Big Brother Spoilers “Triangle of Thrust”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


11:45pm Cam 3-4 Jessie, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Gina, Judd, Aaryn

Jessie has heard that her loyalty is always being questions with them and she’s had enough. She’s hear through the grapevine that Kaitlin was bothered by her and Candice singing shady f*** in the bathroom. Kaitlin says she’s cool now she didn’t know candice was singing that with everyone.

Gina asks her who said that she had a showmance with Judd.. Jessie explains what happened with Elissa during the party.
Jessie: “elissa gave me one of her infamous looks when me and Judd were dancing”
So she went up to her and said “I know what you are doing you are going to say Judd and I are in a showmance just like you go around with the other showmances.. don’t do that” Elissa told her whatever and walked away
Aaryn asks what did she say to McCrae.
Jessie: “I told him if Amanda is the one that ended up voting David
Kaitlin and aaryn say that is not how the story was relayed to them.
Jessie: ‘Look I’m, sorry..My approach is not good.. I’m sorry”
Aaryn: “No Jess i’m not mad at you”
Kaitlin: “No jess just calm down”

Jeremy brings up that last night someone came up to him in the HOH and said that Jessie told them that they were going to nominating them.
Jessie swears she does not give other people information.
Jessie: “I want to reach a level of trust with you guys.. I want to be good with you all.. I want you to know I have your back and i’m not a shady F***” Jessie swears that she’s never talked crap about any of them.

Gina brings up how they all agree Elissa is a nice person they just don’t get her personality like when she says something they think is nasty she’s not really meaning to me nasty.
Jessie adds that once you get to know Elissa shes a “Normal Person” she doesn’t hate Elissa anymore but she will vote Elissa out there’s no question in that. Jessie wants the MVP to be freed up.
Aaryn: “You just finished telling me Elissa is a nice person when she’s my target why would I want to tell you any plans at that point./. She’s lied to me three times JEss”
Jess: “Personal and Game are separate Aaryn.. you can be nice to somebody”
Jeremy: “Elissa has personally attacked every single person in this room including you”

They bring up Jessie being seen with Elissa today aaryn called it “Kisses her A$$ in the hot tub”
Jessie: “Just because i’m nice to her and giving her a second chance doesn’t mean i’m not part of the team”
Aaryn asks if she’s the target why is she giving her a second chance
Jessie says she doesn’t like Elissa she will vote her out, “No matter what”
Jessie says she’s playing the game by herself.. she’s sensitive person this game is becoming not fun for her anymore. Jessie admits to having a problem with “Delivery” and it’s something she’s working on.
Jeremy says that the game is all about paranoia they need to chill
Jessie: “I just needed to clear the air with these peeps”

Judd says he’s going to get a cigarette Jessie follows. Before she leaves she gives Kaitlin, Gina and Aryan a hug. (Kaitlin also got a kiss)


Candace, Gina, KAitlin and Aaryn

Aaryn is saying that girls never make it to the end because they are fighting each other. Just once Aaryn wants to see girls make it to the end. She points out that guys never fight, “They work completely differently”
Aaryn says she can’t wait to see David on Finale they wonder if David is watching the feeds. They start talking about the possibility that David will come back (Zero chance)



12:53am HOH Aaryn, Kaitlin and Jeremy
Jeremy tell them that they still cannot trust Jessie he still thinks it should be them three as the inner circle.
Jeremy: “You are the only two people I talk about real game.. When there are people up here I throw shit up”
Triangle of Thrust.. haha Triangle of trust
Kaitlin: ‘We’ll we are rnning a whore house.. her explanation to me didn’t even make sense” (the whore house comment LINK)
Jeremy: “She has no brain.. it’s yolk”
Aaryn: “We talk too much.. we have to throw up more sh1t to confuse people”
Kaitlin is worried that she’s going up when Elissa wins MVP
They agree that Gina is too loud to talk game to. Kaitlin and Aaryn say that Nick is a “Shady F****”
Jeremy leaves


1:00AM Lounge Nick and Gina
Nick is running through scenarios. Nick says what is Elissa stays this week and wins next HOH and she puts up Gina and Aaryn. What if Nick wins MVP he’ll put up Jess and people will vote out Jess no Aaryn. Nick thinks it’s good for them to keep around a player that everyone would vote out.
Jeremy joins them

