“Why do I need to vote for Jack we’re just friends, I would rather prove my loyalty to Jackson moving forward”

11:20 am Tommy and Nick
Tommy – I have a favour to ask you. Can you let me know how you are going to vote lat minute it can be but I want to vote how you vote
Nick – Yeah
Tommy says there are two definite votes for Jack “Why do I need to vote for Jack we’re just friends, I would rather prove my loyalty to Jackson moving forward if he’s staying and to the house
Nick – it’s going to come down to Cliff
Nick mentions he had to vote Sam out.
Nick – what do you think Jackson want to talk to him about
Tommy – I don’t know .. Jackson was saying I’m not even campaigning that’s his way of being a stand-up guy
Tommy says Jackson already campaigned

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Cliff “I may say hey if you want to blow up Jacks game or whatever, this is your chance.”

11:40pm Bedroom. Jack to Tommy and Sis. Jack – Yo! Can I gossip for a second? I walk out into that kitchen.. F**king Kat, Holly and Jackson! Could y’all motherf**kers be any dumber? I literally accused you motherf**kers of knowing each other and now all your going to do is hang out??! Like Holly and Jackson were laying in this bed today and Kat comes over and sits right next to them. Are you out of your f**king mind?!! Tommy – its so obvious! Jack – its so f**king obvious! Its too bad I’m going to send ol’boy home. Is there any benefit.. does this still benefit us …so Nick is going to be talking to Jackson and Holly when I go talk to Kat so that when they come out .. when Kat comes out .. she goes right to them..

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Jack “I will literally use my entire eviction speech just to submarine her game. I don’t give a F**K!”

1:15pm Jess, Cliff, Christie and Tommy are sitting in the kitchen chatting about the memory wall photos. Cliff – we’re starting to see some grey .. black and white pictures, aren’t we? Christie – I know its very weird. Cliff – we’re starting to get to a whole different part of this game all of a sudden. Christie – I think next week will be kind of scare .. if it is a double. Its nerve racking for sure. Jess thinks that doubles are special two nights. Christie – oh no. Cliff – I think they’ve done it both ways. Jess – we’ll see because if they don’t give us liquor tonight. Christie – they would have to close the yard too.

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“I feel insignificant in here.. out there I help so many people like mentally it’s weird I can’t explain it”

12:11 pm Christie and Sis

Christie – I can’t believe there’s so much going on that we don’t know about it’s so weird
Sis – I want to go to a concert
Christie – I’m saying just in terms of anything.. anything exciting in pulp culture
Christie- I f*ing miss my family it’s weird. It’s weird I feel insignificant in here.
Sis – when yo think about it we are significant because we have millions of people watching us
Christie – I miss my store, I miss having a purpose. Helping people like in here I can’t even help myself but out there I help so many people like mentally it’s weird I can’t explain it

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Cliff “I have made my decision. I will give it (ring) to anyone who wants it for that vote.”

8pm Bathroom. Christie, Jack and Sis. Christie – any updates? Any conversations! Sis – I haven’t talked game at all. Christie – yeah me neither. Sis – how was it with Michie out there? Christie – he’s super chatty. Jack – my conversation with Jess went really well. Just the way I planned. Did you hear anything? Sis – what happened? Jack – it went just the way I wrote it up. Like literally, I didn’t have to bring up certain topics ..they just came up and I negated them. Christie – it was organic. Jack – it wasn’t like me pushing. Sis – what was her response? Jack – I think she is down to give me a fair shot. Christie – or like she didn’t shut it down. Jack – yeah. Christie leaves and Nick joins them. Jack – I’m calculated on this.

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“I’m not sure if this is good gameplay or not but I’m literally going to start calling people out on their sh1t. No one can handle it”

4:46 pm kat and Holly
Holly says that Sis and Tommy are trying to get into her good graces because they have figured out they don’t have the numbers

Holly wants advice on how to handle the other side asking for a vote
Kat – he’s you’re showmance.. DUH

Kat – it’s me, Cliff, Jess, and we all really want you in there as well and we really like Michie but..

