Jack “I will literally use my entire eviction speech just to submarine her game. I don’t give a F**K!”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Jess
Have note are: No Have nots this week, Jack, Tommy and Jackson were given punishments as part of the veto.
Nominations are: Jack and Jackson
Power of Veto Players are – Jessica, Jack, Jackson, Kat, Nick, Tommy (Nicole – Host)
Power of Veto holder – Jessica
Power of Veto Ceremony – Jessica didn’t use the power of veto
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1:15pm Jess, Cliff, Christie and Tommy are sitting in the kitchen chatting about the memory wall photos. Cliff – we’re starting to see some grey .. black and white pictures, aren’t we? Christie – I know its very weird. Cliff – we’re starting to get to a whole different part of this game all of a sudden. Christie – I think next week will be kind of scare .. if it is a double. Its nerve racking for sure. Jess thinks that doubles are special two nights. Christie – oh no. Cliff – I think they’ve done it both ways. Jess – we’ll see because if they don’t give us liquor tonight. Christie – they would have to close the yard too. Cliff – and finish with Michie. Christie – the double eviction is terrifying. Tommy – is someone in the DR? I want to ask if they can make the helmet lighter. Its really heavy and giving me a headache. Cliff – go ask? What’s the worst they can say? Christie – especially if its causing you pain.

Christie – no matter had happened if we had had that huge blow up or not, it would have been the same way. You (Jess) won HOH, probably would have been the same noms for your own logical reasons. Veto would have been the same. You still won the veto and wouldn’t have changed noms. Whether we had that fight or never had that fight, one of them were still going so either way it would be hard. Things happen the way they’re supposed to in the world and in this house. You really did a great job. You used your heart, your gut and your brain and your game. Tommy – you’re HOH gold. Christie – you’re handling everything flawlessly. Jess – one of them leaving is going to give everyone an even playing field. Christie – that’s true. Everyone is on their own. They were the two most strong dominant forces. Jess – and they both put me up for different reasons.

1:22pm Backyard. Jack, Nick, Kat and Sis.
Sis showers in the backyard with the hose. Nick – 9 + 99 for sure! Jack – on second thought send me to jury. Nick – do you want me to send her with you if you go? Jack – I can wait a couple weeks. Nick – that will be my reasoning.. Sis I don’t have anything against you but I promised Jack you would go to jury in a couple weeks. Sis – I think I would be pissed. Jack – half a million dollars pissed… yeah I would be pissed.

Boat Room. Jack and Nick.
Nick – she (Nicole) is solid. Jack – I can’t hand out too much (safety) that it gets spoken about and if overlaps. That’s impossible you can’t hand out that much. I do have a certain amount that I can dish to Nicole and I do want to protect her. I do like her. Nick – to a certain point .. until we get out Cliff, Jess, Kat, Tommy, Jackson. But you don’t have to give her too much leeway. Jack – but is a certain amount going to enticing … what do you think the right number is? Like if I am talking evictions. Nick – not including this double.. if its a double? Jack – well I would include the double. Nick – three, I don’t know. Jack – okay. I don’t know if that’s going to be the right number but I do want to ballpark.

