Mission Control! Tommy – “I’m traveling at the speed of light!”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Jess
Have note are:
Nominations are: Jack and Jackson
Power of Veto Players are – Jessica, Jack, Jackson, Kat, Nick, Tommy (Nicole – Host)
Power of Veto holder – Jessica
Power of Veto Ceremony –
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7:46pm HOH Room. Kat, Jess, Holly and Jackson.
Jackson – is there anything that I can help clear up? I haven’t lied to you. Jess – are you sure Michie that you’ve never lied to me? Jackson – I’ve never lied to you. Jess – you’ve said to me that you’ve never thrown anything out .. you’ve never thrown cookie dough out.. Jackson – I haven’t. Jess – so then Christie is saying that you told a group of five that’s what you did. Jackson – here’s what I said so what I would do is go in there an eat all the cookie dough and then I would come out and hand people the cookie dough. I remember I handed you a piece. Kat – yeah. Jackson – I ate most of it. I would never waste food. Jess – okay. Jackson – the mouthwash I have never poured it down the drain, I’ve used it. Every time I would go by the bathroom I would use it. I’ve never poured it down the drain. I wouldn’t waste it. I never specified what I did with it. kat – Did Sis come in here to spy? Jackson – yeah they said lets see what info Sis can get. Kat – but this whole thing about us knowing each other is going to get everyone of us sent home. Jackson – I speculated about it on day 4.. and then when he (Jack) came to me and said I think Kat and Cliff are working together to feed you disinformation to get us all to pin each other against each other I was like that doesn’t make sense X, Y, Z and also the fact that Kat might know Holly so why would she turn against her closest friend in this house. It was a minor detail. It was not me going around telling people that y’all know each other.

Kat – I feel like going down there and saying we don’t F**King know each other. Holly – I think that’s beating a dead horse. Jackson – why would I ever endanger your game or her game. You’re on the block and I love you to death and I’m in a showmance with her. Why would I do that. I didn’t think that would damage your game. I trusted the wrong person. Jackson – Jack is pissed off about something. I don’t know the details of what .. I heard someone Nick or Sis say you can’t say anything .. if you so much as sneeze around Kat you could lose votes. So he is pissed off about something. They said don’t say anything until after the veto because then they will take Jackson off the block. Nicole joins them. Nicole – I can vouch that something seems sketchy. Kat – I’m about to evict him just on his bad energy. Jackson – they’re waiting until after the veto is not used so that one of them will not go up on the block. Jess – do you honestly think that Nick would go down there and say don’t say anything because if that’s the case she is going to take him down and she is going to put one of y’all up. Why wouldn’t I put Nick up!? Because the know that he is trying to fan-angle his way in here. Get our information and send it to them so he is playing both f**king sides! And I will take him the f**k off and put Nick up! Jackson – I did not come up here to say that to get taken off the block.. I swear on the bible. Holly – you know what he (Jackson) was going to do if he won the veto .. he was going to keep the noms the same! This f**ker! I almost choked him! kat – you’re a reckless motherf**ker! Jackson – I think Nick was trying to tell them to tread lightly. I think he was trying to be out of the radar. Jess – yet he is going to swear to Christie that he is going to vote you out. Jackson say that he will leave and let them talk. I’ll be in my office. Jess – you already know that you were not the target. They hug. Jess – and that’s why he’s (Jackson) staying. Jackson leaves.

8:05pm HOH room. Nicole, Jess, Holly and Kat.
Kat – if the vote goes wrong and Jackson goes home and Jack stays.. that is literally the worst case scenario. As we have found out so far, Jackson is not the threat, it is Jack. And honestly it is Tommy .. so if I were you just to eliminate any kind of stress.. like which way is Nick going to vote or anyone else.. why don’t you take Jackson off and put Tommy up?! That way Jack loses another vote. Because you’re going to have blood with Tommy no matter what. If Jack goes home you’re going to have blood with Tommy, maybe Christie .. maybe not. Just think about it. I am going to vote my way no matter what. Jess – I don’t want more unnecessary blood on my hands. Jess – I want to set Nick up! Like I need to know where his loyalties are. He can’t say I am totally with you guys or this that and the other. Nicole – Christie and Sis were really nasty at him (Cliff). I can’t friggin’ take it. I am going to go off on them. My whole argument is stand up for yourself and don’t be a bystander. Holly – that’s why I love you.

9pm Tommy comes out of the storage room and says who wants to see my Explor-a-costume!?! Tommy – this is a punishment for everyone, not just me. For one week whenever I get a mission control I have go to the storage room for a mission .. and I will either be travelling at the speed of light, sound or smell. And then I have to go in EVERY ROOM and scream I am travelling at the speed of blank. And there are three different activities that go with each one. Nick – so you could do it in the middle of the night? Tommy – yup!

