“I feel insignificant in here.. out there I help so many people like mentally it’s weird I can’t explain it”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Jess
Have note are: No Have nots this week, Jack, Tommy and Jackson were given punishments as part of the veto.
Nominations are: Jack and Jackson
Power of Veto Players are – Jessica, Jack, Jackson, Kat, Nick, Tommy (Nicole – Host)
Power of Veto holder – Jessica
Power of Veto Ceremony – Jessica didn’t use the power of veto
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10:24 am Cliff
Talking to the live feeders.

Cliff – I don’t think we have anything going on today except for Professor Michie finishing his punishment.

Cliff – other than that it’ll be an easy day

10:28 am Cliff, Jackson, and Holly

Cliff says the HOH girls were exhausted from staying up until 6 every night.

Jackson – Cliff I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you getting up
Cliff – I support you
They talk about how horrible Jackson’s punishment were last night (these were blocked)

10:32 am Back to bed
Tommy says his punishment was called twice 4:30 and 6:30

10:39 am Cliff and Jessica
Jessica says Nicole isn’t nauseous anymore.
Cliff goes on about it being a slow day today “It was a long night for Michie I got up most of the times just to support him. He was up every 45 minutes or so”
Cliff – at one point they hadn’t called him in a little while so he hopped in the shower. AS soon as he got into the shower they called him. We need you immediately. He runs out there in a towel . his outfits are all wet because he’s trying to wash them. He has to grab one from the washing machine and has to pull the whole thing covered in suds.
Cliff – wet tie around a wet short put on a wet lab jacket he got blown up with blue stuff it went everywhere
Jessica – oh my gosh poor guy

Cliff says they kept hitting Jackson so much in the face he figured out if he leans forward the “Blow-up” gets him in the belly but the aliens “got Tricky” and waited until he got up back near the chest area. (I don’t understand it fully)

Cliff presses how rough it was for Michie
Jessica – Ohh.. he definitely had the worst

11:02 am Chit chat.


11:25 am Christie and Nick
Nick wakes her up

11:39 am Jack, Sis, Nicole, and Christie

Jack – Don’t you love how like ducks can literally halt traffic like a deer not so much but some ducks and ducklings that will stop 75 cars
Christie – I big slow turtle will stop traffic
jack – there was Ted the turtle I met one time. I tried to help him but I couldn’t there was a massive snapping turtle it was late at night I got out of the car
Jack – I was like dude get off of the road OHH NO
Jack – he didn’t make it

Jack – it was a Toyota Camry WHOOO SMOKED HIM. He was huge he was like that big

11:49 am Sis, Holly, and Nicole
Sis says Tommy’s punishment is the worst
Nicole – Day punishment is better than a week

12:11 pm Christie and Sis

Christie – I can’t believe there’s so much going on that we don’t know about it’s so weird
Sis – I want to go to a concert
Christie – I’m saying just in terms of anything.. anything exciting in pulp culture
Christie- I f*ing miss my family it’s weird. It’s weird I feel insignificant in here.
Sis – when yo think about it we are significant because we have millions of people watching us
Christie – I miss my store, I miss having a purpose. Helping people like in here I can’t even help myself but out there I help so many people like mentally it’s weird I can’t explain it

Sis starts talking about why she applied for the show “I just love Big Brother. My whole family was you need to apply you need to apply”
Because she was playing soccer she couldn’t apply earlier.
Sis – I sent a tape
Christie- Same here

12:41 pm Jack and Nicole
Jack talking about books says he bought bull mountain 2 years ago but never read it “it was a new york bestseller”

12:44 pm Christie and Sis
Christie wants to talk to Cliff and reinforce that he’s fourth on the totem pole

sis – do you think Cliff is working with us
Christie – I don’t know
Sis says she sees him with Holly and Kat.
Christie thinks Cliff is playing in the middle right now until he decides.
Sis says if Cliff was smart he would vote for jack to stay. jack is all about keeping his word and Michie will screw him over in an instant.
Sis – Cliff is guaranteed safety with us. I hope he sees it
Sis – I feel like Cliff isn’t telling us until after Julie tells us the vote
Christie – he’ll tell us before.. I don’t know. He has to let us know before because Nick has to know where to vote

Sis – I wish would just tell me so I can prepare myself for him leaving or not

12:54 pm Christie and Sis
Christie – If Jack goes, I’m putting up Jackson and Holly.

Christie adds if Jackson wins the veto and takes himself down she’ll put up an insignificant pawn and holly will go
Christie – they have to be split up. they are playing one game

(I will be away from the feeds until 8 pm. Posts will come after covering what was missed.)

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jack fan

Why is Jack now considered the less of the two evils? Jack made all the comments about the minorities in the house. All Jackson is a womanizer with angry issues. Why does Jack get forgiven when Michie is 24 and still has some growing up to do.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

CBS investigated and determined that it did not happen.You did not see what you saw.You did not hear what you heard.Thank you for your cooperation.


