Amanda says they asked me if Aaryn was being racist. McCrae says she is, she’s a bigot.

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


1am Jeremy and Kaitlin sneak into the lounge and start kissing. Jeremy tells her she tastes like m&m’s. Kaitlin says sorry. Jeremy says no it tastes good. Jeremy tells her that she is definitely buzzing. I can tell. They leave the room. Jeremy says I am totally asking the diary room for another wine bottle.
CBS Interactive Inc.Amanda and McCrae are in the bedroom talking. McCrae tells Amanda that they are asking for music, these people are dumb. There is no way we are getting music, they have to shut off the feeds to get music. Amanda agrees. Amanda says they asked me if Aaryn was being racist. That’s bad! McCrae asks what? Amanda asks did you hear what I said? McCrae says her being racist. McCrae says she is, she is a bigot. I honestly believe that. Judd has been relaying every little thing to me. Amanda says that’s really bad. McCrae says so bad. Amanda says like people are going to hate her! McCrae says yeah.

1:10 – 1:15pm In the havenot room. Elissa and Helen talk about how they are going to try really hard to get the POV. Helen says just try really, really hard. Elissa says we love you Brenchel army. Helen says you have to think of all those people that voted for you have MVP, you have to win POV. Elissa says I know. Helen says you need to take this thing. Elissa says when I felt support it brought me into the game. I thought I would just come in there and play Big Brother, I didn’t think everyone would be against me. And then wham, bam, thank you mam! We just need to get Aaryn out. Helen says it’s not competitive with Jeremy in this game. I think it would be stupid for them to not vote Jeremy out. Helen says well we have the votes. We just have to make sure he stays on the block. Helen asks do you think putting up Kaitlin up if he wins POV. I feel like she could just float through this game and she is on no ones radar. We have to split them up. Elissa says if Jeremy gets the POV, I think Nick should go up. He is playing the game way harder. Helen says if you put Kaitlin up we have the votes to get her out because who knows what alliances he has. If we put Kaitlin up, we have the votes. Helen says every time you take out someone close to Jeremy, you weaken his game. Just look at how much weaker Aaryn is now that David is gone. Elissa says if Jeremy wins POV, let’s just see how manly he is and see if he will let his girlfriend go up. Helen says maybe you could tell Nick you could put him up but that you won’t to build trust. Elissa says how great would it be for the girls to make it to the end.

1:20am In the lounge room – Nick, Gina, Andy, Spencer, Judd, Aaryn, Jeremy, Kaitlin and Howard. They start talking about p*rn names. Andy says that he and some friends were bored looking up p*rn titles and their favourites were: Sayonara Tight Hole, Dude she Squirts! Jeremy says Lord of the G-strings, Alice’s Wonderland. Aaryn talks about some gorilla porn, a guy dressed up in a gorilla suit chasing a girl through the woods. Andy says that’s a thing. They wonder if tomorrow will even be a competition. Kaitlin says they wouldn’t give us alcohol if there was. Andy says no I think there is tomorrow. Meanwhile in the havenot room – Helen is talking to Elissa about how its tough to play an ethical game. There are times when you have to lie to stay in this game. She says you just have to try and treat people with respect. Elissa says that Jeremy has to go, he is just so arrogant.


CBS Interactive Inc.
1:30am In the storage room – Nick, Spencer and McCrae have a quick talk. Spencer says we need to avoid talking together. McCrae agrees and says that Judd is seeing people talk and asking questions – he saw members of the moving company talking and was asks why they were talking. I told him to not worry about it people can talk. Spencer leaves. Jeremy comes in. Nick tells them our chicks are going crazy. My chick thinks I am looking at your chick. McCrae laughs. Nick says I don’t care about the chicks. I don’t want to date any of them, I want to win this bit*h. Jeremy says they’re all crazy I can’t wait to send them all home. Jeremy says I can’t wait till there a bunch of champions left in here. But I am going to milk it! Nick says oh yeah milk the cow bro. McCrae says he is going to milk it. Jeremy tells McCrae you have a lot to milk. They all laugh. Jeremy leaves. Nick complains about having to talk about shoes and sh*t with Gina. McCrae says Amanda loves me so much dude. Nick says Amanda hates me. McCrae tells him that she does but if you come out with a little bit more and more she will like.. big brother cuts the feeds.

