Gina tells Kaitlin that Candice needs to turn down the blackness. Kaitlin says no turn it up!

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 8
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Nick (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy

CBS Interactive Inc.

2:50pm Out in the backyard – McCrae, Aaryn, Judd and Jeremy are talking. Andy is talking about coming out as being gay. He says that it took him a long time to come out and says that it makes him happy to see other people coming out when they are younger and younger. Jeremy comments that he doesn’t see how Andy could hide it. Andy says that you should be able to like whoever you want. Aaryn heads inside to the diary room. When she comes back she says I have to go home …because I am too sexy! McCrae says whoa, that scared me. Jeremy heads inside. Gina joins them. Andy talks about wanting to meet Ragan Fox and Janelle. The conversation turns to talking about survivor. Andy and Aaryn start studying the events of the house. McCrae says that he thinks it’s going to be so difficult to remember everything. Each day seems like one big line they’re all the same. They wonder what this weeks HOH competition will be like. Andy says that he and Helen can’t be havenots again. He suggests all the havenots go on one team and the other team just throws it. Aaryn says if you want to be a havenot, be on Candices team.

Meanwhile in the kitchen – Nick, Amanda, Gina are talking about random things. Nick is talking to Amanda about New York.


3:10pm – 3:30pm Out in the backyard hammock – Kaitlin and Gina are talking. Gina comments that Nick is in the kitchen talking to Amanda. Kaitlin asks about what? Gina says he is asking her questions about her. Kaitlin says good, she has wanted that for awhile now. Kaitlin and Gina talk about how fake and annoying Candice is. Kaitlin says she hates how Candice said she doesn’t talk to her because Kaitlin is always with her boyfriend. Kaitlin and Gina talk about how Jeremy isn’t her boyfriend. Gina says that Candice is a fake bit*h! Gina tells Kaitlin that Candice needs to turn down the blackness. Kaitlin says no turn it up! Kaitlin leaves to go get into the pool with Jeremy. They talk about taking a nap together. Kaitlin comments that she is surprised she didn’t get put up on the block. Kaitlin comments that her mom is not going to like Jeremy’s style. Jeremy says I’ve got flare, she’ll love me. Spencer joins them.


3:35pm – 4:05pm Up in the HOH room – Gina and Aaryn are talking. Gina says that Nick had a long talk with Amanda, like for her to get to know him better. Gina says we probably have to do it again late Tuesday and again on Wednesday because people make their decision last minute. Aaryn comments that she doesn’t think Nick wants to get HOH. She says that she thinks McCrae will be HOH next week which is good because we are like this. Gina and Aaryn agree that Candice is her biggest threat. Aaryn is worried if Candice is up with a strong player ..then she would stay. Aaryn says that worries me. They talk about how Howard has been sneaking up trying to get information. She says that she tried to make a deal with him but that he said he isn’t making deals with anyone. Aaryn says are you joking?! I am a strong player, why would you not want to work with me. Andy joins them. Aaryn tells them that Elissa is telling a bunch of people that Nick told her to put them up instead of him (Nick). Nick joins them. Nick talks about how Elissa is saying that he was telling her to put up a list of 7 people in the house. Nick says come on, a fifth grader could have come up with that. Aaryn says everyone is getting a taste of what I got week one. They continue to trash talk Elissa. They talk about Howard sucking at everything. Gina says that you can’t act that horrible. Aaryn says that she was raised very strict and says that her parents are going to be really upset about some of the things I have said and done here.

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4:10pm Aaryn, Gina and Andy talk about the votes last week. Aaryn says that she can’t understand why she got boo’d. They wonder if Howard being religious is fake. They all comment on how none of them really know Howard. Aaryn tells Gina that she watch how she acts with Nick because Aaryn is concerned that she will be portrayed as her following him around like a little puppy.


