Big Brother Spoilers New 5 strong Sub Alliance is formed “genius plan”

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 8
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Nick (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


9:37pm Cam 1-2 Storage room Nick and Judd
(Man Judd is all over the map tonight.. could it be.. the powerhouse the chosen one?)

Judd: “She keeps cornering me every time” Judd knew Elissa was in the bathroom doing her nails so he was hold his pi$$ in as long as he could to prevent talking to her.
Nick: “Are you voting me out”
Judd: “No no”
N: “Of Course”
J: “Why would I say otherwise”

Judd mentions there will be a couple votes going Elissa’s way he’s just worried everyone will think it’s him. Judd adds that Elissa is supposedly going around telling people that he’s voting to keep her.
Nick isn’t worried Judd gave him his word. Judd is planning on winning HOH and whoever is going around saying that is one of the people he’s putting up.

Judd: “I’m trying to keep my cool but I really want to go around hey Mother F**k*r did you say that”
Judd: “100% i’m not voting your a$$ out.. I want to work with you on the long run.. not just this week”
nick: ‘Ya bro you’re good”
Judd thinks he has a very good chance of going up next week. Nick tells him if he wins HOH he’s not putting Judd up.
They shake on it.


9:39pm Cam 1-2 Andy and Nick Storage room

Andy is going to vote out Elissa. They make a deal to not put each other up if they win HOH. (Andy jiggles his junk when Nick isn’t looking)


10:38pm Elissa and Helen

Elissa thinks that this is the worst dynamic in the house. She thinks Aaryn’s reason to get her out are stupid and personal.
Helen: ‘If they don’t vote nick out.. They’ve lost the game.
Helen: “It’s unbelievable this whole house is scared of making Jeremy mad.. I’m going to go b!tch about it in the Diary room”
Elissa: “Do you really go in there and b!tch about it”
H: “I’m going to”
H: “I do forgive people and let them make good.. but the people in this house are so self conscious”
Elisa says that production made Jeremy apologize to her for wiping his a$$ with her hat otherwise he wouldn’t have.

Helen asks if she’s talked about it in diary room
Elissa says no.. asks Helen if she should,
Helen: “If he (jeremy) gets MVP everyone should just go home it’s over’
Elissa doesn’t think he’s going to get MVP she thinks it’ll be Nick
Elissa thinks if Jeremy won HOH he would put up Jessie and Candace and backdoor McCrae

Elisa: “I want to know Kaitlin’s thoughts of the situation” (Jeremy and his behaviour in the house)
Helen: “Who cares.. she’s 23 and wants to go to Vegas to bartend.. where do they find these people they have no self confidence.. they can’t beat him”
Helen: ‘Their servants of him” (Jeremy)
Elissa says she’s never been one to follow the crowd and she’s really logical.. she doesn’t understand why people allow Jeremy to act the way he does.


10:49pm MC storage room Jeremy and Spencer

Jeremy has a new sub alliance for the Moving Company that will help get Spencer and Howard in good with his girls. “What if I bring you and Howard in with my three and make a five man alliance”

Spencer asks about the alliance they have with McCrea and Amanda.
Jeremy: “I was talking to Aaryn and she was like is this thing with Amanda real because I don’t want her here”
Jeremy: ‘I was that’s the name of the game..”
He told Aaryn they need to get some strength in numbers. Jeremy: ‘And before I said anything she said do you think spencer would be down”
Spencer likes this plan.
Jeremy asks if Howard will be down
Spencer: “fu** ya”
Spencer is excited because it rebuilds the trust with Jeremy’s girls.

Jeremy is worried that Aaryn feel she has no one close so she might be swayed away to Amanda but if they can give her the numbers and keep Amanda under control they can take out the Judd’s, the Jess’s.. Jeremy adds that this sub alliance will be in secret and will sit above the Moving Company, “So we’re still under the carpet still” (See image)


10:53pm Storage room Cam 3-4 Howard and Jeremy
Jeremy: “i was taking a shower and came up with a genius plan”

Jeremy pitches the 5 person sub alliance with Kaitlin, Aaryn and Spencer. says Spencer is onboard.
J: “This way they 100% trust y’all and that strengthens our numbers against Amanda because Amanda is trying to turn Aaryn right now”.
Jeremy explains how this alliance will be secret and sit above the moving company (See image)
Jeremy says it gives them the strength of the 9 like what Spencer was talking about before and it doesn’t expose the moving company because only three of them are in it.
Howard: ‘I like it it dude lets run with it”

After the conversation with Jeremy Howard heads to the bathroom where Gina and Nick are flirting around. The guys let Gina rub their obliques

CBS Interactive Inc.


