Big Brother Spoilers Judd’s Plan “istovoteoutNickunlesstherearesomecrazy turnofevents”

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 8
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Nick (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


3:05pm Helen, Andy, McCrae, Amanda
Chatting about the show and next week’s HOH competition.

Amanda says she’s not being edited in for the next episodes because she hasn’t been called in the Diary Room.
Helen tells Amanda not to worry she made it on the live feeds. Helen jokes that Amanda has a strong live feed following because of amandas band aids over the nipples show.
McCrea: “There are two different shows going on here the live feeds and the CBS Show” McCrea adds that CBS “f*** ups” a lot.
McCrae says he started following Big Brother websites during Big Brother 8 but during that time it was like the “wild west” people would post video clips he pirated the feeds for awhile but finally purchased them last year.
Helen asks how much the feeds are.
Amanda says the early bird is 23.99 for the season. Helen: “Thats nothing”
Amanda’s favorite season was season 12.

3:24pm Cockpit Judd, Spencer, Howard
Judd saying that him and McCrea are going to be on Andy’s team for the Have nots Competition and they are going to throw it so Andy can go for the record of longest on slop.
Spencer says he’s heading to bed “aint no point staying up I’ll be up all night”
Judd saying that Nick has gone to everyone and offered the same thing that he has there backs 100%
Judd: “Has he said that to all of us?”
Howard: “Ya”
Judd: “Not very creative”
Judd says he likes Nick but is loyal to their group
Howard: “I don’t think we are targets even if Elissa stays.. plus we’re still on this side even with the numbers”
Judd brings up Nick told Andy if he won HOH he would put Spencer and Candace up. Howard knows he doesn’t like that. Judd tells Howard the plan is to vote out Nick unless there are some crazy turn of events.

3:50pm Backyard couch Gina, Aaryn, Kaitlin, Jeremy, Nick, Judd, Candace, McCrea

Random conversations .. Candace leaves. Gina goes on a rant about Candace how she just sits around and never contributes to the conversation, “No wonder she’s an outcast”. Gina: ‘You can be in a A B C conversations and be D and not say one f****g word.. you look like f*** air” Kaitlin says she waiting for them to talk game. Jeremy says some people just don’t have opionions. Gina: ‘LAugh when we laugh … f**** smirk.. ” (Maybe Candace didn’t think it was funny?)

Andy joins them.. Kaitlin: “whats up sketchy F***” Andy: ‘Being sketchy”


3:54pm Cam 1-2 Bathroom Elissa and Amanda

Amanda says she’s been trying to stay out of “it” but things are going good.
Amanda: “They think I am a target.. I’m letting McCrae deal with it all”
Amanda: “The news this morning was that everything is according to plan”
Elissa laughs “The word on the street”


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56 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers Judd’s Plan “istovoteoutNickunlesstherearesomecrazy turnofevents”

  1. Nick appears safer now than he was last night. I think the only votes going to evict him are Candace, Judd and Andy.

    still lots of time to go though

  2. When Elissa gets blindsided on Thursday, I hope Amanda starts putting the pieces together. It appears Kaitlyn has been fairly non-existent lately. I wonder if she has “buyers remorse” for hooking up with Jeremy in HOH the other night. Hilarious that Aaryn slept in the bed after. Would love to be a fly on the wall when she realizes.

    1. Hell that’s nothing…wait til Amanda finds out McCrea has a real alliance that does not include her! Now that is going to be something to see.

  3. I find it interesting that Elissa hasn’t really talked to anyone about their votes. Helen is doing all of the work for her and she’s on the block herself.

  4. Elissa is likely gone. IMO next week the MVP will go to an underdog in the game, the side of house who has the odds stacked against them. With that said I would think Andy or Helen will get the MVP. Questions for HOH with Andy or Helen winning, then put up NIck, Spencer, and Jeremy. Let the fun begin…If someone comes off replace with Gina Marie.

  5. Has anyone else noticed that Elissa has a man’s stomach. She has very defined Obliques muscles. Maybe it is just the yoga but I don’t recall ever seeing them on a woman like that.

    1. I don’t know how this comment got so many thumbs down. It’s undeniably true. If you were to look at that picture from the waist down, 100% of people think that it’s a man. Not 99%, not 98%, not 99.9%. Every single person on earth would believe it’s a man.

  6. I would love by some miracle for Nick to go home and Elissa win HoH. Then I would like to see Helen win MVP or Andy. Have Elissa put up Jeremy and one of the other girls and the MVP put up Aaryn. I don’t think Jeremy would take Aaryn off of veto for her, or anyone.

    1. thats how its always been in the past.. i think they just moved it to tuesday and wednesday last week b/c of the 4th of july :)

    2. I just don’t think they wanted the live show to be on the 4th of July. These new times are similar to what they were last year.

  7. Nick is safe in theory… but there are some wild card votes that can send Nick home.
    What happens if Aaryn starts thinking Nick voted to evict David and GM realizes he has been lying to her?
    Votes to evict Nick:
    Votes to evict Elissa

    Nick goes home

    or how about this mash up




    Nick goes home. It just takes one or two scared girls to throw the plan off. A vote to evict Helen is a vote to send Nick packing. It is week two and though the MC believe themselves to be slick.. they have made some traceable mistakes.

