The Moving Companies Shotgun Riders McCrae “Amanda will vote with me 100%”

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP)
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


3:45pm Gina and Nick Cam 3-4

Gina saying she has confirmation that Amanda and McCrae have hooked up .
Gina leaves
Nick: “Just gotta let the dust settle.. we already know the numbers”
N: “Good for one more week.. next week bye bye Amanda. .after that Helen, Aaryn.. after that it’s going to have to be the moving companies shotgun riders .. maybe we will take out Judd or Andy”
Nick looks at the camera “I gotta do my least favorite thing play fake with a bunch of 20 year olds. “
(He makes a gun shape with his hand and shoots himself in the head)

4:03pm Backyard Most people sitting around the pool

Elissa telling them that she took a family member that was 14 years old to see the movie spring breakers and they left after a short while because it was appropriate. Spencer: “Why the hell did you take a 14 year old to that movie”
Elissa claims that in Canada there is no rated R movies only PG13
Spencer talking about the Kumite. Just random chit chat houseguests enjoying the sun..

4:27pm Kitchen Aaryn talking about student things people would say in school, “Don’t eat tomatoes they make your v****na smell”


4:29pm Aaryn and Kaitlin

Aaryn and KAitlin talking about Elissa being the most immature person in the house, “She’s so high school”
Kaitlin: “She’s been on Judds nuts all day”
k: “She was telling me that she’s been miserable
A: “Well good.. go home.. we don’t want you here”
K says Elissa doesn’t do anything all day except for Yoga and take care of her son.
Aaryn: “She’s basically just a yoga wife.. “
K: “She was like Kaitlin what do you do for fun.. I’m like party”
A: “She told me they travels every single weekend.. “
Kaitlin is screaming in pain in the bathroom apparently her bladder infection hasn’t gone away.
Kaitlin: “do you think the ceremony is today”
A: “It should be”

Kaitlin and Aaryn both think that David deserves to be in the house more than Elissa. Aaryn says she know hate is a strong word but she hates Elissa. Kaitlin is getting a bit worried about going up. Aaryn says that Nick is going up so just relax.


4:43pm Storage room Amanda and Elissa

Amanda saying she cannot talk to Spencer anymore he’ cannot be trusted. Their big plan is to tell spencer they will keep him safe from MVP if he votes out NIck. They agree that Nick, Jeremy and Spencer are working together.
Amanda about Spencer “Don’t talk to him he’s the devil” Amanda says she wants Elissa to stay and the one person that will prevent that is Spencer.
Amanda wants her to put up Nick. Elissa says she plans to. They think Spencer is dumb for teaming up with Jeremy and Nick.


4:44pm Cockpit Jeremy, Spencer and McCrae

Mc telling them that Amanda will do whatever he says. There is no need to worry. They agree the plan is still to vote Elissa out. Spencer says that McCrea needs to get louder about getting id of Elissa. McCrea doesn’t know what angle he should use to make the push for Elissa
Jer: ‘Everyone should be on it but Andy isn’t”
Jeremy: “Even if Candice and Andy don’t vote we still got it”

Spencer says the reason they are keeping Elissa is this week Nick goes home next week Jeremy goes home. Spencer: “from our side it’s a very good strategy.. but she’s going home bro”

Jeremy: “you know who deserves to be here Moving company”

MC asks them if the plan is still to take out Candace next week. Jeremy says yes. Mc is worried they want to take Amanda out because he’s been hearing people are targeting him and her. They tell him Candace is their target next week then Andy or Helen.

Spencer mentions how Andy is going around telling everyone if they vote out Elissa America will hate them
McCrea: “Andy is the worst strategic player ever.. he’s terrible”.
Spencer points out when Elissa leaves Andy will join Mc and him.
McCrea: “Amanda will vote with me 100%”
Spencer tells Mccrea that he should go up to Amanda tell her they need one more person they can trust 100% and Pull Spencer in.
MC: “OK”

Spencer: “She spits enough venom bro she can say one thing to a person and it goes viral”

Spencer says he can use howard instead but either way they have to make Amanda now they are stronger than Helen.
Spencer: “For the moving company the best thing is for Elissa to go.. we need that MVP freed up”
Jeremy: “I’ll put up Candace and Andy or Helen if I win HOH”
Spencer brings up that Helen is a bad strategist she was telling him that Nick is Dan ‘s cousin and using that as a reason to vote him out.
MC agrees that helen is shitty at strategy and she wears her heart on her sleeve..
Mc “I’ll throw her under the buss when I have to but you guys have to trust that I have Amanda”
Spencer: “Drops that Andy might be better gone before Candace”


MC: “when this vote comes out you guys will see tha tshe voted with me.. ”
MC: ‘I’m here for me”
Spencer says a lot of people are suspecting something is up with Candace and they don’e trust her. Spencer says the thought has crossed his mind about putting Amanda up to realign MCrea .

