Aaryn says CAUGHT YOU SKETCHY F**KS! Smile you’re going HOME!

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 8
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Nick (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy

1:50pm Nick is in the lounge room talking to McCrae about his conversation with Amanda. He says that she asked him about being related to someone like Dan Gheesling. Nick says that he said no but somewhat avoided the question to leave the question in peoples minds to use the fear to his advantage later in the game. McCrae tells Nick that he thinks he is good for votes. Nick says that he thinks so too. Nick tells McCrae that if he gets HOH he will take it easy and put up Candice, Helen… or Jessie. Nick comments on how its good that Jeremy and Kaitlin are fighting.. just give it some time. Aaryn comes into the room with the HOH camera and jokingly says that she caught them, sketchy fu*ks. Aaryn says smile .. you’re going home! They laugh. Aaryn leaves. McCrae tells Nick that him talking game with Amanda will make her feel more safe with him because it will mean you trust her enough to talk to her. Nick agrees.


CBS Interactive Inc.

2pm – 2:20pm In the bedroom – Nick tells Gina in the bedroom about his conversation with Amanda and says that it was awesome. Nick says that he told Amanda that he is with the other side of the house. Gina tells Nick that she prep-d Amanda for the talk. Gina says that she also told Amanda that she had her and McCrae’s back because he never put her up the first week. Gina tells Nick that she told Amanda that she is not on her radar. Gina talks about how she always tries to be positive and if she says something negative its to help them. Nick and Gina hug. He tells her that she is doing so awesome and that they will do more tonight (to make sure he has the votes).

2:15pm In the bedroom – Andy comes to talk to Nick and asks her how her conversation went. Amanda says that it went great and that she told him if he keeps them safe, they will keep him safe. Meanwhile in the kitchen – Aaryn, Jeremy, Andy, Judd and Helen are talking. Aaryn talks about how she had to do her HOH blog. Judd asks her if she wrote about their showmance.

2:30pm – 2:35pm The house guests continue to take HOH photos. Spencer, Jeremy and McCrae re-enact the Willie/Joe fight from last season. McCrae is Ian in the background trying to hold them back and acting scared.

2:45pm Up in the HOH room – Kaitlin, Gina and Aaryn are talking. Aaryn brings up how the fish in the tank are segregated where the black ones stay on the bottom and the white ones are on top. She says that its a survival thing. Gina says kind of like the back of the bus. Aaryn laughs and says that’s funny.


2:50pm – 2:55pm In the lounge room – Jeremy, Howard and Spencer are talking. Jeremy says that he needs to eat all day. I get my bit*hes to cook. Jeremy talks to them about how Aaryn was all about making deals yesterday talking about making a deal with Amanda and McCrae. Spencer says that is the only way she will vote Elissa out if she thinks you will get MVP. Jeremy says that the longer Amanda is here the more chance she has to figure it out. Howard agrees and says that once she convinces Aaryn, it is all over. Jeremy says that Candice has to go too.


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I bet in her HoH blog that to thank all the white people who dislike Blacks, Asians, Gays, or even Jews. Also, the KKK group for watching your back and also her BFF KKK alliance member GinaMarie. I hope she will get evicted next week so everyone will heavily booed for her. Thanks racist.


You are really starting to come off pathetic with the same rants over and over again.


Sorry Purrrrkitty – you’re confused – it’s Aaryn and Gina that are ‘coming off pathetic with the same rants over and over again.”


ahahahaha.. Good one Twist, oh man, I can’t stop laughing… wow. whew.


Is that you Aaryn’s mom/dad?


the racism chat is getting boring and monotonous now


I like how they only bother *you*. I often wonder who downvotes the comments against Aaryn and the bigots.. other close minded uneducated racists perhaps?


You wonder who “downgrades” the comments made by a bunch of 3rd grade-education-havin’, cousin-humping, confederate-flag-waving, short-bus-to-school-riding, monster-truck-lovin’-and-drivin’, North-Carolina-is-THE-high-class-super-fancy-beach-front-vacation-spot-believin’, Coors-or-nothin’-drinkin’ , Winston-smokin’,Tobacco-chewin’n’spittin’, lawn furniture in the living room and living room furniture in the front yard-havin’; “my daughter-is-also-my-step-mother/half-aunt-twice-removed” claimin’, both Maury-and-Jerry-watchin’ and appearin’, 3-legged-dog-named “Adolph” ownin’, and FINALLY…Kid-Rock-listenin’ and “White Christmas” watchin’ MENSA organization rejects? WHO downgrades the com–w-wait a minute…you HAVE heard of Yahoo, right? I know being viscious is kind of a sport online and I DO hope you’ll forgive me this once, but with all due respect (and I mean it) D-D-D-U-U-U-H-H-H-H!

sister 69 or something, I forgot my BB screen name

Oops, the last “Name” comment was me with the long DUH.


