“I win, I am more hated. You have to continue on. I will go home.”

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9:01pm Bedroom. Tyler and Angela. Angela – Girls hate girls. So lets count. I have Bayleigh, Rockstar, Sam, Haleigh and Fes. You have Brett and Scottie. Tyler – so you get Rockstar hating you and I’ll get Bayleigh hating me. Angela – no I backdoored her. You had nothing to do with her backdooring. Tyler – yes I did, I put on sunglasses. She hated it. Angela – I made a speech about her being the hacker. You just told her. I win, I am more hated. You have to continue on. I will go home. This is the way it has to go. I should just tell Kaycee. Tyler – no. Angela – no look at the numbers, there is no way. And the difference between 4th and 2nd is not a big deal. Tyler – what do you mean. Angela – well it is a big deal .. but its not. Tyler – don’t sell yourself short. You sent them all to the jury. Angela – they’re bitter. Each and everyone of them is a child. Children are bitter, they don’t see the whole picture. Each and everyone of them are going to be bitter as f**k. Tyler – you’re so annoying. Angela – I’m right. Tyler – they will pick who played the best. Angela – no, I don’t think so. Tyler – which ever one of us stays is going to win. Angela – I don’t think so, I will not win if I stay. Like 1000%! You put Kaycee next to JC and the jury house picks JC. Everyone thinks that I drive a range rover and and sh*t… so they’re going to be like she doesn’t deserve this. Tyler – that doesn’t mean anything. Angela – it does. Tyler – well you better not have that attitude. I mean if I stay I am not going to not try but I know whats on the other side of the road. Tyler – don’t put that out there anymore. No matter who Kaycee chooses there are no hard feelings. I feel like the four of use are bonded for life. Tyler – forever. We will just compete and I will be cheering you on. Tyler – shut up. I will make them not hate you. Angela – at least we have that on our side.. whoever goes to the jury house.. I am going to lie and make you sound like an angel. Tyler – you don’t have to lie. Angela – I will take the blame for everything. I will say that I manipulated you to fall in love with me. Tyler – don’t say that. Angela – I won. I am the real winner here. All of you guys lost. I have Tyler and you’re all going to vote for him. I am going to damage control. Tyler – you’re not going to have to.

Tyler – you want to know something funny? I am a superfan of this show. Angela – wait?! Really?! No way? How? You acted like you weren’t. What does superfan mean? You know everything? Tyler – I’ve seen every season. Angela – you liar! You lied to me. I am so offended! You liar. Tyler – I didn’t lie. I just withheld. Angela – why didn’t you tell me? Tyler – I forgot. Angela – man, I like this show but I am not a superfan. Angela – so are we going to tell everyone? or no? (about being in a showmance) Tyler – I don’t know. Angela – it doesn’t even matter any more because if one of us is gone it doesn’t benefit either one of us. Tyler – but I don’t Kaycee to think that you would have picked me. Angela – true. Yeah you’re right. So we don’t tell them? Tyler – maybe you go first in your speech and then I’ll tell them. Angela – okay. Tyler – do you want me to? Angela – we are most hated in the jury house. If JC or Kaycee win next.. they will pick you or me because we’re the most hated. Its beyond personal. So we’re going to say it? Tyler – MMMmHHhhmm. Angela – how did JC win HOH? Tyler – there was no way JC would have won the veto.

9:03pm – 9:40pm HOH room. JC and Kaycee. JC – you really don’t know where her (Angela) head is at. I would rather have someone that I know where his (Tyler) head is at. Kaycee – yeah. JC – if I had won it (veto) I would have kept the nominations the same. It was going to be an easy decision. Kaycee – yeah, we will talk about it. And I will let you know more about where my head is at. You know what I’m saying. I just need it to sit a bit and let it sink in. And then I have to figure out a speech from there. JC – what do you mean a speech? Kaycee – like live tomorrow. My speech. I think how it will go is they will show the competition and then me live whether or not I use the veto. And then right there I will say who I will vote out. JC – yeah, yeah, yeah. JC – at the end of the day its who is better for your game. Kaycee – we are top three! Big Brother calls JC to the diary room. JC – we’re not going to see the jury house. Kaycee – yeah, you’re right. Kaycee – this is so sh*tty because I like both of them. JC – at the end its comes down to who is better for our game. Kaycee – straight up its a game. We’re f**king almost out of here! JC heads to the diary room. Kaycee listens to JC’s music.

