we are going with the nine? Spencer says we need to fill Jeremy in on it. Spencer says will will pull our 4 into their 5 to make 9. McCrae tells them that they need to trust him and Amanda. McCrae says that if Amanda ever gets wind of it, I WILL CUT HER! I am sharpening the knives.

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Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It

The Xanax is given out once a week? Then what is Aaryn taking every night Adderall?

Johnny Boy

People that are easy to forget are there: Judd, Jessie, GinaMarie


I bet people walk down the street and see Aaryn holding the sign says “Hi, I’m Aaryn Gries. I used to be model and celebrity of big brother and now I’m unemployed. I need money for school and housing”. People will throw coffee at her and spits at her that she is a racists.


Al Sharpton, is that you?

Drop it already. You sound obsessed. It has nothing to do with the game and I’m sick of reading your race ranting comments.


No, I’m not Al sharpton.


I think he’s 12 and a bit obsessed with this.


I’m not obsessed, I’m speaking opinion and truth of being racist. As Asian American myself, I feel more disrespected. I will never raise my family more respect and understood their language. Aaryn needs a dozen of reality of open your mouth about racism.


While I respect your opinion, there’s opinion and then there’s spewing hatred as well, which in my ‘opinion’ is no better than what those 3 are doing. While I will take a laugh or two after they leave the house and see what they have become in the eyes of America, I don’t wish for people to spit and “throw coffee” on them… c’mon, that is venom in and of itself.


I still don’t feel bad for bigoted Aaryn + crew,

Beaver Lips

No they won’t dipshit they will be like hell yea you put the smack down on all them fools.

Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It

“Amanda says can you imagine doing this(tweezing) on your balls.”

Nair?? LOL


These girls are making it hard to watch this season. Kaitlin,Gina and Aaryn need to get over themselves. I would have much rathered watching more “real” people. Not shallow models or pageant coordinators. They are exactly what’s wrong with the world. BbCan for the win this year. Casting dropped the ball on this one.

Frank's Fart

I miss Britney. This season is seriously lacking humor and that girl was entertaining as heck on the feeds.

Beaver Lips

What’s wrong with this world is far from beauty queens. It’s the herd of liberal asshats that think everyone owes them something or gets offended at the drop of a hat.


Do you think nick may go home?


This season bothers me so much! Elissa made a comment that the contestants this year should have been on realworld/road rules. She’s right! What are these players going to do when there is a competition about past years! Kaitlyn, Aaryn and Jeremy need to go!


Better yet – i say we ship them off – drop them on an island – lets see how they handle being on survivor…..


I was just thinking that reading some of the updates on here. She’s right. It’s too bad they seem to be casting by trying to get a certain age demographic for advertising. That’s the only thing I can chalk up this type of casting up to. I like a more diverse group as far as intelligence and experience.


I’m gonna be livid if Nick leaves


You and A,J,&G. And K… can’t forget her. If this blindside happens it will be a meltdown of epic proportion. G will be going all “scrubs” on them (who says that anymore anyhow? Is she the missing member of TLC?). I think there may be a good chance of Nick going home now.


So within hours of Nick being on the block, look he he finally has time to talk to and get to know.
Jessie is going to eat this up, can’t believe her crush is finally giving her the time of day(this girl is such a puppet at the moment).
I’m curious about how Amanda is really perceiving this, the time of it all can’t be lost on her…can it?


alot underestimating jess – if i was in there i would make sure to have her on my team, and as well as being quite a nice girl, she would be very loyal…also as the fittest and one of the lightest girls in there i would think she would be one of the favourites for endurance hoh comps like iceberg alley


I am confused! Can someone please tell me why the MVP gets to choose the replacement nominee and not the HOH, last week McRae chose the replacement. What did I miss?


Last week there was no replacement nominee. The person the MVP put up didn’t get to take himself off and Macrae used the veto on someone ‘other’ than the mvp nominee. This week the MVP nominee took themselves off so it was left to the MVP to choose. The key is that it has to be the MVP nominee that is taken off the block, that’s the only way for the MVP to renom someone. Hope that helps.


HOH picks the replacement if one of there nominees get veto and MVP gets to pick the replacement if there nominee gets veto. So since MVP put Jeremy up and Jeremy won veto then MVP gets to put another person up. If Helen would of won veto then Ayren would of put another person up.


The MVP gets to choose the replacement MVP nominee only. They said it at the beginning.


last week McCrea put on the block Candace and Jessie – He won the POV he took down candace and replaced her with Elissa,,,, Elissa had put up David – then David went home…

the HOH can only replace the ones he or she puts up on the block. Jeremy was put up by Elissa – he won POV taking himself off the block and MVP – Elissa replaced with Nick.

hope that helps…


last week McCrea put on the block Candace and Jessie – He won the POV he took down candace and replaced her with Elissa,,,, Elissa had put up David – then David went home…

the HOH can only replace the ones he or she puts up on the block. Jeremy was put up by Elissa – he won POV taking himself off the block and MVP – Elissa replaced with Nick.

hope that helps…


oops sorry only meant to say it once….damn puter….