11:06pm Cam 1-2 Jeremy and Aaryn hot tub
He’s asks her if she wants to be in another secret alliance. Aaryn:”DUH.. Who”
Jeremy says it’s with Kaitlin, Howard and Spencer. Aryn is cool with that.. Kaitlin joins them he tells her they need to talk in the HOH

11:10pm HOh Kaitlin and Jeremy He tells her about the 5 person sub alliance.
She thought he was already in there “Like Swimwear” they don’t fully trust me so they cam to me about an alliance plan. Jeremy says Howard and Spencer are expendable . Kailtin says sure they secure them votes but the kinda weight them down.


11:55pm Spencer and Howard couch Cam 1-2
Howard going on about the dangers of Amanda goes over the days “Minority Alliance” that Amanda was telling people he’s a part of. Howard: “Lucky Jeremy told me and I straightened it out”
Spencer: ‘aaryn doesn’t trust Amanda so it’s going to be easier to”
Howard : “We gotta help the little brother out”
Spencer asks Howard if he feels some of his comments were racist. Howard says no, if spencer was a racist he would be avoiding Howard. Spencer: “You’re the first and only person I got a connection with in this house”
Howard says he feels the same way about Spencer.
You can hear the girls screaming they got alcohol
Howard: “Ahh sh!t”
They start joking about McCrea being Amanda’s little slave. Spencer says maybe she’ll take McCrea out in the yard tonight and let him go poop and pee. Spencer adds whenever you hear Amanda come to the Diary room you run and find McCrea to talk to him.
Spencer says Nick is going to put Amanda up if he wins HOH, “You’re going to trade 4 strong dudes for on loud b!tch”.

Howard goes one about the Moving Company and how during Big Brother 20 they will still be talking about them.


12:04AM McCrea and Howard.
Howard is explaining the “Minority Alliance” incident today and how Amanda took a conversation Howard was having and went around blowing it up. McCrea doesn’t think Amanda said he was in a minority alliance he thinks Aaryn drew that connection herself. Howard: “Dude Jeremy told me” McCrea says he was in the room at the time when Amanda told Aaryn and Aaryn drew the parallel on her own.
Howard suggests she is using McCrea in the game and adds that the MC is 100% behind McCrea but not Amanda.
McCrea: ‘I don’t think she’s using me”
McCrea keep reiterating how he controls Amanda and Spencer is worried that Amanda will find out about the guys alliance.
McCrea: “I really don’t give a sh!t to cut her.. ”
Howard: “Good.. we’re deep with the 5”
McCrea: “I totally understand the concerns.. for sure and she will have to be cut eventually”


12:42AM Cam 4 Andy and Helen
Andy says that when she talks to people she has to make sure she never uses anyone in our groups name because you told Spencer about putting Amanda up.
Helen: “Oh my God Spencer made that up”
Helen goes over the conversation she had with Spencer where he suggested to her she get Elissa to put up Amanda. At this point Helen got suspicious that Spencer only wanted to put up Girls. Spencer then went to Amanda and McCrea and told him Helen is wanting Amanda put up as the replacement nominee.
Andy: “Amanda doesn’t trust spencer anymore”
Helen says no F*** way would she put up AManda she’s voting with us
Andy: “People are starting to freak out.. I’m doing whatever I can but it’s not looking great. and so just try and push forward and realize that if we can’t do it we’re still good for next week”
Helen thinks they have the votes, she counts Judd, Howard, Amanda , McCrea, Candace, Andy
Helen: “Spencer needs to go next.. we need to BD him”


Random chit chat..

Games’s not looking good for Elissa 🙁
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Elissa is cooked…so here’s to hoping she uses the time she has left to help Helen and Candace. The play for Helen is to sit back and be sad. Become the lost puppy without her master, then wait for somebody to come to her from the other side. She’s safe from her fake friends, now she needs to get safety from her enemies. With the MVP up for grabs, Helen needs to appear malleable as the other side will be worried/suspecting Helen will inherit the MVP. If they think she will listen, they will see her as a non-threat. Again, the focus has to be on Jeremy as he appears in control and feared. She should talk to him and others and be open to discussion, except for Candace, everybody is on the table. She needs to make her “friends” no longer take her for granted, which is what their shakiness this week betrays.