4:15pm – 4:35pm Spencer and Judd are laying out on the grass in the backyard talking. Judd says that this next HOH will be really important. Spencer says no doubt. Big Brother switches the feeds to the we’ll be right back screen. When the feeds come back Jessie and Nick are in the bedroom talking. Nick tells Jessie that he has “her back hardcore!” Jessie tells him that she has his too. Meanwhile up in the HOH room – Aaryn is telling Kaitlin that everything they do is recorded and that she could go to google and type in her name and a ton of photos and videos would pop up. Kaitlin is shocked and says that’s not okay. Aaryn says that they could zoom in on my butt hole right now if they wanted. Aaryn says she probably already has a nip slip out there. Jeremy joins them and Aaryn tells him that Andy told her that everything is recorded and you have go back and re-watch it. Aaryn comments on how they just learned that the eviction night changed from Wednesday to Thursday. They talk about how get paid $1000 a week. Kaitlin says that she makes $1000 a weekend. Jeremy says well you are doing a lot more than just bar tending. Andy talks about how he can eat again tomorrow night at 12am.

4:40pm – 4:50pm Out by the pool – Ginamarie gets into the pool and starts bouncing. She tells Judd to put his hands on her butt to feel it bounce. Judd then gets into the pool with her and they talk about how the eviction has changed to Thursday. Gina says that it sucks because they have another day of telling people the same reasons to vote. Aaryn joins them by the pool. Aaryn says that she just got awkwardly shunned out of the HOH room. Aaryn says that Kaitlin told her that she was going to sleep with Jessie tonight and she could sleep with Jeremy. Gina asks what does she think you are trying to move in on her? Aaryn says that is exactly what she thinks, which is so not true. Aaryn starts doing cheers beside the pool about Gina and Judd.

4:50pm – 5pm Amanda comes over by the pool and talks to Gina. Gina explains that Elissa was going around lying about saying that Nick was telling her to nominate a bunch of different people in the house. Amanda says that she had a good conversation with him. She says that she will vote for what the house wants and and says she thinks we all know what the house wants. Gina talks about what a nice guy Nick is.

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Big Jim

God I am so glad that CBS exposed Aaryn to the general public. She is in for some bad shit after she gets out and I’ll love every minute of it


I really wish the Gina and Aaryn could just be kicked off for harassment. I really really dislike most of this cast


They really are the gift that just keeps giving!!


all of the offensive comments are bad, but I could not believe CBS on Sunday night included amanda saying, :”she makes racist remarks,” talking about aaryn during the aaryn offensive comment montage, when amanda herself has made racist comments, and homophobic and bullying comments

the edit including amanda saying that was majorly misleading as it made amanda seem like she is innocent and against making such comments, but amanda is actually doing it herself in the bb house, and mc crae has told her that her racist and homophobic remarks are bad, so all of this kind of behaviour doesnt make amanda someone who should be lecturing on the subject of making racist remarks, especially on national tv

if they are going to show the offensive comments made – they have to be consistant and show all the offenders doing it including amanda…thats only fair to all involved

i heard amanda say she had done some work in post production in los angeles, so i really hope she is not getting overly favourable edits on the cbs big brother episodes from production to make her look good in this scenario because she worked in the same industry

cbs need to show all the house guests making the offensive comments, otherwise people may think they are again playing favourites with some house guests and not others, which would not be good in a game supposed to be fair and equal to all the players involved


Amanda hasn’t made racist remarks. She was involved in the mocking of the KKK group making the remarks. Big difference.


Actually Amanda has made ignorant comments. The one I remember off the top of my head is when she McRae and Spencer were watch HGs from HOH room and she said “Oh look all the outcasts are in the kitchen; the Asian, the black guy and the gay”. PRETTY offensive. Also, laughing along with someone who is making racist remarks = condoning in my view and she is just as guilty. Unbelievable that NO ONE has stood up to these buffoons. I have yet to hear one intelligent conversation from this group of people. yuck.


yeah amanda actually has been racist and homophobic and mc crae has pulled her up on it telling,”its bad!”

