JUDD about the talk show “it’s a little dangerous.. I don’t think I’ll be attending again”

POV Holder: Kaitlin Next POV July 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Current Nominations: Jeremy, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda


9:55pm The Talk Show
It’s investigative reporting by Jessie unravelling the secrets of the moving company . Gina sets up Nicks hat and sunglasses on the table beside the other member of the moving company. They call him Craig Thompson

Spencer tells them about the origins of the alliances name, it comes from Spencer’s old company called the murdock moving company.

Andy asks a question “I’m not calling you all bigots .. I just want to know why the gay man in the house was excluded.. I’m assuming because you’re bigots”
They laugh and blame it on Craig Thompson


10:00pm Keeping it real with Candace
First up is McCrae and Amanda. She asks them when they fell in love.
Amanda says it was love at first site.
Candice brings up that MC is just a pizza delivery boy how does he expect to support a high maintenance jewish mamacita. MC says she going to take care of him.
Candace: “This is when I knew they were in love when he walked out of storage with her tampons”
Aaryn is the next up
Candace: “What have you learnt in the Big Brother House “
Aaryn: “Probably to invest in a grade A muzzle”
Candace pulls Gina up
Candace: “You fell really hard with a shafy f**.. can you let us how you fell for a shady f***”
Gina says they just got along and they are both from New York, He opened up to her. Gina thinks they had a connection she likes him and hopefully he doesn’t forget about her after the show is over. Candace says she can look at the camera and tell Nick someone. Gina lokks at teh camera “Nick I miss you everybody thinks you’re a cool guy a bit of shady f**** ,.,..”


10:09 Showmance showdown hosted by Jeremy all the showmances are called up
(Jessie/JUDD, Amanda/Mc , Aaryn, Howard/Candace, Kaitlin/jeremy )
Gina: “I don’t get to go up “
Jeremy: “shady f**k doesn’t count

CBS Interactive Inc.

10:16pm backyard couch Amanda, McCrae and Spencer
Spencer: “I’m ready for a new HOH”
Amanda: “Ya”
They snicker


10:33pm Hammock Andy, MC and Amanda
They’re wondering about the HOH tomorrow. Andy wonders if it’s majority (majority is a type of HOH comp where whatever answer gets the majority wins. if you have the majority of players you can all pick the same combination of answers essentially letting you choose who you want to win HOH) . Thinks they might want to go over it with JUDD and Jessie. Amanda tells him they don’t have the numbers to “game” a majority HOH comp Amanda says they don’t want Elissa to win it and Helen can’t compete, “go with the flow”
Andy wonders what Spencer and JUDD are talking about on the couch.
MC says that JUDD is so worried about being portrayed in a showmance.

Andy still thinks it could be endurance tomorrow with them standing on something that would be easy to set up.
MC: “It’s going to be lockdown soon”
Amanda thinks they will lock them down in the morning they are not going to hire people to work at night they will do as much as they can during the day.
Andy is now wondering if it’s double eviction. Amanda says it would be nice to get rid of Howard and Spencer in the same night.

They agree that the first five people they want gone are Spencer, Howard, Kaitlin, Gina and Aaryn as long as they are on the same page with that they are golden.


10:41pm backyard couch Spencer, JUDD and Andy
Talking about the HOH competition tomorrow. Spencer thinks it’s going to be a quiz. They start talking about double evictions. Spencer’s theory is the first 2 jury members will go home back to back, :Which will obviously be Amanda and McCrea”
Andy: ”YA”
JUDD: “I’m confused are they together together”
ANdy: ‘I don’t know”
Spencer: “I don’t know either.. they seem like an odd couple”
JUDD thinks they are together. Andy says double eviction he will put both Amanda and McCrea, “Now that I know Jessie and JUDD are in a showmance maybe I should put them up”
JUDD is pissed that people said he was in a showmance he doesn’t think he is.
Andy jokes that Elissa and Spencer are in a secret Showmance. Spencer: ”I don’t think she likes me”
Andy: ‘You don’t “
Spencer doesn’t know what it is she never says anything mean to him.
Spencer tells them that he’ll put GM on slop if given the chance because she threw the carton of chocolate milk away and there was still at least a couple glasses of milk in it.
JUDD is telling them that Gina needs to get out of the house she’s just to blame as Aaryn is for all the bullsh!t. Spencer says she gets away with a lot of stuff.
Andy says she doesn’t talk game to anyone which scares him because he doesn’t know what she will do. Judd: “that B!tch needs to be put up there”
JUDD: “She’s a psycho b!tch.. I don’t mean b!tch but you know when they say Psycho b!tch.. I feel bad for him” (Nick)
Andy and Spencer says she not as big of a threat as some of the other girls because she really doesn’t talk game.
Spencer jokes that next year on the news there will be a report that NIck Uhas murdered by stalker Gina Zimmerman in staten island, he was found cut up into pieces and left the back of a convertible seabreeze.