9:08pm – 9:25pm Tommy gets a mission control to travel at the speed of light.. Tommy runs around from room to room saying he is traveling at the speed of light! Jack – that is the best punishment I have ever seen! Tommy finishes and immediately has to repeat it all over again. Tommy – I’m loving it! Tommy – this helmet is heavy! Tommy – then has to do it again.. lol

9:55pm Mission Control! Tommy – I’m traveling at the speed of SOUND!! 10:05pm Tommy has to travel at the speed of sound again..

10:17pm Hammock. Cliff, Jack and Tommy.
Jack – how do you feel about the other day? Cliff – you kind of dragged my name through the mud. Tommy – I told him.. Cliff – I know and I appreciate that. Jack – I haven’t been able to talk to him all day. Cliff – and a lot of it really wasn’t me .. it sounds like him and Christie a little bit and stuff that Sam threw out there. Tommy – it really was Sam. Jackson didn’t have anything but he is claiming that he did. Cliff – and that’s the thing that bugs me and irritates me is .. I don’t mind the fact that it was discussed that he and I had that little conversation ..I’ll own up to it. Its the fact that he is saying it was over an extended period of time. It was nothing of the sort. There is a big difference of one and the other. It was a betrayal on me and everyone. He is playing his own game. Tommy – I don’t respect that game play. Cliff – I don’t understand the reason why .. he blew up his own game. And I know Kat and the way she plays around. Jack – and its the arguments that she has with Jackson and she still talks to him. Cliff – I tried to be honest with you all and I hope you see that. Tommy – I am sorry for not trusting you. Cliff – I put you up before and it was never personal. Jack – and I can respect that.

10:45pm – 11pm Mission control! Tommy – I’m traveling at the speed of sound!!

10:50pm – 11pm Bedroom. Jack, Tommy and Nick.
Jack – based on what Cliff was saying I don’t think that he trusts Jackson very much at all. Nick – Okay good. Jack – and I don’t think he is crafty enough to lie straight to our faces. Did he tell you the possibility of the flip? Tommy – yeah, yeah. Jack – those numbers are good! Nick – what? Jack – if Cliff can swallow his pride and bring Jackson on his side. Nick – that’s what we were just talking about .. it would be me, Tommy and Sis next week because she won’t win it .. she won’t have to. Jack – there are two pieces to that puzzle.. Christie would have to live with Jackson. Cliff would have to swallow his pride and on getting dragged through the mud by Jackson. Nick – I would wait until after the (veto) meeting. Jack – I’m not going to do any crazy campaigning.

11:32pm HOH room.
Tommy brings pizza for Jess, Nicole, Kat, Holly and Christie. Jess – is this traveling at the speed of smell?

11:34pm – Mission control! Tommy you must travel at the speed of smell. Tommy starts going from room to room. Jack – oh that is ripe! Christie – that smells like sweaty man a$$!

11:43pm- 11:50pm Tommy gets another speed of smell mission..
Tommy lingers and goes back and forth in the HOH room.

11:55pm HOH room. The house guests are playing a guessing game. One house guests says a phrase while another tries to guess what they’re saying while wearing the headphones playing music. Sis and Christie play first and then Jess and Sis. Jess – Fluid in my knees. Sis tries to guess. Sis – fluid in my pen!s. Fluid in my an*s.

12:37 am Jackson and Holly

Holly going on about hating to be part of the “Cool kids” club.
Holly – I saw Nicole crying when Sis and Christie were making fun of Cliff while he ran

Michie- that’s f*ed
Holly – did you hear Jack when he was like Slow down Cliff don’t move down so fast.
Michie – in case y’all forget BUD he smoked all your a$$es. He wrangled four sheep with one f*ing leg. In case you all forgot he was the first one to come back in camp comeback
Michie – He battled back. The dude is a f*ing beast.. Jack how many vetos have you won
Michi declares he’s not eating the fruit jack cuts.
Holly points out they can’t be that petty whil accusing people of acting like highschool
Michie – I don’t care I’ll cut my own fruit

1:05 am Kat, Jess, and Holly
They talk about Jack and Christie trying to flip things at the last minute again.
Kat – they can say whatever about Michie at this point I’m voting out JAck

Jessica understands how people will say things out of desperation. “She’ is at this point grasping at straws she doesn’t want for it to seem as though she wants ti to go Jack’s way however in knowing that she doesn’t have the numbers and you are a big one she is looking to say things to make you feel bad about your decision and then retracting and saying but it’s your decision”
Holly – that’s what she did to me with my HOH
Jess – I kinda did that with Tommy and Sis ..

Jess – I want the sh1t to blow up in a way that shows people Nick’s game is not a good game
Jess – I know they are already looking at him as like the bottom of the bottom but at the same time it’s kinda like this is a guy that’s f*ing up your game.
Jess – I want to be like hey he’s suggesting to me I put up one of you guys. I don’t know how to say it.

