Big Brother Spoilers “People like Showmances and People like powerhouses”

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 8
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Nick (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


6:50pm Cam 1-2 McCrae and Howard
McCrae: “I know you are worried about me and her I know you are “
Howard: “i’m not worried about you”
MC: ‘I know you are worried about her of course”
MC: “I mean again If I ever get the whiff.. MC comes first 100% I am not Sh!tting you I am loyal till I die I swear to you”
MC: “I’ll cut her when I need to but I think we can use her still”
MC: “I’m serious man.. “
H: “Ok .. Dude”
MC: “I just want you guys to trust me”
H: “I don’t doubt you .. alright cool cool”


6:57pm CAm 1-2 Cockpit Aaryn, Kaitlin and Jeremy

Jer: “I don’t want a lot of negativity because I’m getting a lot of negativity from everyone” Jeremy adds that he’s sick of people talking about who is going to get the MVP because none of them have any clue.
Aaryn says that is exactly why she came to talk to them. Amanda told her that some people are going to be voting to keep Elissa because they hope it will help them get MVP.
Aaryn: ‘That fact that she said that Scare the sh!t out of me for her vote”
Amanda told her there was 2 people voting to keep Elissa in the hopes they get MVP vote.
Jeremy: “Let them that’s not going to get them MVP votes.. “
Kaitlin: “DUde she’s sketchy.. she’s going to keep her here..she’s completely on her side “
Aaryn has been thinking that Amanda and Mcrea are with Elissa.
Jeremy: “McCrea is not.. I had a long talk with him by the pool”
Aaryn: “that confirms they voted David out”
Jeremy tells them to just hold tight he plans on putting Amanda up anyways..” Jeremy brings up his conversation with McCrea that McCrea is really nervous about Amanda and asked Jeremy if he won HOH if he would put her up.

Aaryn: “I’m just afraid that any of us end up on the block these people are so scared of us that they going to take that chance and vote us out”
J: “Good.. I plan on not going on the block at all I plan on winning every time.. .. stay confident don’t let them bring you down“
Aaryn they are the most feared people here.. and she thinks if any of them are on the block for the final round they will go home.
J: “I don’t plan on doing anything but winning.. don’t freak out they want us to get freaked out.. Play hard every time .. be confident“
A: “I don’t freak out “
J: “prove it.. don’t tell me prove it.. cause i’m about to prove it to y’all”

Jeremy tells her he just wants to chill right now “She (kaitlin) seems nervous for some things and now you seem nervous for some things just sit back… be confident and let the winds happen”

Jeremy says that Amanda and MCrea don’t have a chance of winning MVP, Jeremy thinks they have a good chance of winning so does Howard “I don’t really see anyone but us having a chance of winning”


7:19pm Storage room Gina and Aaryn

Aaryn starts turning on Kaitlin.

Aaryn brings up her conversation in the cockpit with Jeremy where he told her to relax. “I need to relax when his frickin girlfriend is running around crazy”
Gina says kaitlin is going to mess it up for them and Nick is going to go home, Gina reminds Aaryn that they need nick .,

Aaryn He think he’s winning POV and MVP every week.
Gina: “He’s not going to win MVP he’s a douchebag and people don’t like douchebags.
Gina thinks the fans like funny people like her.
Aaryn brings up that Jeremy says “People like Showmances and People like powerhouses… and he points to himself”
Gina calls kaitlin and Jeremy king and queen of the house. Gina points out that Kaitlin doesn’t really interact with anyone in the house.

(7:20:44 Cam 3) Aaryn: “I’m just like f** this I earn that HOH with him.. If I ever get MVP she’s going home he’s f*** up my game”
Gian: ‘If she screws this for Nick I’m going to flip out“
They agree Kaitlin only cares about her showmance.


7:36pm Cockpit Nick and Gina
Nick is telling her Aryn and Kaitlin are butting heads and it really needs to stop.
Gina: “Katlin is f***ing up our game.. if Aaryn wins MVP she wants to put Kaitlin up”
Nick: “WTF” (Check out the gallery to see his response)
Gina: “only because she’s a walking time bomb”
Gian explains that Aaryn is worried that Kaitlin is going to do something and enraged the other side
N: “Who do I want to talk to first.. “
Gina: “Do Andy first he’s easy.. then talk to Howard he’s got some info”
N: ”then who.. I was going to wait til 9 10 o’clock”
Gina: “Amanda and McCrea would be best talked late.. “
Nick want to talk to McCrea alone he’s going to prefer One on One with everyone.
Nick thinks there is something going on between Amanda and McCrea he thinks they look like they’re fighting.

