Amanda gives Jessie some Pointers “If it feels flirtatious DON’T do it..”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


Spencer, McCrae and Andy go to the exact spot where Willie fought crazy powerhouse Joe


11:20pm Cam 1-2 Aaryn, Jessie and Amanda

Amanda is calling Jessie out for trying to steal all the other guys away and flirting with MCCrae. Amanda wants Jessie to stop. Jessie says that she’s not trying to do that. Jessie says that she’s all alone in the house everyone has a “person”. Amanda doesn’t believe her say she’s going about it all wrong.

Amanda: “You can have a friendship in this house and not a romance”
Jessie: “I’m not trying to have a romance”

Jessie is saying that Amanda is making her look like shit and she’s fine with how she’s been acting.
Amanda: “you’re proud of the things you said”
Jessie: “Ya”
Amanda: ‘Umm ok”
Amanda says she talking to Jessie makes her feel like she’s having a Elissa conversation, “It makes no sense”
Jessie: ‘Well thats another insult I have to take”
Amanda: “You know what a grown a$$ woman would do .. I’m sorry Amanda I can see how it would have come across that way it won’t happen again”
Amanda: “Lets all just be adults.. here”
Jessie: “I’m 25”
Amanda: “I’m 28”
Jessie: “Amanda.. I’m sorry I stepped on your toes”
Amanda: ‘Thank you”
Jessie: “moving forward I will respect you”
Amanda: ‘Thank you”
Jessie: “Give you and Mcree.. space”
Amanda: “If it feels flirtatious DON’T do it.. cause now i’m hyper aware”


11:34pm Bedroom Cam 3-4 Kaitlin and Gina

Gina is telling Kaitlin that Nick is smart and a good player they need him on their side. Kaitlin: “Ya totally”. Gina says that she told NIck to start talking to people tell them about his school and more about his life.

Gina: “We do F**** need him.. because we we have is so f***** legit”
Kaitlin totally agrees, “Elissa might put up Amanda”
Gina: “Ohh because she’s weak”

Kaitlin: “I still think he voted David out though.. “ (Nick)
Nick gets called in the Diary Room by production
Kaitlin: “Why does he get called into the Diary room so much”



12:20am cam 1-2 Amanda, McCrae and Elissa
Amanda asks about her pajamas. Elissa says they are on NAtional TV and in this house with all these guys so she wants to look respectable.
Amanda understands that Elissa is married and a “Mommy”, “Me i’m N!pples”
MC: “N!pples Everywhere”
Amanda: “N!pples”
Amanda asks Elissa if she will tell her if she gets MVP
Elissa: “Uhh ya”
Amanda: ‘Swear to God”
Elissa: “Umm ya.. you guys know I would do what is planned anyways”
Elissa: “I’m the big Wavemaker.. I can get much more Rapid”
McCrea starts to laugh, tells her she going to “Kill it” in the POV

Elissa sits down.. “I gotta win something.. It’s not fair that she gets to take Adderal“
Amanda: “I take Adderall”
Feeds cut instantly
Elissa is worried that Power of Veto Competition will be a puzzle.
Amanda is telling her to do the right thing if she gets the MVP because they put their necks out for her last week to save her.
Elissa: “I hope whoever plays throws it” (POV)
Elissa is super worried about it being a puzzle, she’s confident that she has a good chance if it’s phsycial.
Elissa: “I don’t usually lose stuff.. but I usually don’t do stuff that I’m not good at.. you know”
Amanda: “I think we’ve talked enough..” (People will get suspicious)


12:26AM Bedroom Andy, McCrae and Amanda

Amanda says she really wants Elissa to win the veto. Andy asks them if putting up Jeremy is the right idea. McCrae nods, Amanda says yes.
Andy mentions that Jeremy isn’t as big of a beast as everyone says he didn’t win the first comps and he just beat Andy ion the last HOH. Andy: ‘Either way it’s golden If Helen wins Candace goes up so we’re going to have a easy week”

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s super easy to use click this link for a free trial —> Big Brother Live Feeds Take it from someone that has watched a lot of feeds CBS has done a fantastic job HUGE improvement over last year

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Amanda’s batshit cray

production rigged it

I couldn’t agree more, just think how she will react when she gets put on the block, the ratings will go through the roof.


too much adderol like Aaryn and Kaitlyn?