What Elissa needs to do is be catty (she’s got skill here) and mix facts, observations, and fictions. She needs call out the boys alliance minus Jeremy for all to hear, tell Kailtin that Aaryn is after Jeremy and planning to backdoor her, tell Spencer everybody knows he was the vote that sent David out and how he’s the next to go, tell GM that Nick is playing her and laughing behind her back, tell McCrae that everybody in the house knows Amanda is using, playing and controlling him and he’s a target because he’s a wimp and she’s starting fires everywhere, lying to everybody. Elissa needs to blow up everybody’s (minus Helen/Candace) spot and make sure she gets a unanimous vote as this can give Helen some breathing room as the house experiences calm once she’s gone.

But the one person she leaves unscathed is Jeremy. From her perspective, he’s running the show and is the one who can provide Helen cover. Elissa wants Jeremy happy that she’s is gone and secure with his spot in the game. That’s when he will reach out to Helen. Then Helen needs to play ball. Protect Candace at all costs, but go where the power lies and be non-threatening, then when the opportunity presents itself, make a move. Helen has to stop thinking this is a team game where 7 people can win and start realizing for right now it’s a game of survive and advance. The MVP can help save Candace, but it needs to be made non-threatening until the votes come to her to make a big move…not her going to the votes like Elissa tried.

Allison Grodner

5 Sub Alliance? They’re 5 footlong subs, right? If so, sign my fat-tv-show-ruining-ass up!

Twittter Nazi

You do know that Twitter has guidelines that lay out what impersonation is right? Also how to make a parody twitter account?


An excellent strategy, hope it plays out this way.


helen running around like a chicken with its head cut off to try and save elissa – she has to come to terms its not going to happen

but i suppose she is trying to secure mvp votes by trying to be elissas friend

production rigged it

Another secret alliance, how many secret alliances do people have to be in before they realize that somebody is lying. If you’re in more than 1 secret alliance then that means your really can’t trust anybody in the end. Everybody from every alliance can’t make it all the way.

Captain Spam

Agreed. I don’t understand why there is all this cloak and dagger stuff with the goal being to vote out Andy, Helen, and Judd? The MC is getting involved in too many areas now and they will be found out soon if they don’t get their heads on straight. You don’t need a 9 person super-alliance to take out Helen!!

Tragic Kingdom

I used to think that the older generation was more inclined to make racist comments because to alot of the older generation it does not seem racist to say because it was part of their lexicon and was what everyone they knew said. My father in law would say the most racist things I could imagine and when confronted with this he would be agast that I thought what he said was wrong because the terms he used were what he assumed everyone used because that was all he had ever heard.

As to how this younger generation has come upon this has been harder to figure out, and to tell the truth I really believe that alot of sheltered people (people who are around only their class or race) for the most part

1. They hear alot of what they say in the form of jokes or in a joking way and assume that it is okay to say the same thing, and assume that the other races are doing the same.

2. And this is where most of what I see in this generation, is that it is so closed off by electronics/social media that they do not ever learn the true meaning behind the struggle for equality. Equality is something that happened to them a long time ago, and is not an ongoing struggle, and does not have the meaning since they do not know what happened.

The back of the bus comment was hard to read, where it has alot of meaning for me, and I am a middle aged white guy, anyone who lived through that dark time when citizens of this great country were treated with less equality then others should never be the reason for a smile. But these kids have no knowledge today of what that means.

I do not think anyone should lose a job, a dollar, or be harassed in any way over comments on big brother, as that will not help anyone learn, but make their heart hard about these things and make it even harder to break the cycle of ignorance. My opinion is that the BB15 cast should be forced to ride the back of a bus to D.C. with no A/C and them be made to walk from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial, and listen to the MLK speech at the end.

Just my 2 cents, it is fine if someone does not agree with me, because that is what free speech is all about.


Thanks for your over long but sanctimonious comment. Feel better?


many professions and companies believe that their employees represent them inside and outside of the work place – and this is not uncommon. I work in a school with kids as a guidance counselor, if I did any of the things in this house, including nudity (esp if nude pictures were on the internet) or expressed racist views, I would lose my license permanently and never work in this profession. Even when I worked in finance in my young 20s, we often had to sign contracts noting that we would behave and conduct ourselves in an appropriate manner (which was outlined in the contract, mostly things like drugs, public intoxication, etc.) in public lest we be subject to punitive action and possible termination bc they saw us as representatives of the company 24 hours a day and needed to trust their employees. It is not as rigid as it sounds, be a normal person, and it’s good, but I personally wouldn’t want people who carry themselves in a way so contrary to my personal values and who malign others so publicly and maliciously to work for me. Listen, 15 people get on BB, and so relatively few go on reality tv, it is a choice, no one is forcing them, so maybe they need to be more conscious of the weight responsibility and burden that comes with exposing yourself on such a large and influential scale in the name of fame and fortune.


