Kat “He said on my planet we aren’t weak and pathetic like you! It was pretty savage..”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Jess
Have note are:
Nominations are: Jack and Jackson
Power of Veto Players are – Jessica, Jack, Jackson, Kat, Nick, Tommy (Nicole – Host)
Power of Veto holder – Jessica
Power of Veto Ceremony –
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12:18pm Big Brother returns from being blocked. Most of the house guests are in the kitchen cleaning up. The alien came into the house to punish Jack / Jackson. Jack – I’m sorry guys. Christie – its okay, it gives us something to do today. I was like we don’t know that much about Jack .. other than he has a dog names Leila. Nick – maybe our house is actually going to be cleaner. Jess – I doubt that. Cliff – at least he used the milk and not the lemonade. Christie – at least this forces me not to clean. Jess – he says not to help but we can’t cook unless things are clean.

HOH room. Nicole and Kat.
Kat – That was hilarious. Has Cliff told you about the all girls alliance? Don’t say anything. Cliff came up to me in the bathroom and said I need to talk to you later. Apparently there is an all girl alliance. Nicole – Like all of us? Kat – I’m not in it! I’m never in any of these alliances and I’m sick of it! I am starting to wonder … am I not considered a girl?! Wait y’all know I’m a girl right? Cliff isn’t my Dad and I am a girl. It was fun watching the Alien walk around. I don’t know what is funnier everything he is doing to Jack or how mad Christie is getting about everything he is doing to jack.. and Jack doesn’t even really care. Nicole – I feel bad for Jack. He is being a good sport about it. Kat – he spilled the peanuts on the ground .. which he didn’t know that Tommy has an allergy.. so he cleaned it up. He said on my planet we aren’t weak and pathetic like you! Which it was pretty savage but whatever. Christie goes and tells whoever in the bathroom what he said about Tommy. Like he’s not a house guests we don’t need to spread this drama. Its just funny. I love it. Nicole – I love that when he came in he said I’m back b***hes!! If it was my punishment I would be talking to him. Nicole – the alien is here for 24 hours. Apparently more aliens are coming. Kat – I think that it turned into a girls thing because all the girls were up here last night. Nicole – I didn’t know if it was Sis, Holly.. Kat – oh .. I’ll find out later. Cliff rolled his eyes though, so I don’t know if it was legit.

12:32pm HOH room. Cliff and Kat.
Kat – whats the thing with the.. Cliff – oh its nothing.. its just them trying to sway me and wanting to know what’s going on. Kat – well you’re for sure.. I hate that I even have to ask you.. but you’re for sure voting Jack out? Cliff – absolutely. 100%! As I said last night .. if I am the only person voting for Jack, I am still voting for Jack. Kat – Okay. Last night Nicole was in tears from the way that they were treating you. Cliff – they were trying so hard Kat. Kat – and the way that Jack was being condescending. Its so funny that just because they’re in the big brother house… they think they can talk to you that way. Meanwhile, back home you are a successful family man. Cliff – they think I’m stupid. They think that all they have to do is give me some compliments and I am going to jump on board the Jack show. They underestimate every single one of us. Kat – if I were you I would be like why am I dealing with all these kids that are the same age as my kids and they’re talking crap. Cliff – these are just people trying to get their way but I have been around long enough I can see through the bullsh*t. Kat – I just thought it was funny that they think they can treat you that way. Kat – apparently the rumor is that you and I have been working together since day 1 to break up the six. Cliff – I have tried not to be up here too much because right now they don’t think I’m a part of it. Christie threw Holly under the bus this morning. She said I talked to Tommy and we know now that you weren’t this mole .. that you were spreading this information. They said but Michie is still denying it that you feed them information from the very beginning. But Holly is protecting him .. she is swearing up and down that you’ve been giving her information from the second we spoke. Kat – do they think that you’re trying to protect me? They’re trying to make me hate Michie and Holly. Kat – Michie and Holly have always had your back. Cliff – I know. I trust them a whole lot more than Jack and Sis. Kat – all the stuff about Michie being disrespectful to women .. I’ve thought that because he’s so aggressive and I thought he spread rumors to all the guys. But Holly told me that it wasn’t Jackson that was saying all this .. He was talking to Jack .. and then Jack went and told Christie and then Christie told Bella and Nick. Cliff – I believe it. Kat – that changes a lot .. that changes where all the disrespect came from. Cliff – one time in the backyard Jack talked about you and Michie hooking up but Michie said come on guys feeds. Michie shut it down. Cliff – Jack and Tommy treating me like an idiot last night bothered me and then Christie this morning… I am telling you I am voting Jack out 100%. Is it a little bit personal, sure it is. Cliff – if you ever need someone to set in and have your back just ask.