JUDD: “I think that show is a little dangerous.. I don’t think I’ll be attending” (the talk show the girls were doing)
Howard joins them says the show was dangerous.

Spencer: ‘Jess looks fine tonight”
Howard: ‘Natural beauty”
Spencer wonders if Jessie will be in playboy after this.. He asks Andy if he would ever pose nude. Andy says no he’s a teacher


11:10pm Aaryn and Andy
She tells him that Kaitlin and Jeremy were throwing her under the bus. Aaryn says if she wins HOH she’s going to ask them all what they think. Andy say he’s serious now even though the last two votes he voted against them (And lied to their faces) he never had anything against Aryan and Kaitlin. Aaryn says she’s scared that Kaitlin is coming after her. Andy tells her she’s not she has to believe him she’s fine.
Andy tells her there will be one vote against Spencer and the rest against Jeremy.

Aaryn brings up her talk with Elissa. Andy says Elissa is a little bit annoying when she’s like that and he doesn’t like that she won’t make amends with her after Aaryn offered it.

11:46pm Hammock Andy, McCrae, Elissa and Amanda

Talking about Helen’s HOH getting into her head. Andy says she was became power hungry. McCrae mentions how the house didn’t like the way she took over the talk show.

11:54pm POOL Jessie, Candace, Spencer and Howard Jessie shaking her behind around for the guys. Both Howard and Spencer find Jessie really attractive and she knows is.


12:23AM Random chit chat .. Judd touches his nose with his tongue.

Talking about Slacks or jeans for the Show tomorrow night. Howard wants to wear slacks Candace calls them church pants.

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Geez Louise

You know how in the winter, when you get so cold, you can barely wait for summer or in the summer when your so hot, you just cant wait until winter. Yep! That’s how I feel about Helen as HOH. I was so excited but I now I wonder what I was thinking for wanting this…. Wake me up when Mr. Cockypants goes to the hizzle.


Helen = HOH-itis, on a power trip, told Spencer she was gonna win HOH before she did (DR give her the answers?)
Howard = Production given imminuty…Helen wanted him, DR said no. Ellisa wanted him up, DR said no.
Elissa = Production’s puppet, they made her make comments in the DR like she never wanted to put Howard up, which was a lie
I don’t see how anyone could like any of the 3. I don’t like the racist comments, but I don’t like productions not allowing someone to go on the block because of their skin color either. Race should be left out of BB. But Aaryn’s not the only racist, production is as well.


I think it is unfair to say that Helen won the HOH because DR gave the answers to her, Jeremy kept on saying that he will keep on winning, so did the production gave him an advantage on the challenges that he won? Prior the vote and challenge, Helen threatened Spencer that she will put him up the votes does not stack up. She just knew that the next HOH will be a mental one and she knew that she’s a strong competitor for that challenge.

Sadly I have to say I wished helen did not won that HOH, while she may be unscathed for the next three or four evictions, she suffered HOH-itis and lowered her position on her alliance.


I don’t care who wins as long is its not Elissa, Helen or Howard. All are getting special privileges from production and basically being handed the game.

Julie Chen

Be sure to tune in tomorrow guys we have a special HOH surprise.