Gina says they’ve been talking things over and her and Nick thinks Elissa should straight up. They don’t want to BackDoor er.
Jeremy:’DUH.. fuck backD**ring that b***h.. we’re putting up Helen and Elissa”
Jeremy: “the only way she will stay is if she wins power of veto and if she wins the power of veto i’m going to flip out”
Nick: “It’s a 1 in 15 chance she’ll win.. no 1 in 6″
Gina: ‘I’m ready to rumble in the jungle”
JEremy tells gina she should cut her finger off, “ya f**k that finger.. cut that b!tch off”. (In case you didn’t know Gina’s finger is buggered)
Gina says NIck will tape it up for her
JEremy: “I’ll tape that sh!t up I use to box”
Gina goes on about JEssie being sketchy.. Nick explains again the reason to keep Jessie in the game fr awhile.


1:42am Random chit chat and pool

Aryn and Spencer both own guns. Aaryn comments on how good of a shot she is. Spencer says he loves his Smith & Wesson Tactical

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Aaryn: “You just finished telling me Elissa is a nice person when she’s my target why would I want to tell you any plans at that point./. She’s lied to me three times JEss”
Jess: “Personal and Game are separate Aaryn.. you can be nice to somebody”
Jeremy: “Elissa has personally attacked every single person in this room including you”

And this crap right here is why Aaryn will NOT make it far in the damn game. She plays the game personally, and needs to grow up. People should be able to interact with whomever they want, without being give shit afterwards. Aaryn, GinaMarie, Kaitlyn, and Jeremy are the kind of players that only want to converse with someone when it is convenient (convenient as in somebody being HOH). If you aren’t useful to them, then they could give a shit.


AGREE, AND Aaryn has it figured out that these women need to come together to get to the end but then she does not follow through with her gut instinct. Why would they not want Jess to stay friends with them and then when the time comes she could relay information, but she takes everything to personal as do all these women. They need to take a page out of the guy’s playbook and just come together and not take it personal. These have to be some of the dumbest women I have ever seen.


Jeremy looks like a dim witted Dracula with his his combed back, but something tells me he is dim witted regardless how his hair is combed


his hair*


He is!!! Ughhhhh JEREMY is the WORST!!!


He looks like Richard Ramirez.


Why don’t they just give those two a sex room so they could go screw already. I think her ass has a permanent handmark from Jeremy, he squeezed it so much over last week. Can’t believe her dad has to watch that shit. That bimbo literally has no class.


Hey Jeremy is that your me and aaryn cheated in the HOH competition douchbag fedora hat??? . Because your acting all high and mighty there, oh wait you acted that way before Aaryn got the HoH. This time it just came with a fedora.

Just curious.


I like how all of them are after ellisa. It doesn’t matter what they try to do, but ellisa has the power of cbs and the viewers. Cbs will make a veto competition that is favorable towards ellisa. They can try what they want, but I feel 90% sure that ellisa will make it to the jury one way or the other.


Agree Elissa will make it to jury because they will rig it for her to make it. I did not think she should be a target just for being Rachel’s sister, but CBS rigging stuff for her is wrong too! Let her win or fail on her own without CBS manipulating the strings!

Biff Tannen

I’m definitely not defending Aaryn (I do think all the racism stuff is played out, but it doesn’t excuse her), but she has a pretty good head on her shoulders as far as gameplay goes. She sees the big picture particularly well.

I still think Nick is the prohibitive favorite, but she’s up there and Howard is still my sleeper.


are you getting… racism stuff is played out …. wow … I thought you were smarter then that Biff .. guess NOT ..


just bc she watched past seasons and knows how the game is played, doesn’t mean she herself knows how to play….the fact that ginamarie and jessie have to tell her to play nice with others as she is adding them to her bitch-out list #verysad


I love how you accidentally said Aryan instead of Aaryn somewhere there… or was that on purpose? lol


The racist pigs are at it AGAIN:
@2:30am Aaryn & Ginamarie said when Helen evicts someone, she’ll say ‘no happy ending for you’ (in thick Asian accent) and then she’ll do their nails.
Then they cackle together so pleased with themselves.
I want to see them punished.


No offense to pigs. 🙂


Wow, they can’t help themselves…Evel Dick was right , they probably say much WORSE outside of the house !


