Sis “How do you convince Jess?” Nick “I would pitch the woman’s bullsh*t to her. The woman’s rights bullsh*t!”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Jess
Have note are:
Nominations are: Jack and Jackson
Power of Veto Players are – Jessica, Jack, Jackson, Kat, Nick, Tommy (Nicole – Host)
Power of Veto holder – Jessica
Power of Veto Ceremony –
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4:25pm – 4:32pm Backyard. Christie and Jack.
Christie – the deal was never out of our minds. We believe him, not Michie. Jack – got it. I just wanted to confirm with you. Christie – we have to preach loyalty. He still wants strong people to work with. Preach that they’re denying the whole southerners thing. Completely denying it. And also like, like approach it in that we need him too. Like really useful. that he is not even remotely our target even in a double eviction .. like not at all. Jack – he never was. Christie – how loyal we are to each other and want to be to him. I think we can do it. Jack – ok. Christie – and like our view on him never changed. And I also think that somehow… he is a fan of this show. He would not want people that are friends in this show. Jack – would that be four? Christie – no, if we have him.. we have five. And I think that Nick could get Nicole. But what we need is one more.. they f**king know each other. They know each other. You are going to have to spend some time with him. Jack tells Christie about his conversation that he had with Kat about he and Michie. Jack – she said that she hasn’t made up her mind and is just seeing both sides. Shut up. Christie – we definitely have to secure other votes if she isn’t going to be one of them. If she votes to evict you whether you stay or go .. she bumps up to my number 1 target. She got a trip to Hawaii when she shouldn’t have because Tommy gave it to her. She stayed even though we thought that she might know people here. She also told me that she wanted to backdoor Jackson on multiple occasions and I never told a soul about it. And that’s how she is going to potentially f**king repay us? By keeping him… its pathetic! She gave a speech about equality and then she is going to keep him?! Jack – I was the one that blindsided her.. oh wait it was Jackson’s idea. Christie – that’s fine we move on .. and we don’t bank on her. We work on Cliff. Jack – I tell you what there is a possibility of the whole house flipping over. Christie – Holly isn’t with us. She’s been up Jess’s a$$ for three days. Just things to keep in your head… But I have faith in Cliff. I don’t know why but I do. Michie is a dirty player and you’re not. Jack – I hate that this alien is here today. Christie – I know, but you’re handling it really well. And you have to continue to handle it well because he is going to get his next and he might not handle it well. If you go home and I don’t win that double. Its f**king bullsh*t! Jack – its my fault at this point. I shouldn’t have done what I did. If I had just kept my mouth shut nothing would have happened and we would have been fine. Christie – its not your fault. Tommy was thinking the thoughts too and because the two of you felt that way and then I jumped on board it was a big wheel that just kept turning. Jack – I should have f**king sent her home! Christie – it was a whole series of events. It all started with Michie and no one sees that. Jack – I almost f**king snapped on Michie in the boat room. F**K her dude! She is so f**king fate! Christie – you have to let it go. We have to work on Cliff now. Jack – maybe we can get Cliff and Nicole. Cliff is concerned about an all girls alliance. I have to figure out how to play into that. Christie – just don’t mention any names.

4:55pm Bedroom. Tommy, Sis and Christie.
Christie – Jack is really defeated. Nick isn’t with us. I am telling you he is not with us. Nick is with Holly and Michie in the kitchen sitting on the floor talking. Nicole and Jess are in the HOH. Tommy – it is what it is. Christie – apparently Jack and kat’s conversation didn’t go that great. He doesn’t think he has her vote. We still have four days… and you have to watch what you say around him. Kat apparently knows everything. She said she heard floating around that she spooks very easily… that the slightest wind frazzles me. Where is that coming from? Tommy – that’s common knowledge. And of course no one is doing anything until after the veto. I don’t think that is a weird thing to say. Sis – its okay we have four days. I am going to talk to Cliff. Christie – do you think we could get Cliff somehow? Sis – that’s what we were just talking about. Christie – he is terrified of an girls alliance too so you’ve got to play that up too. Sis – I’ve got a lot of things in my head. Christie – we have to play up loyalty and all girls alliance and that the three of them know each other. He is a superfan of this show he is not going to let three people that know each other