9:47pm HOH room. Tyler, Kaycee and Angela. (JC’s in the diary room) Kaycee – it just sucks. I love you both so much. Angela – I know and we both know that. We’re all solid for life no matter what happens. They all agree. Kayee – we had a really good run. Tyler – yes we did. We ran sh*t! Kaycee – and no one will ever forget that. Us three have collectively won 19 competitions. Angela – and two of you guys will be continuing on. And the good thing, whoever ends up in the jury house.. we know that we have each others votes. Tyler – 19 competitions .. with only one more in between. We slipped up. Angela – so when do we tell JC about level 6? Tyler – he will punch me no matter what. Technically you could still use the veto on one of us. Kaycee – and then I would automatically go on the block. Angela – yes.

9:59pm Kitchen. JC and Kaycee. JC – girl let me tell you that after this interview (diary room session) I am completely 50/50. No preference. I wish I could tell you more about why. I am 50/50.. I don’t give a f**k! Kaycee – okay. JC – this sucks! I am very stressed about it. Kaycee – I am trying to figure out what you’re saying.

10:07pm HOH room. Tyler and Angela. Angela – I think you will get America’s player. Tyler – not a chance. If JC doesn’t get top two he will get it. Or Kaycee, or Sam. Angela – you think Sam would get it? Tyler – maybe. Just because Sam was so unique. Or you. Angela – I doubt it. I just don’t know how America feels about us. Tyler – we just have to say that everyone hates us and if someone likes us .. its a bonus. Angela – deal.

10:20pm – 10:30pm The final four are in the kitchen chatting.

10:42pm – 11:03pm HOH room. JC and Tyler. JC about Kaycee – she is in the middle. I was trying to tell her the pros and cons. I can’t just tell her good things about you and bad things about Angela because that is going to be too suspicious. Tyler – yeah you can’t pitch her. JC – I told her my mind is exactly where you are.. 50/50. And then right before the meeting I go like you need to keep him. Top 2 and without him we’re not going to know where her head is at. Like that and I get her. Pretty sure I get her. Tyler – I think you’re right. I’ll do the same thing. JC – if Kaycee goes top 2 she wins. She will be the winner of the season. JC – maybe I pitch for her to keep Angela so that she keeps you. Tyler – no don’t do that.

11:55pm – 12:25am Bedroom. Kaycee tells Tyler that she is just entertaining everything that JC has to say. He thinks he can beat you in a mental comp. Tyler – if JC feels comfortable enough that you and I would take him he might not try as hard to win. Kaycee – we got this dude! Tyler – nobody knows. He is going to f**king murder me but I can’t wait to tell him. He’s smart but we’ve been one step ahead. Kaycee – they will all understand at the end. Brett will understand. She (Angela) will understand. Kaycee heads up to sleep in the HOH bed with JC.

7:50am zzzzzzzz

10:20am WE’ve got movement..

11:00am Kaycee and Angela
Kaycee has lost her voice.
Angela says she only slept an hour, “I just rolled around all night long.. ”
A – WE knew this day would come and it’s here
K – I know dude.. it’s here, It’s so shitty
A – so shitty
K – we’ve always talked about it too
A – there’s nothing that can happen that will f* anything up between us not a single thing
K – I hope not
A – don’t even like put it through your head I know it does but it really can’t
A – Me and Tyler talked about it last night I was like I’m not going to have that conversation. He’s not going to have that conversation
Angela – we’ll be supportive of any decision you make \
K – I appreciate it I really do
K – I love you guys so much..
A – we’ll look back at this day and laugh.. in the grand scheme of things it’s so insignificant
K – ph yeah.. it’s an accomplishment we all made it here..
Kaycee – we’re going to leave outta here with more than we came in
Kaycee – get to start a new life outta here.. got alot of sh1t going on . everything is going to work out
Kaycee – I have no idea what the F* I am going to say so..
A – just keep it short and sweet that’s what Mine is going to be

11:47am Just hanging out

Noon Packing..

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Goodbye Angela!!! You will not be missed. Tyler you will also be settling for second place. You will not beat JC or Kaycee in the F2.


Exactly!!!!! I thought she always get what she wants though? Not today loser hahahaha!!!! OWNED.


Bitter Hiver syndrome?

Level 6 Serial Killers

Congrats Angela on a great run. You played a hell of a game this season and best of luck to you and Tyler in the future. A lot of us appreciate your game.


i’m not sold jc beats tyler. hayleigh, fes, and scottie all think jc played a shady game and may not vote for him.


