Cliff “I may say hey if you want to blow up Jacks game or whatever, this is your chance.”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Jess
Have note are: No Have nots this week, Jack, Tommy and Jackson were given punishments as part of the veto.
Nominations are: Jack and Jackson
Power of Veto Players are – Jessica, Jack, Jackson, Kat, Nick, Tommy (Nicole – Host)
Power of Veto holder – Jessica
Power of Veto Ceremony – Jessica didn’t use the power of veto
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11:40pm Bedroom. Jack to Tommy and Sis. Jack – Yo! Can I gossip for a second? I walk out into that kitchen.. F**king Kat, Holly and Jackson! Could y’all motherf**kers be any dumber? I literally accused you motherf**kers of knowing each other and now all your going to do is hang out??! Like Holly and Jackson were laying in this bed today and Kat comes over and sits right next to them. Are you out of your f**king mind?!! Tommy – its so obvious! Jack – its so f**king obvious! Its too bad I’m going to send ol’boy home. Is there any benefit.. does this still benefit us …so Nick is going to be talking to Jackson and Holly when I go talk to Kat so that when they come out .. when Kat comes out .. she goes right to them.. so that we’ll have that in place. Its f**King good! So is there a benefit if we do tell Jessica .. or is it all lost at that point? I think what is going to happen is she is going to take the deal and swear on her life that I have her vote on everything! And she is going to figure out how to push it. However is there a deal where we all go up and tell her and blow this game up… is there someway that Jess is going to turn to my side? Like is her distrust in Kat going to be that big? I think that if I build up enough rapport with Nicole and I get Cliff in .. she will turn to Nicole and she will be like yeah you should keep Jack. Right?! Jackson doesn’t talk to Nicole for sh*t. Tommy – I’m a little confused. Jack – if Kat doesn’t take my deal .. because this is all on her .. she is going to convince Jess to evict Jackson. If she doesn’t take it and is like no I have to keep Jackson. F**king do what you need to do. Like go blow up my game. If we just go blow it up .. does it just stop there? Is Jess just going to get real pissed and forgive Kat and still want to send me home? Or if I get in good graces. Tommy – I think it has to be you going up to Jess not us. Sis – I agree. Jack wonders if he should offer Cliff 3 weeks of safety and he gives me 3. And if he is not .. like Jack I just need to protect my game at this point. Then be like okay 3 and then you can put me up. And if he is like I’m so sorry. Be like OKAY! Sis, Tommy and me all guarantee you 3 weeks. Tommy – I don’t know.. Jack – okay, I will say Sis and Tommy have your back for 3 weeks, I will offer myself but you can take me out but I’ve got you for 3. You’ve got my word. You can shoot me. I don’t care. Bought and paid for on everything and you can ask Sis and Tommy. But I think Kat is buying it! She is f**king buying it! Tommy – I don’t know if its that great of intel. The point is that you always wanted her included.

12:40pm Storage room. Jackson – you know where I stand. I am not going to campaign against him tomorrow. I am not going to campaign against him. He has burned me but I am not going to do it. Cliff – okay. Jackson – Its not out of disrespect or that I don’t want to. Cliff – I’ve got you. Whatever you feel comfortable with. You know you’ve got my vote. Jackson – and you know where I stand its all the same. Cliff – I appreciate it. I hope after this one .. if its a double eviction .. I hope y’all have me and obviously I’ve got you. Jackson – absolutely!

1am HOH room. Kat, Jess, Nicole and Cliff.
Nicole – my vote is already locked in. Kat – Tommy says that he wants to vote with the house. Cliff – does he really or does he just want to know how we’re voting? Jess – so what did you say when he said that? Kat – that Jess wants us to vote how we want to vote. This is big brother, we’re already in jury. Cliff – I said that if I can let him know before, I will. Jess – they want to be in the know. Nicole – Christie’s whole argument was like my dream team is you, you, you, and you. Kat – she is lying. She wants to play both sides. Nicole – I see through it. Cliff – if that is the case maybe we force them to make a claim and not tell them one way or another. Jackson told me last night he is debating what kind of speech to give because he supposedly has some information that would blow up Jack’s game and someone else that would still be in the house. He said that he doesn’t want to say it without Jack being there. He says if he says it, it would guarantee to make him the number one target. Which there is part of me that says do it and make yourself the primary target. But don’t say anything that is so stupid that anyone would have any reason to flip a vote. But I don’t think that’s the case. Kat – I think he is pretty good. Cliff – so I may say hey if you want to blow up Jacks game or whatever .. this is your chance. Kat – I think that he should because if he doesn’t Christie and Tommy are going to think that that six still exists. Because if one of them wins HOH they’re going to come after us but if he blows that us they might not. Nicole – where do we stand with Sis? Because I just can’t read her. Jess – Nick trusts Sis. Cliff – I would boot her. She will take it personal when Jack goes and she will come after us. kat – her game is to flirt with all the guys. She has Nick thinking that she would have been in a showmance with him if Bella hadn’t gotten with him first. Nicole – I can’t read her and don’t trust her worth sh*t. Cliff heads to bed.