Lmaoooooooo. RIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT. Thank goodness they investigated. We can sleep easy now. Hahahahaha

Franks fumes

You are no longer in control of your TV set you are now in the twilight zone……


Jack is a total douche as is Michie…but Jack is a bigger overall threat so the outsiders know they need to get rid of him while they have a chance…not because he is a lesser of 2 evils but because the time is right to get him out. Michie will be teir next target along with Crusty.


yeah jack has more allies than michie, and thus jack makes more sense as a target.


Simon thanks for all you and Dawg do.


Christie is playing a smart game.

She has everyone thinking they are in a one/two with her.

I think she will win and I’m hoping people see Nick as the fun loving guy he is and gives him afp. He seems to be getting a bad edit.


Nah, I think it’s just the skech script they gave him…


I dont think you are watching the same show I am


I think you mean to say that Crusty the Clown THINKS that everyone believes they are in one/two with her. But they are on to her. Omg and nick is a fun loving guy ? Maybe they are not editing him in the best light but remember the footage is some of what he IS doing and it is CREEPY.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Now I get it. You’re from Upside Down World!


I guess Nick had a dream about Christie last night ! He is so strange , def cringe worthy !!


This has been going on since Bella left, he is jumping almost everyone. I’ve never seen someone so overly horned out. If he’s not grinding (and that was a “going to town” grind he was giving Christie), he’s making creepy sexual comments and innuendos. Hard to watch.


Yup!! Bella who?


I’m loving the fact that these people have no idea we’re voting to screw one of them.


LOL, now that’s funny and best line today.


Does anyone think the vote will be rigged or the competition rigged?

So annoyed with dumb players

Did you just say fixed? I’m appalled.!!! CBS AND PRODUCTION would Never EVER fix a competition. No no no. They would never give the players insider info to help them along. No way Jose!!! It’s just not possible. LMAOOOOOOO.
What they should fix is the people they chose to be on the show. We want players. Not social media hogs who are just looking to get more followers.


So I decided to stop watching last week when I realized that Sam was going to go home. Then yesterday a co-worker said no you gotta get back on because Jessica won HOH. I said what so she can pull a Cliff. When she told me that either Jack or Jackson was going home this week I decided to get caught back up. I’m still not ruling out a production interference to somehow keep them both but barring that I’m willing to give this season a second chance.


I was thinking the same thing, like making this a reset week. Of course, it would just be a coincidence.


I quit watching almost 2 week worth of Broadcast and live. Caught my updates here. But when I read Jesse won, and who was put up. I’ll watch BB this Thursday show.
Your not alone.


me too


So I have to say, besides the time he got caught talking about his plans with his alliance Zing, I really don’t give two shIt’s what Cliff has to say !! I’m sure his family appreciates the shout outs which I guess is good, but does anybody else EVER listen to Cliff’s cliff notes ??


I did a couple times. Incoherent rambling. Cliff has a golden horseshoe up his butt.

An ornery mouse

Generally speaking, I do like it when houseguests talk to the cameras about strategy because it can sometimes be difficult to decipher where they actually stand just from their conversations/actions…… so I welcome the insight into who they trust, like/dislike, their plans, etc…… But shout-outs suck.


Oh I’m sure he has some crazed following…seems like there’s a cult of people who will get fanatical about anyone. But to answer your question…I do not and I don’t know anyone who does


Cliff is just as full of himself as are the Jackdouches only he is 30 years older than him and it is not an attractive look on him. Cliff is just as quick to throw Nicole and Jess under some shade as Michie and Jack do but he tries to do it where he thinks people don’t see it…sad fact to Cliff – we see it.


Cliff really seems like a sweet guy and he hasn’t deserved the things that some of the house guests have said about him when they feel the need to bash someone. I also enjoy when house guests talk to the camera because sometimes that is the only way to know what their true intentions are. Sure, what they have to say isn’t always interesting but oh well. I know quite a few people that like Cliff and although he probably won’t make it much farther I am still rooting for him.

Bullies SUCK

OK, so every time I think I have it figured out…I don’t. Does Christie want Jack out or not?


Did Jack really say “a New York bestseller”? Or was that just a typo?


So Cliff is 4th on the totem pole? Since he and his Angels have spoken up about them all being the 7th to the 6, I guess 4th is supposed to make him feel included?? Which one of the 4 got demoted to 5th? BAHAHAHA!! It still blows me away how stupid they continue to think the rest of the house is!!


exacltly! Off with his head!! Who says that?!

Dalia Hobelman

Nick is just horny nasty digging in Nicole’s toes playing footsie with sis snuggling with Christine I wouldn’t want that kind of man lol

J e t s jets jets jets

Funny? Jack was the one who broke his word to his supposed number 1 but according to Sis Jackson is the untrustworthy one.


Does Sis know the meaning of untrustworthy…is it a noun, a verb and adjective or a blackhole.

Say what?

I don’t think she can even spell those words much less understand what it means. Lolol.

J e t s jets jets jets

It really is amazing how many times when talking about a conversation she’s had with someone that she’ll say “I don’t remember exactly what was said”. Does she have a learning or retention problem or is she just not paying attention to what is being said. She just graduated from college, I find it hard to believe that she is this stupid. Something somewhere is not adding up.