Chilltown Fan

I wonder if the racial stuff will get the point where they will cut the feeds to have a house meeting, or do DR warnings.

Beaver Lips

No way CBS is getting too much attention and they love it. All these bleeding hearts screaming for help are killing me. Get hard or get eaten when the shit hits the fan.


I just read that ratings are down 17-24% from, either last year or last week. That is a big drop and I think CBS is concerned about it. CBS has brought it to the public forum in The Talk now and Julie Chen has made comments. I do not think CBS is happy about the controversy!! I know I am not into it as I have been since BB1. I come on, read a few sentences and remarks and see that they are not changing and sign off.


Actually, while it may be down from past years…..ratings are up from the beginning of the season. I also remember when the dude put a knife to a girls throat in season 2 and it spiked viewers for Dr. Will’s eventual victory….

Mary Tary

Aaryn says that she was raised very strict and says that her parents are going to be really upset about some of the things I have said and done here.

I think they were told they lost there jobs. But BB told them not to say anything.


i dont think they have been told…..they would self evict to do damage control on saving their jobs. It is interesting that Aaryn says she cant understand why everyone booed when her name was called.


I just cannot believe these girls! Why is the first thing they want to attack is their appearances.. these ppl are soo shallow! and I wished Candice knew how many times she has been talked about .. being dark.. black.. or whatever.. She is black so the F*$& what! get over it Aaryn, Gina and Kaitlin! They are lucky they are in the house with her and not someone else who would TURN IT UP!


they attack other peoples appearance because they feel ugly about themselves and Aaryn and Ginamarie should feel ugly about themselves for comments said


Agree! At least Candace’s “acting black” ass (and tits) weren’t exposed like a cheap ass slut (s), who, by the way, wasn’t “acting” like a slut but is one. She has more class than those girls ever will.


I hope Candace wins HOH this week, I would love to see all the people who are talking about her and treating her like shit have to kiss her ass.


i want candice amanda or helen or andy to win hoh this week so people in the house can talk i hate the moving company they never get me to vote mvp for them the way they talk about women if i was there i line them up take the tires off moving company come on america let give the mvp to andy or helen


gina fuck you turn down the blackness racist people that why we shouldnt give them type of people mvp cause it show racist is alright i love white people black people in spanish people the same i hate spencer howard mcrea jermy aryan kilan in now gina reason not nick cause he playing the game not personal but i have to give my mvp vote this week to helen


I’m voting for Candace to get this weeks MVP!

Frank's Fart

“Aaryn says that she was raised very strict and says that her parents are going to be really upset about some of the things I have said and done here. ” No kidding. They’re probably going to have to move.


I just told my daughters the same thing!…and no one would have stopped me.

She Said What

Aaryn, if you were my daughter I would have ripped you out of the house last week. And told CBS to file a suit against me!

Powerhouse Judd

The feeds have Spencer telling Judd to vote Nick out, im guessing hes trying to cover his tracks a la Candace last week.


Spencer is playing way 2 hard 2 early. It’s gona come back to bite him.


mvp vote for week 3 will be helen let do it america stop that moving company they suck


Helen is safe. Let’s give it to Candace. She’s not aligned with anyone and is totally out on her own. Whoever wins it, I hope they don’t make the mistake that Elissa did by telling someone.


I don’t know what’s worse, CBS dragging their feet on the racism thing, or the other house guests not standing up to say something about it. Why are they so afraid of these people?


Newsflash: They’re competing with each other. If one of their enemies is making stupid racist comments, they’re going to let them destroy themselves. Duh.


“Newsflash: They’re competing with each other. If one of their enemies is making stupid racist comments, they’re going to let them destroy themselves. Duh.”

Exactly!! Nicely put Powerhouse.


These people are disgusting. Kaitlin should be worried about the comments she has made not about Jeremy. She is so stupid to not want to refer to Jeremy as her boyfriend when she makes out with him and has sex with him on camera, that makes her look like a slut. I really hope someone good like Helen, Candice, Howard, or Nick win HOH next week. I’m sick of these bigoted people running the house.

Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It

“Aaryn says that she was raised very strict and says that her parents are going to be really upset about some of the things I have said and done here.”

Production probably told her to say that, because it sounds like a lie.

“Gina says that you can’t act that horrible.”

Yes you can, Dan did it…


Dan wasn’t a racist! he was playing the game, These people are just plain crazy, the show is just bad this year! I hope they don’t cancel
because of this year.


I would love to see Amanda win HoH or MC alliance win HOH so that Aaryn will be nominated or Backdoored! Bye Bye Aaryn.

Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It

If Katlin’s mother is anything like her daughter, she’ll love Jeremy


I hope Aaryn’s parents are upset about about what she said.


Well, I kind of doubt they are, I’m sure she was raised be a racist.


Aaryn says that she was raised very strict and says that her parents are going to be really upset about some of the things I have said and done here.

Ya think?





TO MUCH BB RACISM. …ALL OVER blogs, twitter, tv…THE TALK!




Got CapsLock?


Can we calm down on the caps lock?


The MC is facing two threats in my eyes: 1) Helen’s aggression this week and the potential she has to make an alliance with her in a lead role and 2) Amanda thinks McCrae is following her and has her own idea about the game that are unintentionally threatening the MC.

But the MC has the opportunity to stack the game moving forward in their favor, as I think their current plan leaves a lot of loose ends that could bite them. For me Judd is the key. Spencer and Howard need to co-opt him and get him out front, make him the fall guy for the future. Then they go and get Jessie, who is out there all alone, and pull her in close. With four strong they can go to McCrae and with him can show Amanda that the deal is done and Elissa is gone. They need to try and help McCrae reign her in because it’s too soon to really force his hand and make him choose next week. From there they can isolate Helen, Candace, and Andy. Let Judd take the lead in the talk. The whole argument is that Elissa is too big of a liability to protect. If they let her go Jeremy and the mean girls relax. Put it out there that Nick is more with Gina than he is with the whole group and that he’s coasting on their laurels and therefore not a threat because he won’t even try to win HOH until Jeremy is gone. Remind them of all Elissa’s missteps: Her tendency to speak her mind bluntly, hiding her sister, hiding MVP and making decisions without everybody’s consultation, trying to make a deal with Nick to protect herself, leaving the rest of them exposed.

Then Spencer, Howard, McCrae, and Amanda talk later and make a side deal. The plan is make nice with Jeremy and the mean girls, so when they win HOH, they can feed them Judd, Helen, Candace, Andy, and Jessie. They will prod Judd, Helen, and Candace to get out front and be targets. And when their side is on top, they can pick off Jeremy and the mean girls. Essentially they create a Moving Company B Team, but one in which Amanda is kept in the dark of the A Team.

Kaitlins Tampon

I just saw on the Insider that Spencer, Gina and Aaryn have all been fired from their jobs in real life. Aaryn had some bs job, no clue what gina really does but spencer was pretty invested in some pensioned railroad gig. Idiots….

Jessies Hungry Beaver

When Aaryn get voted out its going to be nuts when she walks out. Crowd will be booing and yelling at her. Julie will probably give it to her good also. She’ll lose it and breakdown. She is only a 22 yr old ditz from a hick town in texas but still shes gonna pay a big price for this, as will the others. Who plays the race card in 2013 and on national tv no less, only really stupid self hating people


You are misusing the term “playing the race card”, but I agree with you otherwise. “Playing the race card” would be something like Howard saying you can’t vote him out becasue he is black.


GinaMarie was a pageant coordinator, no wonder Staten Island is forgotten borough, pageant coordinator, every other word is “F” this, “F” that, you “f’ing” whatever…..pageant coordinator…really!!!!

Spence is in a union, if shuts up, he might just get suspended, but his homies are all probably proud of him.