Jeremy: “Moving company 100%”
Spencer: “Absolutely”
Jer: “This whole keep Elissa thing has be nervous”
MC: ‘Just like you game the vote to the movie company last week i’ll do it this week”
Jer: “That will show me that we are all in it together”

Spencer says that the four of them are going to be stronger than Helen, Andy, Cadnace and Judd “Those mother fu*** have to goooo”

MCrea is saying that his goal is to get Andy to vote out Elissa.

Andy comes in. Spencer says: We were talking about you.. walking about your Gay a$$ wardrobe. ”

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s super easy to use click this link for a free trial —> Big Brother Live Feeds The CBS feeds are a HUGE improvement over the super pass feeds and they are 30% cheaper with no subscription to cancel. You pay a flat fee for the season.


Jermey is saying that Elissa is going home. Kaitlin brings up that Aaryn is making her nervous she keeps saying how Elissa might stay. Jeremy tells her not to worry.

(There was two conversations I missed Andy telling Howard to keep Elissa and Helen campaigning to Aaryn to keep Elissa)



5:45pm CAm 1-2 HOH JEremy, KAitlin and Aaryn Jeremy asking them if everything is cool with the “triangle of Thrust” they all are cool. As Jer leaves he jokingly says bye to Aaryn and Jessie.. this pisses kaitlin off.. jeremy comes back in says he was joking.. She wants him to stop calling her JEssie


6:00pm Hammock Spencer and Kaitlin

They are talking about Elissa and her lies. Kaitlin says that Elissa’s husband lives in and she’s trying to move there but paper work needs to be done.
Spencer says the Canadian government is probably delaying cause they don’t want her a$$ in the country, “Sorry miss slater we lost your paperwork EH “
Kaitlin brings up when Ellissa denied having breast implants then when Kaitlin mentioned how she told her the first week Elissa just ignored her.
Spencer: “She’s a pieces of shit she’s a moron”
KAitlin wonders if Elissa lies to her husband.
Spencer: “He’s the one making the big bucks she doesn’t want to ruin her princess life.. Fake b!tch “
Spencer: “as A man i’m attracted to hot chick obviously”. feeds cut.
when the feeds come back..
Spencer says there is a mentally challenged child down the street that does his yard work.. he does a great job and he loves it. He’s 50 something..
Kaitlin walks away.. Spencer says to the camera “Why don’t y’all zoom in on that a$$ that I would like to f*** beat up” (Ohh sh!t spence is getting horny)

there’s going to be a bandanna ball tournament coming up tonight



Bunch of the house guests outside random chit chat.. They sometimes get Judd to say “Northerners speak” and Andy to say “Southerners Speak” . Judd also does a Australian and english accent without mumbles.

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The just aired Aaryn’s comments omg LOL. I love this


I am SOOOOO glad they aired Aaryn’s racists/horrible comments!!!!!! Now everyone can see what kind of person she really is! There’s no way America can like her after that! & yes Amamda- her comments will (& have already, she just doesnt know it yet!) affect her outside of the big brother house!!!!!!


Now if they would only do the same with Spencer. He’s called every female in the house a C*** and ho. A bigot is a bigot.

Poon Hammer

Name calling doesn’t make him a bigot my friend. Look up the term so you can use it properly.

Suzy Sunshyne

No but it is misogyny. That is just as bad!


Referring to Andy as “Kermit the F*g” doesn’t make him a bigot?


I know right, Aaryn is probably most hated houseguest ever. She is not really a America sweetheart, no no no. She is not very a good role model.