Hey Captain…………….. – I’m at a loss for words over the ‘back of the bus’ comment – I said earlier that I thought these people couldn’t help themselves and more racist remarks would be said – but my God… the back of the bus… just evil mean-spirited ignorance!

Amandas Vagina

Yes it’s getting old. Can’t believe they keep on saying it though.


I honestly cannot get over how ridiculous this cast is this season. From the Aaryn Nation, the endless bigotry, and terrible moves, I’ve never missed the older seasons more — I especially miss The Brigade, ungh.

That being said, I still can’t stop watching because if nothing else, the backlash that’s come about for the racists/homophobes/misogynists is truly rewarding. The chances that Aaryn will suddenly change her ways are very slim to none, but hey — maybe someone, somewhere, will be influenced at least a little bit by the consequences served.
I mean honestly, does she not realize that Asian? I hope that when she finally gets evicted, the audience throw rice at her as she exits the Big Brother House. Or soy sauce. Anything, really.


woops, **does not realize that *Julie Chen is Asian?


Simon!!! don’t scare me like that with this kind of headlines, I had a mini heart attack lol…


Gina when you say something negative, you are telling Nick its to help his game. Gina please continue this strategy, if it is a strategy. You’ll be helping him right out the door. Gina, here is another clue. When a guy….a guy says we are going to fast. Its a big warning sign that he’s just not into you. Especially when he says it might be months before he is ready to ah..ah…kiss. That’s about the right about of time when Big Brother will be nearly over and you hopefully according to Nick will be in the jury house and able to vote for him.

Howard is now saying he’s offended at some of the racial comments being made. Ok, that may be true, but you also said you must keep your eyes on the prize, and that’s also true. So on one side you have Aaryn, Gina, Kaitlin, Spencer and Jeremy pretty much saying any derogatory comment they desire, and by proxy are supported by Nick and well also by you Howard. Howard with your silence you are pretty much condoning their behavior. There comments weren’t pointed directly at you until today. Aaryn keeps feeling out Jeremy to see his feelings towards you. As soon as she gets the green light, its a go to include you into her award winning insightful remarks.

No one is calling these girls or guys out on these comments. So they feel very comfortable expressing these slurs to whomever is within ear shot. So tell me Howard, based on these racial comments. If Aaryn, Gina and Kaitlin get to the jury, would they be more like likely or less likely to vote for someone of color. As the number of house guest start to dwindle, would it more likely or less likely they put you on the block? Howard your best case is shipping these 3 out before they get to jury. However, you keep targeting Amanda. Yep Amanda may be a threat to MC, but she would at least be a jury member that is fair. Keeping those 3 in and getting rid of Amanda actually will hurt your game.

Amanda possibly aligning with Jeremy and Aaryn could spell doom for Helen and company. Amanda is one of the few girls that thinks strategically and that’s bothering Moving Company. The question is whether Amanda realized through all the pressure that McCrae was putting her under, that she got the hint to go along with him at least temporarily. If she is playing both sides like Moving Company, then great. However, if Helen has really lost Amanda to the other side, then the importance of this next HOH competition has taken on even great importance. It means Helen is only really working with Judd, Andy and Candice. Run through Helen’s possible nomination scenarios and its like shooting fish in a barrel. I going to assume that someone in Helen’s group wins MVP, then all 3 nominations will be those of her rival houseguests. Can you imagine 2 MC members on the block and either Aaryn, Gina or Kaitlin as the 3rd nomination. MC won’t have the votes outright and would have to press to hard to save their own; therefore, raising suspicions and possibly outing their alliance. If MC or one of their proxies win the next HOH, then Helen’s group will remain in a fog and continue to do MC’s bidding. Both Helen and Andy confide in Spencer which is essentially telling MC. Both Judd and Andy confide in Howard which is essentially telling MC. Helen’s group can’t make a move without MC knowing about it. Yep, they need to win this next HOH and start creating cracks in this MC alliance.