5pm Backyard. Tommy, Jack and Sis.
Sis – did you talk to Kat. Jack – yeah and she said that she still wants to hear both sides. But she is butt that we tried to blindside her and we didn’t communicate it to her first. She doesn’t see the fact that it all started with Jackson’s lie. But if its not a lie and its true, I’ve tried to expose her. Tommy – here is the thing if anyone of us is sitting next to Michie in the final 2 that person will win. That’s why this is even happening because his actions have buried him so deep he can’t come back from it no matter what and that’s why people want him here. I get that from a game point, so we have to get creative. Tommy – look what I found stuck to my costume .. because I think that is the answer. Jack – that is the answer. Sis – wow! Tommy – The man likes deals. We need a really good one. Jack – and we’ve been loyal and honest this hole time. Tommy – what is the new deal? Jack – the new deal is that its you (Cliff), Me, Tommy Sis and Christie. I don’t know where Nick is right now. Tommy – but we need one more vote then because you’re on the block. Jack – Cliff will be the 5th.. if Nick knew we had Cliff he would go with it. He stressed to me that he does not like Jackson because of the dishonorable stuff. Tommy – he is smart.. he likes deals. Individual deals. What if when we get down to it we promise to go after one of ourselves first. (LOL What?!) Sis – yeah but not all of us should say that because he is going to know that we talked about it. Jack – have we made that deal before? Like has Christie made that deal with Cliff? Tommy – not that I know of. Jack – f**k dude I would never bury anyone in my.. Tommy – no but we’re going to have to… its giving Cliff a place higher than one of us. Or do we not go there and promise him 4 more weeks of safety? Jack – I think that’s safer than saying we will bury one of us. He plays the honesty game. Tommy – that is a really good deal. It would mean we would have to go after one of us before him. Five weeks then. Jack – Jesus Christ, you’re making a monster! Tommy – if I get fifth place and Cliff gets fourth .. fine. I would rather have a smooth few weeks. Jack – but based on if some of what Jackson was saying .. he just takes his two weeks and manipulates both sides. Jack – guess who is enemy number one after this week.. blonde! Sis – wait why are we confused about Nick? Jack – Nick spoke with her (Jess) for a really long time to day and he wouldn’t talk to.. Tommy – yeah he was in the bedroom and he wouldn’t really talk to us. Jack – which means that he’s shifting.

5:27pm Backyard. Nick and Sis.
Nick – I don’t know what she (Jess) wants and Kat hasn’t said what she wants either. Whatever Jess wants is what’s going to happen when it comes down to it because they’re going to vote with whatever she wants .. you know what I’m saying. It will be Holly, Cliff, Kat, Nicole.. Sis – we don’t know about Cliff. Nick – we know about Cliff. Sis – why do you say that. Nick – we know about Cliff. Just trust me. I mean who knows if you promise him safety .. he might flip. I mean he has played kind of sketchy so.. I wouldn’t worry about it until after the veto meeting because I don’t want you to get yourself .. I don’t want you to put yourself in the same position that I did with Bella. I just know whatever she wants is going to happen. Sis – how do you convince Jess? Nick – its just campaigning .. I would pitch the woman’s bullsh*t to her if I were him. The woman’s rights bullsh*t! But I feel like that’s personal.

6pm – 6:35pm Big Brother blocks the feeds. There was another alien invasion. Jack – I’m glad he came back.. I was missing him.

HOH room. Jess and Christie. Christie brings out the crocodile tears..
Jess – I feel really bad. Christie is crying. Christie – you shouldn’t feel bad. Jess – that’s why when you said that Nick was voting your way I was like Nick are you sure? Christie – listen I have my own secrets to spill and I would never disclose anything else that anyone else told me. I know that when you said he was up here yesterday crying about Jack .. I know that’s not f**king true but I sit here and call him out on it. Because honestly what I’ve learned about Nick is that he is inconsistent. You’ve been the most inconsistent one but its not my job to call anyone out. I am not calling anyone out any more because when I did with Sam it fueled him to get mad at me. And that trigger of events lead to where we are now. I came into this house and was asked to be in an 8 person alliance and then 6 out of those 8 became couples. Then I was forced to be in a 6 and those people I did really trust. Outside of those 6 I was vocal about who I did really trust. And now if feel like next week I will probably be the one to go. Jess – don’t say that. Christie – With Jack loyalty means a lot but with Michie he is ready to flip on a dime. Jess – the one thing about Kat is that she does not want to make a personal decision. Christie – I really wanted to go through this game with Kat. It just scared me that he said they know each other. It upset me. Tommy joins them. Jess – I don’t personally feel like that if Jack goes you are the next person up. Its anybody’s f**king game. You two have been consistent and I even said that you two weren’t options to go up. Christie – everything that I have said to you has been consistent.

7:02pm Hammock. Cliff and Jack. Cliff – I don’t have any loyalties that I’m sworn to. Lets see what happens and I would love to keep talking. Jack – I think there is a play that we can make here. Though a lot has happened with Nick .. Jess and Kat are still very close in this game. Cliff – Jess, Kat and Nicole up there. I’m not invading that.. Jack – you obviously know the other people that are in my corner. Cliff – Sis had talked about wanting to talk later. Nothing has changed I am still trying to survive a few more weeks and finding a place to land. Jack – we will talk more .. I will stay out of your hair.

7:25pm – 8:25pm Hammock. Nick and Rocket.
Nick – I said to Jess that I would vote out whoever she wanted out because I knew that who ever she wants out will go out. It was smart for me to say that. I am glad that you were there because I didn’t want you to think I was lying. Tommy – I don’t f**king care, I am just going with the flow this week. Nick – you know I love you. Its going to be weird though this week. I am in a really weird position. If there are two sides of the house there are certain people I want to work with and they’re on either side. Tommy – I don’t think there will be two sides after this week. Jack and Sis join them. Jack – I am going to close Hogg (Cliff Hogg). Nick – if you close Hogg, you’re Gucc (Gucci). Jack – I am going to tell you right now. If you don’t want to do it.. its all good. Nick – if you have four.. if you have Cliff guaranteed, I will be your 5th. I swear on anything. Jack – swear to god. Nick – yes. Jack – ok! Nick – If you don’t have him or if I hear that he is just gassing you up .. then I will let you know. Jack – what am I going to offer him? F**king cocaine! That’s all I got! I am going to offer him narcotics. Christie – I feel like Cliff is the one to turn. Nick – Jack really doesn’t deserve to go. I will say 1000% if Cliff flips, yes!