MANda has also been a bully and said racist comments…and cheated on her boyfriend on national tv


Wow, they aired Aaryn’s but CBS does not air the disgusting things that Spencer said or GM or Jeremy’s or Amanda’s or McCrae’s or Elissa’s or when Howard swore on his religion or when Helen used the Lord’s name in vein last night on BBAD. Hum seems as if CBS once again is playing favorites. If CBS is going to air one air them all and stop playing favorites!!!


cbs having amanda talking about racism? wtf? she has also been racist! mccrae called her out on it


Did anyone else notice that all the have-nots, beside Elissa, are the people Aaryn has made racial, or biggot, slurrs about.


She’s a waste of flesh.


Yeah too bad they haven’t aired Spencer’s racist lewd comments. The guy is a PIG. Sorry but I don’t believe Aaryn or Spencer have a right to be in the house still. They should have been gone by production. For CBS to say they don’t condone the house guests behavior is a bunch of crap. You condone it when you let them compete for 500K. I can honestly say as a BB Fan this is the worst season ever if those 2 arent gone.

BRing back the glass box

I cannot believe CBS aired it’s dirty laundry!! One small step for man…. One giant leap for our faith in you CBS!!!!!


well, cbs’ redemption is one third complete, they let gm and spencer slide on their comments. especially spencer – he is constantly taking jabs at andy. i may not be meant to hurt andy, and andy might not say he minds, but it’s not right. not at all.

Chilltown Fan

Glorious edit by CBS tonight, they finally addressed the racist comments. Aaryn got the total witch edit she deserves. Howard was giving his thoughts about Aaryn’s racism in the DR, and saying that he might loose his temper if it keeps up, but that’s a big no-no in the game. Btw Elissa looks smokin’ hot in those pics.


Andy’s comment about wanting to see baby photos of the Devil was hilarious

Chilltown Fan

That was hilarious. They also showed previews for the next episode, and all of them are saying Aaryn is crazy, and “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”. Sounds like CBS are stepping it up with giving Aaryn the edit from hell haha.


They should have at least 20 minutes of material leading up to the Power of Veto competition showing what a few of them have said (not including more DR commentary)


Andy is being super fake as usual to fish for mvp votes from the viewing audience

whether people like or hate Jeremy i thought he was pretty funny in the diary room post hoh comp

Big Sister

I haven’t commented so far this season, but I have been thoroughly disgusted at the comments made by Aaryn, Spencer and Gina Marie. Howard needs to speak up when he hears these derogatory comments. He doesn’t need to “blow up” to get the point across that what they are saying is unacceptable and not funny. From what I have observed, he could definitely pull off a dignified and disappointed rebuke to let them know how they are sounding. And then simply turn his back and walk away. Trust me, the silence would be deafening. (That would probably bring a bout of tears and “I’m not a racist/homophobe.” responses from them, but it would be so gratifying to see them have to hear the cold hard truth from him.)

Dawn Boone

Thank goodness CBS showed the world the true colors of the bigots in the household! Wonder who will lose their job next? How proud are their families now? Karma is a bitch! !!


There is no way Amanda will do whatever McCrae says, she looks like she’s her own woman and will strategize well if she ever had any power in the house.


MANda will soon be shipped out of there for poor gameplay, plus karma for being overly annoying, mean spirited, bitchy and her racism that mccrae has told her is bad


Wow, they are actually playing the someone else might be a famous sibling angle? Nice. Plant the seed and watch it grow in this insane house. The minute Nick wins mvp, he’d be done.

So the Moving company is targeting the “floaters” and the mean girls are targeting the “floaters”.
Maybe it’s time for Candace, Andy, Helen, Judd and Elissa to get their numbers together and do something about it.

Also I honestly don’t understand what Jeremy is up to, one minute he’s with the MC, then he’s with the mean girls, at the end of the day he’s simply sharing everyone’s intel with the other side.

Amanda and McCrae, this isn’t going to end pretty. When this falls apart look for her loudness to get even louder and all come down on the little pizza boy. Amanda’s best shot is to somehow keep Elissa in the game, once E is gone, the bullies(all of them) will win and the out casts will be picked off.

Lastly, how rich that Aaryn and her buddy mention how highschool someone is, right before they start their little gossip bashing. Such a joke these two.

A$$hole #1

One problem there, Nick doesn’t look anything like Dan, that bad lie could backfire. Especially, since, whoever gets MVP can choose not to tell anyone.