So basically nasty spencer is going to be carried through game with all the side deals he is making and talking down to the ladies. he is that one that will get far and never win a challenge. Gr

Amanda is so smart, I just wish she would have come with a game plan before she went in the house.
But it’s cleared her only goal/plan is to get a new D1€k.


I think things could get a little flipped today.
Amanda and McCrea were having a conversation in the bathroom not long ago,
I don’t know if he is still faking with her and still all about MC or not, but he was talking
like he was starting to shift. Elissa was also working Jessie pretty good in the early hours,
but no telling if Jessie is really on board, she is a total wildcard. Wishful thinking on my part
probably, but it almost seems like keeping Elissa could be pulled off.
Truthfully I think they are just going to cancel Aryans HOH due to the cheating, I think tonight
and tomorrows shows are going to be very interesting.

BTW- About half of these crazy HG’s were all up until about 10 minutes ago (almost 5 am BB time).
Simon or Dawg should have the next 5-6 hours free from having to update much!

And also…..Howard and Candice are looking pretty cozy in bed together….that could be power
couple number….4? 5? BB15 should be called the season of hormones.

STFU Donnie

If McCrae isn’t MC then he becomes a top candidate for dumbest player of all time. Right now he’s nobody’s target, is in a secret alliance that has the house wired, and has a fake girlfriend who may or may not be using him…but who cares as she lets him play with her b**bs.

So some are thinking he’s going to risk it all to save Elissa, a girl with a horrible game and undeserved power, which she has used ham-handedly, and ensure that the MC know he was the traitor (they’ve voiced their suspicion to him because of Amanda so if something is amiss, McCrae knows he will be blamed) and ruin the alliance? People think he’s going to risk Jeremy exploding and making sure the house knows McCrae is his new Elissa, risk that Howard and Spencer are going to get wind of his flip through Amanda and already have his replacement vote from Jessie, thereby keeping Nick and making sure McCrae is done in MC.

People are actually suggesting that McCrae trade Howard, Nick, Jeremy, and Spencer for Helen, Candace, Andy, and Judd!!! I get Elissa fans are looking for anything, but don’t kid yourselves.


The MC has been disbanded and nonexistent in my mind by now. Jerm voted with the other side last week…yeah, yeah…I know it was to split the vote, but he has been about nothing but those racist bitches since. He is no MC member. Spencer is a bigot, so him and Howard working together…idk about you, but I don’t work with my enemies. Nick has to be taken out sooner than later…and he is working everyone for himself, not for the MC….

MC2 can be: McCrea, Amanda, Howard…and the rest that have been wronged. Get Nick out and keep your numbers strong. Get the rest out and POW…then start taking people out from your team once it is necessary….

Hope Amanda and McCrea stay n the game…I LIKE THEM…TITilating enjoyment 😉


its been said about 100 times now from multiple members of moving company that they want amanda going home next

i think they send her home next week if they are in an hoh position to do so wether mcpizza wants it or not

he will just be told sorry bro we are doing this for the good of moving company and all our games


For the record, I am not an Elissa fan.
I am however a batshit crazy drama fan.
So while the MC is strong and stealthy and it would be an accomplishment to go through the house
with all 5 intact, it will be boring to me if that is how it all plays out. Plus 2 of the MC irritate me to
no end (Spencer, Jeremy), and I want to see them both get burned.

Other than that, Elissa has no clue how to play this game. She can leave or stay, no matter to me.
(But the drama of her staying would be live feed GOLD….GOLD I tell ya!)


it wont be boring for MC to reach final 5 as its a very difficult challenge to accomplish


I think hoh needs a movie night. Stick aaryn Gina Marie and spencer in there all day showing them any movie that has to do with jews and segregation. Tell them they r gonna have an advantage in next hoh so they really need to pay attention. Then call all three if them out right before the hoh and tell them they don’t have to compete in anymore competitions. Then tell them they r being punished for racist comments air them live and tell them they will be on slip for remainder if time can’t be hoh and will never be MVP. And tell them they have all been fired except for spencer since he is union they are taking the proper steps to fire him. Let them sit on that sh&t while they r in there staring at the walls. Lol.