1:15pm – 1:30pm Backyard. The house guests are relaxing, working out and chatting in the backyard.

1:30pm Bedroom. Sis and Christie.
Sis – I want to think of something to say to her (Kat) to make her remember that I helped her so that she votes with us. Christie – I want to tell her .. she and I shared like really personal moments about Michie and she wanted to backdoor him. And now I feel almost like hurt and betrayed that I confided in her and now she is going to keep him. Now I feel like an a$$hole. Like I had her back, she was not a target of ours. Like if she f**king keeps him… I have to be honest if I win this HOH .. she is going up! Her and Michie are going up. Sis – and if I win HOH after .. whoever doesn’t go is going up. Christie – if they don’t keep Jack .. they are all bumping up to the top of my list … like I don’t even care about Michie.

1:35pm Boat room. Kat and Jack. Kat tells Jack that she heard that something was “a brewing” and that it was going to wait until after the veto ceremony. It was heard.. hopefully you know how I am and know that I just want to hear the f**king truth. It was heard that you can’t as much sneeze in my direction without covering your mouth and whatever is being planned has to wait until after the veto ceremony because you don’t want to ruffle any of Jess’s feathers to get her to use the veto and I don’t know. I heard that something was a brewing. I don’t know if it has anything to do with me and I would prefer my personal anything be left out of it. Jack – the only thing.. I am waiting for is conversations and discussions. This discussion is a little bit premature. I wanted to wait to talk to you about where your head was at. The other stuff is post veto .. is what I have planned for me. Kat – oh so its not anything planned? Jack – no. Kat – I know when people lie. There is something I do want to know .. just about Jackson and I and how it was spread? Jack – I told Christie. I trusted Christie and then Christie told Tom. Kat – I appreciate you owning up to that. Jack – I won’t lie in this game. Kat – my parents, grandparents, friends and girls that I mentor back home are hearing that and it really bothers me. I don’t want anything personal about me, my body, my sexuality repeated in the house. Jack – I can respect that.

2:05pm Backyard. Nicole and Nick. Nicole – did you promise them that you would vote to keep Jack. Nick – if I am in a room with them and they count my vote .. its not like I’m going to say oh no not me. Its not like I’m saying anything. What am I supposed to do if someone is counting me as a vote? Nicole – no I understand. Nick – I am voting how Jess wants. I was like you respect my HOH, I’ll respect yours. There is no plan, no scheme. I am doing what’s best for her and my game. I trust Jess and I wouldn’t put her up. I’ve never lied and I’m not talking game with anyone. Nicole – see how quick everything changes. Nick – you and I can get to five. Sis would be an asset later. Nicole – I can’t read her half the time. Nick – it doesn’t matter because you don’t need to.. I got you. Nick – I really don’t want to win for the next couple weeks. Why am I going to put a target on my back. I literally only care about you and I’m not worried about you going up. Nicole – I just want credit for winning and making a move. Nick – but you don’t need to do that yet.. because if you do you put a target on your back.

2:30pm Backyard suntanning..

2:45pm – 2:52pmBig Brother blocks the feeds again..