2am Howard and Spencer talk in the lounge room – Spencer is talking about removing the swing votes because they can go either way. Howard agrees. Spencer says we need to get Judd out. Howard agrees. They talk about needing to win the POV and not letting Elissa get it. Howard says watch Canice she is going to figure some shit out. Spencer says she is too dumb to figure it out. Spencer says that we will see how McCrae and Amanda are and if he can control her. I think she wears the pants. Spencer says its one thing to be buddy buddy with someone but another to go to bed when someone tells you to. She tries to control this side of the house and I want our crew to control it. Spencer says if I win MVP I would put up Aaryn or Amanda. Spencer says we’ve got to get Elissa to put up Ginamarie or Kaitlin – instead of Jeremy. We’ll lie to her and tell her Helen is his target. Spencer says we will vote out Elissa this week to keep peace in the house. And then hopefully one of the moving company can get MVP. Spencer heads to bed.

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s super easy to use click this link for a FREE Trial —> Big Brother Live Feeds


2am – 3am Kaitlin, Aaryn and Jeremy are getting ready for bed. They talk about pleasuring themselves. Jeremy tells Kaitlin if she is doing it in the shower, he is going to be jealous because he isn’t doing it. He asks if he can at least watch. Aaryn says that she is going to do it. Aaryn talks about having to touch Nicks butt hole. She says it was so gross. Aaryn gets called to the diary room. Kaitlin asks this late?! Aaryn says I swear if I am being called in for sexual harassment I am going to lose it. Aaryn leaves.

Jeremy and Kaitlin start making out under the covers. Kaitlin is grinding on top of Jeremy. Jeremy says calm down for a sec, give me a breather. Kaitlin says this looks so bad on camera. Jeremy says so stop. Kaitlin says oh what you don’t want me to? Kaitlin continues. Jeremy says we’ve got to stop. Kaitlin says yup. Jeremy says I think I deserve major kudos, I stopped us and I don’t want to. Kaitlin says we have a long way to go. Jeremy says this is going to be impossible. Kaitlin says I have to be under the covers if you are going to do that, my dad can’t see this. They continue to make out until Aaryn comes back. Aaryn comments that every time she turns around Spencer is talking to Candice. They wonder if he will even vote out Elissa. They talk about the number of girls Jeremy has slept with. He says 23, but Kaitlin doesn’t believe him. She says she knows people in triple digits. Jeremy says he thinks 23 is a shameful amount, I wish I had stopped at 15 and starts having relationship sex. I think 20 is a good amount to get married at and I already fu*ked that up. Maybe I’ll change it to 25. Aaryn laughs that sucks for Kaitlin.

CBS Interactive Inc.

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The DR asking bout the racism? This coud be interesting.

Charlie Hustle

What would it matter? They aren’t going to show it to the broader public anyhow. And it drives BB conversations among diehard fans. To stoke the controversy, they might be telling her to go after Mexican immigrants and Muslims some.


I AGREE! I didn’t think the show would address it at all…. But good for them. Could be a very interesting live show…..


I think eventually there will be a disclaimer stating the views and opinions of the house guest do not reflect the views if CBS.


There is a reason they won’t show this behaviour during primetime broadcast. The FCC would suspend the show and slap the knuckles of CBS. There are certain things the FCC won’t allow. CBS is able to get away with the feeds because it is behind a paywall, nothing the FCC can do about that. Checkout what happened to the season of BB in the UK when Jade Goody caused an uproar because of her racist comments. The company got slapped hard for airing those comments. Of course CBS won’t come out and say this… they would rather come out with the generic “we don’t share these opinions”.


I think that because DR was asking that means that they figured there was no way around editing her comments since she is HOH


Aaryn has some weird teeth. Maybe it just me but they are pretty funny. Team Elissa n Howard

I'm Tall

lol. i agree. she looks like under developed beaver! I said DAM! ;0)

Texas Girl

Wow! Looks like CBS might actually be considering exposing Aaryn for the bigot that she is. It’s about time! Don’t ever forget that cameras are on 24/7. Once it’s out there, it is out there, Honey.


Finally, some proper strategy (Helen + Elissa). Get rid of Jeremy and make it easier for the whole house to move forward.


There’s no way that the MC will allow Jeremy to be voted out. The only chance Elissa has of staying in the house is to go to Aaryn and tell her last week’s plan and all who saved her and then start an all girls alliance. Without that, I’m afraid she’s gone this Thursday. Unless she wins POV, but that’s not looking good for her.


“Kaitlin says I have to be under the covers if you are going to do that, my dad can’t see this.”

Kaitlin, you dumb bimbo!