They will vote for him over Tyler who “betrayed” and played them to the hill.


That bunch is so stupid, I don’t think they even now realize that they have been played by Tyler or JC.

Level 6 Envy

Ain’t that the truth.


fes seemed to blame jc more than tyler. scottie i do think feels more betrayed by tyler. hayleigh could go either way.

Is Maxine Waters First Contact?

All season I thought who will Tyler take to the end but now I think who will Kaycee take to the end.

Roll Tide

Hayleigh said she would vote for Brett or Kaycee. Would not vote for Tyler. Feels betrayed by Tyler. I think it was her interview with Ross and Marissa.

Crimson Tide

Too bad Hayleigh can’t see what Bama is going to do to her team on Saturday.


JC also played and betrayed them as much as Tyler did. He is the reason Scottie was on the block. Fes thought JC was his bestie. The rest of the HIVE never really cared for JC. Brett knows he made the 1st move against L6 and JC also voted against him. I could see him voting for L6.

I’m not so sure JC wins over Tyler.

The Owl


Botox Pelosi

This is my favorite season in ages. Good luck to Level 6.

We All Should Be As Loyal As Tyler & Kaycee

Congrats to the Final 3 and thank you Simon & Dawg. What a great season.


JC is not winning this game. There’s no way he will beat Tyler and he’s 100% not going to beat Kaycee. Kaycee has pretty much played a flawless game and I think she deserves to win.


He has a shot to beat JC…but no chance against Kaycee.

Boring week ahead

She sure won’t be but you know these guys that drool over her will be crying about it!! LMFAO!


Kaycee should send Tyler home. Anyone who takes angle itch to the end will win. Hope they know that.


IMO KC wins no matter who she sits next to. Tyler wins against JC, and JC only wins against Angela. Angela loses no matter who she sits next to, but we will see.

ednamay torres

I agree I think if Kaycee makes it to the end she will win.


It is pretty obvious – I don’t know Kaycee will pull the trigger.


Whoever sends Angela to Jury wins a lot of votes “Brett”.
Who is in the jury house with a silver tongue who is a little upset he put his faith in Tyler “Brett”
Brett has two weeks to tell everybody everything and although I don’t think he’s bitter about Tyler, there really isn’t a lot bad to say about Kaycee. She had an excellent rapport with everyone before she won the last thousand Vetos AND sends Angela out LOL
I think Kaycee wins even if she keeps Tyler (although I wish she wouldn’t)



It will all come down to how the jury sees things. How do you make sense of things with THAT MANY lunatics deciding the outcome of the game? Some thoughts:

Bayleigh, Rockstar and Hayleigh no doubt consider themselves STRONG WOMEN and probably feminists. There is a strong inclination in them to want a GIRL to win…unless she is white and privileged. Then they MUST HATE HER. lol. Kaycee probably gets all their votes and Angela gets told off by them.

Sam had a final two with Tyler. She’s insane and probably hit with an elephant style tranquilizer dart full of meds every morning. Does she vote for Tyler to win this game? What about Brett? Will he choose to feel betrayed by Tyler or vote for his game? (Brett told Julie he felt most betrayed by Tyler)

The HIVE was messed with very badly by both JC and Tyler. They both pretended to be on their side. So, does the Hive vote for who they think manipulated them more or manipulated them a bit less? LOL

The hive seems to have their THREE MOST HATED from early on: Tyler, JC and Angela. Notice that Kaycee is not on the list and a likely winner if she makes final two. How did Tyler, JC and Angela become so hated by the hive? Simply by being very effective in deceiving them (Tyler and JC) or getting them evicted (Angela). Kaycee did not deceive them as a double agent or win those early HOH competitions that resulted in getting the hive out.

We are inclined to believe that juries vote for the most deserving (or at least pretend that’s what they are doing). That is not how this jury is going to process things. They will see themselves us victims and try to figure out who wronged them the most.

Hillary groped my in High School....I think?

neither angela or tyler can win whoever they are up against. They do not have the jury votes. KC beats everyone. JC beats ty or angie.

I still can’t believe that JC won HOH.

Buh Bye

Seriously Simon and Dawg? The political garbage is bad enough and now this? Rape jokes aren’t funny or appreciated on this site or anywhere.


Tyler fans hate the truth.

Charles Bronson

A big part of me is going to miss Angela.

Botox Pelosi

Me too but Kaycee is a veto machine. I wonder if Tyler and Kaycee will turn on each other at the end.

ednamay torres

I hope not.I would like to see the two of them at the end.