2:52pm HOH room. Christie and Tommy. Christie – We have a few days after the veto .. we can convene and figure out the route. Nicole feels safe with people that are winning comps.. I mean I know Jess and Cliff are but if Jack stays he is winning comps. Nick is winning comps. You know what I mean? Tommy – yeah, you’re winning comps. Christie – I am going to f**king win this double. If I don’t win it, I am going home. Tommy – if Jackson stays and I win the double.. I am putting up Holly and Kat. I am not getting Jackson out yet. Christie – he sucks at comps. Tommy – no one would vote for him in the final 3. Christie – I agree, I wouldn’t put Jackson up either.

3:05pm Mission Control. Tommy has to travel at the speed of sound. Kat runs to every room to cheer for him.

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Hey Kat, if you want to know how information was spread in the house, there is a 99.9% possibility that Christie’s involved. The sheer fact that Christie is incapable of shutting her mouth is your first clue.

Clueless Cummings

I have to think that Christie and Tommy are going to be targeted soon. Can you imagine the melt down when they are on the block?

J e t s jets jets jets

They’re like the weather in Montana. Give them 5 minutes and they’ll have a different target.

Dalia Hobelman

I wish that robot took Christine and Tommy to another planet lol

Franks fumes

Preferably one with no oxygen……

another name

I’ve listened to Cliff talking to Kat.
I’m not impressed. He seems to have gotten on his moral high horse (my opinion).
He says it’s not about men vs. women. HE was the first person to bring up the men vs. women aspect. He was talking to Nick and Sam while Ovi was on the block. He was the person that said we have to be careful of the women because they were going to be down 2 men, and the women could win an hoh, steamroll them, and they’d be doomed. He took great offense at the Black Widows existing, as some sort of ‘see, i told you they’d be coming for us.’
When he was kissing up to Jackson upon David’s return, he was well aware of, and willing to participate in painting David to be peeing on the floor. Cliff joined in with the smack talk instead of being the adult. He was fully willing to crawl into the mud and join in on the smack talk against both David and Kemi while they were being ostracized. He joined in on ostracizing them: so where was his moral compass he’s using then?
So now it’s about underdogs vs. bullies…. while they are making justifications about keeping one bully (the two faced bully) as opposed to the other bully. Cliff has been giving Jackson a pass for two weeks, saying it’s just immaturity. He didn’t mind joining in on the immature boys will be boys antics week one. and two. and three.
I could not care less about the two asshats on the block. I’m just saying the revisionist history going on is getting a little ripe for me.
Now that someone else is carrying his water and making the move he feared making himself… now he’s a pinnacle of virtue.
In my opinion he needs to shaddup.
It’s plain as the nose on my face that the moment his current group falls out of power, he will be trying to pull a tommy and stick his head up that HOH’s rectum by tossing everyone else under the bus. That’s his game.


cliff is classic floater, always siding with the majority until his back is against the wall.

Ovi's tongue

He’s finding a way to navigate through the game. On what planet is nominating the 2 alpha males in the house for eviction, floating? Tommy and Sis are floaters, always protected by the dominant alliance, but never actually doing anything. Purposely playing low hanging fruit, too harmless for anyone to worry about or waste an eviction on.


Couldn’t agree with you more!!!


Kat is playing one of the most bizarre games I can remember. I think she is actually really hurt there was an alliance and she was not part of it (hey, I am a kool kid!). This is in itself strange thinking, but then a straight line is hardly ever the way Kat gets from A to B.

Kat is entertaining, in part because she says just really stupid things. But her ability to laugh at herself is a damn redeeming quality.

C’s lies are starting to surface: but it is doubtful with this group that they will hurt her.

The let’s put up Nick discussion was insane.


Now Kat is worried about her reputation? NOW?

Franks fumes

Crusty is gonna fall apart this week…….Jackdouche being humiliated by overweight Aliens……others daring to play the game for themselves……Oh the humanity….