As long as Elissa is in the house, she will continue to get MVP, so everyone will knows she has it. She goes, MVP is up for grabs but of course Hgs will suspect Helen is next, then after that Nick… I like the fact that MVP could possibly confuse the hell out the house. but as it stands, HGs knows who’s MVP.


before the show I caught a clip with Rachel talking about BB .. she said that the twist are the craziest she has ever seen and going to really send the house wielding .. also something about past guests…I would really like to see her enter the house saying THE BIATCH IS BACK LETS RUMMBLE ..LOL.. any way those girls acting like school girls not high school girls and then saying Elissa is acting this way .. that was way too funny …. don’t like the idea of nick winning MVP.. if they evict Elissa then I would love the fans burn the movers butts … nick, mc , spencer , ect. then watch the bad side pick them off one by one …


what are you talking about????????????????????????????????????????????????????


mvp is supposed to go to best player

i repeat best player

not who you like the best

scrap mvp now for the good of the game because too many casual fans abuse the public vote system, its not a true indication of who really is deserving of mvp

right i need a xanex…judd, got any left?


MANda the annoying racist bully will get voted out for overplaying and making herself a huge target


Wow was surprised CBS showed all the comments that caused so much of a problem for a few house guests. Also what BB alumni has news?

A$$hole #1

Production bringing a former HGs in to hand out a special power??? I hope they’re there to tell Aaryn Nation, Gigi, and Spencer they lost their jobs..


Depends on how you would want the news delivered. Would you want to get news like that from either Rachell or Jessie Godderz?


Les Munves is coming in to remove the racists and homophobes. He tells them his wife is Julie Chen and he’s offended, He then says, ” By the way you have all lost your jobs and America hates you”.


YES!!! They are bringing back Mr. Zingbot! Let’s roast these beyotches, except Elissa and Helen of course. 🙂

A$$hole #1

Potroasts is so fake, with that wannabe tough talk bullshit, too bad Big Red had something to back up all that talk, WINNING competitions.


After tonight’s episode it’s pretty clear who most viewers will root for now that they’ve aired what Aaaryn said about other houseguests.


Well I don’t know about that. There’s a whole lot of people who don’t agree with the way the majority thinks, especially when America is concerned. Infact I’d be willing to be that most people could care less what some young girl on a low ratings reality show thinks.


cbs show AARYN saying all those racist comments… ANDY say we going to see baby pictures of the devil( hoh) lol


Thank you CBS. I was worried they wouldn’t show Aaryn’s true colors. I can’t believe I liked her during episode one. I also liked KKKaitlin. So glad I follow posts online & watch BBAD, bc if I were just watching the edited show, I’d probabky still like them. Well not after tonight. But that’s what had me worried. Was how only a small percent of ppl watch BBAD & keep up with things posted on the Internet, & that by only watching the Edited Shows, u could like someone, when u don’t see their true colors. So props to you CBS, way to out that racist a$$:)

Bling bling

Jeremy is so freaking annoying.


Eddie Munster, aka Jeremy is so vile just like Spencer. Ugh.


LMFAO @ the Eddie Munster comparison….yes ! He looks like a werewolf or Count Dracula…that’s what makes him ” beautiful” in his eyes !


He really is Eddie Munster. In every way I can see Eddie growing up to be this guy. Creepy fu**er.

Beaver Lips

I thought she did more racist stuff than that. I mean cmon it was more mocking than racist especially since the gal of Asian descent doesn’t even talk like that. She is definitely a rude bitch and gets whatever is coming to her for acting like fool on national TV. I thought she had called her a zipper head or something like that.


Some of what aaryn was saying was a comedian’s act. anjelah johnson does a skit about going to get your nails done. so she was just repeating that. but there have been a lot of other comments made.


Yeah, they could have aired more of her original comments. Viewers may not take it as seriously now if they know this comedian


She is not a comedian so it is not all right for her to say it in that tone. It’s not all right for anyone to say any of that crap.


I agree but the viewers not filling the feeds may blow some of it off now and not see her for the racist that she is and think more that she is distasteful quoting a comedic act that was taken out if context. The full context was in the link provided.