  8. The group is so sure that Elissa is going home that they have already switched their main attacks to Candice and have really stepped up their behind the back attacks. They always seem to need someone to talk bad about. That is really sad.

    1. Personally I don’t give a damn who MVP goes to, as long as they’re Most Valuable Player aka playing the fucking game.

      1. america i dare you to vote for best gamer for mvp rather than who you like best or an underdog

        i dare you, i bet you dont! come on prove me wrong and respect the game and what mvp is supposed to be for

  9. who you got for mvp this week i got candice i hate gina aryan jermmy spencer in the moving company they never get my vote mcaree is stupid he do what they say even get out amanda who with him 100 percent the other person i whould give it to helen an andy but this week its candice cause of the racist joke back of the bus joke by those ladys make me sick thats wrong to do some one like that candice is a nice person hope she win hoh in mvp let aleast give her mvp gina aryan or good loking people but ugly on the inside in jermmy bulling people in they think they getting votes for that if they do what that say about us how whould you fill if some one do your daugter like that racist suff my momo and dad talt me to do the right thing in always treat people the same nomatter they black or white thats why we should do the right thing in give the mvp vote to candice its not about game nomre its about caring for a person FILLINGS black or white so please mvp vote for candice i belive she desiver it this week all the racist jokes an bullying

  10. I have a feeling we will be in for a big surprise on Thursday… Or at least that’s what I’m hoping. Julie Chen talked about something big to happen on the talk.

    I wish it would be… House guests I have good news and bad news… Good news is the three nominees your safe… Bad news is…. You racist house guests… Aaryn, kaitlyn, Gina Marie, etc you’re evicted! And there will be replacement house guests

  11. It a sad day for Elissa being evicted, but next week will be Aaryn’s nation. I will look forward to see her face on Havenots & nominate at the same time. How suck doesn’t it? I would imagine that Aaryn will cried like a little b$tch.

      1. It brings so much to the conversations, I must agree. Keep an eye out for Cap’s big brother Twist though, he’ll take an eye out with those comebacks.

    1. Yeah and Aaryn has already stated that if she’s a have not, she will not sleep in the airplane room.

  12. Elissa and Judd is pretty much all that keeps me watching this season, this is the most lame bigoted cast ever, leave to A.G. to try and cast eye candy and you get total crap.

  13. Hey guys I scan the HoH and goes like this:

    POSTED ON JUL 9, 2013 10:55AM

    Hey Y’all! It’s your current HOH and BB Bunny, Aaryn! This week has been great for me. I couldn’t have asked for a better time to be in this position. Going into this HOH competition, I knew I had to win in order to secure my safety. Things weren’t looking too good! David leaving was extremely hard for me, and it caused me to question every person in this house. Being around someone 24/7 for even just 13 days creates a bond that is painful to break cold turkey! Thankfully I have been able to see things more clearly now that I have received a wakeup call. I have changed my game completely and am realizing what I need to do that I previously wouldn’t have thought twice about. After all, this is a G.A.M.E, and I need to be reminded of that often. I have a fireball personality and am one of the most up front people you will ever meet, and that is hurting my game. There are pros and cons of every move we make in this house, and the best I can do is what I’m doing. I’ve learned a lot about life in just 19 days, and no matter what happens I will be forever grateful for that (no matter how many times I’m sassy) ;).

    Now, about my nominations… I know the Brenchel fans aren’t happy with me, but I hope you all get to see that I tried more than once to align with Elissa. She has a personal vendetta against me and it is in my best interest to see her walk out the door on Thursday. I hope you all can respect that this game means a lot to me, and not even the sister of someone whom I was a super-fan of is going to come in-between that. I have a lot of respect for Helen, but she is highly responsible (along with Elissa) for David’s eviction. He deserves to be here and I miss him every day. For those of you who don’t know yet, Helen and I now play for the same team (secretly)… so don’t doubt me just yet! I have turned a lot of things around this week thanks to my partner in crime, Jeremy, and I know I wouldn’t be writing this if it weren’t for him. I’m enjoying the HOH luxuries, but the greatest gift in this game is safety. Having one week to relax and get your s*** together is truly priceless. The only thing that would make this HOH better is not having to share a bed with Jerelin (Jeremy and Kaitlin)… AWKWARD! Before I go, I just want to let my family and friends know that I think about them every day and miss them more than words can explain. XOXO

    That HoH blog is Aaryn, how pathetic is she? She will be going up next week. It will be priceless. After that she will be evicted.

    1. Thanks Captain, the girl is in for a rude awakening and I hope it is next week. The longer she stays in the house the bigger the hole she is digging for her future. She will have to dye her hair and have plastic surgery at this point.

  14. Maybe I’m wrong, but aren’t the MC going to have to cut out this puppet master shtick? Andy, Judd, Candace, and Helen will obviously know after the vote that Howard, McCrae, and Spencer can’t be trusted. I don’t see how they can keep this proxy warfare going on for much longer.