1:54am Bedroom. Jack, Sis, Tommy and Nick go to sleep.

3:35am All the house guests are sleeping..

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With Jack wanting to make deals for keeping him, has anyone asked him who he would put up? I might have missed this.


Jackson and Holly is who he says he will put up.

Just me

Jackson wouldn’t be there if Jack is still there. So, Holly and most likely Kat.

SD Bird

Kat. He keeps saying that she is the reason he is on the block. LMAO

Dalia Hobelman

Cliff is starting to get on my nerves..he blew his chances and maybe it was a game play to make people not mad at him but now he’s trying to use people to do his dirty work ugg


But getting other people to do your dirty work is key to getting to the end of this game. I didn’t like Cliff’s HOH from a fan’s standpoint, but it’s hard to deny it worked out well for him. Everybody thinks he’s so trustworthy now.


yeah, he caught some good breaks after making that awful deal and now his word looks very solid.

BB Casting Call

He mentioned in pre-entry interviews that that was his plan, earn trust early and then fool them in the end.

Dalia Hobelman

I know I’ve been watching for twenty years he just annoys me and honestly I think he and Nicole can make it far


Jack is hilarious talking about giving out 3 weeks of safety and expecting Anal and Tommy to just go along with it. And Tommy is like…Wait, what? Lol


That’s what I saw, too! So funny!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I hope when Aquadouche goes for Kat that she reads him good! His big reveal that Miche Holly & Kat 1000% knew each other coming in is that “Kat came in while Miche & Holly werei n bed together & plopped down to chat with them. WHO DOES THAT???” [Jack & Sis are in bed together & Tommy is sitting on the bed with them talking about it…]

Just me

Just wait until he finds out that it’s actually Christie and Tommy that know each other. I bet he’ll feel real perceptive then…lol

I’m Holly but not Jason’s orMichie’s

Wish I could lgive this more than one thumbs up.

BB Casting Call

This must be Sis!

Hello Sis!

Once again you have messed up the details and told the facts incorrectly and with many missing details.

Jackson did follow Holly on Instagram, but just before the show started. They briefly met during casting.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

It’s a nothing Burger… No one CARES.


Looking forward to the three hypocrites getting voted out – Jack, Christie and Tommy. Jack criticizes Mitchie for not talking to Nicole – huh? Then the three criticize Mitchie, Holly & Kat for hanging out together so much – uh, ok. Idiots.


Prizes, praise and awards are doled out to kids for minimal accomplishment to boost their self esteem.
Does this result in arrogant and overly self important individuals such as jack and jackson. Both are
arrogant and egomaniacs. On top of this Jackson is crude, rude and demeaning to women, he is a pouter,
and he is an unsanitary pig who thinks he can relieve himself and delicate wherever. I think he is the biggest loser!


I want to know where he is a server, don’t want to ever go there.

BB Casting Call

….and Christy, and Sis, and the majority of future players….

I really think that Sis’ family must be a part of the college acceptance scam and that’s how she got in and on a Div 1 team.

Sakura Haruno

I just realized that after Thursday night there will only be 4 guys in the house. With Jackson already a target and nick on some people’s radar I have a feeling that we will have a female winner this year.


The chance are good but if we get a season where Jack, Jackson and Nick leave then you might as well crown Tommy now. Not because hes a guy but because hes played the best game. Christie will be a big target and then Cliff but good god if we only have floaters left what a bore. I think it would turn in to a total snoozefest.


yeah, tommy has a bunch of shields before he’d become a target and good jury management so far. i can’t see him going before final 6 and he’d be in a good position to win from there no matter who’s left.


What is your definition of a floater? Can’t be by comp wins because the only players left who haven’t won either HOH or veto comp are Nicole, Tommy and Analyse (total nonplayer). I think the sides are clearly defined at the moment with the exception of Nick who has the greatest possibility of floating back and forth between sides. While I agree it could get boring should the dominant and obnoxious personalities of Jack, Nick, Christie and Jackson get voted out, I don’t agree that the remaining housers are floaters.


Nicole is between a couster and a floater. Anal is a coaster. So is holly. Jess coaster even though she won now. That’s her game. Cliff , nick and tommy are floaters in a good way. You can be a floater and win comp like nick. He is definitely a floater. But it’s not bad if he managed to get to the end .
I think tommy wanted/wants to play like a floater but found imself too much attached to one side.

