“Why do I need to vote for Jack we’re just friends, I would rather prove my loyalty to Jackson moving forward”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Jess
Have note are: No Have nots this week, Jack, Tommy and Jackson were given punishments as part of the veto.
Nominations are: Jack and Jackson
Power of Veto Players are – Jessica, Jack, Jackson, Kat, Nick, Tommy (Nicole – Host)
Power of Veto holder – Jessica
Power of Veto Ceremony – Jessica didn’t use the power of veto
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10:30 am Houseguests getting up
Cliff says good morning to his family.

10:36 am

Tommy says he was only called at 3am last night. Mentions he’s got 4 more days in the costume.

Tommy says the HOH room was locked last night. He couldn’t do his “thing” without waking them up and he didn’t want to do that. He needs to tell them to leave the door open otherwise he’ll have to wake them next time.

11:00 am Jack, Sis, and Nick

Nick – Hey Jack Just in case tomorrow is your last night I say you blast off in her That’s what I would do and just play the guessing game it would be fun

Sis – Excuse me no thank you

Feeds flip

11:08 am Kat, Jess, and Nicole
Jess – we need them to vote for Jack.. it’s the only way that Holly and Jackson are going to have ammunition, the reason
Jess – I don’t want to do to people what is being done to me. I’m not dishonest if people lie to me it doesn’t mean I’m going to lie back to other people.

Jess wants Jackson/Holly to go after Tommy/Cristie/Sis

11:20 am Tommy and Nick
Tommy – I have a favour to ask you. Can you let me know how you are going to vote lat minute it can be but I want to vote how you vote
Nick – Yeah
Tommy says there are two definite votes for Jack “Why do I need to vote for Jack we’re just friends, I would rather prove my loyalty to Jackson moving forward if he’s staying and to the house
Nick – it’s going to come down to Cliff
Nick mentions he had to vote Sam out.
Nick – what do you think Jackson want to talk to him about
Tommy – I don’t know .. Jackson was saying I’m not even campaigning that’s his way of being a stand-up guy
Tommy says Jackson already campaigned

Tommy doesn’t think Jackson will put him up to his conversation with him last night cleared that up

Christie and Sis come in all worried about Jackson wanting to talk to Jack.
Nick – they just want to hash it out they were friends.

Christie says Jackson or Holly will be putting her up so she needs to win this next HOH.
Sis says jack’s plan is going to work he’ll stay.

Jessica, Nicole, Holly and Kat are called to change their batteries in the storage room. Nick comments what if they don’t get to vote
They laugh
Nick – we would need like two votes
Christie – I was thinking we got to get these mother f***ers some penalties votes lets do this today
Nick – you can’t bait
Christie – I know I was mentally thinking it
Christie- What Can I do to really f*ing piss him off

Jack says he’s doing a general campaign today and dropping it tomorrow.
Christie tells him to keep it very vague he doesn’t want Jackson to know so he can counter offer

Nick leaves.

Christie says she has a good talking relationship with Cliff, “we have talked a lot of game”


11:40 am Jackson and Jack
HASHING it out
Jack – we’re still boys
Jack says what he did was a bad game move.
Jackson – that was really f*ing stupid for everyone here we are going into double eviction and the majority is with Cliff, Jess, and Nicole.

They chat in length about living in LA and doing things together after the show is over.


They talk about who Christie would put up Beside Jackson, Holly or Cliff
Jackson – I will see the block every f*ing week
Jackson campaigns a bit tells Nick he’s not a target of his.

After Jackson leaves, Jack comes in. Nick says he believes Jackson.
Nick – I want you to stay
They start talking about the logistics of Jack’s campaigning.
Nick – I would love that as a 5 bro
Jack – I wanted us to work with you so bad.
Nick – You, Tommy, Sis, and Nicole, I want Christie but when I see her talking to Holly and KAt.
Nick says they can cut Christie at 6

Jack doesn’t think Christie will survive the game until 6th
Nick – I told you if You have Cliff I swear on everything we make it 5 – 4 (Cliff won’t budge)
Nick – I trust Christie more with you in here.
Nick – you, me, Tommy, Sis. I would love that bro. I would love to get to four

12:21 pm Jackson and Nicole
Jackson campaign tells her he’s always had her back since day one she knows who his targets are.
Jackson – I think we have the same people on our radar
Nicole – possibly
Jackson says she’s as far down on his list as someone can go.