2:20pm – 3:25pm Bedroom. Jack and Tommy. Jack – I was just speaking with Nick privately wondering what I have to do as far as Nicole. Coming into negotiations.. I can’t give may weeks of immunity like working together and stuff but I know that Nicole is a big piece to you. Because I know that Nicole pushes Nick. He doesn’t want to double cross Nicole. So I have to figure that out.. its another 3 week thing but I don’t know if its good enough. Like how many weeks does she think that she can get on the other side with Jackson and Holly? Tommy – I don’t think they’re doing anything. Jack – Jackson is really confident right now. Like Cliff woke up every time Jackson went last night (alien punishment), which is really cool and all .. maybe he is just saving face. My key is to not lose my sh*t. Tommy – I think its two of them .. Cliff and Nicole and then Jess has to be on board. You’re doing good. Jack – I’ve accepted both possibilities. It f**King sucks but.. if there is a battle back .. I am coming back! Tommy – oh 1000% percent! I know that with all my heart. Jack – and the cool thing is if there is a battle back.. At some point I in campaigning I will say that Holly wanted you (Cliff) gone but I don’t know how I am going to play it. Tommy – also Kat is playing both side. Jack – f**k Yeah she is! The main trigger for me is how much she is lying and it pisses me off that she is in a power position but still lying. I was going to blow up her game in my exit speech. She is basically the reason why I go. She is lying about knowing Holly when she does. I will literally use my entire eviction speech just to submarine her game. I don’t give a f**k! Tommy – it is really messed up what she’s doing. Christie joins them. Christie – how’s it going? Jack – It’s still leaning towards…. making sure I have everything packed. I think Kat runs the house right now and she decides. Christie – how does Kat run the house? Jack – Kat and Jess run the vote on the house. Tommy – Kat is playing both sides .. its so f**ked up. (That’s what you wanted her to do!) Tommy – Kat was being a mole for the first half of the game .. does Jess know that? That she was on our side? Christie – or that Kat knew about the vote flip for Cliff? This is all the stuff that has to be said in campaign speeches. Tommy – you know they’re playing dirty too so shouldn’t feel bad. Jack – what I did to Jackson wasn’t the cleanest plan. Christie – you still haven’t apologized to Jackson and he doesn’t deny that you broke trust. That was his opportunity to say dude you didn’t break trust, I never said that. That was his opportunity to say you knew about that day 3 stop trying to make it like it was news. Nick joins them. Jack – I’m going to blow this motherf**ker up.

4:25pm Boat room. Jack, Nick, Christie and Sis. Christie tells Sis that Jack is going to tell Jess that kat was a mole the entire first half of the game. She knew about the vote but didn’t want anyone to know because she wanted to be the mole. You don’t get information if you run everything back. And he is basically going to be like you wanted to be informed. Christie – and you chose to not vote with us so that you could remain the mole. Jack – You feel like I keep you out of the loop. Or am I basically going to go up to Jess and lay it all out on the line? Air all your dirty laundry. I will just let that sit and then if she doesn’t do anything by tomorrow morning .. I will be like okay we have two options.. we can figure this out or I can go up and tell Jess that you didn’t tell her. Sis – wow. That’s good. We may have to jump if Tommy got wind that she (Kat) is going to tell her (Jess). I am going to beat her to the punch and bringing all three of you up there and I am dropping it.

6pm HOH room. Jess, Nick, Jack, Nicole, Tommy and Christie. Jess is telling them about he daughter.

7:35pm – 7:47pm Camp Comeback room. Holly, Kat and Jackson.
Holly – It worries me if Nick were to win because I have no idea how it wold go. Like who he would even target. He might get sucked in by them and then come after us. I doubt it but eventually Nick is going to have to choose sides. He can’t keep walking on a tightrope between both sides. Kat – I feel like after we get you through this week, we’re going to be good. Unless I am slightly afrase that all this sh*t is going to come back and bite me because my names been in everyone’s mouth.

8:30pm Bedroom. Jack, Tommy and Sis.
Tommy – its a fine line between a threat and your life is on the line. Jack – and I need you to work with me. I want to work with you. But I am not going to try and read between the lines… She knows f**king Holly and she is tight with Jackson. He f**king buried her and she still forgives him. She trusts him. I will say that I am going to go up to Jess right now ..I’m not going to say anything but you have to figure this out. And then I go to Jess and say I’ve got truths in this game but I don’t want to have to tell them. And that way if Kat does go and Tell Jess then I can be like I f**king warned you. And then we go to Cliff and say Kat knew about your vote.

8:45pm – 10pm Hammock. Nicole and Jack.
Nicole is upset and missing her family and friends. Jack – this is work and you’re going great. Nicole – I am just mad because I never give back as much as I give. Jack – you’re a great person. Nicole and Jack chat about random things and life outside the house.

