Aaryn says I better get a good job out of this! I need to be the new interior designer for Big Brother, obviously!

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


1:40am Helen and Spencer are talking in bed. Spencer says this is going to be a tough week, but if you get it (MVP) whoever you put up I will support. Helen say yeah I won’t touch you, McCrae, Howard, Andy. Spencer says yeah, when she (Elissa) got it she went up and told McCrae. Spencer says so there is a bit of time before the POV when you get it. Spencer says that she will probably get it again. Spencer says I know they don’t trust Jessie, or Nick. Spencer asks what would you do if you were in my shoes would you keep denying. Helen says yeah I think so. Helen says we’ll hangout in the havenot room a lot.


Up in the HOH room – Kaitlin, Jememy, Aaryn and Ginamarie. Jeremy tells them that Jessie came up here last night and the three that we (Kaitlin and Jeremy) had $ex. I told her you don’t know what’s going on, don’t comment. Kaitlin is shocked and asking WHAT?! She told everyone we had $ex?!!? Jeremy says the three that were up here. Kailtin asks did you tell them we didn’t?! Jeremy says yes, they came down and I told them we didn’t. Gina says they are just trying to stir the pot. Aaryn says that she really doesn’t think she (Elissa) has the hand book anymore. I really think just think this house is fu*ked. And we pretty much have a hand book because we have seen all the seasons. Aaryn says the more that I think this game is rigged, the more I act irrational and stupid. I have to get my head right. I have to believe we can overcome her, unless the veto is a number counting game. I am just going to black out. Jeremy says that he is right there with her. Aaryn says for some reason when we get into games I go to another place. Jeremy says that he is right there with her. Aaryn says I better get a good job out of this! She laughs. I need to be the new interior designer for Big Brother … obviously! Aaryn talks about in the competition she would hold her hand under the cup to catch more and wipe it off on Jeremy’s hand to get more in. Kaitlin says you guys are lucky because you weren’t allowed to do that. Gina says yes you were allowed as long as it was from the cup because I asked. They talk about how some got stuck with sh*tty teammates. Gina got stuck with Amanda and she was so slow. Aaryn asks how did you feel when you realized you were with her? I would have hit the panic button and said fu*k this, it’s sh*t o’clock and I don’t need this! Gina talks about how when she fell in the competition she hurt her hand. Kaitlin talks about how she kept cheering when Candice would fall. Kaitlin says she is worried that she is going up on the block with the MVP nomination because she is with Jeremy and he is the strongest person. We thought David was fine too and he went home. If I go up, I will go home. What are we going to do if she puts me up. Aaryn says we will figure that out right now. Kaitlin says


2am Amanda comes up and tells Aaryn and Kaitlin that she knows they have their 5. Nick, Gina, Aaryn, Jeremy and Kaitlin. Amanda says I know you expect me to come up here and kiss you’re a$$. I didn’t vote out David, I didn’t think he was coming after me. Aaryn says that the whole thing with Elissa saying not even you McCrae. It was all just really fake. Amanda asks how does it benefit me to work with Elissa. Aaryn says if you made a deal with her then when she gets MVP again because she probably will, then we would be in her cross hairs. Amanda says I 100% did not know Elissa was putting up David because David was not coming after me. Amanda leaves.

CBS Interactive Inc.

They talk about how Judd and Andy are upset and the only ones that came clear about voting out David. Jeremy and Kaitlin bring up how Kaitlin went into the storage room one day Elissa was in the back back room, through the other door. I am telling you this whole fu*king game is for her. She is getting something from production. Aaryn comments that she got big time boos when she was voting. They are probably portraying my as the bit*h and they are putting it on my why he went home. Nick and Jessie join them. Jeremy says that we all need to vote out Elissa! Amanda says that sounds good to me. That was the plan last week. Amanda heads back down stairs. Judd joins them. They all start grilling Judd. Judd says that he voted out David because he changed his vote today, he says that he talked to Candice told him to. Aaryn says that Candice was up here saying she didn’t vote out David. She straight up lied to my face. Judd says that I am really sorry, I feel bad about it. From the bottom of my heart I am sorry, I messed up. Aaryn says that it was like stabbing her in the heart. Jeremy says Elissa is going this week. If we put her up will you vote her out?! Judd says well like yeah. I don’t want to mess up again. Judd says that he appreciates Aaryn not putting me on slop. Judd says still hang out with me by the pool. They laugh and say they will still hang out with him by the pool. Judd says I am sorry. Aaryn says that she accepts his apology. Aaryn says Elissa comes up here saying we’re running a wh*re house, when Rachel’s fiancé Brendon showed his pen!s online to a stranger. Jessie asks really ewww. They talk about how Brendon has an old man pen!s.