Because it was Elissa’s MVP nom that got vetoed, not the HOH nom. Last week the HOH’s nom was vetoed so McCrae got to pick the replacement.


McCrae was HOH,put up Candice & jessie,then he won POV,took off candice & put up elisse…Elisse got the MVP & she put up David…if David had won pov then she would have had to replace him since he was put up with her mvp..


I can’t believe Arayn said that the “half black people they cast for BB are the racist ones,not her” WHAT? oh btw,CC5kds,that reply was from me,not “name”. I want Candice for HOH or maybe Amanda….helen for mvp IF elissa goes,cuz we know if she stays she will get it, I wish they would be fair about it & let America really be the ones picking MVP! dang! That “twist” is on my last nerve! have a double eviction & lets get this game started already!


If mvp nom is taken off they name replacement. last week it was the hohs nom that changed not the mvps


I see cracks in the Aaryn Katilyn frenemy ship. When they turn on each other, it’s gonna be AWESOME!


yep, feeds are showing a fracture. Didn’t take them long to turn on each other lol, I think since the last show they have gone through 5 storylines already. Hard to keep up with.


I find it disturbing that Aaryn, Gina, Spencer, Kaitlin & Jeremy are still getting paid $1000 a week for spewing all the hatred and nasty comments. Aaryn and Gina already lost their jobs with Spencer following close behind but CBS is still going to pay them for all that sh*t?? It’s ridiculous… I want these people evicted! It’s not okay when they can expel houseguests for physical violence but verbal violence is okay?? NOT! I’m not big on producer manipulation but this time I hope there will be some interference from production and that Elissa gets to stay while Aaryn gets the boot!!


I know right, the producers don’t give a damn about racism. That’s really disrespectful and it hurts for everyone. If I was a producer, I will expelled Aaryn immediately.

Beaver Lips

You wouldn’t make it as a produce because you don’t know what racism is.


While I almost never agree with CaptainWedgie, I saw and heard the same racist comments that he did. And yes, there has been a ton of racist comments. And yes, Aryan, I mean Aaryn is a Racist to the core. She couldn’t have said all those things she said if she didn’t feel that way. I think in this case he is dead on about what a racist is.


I don’t understand why they feel the need to cast people out of bars and modeling agencies who have never seen the show! You can’t tell me that out of the thousands of submissions they get from fans that there aren’t enough ‘hot’ people to choose from if that’s what they’re looking for to complete the cast!!


I wish they didn’t have to be all ” hot”….this show needed some older folks as well, at least in their 40’s……would love someone like old man Jerry telling Jermy that he was a womanizer like he did with Memphis lol !


It’s true – I blame the casting people for most of these issues. They err on the side of casting 22 year old’s the look hot at the pool instead of someone who can actually think through the game. Who cares what these bitches look like with their butt cheeks flapping. I’d like a solid cast of 14 people who can actually think for themselves and who can mastermind/plot against each other. So far I think Nick, Howard, Andy, Helen and Candace are doing a great job. I like Spencer but he has an over inflated ego that is going to get him booted soon. Amanda is the same. Jeremy, Aaryn and Kaitlin are all buffoons. I’m especially amazed at Jeremy who thinks he is running the entire show. LOL. Give me a freaking break.

Killer K

Totally agree! A lot of this is the casting process….seems we get more and more HG’s wanting to be reality tv stars instead of BB gamers…’s ridiculous….a lot of these people who get cast try out for ANY reality show and end up on BB….like last years Danielle, she wanted to be on the bachelor and got a call from BB producers…..not much integrity left in casting process for the show…..


POWERSHIFT suzette is coming back


What’s going on?


NOOOOOOOooooooooooo. I’d prefer Gary myself… He’d glitter that house to pieces. Maybe during a ‘freeze’ game with the guests, I do think Jerm could use some glitter.


LOL you nut Simon. I wonder tho what it would be like in the house if there had been a plus size woman/man or both in there


i miss bbcanada. canadians are so much nicer and more “real”. especially compared to this cast.


Was anyone able to do a confirm on the shampoo rumour? I would hope it’s just that… a rumour, but I wouldn’t put it past Jerm to do that. Auto evict if true?


I can’t wait for m.c. to take a shot at amanda and mcrae freak out and blow up the alliance

Anon for moniters

A group of us who follow this site are offended by totally foul language. We did not watch feeds or STAD in past but do watch BBADTGN. Now I have bragged on this sites “awareness” of people’s feelings by the @#$$# kinda of thing. Now you have a post name so offensive I cannot read while my kids are up because of “over shoulder reads”. Please do not let this site lose track of it’s fans…all of us.
Thanks for what it is worth.


Well, I am offended by the use of all the symbols! It is annoying and often times I don’t know what is being said.. Not to mention having to symbolize simple words related to actual game play such as back door!
Maybe you should read in private or teach your kids not to read over your shoulder.


Wow!! I am an adult and I do not like to read those words either!!!!


OMG Danielle (oh I mean Jessie) is so insecure. Gees she relates everything to me me me – how does it affect ME – what did she say about ME…


im sure you’ll get over it bro, the sun will still come up in the morning

She Said What

There was a conversation in the house around 6:30 that was – of course mean-spirited – and was enough to send a great blogger to release Aaryn from her cage – Simon did you see/hear it?