Well I’m sure we all hope it is that the Elissa twist is done!!!!


I am so over Alissa, does she have a scruple?

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Once Elissa made it known that she was MVP, her game was already over, simply because all twists end eventually, and her non existent game play made the twist her only safety net, the house is evicting her right after that, because her sole usefulness to them will be gone.


That’s why I hope she doesn’t get MVP this week. As soon as the rest of the house see that she didn’t get it and that she might not get it again, they will not need her anymore. She will be left with Helen as her only friend. I want anyone but Helen and Elissa to get the power this week and shake the house up. I started out liking Helen, but now I can’t stand her. This was one of the most painful weeks in BB history, right up there with the Nerd Herd under Cappie as HOH.


Helen is the type of person that is never satisfied. I could see her after being evicted somehow convincing the brain dead executives at CBS that she needs to being in charge of production and having them agree. Next season we can look forward to a season of great friendships where the viewers learn a Helen lesson each week


As a BB Fan Helen should know that we don’t watch Big Brother to see peace and harmony among the players. She is making this show very boring.

Bring Back The GLASS BOX

straight up.

Bring Back The GLASS BOX

I want you guys to know that the MVP twist is over (unless for some reason prod thinks howard might win it, b/c that may be the only thing that can help his game at this point) but I’m telling you for a fact that a new twist (possibly just a pandoras box, they loooove that one b/c they can do WHATEVER they want with it) is coming and the old one is out. They know we hate it. I am giving CBS props this year guys…. they have truly been listening. I didn’t think for a million fu**ing years that they would ever air the racial junk. I happy with this season so far, in fact I am super interested. I like only liking most of them a little. Makes it not so tough when my favs go home! 😉 Ain’t nobody got time for dat.

Janelle pov queen

My mom or dady really don’t watch big brother but they watch it today and all threw it they kept asking is Helen retarded


Only twice when a house guest cried it affected me, and that was when and how Brittany was told about the Brigade. Second time was when Candace cried with Howard. Some of the others don’t seem legit to me, but seeking sympathy.

Fleur de Lis

It reminds me of last night’s episode when Kaitlyn was “attempting to cry and be emotional” when she took GinaMarie into the storage room to ask her not to use the POV if she won it. So fake. That girl has no chance of being an actress! lol


How do they cry on demand? Do they practice before going into the house or something?


I know, right?!? When Helen was saying, I’m a mom and I cry to get my kids to do what I want. I thought, you manipulative b$tch. I’m a mother and I don’t play fing head games with my kids. I feel badly for those kids. Helen’s kids didn’t put the toothpaste cap back on, here come the water works, wahhhhhhh I’m so disappointed waahhhhhh………


I thought the same thing, what a horrible person, and she has little ones, right?

Janelle pov queen

The HOH is which house guest America think I so it on CBS website


How on earth is Elissa winning on the OBB poll


Because people like her! It’s got everything to do with her as a person. She’s not afraid to stand up to mean girl Aaryn and she didn’t let people bully her into making a nomination she didn’t want to. Plus people liked her from the beginning because of the witch hunt for no reason but because she was Rachel’s sister. She’s really nothing like Rachel personality or game play wise. She just looks and sounds like her.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

I know you sheeple hate to hear facts, but both Elissa and Helen said that production did not want them to put up Howard. (Watch the feeds, not the CBS edit)

That was NOT their decision, if production had not told them not to put him up, Howard would’ve been on the block instead of Spencer.


A million % right, WIl. The funny thing is that this *one* fact that has gotten Helen onto Amanda’s radar (despite both being in “The Knockouts”), far earlier than Helen would’ve been otherwise, Helen said getting Jeremy out was “what the house wanted.” Amanda knows there was some Helen BS in that statement. Helen knows how much Amanda wanted Howard out this week. Helen should’ve quickly told Amanda the real reason Howard didn’t go up, before Don Wollman (the voice of BB) shut her down about it.

The one strange thing? Amanda is one of the best BB players I’ve ever seen at realizing what direction Production wants the BB game to go, But Amanda’s intense 24/7 rage against Howard has Amanda missing the entire concept that it was *Production*, not Helen/Elissa, that got Jeremy put up/evicted this week, instead of Howard.