I frigging love Kat. Most honest person in this game and still is playing with integrity. She is so much fun to watch on the Live Feeds. I hope she wins. Well She’s my pick anyways.

Dalia Hobelman

She was hilarious last night when Tommy was i. That outfit she’s like okkk now that the alien is gone lol

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Same; still can’t believe she was ever into Miche: but the fact that she didn’t cry when he dumped her started changing my opinions of her. Her self deprecating humour and humility are refreshing: and she’s really a beautiful girl who should never settle for a “Miche”. I don’t recall her being hateful or personally insulting others behind their backs the way Christie, Sis, and the Jacks do.

Clueless Cummings

I agree. Kat rocks!


She’s the best.

Feeds Gold

i appreciate you like her…but i dont want to see someone win that tried to self evict…i just dont respect it


Kat is the only fun thing in the game.


I’m sure Kat is having regrets with the Jackson “encounter “. I think she really is a great person and I love her wacky humor.

House Stark

Love your doggie Lizzie!

Feeds Gold

the 2 former pageant girls hollie/kat are often mean spirited being super b!tchy behind sis back as thats what pageant girls do

theres some jealousy there…they got annoyed at sis getting so many compliments and attention


ho’s dont cry

Ovi's tongue

…they never shed a tear….

another name

The genesis of the house knowing about Kat and Jackson’s pre-feeds romps from piecing together every early feeds conversation about the romps, and putting them in order from how each of the people characterized the conversations:

1) Jackson told Jack. Jack told Christie. Christie told Tommy.
2)Kat told Holly. Holly told Sis. Holly and Sis are worried Jackson is going to try to pull Kat into the 8.
3)Sis told Bella and Nick.
4)Sis Bella and Nick included Tommy who said he already knew from Christie and Jackson.
5)Bella goes to Jackson tells him Jack went to Christie and told, who then told Tommy. Bella is trying to separate Jack and Jackson.
6)Kat and Bella talk, Kat says she now has Jackson in her corner. Bella adds the under her thumb part.
7) Christie and Tommy and Sis and Holly have discussions about the new showmance leading to the four of them making a final four deal.
8) Holly talks to Jackson who is now mad at Jack. Jackson makes Holly his new number one, says he’d rather showmance her.

So. When Kat is saying she doesn’t want anyone talking about it… she and Jackson shouldn’t have told anyone.
The fact that neither want it discussed, but both told someone and that started the rumor mill is their own mistake.

Franks fumes

My favorite Martian was the one that threw the deadly peanuts on the floor completely disregarding the horrific allergies that Tommytune suffers from…..”On my planet we aren’t weak and pathetic like you” lol.


Was he actually aware of his allergy beforehand though? Certain allergies including the Peanut allergy are rough to deal with

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

But it hasn’t stopped the house from main lining peanut butter.

Dalia Hobelman

Nicole my girl keep sitting pretty stay downlow

Red Tide

After this week the house should be 60% female. Are we going to get a female winner? I’m surprised to even say this but since Christie is going to get bounced soon Jess might have the best female resume as of now.

Feeds Gold

jess resume…

first 44 days –

outta the loop


Simon or Dawg why are the 2 jack’s on the outs

House Stark

Just my opinion but I think they are on the outs because they both suck.


And they’re douches … it’s more like a fully maned douche canoe.


“Some” stuff came bubbling to the surface that I believe exploded on Thursday before the eviction. Both Jacks need to go ASAP but it is good for the other players that the 2 Jacks are no longer teamed up


???? really????

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Jackson thought he and Jack were a solid final 2. He was already frustrated that he had lesser influence in the six (because he’s impulsive and a baby). But Jack straight up deviated to believe him about Christie the last few days, basically choosing her over him. He claims Jack broke his heart. They all six have been guilty of telling secrets to outside people, suring up outside relationships, voicing humongous about their own alliance members. IMO, Christie Jackson and Sis have been the biggest offenders. It was bound to happen because they are/were a horrible alliance.