12:38 pm Kat and Jackson
Kat’s final 3 includes Holly and Jackson. tells him he might go up as a pawn if she wins HOH

12:40 pm Cliff and Nicole
Cliff says they will be fine as long as Christie, Tommy or Sis win HOH.
Cliff says as long as they are being played by Holly and Nick Jacks being evicted. He’s not Seeing that be the case.
Cliff – we were a force we were power players.. my dream is having the four of us and all 6 of them in the jury house watching us compete it brings a smile to my face.

Cliff – who would your two targets be? Mine would be Christie and Tommy
Nicole – I would probably Sis .. I don’t know if directly
Cliff – Sis is going to be pissed at me. She’s not going to be happy and I think she will play a personal game she thinks I’m going to flip and keep Jack.
Cliff – when I don’t she thinks she’s been played and he’s been played
Nicole – they think they have Christie, Tommy, Sis, You
Cliff – and Nick
Nicole – they haven’t really said anything to me

(Updates again will be late between 1 and 8 )

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Nick and his “blast off in her” comment makes me physically ill and Crustie trying to make other players get penalty votes has me smh with disgust.

However on a more hilarious note, I don’t know which is funnier, Jack telling Nick “I wanted us to work with you so bad!” (LIAR!) or Sis thinking Jack’s plan will work and he’ll stay.

So annoyed with dumb players

Nick is so disgusting. His actions show how little respect he has for women. If he can so publicly say things like that with no second thoughts is so beyond me. Sis better watch out when Jack leaves cause the predator will be honed in on his prey. Disgusting SOB.


Nick is disgustingly NASTY. Something is seriously off with him. Such perverted thoughts seem natural to him. Sick


Who says something like that (Nick) and his other comment about Sis squirting…disgustingly gross.

Stephanie Jones

Yep I so agree and I bet she gives it away to nick when jack leaves. I have never ever seen a person like Nick on TV before!!! I can’t believe that CBS hasn’t said anything to him yet!! I can’t wait till that nasty ? guy is gone!! He makes me sick just listening to him and I know this guy has been on some heavy drugs!! Look at the way he moves his mouth that’s what meth and people on heroine do!! And just to think that Bella is at home watching her love doing this. And also the way he always Is touching Tommy and Jack!!! And asking them to see their dicks and the way he is always sleeping with Tommy just creeps me out. I truly believe he likes men as much as he likes women. The other night he was touching Tommy’s dick with his feet!! It just blows my mind that CBS is not stepping in!! And he works with kids!! Someone needs to stop that ASAP and start doing some investigating on him.


They are delusional, aren’t they? And soooooo arrogant as well. Jack thinking about whether he offers 3 or 4 weeks of safety is just laughable, and how he WILL win a battle back that isn’t even in play. As I said, delusional.
Nick just gets creepier and creepier. Bell was creepy too, guess they bonded over their joint creepiness. I truely hope he is NOT any kind of real, licensed therapist.


I think it is quite possible we will see Tommy and Cliff in the final.

Both are playing flawless games.

Both have multiple alliances.

Holler if you hear me?!

Mike Douglas

Cliff is playing a flawless game in the sense that Jess won and fixed his mistakes.

Just sayin'

No people are on to Tommy now, once Jack goes Tommy will drop pretty low on the totem pole

Goodbye Jack

I think Cliff is well positioned but this vote for Jack will draw some hard lines. Jess, Kat and Cliff have shown they can win so I think it will come down to which side wins and a pair from the side will be at the end.


Must be Tommy’s mom


Holl Ya’ b$tches…’are you conspiring against me’ Kat is playing a far more flawless game than Cliff and Tommy!

Miss Conception

I am completely aghast at Nick’s statement to Jack.Nick –” Hey Jack Just in case tomorrow is your last night I say you blast off in her That’s what I would do and just play the guessing game it would be fun”

Sis –” Excuse me no thank you”
This guy is completely the most socially inept person that has ever played this game. He has to be lying about being a therapist. The statement that he made is really sick!


haha yeah nick is a tool but he’s hardly the most socially inept player to ever have played bb i mean cmon


He’s not the most socially inept but he is by far one of the most disgusting. Even in Beast Mode Cowboy’s days of fawning over Amber, he was tame compared to Nick’s sick sense of what’s acceptable to openly talk about.

Franks fumes

People don’t remember the good old days on bb when pervs and creeps were running rampant…….before PC culture.


Wonder what Bella is thinking about Douche #3….

T. Cruise

There are probably less than a handful of people who go into the profession of psychology who are not personally creepy people.