I agree with that, mainly because I don’t want to see jc at the end. If like all the other seasons he has no chance of winning any of the last comps.

The puddle

Tyler and Kaycee will not turn on each other in the end, which may be KC’s downfall, is my guess. If this was a final two challenge, Tyler would have took the lovely Angela to the finals with him, he is very intelligent. It would have been “love you KC, but I have bills to pay” and after the show ends, it would be curtains to Ms. A. that do not look like the surfer’s chick type. The start of every Big Brother’s season the HOH seem to make a lot of enemies, because their position is to vote out house guest, this is the reason Tyler was misunderstood. KC never put anyone on the block as POV and may win for that reason alone. My guess Tyler should win, he is the Daddy. LOL

Angela's Hotness

that’s a little part Chief…

Justice Kavanaugh



From the talk between JC and KayCee..it looks like KayCee will cut Tyler. She knows the jury hates Angela.


No.. she is already talking with tyler who will win which part in the final 3.


Talking about it doesn’t mean it is what she will do. Though from the way she has been since the start, I sadly don’t see her evicting tyler. They have been loyal to each-other since day 2, where neither of them talked about F2 with Angela. But I think if it was to come out now that tyler had a F2 with just about everyone, she would evict him. As much as I like tyler and think he should win, I feel that he has thrown the last couple of comps when it really counted because IMO, he felt safe with everyone in the house.


You would make a great Hive member if that’s what you think.


Kaycee will never cut Tyler.


Kaycee has been loyal to Tyler this whole game, I really don’t see her cutting him, but who knows

Roll Tide

Kaycee won’t tell anyone what she is doing. We will either be a little surprised or same as usual.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Kaycee and Tyler’s Coast-to-Coast alliance is the last remaining one and is known only to them. I suspect this is a/the secret Tyler is keeping from Angela.

Stacked Red Court

Those two both deserve to win.

Rotten Tomato Rankings for BB20 Houseguests

Tyler or Angela….

Angela is out if they’re playing emotionally.
Tyler is out if they’re playing smart.

We shall see…

( It’ll be Angela. )


With Kaycee, Angela, & Tyler, the Jury vote will be emotional not smart. That is why, if JC is in the final 2, JC will win because his “gentle pushing” to get a few people to do things were subtle to those currently in Jury and he practically kept up the ruse in his goodbye messages. Also, my belief that JC was purposely losing some HoH competitions was validated when he one this one. With the moves Tyler has made in this game, he has decided to own them so, in my mind, he should win but Kaycee is a Comp Beast


I think jc has a hard time winning. He did not try to get to know anyone except Tyler, Fes, and late in the game Brett. He just now realized Kaycee plays football!! I see jc having a tough time beating even Angela.

Elizabeth Pocohantas Warren

If one part of the final HOH comp is questions about the houseguests JC is hosed.

Sakura Haruno

What ever happens I would just like to say.

Tyler Won!!! Not in the show but in the experience. He made all the way until the final 4, Won Otev, met Zingbot, get his own superhero comic and set a high standard for the beach/surfer guy types despite never surfing. His dad would be so proud of him for making it far and for experiencing his dream. He even slept with a Spirit Model for crying out loud.

Whatever he wins this show or not he had a great run. He’ll be one of the players people would remember from this season. I’m going to ask all my friends and family to vote for Tyler for America’s fav. I really enjoying his gameplay pre-jury, watching him in comps entertained me and he should at least get a prize for playing his heart out.

Tyler for America’s Fav.

PS. I really wish he had better jury management cause he really had a good shot.

Tom A

Says the clown that was sucking Scottie off and making fun of Tyler for liking Scoobie Doo all season. Ok buddy….

True Dat

The person you are thinking of was named Houka. Sakura has been a loyal Tyler fan all season.

Sakura Haruno

1) As a Sarah Michelle Geller and Freddie Prince Jr fan I actually like Scooby Doo.
2) I came back here a few days ago and I haven’t seen any posts from the guy to hates tyler and loves scottie in a while, Is Tyler’s eviction party still postponed?


It’s postponed until the 26th. Tyler is definitely out of the house on the 26th or the 27th depending on how long the wrap party lasts.


domo arigato mr. Roboto Domo


Read more carefully. Not everyone has a 3 letter name.

Botox Pelosi

Just asking for a friend. Anyone know how to get urine out off a clown outfit? Someone peed all over my friend.