Gina starts giving him pointers about the house guests.
Gina wonder is he talks to Candace she’ll mix stuff up so it might be best to just leave her alone.

Nick doesn’t plan on talking to Candace.
Gina is worried when he’s talking to Jess he might have to Lead her on.
Nick: ‘Baby i’m in control trust me.. I know how to talk to Jess.. if it comes down to one vote and it f**** Jess.. I will be F*** ” (He’ll probably will have to hook up with Jess to get that one vote)
(LOL I swear this season has some of the oddest couple Nick and Gina, Spencer and Howard, Even Amanda and McCrea)


8:02pm Cam 3-4 Spencer, Jeremy and Howard

Spencer: ‘If any of us win MVP we put her a$$ up for damned sure”
Spencer: “He told me that he feels sorry for her because she’ll be in trouble when she gets home.. she’s got to go” (Her boyfriend will be mad)
Howard: “She’s gotta go”

Jer: “Listen I think we gotta leave McCrea out of this for right now.. we really can’t do sh!t until we win HOH so for right now just keep it on the downlow and when it comes down to it.. before I make my decision we’ll just hash it out then” (LOL Jeremy just claimed leadership of the mOVing company)
Jeremy: “this is a game of chess we gotta wait till the we see what the next move it”
Howard: “dude I’m telling you if she gets another good week in here.. especially two weeks..that sh!t is gone.. it’s going to take one good drunk night and it’s gone.”
Spencer: “We’re all on the same page I wanted her up this week”
J: “Let wait it out

(Who should be the leader of the Moving Company? )

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Gina thinks the fans like funny people like her.



To be fair, Gina is right, people do like someone who is genuinely humorous, like Britney. But Gina’s the wrong kind of funny for liking.


what about Jeremy thinking their side is the only ones who can get MVP…they could tap dance for 24 hours a day on the feeds and those four would still be the last ones to get it, hell spencer has a better chance. Jeremy’s downfall in this game is that he doesn’t understand people.


You are right- Jeremy does not understand people, but he thinks he is the master. Did the other guys not pick up on the fact that Jeremy pretty much claimed ownership of the MoCo? Dawg can you please refer to the Moving Company as MOCO because every time you put MC, I get confused on whether you are talking about McCray Cray or the Moving Company. Just a thought. Love this site!


J: “Good.. I plan on not going on the block at all I plan on winning every time.. .. stay confident don’t let them bring you down”

Dear Production, please let the next comp be a quiz/true or false. I fear Jeremy doesn’t know thatthese sorts of comps exist.
Moreover he doesn’t know there are people in the house that are probably far better at these such comps in a way he and his two lady friends are not, specifically the people they are bigots towards.
What’s more, you can’t cheat in those 🙂

A little late in the game but it will go along way.


Nick doesn’t care of campaign as long as MC is around he should be find. MC all the way.

Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It

Uh Oh, a disturbance in the Bigot Force? *Grabs Popcorn*, shit is about to get good.

Lennon's Ghost

Where is Powerhouse “Eagle Eye” Joe when we need him?


I would give anything for a player other than these. Yes.. even Eagle Eye Joe. Flash backs to Britney imitating him. So funny!!! Damn this season sucks.


Britney was SO funny….Amanda and GinaMarie only THINK they are funny. Britney never had to desperately follow people or flash her anatomy to be funny or liked.


amanda and gina are not funny at all, but they are annoying


Jeremy should be the leader. If I was any of the other people I’d be cool with it. Cuz the leader goes home first.


This is the worst BB season ever! I thought Shema was bad, she looks like an kitten compared to this Aaryan nation crew.


Please let it be true or false and have one of the questions be….

True or false?

There are two people in the house that have lost their jobs because of their actions in the house?

(of course Germy, Aaryn, Gina, Spencer, and Kaitlyn will all get this wrong…)


so will amanda


Nick for leader of the Moving Company. One thing I can’t wait to see, is dramatic Aaryn blindside. Make her feel safe as hell and then…Bang!


Yes ! Damn I’ve been waiting on a good ” brain” comp…something that Jerm could possibly b weak at…this is where I’m hoping Helen and Candace shine……I could not stomach or watch if greasy Jerm or someone like KKKaitlyn wins HOH this coming week……..I’m waiting for a ménage a trois in that bed…yuk….that bed should be destroyed after this season…it’s seen enough action this season I’m sure


Oh! And I wish Aaryn being the longest player on slop in BB history….just for sh*ts and giggles!