Little Miss Bella Petite(former cover girl) was using this as a springboard to bigger and better things, spotlight!!! looks like, at least in the immediate future, the only spotlight she will have is going to be in the Mega Hip City of San Marcos, TX, studying god knows what at Texas State.t


I hope her parents disown her! She is a horrible human being!


Aryan’s, oops I mean Aaryn’s parents won’t be upset about what she said but how she said it, ms big rich Texas apparently doesn’t follow direction well. That would explain Texas State and not the University of Texas-Austin. I am sure she was taught to have class when speaking ill of the beneath her crowd. Oh well, no more Bella Petite or Modeling.


Did Jeremy really pee in Elissa’s shampoo bottle???

Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It

If he did, we’d be hearing him being expelled.


I read in a fan forum that spencer peed in her shampoo. That he took the bottle with him to the toilet and when he came out he was doing the top back up…that is so so horrible.


I’m in Canada so don’t have the live feeds but it was between 930 and 940 last night. Helen and Howard were in the bathroom at the time…maybe someone can look back? I’m not sure how that works…

Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It

Simon or Dawg, could you please check this out, I wanna know if that son of a bitch did that dot Elissa’s shampoo.


it’s news to me if it did happen.


I read it on a fan forum last night…anyone could have posted it so who knows.


Too bad they didn’t leave a time stamp for us to double check that seems like a pretty big thing.


The post was 9:30pm bbt when he took the bottle and 9:40pm bbt that he put it back in the have not shower. Hope that’s right.

kickkin Chicken

He probably used her shampoo to wack off, especially if it only took less than 10 minutes. LMAO


big jim thumbs up….

We’re all going to remember season 15 if only by the racist comments…. The racist card is not max out because i am about to add additional credit to it … Most people gets angry when we call these racist out …Arrogant people never admit they are wrong in any situation .. AARYN , SPENCER , GINA KATLIN they look at themselves through a rose colored glasses , but look at everyone else through a magnifying glass. JULIE said it no making excuses for their behaviour unacceptable ..WE need to embrace our diversity .. stereotypes is an ugly uneducated way to look at the world or individuals… I refuse to be silent about this .. when u be nice to people u will bypass conflict ….. racist should not be taken as a pinch of salt .. IF they wanted to entertain us they should of found a better way ….. Big brother is my favourite show next to survivor now i cant wait until its over … People will make excuses everytime its just a game … A game where people dont have to leave their morals and integrity at the big brother front door ….this season will be for me the only season that has left a bad taste in my mouth .

Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It

I’ll remember it as the season we find out that Rachel Reilly is truly unique. She’ll never be replicated.


You read my mind Big Jim.


Aaryn says she was raised strict… I have been a strict parent but children learn from their parents. Sadly, Aaryn’s parents are probably as bad as she is. My children would never think to say what she has said, they have never seen their father or I do it and we have taught them it is wrong. I would be surprised if her parents were not as racist as she is.


I agree. Aaryn is a product of her environment. I also think Aaryn must have been talked to about her comments.


I wish CBS wouldn’t pay them their stipend. Seriously, $1,000 a week? That’s more money than they make at their real jobs.


I have said my mind a few times on the bigotry/racism that is going on in the house by several of the houseguests. I must now say to CBS….when is it enough? Every day there are new comments being said. Its in the news. It is on TMZ. I realize there are several houseguests that are saying things so inappropriate that it may be hard to just point out one but I feel you can start and point out one….Aaryn. Start with her. All the controversy last week you thought you were saving face by coming out on sunday nights episode and airing some of the comments that were said….you felt you had to address it….but you havent addressed it. You just showed the viewers what was being said. Now what about the consequences? We raise our children to follow rules and when rules are broken there must be consequences. What are you going to do with Aaryn? Ginamarie? Have you actually lost any sponsers because of this issue? Is season 15 the beginning of the end for Big Brother? With this seasons choice of houseguests it seems like you may have scraped the bottom of the barrel with this scum……IMHO


Aaryn is a HORRIBLE person…. I cannot for her to be evicted


I’m putting it out there right now: I am voting for Candace to get the MVP next week because nobody likes her. Then they’ll have to be nice to her as they will see that America likes her and not those who think they will win it.