Nick is such a ???. He is pretty much the only one that i can’t get a grasp on where he actually stands. Cliff is hard too, but that is just because christie has his balls so who knows if he will wuss out again and scatter like a cockroach to her.

House Stark

Nick and Cliff both float to the current power. Right now the low profile people like Nicole and Kat are avoiding becoming targets. The couples will always be a target.

Ovi's tongue

Kat low profile? She just got done putting herself on the block and almost getting sent home in a swirl of controversy and tears.

another name

Does anyone think, that if roles were reversed, and Jack had said to Jackson ‘we have to cut Holly, I don’t trust her, and we have to evict Kat and Cliff right now’ that the situation would have played out ANY differently? What Jackson was essentially saying to Jack is cut your support system, because they are more loyal to you than me, and jump on board with me and my support system that are going to be more loyal to me than you.
IF Jackson had stopped at Christie, I think Jack could have been persuaded over a week long period. But Jackson wants immediate result. He then jumped to Sis and Tommy. The ultimatum was pretty clear: Jackson was breaking the six, and Jack could either jump on board or get left behind. So my question is: Would Jackson have reacted any differently to someone saying you have to ditch your showmance, and the two people that are more loyal to you than me?
I doubt it.
This has been troubling me as I watched Jackson complain about Jack’s betrayal. I mean, Jackson was pushing Jack for a final three with Holly two days before that. How did that benefit Jack?
This stands out in my mind. Not in my weighing process for who should leave. I still want a a great big hole in the floor to open up beneath both of them on eviction night, but i know i can’t have nice things.

BB Fan

What did the alien say about Jack?


If I was an alien “just stop it with the Instagram shit”


Please tell me the Zingbot is making an appearance soon


If Vanessa and Evil Dick had a baby….you’d be looking at Christie! I can’t wait to see her on the block!


Lol. Whether true or not, editing turned Holly & Kat into a combined Yoko Ono

Feeds Gold

if they really want to keep jack, something they could try…

christie, jack, nick, sis, tommie should all go to cliff and say we would like to go final 6 with you (thats at least 4 more weeks safety for him)…to go after the other 4 girls…if he did that none of the 4 girls would go after cliff before they target jack, nick, sis, tommie, christie anyway…when it gets to 6, its likely he goes further

remind him if he is on the block next to any of the 4 girls he is currently on the side of that he would probably go

christie, jack, nick, sis, tommie bring up that they together will decide who wins as they will be majority of the jury numbers if none are in final 2

cliff will really think about that as if he doesnt take the deal, thats a potential 5 person jury voting block he just annoyed

to me thats a long shot play, but cliff may take it

Feeds Gold

cliff choosing to be the 5th vote to keep jack he could pin his vote on kat

jess cant play hoh…they go after hollie/kat as targets…nicole/jess potential renoms

another name

RECAP OF THE RECAP. Tonight on Conspirin Bitches.
The Sunday episode with the infamous argument.
If you saw the leak on youtube, you’re familiar with lots of it (with the proviso that most of it was through a door).
So far they are being fairly close to the reality. Cliff’s d/r inclusion really should have belonged to Sam, but he’s out of the house already so… nope.
They include the Christie is enemy, and Kat and Holly know each other. Excluded is Jackson proclaiming the new alliance to be Kat, Holly, Cliff, Jackson and Jack and that Tommy and Sis are out. They’ve skipped that Cliff has been exposed. They skip that Nicole and Nick are up for the flip. Why? Weird.
Jackson making it about him. He pretty much sold Kat and Holly down the river. But hey. Poor Jackson.
The addition of information from after the flip in the half hour warm up to the show is nice to have. The reason Christie comes up with is stupid when she tells Jack they should keep Kat. But, let’s be honest, Sam would have been fine with Tommy, Sis, and even Jack. Not with Christie. We know this from the undisclosed part of the leak where Tommy talks to Sam.
We totally miss the southern alliance being outed when Cliff sells everyone out under pressure, then tries to play dumb outside of the boat room like everyone didn’t just hear it….. and they are now acting like it didn’t happen in the house, so what’s up with that??
My takeaway during the commercial: How can so many people cry without a tear being shed?