That group of people have all said a lot more, this was just a little nugget that CBS put out there, I am hoping on Wednesday they show more, especially Jeremy’s bullying and Spencer’s vile remarks about women. I think CBS is tired of warning them, plus there seems to be too many news articles about this group that CBS cannot sweep it under the rug, so they are biting the bullet, and airing it for the public. But they need to show all of the offenders not a select few.

no name

So in another words a little bit of racism is okay?

Beaver Lips

No but from what I’ve seen it seems the term is being used improperly. I don’t have the live feeds so I don’t know exactly what happened that got all of this to churning. I saw her making a poor attempt at a Asian voice not showing a superiority of her race over the Asian race. She was seeking attention which she must have constantly probably because of daddy issues she has yet to resolve.


CBS isn’t stupid. They know they need Elissa and Helen both to stay in longer, or the rivalry is gone between “the two sides of the house”. They need Elissa and Helen there together.


Andy’s comment was the best!! I literally lol. I hope they can get it together to keep Elissa. I really can’t stand Jeremy and the mean girls. Also was so happy to see cbs air the comments being made.


Man these guys are way to involved in the game already… sit back a relax, have a little fun for gods sake. I swear people have changed their vote like 30 times already just for this week. One key strategy of the game is being patient and not jumping to quick conclusions. These guys are all over the place.

Beaver Lips

I hear you my head is spinning from all the BS. Production give these people some alcohol please so they can relax and no not one bottle of wine and a six pack.

Beaver Lips

Exactly the late night stupidity was one of my favorite things about the show. I understand the liability and all but hey give us what we want. Remember when the bikini barista girl that was stalking Jessie went bananas that night with the other chicks in the main room. One of the best nights ever in my opinion.


I can see GM going all Talla in this house lol


bam bam


Props to CBS for finally portraying Aaryn as the nasty bitch she is! 🙂 I do wonder who the returning HG will be, though…if its included in Wednesday’s episode, shouldn’t they visit tonight or tomorrow?


Why did they only show Aaryn? Weren’t there others just as guilty?


my thoughts exactly. I hope they show GMs, Jer’s, and Sprnce to.


they did show a little bit when they were on the hammock … I would love to see Jeremy getting caught wipeing his azz with Elissa`s hat … that was totally discusting and yet Elissa handled that with class and yet he still condemned her .. what a major GOOF and excuse of a human I have ever seen ..

A$$hole #1

Can’t show them all at once, they will slowly.


Yea, I’m thinking they really just showed aaryn’s comments because they are trying to portray her as the ‘villian’, so to speak. I doubt other comments will be shown, or that cbs just did this out of the goodness of their hearts.


it was poor that cbs had amada talking about the racism, when she herself has been racist, and often called out on it by McCrae

she is also sucking up to America by making it seem she wants to keep Elissa only so she can be in Americas good books in terms of mvp votes…Andy is doing the same thing, and its super fake, always fishing for potential viewer mvp votes


So, this is going to be your first time giving someone a tattoo? Here, go ahead and use this large space on my chest.

Beaver Lips

Andy is becoming my favorite quickly with his antics.


he is so fake


I never thought I would root for Rachels sister But I can not stand Aaryn or Jeremy! I just don’t want the racist and bully to win!


kudos to cbs — finally


lmao Kaitlin never wears pants.

Beaver Lips

That poor girl acts like she’s been locked away in a cellar with a chastity belt on. She is dying for the tube steak.


lol I cant not believe I am rooting for Rachel’s Sister as much as I could not stand her A$$. But I hope Elissa pulls thru this week and the Girls’s All of them realize the boy’s are just using them Boy I cant wait until the cat is out the bag


How fitting that Aryan has a freakin’ creepy clown ? Where most people like myself are creeped out by clowns ( esp after Stephen King’s ” It” movie) the evil witch has one ! Andy is hilarious ….loved his baby devil picture comment as well ! Thank You CBS for showing ” America’s Sweethear” in all her glory !


that is what I was thinking – clowns and the book IT (movie sucked) CREEPY…… Props to CBS for having balls to show the racist remarks……though they should have shown all – but I am sure that will take up the whole hour….. and Andy’s comment was priceless!


its good they are showing it but if they are going to show racist remarks – show all of the different house guests doing it including amanda, spencer, jeremy etc


As much as I want to respect the Moving Company’s alliance, I need it to implode ASAP partly because I think they’re gaming way too hard for the first few rounds, and I would much rather see some competent players step up to the plate than watch this cattiness/douchebaggery. I never thought I would align myself with anythin associated with Rachel but what the hell…