So sorry you feel that way. There are many wonderful, kind and caring people who get into that profession that truly want to help other people.

Mister Harharwood

Altruistic idealism does not mean they are not also creepy.

“Come lie down on my couch, now tell me all about your genitals and your mother.” — anonymous psychologist


I think there is something really seriously wrong with him, and I never used those 2 words together to describe anyone in my life.


my favorite players are conniving down dirty and ruthless will boogie dan evel dick janelle paul are what make bb fun to watch nobody remembers nicole jess kat cliff they are so boring its hard to imagine this season being even remotely interesting after the jackholes and christie are gone


I down voted you because while I agree the Nicoles and Kats will be forgotten it doesn’t diminish their great qualities and on the other hand just because you remember Paul or Evel Dick doesn’t diminish what A-holes they were. I think people remember a season (good or bad) because of its entirety and the full cast and not just on one person. Last season was fun to watch because there were so many great people playing the game (and they were nice). Season 19 was memorable not for it’s greatness but because of how truly aweful and downright mean the ‘memorable’ players were.

Guy From Canada

Is cliff not budging to vote Jack out, or to vote to keep Jack in?


He is going to vote Jack out, and won’t budge.

Guy From Canada

Thanks took the weekend off and am out of the loop

debbie grimes

cliff thinks holly and jackson will save him.

Jon Bon Ovi

I read somewhere that Jack made the comment “outside of this house girls like Nicole don’t get to talk to guys like me”.

I’ve never seen anyone so shallow. Can’t stand him. Maybe Nicole should fill her face with so much plastic and botox that she can barely move it. Add some fake hair extensions and 32 layers of makeup. Then she would blend right in with another girl in the house and maybe be allowed to converse with Jack.

Kat – treats everyone the same whether “cool kids” or “outsiders”. You can tell she is completely different than Jack Hole.

Nick – something seriously wrong with him in a wouldn’t want him around my family kind of way.


Haha Jack and Jackson still keeping there Bromance….Both think they are staying, i think Jack will go….Do you guys think they will have a buy back competition with the first 4 in jury? The thought of Jack coming back makes me go yuck. I hope have my fingers crosses Christie goes out in double even jack knows shes a goner lol.


maybe instead of the (normal) double eviction, when the 3 compete in the field trip comp with the loser being the 3rd nominee for the week, house guests will have to vote to evict 2 of the nominees???


I like it please send sis Christie and tommi


Since Jack will be gone, I’m sending Christie, Tommy and Jackson. One more A hole to deal with in this cast. Let’s see who comes out on top. Two punishments, one reward, could be fun.


No buy back, Julie’s platform for evicted house guests def indicates there won’t be one.


i’m still expecting a buyback, but it’s so brutal that everyone but sam and bella would get a 2nd chance at the game that way.


I don’t think there will be a buy back, because there was camp comeback.


Jackson campaign is very simple. Basically reiterates he won’t campaign against Jack which he emphasized strongly in his talks with Tommy (last night), Sis and Christie. As is typical during his campaign talk with Christie she did more talking then he did coupled with tears & blatant lies of NEVER saying she’d nominate, back door or target him and swore on her sister’s life. She’s either pathological or just dumb to say things he knows not to be true. As per previous page Jackson has stood at door & overheard her (and also been told by virtually everyone in the house she said it).

Anyway just funny Jackson’s campaign chat went smooth and simple with everyone except Christie who really didn’t even allow him to talk so she could speak instead and cry while claiming to love him. Oh and the real kicker was her telling him that if when they left the house if anyone was attacking his character she’d be the first to defend him. Ummmmmmmmmmmm she’s the one who trashed him. Granted, he didn’t need her help he’s done enough on his own to create commentary about his transgressions.

Jack says he’ll wait til last minute (implies tomorrow) to take his big swing (READ: threaten Kat) & offer Cliff/Nicole weeks of safety so Michie can’t counter. I still think he’ll try tonight instead – we’ll see.


Crusty hardly let’s anyone ever get two words in that’s why she’s great partnered w tommy he only says love you to everyone. Love to hear an authentic real thought going on behind that phony face


Ironically, no one is ‘waiting with bated breath’ for Jack to plead his case and offers of faux safety. Rather they are likely dreading his pitch and hoping they can avoid it so they don’t have to outwardly lie to him and ‘faux’ agree to what ever crap he wants them to buy.

An ornery mouse

Nick – “Hey Jack just in case tomorrow is your last night I say you blast off in her”

You know, there are those in this world who are more comfortable with subjects like sex, bodily functions, sexuality, etc…. and there are those who are less so. And then, there are people who are absolutely obsessed with these things and talk about them incessantly. Nick falls firmly into the latter category.


