The HOH crew watch Spencer whispering to Elissa – Aaryn “This is sketch as fu*k!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


7:15am – 8am Big Brother switches the live feeds the the We’ll be right back screen. When the feeds come back Aaryn is awake in the HOH bedroom. Spencer is in the kitchen. He heads back to the bedroom and gets back into bed. In the kitchen Nick and Judd wonder why they woke them up so early. Judd says they called Aaryn to the diary room already. I wonder if we are doing something. Helen brushes her teeth and then goes back to bed in the havenot room. Howard heads into the photo booth to pray. Aaryn comes back from the diary room and goes back to bed in the HOH bed. Jeremy asks her if she has enough room. She says yeah. He says don’t be scared I don’t bite. Jeremy says this girl is out for the count. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When the feeds come back Jeremy, Kaitlin and Aaryn are getting back out of bed. (Big Brother told them to get up.) Jessie comes up to the HOH room to do her makeup. She says she dreamed that Brendon came into the BB house. Aaryn says if he comes back, I am self-evicting! Kaitlin joins them. Aaryn asks her if she needs to have a shower too? Kaitlin says yes. Aaryn says well we need to hurry then because they said we only have an hour. Aaryn says we can only relax when the nominations are final. I want to win the veto. Kaitlin is still worried that she might go up. Aaryn says that she won’t use the veto if she gets it and neither will Jeremy .. Well unless he is up, then it’s between you all. Kaitlin comments that Jeremy is taking a long time in the shower. She says he is probably jacking off. Aaryn says no way, I hope not. That shower is see through.



CBS Interactive Inc.

8am – 8:20am Aaryn watches the spy camera and narrates what she thinks Elissa is saying to Spencer in the kitchen. Aaryn says this is sketch as fu*k! Kaitlin tells her to open the door and listen to what they’re saying. Aaryn does and then comes back says that they were whispering and then he left. Aaryn comes back and says that was sketchy as fu*k! Aaryn comments that Judd now went up to Elissa in the kitchen. Judd comes up to the HOH. Aaryn asks Judd if Spencer and Elissa are in a sketchy alliance? Judd says I don’t know they were just talking in the bathroom but I couldn’t hear what they were saying. They tell Judd to go down and break up their conversation. Judd heads down and Aaryn, Kaitlin and Jessie see that as soon as Judd goes down Spencer and Elissa stop talking. Kaitlin comment that she doesn’t even know why he is talking to her, he called her a cu*t last week. Aaryn and Kaitlin tell Jeremy what happened. Jeremy tells them not to jump to conclusions that he might have just been asking her who she is going to put up if she has MVP. Aaryn says you’re right. They talk about how they need to trust him still. Kaitlin says that she can’t trust him. Judd comes back up and asks Jeremy if he got MVP. Jeremy says nope, I would have told you if I did.


8:20am – 8:30amIn the bedroom – Judd tells Spencer that they were watching you in the HOH room. Judd tells him to be careful talking in the kitchen. Spencer says yeah I know. Judd says I told them that she was asking me for my vote earlier so that was probably what you were doing too. Judd says I got your back. Amanda asks Judd if Elissa did corner you for your vote. Judd says no, not yet. I just told them that. Judd says that he doesn’t want to change the noms .. its the MVP that scares him. They wonder if the MVP twist will last all the way to the end or if it will end when jury starts. Spencer says there’s no way it will go to the end. Spencer leaves. Judd tells Amanda and McCrae that Spencer has got them really suspicious. McCrae and Spencer talk in the bedroom alone. Spencer says we are going to need to vote to keep Jeremy and it is going to cause conflict. Helen walks by and Spencer asks so they said were picking veto players in an hour or so. Helen says yeah and leaves. McCrae says we can’t trust Howard, Andy, Helen… Lets just go with them because they will keep us safe. Spencer says that he just needs to get to Jeremy so that he knows we are protecting him.


8:40am Aaryn tells Kaitlin that she is feeling what she felt last week. Aaryn says that it will be okay, Jeremy will win HOH next week. Kaitlin says that doesn’t mean that I will still be here.