Jess says she trust Nick second least beside Jack. The only reason she’s working with him is for numbers, “I want to feel connected to people I am working with. I don’t want to feel paranoid all the time”

They bring up how Michie gets a reputation for disrespecting women but Nick does is just as much. When Christie walked by Nick he said
“You want that GS to smell like Halibut” (GS – girl scout cookie – vag1na)

Kat – Nick disgusts me
Holly – he literally is asking girls how they’re v@g1nas smell

Holly – In the comp he said Hey Cliff get a whiff of that GS
Jess goes on about being the only person with a “v@g1na” strong enough to put up Jack and Jackson (BAM)

Kat retells Jessica saying “If he wants to have a pissing contest then we’ll see who has the bigger d1ck”
Kat – it was the most savage thing I’ve seen my entire life.
Jess – yeah I kinda said that I was so mad.
Jess – if he wants to have a pissing contest I’m going to whip it out and we’ll see who has a bigger d1ck
Kat – that’s when you became the house
Jess – and I’ll get votes out next week

Holly brings up Nick making a comment after him and Bella came out of the shower “Well I think I just broke her in half”
Kat – ewwwwwww

Holly brings up Christie making allegations against Jackson saying he’s disrespectful to women, “she was getting really heated and not letting him speak. She threw in like the rogue vote and all this other stuff”
Holly goes on that Christie was mocking Michie and being super condescending “calling him names.. she called him a f***”
Holly – she said he disrespected women. I said YOU NEED TO STOP. You DO need to realize the allegations you make publically on National Television have real repercussions on people’s real lives in the real world. You cannot say things if there was an isolated incident you talk to that person and hash it out. You can’t make these claims they have real repercussions
Holly – she was screaming it in front of a room filled with people
Kat mentions that Jackson is “super aggressive”

2:26 am Tommy does a light show while wearing his butt plug costume

2:29 am Nicole and kat
Nicole brings up how Sis, Christie, Jack and Tommy are working on her always pointing out the rogue vote from Jackson. Nicole goes on how they area lso trying to make it sound like they all saved her when that wasn’t the case. they only voted for her to stay because they wanted to screw over Nick and bella.

Still up at 3:49 am Jess, Nicole, and Kat. Nicole wonders if Christie’s power doesn’t end this week. Jess says that Christie can’t lie about it.
Jess about the nominations “everyone wants one or the other out”

Nicole says that Tommy told Jess he wouldn’t use the Veto if he won it but he “swore” to Jack he would use it on him.

10:30 am Houseguests are up.

10:47 am

Talking about “3 tortures” or the penalties the players got in the veto. Christie – That’s why we don’t have have nots.

Nick – you think Jack’s will starts after Jacksons
Christie – they’re not going to overlap three punishments at once
Christie – Jackson’s is going to be sucky too they’re going to wake him up in the middle of the night. Cause ‘on call’ means all night. he’s an alien doctor
Holly comments that Nick got the 5K in the veto

11:12 am Cliff, Holly, and Jess
Holly talking about how close she lives from the studio her work is about 35 miles from here. It takes 45 minutes “We go against traffic”

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Club H.O.H

Is it true that the news Jackson is going to blow up is Crusty is Jack’s ex girlfriend?! Or did I hear wrong?!

Feeds Gold

he said he was going to

im not sure if he still will do that

hope so it would be pretty funny

another name

It’s the lie he wants to tell to turn everyone.
Sure. the woman in a lesbian relationship since she was 19 was Jack’s ex… which means she was dating Jack while she was dating the woman. Jackson told Holly it was a lie, but people would buy it.


In truth, Christie was in a long-term relationship with Tommy’s sister. When they saw each other on day one, Christie was worried b/c the relationship ended really badly.

Just me

Tommy’s aunt actually.

Ovi's tongue

What if that flushed out her and Tommy’s relationship? What if they spill to counter Jackson’s accusation?


If Michie were to spread that lie it would be priceless to see Chrusty and Tommy try to dispute it without spilling the beans about their relationship!


It’s NOT a lie!!

Attention Junkie

Crusty’s lezboiAn lifestyle is fluid. Whatever makes her the centre of attention ~ good, bad, or indifferent.

Leopold Stotch

Here’s a link to the first convo Jackson had with Holly and told her his planned speech about it.

another name

Jess says, “I want to do whatever the majority want to do.”
Nick replies, ” If we do that move, we are the majority.”
To which Jess responds, “That’s not how I want it to seem. I just dont want there to be this side and that side. It’s whoever plays game with whoever plays game.”
This is why i hear Peanuts adult Whaa Wu Waa Wooo Wa Wha Wawwww when Jessica talks.


Hearing Jess talks aggravates me…omg she’s getting so much screen time this week ?


Aggravates me, too! All I hear is “Like, I this” and “like, blah blah”, “Like”, “Like”, “Like”, Like, Like, Like, Like. She has no thoughts w/out the word “Like” between every other word she speaks. Like, ya know what, like, I mean? like??


And, don’t get me started on the word “literally”. Sis’ favorite word! Like, literally!


So essentially Jess doesn’t want to play Big Brother.