& I think Amamda looks older than 28!!!!

realgirlfriendsof thebb15house

u go Amanda teach the tramp how to stay away from other girls guys…


u go girls teach amanda how to stay faithful to her boyfriend


^^^^^ I read the above with SARCASM 🙂 and laughed for it..maybe the down arrow votes must have taken you seriously ^^^^^^
Can’t wait to see if Bitchy has any comments on this side of’s just so vapid. I know they are stuck in a bubble and everything is heightened in captivity but this convo was just more ridiculous than expected. Amanda’s stock continues to go down..while her bf and his mother at home watch the feeds. ::eye roll::


I think Amanda and Helens game are way overrated. Amanda is not smart and playing mcrae shes obsessed mcrae told her flirt with howard he wants you we have a game to play and shes all upset he isn’t jealous and then yells at Jessie about flirting with a guy when she has a boyfriend at home anyway. Allison from season 4 was a good player that flirted and played with the guys emotion to get far and I think she should of beat jun Amanda is not that good. Also Helen Candace keeps talking about spencer and there being a guy alliance and for some reason Helen trusts spencer so much and is letting him brainwash her most of these women are being controlled by the men.

production rigged it

I’m in total agreement, Amanda is more worried about her pizza delivery boy than half a million dollars. Her going at Jessie is just stupid on her part, she has more important things to worry about. Helen may be the dumbest person in the house (along with Andy) because they both have total blind faith for some reason in Spencer even though Candice told her about Spencer yet she still believes him. Guess she will realize how stupid she was when she gets evicted in a couple weeks or so. On another note i think Candace is the smartest person in the house because she figured out the guys alliance, but everybody is just too stupid and not smart enough to believe her. Maybe after a couple more of them get picked off it will finally sink in but will probably be too late by then though.


i agree… Helen is being stupid. Do you watch Candice’s face on the feeds? She is in such deep thought all the time and she watches all the time. Once she gets the real read on Spence she’ll have it all figured out. Unfortunately, the only one she gets to talk game with is Helen and Helen is low key trying to play her because she has no influence on the house. I’ll be sad at the fact that Candice is gone this week (we know its going to happen) The rest of the girls will be excused one by one unless Judd comes to the realization that something is going on. Damn Candice, your social game just isn’t strong enough.


i wouldnt call half these girls women….


Agreed! It’s nauseating watching the one set of girls run the Jeremy and the other set run to Spencer for everything! They seem to require approval? I just hope Helen is calculating and this is partof her plan to stay in the game and kiss Sencers ass so he feels macho and leaves her alone until she finds her moment and cuts his head off. He makes me sick! I can’t even stand to look at Spencer &Jeremy!

All this about smoking pot (which is fine by me IRL) but… As far as jobs go..I would think it pretty serious that a conductor is a pot head. Certain jobs like conductor and air traffic controller should be 100% drug free..just saying’ .. You want to indulge Spencer then you should have a different career. I’d be surprised with all the other press about the HG comments and the other firings, if he has not been put on review at the yard. The NTSB does take that stuff lightly and it shows he is not the smart guy he likes to show off to be…he is showing his ass by trying to talk so cool..he really is just a sexist looser.


OMG….I found this “Mean Girls” photo mashup on the BB Facebook page. I could not stop laughing! I had to share. Hope the person who created it doesn’t mind. Hopefully the link directs correctly.


Andy is such a fuckin floater , fake and talks so much shit..

Suzy Sunshyne

Never in McCrae wildest dreams did he think he would even get a date with one of these girls, now they are fighting over him. Now that is a come up!! Delivery boy to stud in BB house…lol. By the way is McCrae really willing to vote out that super douche Jeremy. I think after hearing of all his sexplotations I will call him Germy. Because God only knows what diseases he has!


i agree with aMANda when she said between the two of them that Jess had the better ass


Amanda is cray cray. She is freaking jelly. Seems like she will kill if anyone talks to Mcrae


Who can possibly like Jeremy? Man or woman or animal? He’s an a$$!


Wow – talk about a cast fit for a recipe for COMBUSTION!.

I'm Tall

these women on here this season are pitiful with a capitol P! I hope future female contestants are watching this ish and looking at how not to play the game. you can’t come in a house and claim men you have never met and cat fight over d*ck you’re not getting. their mindset is so delusional and pathetic. GM, Aaryn, KKKaitlyn and Cray Cray Amanda are all crazy!


I’M TALL – you mean, GM, Aaryon-Nation, KKKaitlyn and Cray Cray Amanda!!! Hahahaha


Amanda you have a boyfriend! Did you forget? your stupid just because your in a house for three months and there’s guys doesn’t mean you have to sleep with them and forget you have a boyfriend after a week of being in the house. Like seriously who does that? so how can you get mad that Jessie flirts with MC once again I say it you have a boyfriend. None of them are in a committed relationship so Jessie does have a right to flirt if she wants. But Jessie is annoying and a attention seeker she really needs to get over herself.


to be fair, amanda said she has only started dating her bf recently (less than 3 months ago) and that it sounds like he’s a super materialistic douche who goes on tons of vacations and may possibly be cheating on her. i think mccrae has made her realize she doesn’t actually want to be with him.