I know right. Is she serious? I think your pops knows what is going on with her and Germy grinding on each other 24/7. Under the covers will be ok though? Dad is not smart enough to figure it all out lol. I bet her dad is disgusted with her her. I know I would be if I were Kaitlin’s dad.

ashli rae

It’s interesting production asked Amanda about Aaryn and racism because now the hg’s know she is hated in the real world. I also find it kind of weird there have been no exit interviews with David. Usually they get those out the day after eviction. I don’t like that Elissa is winning mvp every week. I think it was a horrible twist geared just for her and as much as I would LOVE to see Jeremy leave this week, I will not be heartbroken if she walks out the door. Sounds like the moving company is going to keep him safe so unless Elissa wins pov she’s going home because besides the mvp? She has no game IMO.


I wondered that as well! No exit interview or morning after interview with David. Just faded away into the surf. Perhaps he got out of the studio and met his buddies “DUDE… ooohhhoooo dude, like, you don’t want anything to do with that show or those girls man. Like, They are getting the craziest meme’s! it’s radical man. Oh by the way dude… we can’t fire you ’cause, like, your just a life guard, but you can’t do the hot girl beach anymore… like, yer on duty at the kiddie pool now.”


This made me laugh!! I was thinking he would also say something about his check, Wow dude I thought I got $500,000 for going in the house and I ony got $500 after taxes. Uncle Sam is greedy!!!


I agree. I would love to see Germy Jeremy evicted but I do not want Elissa to win MVP each week. I would also like to see someone win MVP and keep it a secret and really drive up the paranoia.


Only a few of these HGs would get MVP and keep it secret. I am hoping that Nick gets MVP one week because to me he is playing a good game.


Good point! That would work in the favor of some good strategy for another houseguest. El has now won it twice and told people, if someone were to keep it a secret after winning it, El would get the MVP blame anyway.


So annoyed by Aaryn and Jeremy. They are complete bullies. Disappointed by this years cast. Also can BB be about the game and not “showmances” all the time?! Totally team Helen, Elissa and Andy !


I don’t think they can do damage control on this one ! They pretty much solidified their own fate with all the bigotry and hate. There is no going back . I think it will be interesting to see how Julie handles Aaryan when she exits, because of all the nasty things she has said about Helen. I am also sick of everyone excusing the hate speech due to the age of the house guests. Look my kids are 16, 12 and 11 and if I heard this stuff come out of their mouths I would hold them accountable, however they know better ! You can’t tell me at age 22 you don’t know better ! It’s all BS ! I want to see CBS put it out there and hold ALL of the racist house guest accountable because it isn’t JUST Aaryan !


Omg these people are morons. Going on about milking it and then laughing like it is hilarious….

I hope Aaryn and ginamarie find out what has happened. Maybe they will self evict to do damage control on the outside


I can’t wait for Spencer to go. He thinks Candice is soooo stupid but she’s the only one who figured out every aspect of the MC’s plan to get David out. I really can’t stand him. He so full of himself.


Elissa won MVP again yay!—I voted from two different accounts haha. Now I hope she nominates Jeremy so we can get rid of him. Ugh he is so vulgar & arrogant (unrightfully so) and I think it would be hilarious to watch his face when he find out that he’s evicted, but that’s hoping that the MC isn’t as tight as I thought them to be & I still don’t know about that although I think McCrae & Howard could probably vote him out and maybe Nick but he seems like a wildcard. And I love that Spencer called Candice too stupid to figure anything out when Candice is one of the smartest girls in the house & the only one thus far who has figured out that there is a guys alliance and she suspects the right people…not to mention she’s one of the only ones actually trying to play the game instead of look for a hookup. I swear IDK who cast these thirsty bitches this season but they should have been casting for the bachelor instead! I legit hate the majority of the cast this season.


I’m Team Elissa all the way.


I’m glad Elissa won it too! (& I also voted for her from two different accounts!!) hopefully the houseguests will realize its best for all of their game play to get the disgusting JEREMY out now!!!! It would make for a great show on eviction night! I love Helen….hope she wins it all


I just read on a fan forum that both Jeremy and aaryn were called to the DR first thing this morn and Jeremy said something like ‘we have a major problem’! Please let this be something big!!!!!!


CBS may be feeling heat for casting these bigot a-holes. I wonder what ratings have been like so far.

BB15 Unfkingbelievable!

Jerry, if it’s true, maybe CBS is addressing the cheating that happened with the Aryan and Jeremy during the HOH comp. If so, I wonder how it will be handled. Or if it will.


Ahhhhhh!! I hope you are right Jerry!!!!!


Way to keep the season “unexpected” production.