8:45pm In the downstairs bedroom – McCrae, Jeremy and Spencer are talking. Jeremy says that he is ready to run through a wall. Jeremy says that he “meditated” in the shower so that he has a clear mind. Spencer tells Jeremy that he talked to Elissa and asked her if she had the MVP and she said no. Amanda comes in and tells McCrae to get his a$$ up! McCrae says that he is pretty sure that his pen!s is on the internet now. I got into bed and it was hanging out. Amanda says ewww. keep it in your pants.
CBS Interactive Inc.



Aaryn: ” Can you imagine that Amanda is MVP.. ”
Kaitlin thinks that would be great. Aaryn brings up the possibility that Elissa will put up McCrae because McCrea was talking about BD-ing her earlier.

Aaryn brings up Rachel’s wedding where she was passed out under the bar at the end of her wedding, “Passed out drunk under the bar at her own wedding in her wedding gown”
Kaitlin: “thats hilarious”
Aaryn: “And this b!tch wants to talk to us about looking trashy”
Kaitlin says that Elissa went up to her and told her “I know about you family” Kaitlin points out that serious shit went down in her family and if you Google her last name you can find it.

Feeds are fish BTW as they do the MVP nom adn pick the veto players

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“Jeremy says that he “meditated” in the shower so that he has a clear mind.”

Code for Masturbation??? It can clear the mind too LMFAO


spoiler alert! jeremy has a mind! and there are thoughts up there, too! or maybe his brains are located somewhere else…


Looks like the MC will defend Jeremy, and Elissa will go home if she puts him up. If Elissa was smart she would put up Kaitlin and try to make it look like poor Jessie has the MVP. That would really screw with their minds!


that’s what i think too. nominating nick or jeremy ends elissa’s game. gotta end the showmance and put up kaitlin. I’d rather have a target in the power than a power couple, and i think many people in that house would too.


ill will



BB production: Aaryn, please come to the diary room
Aaryn: Comes in and sit……. what is it?
BB production: I just inform from CBS that you just got expelled from the game.
Aaryn:What did I do?
BB production: Where no condone the racial remarks?
Aaryn: Did Julie Chen was behind this?
BB production: The head of this production is not tolerate any racial remark! Especially his wife, so please come this way,
Aaryn: That a F*cking Bulls**t, I was really joking.


What shame, Aaryn Nation is an evil spirit, but is such a cutiepie….. Waste of Beauty, the ugly inside, should show outside.

“Rachel’s wedding where she was passed out under the bar at the end of her wedding”

Wow, I thought she was lying about this, I googled it, and it was true….. I know Brendon was embarrassed, he’s in for a lifetime of embarrassments from Rachel, and apparently her mom and sister as well, they’re wild too. Hopefully she gets her shit together, and make them a wonderful life.


it’s strange to me this house is still playing like there are two sides, and voting like there are two noms – like one nom is a perpetual pawn. sooner or later, someone will smarten up and figure out how to control the vote by swinging a few votes over to the third nom.

i guess it’s still a little early, though – or maybe i give this house too much credit for brains.


Spencer needs to go…can’t stand that guy. I really hope Candace can expose the MC, it’s just unfortunate that people don’t like or trust her (which to me seems unwarranted)


Any clue as to who Elissa is going to nominate?




As it stands now the MC will not turn on Jeremy but a lot can happened between now and the vote.

Helen, Elissa, Amanda, Andy and Candice might be a big enough threat for the MC to stick together for teh short term.


Googled Kaitlin’s name and found her father is (or was) in prison for selling an investor $168,000 of fictitious stock…FBI Press Release dated April 10, 2010.

yoga stretch

If her father was in prison, he is most likely out now…
Kaitlin told Jeremy she needed to be more discreet (under the covers) because she was worried her “dad might be watching.”


If the MC stays together

Elisaa -> Kaitlin, Spencer, Gina, Nick, Howard, Jessie

Helen ->

Jeremy -> Amanda, Andy, Candice, McCrae (Still with the MC)

Doesn’t matter -> Judd

If they don’t the house is going to be a mad house and it’s anyone’s guess what will happen.


Theres also the possibility that the MC will want to keep Elissa. THis will keep Aaryn’s group busy trying to get her out and Elissa’s group will be busy trying to get JEremy out.