BB Casting Call

She is playing the game, just as Kat tells different things to different people; just at like Nick when he is with different people; just like everyone else in the house, their intentions change based on who they are talking to.
No one trusts Nick, just feed him enough info to make him feel good and safe, he will stay with majority, for now.


That is why, at times, it can be so difficult to tell where one’s loyalty truly lies. I wasn’t really sure about Jess until she became HOH. Kat & Jess have voted with the 6. (Cliff crushed me!) I haven’t really been watching feeds much until the last couple of nights. Besides watching actual show, I have been depending on updates here. Without seeing emotions that go with the words sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s going on.

I just hope it’s not another season that ends with a bitter jury. Wishful thinking on my part.

Franks fumes

I start to go cross eyed about 30 seconds in.


i think there should be a poll “who are you rooting for to win it all” i guarantee dawg will win by a landslide 🙂

Feeds Gold

i much prefer the kaycee ‘health nut’ singing punishment or haleighs shakespear punishment or dans 24 hour solitary dance party over tommies “im travelling at the speed of sound”…its kinda meh…i want punishments to be really fun or tough or super memorable

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Loved Kaycee! Also the guy hurling insults at Rachel was great; the same guy dressed as Brett’s Granny chasing him around the house was hilarious. Paulie having to make apple pies because we was such a big fat baby about it. Haileigh reading Shakespeare. Tommy’s punishment is okay; perhaps it fits in to his annoying personality too perfectly; I mean when is he NOT running around the house obnoxiously screaming? Who had the punishment where they had to run to specific spots in the house and act as Security? That was funny but I forget who it was.

Feeds Gold

tommie is probably the best one to do this particular one, hes bringing some good humor to it

actually its alot better than i was expecting…the house guests gagging about the bad smell is pretty funny i suppose haha


The security punishment was Paul (his first season). That was funny. I really liked Paul on BB18. Don’t ask me about BB19 cuz I have nothing nice to say.

Feeds Gold

yeah that one was good

my alltime favorite punishment was dans 24 hour solitary dance party as thats where he constructed his funeral plan



It was Paul.




That was Paul. It was hilarious. I think the poison ivy punishment was lame.

Franks fumes

It was Paul….


Or Brett’s Granny, lol. Remember that? Or when that same guy who played the Granny came in and was screaming at Rachel, haha. I loved the punishments last season.

Feeds Gold

that was quality haha


Lame punishment he is enjoying being loud and on screen

Goodbye Jack

A better punishment for Tommy would have been to make him a mime for a week!

My Two Cents

AAAnnnnddd now Tommy looks like a giant penis! LOL

another name

How soon before Sis or Holly asks to use the HOH shower… and borrow the costume?

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

They’re so gross.

Feeds Gold

i have no issue if people want to have sexy time in the bb house


Soooooo fitting lol




i was thinking the same thing. calling him a d*ckhead seems even more appropriate now.


Right at home like I said likes it too much I liked The banana


These stupid people have too much time to change their minds. Michie needs to go and now.

Melvin McKinney

Michie was never going.. Jack has been and will b going.. Unless michie freaks out on kat..


Jack is a bigger threat. They need to get him out ASAP or he’ll probably win the game. After Jack, then Christie.


Finally – someone who wants Jackson out. I agree Jack is a threat but so is Jackson. I’m not sure about the truth on how vote flipping went down for last eviction. I have seen, however, how Jackson treats women. He’s a hot head and needs to go.

Melvin McKinney

Dont worry everyone wants Jackson out too. Game wise jack is the move.. Because Jackson will b after Crusty and tommy.. They will b after him…. If Jack stays he will b after cliff Nicole and crew.. So why on earth would they keep him? Jackson is not after kat either ATM.. She’s no dummy.. He feels like he even owes he probably after he’s realized he has been such a douchenozzle to her especially.. I understand if you’re pulling for that side but they are not in control for once and that’s the way BB goes….


Plus Jack is a part of a group of 4 where Jackson is a part of a 2-3. Jackson has a lot less game capital right now.


Fair point Melvin! Have to admit I was looking at lesser of two evils. Thanks for your input.


At this point I don’t care if it is Jack or Jackson, as long as one of them goes. My worry is that Jess will get talked into taking Jackson down and putting up Nick. Nick gets voted out, the six come together again and we still have both in the House. I will be holding my breath until after the veto ceremony. (Look at Cliff. They acted like they were grateful to him for putting up Belle and now they are laughing at him behind his back. One of them has to go NOW.)


Michie is the instigator who needs to go. He may be playing a good game of lying, dropping bogus seeds, denial of knowledge, playing victim, bullying, having the need to be in charge despite his childlike lack of ability to be in charge, etc. I sooo don’t want to see someone so undeserving and incompetent win $500,000.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Nick is an idiot.And thanks BB for making Tommy even more annoying,didn’t think that was possible.

another name

Nick is trying too hard with Nicole. To exert his own desire to get revenge on Christie.
What he wants: to keep both Jackson and Jack in the house. To keep the house after them so he can keep oozing by.
This is his fourth pass at change the noms.
Pretty soon someone is going to do the math and figure out that Nick wants both Jackholes in the game.