Tom A


Walter Sills

I have to agree Tyler played a good game, but from what I seen, he’s also a immature kid that still needs to grow up. His DR sessions about him and Angela were like a High School kid, same for many of his bed sessions with Angela. He also needs to get a job besides being a golden each boy so he can help support a marriage. Him winning AFP, or even if he won HOH, he would go through the winnings so fast with cars ad travel rather then investing. He’ll probable still live in a basement, and blow his winnings on parties and good times. Besides being a golden boy Beach bum, what else has he got to offer I ask in way security and a future for him and whoever he links up with, Angela?


Walter Sills, Curious where you get your insight into what Tyler will do with any winnings? Do you know him? Is this conjecture?

The puddle

In all fairness, you can not judge a book by it’s cover, anyone with wisdom out there, “Do Tyler look like a ” Beach Bum”? Judging from his appearance, speech and manner, over 75% of the Big Brother’s fans would say yes or no. On the outside Tyler could be “white collar”, judging him from the show “BB” that seems to have plans to blow every cent. A family man from BBro. or BB? Big Brother’s house guest seem mostly of kids, the mature guest usually are out numbered and are voted out, unfortunately that is one of BBro’s flaws when choosing players and some of the competitions would be difficult for mature cast that could win the prize and invest their winnings. It could have been worst, appearance wise, it could have been cry-baby-Rock* winning the prize. However, when players win, it is up to that winner how they spend their winnings, hoping they will have family and friends to sit down with them and make them aware this could be a once in a life time chance to stay fruitful. lol


He’s in his early 20’s, the age where boys start to become men, especially if there’s a good woman involved for motivation. Don’t sell him short, he will be a wonderful grown man some day sooner or later.

Dirty Harry Reid

@ sunshine

Your handle fits you. Your posts have been some of my favorites this season.


Your age is showing. Millenials don’t think the way we do. But I’m confident they’ll be just fine.


Read the name,and read still waters. Lol


He has my Vote for AFP all season long


None of them will see the jury house whoever leaves tomorrow will go straight into jury round table then they will go to hotel sequester till Wednesday


If JC is in the Final 2, he’ll win because the jury is very bitter because in their minds, Level 6 played a very dirty game and will not listen to their lies anymore. Bayleigh, Haleigh, Rockstar, Faysal, and Brett (revenge vote) will vote for JC. Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee would just have to settle for $50,000 which is nothing to sneeze at.

JC not as golden with Hive as everyone thinks

I don’t think Tyler has any chance to win at this point. But tired of hearing JC will have the entire hives votes. Fessy already put it in Scottie’s ear 5 minutes after eviction go go after JC. And what do you think the entire hive is going to think since week 3 trying to find the flip vote and wondering y nothing goes their way. It was JC the entire time that screwed them

Brett for AFP

Until the Jury house finds out about level 6. And that JC wasn’t even a part of it. 😉

Red Wave

Faysal will squash JC to the jury. I’m still having trouble believing that JC won HOH and that Sam went out so classy.

Haleigh's Melanoma

For all we know Brett may have already explained to the Jury about how Level 6 sent them all packing. Even if he is a little salty about being sacrificed, after a few days of cooling off and Hive needling he won’t be able to resist boasting about how they all got there and his part in it.

Feel Bad for JC

Final 4 and JC still has zero idea about level 6 or Tyler and Kaycee working together.


But if Tyler tells him to throw a competition like he did to Brett, I’d hope he gets a clue.

Who said that!

Is Angela trying to sabotage Tyler?Reinforcing the idea to the jury that Tyler is a weak wounded manipulated baby bird undercuts every reason why he should win.

Haleigh's Purple Panties

Long live Sam. Long live Haleigh. For some reason i was pro female this year, so i will throw my support to Angela FTW. May something or someone have mercy on me lol.

Is Maxine Waters First Contact?

Finally some sanity but you may need to change your handle since Angela goes commando.

Big brother fan

I think this is an unfortunate reality and I think the event that Tyler is in the final three with JC and Kaycee I don’t think there’s anyway he can win the game.

For one This could be one of the most bitter Jurys we’ve ever had in big brother history to the levels of big brother 14 and big brother 3.

When push comes to shove, I think the NUMBER ONE determinant of someone winning the game of big brother for a specific season is to take a step back and see who was the one player that dominated the game for the longest period of time. In my mind, there is no doubt the person who wins the game of big brother should always be the person who was in control for the longest amount of time of the game.