For real, if Helen and Elissa are to stay safe, Jeremy must go up, I think most of the house wants him gone. Hopefully he wins POV, to keep things interesting, otherwise, the outcome will be expected, and we don’t want that. We want for just ONE of the past 4 seasons of Big Brother to actually be “Expect The Unexpected”, last 4 extremely expected, like Day 1 predictions have came true.


Jeremy goes up, win POV, then Elissa nominates Katlin, that’s Unexpected enough for me LOL


Jeremy has the MC protecting him…between Nick, McCrae, Spencer, and Howard, plus their allies (Amanda, Kaitlin) Jeremy will not go home. You’ve got to throw Kaitlin up there. The MC wants to protect jeremy, but they could do without his shomance. They would vote Kaitlin out and keep Elissa as a target in the house. Elissa is playing emotionally right now.. She needs to listen to Helen and just think for a second.


so who put elissa up with her MVP vote?

and who is her possible replacement? kaitlin and jeremy seems to be her best option now….


Just saw on the feeds Elissa talking to Spencer about MVP…Why does she think she can trust him??


“Spencer says that we will see how McCrae and Amanda are and if he can control her. I think she wears the pants. Spencer says its one thing to be buddy buddy with someone but another to go to bed when someone tells you to.”

Damn McCrae, Y’all not even married and she telling you when to go to bed? Amanda is sexy and all, but damn, just damn. Get those pants back bruh

The Watcher

Lawd have mercy! The amount of stupidity some of these HG suffer from is unbelievable. How can you go on a reality show with 24/7 cams and live feeds and be this dumb and ignorant to think it is ok to be a racist bigot?

Someone didnt do their job the right way while trying to raise some of these fools!

Disgusting, these bad apples need to go ASAP so we can all go back to the main show.

I wish the voice of Big Brother that tells them ” you are not allowed to talk about production” would tell the HG ” House Guest some of you have been fired from your job outside the house ” and not say anything more…..then I would like a close up of each of them guilty twats faces….. XD

I hope McCrae gets far into the game or win : )


Elissa was right, this is a wh*rehouse.

Also, did anyone notice that RachelEReilly’s twitter has changed and she took the word “retired” out of her tittle memo?


*title memo.


that would be greatness if rachel came back in the house. they’d all be scrambling! hahahaha just the thought cracks me up.


Why d they have to ask about racism, all they have to do is watch the feeds.


I read BB ratings went way down after the racists were exposed mainstream. Good! Maybe they will get rid of these jacka$$es and I can start watching again!


I’m still trying to understand why they wouldn’t work with Elissa??? Why do they hate her so much???? She is being respectful, not trying to show her body to everyone. This game this year is terrible. These trashy girls are even more terrible. I wonder what Jeremy means by “we got a BIG problem!” when he got out of Diary room this morning. It would be great if they took away Aaryn’s HOH for her cheating and gave it to second place, which is ELISSA AND ANDY! ( i think). I honestly don’t have a favorite this time. I like Elissa only because everyone is so mean to her and I don’t like people getting bullied. I like Helen but she needs to be careful not to get caught up. And I like Nick (although I don’t have live feed so I could be misguided.) because he seems like he’s trying to actually play the game. I’m honestly just annoyed at the game though. I wonder how long before the house sees that America LIKES Elissa, mainly because they hate her for no reason, so maybe they should consider using her to their advantage… stupid people. They’ll never see.


I really hope Elissa nominates Kaitlin and she is voted off. How good would that be to see Aaryn’s two favorite people evicted in the first two weeks?


If Nick is as smart as I think he is then that conversation with McCrae would make his ears perk up. Now this is secret guy code, but if your with the fellas and you start talking about your ladies and the vibe turns to some venting about the stuff she does that annoys you and everybody is sharing something. The one guy whose contribution is that his girl just loves him so much AND when his buddy remarks that she hates him AND the boyfriend gives advice on how he can make her like him…the red flags are flying and the sirens are going off that the boyfriend is completely whipped and wrapped around the girls finger.

If Nick suspects this he needs to keep it from Jeremy, but bring it to Howard and Spencer’s attention. They need to test McCrae, by floating Amanda’s name as a potential replacement nominee to see his reaction this week. Do it gently through Aaryn ideally, but they need to test him, because he might just be the crack in the MC foundation and Amanda is their biggest threat. That McCrae seems oblivious to both the reality and perception of him and Amanda is sad. He’s too preoccupied with the immature notion that he’s a nerd and a pretty girl likes him. He’s gotta grow up and do it fast.