J e t s jets jets jets

Why does everyone hate Cliff all of a sudden? One minute crusty is saying how much she adores him the next she can’t stand him. Why?

Btw she is maybe the ugliest person when she cries and pierces her lips.

another name

Sour grapes mixed with Tommy has told her that every problem and argument in the house stems from cliff running to one person, then running to the next and repeating / embellishing to them, then running back to the first and repeating / embellishing to them. So Tommy thinks that Cliff is Nick. And Christie bought it.


Wait a minute, I thought that was Christie’s s shtick to run around and embellish things!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

They are two-faced pieces of crap (too soon? too far?). I mean, how DARE Cliff play the game!

Feeds Gold

there was a blowup during the thursday flip

he got busted pretty much trying to work with everyone following his christie deal

he was big on being a man of his word…but that reputation seems now tarnished

Franks fumes

She’s ugly when she eats too.

Delta dust

Nick has an angle, wants to ride the middle. It only benefits him if Jessica did what he wanted.
That way he wouldn’t have to show his hand.
It would also screw up Jessica’s game going forward.
Nick is so sketch. Sometimes I can’t stand him.


only some times? nick has sucked forever, he’s just a necessary number for the bottom of the house. keep hoping he remains a target for the other side of the house and becomes a casualty before more likable people like nicole, cliff, or kat.

BB Crusty Crab Shack

I agree, what’s with the perv stuff too? He was talking about who has smelly vaginas & and was questioning how big everyone’s junk was….. was rubbing his foot all over rocket Tommy’s junk…..his behavior is so weird bc he’s an alleged professional and you’d think he wouldn’t want that out there

BB Watcher

i really hope jack leaves


Can these people please there brain cells together and vote Jack out since they are getting a second chance after Cliffs bad move…there would be no point for any floaters to get rid of Jackson he’s a big target for people like Christie, Tommy and Sis and protects everyone else


I like cliff, and I understand why he did what he did.
So there.

Feeds Gold

i think production would be currently in shock as to how quickly unde9able became basically only a group of 4…then a group of 3 next thursday…then just a duo the following week due to the 3rd nom regardless of who wins the next hoh

leaving them with very few entertaining personalities for the end game

kat staying, jess winning pov, jackson staying is not good news for production for their storylines…no power used(after a 4 week buildup)…jackson being super boring hiding away meaning alot less interesting interactions…a showmance gone…kat being fake about jackson being a bad guy, especially after her speech…and a potential 5 on 5 scenario turning into a 7 on 3 then 7 on 2 steamroll

the thursday afternoon flip leak will be the best entertainment of the season…what is to come will pale in comparison…but it couldve been different if just one or two things had gone the other way

what i dislike most about this season is the majorly unfair advantage gifted to hollie/jackson/kat…and also for christie/tommie…in some ways i think whichever of the other 11 players goes the deepest, i think may be my unofficial winner, as they had to properly earn all of their relationships in the house, rather than having pre game connections gifting them crucial trusted game bonds


there haven’t been that many interesting personalities this season. sam and kat are maybe it.

the big alliance has been hated online and makes for bad gameplay but production mistakenly touted them as heroes. it seems they’ve turned on jackson in recent edits but still want christie as a hero. to win over the audience she needs to be presented as an underdog though, so between losing her power and likely a close ally in jack (he made jury, that’s all production wanted with him) i imagine they’ll try to argue she’s at the bottom of the house to try to make her more likable.

production is fine with jackson in house. he’s the villain now. and as long as he’s feuding with christie there’s drama. they’re also fine with powers not being used. they created drama even not being used and most of them didn’t really shake up the game that much anyway. with some notable exceptions (with the vast majority being total bs pandora’s box powers, though paul’s four weeks of safety and the coup d’etat were also pretty big deals) powers actually rarely make a big impact on the game’s outcome.

Feeds Gold

im talking in terms of liveliness…

hollie, nicole, jess, cliff, kat(and michie now being extra boring keeping alot more to himself most of the time)

this is the group from which a majority will make the end game…not exactly a riveting/entertaining bunch to me


Sam was the only entertaining one of the bunch. The rest could go tomorrow and no one would even really notice.

Feeds Gold

Sam was great, i wish that vote flip happened


I’m glad Kat is around she’s a gem

Feeds Gold

Simon, you and Dawg are gems…thanks for your efforts and great site

Feeds Gold

pretty soon most of the quiet/shy/reserved personalities will remain for the end game

and most of the entertaining/outgoing/lively personalities will be in jury


No matter what, I have to give Jessica credit. As one I thought and believed was going to sit back, be a do nothing person. Has emerged as a player. Winning HOH, winning Veto, and putting up players I never imagined she would.
Here’s a thumbs up to the mis-fits that have played in past games with never getting, nor earning recognition just fillers for the BBs choice picks to win.
I am breaking my code of silence and will tune in Thursdays eviction now to see how it all goes down. To bad an early favorite of the “fillers”, Cliff didn’t have the balls to do it or call out Christie’s power.