The Jackson d/r. and the Holly jackson whispering. ugh.
Tommy mugging faces was getting annoying. glad he’s out.
Jack with the floaters comment. Just because they aren’t in your alliance doesn’t make them floaters. though they might be sometimes. lol.
Jessica wins on barrels. what did Kat think they were floating in? Sorry. The barrels were noticeable in the two second flash of the image in the Thursday episode.

Here we go with the Jackson defeated edit. I know. Let’s cancel have nots, and give him the room to wallow for a couple days. To really pull on some heart strings. Denmark. Fishy. Shakespeare quote.
Given the amount of time the feeds were down for the hoh comp: I really want to know what was going on for the other hour. Did they hand out tranquilizers? Or just shoot them with tranquilizer darts from a distance?
Cliff. just had his game blown but nobody is acknowledging it…. and his first comment is let’s make some deals.
The six is dead. Her Highness of the wordvomit hath proclaimed it. eyeroll. Fact: Christie has been conspiring against Jackson for one day less than Jackson has been conspiring against Christie. There was a sleep between the first time each one first talked about getting rid of the other. In week… one / two i want to say?
Holly saying she’s still number one with Kat. Sure. We ALL know if Kat and Jackson were on the block together, it would be let me hold the door for you Kat. Who are we kidding.
During commerical break i have a question: Re: the field trip vote. Has anyone read whether or not production reserves the right to alter or limit? ONLY asking because of the voting rules in bbcan being completely suspect.
The HOH meeting gives Cliff and Kat credit. Keeps Nicole silent. Nicole came up with the plan. Cliff parroted after it was explained. What the deuce are they beefing up Cliff for?

By this point, Holly already knows the plan. Her concerned face is an act.
Both made her feel depowered… but she’s enabled one of them for weeks. Seems legit.
Cue the nominees. Oh. One is getting the down not out treatment. The other is getting the it’s all my fault -tear- treatment.
I don’t mind the Nicole final d/r. but given how much they downplayed her role on Thursday and Friday? It seems out of place.

Big Brother Fanatic

I am just going to say that after watching tonight’s episode, I ALMOST felt sad for Jackson. He thought him and Jack were bros for real. Funny thing about the Jack, Christi and Tommy trio is that Jack has no clue he is the fool. God Jack is annoying, I hope Christi follows right behind him next week!


I had given up on the season, but the blowout on the show was pretty epic.

Summer Gowen

What side is Nick really on?

another name

He isn’t on a side. He is his own side.
His reason for getting close to Sis and Nicole: he thinks he would 100% beat both in the end. He knows they would never take each other.

Summer Gowen

I wish it would come out that Tommy and Christie have known each other for 7+ years.


Right now I don’t care who wins as long as it is not Jack, Christie and Tommy. Jack throwing his bro under the bus would be wrong in the real world. Christie is nothing but a mouth and Tommy I think is in love with Jack and knowing C and T are throwing people under the bus for “knowing” each other is a laugh. Can’t wait for them all to see the show after it’s over. I don’t like the way Jackson talks to others so not a fan of him either. No love for Sis and Holly but they are in the middles for me. I wish Sam was still there as he was my winner!!


Cliff – they think I’m stupid. They think that all they have to do is give me some compliments and I am going to jump on board the Jack show. YOU ARE STUPID AND YOU DID WHAT THEY WANTED ON YOUR HOH FOOL !

Ovi's tongue

So the Jackholes wanted and expected to be put on the block? That was their plan? They used a power and threatened him with another. In the end a player few liked who was a member of the dominant alliance, not Cliff’s, went home. You have to pick your fights and know when it is time to fight another day. He decided that was not the hill he was going to die on. He’s smart and all the other players acknowledge it.