Elissa should have nominated Kaitlin – bad move on her part. I honestly believe that if she nominated Kaitlin, Gina and Jessie would vote her out. She has to know those two will never vote Nick out, it’s so obvious. All Elissa had to do was suck it up and talk to Aaryn and I’ll bet she would have hinted to put up Kaitlin so she could get her out with the least amount of blood on her hands. I was rooting for Elissa, but this was a really, really bad strategy. She deserves to go home.


Nick is having a talk with Amanda under the pretense of knowing her better. Only Gina, would beleive that excuse. What Nick is really trying to accomplish is to determine how much does Amanda know and how big of a threat is Amanda to Moving Company. If he determines she is a threat, then Amanda will be the next person voted out. Gina, Kaitlin, and Aaryn actually think they are running the game.

Gina thinks McCrae would be the next HOH, really. The last two HOH’s were physical contests, which either tested endurance or strength. Its a very high probability that the next HOH will be a game of either skill or mental dexterity. That type of contest doesn’t favor the guys and gives Candace, Amanda and Helen a huge edge.

Aaryn is targeting Candice now. You have identifed Candice as a threat. Candice didn’t vote out David. Candice didn’t make a fuss when you and Jeremy drank all the wine. Based on your comments, it seems she is guilty of being Black. I can understand if you hate her game and therefore want her out. However, there is no rational basis for targeting Candice, whose not a threat. It seems that the biggest problem you have with Candice is that she’s Black. I don’t think Candice can change her ethnicity any time soon, so until you get her out, you will always have that problem with her. Just like Gina said, Candice needs to turn down the Blackness. I understand all you Gina and Aaryn defenders would just past up these comments as having fun. That blackness comment was just a joke. I guess all I have to say, it really depends on whether you are on the recieivng end of that joke. Gina was a Pagent Coordinator. Based on some of her comments, I seriously doubt she was fair with any black contestants. Gina seems like a very spiteful person. So when Gina expresses her thoughts about someones Blackness, thats all good and funny with the Gina/Aaryn supporters…but is it really a stretch that she takes that mentality to the work place and denys opportunites for others based on skin color?

Aaryn offers Howard a deal and she is shock that he rejected it. Aaryn then states she is a strong player. Aaryn lets review your accomplishments. Week 1: You align yourself with David, and you are the last person to find out that he’s being evicted. Hence, you were not with the in crowd. Week 2: Jeremy wins HOH for you and you then immediately state how you are going after those that voted for David. You demand those that voted for David raise their hands so you can make them havenots. You then target Elissa because…well, she is Elissa. There was no strategic value to that nomination other then you get self satisfaction. You have made so many enemies and can’t understand why Howard wouldn’t want to come onboard. The same Howard you say will be voted out next after Candice. What would have been the deal Aaryn? Could it had been something like, I want your vote next week to evict Candice and the following week, I will be voting you out. Was it along those lines? I can’t understand why Howard didn’t agree to it.


I have not come across anyone who is an Aryan, Gina, Jer or Kaitlin supporter!! Everything I have read have been negative against them.


Once again ur thots r very acuate to my opinions, the next hoh will not be endurance so that’ll be perfect for Candace to win, and put up Nick & Germy, and MVP will be Helen and she can put up Spencer. That’s a happy week 3 for me.


Nick should be the leader of the MC! Germey has an inflated ego the size of the state he’s from. And he looks more like Eddie Munster than Taylor Lautner!


Yes!!!! I’ve been saying Eddie Munster since the first episode!


I really think candice or hellen will win MVP ….. THE OTHER SIDE target is CANDICE watch she gets MVP OR HELLEN BECAUSE HER LOYALTY TO ELISSA …. … cant wait to see who wins hoh

Howard isn't as innocent as he seems

I actually really liked Howard up until his last conversation with Jeremy out at the pool table…talking about how men get ruled by pussy…and that he should have McCrae read Kings in the bible to know how kings are supposed to act. It seems to me that he has a mentality that men are better than women. He has made a few other comments about how the men need to get the women “in check.” I dislike racial slurs and homophobia but I also believe that misogyny is right up there with the others. Women have the longest history of discrimination in the world. And like Amanda said, “women are not made from a man’s rib.” This is a typical example of how men lash out when women show any sort of intelligence or power.


Elissa does a lot of charity work .. she reads the bible .. is she solid… haven’t heard her lie and swear on the bible .. hummm… what I have seen so far is she says one thing and when all is said and done its like a game of phone tag .. what is last said was far from the truth … Howard is a hypocrit


I agree Simon. Howard seems to be a all-around nice guy.

I don’t see Howard as a misogynist; he isn’t.