Feeds Gold

i think shes maybe a lock for final 3…how on earth do you evict her with so many targets? who does she get evicted against? maybe only nicole? but who would put that combo up?


What outgoing/entertaining/lively personalities? You mean the Jacks? The guys who do nothing but monitor the fridge all day, or Sis and Holly, who do nothing but put on makeup all day.
Nicole, Jess, and Kat seem to know how to play games and have fun. I would much rather see that then shallow people talk about how instafamouse they plan to be.

Feeds Gold

no worries, im glad you enjoy watching them

BB Casting Call

Then stop watching.
This game is getting good and will be better when Jack and Christy are gone.
All your “boring” people are playing their game and it will get even more interesting once their big targets are out.

Feeds Gold

the fact production are allowing michie to sleep by himself in havenot room, and there being no havenots this week is very sus to me

Feeds personal vendetta against Jackson?

It has been done plenty of times before. I dislike Jackson as much as the next person unless the next person is feeds gold. The have nots room has never been off limits once have nots have been introduced to the game usually week one but sometimes later. People can sleep in whatever bedroom they like. Dan gheesling was not a have not when he stayed in there concocting is infamous funeral. Was it “sus” to you then?

Feeds Gold

that room was part of dans punishment, he had to be in there saturday night to sunday night, he didnt choose to be there

the sus part for michie is with 11 players in the house, there are conveniently no have nots the week he wanted to be in there, allowing him to be by himself

im flattered you based your name on me…am i not allowed to be critical of players? ive been critical of multiple players this season, some alot more so than him, and would much prefer michie go further in the game than many others based on game play…unlike many i didnt mind six shooters as players including him

Feeds personal vendetta against Jackson?

Please link me to the reddit post showing the holly kat Jackson preshow alliance. Also it’s not abnormal for a houseguest to stay in the have not room when there are not have nots if they don’t mind the beds and the beds don’t look bad this year.

Feeds Gold

if you want to go to reddit go ahead

i much prefer onlinebigbrother

Feeds personal vendetta against Jackson?

Obviously I prefer onlinebigbrother I’m here and I don’t even know where to find you’re reddit post that apparently proves they knew each other prior you entering the house. You know where though and it must be pretty substantial because you are dead set they are a predetermined alliance of 3 that was picked to win. Or maybe you won’t link it to me because you haven’t seen it either but it will go against everything you’ve said for the past 2.5 weeks.

Feeds Gold

im not sure it is obvious…you keep talking about reddit…i have no interest in reddit

Feeds personal vendetta against Jackson?

So where did you get your information that all 3 knew each other before entering the house. I could have sworn you referenced the people over at reddit uncovering it.

another name

That wasn’t feeds gold. That was me. after Kat and Holly first mentioned knowing each other i looked on twitter which led to a rabbit hole where responses metioned Brett from last season sharing things on reddit about the two of them (and some third woman that didn’t make the cast or was dropped making room for Christie) before the season began. Which is why the Brett Kat thing keeps making me laugh. Because Holly talking about dm-ing with Winston, and Kat talking about Brett led credibility to what was posted to me.
Let’s for one second say the reddit stuff is hogwash. I can do that. Let’s just take what Kat and Holly have said on feeds about their relationship as the standard. We can’t presume they do not know each other when the two of them keep adding and subtracting from just how well they know each other.


Because there is no proof. It’s all conjecture simply because they have a friend in common and have crossed paths. Do u know how many people are my “friends” on facebook who I’ve never met or spoken to? Several. They are friends of friends of friends. Anyhow…you will always have people spouting conspiracies and it’s their right….but it doesn’t mean they’re right. At the same time…I would not go on a limb and say they are for sure not real friends. They may very well be. All I’m saying is there is no proof of it at all.

Feeds Gold

the preferential treatment this season for multiple things…michie and kat

both in the pre game alliance with i think the person who production want to win…hollie

Feeds personal vendetta against Jackson?

Yeah jackson has received preferential treatment breaking have not rules eating hot showers and all that. But him staying in the have not room this week is not “sus”. It has happened plenty of times before. Can you please link the reddit post showing these three knew each other?

Feeds Gold

do your own research

Feeds Gold

sis is hilarious in this lip reading whilst listening to the music game haha…

jess: “fluid in my knees”
sis guesses: “food please”
jess: “fluid in my knees”
sis guesses: “fluid pen!s”
jess: “fluid in my knees”
sis guesses: “fluid in my @nus”(everyone craps up laughing)
jess: “fluid in my knees”
sis: can you repeat it?
jess : “fluid in my knees”
sis guesses: “fluid in my knees”(everyone cheers)

Feeds Gold

i meant to say cracks up laughing not craps up laughing haha

BB Crusty Crab Shack

I don’t find Anal hilarious at all, just dumb and mean


Can someone tell me what happened to Jacks power? I thought he won the 2nd power and I don’t remember him using it.