Fleur de Lis

Very good catch about Howard needing to get the racists out before jury. No doubt about it that he would never get their vote.

I really want Helen to win the next HOH and MVP and put up two of the guys and the third with the MVP nom. Whichever one comes down then put another guy out. Unfortunately, They need to deal with the guys alliance before the racist alliance. It’s their only chance at survival. It should be easier to realize that they are working together if Nick doesn’t get sent home this week.

STFU Donnie

You think too much like Helen. Her best play is to not respond to Elissa’s eviction with aggression. Her best play is to lay far back and try to survive until she can figure out a way to play the people she KNOWS aren’t with her against each other. If she goes right at them with the HOH and wields her MVP like a giant weapon, then she will likely evict an “enemy” she could use later (one of the mean girls) rather than her true threats (the MC)…and no matter what, she puts herself in a must win HOH/POV/HOH to survive, which means her game is largely over.

Just play it out next week with Helen as HOH and MVP, Jeremy, Nick and Aaryn are nominated and none win the POV. Helen won’t vote and let’s go best case and say Candace, Andy, Judd, and Jessie vote out Jeremy…but Kaitlin, Gina, Spencer, Howard, McCrae, and Amanda evict Aaryn. 5-4 MC remains safe. At the end of the day Helen will never be sure about her suspicions, specifically the MC nominally on her side. She especially will not jump on Spencer, Howard, and McCrae on a whim, when she sees 5 people she KNOWS are against her still around. You know Spencer, Howard, and McCrae will be right there saying we have to get Jeremy out…all while plotting to save him.

And even if she does manage to have 3 MC on the block and keep them there, she’s just sealing her fate to be evicted right after them. I like Helen and she wants to play (even if she doesn’t do it well at all), which makes me want her to survive. As a fan I want the boy crazy mean girls or floaters like Andy, Judd, and Jessie out. Helen does not have a play other than to be non-threatening and convince her enemies that she is an open player without Elissa. She should read Elissa’s eviction as a sign that she is not in a position of power or strength, which means she needs to find shelter before she can make a plan of attack. If she responds emotionally her game is over…deservedly so.


I don’t understand Howard. How can he work with the MC alliance and still sit and listen to Spencer and Jeremy talk. They are so offensive and yet the money seems to mean more than self worth. I have no idea what it would be like to have to live in that house. But if there are other people who are getting these remarks thrown at them, then he should at least consider working with a side than also understands prejudice. No amount of money would make me want to work with misogynistic, bullying, homophobic, bigoted people.

Chilltown Fan

Been a pretty slow and predictable week in the BB house. Hopefully Candice or Helen get HOH next week to shake up the house. I don’t mind the MC, but want to see them scramble when faced with adversity.


they are faced with adversity…nick is on the block, and nothing is ever certain

but i hope elissa goes, which looks likely…then amanda is the target


Now Gina with the fish jokes?
I hope she wins hoh next, that’s the only way CBS will show her real edit.

The minute they do that, nick might lose some of his fan support.
Really starting to hate the MC, they just have so much scum on their side.


I have lost almost all respect for Spencer after the comments about getting girls drunk and giving them roofies to have sex. Please Nick don’t say anything to mess up my support for you.


Lost “almost all”? I’ve lost all. He’s disgusting. Did you catch a few days ago when he said that he just dates someone until they sleep with him then he never calls them again? Disgusting pig.


@Blake – Seriously… This seasons houseguests (majority) are absolutely disgusting!!! And out of ALL -and there is plenty- of the things that Spencer, Gina, Jeremy, Aaryn, Katlin, Amanda + Nick has said… You’re concern is about Spencer jokingly saying back in the day he could only get girls by getting them drunk/roofied them????? WHO CARES?! It may have been a stupid thing to say, I’m definitely not defending him because overall I think he’s just as repulsive as the rest of them however, he did say “Nah, just kidding… but you know what I mean” & I think that comment should be the LEAST of anyones worries. GinaMarie is talking about “The Back of the Bus”… but you highlight a petty joke Spencer made……………………………… 0_o