Ok look I would for sure say yes about the deal with Howard and Spencer but the problem is I will say this I would love to work with Howard because he’s strong BUT Spencer is number 1 fat 2 cant run and 3 is NEVER going to win HOH or POV because he isn’t like David or Jeremy or Jeff (From Big Brother 11) he is simple just fat or mentally strong sad to say but its the truth the only HOH he could MABE win would be the answering questions but that’s about it he cant run however, if I were playing Aaryn, Kaitlyn, and Jeremy’s game I would go with them just because of the numbers yes, Spencer may be fat, cant run or not strong but that is WAY better than having just them 3 together and not having any group and just getting picked off 1 by 1 every week (Aaryn is my favorite this season) so lets say Aaryn if I were playing Aaryn’s game her best’s bet is to go with Spencer, Howard, Amanda, and McRae (Which I HATE McRae and Amanda they have a BAD GAME PLAY) so they are going to be gone in just a few weeks because them contestants aren’t dumb they know whats going on between them 2 but even though I hate McRae and Amanda they have to go with them or they will be gone period I myself would do that if I were on the chopping block oh and while were talking about game lets say this Jeremy and Howard think Aaryn is the strongest girl there?? Huh?? Really?? I mean Aaryn is like tiny and doesn’t have very many muscle’s how could she be the strongest women in the house?? Hmm??? Weird??? I myself think Amanda is the strongest there she is tall kinda fat not skinny type but I think she is the strongest there…. Anyways I would go with Amanda, McRae, Spencer, and Howard to get votes and to keep themselves in the game yes meaning (Kaitlyn, Aaryn, and Jeremy) woooooohoooooooooooooo keep winning Aaryn team Aaryn for the win:))


You are either a 21 year old bully still in high school picking on the fat kid, or a 13 year old bully in the making. Either get a life, or straightened up!

Okie Annie

The cheating should be enough to punish her, make her HOH week worthless and nobody goes home, and at this point Jeremy thinks he can get away with anything, so something must be done. Neither one can play for HOH for a week (or 2!), but I doubt they will be expelled.


im so sick of these people getting all upset when someone is “Talking game”. CONSTANTLY we hear about how dare elisa and Helen talk game, only to have these bunch of…

seriously, ive never felt this….detached, from a cast before. I feel like im watching the WORST parts of high school in High Def, and frankly I have no interest in it. did they really not have a single “shelly” this season to mix it up a bit?

and I HATE complaining about casting, but Jeremy? really? spencer? aaryn? its all the same BS.

Stooge Banter

the season is lacking the warmth and humour of a britney from usa bb or a jillian or andrew or talla from this years canadian bb – i really miss stooge banter


I don’t get why Elissa is even on Big Brother – sibling rivalry, fame, whatever. She’s a ‘baller’s’ wife so she hardly needs the money. She’s got no game at all.


producers recruited Elissa and Kailtin and added in the mvp power so they can control the game better. Egg is on their face, this cast is the worst I have seen. Jeremy thinks he is a Russell and a poor one at that. I wonder if the producers asked her if she was racist or if she lied and lied about it.
If any of these people were try BB fans, Elissa should be holding a Dan funeral about now.


Howard, I had more respect for you than this. You know who the racist/prejudice people of the house are-you spoke up about it on TV Sunday night. There is no way you can possibly stand Jerm…and now, the above caption reads as though you don’t know Spencer is a prejudice person too…Why, oh, why get involved with them? There are 3 people with no real power by themselves…take Spencer if you have to and go get in a strong group with the rest of the house…McCrea, Amanda, Andy, Jesse, and Helen.

If everyone doesn’t vote out Nick, I think I might need a Xanax myself. Maybe BB producers can give me one…


Oh yeah, and get Judd on your side too with the rest of them. (Why do I keep forgetting about Judd???) Then everyone pick-off Aaryn Nation, Jerm, Kailyn, and GM.

Their side:
Aaryn Nation
Spencer (maybe?)

New Power to get above out:
Amanda (Smart, secretly in charge)
McCrea (Also in charge w/Amanda…do her bidding be-otch 🙂
Howard (They have made slurs regarding him)

Judd (he seems like a fair dude)
Jesse (They make fun of her)
Helen (They have made slurs regarding her)
Andy (They have made slurs regarding him)
Candance (They have made slurs regarding her)
Elissa 🙂


Amanda and McCrea should be orchestrating the vote-out of Nick right now with some of these players. I would go to Howard, Andy and Candance first and tell them these are the racist pigs that they need to get out…They do not deserve to be here. Do not give them their way by getting rid of Elissa…It will be easier getting them all out with Elissa’s MVP… Tell Howard and Judd, Nick is a strong player, he hung in to the end on that first comp and “gave it” to McCrae. Get him out now. Tell Jesse the same thing, and tell her how much those girls are talking about her…

That’s 8 votes for Nick out and them not getting what they want vs. their 2, maybe 3 with Spencer. If possible leave Spencer out of the whole plan…so he sees he has no one…that will still be 5 to 9 in the house if they stand strong.