He used it when he was on the block with cliff. It was a re-draw of the Veto players, there wasn’t much of a change.


His power served no real purpose and he used it terribly.

Hope Hicks Here

Sis is a mean girl, she needs to go asap.


Press like if this post and Tommy punishment also make you sing “don’t stop me now” by queen.

Feeds Gold

productions season blue print…

have christie as the erratic pseudo controlling player 1st half of season until her alliance/game implodes

have christie/tommie as the known connection pre game alliance…distracting from the pre game 3 person alliance they tried to hide

cast good looking big ego people knowing they would align in a majority alliance that will easily implode

cast alot of quiet no ego floaters with the old guy super fan cliff guiding them, waiting patiently for the implosion

the 3 pre game connection alliance are also within the main alliance(one just outside) getting intel, all 3 from the south, same as old guy

once the big alliance implodes, the 3 person pre game connection flips to the old guy and quiet floaters to combine and steamroll

productions pick to win based on casting…holly…who by far is the most comfortable player this season at being fake…when she is being fake she is in her element…one of the keys to winning


holly most definitely is not production’s pick to win. she’s a goat for their favorite to drag to the end.

Feeds Gold

i initially thought it was christie but i no longer think that

Feeds personal vendetta against Jackson?

Well you figured it all out no need for you to watch or read here the rest of the season.

Feeds Gold

i’ll be watching and reading here all season

BB Casting Call

Between the two of you, which one of you is the “Jackson” and who is the “Christie”?

Feeds Gold

haha can i choose neither?

BB Casting Call

Great answer!

Melvin McKinney



Who in the 3 person alliance is from the south??

another name

the alliance called threemance. jackson/holly/kat.
IMO…Maybe the last few seasons of bbcanada has me thinking kassting has gotten lazy. Same casting company for both shows. The canadian version has been cast with people with 1-2 degree of separation for a couple years. Only a matter of time before it seeped down into the American version as well. The last winner of bbcan had feeds mentioned pre-existing connections with two other houseguests. When they talk about their pre-existing connections on feeds: i tend to say okay, they knew each other.

BB Casting Call

What about last season…Tyler and Angela are from the same town!

another name

which i repeatedly complained about last season at the beginning of the season.


Thanks, Holly is from Wyoming not exactly south at all. but I get what you’re saying and thanks again

another name

I think it comes from times where she has lived in the south? don’t quote me. I think when they said southerners in the house and Wyoming i wondered who failed geography.


If Jess is smart, which I seriously doubt, she should draw the line in the sand, take down Jackson and put up Crusty the clown or Tommie.


This season is like a train wreck. You want to look away, but you just can’t because you want to hope for the best, even when the best rarely happens due to Grod


I might not be the majority here but I have thought for a couple weeks Jackson should go. Jack hasn’t won hardly anything what’s the threat? Jackson has and he’s a horrible human being. Jack wasn’t the greatest in the beginning but he’s better and Jackson continually just gets nastier and nastier. You can’t trust him and Kay is stupid if she thinks he has her back.

Sakura Haruno

Jack won 1 head of household and the chaos power. All Jackson won was 1 veto and the camp director vote.

Summer Gowen

Who is Nick really with? Is it possible Jackson has a penalty vote they don’t know about or is it too late for one?


comment image

Jess’ rise in the ratings is insane

BB Casting Call

Jack looks happy snuggled in between Sis and Christy.

Clueless Cummings

That is a big jump for Jess but she did make the game interesting again. I know I have given her a higher rating for going after two big targets.


I guess we all know Analyse likes being on the bottom.


It’s funny how these ppl don’t know who won BB14…how can you forget Dan’s Funeral???

BB Crusty Crab Shack

I think Kat , Nicole & Cliff know……Kemi was very knowledgeable abt the game history as well


And when Dan blindsided Shane on Danielle’s HOH, her face! Priceless! Ian was like wha? wha? wha? LOL


Ian Terry win. Dan was runner up. Bitter jury!

Red Tide

Didn’t Boogie vote for Ian to win? He wasn’t bitter.

another name

Nick is creepy in his hyper-sexualized comments. Given.
that does not mean that Jackson is not creepy in being aggressive and disrespectful.
Just like it doesn’t mean that Jack is not creepy for being condescending and ignorant / disrespectful.
Just like it doesn’t mean that until this week Holly and Sis weren’t the mean catty girls demeaning everyone else.
Just like it doesn’t mean that Kat and Holly haven’t been just as demeaning behind backs.
Just like it doesn’t mean that Christie with Kat or Holly or Sis hasn’t been just as rude.