I really just want to see Helen, Andy, Amanda, Judd, and Jessie team up as a group of floaties and take out these bigots. I’m over it. This week has been nauseating watching Aaryn Nation. Yeah, you’re pretty. But, also fowl on the inside. Congrats on taking someone out of the game that hasn’t won anything but America’s support… You knew David for like 9 days creeper, relax.


just have to hope amanda is soon out, that will be awesome


BB should have no elimination since HOH was won unfairly, and just let there be a double eviction later, that should smack Jer and Aar, and they won’t be able to play for the HOH either. Ahh I can but dream CBS will make it right.


I know ppl will not do this, but honestly we all need to band together & not watch the next episode of BB. Let CBS know that as the viewers, we are the ones that sign their paychecks. And we will not tolerate the racism. If we did that & the ratings tanked. They’d for sure do something about it. Now I know what u all are thinking. It would be soooo hard to miss an episode. But we can buy it from Amazon, watch the live feeds, or just read a Blog(like BBOnline) to see what happened. It won’t kill us. So lets pick a day & spread the word on all forms of social media(FaceBook, Twitter make sure to hashtag #BB15Strike & @CBS, so they know why we’re doing it. How about this next episode? That’s only fitting seeing how on the last ep they aired all of Aaryn’s racial comments. ***So Wednesday July 10th do not watch BB.


Yeah, That’ll show em? If they eliminated racism from the game than they would have to evict way more than Aaryn Nation. At least 5 different people made sly remarks that could be taken offensively.


Best way to let CBS know is to not but the products advertised in the commercials!!!!


CANDICE better work her ass off for this next HOH or POV!!

Hopefully she wins MVP…Cause I Dont Want Hrr To Leave. .


You know, I haven’t seen Jodi in a while. Is she still in the diary room? lol

Beaver Lips

I love this cast they are funny.


I bet Aaryn ancestors are part of KKK and has her blood. She probably follow their footstep and continue to hate. I think CBS should rethink of Aaryn’s behavior.


I know that this has been mentioned before, but Ginamarie reminds me a lot of Natalie from a couple seasons ago……she was that barista girl who was obsessed with ” Mattie ” and followed him around like a lost puppy much like GM does with Nick…. Natalie gave that ” infamous ” BJ to Mattie.he bragged abt it to everyone ……..GM sounds and looks like her…same loud , attention seeking behavior though Natalie didn’t hurl the N word around like GM.


I wish people would stop talking about the racist comments and demanding the censorship of BB. Whether we like it or not, some people like Aaryn have their views, and just as you are entitled to feel offended by everything she says, she is entitled to her opinion even if it is racist. That’s what free speech is about, everyone should be allowed to express their opinion equally. What I see on these boards is people that want free speech as long as the other opinion does not offend them and agrees with their own opinion. If it doesn’t, they label it, demonize it and try to irradicate it. I don’t agree with some of the things Aaryn and others have said, but I defend their right to express what they feel and think. They should be smarter and realize that this is not the time or place to express those unpopular views with the cameras on them all the time, but the backlash will be on them personally when they leave the house. These girls have lost their jobs already. What more do you want? A public stoning? You might be able to silence people that have unpopular opinions, but will never stop people from having opinions those opinions. In my experience racism, sexism and homophobia are based on ignorance. The best way to battle it is through dialogue, not by hushing it up and pretending it isn’t there.

Yellow Jacket Fan

Ok. Here’s a suggestion. If you could tell each houseguest one thing what would you say to each of them. I will start.

Aaryn: Eva Braun would be proud of you if she were still alive. Good luck finding a job after the show (j/k).
Spencer: You are a true snake in the grass and the rest of the house is catching on.
Kaitlyn: You truly were meant to be a barmaid.
Amanda: Your tits may just win you that booby prize, a trip out the door,
Andy: You are on the right track by keeping Elissa.
Candice: Spot on that there is a guy alliance. Hang in there.
Elissa: Kick ass and take some names. Get Jeremy out.
GinaMarie: You are so expendable and cheap I think I would throw you away as I would as a used McDonald’s cheeseburger wrapper. Good luck in the unemployment line.
Helen: Do NOT Trust Spencer and Howard.
Howard: be a turncoat and align against the Moving Company. The rest of the house will love you for it.
Jeremy: Foul mouthed, misogynistic, class envying piece of _______.
Jessie: I’d ask for phone number but I am pretty sure every guy in Texas already has it.
Judd: Is confusion hereditary? You seem to have cornered the market on it.
McCrae: A pizza boy is your true calling. Stick with it!
Nick: More shady than a big oak tree in the summer sunshine.


Yes CBS, You Screwed Up!!!! Instead Of An Eviction “Announce That Since Jeremy & Aaryn Cheated There will Be No Eviction This Week” Then Don’t Allow Either One To Play In This Weeks HOH!! Do Something, Maybe If You Played By Your Rules The Show Would Be Better. This Season Will Probably Be Your Last. It’s The Worst Cast Ever!!!! And Moving BB After Dark Was Also Not A Smart Move.