Sis is a class A moron…….she has everything backwards.


Oh yes Christie helps so many people cause she has a boutique that sells stuff. farm animal pillows wreaths and other assorted hand made looking not really hand made stuff . That shit really helps people do what exactly Crusty make you rich?


She gets her stock from China……

Feeds Gold

nick finds out from jack/tommie that the reason bella was targeted by christie is because kat the rat told christie that bella was targeting christie

and now nick (who trusted kat) perks right up with a burst of animated energy and is p!ssssssssed…”kat…that little b!tch”

kat in trouble now in the next few weeks along with holly

christie a little safer than what she was

i think nick more likely to campaign for jack to stay now, to try help convince cliff/nicole…especially as jack and co would also keep nicole (who is good with cliff, nick) safe a while

nick knows jack is very loyal and would be a shield in front of him

i really appreciate the effort and quality ideas jack is coming up with as part of his campaign, making things interesting

like him or hate him jack is one of the more interesting and entertaining players to watch…he was very lively in the sunday ep, especially in dr…whether he goes or he stays, its going to be a fun watch

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder



I agree Jack is one of the more interesting housemates but he has 2 major srikes against him. 1. He is blindly loyal to Crusty who is clearly a loose cannon that is totally unreliable…she will unwind with the force of a Cat 5. 2. He has proven he can win challenges and just by his physical stature will always be perceived a threat…even if he is not. He needs to take down his arrogance and realize not everyone loves him as much as he loves himself.

It’s not that Michie is better than him (or less of a douche than Jack because they are both major D**bags)…Michie has Holly (quasi rational) telling him to keep his mouth shut and he is kind of listening. Jack has Anal Sis who is dumber than a blocks of rocks (sorry rocks for the insult) and Crusty who is 1 degree from a cataclysmic metldown.

J e t s jets jets jets

Weren’t Jack and Sis saying they were done with crispy crunchy a couple of days ago and the same with crispy crunchy and teeny tiny Timmie saying they were done with Jack. Did they make up?


If jack leaves. Then Cliff, Kat, Jess and Nicole become the majority alliance. It’ll be their 4 vs Tommy/christie vs Michie/Holly with nick and sis probably teaming up. If Jack stays then he rallys holly, sis, christie, tommy and nick and its 6 vs 4. There is no benefit in Cliff, Holly, Kat or Nicole to vote to keep Jack. If Nick pushes to keep Jack then he’ll look even more sketchy to everybody else than he already does and he’ll be in the jury house sooner than later


I agree that Jack is an interesting character (especially compared to the rest of these dullards) but I still want him gone!

I think Nick is in awe of Jack and Christy, the two alphas, so I agree he will likely align with them. Plus, cozying up to Sis would be the bonus. Oh, and it seems he may also have a ‘thing’ for Tommy too. Wonder what Bella thinks of this all.

Christy to hurt next

I guess there is always the issue of Christy having heard it herself that Bella was targeting Christy. I think Nick votes Jack out and it’s a 5-3 vote. However Nick doing an excellent job making it seem he is team Jack. Also creating a buffer if jack comes back in from a battle back.


Just donated. Thanks again guys


I don’t care who goes this week. I’m just glad one of them is going. I’m more interested to see who wins HOH. If Kat wins, I wonder which side of the house she would target. Hmm… enquiring minds wanna know…

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Kat will send Tommy Christie Sis and Nick off to the litter box.

SD Bird

Convincing Arguments . . . . only to themselves.
Jack, Christy & Tommy have underestimated how little past individual survival plays the Outcasts have made previously really matter with this vote. They want a more even playing field.

The 6 want to remain dominant.
How outraged the 6 are when there is blanket denial!! How much confusion when the Outcasts don’t comply with THEIR logic.
How stuck are they & know that spilling ‘secrets’ may hurt them more than help them.

They are squirming because they somewhat understand the Outcast logic, but still think they can steamroll over it.
A taste of Freedom isn’t something the Outcasts are likely to surrender easily.
It’s fun watching them ‘keeping the faith’ that Jack stays while the other 3 hedge their bets if he goes. Please let it be so!

Feeds Gold

nick p!ssed re kat knowing about the flip on his hoh and not telling him, and being a key reason christie got cliff to backdoor bella

after nick asked sis if she was a squirter in front of jack haha…

nick to sis and jack: “i know youre very loyal jack, i wanted you out for 6 weeks, now i want you here, i wanna go final 4 you, me, sis and tommie”

jack: “youre my dog bro, i will be the shield”


Nick is going so low on my list he might surpass Christie. His wishy washy ways and creepy vibes are getting more and more frustrating.
Current order of players listed from most disliked to least( just for fun)
11 Jack
2. Jessica
1. Kat

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Thanks for the great coverage; this is now my only BB Go-to site. Christie “They HAVE to tell us before so Nick knows how to vote.” SMH Not knowing how the votes will go, being excluded from conversations, feeling insignificant … that’s how she made the Bottom Feeders feel, except she still doesn’t get it.


Thank you! We’re glad you’re enjoying our updates.