2:45am Jeremy and Spencer are in the storage room. Jeremy says they aren’t mad at you, they are mad at Judd because he straight up lied to their faces. Jeremy says they are grilling him up there. Spencer says I need you to keep an inkling of trust with them, just vouch for me. Jeremy says that Aaryn told him that we will put up anyone you want because if it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t be here right now. Spencer asks if Jeremy will tell him before nominations. Spencer says I am with moving company, everyone better get out of the way. Jeremy talks about how they are worried about McCrae. They think Amanda is going to mess and throw moving company under the bus. Jeremy says that he thinks they should get out Elissa this week and Amanda next week.

2:50am – 3pm Up in the HOH room – Andy, Judd, Kaitlin, Gina, Aaryn and Nick. Kaitlin tells Judd I would have let you touch my n!pple ring! But you fucked that up! You would have seen it tonight. Aaryn says don’t know one want to see my tits because I don’t have any but you could have seen them. Gina says yeah mine too, even Nick hasn’t seen mine yet. Judd asks you would have let me see yours too? Awe man. Gina says up! Andy says that he is about to miss his flight and needs to go. Gina asks him if he wants a pat down? Jeremy, Aaryn, Gina and Nick talk about the HOH competition. Jeremy tells Gina that he thinks if Elissa get MVP she might be coming after you.

Meanwhile in the downstairs bathroom – Howard tells Amanda that it doesn’t matter who they think did it, they can speculate all they want. Just stick with it, they don’t know who did it. Andy tells Amanda that he and Judd just went up there and they bought it. Howard says it don’t matter if they think or speculate. They don’t really know who. Amanda tells Andy to stop going up to the HOH room. You and Judd are acting paranoid. Andy says they legitimately think I want to align with them. Amanda says we are not throwing each other under the bus. Andy says no I know, I am only saying Candice and Elissa.

3:05am Amanda, Judd, Andy and McCrae are in the backyard. Amanda tells them to stop going up there. Judd says that he just told them that it was Elissa and Candice. Andy says that he just told them that he felt cornered and scared and just thought about my own selfish game. Judd says Candice can be our scape goat. They talk about how we need to stop laughing. Judd says they said they are giving me another chance. Andy says yeah they said that to me too. They talk abut how Jessie is up there kissing their a$$es. We knew this was going to happen.


3:20am – 3:35amUp in the HOH room – Jeremy, Aaryn, Gina, Nick are talking in the HOH room about having a team HOH competition. They wonder if there POV would be a team competition too. They hope not. Gina talks about how she has to stay and make some money before she goes home. Jeremy says well you’ve already made 2G’s. Gina says that’s how much my hair cost to come here. Jeremy says well now you’re even. Gina says she wants to stay and can’t go out when JoJo went out. I have a lot of people rooting for me. Gina heads down stairs. Nick and Gina head down to lay out in the hammock. They talk about how Gina thinks she is going up and going home because Elissa will get MVP and put her up. Nick tells her she is fine. Nick tells her we just need to play nice.

CBS Interactive Inc.
3:50am – 510am Up in the HOH room – Judd, Jeremy, Aaryn and Kaitlin all talk about how sketchy Nick is and that they don’t trust him. They talk about how he is always called into the diary room and he doesn’t do anything but eat and sleep all day. They think that Nick is playing Gina and she doesn’t realize it. Aaryn says he doesn’t even know that he is a queer! They snicker. Aaryn says what, I am sorry. Judd asks don’t they sleep with pillows in between them. Aaryn says if you sleep with pillows between you, you aren’t getting laid. Aaryn says that she can’t wait to get out of here, David is going to be bruised. She talks about how her ex was so rough, he was a hockey player. Aaryn talks about how if showmances made sex tapes people would watch it. Jeremy says I would watch it. She says I’m not going to do it, just saying. They continue to talk about the HOH competition and other random things. Aaryn thinks that there will be a vote to let one of the evicted back into the house. Aaryn says and then we will have a no pants party. Aaryn says because David is an angel and Judd you will always be Judas to me. Aaryn says that she walked by Elissa and told her you can’t be MVP every week bit*h. Aaryn wonders if the twist would be if Elissa was evicted then Rachel comes into the house. Judd heads down to bed. Jeremy, Kaitlin and Aaryn go to bed in the HOH bed. Aaryn says you don’t mess with this fire, fireball!