10:25pm – 10:45pm Boat room. Tommy, Jackson and Holly.
Tommy – I was just telling Holly and no matter what happens, like I will be loyal to you if you’re here. Jackson – appreciate it. I am going to be completely honest. Jackson – like I came into this house wanting to take nothing personal but I know for a fact that things have been made personal behind my back. And things have been said about me on a personal level behind my back to other people. Being on the outside of those conversation is hard. Tommy – its no secret that I am boys with Jack and I love you. I have to have his back through this campaign. Jackson – its just sad hearing about how things are being twisted about me. No one can ever say they haven’t lied in this house.

10:55pm Boat room. Kat, Holly and Jackson.
Kat tells them that she did her goodbye messages. She says for Jack she said – Do we (Holly & Kat) know each other, do we not? Well, it looks like you’re going to have a lot to think about in the jury house! Jackson – OOHHHHhhh SAvAGE! Kat – then I was like whoops, just kidding .. see you on finale night! It was funny!

10:56pm – 11:25pm Bedroom. Jack, Tommy, Sis and Christie.
Christie – Jackson hasn’t campaigned to a single soul. Holly is wiping everyone’s a$$ for him. Jack – I’ve got this! I can do this. Christie – it will rub people the wrong way if he doesn’t. Jack – he will though. If I pull this off, it will be huge. Christie – I am not being negative, I just can’t let you go yet.

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Feeds Gold

jacks pretty smooth with nicole

having her crying and laughing on the hammock

and chatting about her family, her bird phobia and they will have an inside joke going forward quoting movie lines between them

and he talks about his fears including snakes…and how he was glad he was awake for when he had to do his alien punishment

im really looking forward to the wednesday ep to see jack and al the angry alien humorous middle of the night interactions

its a decent slow building campaign so far from jack, i think he has a chance…cant wait to the cliff and jack meeting wed night or thurs


Please oh please BB gods, let there be a twist this week that sends both Jack@sses out the door on Thursday.

Feeds Gold

nicole tells jack her great zing for him haha…

jaaaack everybody calls your showmance sissie…but youre the one always crying

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Jack Christie & maybe Tommy don’t seem to understand that Jackson & Holly aren’t leading the other side; Jackson & Holly are at the bottom of Cliff Nicole Jess & Kat. In turn, Nicole & Cliff neither one would exchange their top 4 of the Bottom Feeder’s side for the bottom of the Broken 9/8/5/6/4 Side (lost track of their crazy alliances – the Sh*t Shooters). Jack is on the block, lost veto, no longer in a majority alliance – Christie and Jack have no power or position to offer. Jackson & Holly are mostly on the outside of both sides, with Holly only having a great relationship with Kat; and with Jackson who has a great relationship with no one.


Give up Jackson, you’re going home this Week. Calling Kat out on half truths will just make you look like the sh*t you are and a dumbass when you won’t call Christie out for worse. Everyone will sympathize with Kat more.
When will Jackson realize when you talk to women the way he had in the BB House for most of the game, they eventually turn on you.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

I think you mean Jack,Jackson is the other douche.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

LOL sometimes they are just so interchangeable.


Ain’t nothing better in the big brother house than free sympathy. Just ask Dan about how good he had it after Jerry called him Judas lol

Franks fumes

Dirty Nick stringing Sis along plotting/acting like he believes there is a chance Jackdouche stays…..he’s really enjoying his newfound power over her and Jackdouche. Nick knows she will be hopping in his bed before Jacks picture goes dark. Sis having to pretty much depend on Nick the rest of her time in the house is gonna be disastrous comedy gold.


The whole scenario you just described makes me feel all ooky and kinda nauseous. Nick makes me want to pepper spray him.


I think you are exactly right and I wonder how Bella feels watching that from home…….LOL


Why do these idiots give campaign speeches? In every other season I’m pretty sure “campaigning” was just talking and having an actual dialog about why keeping someone was a good option game wise.

Dalia Hobelman

Dam Jack out side in hammock with Nicole holding her leg lmao

My Two Cents

And remember when Jack said that girls like Nicole don’t usually get to talk to guys like him??? Pssshhh. What an ego.


I was thinking the same thing, My Two Cents!!!


Same here. Knowing he’s only doing it for her vote makes me dislike him even more!


Simon and Dawg, I just sent a donation your way. Thanks for all you do for us BB fans. I appreciate you!