EXACTLY!! They need to show all the racist, homophobic, nasty people not just Aaryn. Spencer is the worst of the entire lot, Kaitlin is awful, Elissa has called someone a whore, Amanda is homophobic and disgusting and Helen and Howard have both used their religion and sworn on it or used the lord’s name in vain whereas they are praised and then we have Jeremy and McCrae and Gina Marie. All of these people are pretty disgusting one way or the other.


you are right, i forgot about amanda being homophobic

she has also been racist, and is cheating on her boyfriend

if people are voting for mvp on who they like then it cant go to her

and if people are voting for mvp on good gameplay it also cant go to her – she has been so bad this week she has put a giant target on herself


If Elissa get evicted this week, Amanda or Andy might get MVP


If those two don’t win HoH, Amanda is going on the block (and possibly home)


you have just listed the next 3 evicted


“K says Elissa doesn’t do anything all day except for Yoga and take care of her son.”

Just take care of her son? Being a parent (a stay at home parent) is the hardest job in the damn world. How dare she! What a dumb and pathetic comment. And they call Elissa immature? Really, now?


It’s only week two but I’m passionately routing for anyone BUT Aaryan, Gina, Jeremy or Spencer. I’m finding it easier to detest players this season than to find a favorite.

Chilltown Fan

Usually I have a strong favorite that I passionately root for no matter what, but after the first week, I’m just anti-Aaryn/anti-Jeremy/anti-Kaitlin. I don’t mind the MC as a group, and enjoy some of their scheming/strategic play at work.


i dont let house guests personal views and comments ruin my enjoyment of the strategy and gameplay

i think its been a very interesting season


I would love to see if Elissa is evicted that they turn around and say BUT WAIT – since she was MVP she can’t go home and she automatically becomes the new HOH!


no that would show the game is rigged

i would lose respect for the game if they do anything like that

if you are evicted, you should stay evicted no matter what


its unfortunate the focus on racism and personal views of houseguests is taking attention away from some quality strategy and gameplay this season


I bet Aaryn’s family taught her racism is wrong and she made pathetic racist remark. I think Aaryn is a coward admitted that I been raise by white supremacy.


Darn – I didn’t watch – but thanks to these comments I can at least get a sense of what I missed!

My Comment

Elissa is allowed to get her drugs inside the Big Brother house. That is good.


Okay that’s the last straw. Kaitlin and Aaryn said Elissa does nothing all day but do yoga and raise her son…. Reread the sentence. Raising a kid is a full time job that those spoiled brats will never understand. Rachel used to be my least favorite houseguest of all time but Aaryn beats her (she beats Kaitlin bc of her racist and homophobic comments and she seems evil while Kaitlin just seems like a follower when she makes her racist comments). Only people I remotely like are Howard and Nick which is sad because I usually have a favorite by now.





Just want to thank Simon and Dawg you guys are doing a great job keeping us updated daily even though this cast sucks this year… Wish you guys were in the game!


OK, Spencer just crossed the line. I am a canuck and NOBODY makes fun of my country. I hate him. vote him out now!!
Please 😀




GUYS google Nadia Bjorlin shes a soap actress Amanda looks soo much like her! Also i tink Aaryn’s voice esp when she whispers sounds like Dani Donato. (dnt hate thats the onli comparison she has to DANI LOL)


Aaryn just said no matter how BB portrays her, her real life friends and fam know how she really is. She thinks she’s being portrayed as a bitch, little does she know lol


Why do people think Canada is this magical place where nothing “bad” happens??!?!?!


Where are you going with this, Spencer’s girlfriend?


I cannot stand Arryn, She talks about Elissa and how immature she is, umm hello? Arryn you need to take a hard look in the mirror. Arryn is crying about a sho-mance that lasted a whole 7 days? Grow up Arryn, talk about immaturity. Acting like a mean girl in middle school is so intimidating, NOT…. She is nothing more then a spoiled brat with a crap attitude, and Jeremy is one of the most disgusting and vile house guest ever. Not only is he extremely unattractive, his personality is a perfect match for Arryn. They should become a couple


oh no “Gina saying she has confirmation that Amanda and McCrae have hooked up” I wonder how she figured it out? did she hear them or do other ppl know?