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Aaryn will choke the PoV and make Elissa win it and put up Candace as a replacement. If Elissa wins MVP, she will put up Kaitlin as a third nominee.


The Grand Wizard is in for a rube awakening when she gets out.

*Donald Trump Voice* Aaryn Gries, Ya Fired….


You’re rube


Lol I think it’s funny that aaryn thinks she’s getting a job out of this when she just lost one yesterday.



Out Sider

Hey all.

First off, a deserved recognition for Simon and Dawg. Great great job!

Secondly, a few thoughts about BB15. Disclosure: I’m not American, I’m European. I’ve watched American BB a long time now. This year it looks like they trying to give a Beverly Hills, 90210 feel to it. Looking at David, maybe a little Baywatch feel? Anyway, a complete change in cast, as McCrae observed in the first episode.

About the MVP. Now that’s an interesting tactics. Obviously production needed more control. So they got it. Only, for fools, it’s called “public wish”. Yeah, right? Muppets-Puppets all the way.

Which leads me to the final word. Think about this: how would you possibly make way for an obnoxious HG to win? Obviously, by throwing in even more obnoxious HGs. Who says Elissa is not the favorite production horse, let me also have what you’re drinking, my friend!


I think you might be a conspiracy theorist…but you’re not alone. See in the US back in the 50’s, there was a huge scandal about game show fixing, a story told in Robert Redford’s Quiz Show. Production CANNOT rig a contest to choose the winner without serious legal problems. What they can do is create instruments that allow the audience to help the players they like most. The MVP is basically just an audience vote for their favorite player, which gives said player a survival tool, theoretically helping keep them on the show and retaining the audience.

Production does not care who the audience likes (although they do manipulate with the CBS edits) rather they only care that whoever the audience likes and wants to watch stays on the show as long as possible. The MVP is about production wanting high ratings, not choosing winners and losers.

Out Sider

Evidently, if something sensible is said, America’s tradition, and not only, is to tie it up with some derogatory term, e.g. “conspiracy theory”.

BB is much like a casino. Nobody pours lots of cash in a show they can’t control. Rigged contests “Pandors’s box”, broken rules “expect the unexpected”, voting (we all know how this is going, pretty much like targeted advertising) are means of very tight control and overturn in the green direction: money. And money comes from pushing forward polarizing events: murder, gossip, scandal.

Recognize anything so far? Pity life are broken meanwhile, don’t you think? Let’s be honest, youth will always speak more freely and all this “oh no, the n* word” political non-sense is making me vomit. I don’t see Honey BooBoo’s mom, promoters, pageant organizers, apologizing, being arrested or tried for child abuse, far far worse than n* word or any other word, yet they all make a living on behalf of a broken childhood.

And so on and so forth… Good enough for ya?

STFU Donnie

Somebody forgot to take their lithium today…

Out Sider

Ha, you’re like the angry dog furious at its master for the short leash that bites the friendly child that wants to play with it, aren’t you?!

ashli rae

I don’t see how I can possibly stand a whole week of Aaryn as HOH and Jeremy telling her what to do. I saw she lost another job with a Bella petite magazine. This girl really has no clue whats in store for her when she gets out of the house. I mean she’s so full of herself its frustrating to watch. I’m liking Amanda more and more but really disappointed in Howard’s game play. I thought he would be a beast.


Agreed about Howard… I think he’s playing the game wrong. His overall key would be a slight intimidation vibe to let people know he’s in business, while also keeping his mellow game in tact. Kinda like a softer version of what Spencer is doing. As a matter of fact, he basically allowed Spence to take over the game that he should have been playing by controlling what happens with Helen and Candice. Very bad calculation on his part… he’s too busy thinking Candice is over emotional and trying to distance himself from her because of the crabs and a barrel syndrome but that’s a different story… Either or, He’s being too passive and is going to start being seen as a floater and he shouldn’t think for any minute that he could be shown the door in the next 2-3 weeks since he”s heard all the “things” being said about people already in the house. Get it together Howard, all of these people would probably fall in line if you just “muscled up” lol


So you mean Howard is basically playing an improved version of Dan’s 1st season by staying quiet and liked by all, while his partners appeared in charge- playing hard and making enemies- and making sure not to show his physical game until he had to is a mistake? It’s by Howard’s design that NOBODY is talking about him as shady or annoying or anything but a good guy and yet he has alliance coverage on several fronts. If you asked me whose game I would jump into right now, there would be no other choice but Howard.