8:30pm Bedroom. Cliff and Sis.
Cliff – I don’t know what the people upstairs are going to do. I keep hearing flip flops. Sis – are you basing your vote off of Jess or your.. Cliff – my own personal one. If I feel that its going to be one side or the other I will probably go that way. Sis – I don’t think its going to be divided. Cliff – I am not voting just because.. I do worry a little bit if I kept Jack I would be a target but he did tell me some protection and long term things. Sis – I know you would be safe with me and safe with him. You would be 100% safe. Cliff – I am perfectly happy to buy some time to get a bit further. I’ve done it before and I would do it again. I am never going to trust Michie. There is no love lost. He’s already betrayed me a couple times. I told Jack I am willing to consider it.

8:45pm Backyard. Jackson and Holly. Jackson – I am not going to campaign against him. Holly – but you do have to campaign. Jackson – we’ve got four days .. patience mamma.

9pm Hammock. Tommy, Sis and Christie.
Christie – Nick still has to prove himself to us. Right now he is floating in the middle. Once Nick knows we have Cliff Hogg.. Tommy – I think we need to offer him more. Christie – we don’t need to offer him anything! He votes with us he is with us. He is on his own. He screwed us over pretty bad .. or tried to. He still has penance to do. Voting with us is his first order of penance.. We don’t have to offer him sh*t. This is his option to choose a side. If Cliff votes to keep Jack .. then Cliff is even more valuable than Nick is because then at least he isn’t unpredictable like Nick is. That’s only my opinion. The only people I trust are you two and Jack. When we were a 8 and a 6 I was always sketched out by Holly and Michie. I always knew that Holly was brainwashed by Michie. That was never really going to work. You guys are my everything in this game.. and we will do whatever it takes to get to the end.

9:35pm Mission Control! Tommy has to travel at the speed of sound and then the speed of light .. and then this happened..

10:25pm HOH room Jess, Holly, Nicole and Cliff. Jess – at this moment in time if I had to break a tie .. Jack would be going home. Holly – It just worries me what will come in the next 4 days because the campaigning is so hard now. Cliff – I can be the only vote against Jack and it will be a vote. Holly – I can’t in good conscience vote for Jack to stay. Jess – then we’re good either way. Cliff – there is zero chance that he (Jack) gets my vote. This is the hill that I am standing on. Like I never say anything for no reason. I hope I don’t look like an idiot. I can’t wait to see how Sis is poisoning me.

10:27pm Bedroom. Christie and Tommy. Christie – I hope I don’t look like a psychopath. I hope I’m not being portrayed as a lunatic. I might be.. I don’t mind if I’m being portrayed as a Vanessa Rousso. As long as I am not portrayed as mean. I don’t want to be portrayed as a d*ck. I don’t mind being portrayed as a gamer and a little erratic.

11:05pm – 11:19pm Boat room. Nick and Sis.
Sis – I felt like Tommy and Christie were telling me I should talk to Cliff… it would be better if it came from me but if I do this.. Nick – you’re painting a huge target on yourself. Sis – I know! I’m done! I’m done gaming. I’ve been meaning to talk to you all day. Where is your head at? With the votes. Anything you tell me I will never say. I feel really confused. I don’t know who to trust. I don’t know what to do. And especially if Jack leaves, I don’t want to work with Christie. Nick – I know. Sis – but I have to make it seem like it .. even though I dont. If Jack were to go, we build something else with f**king Holly, Michie and you. They’re going to go after her (Christie) and I don’t want to be associated with her. Nick – Michie is going to bury her. Sis – yup! And then he will come after me once she’s gone. So that’s why I feel it is safer for me to secretly work with.. Nick – you’re not even going to have to force it. You won’t be his first target. Sis – but the second one. Nick – but he’s an easy target to put up every time. Don’t think too far ahead .. that’s what got me f**ked. Sis – I know. Nick – if he (Jackson) stays and wins HOH he will put her up and she will leave. Then he will be the easiest target and he will go. You can trust Holly. I know that. Not right now but later. You should really work on your relationship with her. Sis – I’ve tried but she is always with Michie and up there… I try to go up there and hang out but I get really f**king bored and like all she does is sleep. And then Kat, Nicole and Jess literally talk about nothing. Nick – I want Jack to stay but if I am keeping it real with you but I don’t think he is going to stay. I don’t want to tell him because I don’t want his hopes to go. I don’t want to say how I know that but I know where the votes are. Sis – where are the votes? Nick – four four .. enough to get him out. You’re not going to flip Cliff. He already told me. He said he is not flipping .. I don’t trust them. This has to stay between us. Sis – did he say why? Nick – probably because of Christie. She burned him. You’re good. I’m in good with a lot of people right now. Sis – so you’re saying Cliff f**King trusts Michie? Nick – no, I think people think Jack is really good at the game and this is the time to get him out. I want you to be careful this week. Sis – what should I do? Nick – don’t campaign for him (Jack). You have to be careful. Jess is enamored with Christie. Sis – whether Jack stays or goes, I can’t work with her (Christie).