Elisaa -> Kaitlin, Jessie, Gina

Helen ->Spencer, Nick, Howard, McCrae

Jeremy -> Amanda, Andy, Candice,

?? -> Judd


I hate that they’re trying to get rid of elissa for no real reason other than she’s REd sister. I mean, let’s Olay the game and quitbeing so personal. I hope thereas some way to get Jeremy out this week. I’m tired of all his comments and can’t watch anymore tonsil hockey between him and kaitlin.


Another reason they have mentioned is that Elissa keeps winning the MVP and they want to “Free” it up for other players.


yes I guess that is true. But then they should use that to their advantage! It could be huge!


That’s what I was saying Day 1, Elissa has a huge fan base built in, and with the BS of the same person being able to win MVP every week, it guarantees she just might get MVP every week, without having to do anything, but be Rachel’s sister. There’s a few others that deserve to win it too, but because their fan base is tiny/non existent, she will win. She’s not even a inch close to being Most Valuable Player, all this “Make Elissa MVP, because everyone is after her”, just proves the fact that she needs to go. Elissa has an unfair advantage over everyone in that house, which is why she isn’t an underdog, that’s why everyone is after her, to make the game a leveled playing field, as it should be.


The unnecessary personal attacks on her, is just an ignorant bonus for fans to make her MVP, but the other Hgs are actually 100% right for wanting her out, because they want to have a fair shot at winning MVP too. They can’t compete with the millions of Brenchel fans.


I am watching BBAD and I can’t believe “GinaMarie it’s all about ME! ” This girl can talk and every sentence is me or I. Get over yourself girl!!

Join TheFun

They were after Elissa even before she won the first MVP. The excuse was that Elissa was Rachel sister, enough said.

Hey GURL hey

You know what I don’t understand with Aaryn klux klan is the fact that she plays like this Is the last week of big brother. What I mean is after she gets Elissa out, what’s next for her besides the door? 7 people voted out her precious David and she expects all of those people who lied to her
to keep their word and not nom her after this week? She KNOWS America hates her alliance yet before she befriends Elissa she gets the one person who could’ve possibly helped her out….. Aaryn listens to
Jeremy and it will be her downfall because the men are running this game are going to move everyone out just as their alliance is called……


Getting Elissa out benefits everyone else in the game. Right now, Elissa will win MVP every single week. With her gone, it’s up for grabs for ANYONE and we will actually see who’s playing the best game every single week. And put the twist to good use. Not see the same person win it every week.


Hey simon & dawg! I want to say thank you for this site & keeping people like me(no feeds) updated,I have been reading/stalking 😉 for years now…i hope to get the feeds this year but idk,my ac went out last night so…ANYway,THIS Years CAST,OMG! I sorta hope E stays 1 more week & gets out grimy J,i have never wished to be in that house so bad as this year…i would have him blubbering & peeing in a corner some where i swear i would…arayn & gm i would talk them into throwing themselves on a kitchen knife!can’t stand them!…jessie? i would love to flip her lip! what is wrong with that girl?…McLoki & amanda,like him & she needs to calm down,anxious to see what the MC does this week,maybe DR talks em into voting out J…poor trusting Helen &C i like em, maybe they will shake things up before long…spencer needs to get lockjaw a while…howard, is he still there…nick is too secret squirrel but i like him & andy really gets on my nerves… i think thats it, oh Katlin,still peeing blood? ewww!


LMAO@ secret squirrel


Dear Aaryn & GinaMarie,
I behalf of GLAAD, Rainbow coalition, Asian American & people all around the world: Why you hate us? You discriminate every race and sexual orientation and still you continue to hate us. You two continue to discriminate every color and even giving a racial remarks of beloved president of the United States and president from all over the world. That is not acceptable.
America & all over the world


She a golden goose give you one nomination each week. Why kill the goose?


I don’t understand why the MC would want to vote Elissa off this early. She’s a golden goose, if the MC can control her, then you can at least control one nomination each week. Once you get to jury, then you can vote her out. Way to early to kill the golden goose.

Join TheFun

MC has to vote out Elissa this week. The girls are suspicious of to many of the MC players. They have to get Elissa out to make it seem that there is no all boy’s alliance. Hence, Elissa goes home. They got away with it last week and split the vote for David. Candice counted the votes last week and figured it was the boys. They have to protect themselves.