& Nick is a dick too. He’s made plenty of horrible comments, has sat there giggling while sitting in on racist, sexist discussions & hasnt said anything that indicates he doesnt feel the same as the rest of these prejudice pricks. AND the cherry on top is how he is SOOO arrogant (maybe slightly less than Jeremy, but he’s still pretty close) for someone who has zero merit. He came in the house as a egotistical pretentious *Little asshole as if he was going to be ruling over the entire house the whole season! my point- Nick isnt that great of a person either… so I wouldnt be so excited about “giving him any support”


…. i thought that aaryn figured out the MC and that the headline was about nick being evicted, and i was like YES!! team elissa 🙁


How stupid is Spencer & Howard? Of course I don’t like the stuff Spencer says, that aside, talking about game, can’t they see how Jeremy is all about taking out Amanda but all for keeping his cheer leaders,Arayn,Katlin, & Jessie. I’m starting to think Spencer has a thing for Jeremy too…OH how I hope Candice or Amanda win this next HOH & FLIP this house! Get Jeremy OUT! I can’t stand him or Aaryn! Or Jessie or GinaMarie & I wish they would do something about their awful hair extensions! that thing GM had on her head last night looked very hungry & scary! Nick won’t ever kiss her, that thing might attack!


I agree. Add McRae. They all cater to Jeremy too much. If Kaitlyn goes, he’ll probably just get with Aaryn.

sister 69 or something, I forgot my BB screen name

They should all just collectively suck Jeremy’s wiener…I mean seriously, people; we could all play the semantics/ESP guessing games the whole, bland and banality filled season and still come to the same conclusion: they all LIKE sucking on Ugly-Dumber-Poorer-Ashton-Kutcher’s wiener because almost (almost!0 everyone in that house is a morally and ethically bankrupt media hooker and Jeremy is giving up free sausage. Their families and friends will suffer along with us until it’s finally over. We can turn off the T.V. but can they, as it is often asked, “go home again?” Ugh, this whole lame-a-s crew makes me want to die a little each time I watch. Thanks 4 letting me blab; peace! Oh, and P.S. I’m never gonna buy a hot dog again. My reference too painful, even for me.

STFU Donnie

You’re missing what’s happening. The MC know the mean girls and Jessie are easily controlled and manipulated…except for Aaryn who they plan to take out after the other side’s numbers are reduced. Spencer and Howard humor Jeremy because he’s their heat magnet and has not for a second acted like he really cares about the mean girls…whereas McCrae has to mention that Amanda loves him in every conversation and follows her around like a puppy.


yeah but Jeremy threatened Spencer & Howard & well everybody saying that they BETTER vote Elissa out or he was coming after them! It looks like HE is in control of them (S&H). What I’m trying to say is, can’t they (S&H) figure out that J is surrounding just himself with all those girls & that he will use that to make them (S&H) do what HE wants. in other words, MC be damned, it’s all about what Jeremy wants & that’s it. He won’t even talk about getting out any mean girls, it’s Amanda,Helen,Candice Andy,Judd, on Jeremys list. McCrae is trying to let them know that Amanda will vote the way he want’s her to just like Jeremy says his girls will vote the way he wants them to. Aaryn told S&H about Jeremy telling Kaitlin he loved her. i know they may blow that off as bs game talk on J side but still, he has all those votes in his hand. i hope I’m explaining this right…

STFU Donnie

Pretty sure that everybody has figured out that Jeremy is all bluster and talking out of his ass. He has Kaitlin…and Aaryn is increasingly problematic with her mix of paranoia and jealousy over Kaitlin which I think is why he’ll be cool with her eviction. Howard and Spencer have far more control over Jessie, plus influence over Helen, Candace, Judd, and Andy. I think they get Jeremy panicked with his Elissa threat…and since the plan was always Elissa, Howard and Spencer just sat back and watched Jeremy bully everybody…keeping all eyes on Jeremy and away from them.

You’re just putting WAY too much stock in how great Jeremy thinks Jeremy is.


amanda getting booted out will be awesome


It seems that not even two hours go by without a racist or sexist comment from the usual offenders. These people are disgusting. If someone doesn’t get rid of one of these people soon, I’m done with big brother. I can’t stand the man girl crew or the moving company. Anyone who says the deserve the money and someone else doesn’t is an idiot. What a bunch if self-entitled, mean-spirited racist douche bags!