12am All the house guests are getting into bed.
12:30am Mission Control! Tommy has to travel at the speed of sound.

12:30am – 12:52am Camp Comeback Room. Jackson and Holly.
Holly – The people that I invested in the last 47 days so easily turned on me and acted like I don’t even exist and throw my name under the bus when I personally have done nothing to any of them. And then the other side of the house… why do I deserve their trust. Like I almost put Nicole on the block last week. Why do I deserve her trust. Why do I deserve for her to have my back and Jess I don’t want her to feel like I am using her. But I also don’t want to keep doing what I’m doing with the cool kids if they’re going to act like bullies. I don’t want to be associated with Christie. I think she is a bully and is trying to run this entire game. I think that she gets frustrated when she is not in control and I don’t want to be attached to that. I don’t want to be somebody’s sheep. I don’t want to be used by somebody. I am frustrated because I want to play my own game but at the same time not draw attention to myself. And finding that balance is very hard especially when I am trying to be true to myself and I feel like I am not being true to myself because I have been playing with people the last 47 days that don’t necessarily bring out the best in me. I’ve had to lie .. who am I to preach. I am just scared of being stuck on exile island especially know we have a lot more time here. We’re on the bottom of the totem pole on either side of the house. Jackson – there is nothing you can do to change the past. Just be the best you, you can be. Holly – Christie is such a bully, Sis is so negative. I don’t like conforming. Its all the things I knew I would struggle with coming in here. Jackson – then change it. Figure out what’s not making you happy and change it. Holly gets called to the Diary Room. She’s pissed. Holly – I didn’t even play in the veto. I thought they were only calling the people that played in the veto. I am just not in a good head space.

1:09am Kitchen. Holly, Nicole, Kat, Cliff, Nick and Christie chatting in the kitchen about random things. Jess comes out of the DR with the snap chat glasses..

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nick is a tool, enough said!

The Corey's

Jack’s going home this week and christie ad the 3rd nom goes home because America.

That. Would. Be. Aweaome.


I don’t know, he has Cliff figured out, but then so does Tommy.

Billy and Mandy

For anyone watching tonight ep does Holly and Michie remind anyone of Jess and Cody from 2 seasons ago. Their entire exchange reminded me of it.


He reminds me of cody. Her not so much jess. I actually thought that on my own. I think it was because he for once shut the eff up, and he just completely emotionally detached. Cody was detached like that


I liked Jess and Cody better

Long reader, 1st poster...I know, lame

I liked them then and I like them now. They seem to be two grounded people in a good marriage with a baby. They probably represent the best couple out of the house.


I like them too, but I still think that Jeff/Jordan are the best couple

Franks fumes

It’s probably the same script …..if it made you nauseous that is.

Big Turk

Did anyone else feel like Sundays episode was like watching the ending of a movie then the rest of it? Who cares? We all knew Sam left. Also, can someone tell Holly that her fake lips look ridiculous? When she turns to the side her lips jut out so much they look deformed

Feeds Gold



That was the only half way decent episode of the season so far

Franks fumes

Sis / Holly to me look like those troll dolls that were really popular in the 60’s and 70’s. My girlfriend had one hanging by the hair on the rear view mirror of her VW Beetle lol (yes I’m old)

BB Crusty Crab Shack

Sis has the werewolf hair thing


Eddie Munster comes to mind.


So we criticize houseguests for bullying people in the house but somehow, it’s cool to do it on the internet. Nice.

Ugh.. this season...



Its all in good fun. Let’s not take everything so seriously. Besides, they would probably say worse about us.


It’s not really bullying since we aren’t face to face. It’s being condescending

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

It was confusing, especially for those who don’t read the blogs or watch After Dark or the feeds. I was happy for the “bottom feeders”, as Jess called themselves 🙂 That was rewarding. The pouting in that house is palpable.


I’d love to see Jess put Christie on the block even though I know there’s no chance of that…


I’m not sure it would be Christie but if she wants to guarantee the votes she should put Tommy up there. It takes one of Jack’s votes from him.

Susan Corbridg

Me too. Jess should take Michie off, put Christie’s ass up there, just for fun!


Oh be still my heart


Aquaman is gasping for air


Aquannabe Man


That’s great


Really he’s not even close

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Christie Jack and Tommy should rename their alliance the Entitaled B#tches.


Agree! They think they deserve everything. I am glad it’s looking like Jack is a goner. Christie’s already Losing it lol

Hope Hicks Was Here

Crocodile tears Christie with another performance. Jason Momoa wannabe Jack is no longer top dog and now he’s getting zing’d by an alien. *claps*


It’d be great if zing bot comes while crusty tommy and sis are gone. Lol. Still wanna hear the zings but they’d be pissed they missed it

Sis's Werewolf

Nick is one creepy dude

BB Crusty Crab Shack

What’s with Nick rubbing his foot on Tommy’s genitals and then asking Cliff to sniff Crusty’s hooha to see if it smelled like halibut? Wtf… dude is a total creeper


Seriously!!….and especially with him being a children’s therapist or psychologist or whatever he is but what parent is going to take their child to see him after all of this?
You would “think” he would be a little more self-aware in regards the fact that everything he says and does is being seen, recorded and printed.
Just saying..