It’s not an either/ or situation. All can be true. One being true doesn’t make any of the others false.
I’m not going to buy the new revision that Holly and Jackson had no choice but to begrudgingly work with the bullies as poor innocents. We saw it. As strategy, they can say it to others. when they say it to each other in private for the cameras like the last five weeks didn’t happen: it’s crap.
I’m not going to buy Jess’ levels of creepy talk, they feel too much like excuses for justification. Her moral dante’s inferno rings of offense seem to put the ones that have wronged her personally in the deepest pit. Because she is extremely literal, Jess seems to have a hard time with things that are known, but that she hasn’t personally witnessed. Her theories are too easily used as enabling.

In terms of game: If Christie and Sis and Tommy haven’t already figured out what is going on, they deserve what’s coming to them.
If Jess and Nicole don’t realize the minute Jack, or Jack and Christie are gone, they will become outsiders in their own alliance, they deserve what’s coming to them. The fact that Cliff, Nicole, and Jess are buying Holly’s argument about Jackson… when two of them, along with Nick, helped Sam come up with that selfsame argument last week to present to Holly? eyeroll. So the argument that Holly is giving is the argument that Nick and Sam began constructing regarding Bella, that Nick, Nicole and Cliff discussed with Sam as a reason to keep Sam. And none of them notice.

Everyone in the house saying there is no have nots because of punishments. In EVERY other season, punishments and have nots were concurrent. So i’m calling a nope on that play. No. It’s not the reason.

BB Casting Call

Watch Nicole win the next HOH, then Jess with the double for her memory.

another name

For the sake of storyline gravitas, I don’t think an hoh win for Nicole is what tptb would be aiming for. I still say that putting Jackson into seclusion and out of gen pop for 2 days was part of the story line. Not only does he look wounded and defeated, a fact that storyline can play up, but it also keeps mr. hothead from exhibiting his own worse behaviors. It’s hard to create a nice guy out of someone that, given his own instincts, would go out and loudly attack. There’s the reason for the have not crap this week. It’s so that when Jackson rises from the betrayal he will look like a golden boy that story is hoping the public will view him as. And look. it’s working. check his placement in polls while with the six vs. his placement in polls now that he is going to be joining the more liked underdogs. They’re manufacturing image for him, and people are buying it.


So true. Each of them other than Nicole at this point has shown poor sides of themselves toward others. And it’s equally likely each of them has the capacity to show better versions of themselves.

Even last night I wondered as Nicole came to check on Jackson and as she walked away he said such a nice girl repeatedly if he was just recognizing that fact. Sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom for a person to recognize the best in others. And, as you point out that’s not to say those other cringe worthy aspects of their characters disappear.

Ironically, Nicole has in my opinion been the glue for so many in the house. She quite literally kept Jess from putting up Nick last night and if that had happened don’t tell me he wouldn’t have been the one leaving Thursday. She keeps Nick rooted, makes Jackson and Holly recognize just how petty and cruel others are (and perhaps makes them turn an inward glance on how they must’ve looked previously), she keeps Kat grounded etc, etc.

Unlike the beginning of the game she seems to be reading the house and the players better. Ironically, in the end I’m not sure if it will be her missing a nuance which is her undoing or if it will come down to the rest recognizing she’s too nice to take to the end. Sure they can trust her loyalty but no one is going to want to sit beside the moral compass of the season.

another name

Let’s say for a second the sixplosion never happened. Who would have been sitting together poking pointing and laughing? We know from 5 weeks of seeing it that it would have been Holly and Sis.
Holly and Jackson’s conversion is so transparent, and so fake that i sneer even more when they talk now. Let’s be 100 % clear. Jackson has been planning a backstab since week one when d/r gave Christie the heads up that nomming Kemi would make her look racist. Jackson and Jack wanted Kemi on the block. jackson took umbrage. He started forming his secondary alliance more aggressively at that point. He has been trying to form an army that would appoint him their leader since the beginning, but strong personalities and self interest from others, instead of thinking of Jackson’s needs first have gotten under his skin. When he complained of Christies world and he just lives in it… it’s complete sour grapes that it isn’t Jackson’s world. He isn’t reforming. He’s looking at the underdog people as a group that will do his bidding, because in his estimation they are all sheep. He’s called each one of them a loser and a follower. In his mind they will be the perfect thralls that won’t question his authority.
He’s just rebranding the same game strategy.

Bye Jack

As Jack’s fate comes into clarity, has anyone shifted their voting for America’s Field Trip? I have now focused on voting Tommy and Christie. Would be happy to see one of them on the block. Christie over Tommy for sure.

House Stark

I want to wait until after the veto ceremony before I change my Jack/Jackson votes.


did Jackson actually throw out the cookie dough?

another name

he bragged that he threw it out weeks ago, but now that it’s become an issue he’s saying he ate it or handed it out.


I believe that was his attempt at tryin to cover for him eating almost all of it


Jessica had me cool. I for sure thought she would put up “who the house wanted” and be a follower. Girl has been #boss