Me too, the headline had me going. I was so happy, only to be sooooo disappointed seconds later:( It’s ok though…….I’m over it:) However, I’d love it if that did happen & they did find out & keep Elissa. Speaking of her, for someone who’s on the block, we haven’t seen her much in these blogs. Not at all really. She’s not even trying to save herself. Kinda pathetic really. She’s just throwin in the towel. Way to let America down. Lol. I’ve been an Elissa supporter too. But honestly her non-existent game-play flatout sucks!
The racism is really getting old too. I’m so sick of hearing it. CBS needs to do something about it. They won’t & haven’t bc they’re loving it. Loving them ratings. Sad but true.


Remember season 13 when Lawon & Brendon battle it out. Lets do the same.


The reason you haven’t seen her is cause she hasn’t been in the live feeds. I was watching earlier & never did see her. I know I get up earlier where I live but even when the HG were getting up I still didn’t see her any where. Another annoying thing is that there will be people everywhere & I swear the cameras stay on Jeremy, I got sick of watching him, 4 cameras & 2 will be on the same person, same with the other 2 cameras…idk if anyone else is having that same problem but it’s flat out annoying! 4 cameras needs to be showing 4 different places, at ALL times! jmo…


I would also love to see Helen purpose to Aryan to keep Elisa so she can put up Katlan. She may go for it. Amanda and her team need to play up Katlan’s arrogance. I just can’t believe more stories are not going around Nick. A lot of them don’t trust him. Elisa needs to talk to all of them and fight to stay. I don’t like production to interfere but would love to see Elisa stay just to see the bigots go nuts! lol That is mean to say…not. Amanda, Helen, Elisa and Candice are the only ones that see the guys alliance. GM, Katlan and Aryan continuously say how dumb the other girls are and at least they have a clue. If Elisa goes (looks like that is the case) I would like to see the Amanda girls get Andy, Judd, and MC to stick together. I’m also disappointed that the group doesn’t call out the bigotry.

STFU Donnie

That’s great…except Aaryn doesn’t control a single vote, not even her own. The MC makes 4, Kaitlin will do what Jeremy says and will not keep Elissa on Aaryn’s say and there’s no way Gina votes out Nick. That’s 6 votes and that’s ballgame. And let’s not forget that Amanda will go where McCrae goes and Judd and Jessie will likely go wherever the MC tells them. Helen and Elissa think they’re operating from strength and on eviction night Helen is going to get knee-capped by Elissa’s eviction and served with reality.


If only someone could expose Nick as one of the voters for David, it might drive Aaryn to get her girls to turn on Nick, even GM. Especially since GM has put so much trust in Nick thus far.

I’m lost about the whole Amanda thing. I have no idea where she stands. She seemed so solid with Helen’s group, but now it seems like she is possibly switching over. Is she just playing the other side?

STFU Donnie

But how could that ever happen, especially with Jeremy there telling the girls that whoever said it is just creating a lie to save Elissa? Don’t get me wrong the MC are far from as safe as they believe and are making mistakes, but this week is a done deal and there’s absolutely no way Kaitlin and Gina aren’t bouncing Elissa…even if they’re certain Nick voted out David…who was Aaryn’s guy for a single week anyway. Those 2 plus the 4 MC is all it takes to send Elissa home. The only way Elissa could save herself is by getting the MC to knock off Helen…which means Howard, Spencer, McCrae and Jeremy is who she needs to be working on…not an angle to sway an HOH that can’t even vote.


GM will turn on Nick when she finds out the truth about him. Yes, it will be difficult to convince them Nick was one of the votes for David, however, it’s really one of the last tactics. After the last eviction, Aaryn concluded the 5 votes for Elissa were: herself, Kaitlin, GM, Jeremy, and Nick. Someone on the other side just needs to talk to Aaryn a little more. I’d like Candice or Elissa to do this but those two have no game at this point. Candice obviously was that 5th vote for Elissa so she needs to convince Aaryn there’s a “sketchy” person on her side.

STFU Donnie

I suddenly find myself rooting for Aaryn. For her BB has become a blindfolded obstacle course. Every thread I click on, I keep hoping she’ll make it through without saying something horribly racist or bigoted. I hold my breath reading. She makes it through the first paragraph and I exhale a little. Then when she makes it through the second paragraph, I think this might just be the one that she makes it through. Then WHAM!!! Aaryn drops her racist fish analogy joke and I have to wait for the next thread and start all over again.