His views are based in his religion. He is talking in terms of mates, not females in general. Some may not agree with that religious concept ( and that is ok), but surely that isn’t enough to convict Howard of misogyny. imo

Amandas Vagina

Don’t you be talkin dirty bout my man. Once I get rid of pizza boy those big bubbly muscles are all mine.


I really didn’t want to say anything but I just was convicted after reading your name… What you’re doing is making inferences without true merit..
On a singular occasion you were able to make accusations towards a person without any further proof of your belief through actions or vocalization.
To me “seems” this and that it becomes difficult to pinpoint what a person means from a particular group of statements.
Take Aaryn for instance on numerous occasions has proved that here bigotry stands unfounded. In a house where ever word stated can be easily scrutinized Howard hasn’t shown any real signs of misogynous behavior towards women, showing them the utmost respect when talking about them and with them. Howard is concerned for McCrae whether it’s warranted or not is to close to say but the fact of matter remains that Howard likes to draw the parallels to his life using the Bible. He hasn’t said anything more than McCrae should try and keep Amanda in check as he actions has caused ripples amongst the people in the house and essentially a discord with certain house guests which is detrimental to McCrae thus being the same to the Moving Company. We all must be kept “in check” at times to ensure stability, Howard has stated numerous times he wants McCrae to stayed focus and Amanda is the pillar he needs right now. Even in the Bible there were several women who displayed immense amounts of wisdom and power.


Am I the only one who wants to like Nick but can’t?


I was saying this earlier! I should like him but there’s just something about him that rubs me the wrong way a bit and I just can’t figure it out


Nicks seems very “in his head” and not real or endearing.


Aaryn logic is clear her and katlin are friends and now all of a sudden she turning into a snake any friend that turned to a enemy been hating long time … everything jeremy does or wear to aaryn its attractive … It seems like simple things impress her .. … katlin was telling her earlier her mother wont like jeremy aaryn said why not he’s funny … katlin said jeremy your shirt ugly aryn said its pretty ….


SIMON do u think Aaryn wants jeremy for herself even though she wants to break up that romance … i really feel she crushing on him and she needs katlin out the way




enjoy the bigotry!


Is this really a question? (Who should lead the Moving Company): Jeremy is too arrogant and overconfident, he is also the biggest target of the group. Spencer has been playing really well from a strategic point, but he has started to slip lately and assumed he could control his side (such as Helen, Andy, Judd) but they have started talking. Howard is a great guy but he hasn’t involved himself in the game enough yet because of his plan to lay low due to his physical appearance making him a target. McCrae is too attached to Amanda, which has allowed it to cloud his judgements. Nick should lead the MC because of his ability to think through situations before assessing if they are the most beneficial.


I definitely think the only reason Aaryn wants Kaitlin gone is because she wants Jeremy. She’s there for a showmance and hers left week one so that leaves Jeremy. She is a bad person all around. I hope Kaitlin figures out her plan and gets her out asap…although I would like to see Aaryn as a havenot just once!


Part of it could be that Aaryn wants Jeremy, however, I believe she really just wants someone to pair up with and be their #2. She probably sees Jeremy as one of the top dogs in the house, and he is probably one of the few she can trust at this point.


Elissa should have put up Kaitlin, but unfortunately she has no clue about the MC… I can’t stand these f’ing people and I hope something’s going down to at least expel Aaryn this week!! I’m SO sick of her!

Amandas Vagina

Yall need to stop with all the tomfoolery I came to get down.


Vote DAWG…


Leader for the Moving company?? I vote for the same person I also vote for …. DAWG !!


Simon says…?


I can only imagine that Helen, Amanda or Candace wins HoH so she will put up GinaMarie & Jeremy. Also, Helen or Amanda got MVP so she will put up Aaryn as third nominee or Backdoored her. Bye Bye Racist B$tch!


my mvp vote wil be candice come on america let give her a chance jermmy is a joke he think he get mvp the way he bully people i will never vote for him in i hope all dont ethier cause a good lovely person like helen candice desivre mvp this week im give it too candice help her out please cause this what it do if she get it in hoh in put up mcrea an nick by hoh then put up spencer mvp vote then win pov in back door jermy or send mcrea or nick home the moving company turn on each other that why i want candice hoh in mvp this week come on let do the right thing not the wrong let teach our kids that good people alwyas win please mvp vote for candice


I was reading some of the previous comments about liking Howard. I too liked Howard in the beginning, but I REALLY started liking him yesterday, after I went back & read the bios u put up on page 6. I love how he wants to win so he can send his mom & sister(s)?? on an air plane. I think he’s a genuine guy with a big heart. I’d like to see him go far:)