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

So if Cliff and Nichole are wandering in the desert dying of thirst Jack comes a long offering them a bag of sand.

J e t s jets jets jets

HOW MANY TIMES DO I NEED TO SAY IT! Jess has done and said many things this year that prove she isn’t familiar with the game and how to play it. Her thinking that double elimination takes place over a couple of episodes is more proof of how ignorant she is. The whole concept of a double elimination is so it does happen on ONE night and episode.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

In the immortal words of Sis “what wait I’m confused I don’t remember” .

Bye Bye Great Value Aquaman

There have been double evictions that are over a day or series of days, technically they were originally called fast forward evictions, but overtime double eviction has come to mean anytime there are two evictions within a few days.


That’s why it’s a good idea to tell her kat knew about the flip in cliff eviction. And she has close relationship with jackson and holly and will betray jess. It should be easy make jess paronied.


Just a question, do you think she is talking old game vs new? She said that all girls night she knew about PB&J as the have nots. Slop wasn’t a thing until season 10/11….. I’m not saying she’s a legend but she might know the game and is keeping it to herself. Maybe these “dumb” comments are to throw EVERYONE off

J e t s jets jets jets

I honestly can’t wait to see their faces when they think that America voted for the WINNERS of America’s vote because they are the favorite houseguests only to realize that only one of them is going to be a winner and 2 of them are getting punishments.


They will justify it by saying “America must have not known there would be punishments”

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I’m watching After Dark now, only the 2nd time it’s been interesting enough; Jack is laying in hammock pretending to have real conversation with Nicole and THAT is why the Four Shooters’ game is over. You can not be in alliance w/someone & even have an open alliance, but still have authentic conversation with people & get to know them on a human level. The Jacks have both commented that they would never speak to girls on the outside like Jess & Nicole, as if they aren’t worthy of being in their Greek god presence. That contributes to them being Pieces of crap. You don’t have to discount people on a human level the way they have. Nicole is a smart girl. Cliff has an interesting profession. They are so far up their own butts that now pretending like they are interested and want to “just talk” is SO FAKE. Seeing it is worse than reading about it – he’s just so fake. Can’t stand Jackson, but at least he’s not pretending & kissing their butts the way Jack Christie & Tommie do. Gross.

Red in Blue

I only record and watch bits and pieces of AD. The audio drives me crazy with all whispering. I turn up the volume so I can hear, then they try to pop my speakers with normal or yelling voices. If there is going to be a future BB, CBS needs to do something, soundproof rooms in the house. Hire an outside audio engineering firm who can fix the problem, by changing the mics to throat or mini-boom ones, amplify every players audio level and install a output limiter to ensure that the transmitted sound remains at the same level, no matter if the HG is whispering or yelling. This technology has been around for years.

Boy Shape

That would be nice. It did take them forever to replace the SD cameras with HD ones though.



Franks fumes

Jackdouche’s arrogance is off the charts tonight on BBAD……..it’s gonna be so pleasant when he’s gone……one douche down one to go.


I just love the idea that Jack’s pitch is he’ll grant them safety for a couple weeks. He fails to understand, HE needs protection right now and he is acting like he’s in charge and will still be after the week is over. They will have safety from you the rest of the game if they send you packing.


What is driving me crazy is that this Jacka$$ is so hung up on Kat and Holly knowing each other in passing but we can’t get speaker guy to shout Tommy and chomper Christie know each other for years a$$hat. I’d like to see that trust bubble burst. Threaten Kat for a vote GTFO


Yeah – I am salivating at the thought of Crusty and Tommy’s secret getting out and all the fireworks that will explode!


“Jack – I can’t hand out too much (safety) that it gets spoken about and if overlaps. That’s impossible you can’t hand out that much.” Dude you’re on the block…that means 50/50…you have no safety to offer at this point! I have heard of Tiny Dick Syndrome, but this big dick tiny man syndrome is hilarious


I just want to say that Nicole on the hammock last night was heartbreaking. Out of all the players this year (and many past)Nicole struggles with her caring for others. She is a true person. Hope she reads this. Nicole, the feeders cried with you and many of us hope you win this!