All I can say is WOW!

BB15 Bigots gotta go

Here’s a video of the despicable house guests of the 2013 from utube called :
Even Julie Chen on the Talk discussed the sad issue of Racism


Look, the racism, bigotry, homophobia, and misogyny are all deplorable, but these are established facts that very few are disputing…so can we just get back to the game already. I really don’t care all that much what a c-level model, a beauty pageant coordinator, a railroad engineer, or a bartender thinks about anything. The fact that they’re ignorant an backwards is not unsurprising given the world we live in, so it’s pretty pointless to continue bemoaning it. Basically we all have two choices: Stop watching and email CBS every day until the offending players are removed or get back to the game. It’s just exhausting having to scroll through 3 dozen comments all saying the same thing until somebody actually writes about the game that I’m here to keep tabs on an discuss.


yeah im tired of such a high % of comments just focused on the racism too, as its taking attention away from some quality game play

any chance we could have a section for game talk only, and one for the controversial chat only?

if not no worries, just a thought, as there may be alot of people only wanting to discuss one and not the other


as Julie emphasized this morning, CBS addressed and aired the bigotry bc it affecting the dynamic of the game and the relationships between players, she said it repeatedly and it created an unavoidable situation – so the two are inextricably linked….think about it, more people would like and trust aaryn if they didn’t think she was such a mean person or might be associated with her comments


i was only making the point that some here do not wish to discuss the racist stuff and only want to talk about the game.strategy

i dont mind either way


Did I read it correctly when Aaryn said that she was awkwardly shunned out of her HOH room bc Katlyn thinks Aaryn is “hitting” on her? If I read it wrong will someone please explain it to me?


Wow, these idiots are gonna need Witness Protection Program after they’re out of the house ! Ginamarie has been added to the BB list of people I loathe..oh how I pray that Candace or Helen get HOH next week………a lot of them are lacking in the IQ dept. obviously…wonder if they had a contest of who had the most STD’s….. ..who would win ? I wish Howie could be lured away from Spencer…..would love to see the decent folks in the house prevail


Sure it would be great to get back to the game, however this is an issue that needs to be discussed , an as we are all fans o this game , to see these bigoted racist morons, ruining it, it should be discussed, but this forum also has the ability to gather a diverse group, much like that house in California , together and perhaps it is time get
Together as a group here and make out voices heard ? Ignoring it and not talking about it, at least in my mind is actually in a way condoning it.


Except it’s not a discussion about race or sensitivity or much of anything. It’s 50 people who could simply up-vote the 1st comment that castigates the guilty parties, rather than say the exact same thing 50 times. That’s all I’m saying. This isn’t a discussion, it’s a giant echo chamber. What purpose does it serve to repeat what somebody else has already written? What is gained from going on each thread and saying the exact same thing? At some point, you either have to accept that each person will deal with a lot of consequences as soon as they leave the house and continue watching or truly voice your displeasure, turn it off, and demand CBS expels the guilty. Because coming here to say the same thing over and over again is masturbation…and it’s exhausting wading through it all.

It’s like Dan from last year. Every time he used his religion to advance in the game, then went into the diary room and giggled about it, 50 people came here to be outrage and offended. I understand being offended is a past time for a lot of people, but restrain it to an up-vote or make sure your the first person so everybody up-votes you, but what is gained from bemoaning it by saying the exact same thing as the comment that precedes you?


its fine to discuss the racist remarks but perhaps saying the same thing over and over from everyone about it in a majority of the posts is really overwhelming the site to a point, where the strategy and game play analysis and discussion is being not forgotten about, but very much not had the attention it has deserved

Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It

Judd aka Powerhouse Mumbles just woke up a few days ago and now he’s touching GiGi’s butt, He’s doin it up…


Simon and Dawg , have a question, generally people do not post external links on your page and for that I am sure many of us are thankful, however would it be possible to add links to the CHANGE dot org petitions requesting CBS do something about this house full of assclowns and to put a stop to the jackassery


if you want but It’s been posted at least a dozen times already


so simon, is there any hope for elissa to stay this week. is there a trick up someones sleeve? or is it pretty much a done deal?
and this next HOH, can we have a competition for the smart people in the house? lol! brain over brawn please!