I can’t believe Nick would say “women’s rights BULLSHIT” … ummm, excuse me?


I would not let him give his therapy to an animal much less a child.

Ovi's tongue

His Chia hair has creeped me out from the beginning.


Jacks game is over. Hopefully Christie’s will be next and then Tommy’s . Nick is trying to slink around and play both sides but no way he will make it to the end he still has a bad reputation in the house. I think once Jacks is gone it is highly possible Nick will work with anyone…I love how Nick is telling Nicole he has her back after she was his target a few weeks ago

Feeds Gold

cliff consideration of a flip…

i think he sees the logical pros to him as the fifth vote keeping jack and staying safer with a stronger group that has larger comp threat targets within(if he did that i dont think the other 4 girls would target him any time soon before four shooters or nick)

cliff isnt the biggest michie fan and realises kat/hollie/michie have each other over him…doesnt like erratic michie embrace of chaos and doesnt like how michie was blaming him for spreading info around

jack/sis (and sis seperately – even if jack were gone) have told him they want to work with him going forward during good chats

Feeds Gold

listening to four shooters hammock chat…if cliff kept jack, they would be loyal to cliff, and go with cliff to 6, maybe 5 over nick…then at that point i think the likes of jack and christie would probably go before him

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

But Cliff KNOWS he can’t trust them to keep a long term deal. And Jack is a comp threat. This made me laugh when the 4 were conspiring how to approach Cliff – “Cliff’s all about honesty, so let’s pretend we’re honest!” [LOL my paraphrase but that’s what it sounded like]. And Nick telling Sis to campaign to Jess with “that women’s empowerment bulls**t” – like REALLY? I thought that was funny, anyway. Their influence has faded significantly but they don’t get it.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

cliff would only vote out Jackson following a full frontal lobotomy with a rusty butter knife.

Franks fumes


Melvin McKinney

Lol yep.. Cluff and Jackson actually get along

another name

When Nicole says to Kat and Jess, “we can’t look like an alliance,” I tell myself well ship sailed on that one. To be realistic, the fact that anyone denied the existence of the 6 and the 8 was beyond me. How much time did they spend in the HOH together? They had meetings around the hammock, while other people were in the kitchen. Think about that and then consider: how much time have the three of them spent in the HOH room? Too much.
By the same token, almost every time Kat isn’t in the room with Nicole and Jess, she’s with Jackson and Holly.
The three of them would have a very difficult time explaining why Kat gets her guilty face on every time someone sees her exiting a room with them. Pointing out just how close they are still: that could very well become a thing in the next 36 hours.
If i’ve said it once i’ve said it too many times: Christie and Tommy need to shaddup already. Gawd.
By the same token, If Nick fails to get Christie on the block for the renom tomorrow (he’s been pressing waaay too hard) I can see him trying to flip the vote with Cliff and Nicole and Sis. Why? Nick doesn’t handle it well when people don’t adopt his perspective.

Game styles in my opinion. Christie and Jackson are the same player style. Nick is almost the same. the difference: while the others try to go out and sink others to benefit themselves, Nick focuses every accusation for his own behavior on one person. As seen with Nicole on his HOH week. As seen with Christie now.
Cliff and Tommy: same game style. That’s why they rub each other the wrong way. They both pander. They both rat. They both preach alliance unity, but are the first person to point a finger at an alliance mate behind their backs.
in terms of game style (not behavior) Both Jack and Nicole are similar. Let me finish. Both want their major alliance to work more than anything. Both are more loyal to their alliance then the rest of their alliance. Remember. in terms of game style, not behavior, because they are pretty polar in their behavior.

Sis's Werewolf

Once again, it looks like Cliff is going to shit the bed….. Laying over for “safety”…. This guy kills me every time things look good

Feeds Gold

safety is a good thing

cliff loves deals and safety

BB Crusty Crab Shack

Watching the feeds, Cliff relayed his whole conversation with Jack to Jess, Nicole, & Kat…..he knew Jack would do that too….. the HOH group had a good laugh over it. Cliff’s balls are slowly descending and realizes that he’s been played one too many times by Aquadouche

BB Casting Call

Who would have thought that Sis’ werewolf would be more clueless than Sis?

ClIff is playing them! He’s listening to what they have to say and let them feel comfortable so they will pressure him less as the week goes on, then vote out Jack.


I think Cliff is telling Jack that just to make him believe he will work with him….His vote will be to send him packing.


So what is the plan so far? Are they getting rid of jack? Using the veto? I’m so confused lol


Not using the veto, Jack should be going….for sure votes to evict: Holly, Cliff, Kat, Nicole. Jessica breaks the tie. Nick should also be voting out Jack but that’s still confusing.

Kam L Toe

Watching the argument between the jackholes tonight jack jumped over the bed before he got animated showing he’s frightened by Jackson, then again there’s definitely something off with him, the eyes don’t lie


Not what i saw. He jumped over the bed in excitement not fear.