  15. I think this week is over. Elissa will likely go home. It seems like Elissa’s side seems to think they have the votes when they actually don’t. The MC alliance will be exposed after this week with the way the votes go.

  16. Judging from some of these comments, people are watching something different than me. Elissa’s best hope is that Helen does something that makes her a bigger threat…but the MVP (the thing production created to save Elissa according to conspiracy theorists) basically ensures that Elissa is the biggest threat. Short of that it seems straightforward with 6 votes deciding:

    1) Kaitlin: Hates Elissa and will do what Jeremy says.
    2) Gina: Hates Elissa and will protect Nick
    3) Jeremy: Hates Elissa and is MC
    4) Spencer: Can’t control Elissa and is MC
    5) Howard: Can’t control Elissa and is MC
    6) McCrae: Can’t control Elissa, planned to backdoor her just a week ago, and is MC

    Short of making a deal and dumping Helen, Elissa’s only shot would be for Amanda to show she controls McCrae to such an extent that he throws his whole game away and dumps MC just to make Amanda happy and turns on Nick. Everybody has to understand that Amanda, Andy, Judd, Candace, and Jessie are irrelevant as to how they vote. And Elissa is not flipping any votes that matter by saying Nick is Dan’s brother or cousin, nor will she make the mean girls suddenly like her, like her being MVP, and hate Nick if Helen tells Aaryn that Nick voted out David with ZERO proof. So unless Elissa can get Amanda to go to bat for her and somehow turn McCrae stupid and get him to throw his great position in the game away, Elissa is finished.

    1. Maybe Elissa wants to get out at this point. I wouldn’t blame her and she seems to be tuned in to all the negativity.

    2. Just looking at Jeremy’s tats proves he is an asshole… he doesn’t have to open his mouth….but when he does he is a filthy asshole.

    3. The one thing you missed is if Helen, Candice, and Elissa could get the other girls to realize that there is a boys alliance and that they are not going to the end PERIOD if they stick with them. Unfortunately, they have not been pushing that theory (truth) enough. Unfortunately (again!) Big Brother has chosen a group of girls so boy obsessed and who are boy pleasers, instead of actual independent women who have a mind of their owns, to play this game. I would love to see a season with smart women and a bunch of loser men like Spencer or nerds like McCrae and Ian. That would be a show! Sorry Big Brother, but sex and racism really doesn’t sell to all of us, especially wrapped up in conceited, self-absorbed packages.

  17. they said gina is a model where at she is ugly i took a dump lastnight i thought of her if she stand next to a men they say or all twins

    1. It seems that being gay, or belonging to a different ethnic group is worthy of being punished to this little girl. Not only are her words racist, but so are her actions. Disgusting cast!

  18. Jeremy banged kaitlin in the HOH then Aaryn found the load on the sheets and kaitlin denied it saying they havent done anything. all these people know how to do is lie and lie poorly. denieng your dudes load on the sheets? wow

    1. Unless Amanda fucks McCrea and gets him to vote against his own alliance, it ain’t happenin’.

      I like Elissa, but she played the MVP very poorly and it is going to cost her.

  19. After all the comments she made, she thinks this is all about the fish? I’m really not understanding why they talk about Candace so much. She hasn’t said half if what they say she said. It really is crazy. They’re bullying her and she doesn’t even know it.

    1. The smart attractive girl always gets the most hate thrown her way at the beginning of the game-and are usually evicted week 2. (Cassie, Laura, Monet) The moment I read Candice’s profile I knew it was her that would fit the bill this time. She’s beautiful, has a great job, is obviously highly educated, etc. She’s a threat in this house for seeing alliances few others have caught on to, and women like her are a huge threat outside this house to these girls that have no real skills or ambitions. Props to Candice for breaking the “Week 2” curse on beautiful smart BB players, I have high hopes for her from this point forward. She’s one of the few that stands a chance of shaking up the Moving Company.

      That being said, my favorite is still Nick.

  20. the audacity of GM! who the eff does this ratchet b*tch think she is? the vile of hate exudes from her pores! who does she think she is talking about Candice the way she does? the funny thing is that she clearly shows how much of a coward she is by never saying anything to her face. “laugh when we laugh” what!? b*tch i wish i was in that house i would tell her about herself along with the racist misfits that are hogging places from people who actually would love to be on the show for the purpose of playing and winning. CBS please stop sending scouts out to look for folks. Cast from the people who submit tapes to be on the show. the fact that we are in the year 2013 and we still have people expressing hate like this was civil rights era or even the 1800’s saddens me. where is the progression? i know that this is just a small amount of people that feel this way in this country but how ironic is that most of the cast this year fill that small percentage which makes it look larger than life right now. albeit that some of these individuals have lost their jobs they will find work somewhere from a person who shares the same hate they express. so will they ever learn? that’s the question that racks my brain. i really enjoy reading the posts on here because as a nation and as people i see that there are some right-minded folks out there. let’s continue to do the right things and move our country to a place racial equality and tolerance. last time i checked we all bleed the same color blood! much respect to you all! S/O to you Dawg and Simon, you dudes rock!

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