At this point production can only save Elissa.. so she’s probably OK.

all joking aside there is a possibility she stays the vote is close


LOL simon! thanks for telling it like it is. I wouldn’t mind another blindside on Thursday! *crosses fingers*


Agreed. This is gonna be a game 7 overtime decision me thinks. It’s gonna be a close split between Nick & Elissa.

Kaitlins Tampon

There’s no way Kaitlin makes a grand a weekend bartending in freakin minnesota. She is either lieing, which is probable, or she strips or high end escorts prolly the later as even a stripper in minnesota wouldnt make that much these days. These girls are so, so freaking insecure and self loathing. Its unreal. How did they screen or interview these people, its actually horrifying and emabarassing to human beings around planet


maybe they just took the first 16 people they came across. no effort required. lol


Lol, by that logic, Ellie, than anybody that is “bad” must have “bad” parents and “bad children” and they will never change. That’s just as stupid as everyone saying something should be done about the racism on the show. I’m surprised that people can be so ignorant as to think that there is no more racism. It would be a miracle if CBS was able to find 16 people to put on the show and no have one of them say anything about a stereotype. Guess what everyone, those kids in school that treat the different people like crap grow up and become the people we interact with everyday, they aren’t all good.


hey america i wish candice helen get hoh an im vote mvp for candice or helen not the other racist people who know who im talkin about aryaen kiklan gina


Everyone does realize that racism is not illegal, right? And it’s definitely not against the rules, unless they have changed.


These two time losers make the whole Big Brother game look like a complete joke. Toddler tyrants!


say elssia you got a point my vote for mvp will be candice this week hope she get it i cant stand racist people like aryen ,gina, kiklan , in i dont like jermy spencer the way they talk about women howard i dont know what he doing i will always vote for candice helen or andy mvp but this week its candice get my vote go tell your friends family to vote for her to i will


Have there been any good naked shots on the cams? Aaryn is worried they will shoot her butthole, has that made it to the cams yet? Aaryn may go down as the absolute worst human being ever to be on reality tv, followed by kaitlin, gina, elissa, spencer, etc etc. i have no idea how they cast this season. unbelieveable. u couldve found better humans at any state prison


There are websites for that… perv.


Has anyone wondered what it will be like when some of these houseguests get evicted and leave the house? Walking out those doors to an audience and getting booed? They will probably think WTF? Then have Julie explain in a faux chinese voice…”What you no like? Oh i make you some rice, do your nails, why you got no job?” LOL.

But I really do hope Elissa stays this week. I am not a Rachel fan but I do believe Elissa has been fighting an uphill battle because of who she is related to…cant pick your family right? I have a feeling that Helen will be the one voted out. The more I look at Nick’s picture and see him with sunglasses on and the bandana around his head I swear I am looking at a mini Dan Geesling. If production has anything to do with the votes than get Helen out and have Nick and Elissa team up. If Elissa is ever in the HOH put Aaryn and Ginamarie up, win MPV and put Jeremy up. Win POV and leave things the way they are and get rid of at least one of the bullies.