Jim, for Helen she IS the house in her HOH.
And Amanda’s only recourse for dealing with production is through the HG’s.


True enough, Name. But Amanda now has jumbo frustration, aimed toward both 1) Elissa and 2) Helen, for Howard not being put up this week. Amanda is positive the Howard/Elissa Bible link/friendship was the reason why. Amanda is wrong. AG vetoed Howard this week. Amanda is blaming the wrong source for not getting what she wanted. I don’t mind AG doing her job. But when both the MVP & HOH, when simply executing AG’s directives, damage their rep with the strongest personality in their alliance, AG’s already way-too-large impact on BB gets even bigger….


I think it is rigged cuz, she is more annoying than Rachel. Rachel was annoying but she could play like noone else. Elissa sounds like an airhead with no clue.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

SO TRUE, if Rachel was given automatic protection every week, she would’ve used it to her ultimate advantage, making people afraid to put her on the block.

If The house did not want to us MVP to take out their targets, Elissa would’ve been gone week 1. As I said before MVP is her safety net, once it;s gone, so is she.


Because brenchel fans are cray. I really thought they’d change it up for week 3 to make things interesting but nope, hopefully somebody interesting gets it and shakes the house up. I think I saw that ratings are dropping.
I really wish Jeremy would stay over Arryn. And Helen is wayyyy to cocky, she needs a wake up call so she can shed real tears instead of fake ones…


Because that’s how pathetic this years cast is


I would love to see Howard win HOH. Andy, Amanda and her pet boy, would piss in their pants. Amanda would be doing so much side peddling and throwing Helen, Andy, and Judd under the bus. Would love to see these two-face liars sweat. Especially, McWimp and Andy who have so much mouth behind Howard’s back. How in the world don’t they see that Andy is a snake??? Helen is annoying as hell is hot!!!


If I ever got mvp I would nominate myself and cause mass chaos in the house by spreading rumors as to whom may have nominated me.


Man Helen… i thought she was cool at first but after this week I just can’t stand her.. shes way too power hungry in this game. The next few weeks will really hurt her because of her power abuse

Eli Rules

Ugh!! The MVP twist could have been so amazing….the HG’s would’ve had no trust between each other and they’d have to ass-kiss everyone…but CBS/Alison screwed it up by not having a true newbie cast. Casting Elissa (with her sister’s followers votes) has guaranteed that she’s the MVP each week, and has not only taken away the promise of anonymity of the MVP, but it has weakened the power of the HOH.

Winning HOH was the one way to even the tables for the HG’s on the weak side of the house–if you nominated two adversaries, you were guaranteed that one of them or a replacement was going home. But now, if anyone that’s targeted next week wins HOH, (Howard, Spencer, Kaitlyn, Aaran, GM) they won’t be able to make a bold move like say putting up McCrae and Amanda, because they know that there will be a third nominee that the rest of the house will vote out.

I’ve barely watched the live feeds this week…nothing is going to happen to change the outcome of Jeremy leaving. And that will continue for at least the next three weeks as they pick off the rest of their targets.

Thanks CBS.

I’ll get back into it in August…after all the expected targets are gone.

Then we can watch Elissa and Amanda go after each other’s throats. Can’t wait!!!!


That pretty much sums how I feel as well. This “twist” that is completely being controlled by production has ruined the game. It does not matter who wins HOH or who they nominate. As long as Elissa keeps being handed MVP whoever the third person she targets will be voted out if one of the weak side of the house wins HOH. It has removed any and all give and take in the game. Now you have everyone trying to be in one big super alliance with easy targets. Yawn. Worst season ever. The decision to put a family member of a former winner against a cast of newbies was horrible.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

110% agree


Please Elissa, win something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Put up Aaryn & GinaMarie!!!!!!!!!!!