I don’t see what’s so hard…They just all talk to much without thinking…TALK, TALK, TALK…They are making so many agreements with each other, they are confusing themselves.


I agree. Nick is the best of a few of the HGs that seem to have good gameplay.


Yup, by far. So, get him out now or he will dominate till the end…Seen this in so many BBs in the past. Get out the strongest while he can’t fight back…to orchestrate that chance again would be hard…Thing is…Nick is a very strong psychical player and he pays that under since first physical comp…not by accident. He is an excellent game player with both men and women and, yet says nothing really negative about anyone…He is the player that will win. Excellent game by him so far, and he has not pulled out any stops yet. STOP HIM NOW.

Stooge Banter

howard and jess want amanda out as she is a bullying, racist loud bitch


Aaryn and Ginamarie like to call themselves the “bb bunnies”….. yeah right they’re more like the”bb dummies”.


LMFAO! Good one 🙂


Amanda, Helen, Candice or Andy needs to win the next HOH. If any other person wins it would be a week of travesty to watch. I am a huge fan of the format of BB USA but with this cast I wish that it follows the format of BBUK where the viewers control the votes to evict. I just can’t stand to watch the bigotry of Arryn, Jeremy, GM and Spencer. Somehow a part of me wishes that Candice or Helen steps out of the house and sue Arryn and GM just so they will learn the consequences of their “free speech”.


This season is so dumb. Dumb people, dumb gameplay, dumb casting.


..Is this Big Brother, or a dating show? Seriously this is the most disgusting cast ever, with racist comments and comments about women. They don’t want to play the game, just fk everything that moves… And Jessie “everyone has a boyfriend…. So I want one” like really?
And everyone being scared of Jeremy like really he can’t win every single competition
These people are idiots, lol.


The South has a different culture than the rest of the US. Having lived in Texas for many years I saw many talk in a way that would be taken as “racist” comments. Yet these same people would be the first to come along side their neighbor, regardless of race, and help them in whatever way they could. The racist comments are thought to be just the way things have always been said.

I compare that to myself, who is more than willing to talk against inequality but at times not all that willing to help my neighbor of a different race. I ask myself are the two of us, Aaryn and myself, are that different.

But, CBS does need to do something, soon!


I don’t know what exactly you are trying to say, but saying things like: “You won’t be able to see her in the dark;” “Go cook some rice;” and calling gay people “fruits” and “queers” are not the norm for the way most southern people would like to be portrayed to talk. Then, to proceed and say, but we’d be the first to help our neighbor regardless of race is like that old line: “(derogatory comment,) but I have plenty of black people as my friends…my best friend is black.” Ummm, yeah.

You would not be that willing to help a neighbor of a different race? You either cannot type a coherent sentence to express your thoughts, or you are just as prejudice as the rest of those “southern folk.”

PS-Just the way things have always been said, does not make it right. That should have at least ended over forty years ago.


Ellie, I have family that lives in Texas and I visit frequently – sorry, not buying into what you’re saying. The simple fact is – Aaryn who hails from Texas has said some very disturbing racist comments while hooked up to a live microphone with a house that is wired with cameras 24/7, I, for one, am not going to look for excuses for the comments that MANY of these house quests have uttered. Yes, we’re living in America – and freedom of speech is of utmost importance – but no one will ever convince that in 2013 a reference that the black fishies on the bottom of a fish tank is equivalent to a black person being forced to ride in the back of the bus is funny, excusable or anything other than ignorance and a complete absence of decency.

Bigot Brother Stinx

Howard can turn this house around and secure himself MVP. Make a Dan Gheesling speech.

Go to Elissa and Helen 10 min. b4 the live show on Thurs. and ask them to cede their time to him. Then stand up and say he’s embarressed that as a youth counseller he has stood quietely by while some HG’s have acted in a bigoted, bullying way. Worst af all is the complete dismissal and denigration of women. He doesn’t want his kids to watch this and think that it’s ok. A person has to stand up and and defend people when they are unable to defend themselves. Then he should out the MC right there. Turn to Elissa and say he’s sorry he waited so long.