The honest to God truth is —— up until this point in terms of shedding the most blood in making the strongest moves and running the whole house it has been Tyler and Angela and Tyler for one thing has been in control since day one and he has been in control until the last 24 hours, and really it will be a damn shame that he has slim chances probably to none right now of winning this season. This was the doomsday scenario for Tyler‘s game what has taken place in the last 24 hours and I just don’t see any possible way that he can win the game now.

I think the unfortunate reality of big Brother is that people will always act emotionally and not recognize strong gameplay when they are cut off at the expense of the dominate player.

If anything this season has reinenforced that the way to win big brother these days is to get the least amount of blood on your hands and not exert yourself as having as much as control and dominance in the season. And really it’s pretty sad that big brother has come to that. I think sometimes what makes a player truly great is how willing they are to get blood on their hands in front of the face of the whole house and not this safe tiptoeing around speed up game like Derrick played in big brother 16, where you get no blood on your hands. Its a shame that the game has become that. The way the game is now, people would be more willing to vote for games such as Derricks compared to Will and Dan and I think that’s a damn shame because there’s no way in hell Derrick is better than Will and Dan.

As it stands I only really see two votes for Tyler being Sam and Angela—- Brett being up in the air as the third— but I think the rest of those jurors are so hell bent when it comes to Tyler and Angela being close that they’re going to see past any success or any big moves Tyler has made.

Especially since both of them have been hated for half the season if not more. and during the live show since the jury has such a distain for Tyler, that he won’t have enough time in the five minutes to explain his answers and how strong of a game he’s played when people already have such strong negative feelings about him.

I think that’s the unfortunate thing about big brother is that you can really play a great game and yet it doesn’t matter all because of personal feelings of how people feel. This culture of big brother really has to change because we’re getting more and more players who have exerted strong games who have controlled the whole entire season for the longest stretches of the entire season that are losing the final 2 votes all because the jury members got their feelings hurt.


I whole heartedly agree with you. The sad thing is we live in a society where everyone gets their feelings hurt and when they do they scream,whine and complain about it. This attitude was taken into the B.B. house. None of them in jury will vote for best game because they think they were singled out for one thing or another.

Angela truely played the game. She left feelings and emotions at the door and got blood one her hands, so she became hated because she didn’t pull any punches. Everyone talks so much sh** about her but she was truely bullied in the house and her named got smeared and horrible things said about her during the live evictions because they got their feelings hurt. I wish CBS would quit casting these people.


It may even come down to the final speech between F2. Even if Tyler gets 2nd (I hope 1st), $50,000, his experience to play this game, trip to Hawaii he won, Angela’s heart and possibly AFP he’s a winner in his book.


Even Julie was not fair to Angela. Rockstar called her all kinds of names and Julie sided with her. Not sure why she was pushing for the hive as their game was pathetic at best.

Guy From Canada

Part of the game is jury management to control the emotional vote. Tyler didn’t manage the emotions well witg people when they were evicted so did he really play the best game? Brett warned Tyler that he needed to break up Angela and Kaycee (why did he focus on Angela that dumb ass) but he did say no one wins against thsn. Yes Tyler keeping that girl duo ibtact brought him to the end cause Kaycee is honorable and will keep her final 2, but winning big brother isn’t making it to the end, it’s about securing jury votes. Did Tyler play that game well? With an emotional jury I doubt it and he may get a similar end to season 14…

Big brother fan

I believe that this jury is fully emotional and not the type to see great game play. It doesn’t matter what Tyler or Angela did, bc Tyler and Angela werent nearly as nasty as Paul was last season or even to that level in season 18. In yet the problem with jury management is that there is no definitive way in to how to not make people vote emotionally. The major problem is that fact that The hive is completely bitter at the fact that they thoroughly outplayed because really Tyler And Angela we’re the ones was that original started taking that alliance apart. Hell Brett was a much bigger factor than Kaycee was.

Never hate the player, hate the fact that you didn’t play a better game and own the fact that you got outplayed and shake their hands and have some personal pride and reward people for great gameplay. It’s big brother your suppose to reward people who played the best game and made the biggest moves regardless of personal feelings and voting emotionally—- Tyler and Angela by far and away blew everyone out of the water. If your voting for who was the nicest person it would be Kaycee who should win, but there’s no way in hell that she played a better game than Tyler and Angela.