We are ALL ready for a new HOH Amanda and McCrae!!! All of us. This House or “Peoples” HOH is such bs. The scary thing is that I truly think the people talking to Helen are buying into her rhetoric. It’s like they have been brainwashed. I hope whoever gets HOH today is like, “It’s my HOH b$tvhes, so suck on that!!!” This “Peoples” HOH is nauseating!


I was excited about Elissa earlier in the game, but every time I see her receive the MVP or have a diary room session, she creeps me out. “Oh My God! I’m so Obsessed!” Really! I’m over it. She comes off plastic to me now.


And she said how shocked she was! Not buying it! She had to expect it.

VA Vet

Strictly from a game standpoint, how neat would it be if Aaryn won HOH and MVP. Not because she even remotely deserves anything other than an escort out the door, but for the pleasure of watching that smug little Helen kissing up to her.

As bad as Aaryn is, she is probably the only one in the house with the gonads to raise holy hell-en at this point.


I cant believe it, but I agree with you.
The racist might be the only one in the house with the balls to raise some hellen.


I’m sure it won’t happen. Nobody likes Aaryn!!!! She cause problems and she deserve to go home!!


Good riddance Aaryn or Jeremy. I’m going to miss you NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


who on this website keeps voting for rachel’s sister (we should all refer to her as that instead of her real name ) to win the MVP ???

what game are you people watching?
Nice girl…..terrible BB player.
both Nick and especially Jeremy could have made this season very interesting to watch….but instead we had to make Rache’s sister the defacto HOH every f-ing week.

Helen has been unbearable this week……


Ah! No! Jeremy’s brand of rudeness and bullying was epic when Aaryn was HOH. I cannot imagine any more of that. I loved Helen and voted for her to get MVP last week but after her HOH my MVP vote is definitely going elsewhere. Nevertheless the best case scenario is for Jeremy to go home tonight and cheer from the outside because watching Jeremy buldoze everyone on the other side last week was much more unbearable than watchcing Helen make superfriends this week.


I would love to see Aaryn or Jeremy face that the whole house are against either two. How wonder if GinaMarie & Kaitlin scramble when McCrae or Judd wins HoH. Let the drama continues!!!

VA Vet

Use the MVP to put up Helen.


It will never happen!!!!!! Aaryn will go home!!!!!!!


I’m tired of people blaming Elissa for the royal f*ck up that is the MVP twist. Elissa is getting it because she is a good person, and that is all. If Elissa entered with the personality of Aaryn, please tell me how many “automatic” fans she would have then. Shoot, I didn’t even know “most hated houseguest” Rachel Reilly had fans to share off with her sister. The fact of the matter is that you all thought of the BEST case scenario for the MVP, which was never in a million years going to happen. You all thought that the MVP would flip from person to person with ass kissing going on left and right, but the act it that it was going to be a popularity contest with or without Elissa Slater there. If Elissa Slater wasn’t there and Aryan and her Bigoted Pals were still spewing away, do you think the MVP vote wouldn’t went to A.) Nick or B.) Candice. CANDICE, of course. People would have chosen whoever it was in order to let them (Aryan’s side) know that America is not on their side. America picks sides, and a favorite based on personality. And if the other side is filled with people who are assholes, who just happen to be aligned with some good players, those players are not getting MVP. Why? Because their MVP will favor the asshole players who they are aligned with. Anyone who seriously thought that the MVP was going to change every week and cause “confusion” in the house had their head in the sand to begin with.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Nobody blamed Elissa, it’s the fact that MVP can go to the same person week after week, that combined with the fact that the MVP can tell people, that royally screwed the season. MVP being a secret, would’ve shielded Elissa from being used by the house.


Bring back the brigade lol

Bob Saben

We defientely need more pics of Jessie’s ass

It Puts The Lotion On It's Skin

Oh yes we do.


Bring Back The GLASS BOX

ahhh hahahaha… dude is freaking me out. But she does have a good one 😉


I read on twitter last night that Aaryn’s Mom hired a PR firm to handle all the negative publicity…Good luck with that haha.