Are you guys kidding me? Aaryn is more like a little kid. She really needs to grow up and start act like an adult.


She is a kid!! At 22 your entire thought process is not yet formed and she is just trying to stay in good with what she perceives to be the “cool” kids. She is just young and stupid!! She has the right thought that the women need to stop fighting and come together, but she cannot take that thought and run with it because she is afraid she will be out of the “cool” kid club.


TBH I really dont care for alot of these HG, hope Jeremy goes this week. Telling Nick that he doesn’t trust Howard n Spencer hopefully will seal his cocky faith. Catty girls belong on bad girls club not BB. 9 x 3= 20 something, trust me Aaryn doesn’t see the bigger picture.


Would love love love to see that douchbag Jeremy go home this coming week……Kaitlyn’s showmance with him makes my skin crawl……watch out for STD’s girlfriend ! Aryan will probably go down as one of the most hated BB houseguests ever…but in her own delusional mind, thinks she will be touted as the next Janelle, lol ! Spencer is gross..used to like him but after his comment on ” effing ” girls right and left…blech those visuals make my head hurt…….really don’t care for Elissa, but the outright vitriol spewed at her makes me want to vote her as MVP…….agree that Nick & Howard are cool cucumbers but the ” gestapo” is on to Nick, if Elissa goes , he could very well be a huge target unless he does a “Dan” and is able to schmooze people …………Howard is like the sleeping giant in this game IMO


Nick is no Dan!!


i dont fucking get why they hate Elissa so much coz she fucking rachel’s sister come on. I can’t wait for aaryn to go home.


A lot of the hate for Elissa from Aaryn might be a little jealousy!?! Elissa is a little hotty and maybe Aaryn doesn’t like the competition! Mean girls are usually like that! If I’m not mistaken, Aaryn hated Elissa before she even knew she was Rachels sister.
I can’t stand Rachel with all her crying and pushy bitchiness, but if Elissa is like her, maybe she learned off Rachel and won’t act like that during this game. She might be just like her and is smart enough to hide it so she doesn’t make waves in the house. If she’s that smart, I’m team Elissa all the way! Aaryn can go to hell!


This housemates are ridiculous! I can’t even get a good read on Elissa to decide if she’s a good player or not but I vote for her to get mvp because of all the attacks towards her! and all because she’s Rachel’s sister! Omg, when Aaryn and co leave the house and watch how they played the game, I bet they will be soo pissed at themselves!


Lol I totally agree with you on Elissa but I think Aaryn and her little crew are legends I’m their OWN minds they will most likely watch this season and Comment on how perfect they were. I love how they think evicting Elissa is going to free up the MVP like one of them is going to get it. LOL


Elissa, Nick, Howard, Candace, Helen and Andy… No more, no less! That’d be an ideal alliance! …. They need to get rid of this bieber alliance and then finally start playing the game we all know and love!


Aaryn is not only racist also a bully. CBS should removed her with the other bullies and racist inmthe house.


uuhhhhh does aaryn know she is playing a game in the big brother house and not at the lunch table in a high school cafeteria?? wtf is wrong with her


Typo error removed racist and bullies in the house. ( Aaryn, Jeremy and GinaMarie ).

Angela m

I agree. I’m not really a jess fan, I haven’t been since I saw her on the first episode when she was talking about how pretty she was and how she was prettier than anyone else n the house…(that so annoys me, u can b pretty without bragging ur self up) I honestly think she’s young and insecure and deep down she wanted to prove to ppl back home that she is desirable…. Which is y she longs for a showmance so badly. But I think A and K r “mean girls” and both of them could b so much more beautiful if not for their attitudes and mean comments. B4 the show started I thought A and K where so adorable and beautiful but seeing how they act now, is such a turn off. I am glad that A and Gigi got what they deserved for making all the racial slurs. I agree that everyone has a freedom of s peach but being just plan mean is so wrong. J and S r no better. This year I don’t really have anyone I’m rooting for. Hopefully that changes but all the ppl I’ve mentioned I’m only rooting for them to go home to the fate that awaits them. I hope none of them even making it to jury.


I have never seen so many little girls acting so nasty minded, are they really teeny boppers, and that guy that we tattoo boy,really needs to hit the road,besides that he,s the 1 whos acting like a whore.