And where does courtesy, discretion, respect come into any of Nick’s conversations????

Franks fumes

And there are ridiculously prudish stone casters/witch burners out there too….we should let people be they aren’t gonna make a hill of beans difference in our lives anyway….why all the judgement.


Nick has proven time and time again he has serious issues ! Several comments he makes are despicable ! He is totally obsessed with sis, from asking jack about all the details when they first had sex to this latest comment proves it. I see a restraining order in his future

Backseat Driver

Bottom line: Nick is a creep.

SD Girl

Background Worried.
Jack, Christy & Tommy must be sort of worrying why ‘Timid Nicole’, ‘Clueless Jess’ & ‘Paranoid Kat’ are not coming to them to ask how the house is voting. Even with Jess wanting individual voters, it must worry them that the three & even Cliff to an extent, are not asking ‘Who are you voting for?’ Coping with Outsiders finally feeling safe to speak instead of being told is an anxiety provoking experience for them.


This is totally on point…except for the fact Nicole, Jess and to a lesser extent Kat have ever really gone to them asking who the vote was for because they knew they were on the outs and Jack, Christie and Tommy never bothered including them before so they are totally clueless on what should have been this shift.

Melvin McKinney

They would have told the outsiders to leave you’re not welcome here or deserving of our attention our voting intentions or respect…

BB Crusty Crab Shack

Does Ick forget that he’s being filmed 24/7? This guy is in total perv mode , beyond disturbing and embarrassing….. I hope Nicole can eventually see thru his BS… Wonder if Bella is still gonna feel the love for Nick out of the house especially since he let it be known that “ she left stains all over the place “ after sex. Surprised Jack isn’t sick of him. This guy a a f’n therapist, people! Be afraid


Ick? Lol what a clever, and fitting nickname


Bella was a hoe the whole time. She knows what he is.


I don’t think Nicole buys into Nick’s crap or even Jack’s S$it…she just doesn’t let on and allows them to naively believe she is so enarmoured because they deemed to talk to her while all along she is plotting their demise!

Roisin Dubh

Bella’s whipped. Those 2 live that”lifestyle”.

Summer Gowen

So glad to see nicole saw thru jack on the hammock and christie. Cliff has jack figured out also so hope he doesnt change his vote. Kat i do t think will change her vite either but all are kinda saying to jack ok… but then when all together tell what jack and christie are saying. Hoping jack is surpriised and be great if tommy gets another punishment from field trip and christie goes on block. I know they will think America loves them at the time but dont know what happening on it.

another name

I’m still of the opinion that Jack is an idiot for not taking advantage of what was heard last Thursday by everyone in the hallway when the vote flip went public.
He should be concentrating his efforts to show just how Kat and Cliff are in Jackson’s pocket. He should be showing Nicole and Jess that the six is dead, but long live the southern alliance they all heard about. Ask who has been pushing for Jack to stay even though they’ve run through the house saying they’d evict Jackson. Just to plant the seed. That should have been done as step one of his campaign last night.
It probably wouldn’t work. But it’s a damn sight better than let’s threaten Kat and bribe Cliff.
Point out to Jess and Nicole that Jackson and Holly have been getting intel from Kat since week two when she became the mole for the 8 alliance, and Kat knew about the flip vote evicting Cliff, but voted with Jess so that she would look like she was on their side.
Point out that Cliff didn’t just get safety from Christie, that Jackson was there too (Jack knows Jackson brought Christie in to reveal the power to Cliff).
Point out that Jackson did name names for the alliance he was ditching the six to create: Nicole and Jess were not mentioned.
This should be step two of his campaign. that he should have started this afternoon. If Kat or Cliff were told and started a scene, say every word Jack is saying came from Jackson and Holly while they were still working together.
Again. This likely doesn’t work. But it would work a whole lot better than his current plan.

(Tinfoil hat conspiracy sideline: Or he could just go out being a thug trying to intimidate one player, and threaten another, so that Jackson’s hero edit looks all the better. That way the entire Jackson and Holly were unwitting accomplices to the intimidation of the first four weeks talk we’ve seen them saying to each other in the have not room segregation from gen pop unit can be in play for the episoders.
Yeah. That entire thing is just my ‘if i were a storyline editor, in the employ of Grodner, what would i be doing’ theory. If you’re a ‘this is a game in reality format’ not a ‘this is reality show in game format’ type…. please disregard).