Judd for MVP!!! He is becoming my favorite. I hope Howard wins HOH to shake things up. I want to see Helen grovelling at his feet after the way she bullied him and Spencer, turned on the fake tears and tried to make them feel bad for playing their own game. I want to see Elissa and Helen on the block and one of them going home. If I wanted a friendly circle of HOH love, I’d go to bible camp instead of watching BB. I want game! The MVP twist needs to either end or go to someone else, and I would hope that someone else is more intelligent than Elissa and keeps it secret. That would be fun! But production just can’t help themselves. They take a good idea and bomb with it. I actually can’t remember a time when a twist didn’t ruin the game or blow up week one. They should just let people play the game. Elissa hates floaters, but she is a new kind of BB player. She coasts on her sister’s questionable glory. She is a coaster. She doesn’t have to do anything because she has a special advantage and doesn’t have the humility to realize that without her genetic connection, she has zero game and can’t even use her advantage wisely. If I hear her say “floaters grab a life vest” one more time I will puke. Everyone goes on about how that is a classic Rachel line, but Rachel borrowed it from Janelle S6. It was hilarious when Janelle said it, but it’s old and tired now. I keep watching in hopes that it will get better like last year did, but as long as Elissa is there with the power, I don’t hold out much hope.

Bring Back The GLASS BOX


The Fist of Goodness

If the houseguests did not know Elissa was Rachel’s sister she would not NEED to win the MVP to level the field. She had a huge target on her from day one and it was not like she could hide it. She tried. But, she looks and sounds way too much like her sister. You would have to be a complete moron not to see the family resemblance. They could end the twist now as the game has gotten to a point where the houseguests have better reasons to vote people out than who your sister is.

Wow I have totally fallen off the Helen bandwagon. I liked her until her HoH. The power of HoH really turned her into a bully.

I hope Spencer wins HoH and shakes things up a bit. Go Team Spencer!!!!

Chilltown Fan

I want to see Judd, Howard, or Candice when HOH. The last 3 HOH’s have had terrible cases of HOHitius. I’m rooting for Judd to win the game, he’s sitting pretty good in the game at the moment. I have a feeling he tries to take out Amanda if he got HOH.

Been Away

Does Jeremy have a chance tonight? I hate Helen so much, more than I hated Brendan.

Bring Back The GLASS BOX

not really =( and rightfully so…. he is a super strong player and none of them have a chance with him there. everyone learned from Rachel that if you don’t take out the super strong then they will just win everything. backdoor sucks but would be the only way with him… they are very right about that

It Puts The Lotion On It's Skin

You’re STILL hung up on Brendan? And I thought I had problems…..


Unfortunately no

Mississippi Girl

I cannot WAIT til tonight when Helen is not HOH! On a personal level, GM and Aaryn are horrible people but for this game Helen and Andy make me want to throw up in my mouth. I have started rooting for Judd! He brings comedy without trying to shove lollypops and rainbows everyone’s ass. Natural and honest.

Day Yum Yum

WOW! Judd winning HOH speaks volumes about the low intelligence of the other HG”s! If that moron can win a question HOH, Production might as well give the house a pet Chihuahua and the dog would win it! I am sorry to say but Judd has as much brains as a bag of rocks. I think Production prepped him well. And that mumbling just drives me crazy! As for H & S drooling over Jessie, I fail to see what they see in her! But one look at Spencer and I get it! She looks like a goddess next to him! She is not good looking and has the personality of a fly on the wall. Wil’s impression of her is spot on! She also isn’t too heavy in the brains department either. She and Jugghead make a good pair!! Plus her desperate attempts to have a showmance with anyone, including the Zingbot made her look like the pathetic loser that she is! Talk about floater! She is the queen of floaters. She reminds me of that other bimbo, Amanda from Season 9! They look alike and have the same low IQ! Actually the whole cast is a few bricks shy of a load and when Helen comes off as the smartest person in the hizzle, there is a definite problem!


you should change your name from yum yum to dumb dumb

your entire post is complete and utter crap

who gives a shit what wil thinks?

you cant see how jess is deemed good looking because your taste in women is shite

jess is the most naturally beautiful girl there, she is the fittest girl there, is nice and pleasant, and she has a great ass