BB Casting Call

Fear of Jackson and trying to be a character on the bed. His overexaggerstions and actions during that “scene”, I felt he was mocking Jackson.
Jack may be a big dude who is trying to be an alpha, but he’s really a beta and fake.

He is the guy in the club who talks tough to the bouncers when there is a crowd around, but once he’s outside with just one bouncer and no crowd, he becomes a puppy dog…


He doesn’t know how to hide the contempt he has for others outside of his alliance – not in his eyes, vocal tones, or body language. I think he’s pitiful and I hope he isn’t like this in real life.

J e t s jets jets jets

Exactly what is full in sis’s head? The rocks or the marbles?

BB Crusty Crab Shack


BB Casting Call

Nothing is full, just some fluid splashing from side-to-side, front-to-back. I’m surprised she’s had few headaches.

J e t s jets jets jets

I didn’t see Cliff doing any of the back and forth in regards to the blow up. Why are these idiots blaming him. Tommy was the whole flip the vote instigator.

Red in Blue

re: Sunday episode. Couldn’t anyone tell Kat that she had a leakage. They could have told her about that spot on the back of her dress. Sure, just embarress her on national TV.

Does anyone think that the tat on Nick’s upper right arm looks like Holly’s face?


I saw that dress spot, too and had the same thought! Friends. What are they good for?


I thought that too at first! It was actually a silky stripe all the way up and down the dress, it just had a shadow under her ass that made it look like “something else” lol


Christie talking to Jess – I know so many secrets and I would never blow up someone’s game by revealing them ?! Meanwhile she goes on a rant by throwing people under the bus. Total B*tch and will be gone in 2 Weeks.
After watching tonight’s episode can no one in that House see that Christie always has crocodile tears and that Tommy always puts both his hands on his cheeks when he lies. so blatant.

Summer Gowen

You would think Nick would realize that….


if nick is a therapist, i am a brain surgeon!!


Whatever the outcome this Season, I hope that each player has a chance to see their “Rankings” and discover what us outsiders really think of them and their antics, how they treated others. I’m thinking some may need some couch time afterwards, their egos may never be the same again.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Christie, YOU KNOW SOMEONE IN THE GAME – YOU WERE PRACTICALLY RELATED FOR A DECADE!!!! Hypocrite. Shut up. She is deflecting because SHE’S fake, and SHE’S disloyal. STOP. Kat, you go to Hawaii and send those conspiring b****es a post card every stinking day. It’s about time she and Jack are at the bottom of the totem pole.


I hope her or Tommy speak before thinking & share that tidbit of information in one of the goodbye messages, now that it’s jury time!!!


One plan discussed tonight by the (what do we call them now – 4 shooters? – yeah I guess I’ll go with that) is to wait until after POV and then call a house meeting to attack Jackson, Holly (maybe Kat?) to convince Cliff/Nicole/Jess/Nick to keep Jack.

There are several issues I can see arising from this plan:

1. Jess/Nicole in particular don’t like bullies & there’s been a lot of discussion about it recently. Already Holly (and even Jackson to an extent) is garnering favor with the Cliff’s Angel’s (CA) b/c of how the 4S have ostracized Holly & is bad mouthing her. These 4 in particular relate to being excluded so this only provides more reason to emphasize with her & by extension Mickie.

2. While each of 4S are actively campaigning using the “good guys”, “mean/evil” people derivatives, Jackson is walled away in the Have Not and sticking to not saying bupkis about Jack. It will be interesting to see if Jackson can maintain his composure if 4S (more likely Christie/Jack) come at him but he & CAs do expect something coming b/c they’ve overheard plans listening outside doors. Can Jackson restrain himself (Nick has warned him to keep his cool). If not, I could see him using this moment to call Christie a big hypocrite b/c she’s jack’s ex girlfriend (his original plan to take her down – & not true fwiw) although the timing is crazy b/c Nick asked her if she had slept with a man in the last year and she said yes.

As a side note the irony of how aghast Tommy/Christie are over the possibility Holly/Kat.Jackson could know each other is hilarious given their situation. If there was ever the PERFECT SHOUT OUT from the backyard speaker man it would be to out Christie/Tommy too just for the symmetry of the hypocrisy.

3. Yet, there is a fundamental problem with this strategy that Jack doesn’t see (Tommy should b/c he’s a witness to the conversations). Anyway – the attack will feature nasty things said about CA’s & likely focus on disloyalty. THAT is where having the entire house in attendance will bite Christie in the ass b/c all Jackson has to say is you never said you were fine with Jack or I leaving? You never talked about your “Dream Team” not including couples or actively plotted with the people not in the 6 to target myself of Jack prior to last Thursday?

The minute Christie denies it she’s toast b/c she’s told everyone in the house she wants Jackson gone & was okay with jack leaving And knowing her she’ll adamantly deny it ever occurred. On top of this Jackson can bury her (Jack & Tommy) with things they’ve said about each of the hamsters (personal, slanderous things). Jackson is no saint – he’s been equally as ruthless. But his loyalty to the 6S is the difference. He can ask by a show of hands how many of you outside the 6 did I ever discuss targeting a 6S? Then pose the same question about Christie/Tommy. Although CA’s may not play along the point will have been made b/c she has had the conversation with every one of them.