In doing this he will almost ensure the MVP, and will organize the “outcast” group behind him, He will have votes and protection all the way to the end, because the outcasts will see him as a leader and protector.

Do you think it would work?


Would it work? Sure…

Will it happen? Um, no.

STFU Donnie

I love the thinking, but there some problems as I see it:

This is not Howard’s 1st taste of racism and he knows full well how easy it would be for the house to turn him into Al Sharpton, somebody who cries racism at every turn. Remember that the house laughs at the “jokes”…and Amanda (suddenly the house conscience…) was right there with Aaryn. He can’t predict how the house will go if he lets it become polarized by race. He knows that’s risky. He’s said as much.

You’re assuming he knows that the house racism has been exposed publicly and that the overwhelming reaction has been negative towards the guilty parties. And you’re assuming Howard believes he even needs MVP or that it’s something he wants. All pretty big leaps if you’re Howard.

You’re advice is suggesting that he’s NOT sitting in the catbirds seat. I just don’t think anybody is in a better spot than Howard, so this would be like Dan giving a “stir the s**t” speech right after him, Boogie, Frank, Brittney, etc made their big pact. Dan only made big moves when his back was against the wall. Howard’s is as far from the wall as anybody in the house.




I see a lot of comments about aaryn being from the south and how the culture is different. No one is excusing her behavior however i am a southern gal now living in the north and i am ashamed of Aaryn being from the south. I am 35 and my parents taught me the southern culture and how it was wrong. We were taught everyone was created equal. My parents emphasized t wrongs that were made and educated us. The south isnt all about racism its about hospitality, loving thy , and fried chicken after church on sunday, and sitting in the front porch all weekend. Its not the culture, its how you were raised in the south. Aaryn gives the south a bad name. And furthermore to prove that racism is everywhere, GinaMarie is from the north and she is just as ignorant.


good thing about having big boobs is that my boobs get in a room 5 mins before me…..


The housemate who is most ruinous to this season of BB is ….. Spencer. Having a team evil in BB or indeed any reality TV show is quite often a good thing because it creates the opportunity for the good guys – and girls – to triumphantly defeat them. But when you have someone like Spencer behind the scenes conspiring with the enemy and completely compromising the chances of something positive ultimately happening then quite quickly intrigue and interest turns to anger and then disinterest. At the moment that is exactly how I’m feeling about BB15.


Does anyone have a clear video of Aaryn Nation and Germmy cheating? CBS is obviously aware of all of the constant prejudicial slurs because they spent quite some time on it on their last TV show. I am sure CBS/BB peeps are monitoring this site and others that have viewers commenting on the show. I don’t get why they are allowing this to happen…

First off, they should have eliminated Aaryn Nation and Germmy from obtaining the reward of HoH right from the beginning after they saw that they cheated. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY THEY WERE ALLOWED TO BE REWARDED WHEN THERE IS VIDEO PROOF THAT THEY CHEATED.

Secondly, I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY THEY ARE ALLOWING THE PREJUDICIAL STATEMENTS TO CONTINUE EITHER…and not penalize them and call them out on it and tell them to stop.

I like Bigot Brother Stinx idea, but Amanda said that she too heard prejudicial statements. Okay, well Stinx, this would be the way it has to work.

Amanda needs to get all of the people I mentioned above together and make a plan for the live eviction night. When Julie goes in with the basic questions…”Oh, how has the week been?” They immediately need to start voicing the cheating and prejudice comments one after another…BOOM, BOOM, BATT!! No matter who she goes to (other than the a-holes) they just kept saying the same things…Let the a-holes jaws hit the floor and stutter over themselves…Amanda, Howard, someone needs to say, “Why has heard this type of remark?” and they raise their hands…It’s live…make the a-holes look horrible and not prepared to defend themselves…



I know I am late to the party but how exactly did Aaron and Jeremy cheat?


Supposedly, in the veto competition with the BBQ sauce, one team member was suppose to dump the sauce in the other team member’s cup…and the 2nd team member got it to the jug. From what I hear, Germ and Aryan Nation just switched cups instead of dumping one to another, thus eliminating any waste that could be dropped in the transfer. It has to be on tape somewhere.


Did Nick only bring one shirt? I’ve seen that green tank more than any person should.


Judd the new powerhouse, love it !