Tyler needs 5 votes.
He will get angela for sure.
I belive he has sam . She didnt even try to stay.
J.c always said kc follows ty.. so he can easily give it to the man he love . Espicaly if kc will be the one voting him out.
Fessy got along better with tyler and saw kc as a floater .
Brett was closer to tyler and will vote game. He didnt seem bitter .. he will fight with the hives that level 6 played them.. then he will have to vote against them by giving the win to tyler.
Scottie also is unpredictable and he and rock are fans and may want to get d.r will happy.( he will def help them see tyler should win or at least gain respect)
Its not over. Kc has a good shot yes! But its not that sure.


The main things Tyler has to point out is:
*KC was able to lie low until week 9.
* Tyler pulled in JC/Sam as branches of L6 for their votes
* Combo of above +Kaitlyn lead to control of 4 of 5 initial evictions (mostly by 1 vote)
* won/never used 2nd power app
* Saved Brett twice vs other L6 members got to F6 with all 4 of his F2s plus showmance
* JC knew everything in house, but will arrive at Finale not knowing about L6 – Brett’s inclusion
* Not one person (even Angela) uncovered Coast-to-Coast alliance (KC-Ty)

He still might lose to KC, but there is no denying Tyler’s relationships, foresight & actions was the main reason why L6 lasted to F6, especially when they couldn’t buy an HOH mid game.

Rahm Shoot Em Up Chicago

Good post Bbfan.


Well said, Big Brother Fan. Look at Evel Dick in Season 8, he was hated and said things to their faces and not being a wimp. Plus, he won and I put him up there with Dr. Will and Dan as great players. Thank you for putting it in perspective.


Tyler having way two many final twos is his demise. He was not thinking about how betrayal will impact his game as he is regretting it now that he’s in the hot seat.

Hardly the best game play in my opinion.
Very careless and cocky thinking he could pull off a bunch of comp wins and backstabs but still win?

He underestimated Kaycee s abilities and couldn’t beat her to save his own butt in the end. Karma.

Anyway 😉

He still has a chance if he makes it to final 2
but he will have a lot of explaining to do and I don’t think it’s enough. He dug his own grave.

One of the best seasons nonetheless.


Tyler was dirty to Brett, I wouldnt blame Brett for not voting for him if he got to final 2. He was coming for Angela or KC, so either of them could get his vote because they were only defending themselves if either were final 2. Tyler was a coward and 2 face with Brett

ednamay torres

that is what a bindside is,if they knew it wouldn’t be,Brett knows how the game is played.


Absolutely. There was really no need for that and their catty one step, two steps comments.

who me?

Top 10 Big Brother Players (CBS website)
#1. Will Kirby-Season 2
#2. Derrick Levasseur-Season 16
#3. Dan Gheesling-Season 10
#4. Boogie Malin-Season 7
#5. Dick Donato-Season 8
#6. Jun Song-Season 4
#7. Rachelle Reilly-Season 13
#8. Jordan Lloyd-Season 7
#9. Ian Terry-Season 4
#10. Hayden Moss-Season 10


Derrick’s should have an asterisk beside it.


Sweet baby jesus…Derek sucks people….what’s wrong with you people? You folks put him on a pedestal, it’s a friggin atrocity how people worship a production puppet. Derek Sucks.


Tell me about it. Nothing but a bunch of FOOLIGANS in Derek’s season and these clowns want to classify him as one of “the greats” now. Seriously?? I DON’T THINK SO Fooligan Derek fans!



After consulting the list of CBS’s top ten players of all time, I must say: None of them is half the man that JC is. Dr. Will comes close with his total commitment to NOT win HOH competitions. Anybody that went out of their way or tried to win HOH early or often is simply not a sophisticated enough player to make the list of the best ever. Afterall, Big Brother is the game where the last nine people you had a hand in voting out decide if they will give you a half million dollars. Let it sink in. And show EL MATADOR the respect he deserves.


Derrick above Dan?! I did a spit take at that bs


Ian Jordan and Rachel there and no Dani Reyes, Vanessa or Tyler?
give me a break….


Lol Tyler.


Tyler is current so I can see them not putting him on the list. I’m still shocked they put Derrick on there, that season was terrible with the America’s Team and the Battle of the Block and Ariana’s brother. So many serious fame whores who had no desire to play the game and just wanted to try to get more followers. I hated the total lack of any kind of game play that season.


No way Derrick should be above Dan. Dan and Will are top two.

Chill Town Lives

Dan is easily #1 all time people!! The mist is legendary




Wow, REALLY, JC wins a competition at the LAST minute?? Luckiest HG in recent BB history. Guess it’s by Tyler unless he wins veto. Sucks for him..I was rooting for him since week 3.