Wow, Amanda really does look like Chewbacca and Sylvestor Stallone’s son

kickkin Chicken

Watching the OMG! Insider on CBS, listening to a segment of BB15, showing Aaryn with a scoundrel look on her face,and Gina’s evil ramble about ‘slant eyes’, and ‘black darkeness’, etc. while Julie Chen stated she was very displeased with Aaryn’s radical slurs and took it personal when she heard her blurt out her racial remarks.about “slanted eye Helen”……Also showed SPENCER and stated that he is in big trouble with his Railroad job, and facing elimination of his pension, 401K and his job! Hmmm, yes, this is going to be very interesting…Hold on People, I’m thinking the last HOH is going to be cancelled, as they escort Gina and Aaryn out the door…..

kickkin Chicken

Did Anyone just watch OMG! insider tonight? Wow, they are bashing Aaryn, Gina, Kaitlin & SPENCER, It aired at 7:20pm, tonight on CBS, and showed Julie Chen talking about how livid she was with their racial slurs, and that she took it very personal. Also, ole SPENCER is facing loss of his Pension, his 401K and oh yeah, He’s FIRED!

Prepare for the unexpected, that really is more expected than not….regarding the dismissal of the HOH and undoing last week’s entire nominations….possibly watching a few get shown the door.


Wow, more racism! Really…..are u freakin kidding me??? They(producers) need to do something about this. Society cracks me up. I don’t understand how Paula Deen can say 1 little remark & get dropped by every company she worked for. Kicked off the air, dropped by Smithville Farms, Walmart, HSN. The list goes on & on. But you’ve got these racist fu¢ks on national television saying a lot more & a lot harsher, & CBS just allows it. That’s bull$hit! And whoever in the previous comments said the ratings are down is full of $hit. They are up. & that’s sad. They’re up bc more of the bloggers/news outlets that typically don’t watch BB are now watching solely bc of the racism. So they can write about it. That only encourages CBS to keep it up & not do anything to prevent it. Bc they could easily put an end to it. All they’d need to do is call them in the DR & tell them if they say another racist comment they’d be expelled. They’d all stop then bc they don’t wanna go home. But they don’t want it to stop. More ratings = more money. Sad but true.

*** I know ppl will not do this, but honestly we all need to band together & not watch the next episode of BB. Let CBS know that as the viewers, we are the ones that sign their paychecks. And we will not tolerate the racism. If we did that & the ratings tanked. They’d for sure do something about it. Now I know what u all are thinking. It would be soooo hard to miss an episode. But we can buy it from Amazon, watch the live feeds, or just read a Blog(like BBOnline) to see what happened. It won’t kill us. So lets pick a day & spread the word on all forms of social media(FaceBook, Twitter make sure to hashtag #BB15Strike & @CBS, so they know why we’re doing it. How about this next episode? That’s only fitting seeing how on the last ep they aired all of Aaryn’s racial comments. ***So Wednesday July 10th do not watch BB.


I really do think CBS should really rethink the contestants next year for BB16, as the racist comments were made about Howard and Candice being the tokens. This year CBS did as they always do, “1 Gay Guy, 1 Asian or Hispanic, 2 African Americans”, out of 16 contestants, so when you look back over the history of Big Brother, how many times if there were 12 – 14 contestants, have you ever seen 2 White contestants and everyone else is either Asian, Hispanic, African American or another race other than White? No, that has never happened, Gina Marie made a comment about all Blacks stick together, come on, it’s 2013, when are we going to learn to accept everyone for who they are, and not judge them by the color of their Skin? The comments made about Helen, who has been nothing but nice and considerate to everyone in the house, but Aaryn and Gina Marie, Katlin and Jeremy who is part Cherokee, have been nothing but mean and evil towards Gay, Asian, African American contestants this season. I bet if Jeremy was not on the same side as Aaryn, Gina Marie and Katlin, they would be making the same remarks about him, but what is going to be nice is when they see that Jeremy has been playing them all, Jeremy does not care about any of them, he’s using them. I think it’s time for CBS to take into consideration to start having more minorities on the show, stop with the usual Gay person, 1 or 2 African Americans, possibly one Hispanic or Asian, switch it up and have more minorities than whites, CBS you can do better, you are part of the blame, because as much as we may hate what Gina Marie said about the token contestants, it is kind of true, because that is how you have always filled the house. Let’s do better next Summer, let’s be more diverse and open up and stop doing the same casting over and over. Open your mind and heart CBS, get real.