Judd is one of the few people I like this season. He plays up the yokel schtick well, people underestimate him. I think he’s smarter than he lets on. If anyone in the house could flip the power and shake up the alliances, I think it would be Judd. I’m pretty sure he’s figured out that the guys are together, and he is smart enough to understand that most of the girls are airheads, that you have to be careful about telling too much because they change their minds so often and so quickly, they are led by their emotions. I would love to see him win HOH. Move over Joe, we have a new Powerhouse alliance of one. I also get the idea that if Spencer goes, the rest of the MC will scatter. He is the glue that holds it together, and he will be the one to take the fall, unless Jeremy out douches him. I would like to see Spencer and Jeremy on the block together and see how that shakes down. Or Amanda and Aaryn, that would be a drama filled week. I don’t see how the MC will not out itself when the votes are counted this week. If Jessie, Andy, Amanda, Candice and Judd vote to keep Elissa, it will be pretty obvious if Nick stays. Nick only needs 6 votes, he has the 4 MC votes and his fake showmance Gina, and I’m sure Kaitlin will vote to keep him too, since she hates Elissa so much. If Amanda votes with the MC, it will be harder to figure out who voted to keep him and who didn’t. But even though Amanda is saying she will do what McCrae wants, I think she will do what she wants. She appears to be smart, and in it to win. She will be in danger if Nick stays and she voted against him. It will be obvious to the MC, and if that happens, McCrae would be an idiot if he tried to save her.


Do we have any idea who is supposed to come back and give the houseguests some juicy info this week? or when it will be? I’m hoping it’s glitter Gary or Powerhouse suzette and I hope they stay 😉


IDK where I was when they said a past houseguest is coming back to give advice this week…maybe it was when I took one of Judd’s Xanax, or something, but what is that about?


If was was Spencer and I was going to describe my game play this season in my own words I would say “my game was an ugly c*** a** b*****. I played too fast too soon and by week two have probably become the number one target over the unapologetic, racist 20-year-old and the loud-mouth bigot”…great accomplishment superfan!


i was just saying the other day, what this house needs is another alliance – not! how do they keep up with it? i sure can’t.


dont forget to mvp vote this week i voting for candice this week cause of the racist soft going on in i like the underdog the other person i want to get mvp is helen so it dont matter who gets it out of those two but we got to make it happen jermmy going around making allin with evrybody the only way we can get him out is helen, candice,,, to keep get mvp let help those two jermmy howard, spencer ,mcrea, aryan ,kiklan ,nick ,gina ,might have allins but candice an helen got us amerrica this is our game to win so let help the underdog candice mvp or the careing helen mvp


I’m still hoping for a good twist. Not because I’m dying to see Elissa stay but just to really piss of and see the faces on Jeremy and the mean girls. I can’t wait to see how they’ve edited this weeks shows and what will happen next! Please let there be a twist in Elissa’s favor or a consequence for the cheaters!


I don’t know why jeremy and his alliances want to get rid of the others so fast… Doesn’t he realize that once they are gone, he has to start going against his friends? Imo it would make more sense to keep the other people so that they are easier to beat in competitions.


I got nickname for Aaryn & GinaMarie: two dumba** racist pricks.


Just a bunch of bullies controlling the house and a handful of weak people who complain about the bullies, but are not doing a darn thing to rid the house of them as they are afraid of Jeremy, so they would rather keep the bullies happy than to kick the bullies out. Makes perfect sense to me.


OMG this is the worst houseguest ever. In the past there were housequest you just screamed at because they were such haters, dumb shit, etc. but never seen such cast that are so racist (the women included) and men calling women names in deragatory way as Spencer and Jeremey has. Jeremey is such a bully. I thought there’s a law against bullies. I hated Brittney in her first season cause she was so mean but she is nothing like Aaryn and GinaMarie. Arryn is really something else. And GM, really? And they both thinks is so darn funny. Really CBS? Paula Dean get fired from her Network for a racist remark but nothing happens to these people as a punishment from Big Brother/CBS. Plus they cheated too, on top of that? REALLY? Sima got kicked out for throwing her mike in the water. A MIKE? BUT no punishment for these racist? This is the first year ever that Im not even that interested with Big Brother. Especially when Elissa is voted out tomorrow. No reason for me to watch anylonger, then. So sad.. I used to loved this show. Never missed an episode even when I went out of town. So far I have missed two episodes.

Day Yum Yum

What about Mcray-Cray? He has been wearing that maroon tee with the “M’ on it since day one! Disgusting! Are some of them only allowed one set of clothing? WTF???