Christie might counter about Kat wanting to take out Jackson but Kat can come back with I thought he was the one spreading my name around from our early game situation but Jack admitted he was the one who told you and then you gossiped about it Ms. Female Empowerment.

I know Christie can yell & cry with the best of them – but I just don’t see this going well for her & I’m a little shocked Tommy wouldn’t be trying harder to shut it down. Then again, maybe he does want her to be the next target. Each of Nick, Sis, and even Holly seems to still want to work with him but not with Christie. Nick has pointed out Mickie/Christie will be the two biggest targets so he might be planning to allow her to get cut so she can work the jury for him instead of sit beside him at F2.

All I know is at least we finally have some action and drama. Barring something crazy Jack will leave since CAs plus Holly won’t change their votes which means Nick won’t either. Still, I think there are many more shifts coming with Cliff wanting to pull in Holly to the Angel’s (after Mickie is gone), Nick wanting to work with Nicole, Sis, Holly & Tommy (or Cliff maybe). Mickie will gun for Christie but if he gets her right away I’m not sure the rest of them couldn’t reconcile or M/H will align with Nicole/Nick – so second half of season could offer plenty of twists and turns.

Notably the weekly shifts can be dramatic – Nicole who came within a hair of going OTB last week & likely out the door vs Sam is now the safest in the house. She’s in CAs, has Holly/Mickie re-evaluating how they didn’t work with her from the start & how kind she is, Nick/Cliff having her as their F2 & she’s way down the list of targets for any of Tommy/Sis/Christie.

Finally, given the dynamics doesn’t it feel like a jury buy back is inevitable this season?


am i the only one who just scrolls past this persons 9 paragraphs in every comment made


Her posts are long, but if you read them you would probably agree with most of what she has to say. That being said, she should try to go on BB to play. I suspect she would go far in the game.


I read them most of the time.


Me too. You may not agree with every single thing…but you’re not supposed to. She offers a lot of unvarnished thoughts and I for one…thank her for her mostly great, occasionally different from mine, commentary


I actually look for them because they are fairly insightful, whether I agree with them or not.


If I’ve come into a comment section after a bit of a hiatus and there are lots of comments, her comments are usually a pretty good synopsis of the current state of the house. Her assessments seem to be well thought out even if I may disagree.


copycat ha!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

It’s a long one but well written and thought out so I read it all.

Is BB letting Paul back in week 7 so he can win

Hmm…. looks like production is already fully involved to help crusty. Its soooooo obvious from week 1 that they are in the tank for christy. This is worse than the 2nd season Paul was on..


When is it going to come out that Christie and Tommy have known each other prior to BB?


I really don’t like anyone this season. They’re idiots. I was routing for Kat. But after she said she was going to vote him out “on mistake” every week until he was gone (I had my hopes up she would make a move against him) plus her woman empowerment speech and now she’s being sweet-talked in to keeping him…UGH. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like Jack either. Again, I really don’t like anyone this season.

Dogs, Wine and BB

Christie: “I hope I’m not viewed as a lunatic.” Definition of a lunatic: person with a severely disordered mind. Let’s see, extreme paranoia, delusions of grandeur, need to control other people…


if Jess wants to get Jack out 100% she should use the veto, save Jackson and put up Tommy. No ONE is going to flip if Tommy is nominated. also, vote for Nick/Tommy/Christie to go on the field trip (Jack is going to be outta the house) so hopefully Nick wins and one of the other two are nominated!!!!! Sweet dream of mine!


Oh yeah, put Tommy up, and what makes one think Christie won’t use her power to get him off and put someone vulnerable to save both Jacks up?

Tommy Sucks

Christi’s power is over as of 10 am Monday.


The power is that the veto holder gets to nominate the replacement. The Veto holder is Jess….,.,,,,.


Christie’s power is useless this week because Jess has the veto and she’s choosing no matter what.


Not Crusty, If you vote for Nick/Tommy/Crusty. One of them will be safe! And Production will have her safe….grrrr


Nice of CBS to tell us after 4 days of voting, that the first place winner gets safety! Based on the polls that will be Jack or Christy….if Jack is leaving, then that means Christy gets safety…thanks CBS!! GGGRRRR!
Also, did anyone think that the edit of the blow up made Michie/Holly look bad instead of Jack/Tommy/Christy……….I don’t think it came across accurately….


That sucks, especially after people have already voted. Has this been verified? I thought there was to be a challenge and loser is on the block?


They said on the Sunday episode that first place earns safety, second place gets a punishment and third place is nominated as a third nominee for the week. Wonder what happens if the 3rd place is already a nominee…maybe this will be announced to the house before the HOH makes noms…….


The 3 will compete and the winner of the competition is safe for the week.


That’s what I heard, there was to be a competition, not 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place decided by votes. That’s what the trip was a competition. At least I thought.


I didn’t catch that. I thought they had to compete against each?

J e t s jets jets jets

Julie did say that on elimination night Thursday.