The women in this game need to be stronger and stop listening to these guys. Like I don’t get it that’s what the guys want. GM looks so desperate it’s sad lol sike no it’s not she’s stupid like the rest of them.


Try to comment again – for some reason my comments aren’t being published! 🙁

First – by far the BEST big brother site! Simon is HILARIOUS! Great job!

Jeremy and Kaitlin are like a parody of white trash. Arryn is too dumb to know that she is ignorant as f&ck! Jessie gets on my last nerve. What is with her “I am so beautiful” crap? She reminds me of Danielle from last season

For some strange reason I actually like the Amanda/McRae showmance-what an unexpected couple! Amanda reminds me of a drag queen friend of mine. Nit that there is anything wrong with that – I adore my drag queen friend!

I think Spencer, Andy, Judd and Candice are okay – kind of boring. I feel sorry for Rachel #2. she is like the bullied kid in high school.

My gaydar goes into overtime every time I hear or see nick. Again, nothing wrong with that (I get the feeling my opinion of nick being in the closet is why my comments aren’t being posted?!?!). He just WREAKS of closet case to me – and how can Gina (the PLAYBOY MODEL) find him physically attractive when he seems soooo gay? I bet he isn’t even a top! LOL…. nick also seems to me to be trying so hard to be dr. Will…. Unsuccessfully I might add.

I would love to see nick or Jeremy go home and the end of the mc this week….

Good season so far! Sorry Simon/dawg if I’m saying something in my posts that offends you that you don’t post them! 🙁


I have felt the same thing about Nick. I wondered if anyone else did.

Dr. Jesse

I lost track and cannot seem to back up so who is in the Moving Company and are they still rock solid? Is Mcfifi the rubber link?


Isnt Amanda the one with a boyfriend on the outside of BB house? And she is giving a lecture on how things look? hypocrite


why should amanda care who jessie flirts with?? doesnt she have a man outside the house? yet another woman going down the whore road of life.


Am I the only one who noticed that McCrae is not really into Amanda? She’s the one being crazy jealous for McCrae when he doesn’t give a singl f about her.


Do they really have the numbers to get out Jer?


All depends on members of moving company…….


Is Nick really being called into the diary room much more than the others?


If these girls had even half a brain between them, they could probably dominate the game and start taking out the guys. All they are worried about are showmances. What a waste!

And why are these feeds mostly focused on Aryan and her bimbos ( I’m including Jeremy in there too)? Do any of these other people even talk! If I hadn’t seen that picture of Howard, I would begin to wonder if he was even still there. You never see the Moving Company talking to each other. How does anyone know if Jeremy is really still in that alliance or if it still evens exists.

Come on people stop with all the horny high school stuff and play the freakin game! SHEESH!


I should add that of all the women, Helen is probably has the most potential. She just has to stop running to Spencer to tell her what to do!

Killer K

Am I the only one who’s had ENOUGH of this Elissa thing? She won MVP again this week? For WHAT? Her game play SUCKS! What has she done to deserve that? What’s her big game strategy? Hoping for MVP? Oh wait…..she tried getting McCrae to keep her safe for telling him she was MVP last week….that’s best game? NOT! I was hoping this MVP thing would work….but it’s obvious it’s just productions way of always being in the game no matter what….Do I like Jeremy, Kaitlyn, Gina Marie? HELL no…..but you can’t blame them for wanting to get her out, I would too! Last thing…..I do NOT believe for one second Rachel is just SOOO popular that’ her sister wins the votes every week……nobody I know even liked Rachel the 2 times she’s been on….ENOUGH with this….I mean seriously? Rachel? Could they not pick one of the greats in this game and favor their family instead? Don’t fall for the BB15 brainwashing…ELISSA SUCKS! Evict Elissa now and lets get this game back on track!


Lol seriously these girls are arguing over McCrae?
I doubt they would even give him a second look in real life.


Is Nick going to the diary room as much as other house guests think he is? If so does anyone know if he has a twin because he could be another twist that BB has not used in some time


I really hope Elissa wins MVP, because i really don’t trust that she’ll stay if she doesn’t. I think the MC will protect Jeremy if he’s up unfortunately.


I meant Veto. She already got MVP. lol


Does anyone else agree that Production is majorly messing with Nick’s game by calling him to the diary room so often!!


I do. I am hoping he is part of a twist and that is why he is in DR so much