BB Casting Call

The only difference that truly matters is that they are all still in the game as players for a chance to win, where as we are all just watchers hoping for someone we want to win, wins.


The Only girl i see winning is kat.
(Christy can win in a final 2 , but won’t get there)
The guys still have a decent chance, i fell.
Especially if there is a battle back.


it’s all going to come down to who’s in the final 2 and the circumstances of players’ ousters. if christie feels betrayed by tommy she’ll blow up his game in jury, otherwise she’ll advocate strongly for him. the men otherwise all have pretty okay resumes while most of the women need to build one (anal and nicole in particular) but there’s still plenty of game left to do so.


Ok here’s what I want to see on the live show tomorrow. You know when someone is evicted, Julie sometimes tells them a secret? Well I hope she tells Jack…”The people in the house that knew each other outside, were Christie and Tommy” and see the look on his face

SD Girl

Julie will watch her words if there is someone coming back from the Jury. Sometimes, GBMs are not shown either with a Juror returning.

I second that emotion

THAT would be priceless!!!


Jack’s threat of “blowing up the house” is lame. The entire house already knows that holly and kat know each other, or have at least heard the rumor. Why is he acting like this is ground breaking, game changing information?

Kat's alien bitch

Everyone says they are going to blow up the house when they look like they are going to be evicted.

Jack has no inside information that will surprise people.


His threat about I’ll tell Jess you were a mole. I hope she’s like go ahead! Jess already knows you all had a 7 for each…. Kat said it when they were in the HOH talking so I doubt Jess cares. UGH and get off your dumba$$ high horse about Kat and Holly when it’s your Universe chomper Crusty and rocket penis Tommy that know each other…. I know this week is going slow cause I can’t wait for that douche to go.

BB live feeds addict

Was anyone watching when they had dinner together Tuesday night ? I caught the end and they were saying what they were thankful for I only heard the end. Jack & Cliff Did jack and Jackson apologize ?

And what did they say to the houseguests from production ? I didn’t hear it


I do think it’s hilarious how Jack keeps pitching dick head Tommy his ideas and Tommy keeps shooting them down !!


Can someone tell me if Kat ever told Jess, Nicole and Cliff about the six shooters telling Kat at the last minute about the flip vote, I think when Nick was HOH and how she was a mole working with them?? The reason I am asking because that is what Jack was talking about last night threatening Kat today with… I am so scared that might blow the house up today and Jack may end up staying. I want him going out the door then Krusty next. I hope Kat will call him out and it will backfire.


Not exactly that I’ve seen but last night well Cliff, Nicole, Jess and her where in the HOH she said they each had a 7 on the outside so Jess knows

I want to manifest that she says let’s tell Nicole and Jess together so you know I’m not lying but you’ll see you lost my vote. They go, Jess and Nicole in shock and horror say OMG are you serious then laugh in dumba$$’ face as they say we already knew, laughing as he heads downstairs now fulling realizing he’s going to jury

BB Casting Call

She voted the other way, she can easily deny and be believed.
It was also the 6S that wanted her to vote opposite, so their own plan backfires again.

Jack has nothing, his ego convinces him that he has everything going for him. He will be gone, then it comes down to who wins next HOH and I hope for Nicole or Kat.


Jack is going to try to blackmail Kat? What a jackass. Should be fun to watch Kat exterminate Jack.


Jack. Just leave Christy and Tommy already!
Go to work. You are thinking too much .. 3 weeks or four?!
Omg just go already and make deals
And you wanna blow kat game.. do it now
Use that
What the f.. you are waiting for!!?

Chichi Riviera

In the first picture, Jack is describing the size of his nostrils.


Jack & his 4S minions fail to recognize the BB game shifting dynamics once the game reaches jury. The underdogs no longer have to be afraid of reaching this point in the game and gamers like Cliff/Nicole are much more cognizant of jury/relationship management. All of 6S failed in that regard leading up to jury. The difference is 4S is continuing to try to play the game precisely the same way thinking they run the house.

6S is shattered b/c Jackson/Holly have no desire to work with Christie/Tommy (only Holly is open to Sis) and they’ve elected to lie low, not campaign or trash talk Jack nor make deals or threats beyond their desire to work with people they respect and like so the underdogs are now the clear majority in the house.

4S fails to admit that fact (or recognize it) and Jack is functioning as if the house is still pandering for his direction and approval. Deals won’t move Cliff/Nicole who are safer beyond even the highest deals Jack can offer. Nor would Cliff want to turn on an alliance which HELLO is named after him (Cliff’s Angels).