Holly says Sis is the only one out of the old six that she wants to work with
Kat – sometimes I like SIS but sometimes I see her being a manipulative b1tch .. like okay so I don’t really trust her

Kat – Tommy is lying through, like Tommy. I’m done with Tommy, he’s done with me I feel bad because I just told him I want to work you but I’m lying whatever
Holly – I love Tommy but I don’t trust him

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“I’m f*ing done gaming dude. I’m not going into any more rooms..I’m just going to hang out with Jack”

2:37 pm Tommy, Nick and Sis
Sis wondering why Kat is freaking out “She’s f*ing safe she has no reason to freak out”
Tommy – she’s mad that people keep going in rooms and
Nick – she’s been in the HOH all f*ing week
Sis – thank you
Sis – we’re not going to grab you from the room to have a conversation that has nothing to do with you. You’re not even close to Jack.
Tommy says they feel like they are still at the bottom

Tommy says they are after Sis, Christie and himself.
Nick doesn’t think kat will go after them he suspects Jackson will go after Christie.
Nick – they said they wouldn’t care if Jackson went out next week (They being Kat and Jess?)

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“I don’t know what type of deal.. I don’t know if I’m going to give Cliff three weeks or Four”

9:53 am Jack, Sis, and Christie
Jack talking about Allen the alien “Spiking” two cantaloupes onto the floor there were seeds everywhere. The alien was pouring coffee and sugar everywhere.
Jack had a lot to clean up after.
Christie tells Jack he’s not going anywhere. Jack agrees.
Jack – Cliff’s good
Christie says she had a good talk with Nick she’s not worried about him anymore.
Jack says once the veto is played Nick will come to their side.
Jack – we’ll be good the only thing I am concerned about is I’m her true target.
Jack – when I cut this deal with Cliff I’ll tell Nick and Cliff I would appreciate them to go up and tell Jess you are voting for me to stay

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Sis “How do you convince Jess?” Nick “I would pitch the woman’s bullsh*t to her. The woman’s rights bullsh*t!”

4:25pm – 4:32pm Backyard. Christie and Jack.
Christie – the deal was never out of our minds. We believe him, not Michie. Jack – got it. I just wanted to confirm with you. Christie – we have to preach loyalty. He still wants strong people to work with. Preach that they’re denying the whole southerners thing. Completely denying it. And also like, like approach it in that we need him too. Like really useful. that he is not even remotely our target even in a double eviction .. like not at all. Jack – he never was. Christie – how loyal we are to each other and want to be to him. I think we can do it. Jack – ok. Christie – and like our view on him never changed. And I also think that somehow… he is a fan of this show. He would not want people that are friends in this show. Jack – would that be four?

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Kat “He said on my planet we aren’t weak and pathetic like you! It was pretty savage..”

12:18pm Big Brother returns from being blocked. Most of the house guests are in the kitchen cleaning up. The alien came into the house to punish Jack / Jackson. Jack – I’m sorry guys. Christie – its okay, it gives us something to do today. I was like we don’t know that much about Jack .. other than he has a dog names Leila. Nick – maybe our house is actually going to be cleaner. Jess – I doubt that. Cliff – at least he used the milk and not the lemonade. Christie – at least this forces me not to clean. Jess – he says not to help but we can’t cook unless things are clean.

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Mission Control! Tommy – “I’m traveling at the speed of light!”

7:46pm HOH Room. Kat, Jess, Holly and Jackson.
Jackson – is there anything that I can help clear up? I haven’t lied to you. Jess – are you sure Michie that you’ve never lied to me? Jackson – I’ve never lied to you. Jess – you’ve said to me that you’ve never thrown anything out .. you’ve never thrown cookie dough out.. Jackson – I haven’t. Jess – so then Christie is saying that you told a group of five that’s what you did. Jackson – here’s what I said so what I would do is go in there an eat all the cookie dough and then I would come out and hand people the cookie dough. I remember I handed you a piece. Kat – yeah. Jackson – I ate most of it.

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