I remember Dan being a little more proactive in his game than Howard is being and I totally would disagree with anyone who believes that Howard could fly under the radar for long with the overt racial component alive in this house. When the time comes for him to actually “step up” people will get really alert and wonder why he “changed” Certain people are not comfortable when they feel like they have been deceived by or have miscalculated the intentions by someone considered the “minority”


I’m to have to disagree I actually like Howard strategy. ..Going in Gungho has never worked for ANY houseguest and the fact he’s been able to keep the target off his back from absolutely everyone is amazing in itself considering the sheer fact of his incredible. Almost every great BB winner has been able to win with their social game or intellect rather than their raw physical talent. I feel it’s almost unfair to think that Howard is simply some menacing beast without a shred of intelligence simply because of his physical appearance. I say keep throwing competitions ‘cuz no one is coming after him. He literally might be in the best position of the whole house.


lol looks like production ain’t telling Aaryn to chill. I swear a good strategy, like if I was in the house. Would be to let her and others saying those comments dig their own grave and have America hate them. Because that leaves more votes for you to win MVP ya know? I know that half of me would want to explain to them that they need to watch what they say so they don’t lose their jobs, but then the other half would be like I want the half a mil.

who woulda thought..

I never thought I’d see the day I rooted for Rachel’s sister! But I like her and think she’d play a good game if she lasts. I think this is going to be a long painful week though.


Oh yeah, a great game /sar. She starts out the game blurting out that her sister’s fans will vote for her to win MVP, as soon as she realizes she outed herself she tries covering by saying her sister is Giselle, then lies about ever saying it twice with her next breath says that if she said it, she was joking. Her next move was to nominate a person that McCrayCray told her to. She could not talk MCC out of nominating her. She cries about not wanting to be compared to her sister then tells everyone ‘no one gets between me and my big brother’. Which part of these actions are good game play?

king wolverine

Lol this might be too soon but Aaryn/Kaitlin/Jeremy/GinaMarie are even worse than Jessie’s girls from BB11 (Natalie/Chima/Lydia) and April/Ollie/Jerry from BB10. At this rate they might be even worse than the friendship and that’s saying something.


Nah, they’re not worst than Jessie’s girls, the way Natalie Chima and Lydia acted like that colossal douchebag Jessie was such a good person and didn’t deserve to go, and threatening to leave, having production bribe them with Chinese food, was one of the most annoying situations in recent BB history.

Chima throwing a fit tossing the mic in the pool and being expelled was CLASSIC…

king wolverine

True but these girls, especially Aaryn, are acting so self-righteous and thinks that all of America likes her. And she had the audacity to call Elissa two-faced during yesterday’s show when Elissa didn’t really do anything at all. In fact, she is delusional to the point that she makes Danielle from last year look perfectly sane. Also, like Jessie, Jeremy is full of himself. But Jeremy thinks that he’s the most noble person in this house especially during yesterday’s show. Sure Jessie’s girls were stuck up but these girls are acting hypocritically and disrespectfully towards other houseguest. At this point, the only tolerable houseguests so far this year are Howard, Nick, Heelen,Elissa, Judd, and Andy


Why is it I keep reading that the house guests say Elissa said this and that but I never see it. I also rarely see her on the feeds. Am I missing something?

Charlie Hustle

“You’re queer. He’s queer. Me love you long time. I hate black people. Wow, I feel better!” – Aryan

In 2013 you’d think the intolerance would be more clever.


She said that even after she was warned to tone down the rhetoric and stop with the racial slurs? WTF? This girl needs to be ‘Ronnied’.


Did production warn Aeryn about her racial slurs? What exactly did they say to her?


it’s always easy to spot the stupid bigots. the smart bigots concern me more, because they take longer to identify!


LMAO GinaMarie, you’re definitely going to need the money once you leave and find out you have no job left to go back too!!!


I hope Aaryn puts up her two nominees, then Nick wins MVP, puts up Kaitlin and the house votes her out


She lost her job and her man in the same day!! Karma??