Jack’s intention to threaten Kat if she won’t play ball won’t be any more effective. I mean if Jess still hasn’t turned on Christie after witnessing her bully & lie first hand why the heck would one thing about Kat shift her focus. On top of this Kat could just say he’s lying & remind Jess that she & her both voted the same way (Jess probably won’t buy Jack over Kat if she elects to lie). Besides 4S almost voted her out last week proving just how disposable she was to them. Not to mention there are things like Jack (& Jackson for that matter) saying Nicole/Jess are lucky b/c in the “real world” they would never even speak to females like them. Not exactly something which will garner either of them brownie points.

The other interesting thing going on is Nick has taken Kat’s secret share that Bella was targeting Christie extremely personally. I’m not sure if this is still part of his performance b/c he does seem to be really pushing for this shift to happen & he could easily find himself a target again alongside Christie/Tommy/Jackson if he doesn’t backtrack. The reason I think it’s just performance is Nick knows for a fact there is no way either of Cliff or Nicole will shift or be bought. I wonder if the live feeders will also vault Nick up the list of field trip candidates list given his recent creepy McCREEPerton actions.

Other notables:
*Cliff may try to push Jackson to out his “Jack & other 4S member secret” in order to make sure he remains a target

* Tommy is freaking out panicking as he’s the only one of 4S truly aware of the shift in the house numbers. He’s continually trying to do enough fake nonsense to pull in the underdogs while also trying to ascertain if he can keep himself off Mickie/Holly’s target list. All his desperation has done is served to make his sneakyness/fakeness more transparent.

Christie is the priority target of Jackson while either of Christie/Tommy are the priority of Kat, Holly, Nicole, Cliff
Kat/Holly/Mickie are priority boots for Christie, Tommy, Sis & Nick would likely put up Jackson/Kat (or so he says although as long as he doesn’t sense he’s in danger he’ll probably throw the HOH).

Today will bear witness to an all out aggressive Jack campaign which could become more desperate as the day progresses. The underdogs would still prefer to blindside 4S to ensure Christie/Tommy/Sis vote to keep Jack while Tommy/Christie will keep pushing to find out prior so they can “vote with the house”.

Field Trip:
If the polls are reflective of the “true non Grodner directed vote” the Jacks & Christie sit atop with Tommy close behind others show Cliff, Nick or Sis as the next in line. Every season BB tends to tie into the NFL somehow so I wonder if this field trip will have something to do with football. If that’s the case it could favor the men to win the challenge. If Jackson is on that field trip I can’t imagine someone not yelling out to him about Christie having dated Tommy’s aunt for 9 years – something just tells me that intel is getting exposed. That would be the truest form of karma and crazy given the made up secret Jackson is pondering exposing – if he does say it & then the truth gets exposed no one will believe him -whereas if he doesn’t say anything & learns on the trip Christie/Tommy will look like the biggest hypocrites in the house.

Winning HOH is huge this week especially if the winner is among the top 3 vote getters as they won’t even know how close they came to being on the block (or that they aren’t a fan favorite). I’m just hoping Christie, Tommy don’t win. The only reason I’d be okay with Jackson winning is it could mean a total Christie meltdown and then he’d also be exposed to be targeted/evicted in the double. At least for me I still want Jackson taken out b/c his actions haven’t been forgotten.

Btw – I know there are always sloppy eaters and people with poor hygiene but Jackson putting his hands into bowls or drinking direct from containers makes me nauseous. Maybe as a mature adult I’m just too sensitive but I gagged watching him do it recently and thought here was Jack condescendingly telling Kemi she couldn’t put her water in the fridge but no one says squat to Jackson doing that. GROSS.


Putting Christie on the Block, then voting her out, would definitely increase BBs viewership. They could, once Christie is in the jury house, have a new reality series following Christies breakdown and never ending tears while in the jury house.


I login to the feeds: and Christie is crying.
How often does that woman cry?

And her biggest fear in life: that she has 0 Instagram followers.
If only God was that just.


I think it’s possible she’ll be dehydrated by Thursday…

Caesar Hoggus

Sometimes I think Cliff would rather be walking slowly on a beach in nothing but a toga.


So Christie (to Jackson) swears on her sister’s life she never said if she won HoH she would put him up or backdoor him or come after him.

1. Does Christie even have a sister?
2. Is she a pathological liar – i.e. she lies so much she believes her own lies to be truths? Or is the fact she separated the “never on MY HOH” from the other two statements make it okay for her b/c she asked others to take him out but I seem to recall her saying all three of those things!

I mean how on earth does she say this when Jackson knows it’s complete & utter bullsh*t. He even heard her listening through the door when she said it to Jackson, Sis & Tommy.

I swear this girl has major issues. The fake tears are flowing again btw.