Joe Messiah

Why are there rarely any Elissa updates on the live feeds? Do the cameras not focus on her or is she that boring?


Elissa really isn’t on the feeds very much and when she is it’s not always game related or interesting

billy bob

cause everybody is scared to talk to elissa,lol the mean crew doesnt allow her on the cool lunch table.when helen talks to elissa she’s gets nervous,lol shes always like lower your voice!!!! they might hear you,


thats why let mvp vote for candice i hate racist people bus joke come on men let flip this house mvp vote for candice i am tell your friend family too


I’m with you 100%. My vote for MVP this week is Candace! Let’s root for the real underdog-and that’s not Aaryn!!!


I’m on board with giving Candace or Helen the MVP…….they seem to have received the brunt of the racist comments……”the back of the bus ” comment is shameful…everything that comes out of their mouths is shameful…I would be uncomfortable watching a scripted show with what they say…but to know this is real dialogue is truly disturbing…I’m hoping for a super power this week or at least ..hoping for Helen or Candace to get HOH


Definition of a period : a punctuation mark indicating the end of a sentence or phrase, specifically, a dot.


Thanks for the punctuation lesson – now it’s time for your history lesson – and I suggest that you start with the1960’s Civil Rights Movement.


wtf does the civil rights movement have to do with someone’s rambling sentence? Was there a caveat after the movement that says “thou shalt not use punctuation?”. Yeah yeah, I know, you think I’m all for the remarks that are being said because I gave Capt. the gears for continually saying the same things over and over and then running to all of his devices to like his own comment, but see… I say it once, maybe twice… and then it’s done with. So take your civil rights lessons and stick em.


Now now…those that don’t learn from history…

well, this season many of them wound up on Big Brother.


I would prefer to remember them rather than stick em – it seems the lessons learned need to be repeated over and over – because some people have forgotten them or do not care to remember.


The above comment came from Twisted (that would be me) have no idea how Name! showed up – sorry about that Name!


why do so many people on this forum gets upset when we mention what the house guest trash and mak racist remarks ……. simon only can print what Aaryn and gina etc… says we only can comment on whats happening .. unfortunatley the racist comments are apart of the show and it will be talk about because this african woman choose to coexist peacefully rather than stir up racial divide … YOU internet gangster irk me ,,,, some of yall aint no track star why yall so fast ,, talking bout why we have to always mention the racist comments because we are highly dissapointed in college students who suppose to be our next generation …. WE always talk about it because these @$%##% always mentions it. …. how did these sluts end up on my nice programm… … this season will be remember as one of the worst year because people will always remember the LABELS rather than the ISSUES .. SORRY THIS SEASON LABELS STEROTYPES WILL OVER SHADOW THE ISSUE…….UNTIL these bigots are prepared to see everyone else as an individual before labels they will be talked about … IDEALISM at its highest …. racism doesnt matter only when the pundits say it matter that devil is liar ……


hey america i dont care who get mvp out of helen an candice but i do want candice ths week cause of the racist suff i do not want the others to get it cause they will get they way its is wrong to talk about a person color back of the bus joke that worng in they thinks it funny too thats why i keep saying candice desvire mvp vote this week let show people america that racist is not aloud by giving mvp vote to candice


What I would love to see happen, though I’m sure it won’t, on Thursday night, Julie Chen calls out all the racists and homophobes, tells them that they had been warned to stop the name calling, and since they didn’t, Aaryn’s HOH is void and there will be a double eviction with a new HOH and and noms, one of which will immediately go home, then another HOH is held. This would flip that house upside down! It would be epic to see the look on the faces of those racists who couldn’t buy a clue if it was free! Oh well, I can dream!


all heard it here i belive candice will win hoh this week in mvp thats what im count on or helen hoh in she mvp

Ohhh UH! UH!

Are you FREAKING SERIOUS?? What in the HELL is wrong with the producers on this show? Yes I am calling them OUT! This is BEYOND RIDICULOUS how immature, self-absorbed, shallow UGLY individuals like Aaryn and Gina are able to get away with this SH*T with their racist comments? I had watched some of the Big Brother After Dark and I would intermittently hear the producer(s) say things like, “Stop singing” or “(So and so) please quit obstructing your microphone” or “(So and so) please go to the Diary Room” ……… We know that the HG get called to the DR for certain things or to be told to stop doing something. Why is this NOT being addressed? Why isn’t something being done about it? Why have these fools not been ejected from the game? Ratings apparently, they know that it’s like a freaking train wreck and people cannot stop watching.