If BB would give everyone a true edit, they would have a chance to blow the top off stereotypes and expose a very real subculture of prejudice that still prevails today…. to everyone that just “dont see the big deal” you were obviously born on the right side of a majority….

For me being half white and half Cherokee, I am INCREDIBLY embarassed with my ancestry being represented by the likes of gigi, aaryn, and jeremy…

I cant wait for the social backlash once these people get out… in this day and age, how could you be so stupid as to promote these attitudes on NATIONAL TV!!!


Man I wish we’d get to see Aaryn when she’s told of her loss of jobs, she really is a bitch.


I think I missed something. If Jeremy and Aaryn won HOH, why did Arryn get it by herself and why did she get to pick Have-Nots instead of having a HN comp?


When Jeremey and Aaryan won they both had to decide together who got HOH. And Jeremy let Aaryan have it. Therefore she got to pick the havenots. I guess BB didn’t want to have a havenot competition this week. They have let the HOH pick the havenots in the past. Which I always thought was unfair.


Thank you Megan. I appresh!


Regarding the racial, homophobic, sexist, misogynistic, stereotyping going on…

When you stick your foot in your mouth, chew well or expect to choke on it.

Killer K

I was watching the feeds after last nights episode going NOOO! Please…anyone but Jeremy or Aaryn! At least she can’t play next week, hopefully her ass is GONE! I LOVED when the crowd booed last night…whether it was support for Elissa or just wanting to see Aaryn get burned from David leaving, it was awesome! I wonder why they cut the crowd noise after the first few people…..BTW, don’t expect no apologies from her, either in the house or when she leaves…..people like her NEVER even consider they were wrong in their actions….it’s always ME ME ME! I never thought I’d be rooting so hard against a BB hot girl, but she’s gotta go! A week of HOH hell and major power trips, coming right up ladies and gentlemen!


What killer just described is a textbook definition of a personality disorder. These are the kinds of people that need therapy the most, but never seek it out because, “they aren’t the ones with the problem, it’s the rest of the world that has the problem.”

I’m betting if she isn’t straight up anti-social, she’s at least a classic case of narcissistic personality disorder.


Nick is a Dan wannabe! Does anyone else see this? Its freaking me out and I don’t like it. Quit trying to be Dan!!!

Dr. Will will always be the best!

I can’t believe that Jeremy the douche let the Grand Wizard Aaryn be HOH.


Oh she’s getting a good job – head cashier at Chick-Fil-A.


They would not hire her!! Maybe Circle K!


I recorder the BB15 show to write down all of the commercials and will NOT purchase anything items that they tried to sell!!! CBS will not stop the hateful banter on their own, so we need to take a stand and hit them by boycotting items that support the show through paid commercials. America, we have a voice in the BB15 house, it is just in the monitory realm not in the house!! Anyone that is disturbed by the gals and guys that have no filter in the house should do the same.


Tomasa, You can be upset with the way these idiots are acting but I, for one, WANT to see the true colors of all the HG’s! If I’m paying for a live feed or just watching them on TV, I want to know the true characters of the people I’m voting for! This is a game for people to enjoy and study the habits, good AND bad, of people locked together for a summer.
While I am in NO WAY condoning the actions of these people, I want all the good, bad and ugly to come out so that I can truly get a feel for whom or what I deem as the most deserving in in anything I get to vote on. At the same time, it’s also good for the loved ones of these people to see their true sides, so when they do come out of the Big Brother house, they might be able to assist in the growth of these young people and help them understand what they did wrong and how to fix it.
If you so choose, by all means, go through the trouble of boycotting advertisers of Big Brother! Your hard work won’t change the way these people think and act and it won’t change the game of Big Brother. My suggestion to you is that if it offends you enough to go through the trouble you intend, turn the TV off. Quit watching and read a good book because you’re missing the whole point of Big Brother.
I don’t agree with the ignorant way these kids are acting either. I’m ashamed of them and I certainly hope they learn a huge lesson after all of this, but boycotting advertisers isn’t the answer.


Ayran lost a second modeling gig with some company named Bella Petite yesterday.
BTW does a pointed hood come along with that hoh robe??


That was too funny. Just the robes for the crazy racists come with the pointy hood.


First off, thank you for posting a shirtless picture of Howard. That man is built like a Greek God!

Second, Aaryn and GinaMarie are dilusional psychopaths! Aaryn thinking she’s going to get a good job and GinaMarie thinking people back home are rooting for her. Bitch, she be crazy! No one is rooting for her racist ass!