BB Casting Call

TPTB are making their changes to ensure their pet is safe. Christie will also thank America and think she is their favorite player.


it is the 1st place winner of the challenge not the votes

Tommy Sucks

Wondering……if Jack/Michie is voted off Thurs……and America voted Jack/Michie to go to field trip…..what then? Current polls have Jack, Michie, Christi, Tommy (in that order) going on field trip (comp)
1st place will be awarded safety……last place will be a 3rd nominee on the block next week.


Hopefully, they would choose the next person (4th) on the list.


Winner gets safety, middle gets reward, bottom goes on the block. It says it right on the website to vote


YEsss….the winner of the competition that they will have gets that. Not the winner of our voting


NOOOOOO! Sorry I did that in caps because I wanted to get people’s attention, if possible. Our vote does not determine who gets safety. Our vote only determines who is going. Some sort of competition will determine who gets safety, who goes on the block, and who gets a punishment


Someone get Christie some wine. Stat! It’s only a matter of time that she blabs about knowing Tommy for the better part of a decade. Which would be ironic, considering the campaigning they’re doing to rid the house of Jackson is that Jackson/Holly/Kat were a trio before entering the house. Glass houses….

Where Christie’s game began unraveling — besides the fact that she can’t keep her trap shut — was the argument with Jackson before the live show. Everyone could hear what was being said. Those not in the room know for a fact that Christie has been sowing the seeds to get out Jack or Jackson — with Cliff, Nicole and Jess. They know she was lying, and their trust in her is probably gone. Which means he got her wish from all that seed-planting — Jack is probably going home. You reap what you sow, indeed. But the unintended consequence is that she’ll lose Sis as a footsoldier and she and Tommy will be on their own.

What a shame.

(As much as I disliked Vanessa, Christie is no Vanessa. She’s erratic, and a great liar, but she doesn’t have the same horsepower cranking the gears of her brain.)


On the Christie and Tommy relation. It as and is a mistake for BB to insert players that know each other. I rather watch relationship grow, partnering, and friendship develop then see players coming in with already an established relationship. I hope it never happens again. It is a disadvantage to the other players.
I also am of the opinion, to stop recruiting players. I’m sure there are fans of the show, millions, that would like to play the game, rather then a scripted reality show.


It would have been more appropriate, if they had to have Christie/Tommy, to have all pairs. It might be interesting if everyone were pairs but they didn’t know there were other pairs…Not with this crew though…they suck.

Big Brother Fanatic

I love how Christie thinks her, Jack and Tommy are the only people playing this game and that they are “owed”, bitch the only thing Kat owes you is throwing your ass up on the block.


Looks like Jack stopped walking around saying that Jess and Kat are “Bought and paid for”

Tommy Sucks

I noticed that too…

Feeds Gold

8.15am jack prepares a breakfast for him and sis that they have on the hammock

he has been up since 4.30am and he tells sis about his overnight al the angry alien punishment which sounds like a really funny punishment where al bosses him around…including being called aquaman, being made to swim laps, paddling in the canoe, scrubbing the toilet, cleaning the bathroom, preparing coffee and food for al, and copping insults haha


ZOMG! So the new additions since I last read this update are:
*Christie doesn’t want to be portrayed as crazy or mean (what other option is there to describe her behavior?)
*Sis thinks hanging out with Kat, Nicole, and Jessica is boring (because Sis is interesting herself?)
*Holly has finally realized that Christie gets frustrated when she’s not in control of the game (about 47 days late in that realization, ya think?)
Production needs to change the name of the show to The Idiot’s Guide to Big Brother.


Simon off topic question that maybe I should not be asking….but any idea why Granny is not posting? I love her perspective and summaries? Maybe I am just not seeing them?

Total sucks you are no longer on Amazon. With all the shopping do I never needed to remember to make a donation. Planning on making one large donation at the end of the season. Thank you again for all of your hard work.


Granny’s not around this season 🙁

Glad you’re enjoying the spoilers Thanks 🙂


I think “Granny” is actually “TTOTambz” now…they sound too similiar


They’re different people.


I miss granny


My only real disagreement is ripping Jackson for planting lies to create chaos. That is actually classic Big Brother game play. Stupid if you admit it to others in the house but not if you only admit to it in DR sessions. .


Simon or Dawg, isn’t this the last week for Christie’s power?




And it’s useless…


if you think most therapists help people you have a screw loose! why do people go to therapy for decades? because it is a $$$ maker scheme. shouldnt the problems be solved at some point ? i mean look at all the FOOLS who call themselves Life Coaches. Nick is not professional and that is evident by all his snide comments about others all the time.


As someone who went to schoo for therapy because of a therapist saving my life inspired me, I can say this is not true. I mean, I am sure there are providers out there that do that, but unless you are a MD or PHD/PSYD you are not making squat. Decided to pursue another field specifically because I would be paying loans off the rest of my life with the average salary a clinician makes around me. That salary of course varies by state and whether you own or a part of a practice, and if your patients are self pay or insurance.


maybe try telling that to the men and women who return from war with PTSD, victims of domestic violence, victims of childhood abuse etc. they are wasting their money because they can’t be helped, seriously!? please share the informed and relevant sources you used to come to this conclusion.


It really depends on the issues which brought a person to the therapist. Some things are like the flu and have a shorter life span other things are like diabetes and stay with a person their entire life. Some are like asthma and can go both ways depending on the person.