Vote Jack out, and let the six shooters take each other out. Michie, Christie would be going after each other. They’ll just be lobbying shots at each other until there’s only 1 or 2 left.


Anyone know why the feeds would be on cats right now?!

Kat's Alien Bitch

‘Sis said she never gets called to the diary and that she must be seen as non-essential. Which is true: we got tons of Christie tonight but no ‘sis.

Not that I really wanted to know what ‘sis has to say.

As much as I detest him, I would love to see Jax win veto and take down Christy.

J e t s jets jets jets

Can’t watch show tomorrow due to the NFL preseason game. Will have to wait for all access to have it available. Hope they don’t wait to make it available until after the show is shown locally here in Vegas at 2am.


Had to laugh at the veto comp on tv tonight. Just shows how DUMB Jack really is. He opts to take the veto, something he knows that someone else will certainly take from him, rather than the trip to Hawaii. Yeah, he was destined to get a punishment, but he maybe could have held on to that trip. Idiots…

I’m glad that this week has gone so well for Jessica. Being a plus size myself, I know how degraded it makes you feel when you aren’t included just because people think you’re less than. She is a great model for anyone who has ever been made to feel that way. Yes, fat people do have brains and can executive their thoughts and plans. Sometimes it may be good to be so underestimated. Jack surely underestimated Jessica, huh? I say, “Good for her!”.

I second that emotion

I applaud her personal confidence and am proud of her for putting up the jackasses… definitely the best move.. Too bad she doesn’t know how to play the game though…. She is oblivious to everything going on around her…


I felt like Nick is that friend who has different personalities depending on who he is around. Like Jack he is macho and tries to sexualize everything so he looks like a hot shot.


Tommy looks like he’s Penis Man.

Feeds Gold

i think cliff is making the wrong play for him

i think he makes at least top 4 if he keeps jack and its a safer route

if he is rolling forward with christies side which has a bunch of targets within, he survives on the block v most of them if hes up

going the other route, he makes the bunch of girls too strong, and he goes home sitting on the block v possibly all of them

cliffs the odd man out on his side…michie/kat/holly are a trio…jess has kat/nicole before him

those 4 girls on that side including holly collectively will girl power it out, with only really nicole very loyal to cliff from the group

cliff also needs as many of those girls in jury as possible, likely votes in his favor against the right person final 2

hes forgetting that the 5 of jack/christie/sis/tommie/nick will control the jury vote…going against them now is gonna be a factor

riding to the end with the girls maximises he loses 1 of their jury votes(as they would be final 2 rather than a juror in his favor)

it may seem an easier path going to the end with a bunch of floater girls but i dont agree for a player like cliff

cliff needs to align with huge targets so he doesnt stand out as a big comp threat on his side among a group of floaters

getting 3 evictions safety from both tommie and sis, plus 4 weeks from jack, and hes working with nick, and hes ok with christie

that is a fantastic deal and the players wanting to work with him really mean it, its legit as youll get

then at 6 jack and christie leave first…he makes top 4 then…at that point i could see him top 3 even if he doesnt win hoh or veto

so if jack goes…next hoh another of christies side go home unless:

one of them win hoh and veto…or they win hoh and michie is the 3rd nom from field trip(any other combo and hoh is rickrolled)

what i dont like about a likely jess/nicole/kat/holly final 4 is that collectively its the most bland personality wise in final 4 history

i have a feeling grodner and co went on that wine safari, and discovered holly, who is their personal fave to win

the casting couldnt have set up holly any better to maximise her chances this season

everything is going hollies way…her tandem with kat is difficult to watch as theyre both extraordinarily fake and boring

and…why…does…holly…say…one…word…at…a…time…to…make…herself…sound…so…serious?(its brutal to listen to)

i think holly is the overwhelming favorite to win as it stands if the steamroll by girls/floaters happens which seems it will

but i think its gonna be a bitter jury…jack/sis/nick/christie/tommie will decide it with their likely majority 5 jury votes


I think Nicole or Sis is getting pulled to the end. They haven’t won anything. Sis literally just does Jack and Nicole just can’t win anything. I would be shocked if Cliff got to the end. The older guy usually doesn’t get so lucky, and I don’t mean that in an offensive way. Jack is gross and I won’t be sad for him to get evicted. I can’t see Christie, Tommy or Jackson in the game long term either. I think it will be Holly, Kat, Sis and Nicole as the final 4. I hope Sis doesn’t win in the end. She’s worthless in this game.