Howard for the win!


i will enjoy watching aaryn scramble all week, because i don’t think she’ll get her way. hoh is only powerful if a majority of the house is behind you – i don’t think the house will be with aaryn by thursday.

aaryn is more concerned with who’s gay, black, asian, or cute, to form any strategy for winning. i’m just glad she’s so petty and ignorant that she doesn’t even understand how her behavior is perceived. she needs to get a clue, but that’s not gonna happen in a week.


I never quite understood why the girls are always so classless. They need to pay attention to the people who keep putting blame on everyone else. I do believe that Big Brother is promoting Elissa, but the house does not have a valid reason for hating her. I did not like Rachel, but I do like Elissa. She has big shoes to fill and I feel bad for her. The girls should stop ganging up on her. She was on the block and she was obviously going to do what she had to in order to stay in the game. I feel like David did nothing to stay in the game. If these women were smart they would start taking out the guys. A male will win this season and he will be from the Moving Company. The women are always so gullible. I just hope Elissa does win MVP and sends Kaitlin, Gina, Jessie, or Jeremy out the door. This season is like watching a soap opera. Too many young people. I should have been on this season!!!


Bb is once again doping the houseguests, will aaryn and gina be able to sue bb for hiring the doctors that are doping them, causing them to say and do things racially and homophobia motivated, and sexually explicit. (Jeremy is so predatory, David was too).


I’d like to see that day in court.

” No Your honor, I’m not Racist or Homophobic or a terrible person, I’m a good person, the drugs made me say those things”

Judge: Wait, What? there’s a new drug that causes you to be a total asshole??


After that comp, did the HGs get a cookout with the BBQ Sauce, or did they waste all the BBQ???


They donated it to the witnesses in the George Zimmerman trial because they are getting grilled when up on the stand.


I am hoping Howard rolled around naked in it.


HAHAHAHA With drumsticks in his hands. Damn if I let this BBQ go to waste….


The interesting part of this game will occur when the MC breaks… As much as I liked the BRigade (Yes I was the biggest bb12 fan) the MC is nothing like teh brigade. The brigade was funny to watch and played WAY more under the radar. The MC is playing pretty aggressive and contains more members which will become problematic in coming weeks. The MC may have more skilled members though which allows them to pull off some of these crazy things

When will the MC fracture ?
this month next month or never …


This month.


you’re right, simon, the mc is no brigade, not by a mile. if they are smart(?), though, they will stick together, and let’s face it – where else could they go to have a chance at controlling the vote?

Chilltown Fan

I give the Brigade credit, and Hayden got the win, but I think they are overrated by a lot of BB fans. I even rank the Renegades higher in gameplay. The Brigade had it easy in how the dynamics of the house were set-up. They were always with the house consensus, when that happens, it’s pretty easy to not rock the boat. Boogie/Will and Dan/Memphis had tougher dynamics in their respective seasons, especially in Season 7, and had to manipulate the house instead of just having numbers going with the house consensus. I also don’t see Will, Boogie, Dan, or Memphis ever wasting a Diamond POV on getting out a weak player like Matt did with Kathy. Jeremy is kinda the Enzo of the group, he’s not going to do anything, and just ride the coattails of the MC.

I would always like to see Dan/Memphis play together again or Memphis by himself to get a better gauge of his gameplay, a lot of people say Dan carried Memphis, but I disagree, he had a good social game. Boogie is underrated by fans as well, both him and Memphis were the best “Robin’s to their Batman’s” in BB history.

Kristen knew about the Brigade, but no one cared or listened, same situation is brewing with Candace knowing about the MC.

Killer K

Hopefully this WEEK Simon…lol…yeah I know….super wishful thinking on my part!


How is it that I have been coming to this site for 3 seasons and today is the first time I noticed when Simon posts something it reads as “Simon says”???

DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I think I qualify to be an HG….anyone have an application?




Jeremy is a coward, bullying everybody, he even brings up his North American Indian ethnicity and says that watch out for his arrows and spears. NEWS FLASH: “Hey Tonto wanna be, just in case you hadn’t heard, the cowboys beat the indians. Go back in your teepee and smoke your DMT. Relive the old days when your people were slaughtered by the tens of thousands. Jeremy is a bigot.