Listen up Big Brother producers, if you don’t get a handle on these racist fools, America is going to boycott your show. That is NO JOKE. There is only so much people can stand by and listen to this absolute garbage. Your darling Aaryn certainly is obsessed with “white vs. black” her true colors have shown and the girl is nasty.

The only comfort I think those of us have is that when Aaryn has been evicted from the house, Gina has been evicted from the house and when Spencer goes bye-bye from the house … these ignorant fools will have a rude awakening. It is kind of poetic justice that the public knows this before them.

One last thing ……… Julie PLEASE you gotta call Aaryn out on her stuff when you do her exit interview. Please!


Wouldn’t it be great if the BB announcer just called them out. “Aaryn, please stop making racist jokes about Asians.” They can’t, of course, because she would say it negatively affected her game……but I’ll bet that would be the end of the racists comments.


I seriously cannot get over the fact of how much this season sucks and licks balls….sorry guys, but do these people besides Helen, Andy and Elissa have a back bone of their own to stand up to these jerks? What a pathetic bunch of cowards. If it keeps going Lord Eddie Munster’s and Ice Hick Queen’s way (sorry to the people down south but she’s making me mad), they will make a clean sweep of this house. CBS needs to make these people play their own game and not other’s people games and sign it in blood. It’s almost like they don’t gave a mind of their own. It’s ridiculous! Ok, I’m done, I just had to get that off my chest. phew.


first you make terrible comments, and you should think when they say to you that you need to cut it out “oh gosh, how embarrassing, I will look like a total racist douche”

instead, she took the knowledge that they wanted the racist comments to stop, and CONTINUES without hesitation. WTF!!!!

no joke, I am 27, and have never, once, in my entire life, made a “joke” as racist as that back of the bus comment. her being 22 is no darn excuse

boot aaryn from the show already. or at least do NOT make this Rachel where they think bad is good and will bring ratings. I don’t want to watch this girl anymore


I was so excited when I read the title for this post! only to be let down. sigh. but honestly I think I’ve resigned myself to how this week is going to play out… I’m just ready to move on. Wish BB was on tonight!


I agree with everything except the fact that Andy has a backbone. I have a feeling Helen might succumb to the majority mindset because she thinks she needs to in order to win (maybe).

Aaryn = aryan .. Ironic lol

She may have lost her job but attractive people always have no problem getting jobs…employers down the road will forget all about this…..
That being said since CBS wont boot her (doesnt look that way ) america should constantly vote for the minorities of the house till aaryn and gina are out, sadly it isnt fair to some of the houseguests neither is the racism other houseguest have endured. Its also crazy that the house of the show is of asian decent so i can imagine The lovely Julie Chen would love to get rid of those bigots…wait isnt julie chens husband the president of CBS thats what I thought anyhow I could be wrong. nevertheless those clowns need to go.

Aaryn = aryan .. Ironic lol

When i meant america votes i mean the MVP Thing…

elissa rules aaryn drools

get her off the show now give the hoh to ellissa she is a racist person cbs shall not stand this


So everyone knows that Elissa is MVP and nominated Nick… and he’s *still* saying that if he wins HOH, he’ll take it easy and put up Candice, Helen or Jessie… not Elissa! Poor guy. Elissa, what was the point in targeting Nick??

On another note… I hope BB has some type of America’s Player or America’s Choice twist. Maybe have all the most disliked house guests compete in a punishment or punishment competition! lol. Maybe then they’ll get the hint that they are doing something wrong.

If you let something not-so-kosher slip out in a heated argument I think it’s still pretty bad (why would that even cross your mind) but it is somewhat forgivable or forgettable. This, however, is the same people saying the same crap over and over again… this is really what they think! We all heard what Spencer’s mom had to say. I wonder what Aaryn and Gina Marie’s family think about the twentieth offensive thing their daughters have said? I know that I shouldn’t make assumptions about people I don’t know but hell lol I’m gonna do it. They probably think the same way, too.


Aaryn is awful she has white superiority beliefs I saw her photos and even Elissa was in them but not Helen or Candice. She put Howard but that probably because he’s a guy