Chilltown Fan

Aaryn is dumb(but we already knew that) if she wastes her HOH on Candice or Elissa. Once Elissa is MVP again, the MC is going to decide to keep her, and either Candice or Elissa’s MVP nominee will go home, that’s if it’s a non-MC member. Aaryn will realize in a week to 2 weeks that she is on a sinking ship, and is toast.


Mcrae is also a coward. The only reason he put up Elissa is because he’s scared of everyone including his shadow. I hope it’s his a$$ out the door next. After Elissa conveyed to him that she was Rachel’s sister, he betrayed her trust, then he betrayed her trust by telling that she was the MVP. Then he backstabs her by putting her on the block. I used to like Mcrae, but now I hope that he gets a UTI in his vagina.


I cant believe no one called you out on this hateful crap you are spewing. And you have the nerve to call someone else a bigot!! Shame on you for this hateful racist post and shame on the rest of you for either agreeing with it or ignoring it.


its smart if you win hoh week one to lay low and not piss anyone off. actually, its smart the whole game not to piss anyone off so i actually think mccrae is really smart! and elissa didn’t even get voted off which is a crazy thing that him, nick, spencer and amanda basically pulled off. mccrae all the way!

The Butler

Hey how did GM lose 2k on her hair?


Apparently, if it is human hair, it is super expensive. Either that or she bought a ton of it.


Anyone understand what Kaitlin meant when she said that when she was in the storage room Elissa was in the back back room through the other door?


I think for some reason and as some point Elissa was “Behind the scenes” in the BIg Brother house.. I’ve just heard bits and pieces of it.


What will Aaryn Nation do now that her David is gone? Maybe she can get together with Jeremy because they are the two biggest bigots in the house!


Aaryn Nation, good name, even better than Grand Wizard… Come to think of it, her Family could be from a White Supremacist group naming her that, Aaryn/Aryan too obvious to be coincidence.


I was thinking of just calling her “Wizard”


simon, trust me on this, being a fan of the supernatural that’s living in the south, “wizard” and “grand wizard” have two totally different meanings! my favorite is still “aaryn nation” – just seems to say it all.

Gator girl

Elissa is not Rachel, they are sisters, but I do not see that they are one in the same. I voted for her to be MVP. I wish the MVP could not be nominated.
Aaron is a beautiful girl, but as soon as her racial rants and cursing start she is not pretty any more. Paula Deen lost everything because she said a word 30 years ago, but this horrible girl is allowed to stay in the house.
I have watched Big Brother since season one. Love the show, but this season I may not complete. It is better when the house has all ages. Aaron, Jeremy and Gina Marie are not very nice people.
Miss Big Brother After Dark on Showtime. I do not like the censored TVGN. Don’t watch it any more. You could get to know the people on Showtime.
Sad season.


did Elissa get kidnapped, why is she barely in any of these posts, yet everyone is talking about her 24/7
and Aaryn sure is a southern sweet heart.


with so many players in the house it’s hard to get them all in. Elissa isn’t on the feeds too much to begin with. She’s laying low..


for once i actually want production to interfere with the bitch’s reign. they did it in the past, why not now?


Next person I’d like to see evicted is GM.


I’m surprised Spencer isn’t getting v.much negative attention..


Spencer is a racist bufoon.


me too…i think it’s because there’s so much more low hanging fruit. if he keeps it up, it will come around to him soon enough.


Hey Simon you’re right!

Well, Spencer is the hillbilly spawn of the cast of Duck Dynasty and American Hoggers. He’s the stereotypical red neck. After watching him last night the verdict is in….. major douche.

He gone.


Simon, Camera 3 if you’re watching, Aaryn just basically said all the past black female house guests were interchangeable. LOL. What a tard! Comedy Gold!


missed it.. I’m not watching the feeds right now at the day job 😉


there are quite a few things about this season that i don’t like at all. for starters, the obvious, aaryn and gina…how can they be SO rude and SO prejudice against everyone? they give the impression that they think they’re better than everyone else in the house. cannot WAIT until they find out they lost their jobs for the awful things they’ve said. the fact aaryn won HOH makes me sick. she needs to go. secondly, jeremy is a complete d-bag who needs a reality check. this guy seems like he was literally raised by wolves. never seen someone so disrespectful to women. he deserves a few backhand slaps to the face. third, i have ZERO problems with elissa, but i really don’t want to see her winning MVP every week because of rachel’s fans. i don’t want her to go home by any means, i like her, but the MVP is SUPPOSEDLY supposed to be about the best strategy.. which i don’t believe she has. i think nick deserves MVP this week, as he pretty much orchestrated the “get david out” plan (which i was quite sad about since i have david- or “real-life johnny bravo” in my bb pool). if he gets MVP, he could put jeremy up, not tell anyone, and get jeremy out with no blood on his hands. that would be good tv, and SOOO worth it to see another one of aaryn’s allies drop. also, nick strikes me as dan gheesling and peter brown’s love child. just saying!


how can anyone is their right mind actually think Elissa deserves MVP… she is boring as hell and hasn’t doesn’t done anything MVP worthy.. BB production wanted her to stay so bad last week they picked the same veto that Brandon had won twice, assuming she would know to use the word” understanding …”.. however Elissa being the idiot that she is spelled ” potroasts “


Good points Joe.. MVP should be given to the most valuable player which as nice as she is ELissa wasn’t last week


Potroasts is this seasons Technotronics…. I hope Jeff teases her about it when she’s interview after her eventual eviction.


I think that once David reads all the posts condemning Aaryn’s racist remarks that he will drop her like “Little Boy” on Hiroshima.


also, one more thing, i’m pretty disappointed about spencer. i had high hopes for him but i don’t like his gameplay much. i also don’t like how he’s throwing candice under the bus left right and centre when she isn’t even lying at all! granted, i don’t think she knows much about what’s going on, but everyone thinks she’s lying and she’s not and it’s all spencer’s fault. also using c*nt as if it’s his goal to say it as many times as possible in a day…come on man…


Aaryn Nation can choose to play racist or personal, we ALL know choosing noms that will benefit her game isn’t on her mind, she’s out for Revenge or a Lynching…. Maybe both?


I think that my two favorites are now Elissa and Howard. Howard, however will probably do very poorly on endurance competitions. Muscly guys always do, it the scrawny ones that usually win endurance competitions. I also kinda like Amanda. Those opinions are subject to change (except for me liking Elisa, I can’t think of anything that would change my mind on her, not even her sharting while sitting on my face.


I am really tired of the whining HGs complaining that the show is rigged for Elissa. Sure, she has a built in fan base. However, if she presented herself as anything like the other women (excluding Helen) that support would dwindle. She appears to be a nice, relatively moral woman who is very aware of the cameras and mics recording them 24/7. The complaint that she has the BB Playbook because she is Rachel’s sister is ridiculous. What playbook? The web is full of advise from former players on what not to do and how to approach the game — so there are no secrets. The one thing that is repeated over and over by past HGs is don’t play too hard too soon…and that is exactly what most of these HGs are doing.

Because of the actions of the bigoted and racist players this season, my votes for MVP are for the player that, if they get some power, will royally piss of Aaryn and her crowd. Wish it weren’t that way, but they have made it so. As for Elissa getting the first MVP – that was predictable since no one knew ANYTHING about the other HGs – with Elissa we at least had a point of reference.


I think something worth remembering is the fact that while Elissa had enough fans to win MP the first week, earlier on she had a lot of fans who didn’t like her at first simply because she was related to rachel, but now after the true personalities of the newer house guests have appeared, Elissa has more support than I think she did at the beginning. I still believe the MVP twist is a joke, even though it will hurt Aaryn this week, because it is not a best game player contest, but a popularity contest instead, no one is voting for the best game player, but the contestant they like the most. I honestly think Spencer or Nick are playing the best game, but while I don’t vote in these things, I would never vote for Spencer and Nick is working with Spencer, so I wouldn’t want to vote for him either. Honestly at this point I would vote for helen.


Really apprechiate Simons and Dawgs Hard work to write all those swearing und cussing down for us here, it Must be dreadful at least. I can Not watch a Lot of the Feeds as it is Night here in Europe when they are up. So i read all the posts here to catch up what is going on. But i have to confess its really disgusting to even read all this, Must be Even more to write it all Down. This cast is annoying as hell, don’t know if i can watch those morons for the whole Summer. Thank you for doing all this.


It is really ironic that Aaryn thinks she needs a new job. Lmao.


So this may be wrong but did it seem to anyone else that the BB production could be setting Aaryn up to be the villain this season? I would imagine they will have to because her attitude is so terrible and I can imagine her HOH is going to be nothing but drama. I got the feel on Sunday this is the direction they could be going with her “character”. Thoughts?

Nim Sohl

can a MVP put up the HOH….now That would be interesting………