Not luck. I believe he threw previous HoH competitions like the one shown last night so he didn’t have to show his cards.

It’s True

Robert, I think you’re giving JC too much credit!

Butters Mom

On after dark Angela is feeling very insecure. Her body language is in protective mode and I cant tell if it is because she is worried she will leave or because she feels guilty and sad because she thinks KC will evict Tyler. At this point, I really think the DR is pushing for Tyler to be evicted. For JC to come out of the DR and tell KC that he doesnt give a “F” he’s 50/50 when he’s been shouting “I want Angela out” this whole time, says the DR is screwing with their heads. I feel like the DR will convince KC to take Angela and then KC will have a solid chance at final 2 bc both JC and Angela will take her if either beat her in the final 2. I feel like KC would win regardless at this point based on jury votes so it really doesnt matter who she takes to the end but, she has to consider her best options for the jury and she knows Angela is hated by most in the jury. It sucks that JC won this hoh. Im bitter about that. Im voting for Tyler at this point for Americas Favorite because I feel like even if he gets to final 2, he only gets 2nd and theres a big difference between 500k and 50k… he needs that extra 25K.. and if he doesnt make it to the final 2, he deserves at least the 25K for AFP. I would really like to see Tyler and Angela together on The Amazing Race after this and I hope they have a lasting relationship together after this is over. I will be disappointed if JC gets to the final 2, so whoever KC decides between Angela or Tyler, I hope they end up in the final 2 with KC. KC has played an amazing 2nd half of this game winning comps and shes a very kind hearted person who has played a good social game as well so I believe she deserves to be where she is at this point in the game. If KC takes Tyler to top 3 and Tyler wins the first 2 rounds, I dont know if he would be loyal to KC and take her to the end but, he might show that loyalty in return if she takes him over Angela to final 3… he has a better shot at winning against JC than KC but, with this bitter jury… it would be a crap shoot for Tyler and he would probably lose KC’s vote for doing that so I think Tyler would still only end up with 2nd.


I think he’s mad Tyler turned on him and hooked up with Angela these last couple weeks. He doesn’t realize just how long Tyler’s been with Angela and Kaycee. He probably doesn’t care who goes at this point.


I think the DR was trying to protect Tyler by calling jc. JC was pushing Kaycee too hard for Tyler to stay.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

We all agree it’s a bitter jury; but there are so many variables with the conversations that take place at Jury round table; the speeches yet to be made, the person who mediates, the info shared with the Jury about game moves and comp wins. 19 wins so far between the 3 of them is amazing. They are all worthy of a win IMO. I hope between the three L6 that 2 are sitting in F2 and the other gets AFP. They’ve played a great game. Thanks OBB for making the season more fun.

Who said that!

I agree with none of you.The group think is way out of control.


Lol. But true.


A couple of weeks is more than enough time to cool down.


I don’t agree that it’s a bitter jury. The jury especially Scotty, only started hating Tyler because they thought he was weak and easily swayed. if they believe Tyler when he tells them how in control he was, And Tyler isn’t too cocky about it, I think they’ll be proud of him. If Hay goes to jury and tells them all about Angela’s struggles in life and how Angela was nice to her, it could turn things around for her. I just don’t think all of the bitterness that is predicted will be there.


The jury has had time to settle down and defrost and probably learned more about how the house was really being run by L6. The shock and unhappiness at being voted out has mellowed and some of them are actually talking game ideas by now. I’m not convinced they will be bitter because most of them want a solid public image. Rock even started out as a big fan talking strategy, they are all aware of bitter jury syndrome and may decide to give the best player the win to save their own reputations.

I don’t think Tyler is out by any means unless Kaycee puts him out this week.


And they will most likely have a veteran come in to talk to the jury before hand. Just to make sure they vote for strategy and not on emotions. If that is true, then Tyler wins.

Haleigh's Melanoma

You may be right. Even before they were evicted several of the jury members acknowledged how stupid they had been.


Everyone Beats Angela, Kaycee beats everyone except maybe Tyler but probably him too. Tyler beats JC and maybe KC, JC only beats Angela. JC sending Angela out ensures him no more than second place. Brett will be bitter but about JC not Tyler.


JC wins if it’s a bitter jury. I think Brett would have filled them in on Kaycee’s role by now.


I think your name is wrong. It’s more like moonvesboughtchen.

Same Ole Same Ole

I disagree. Anyone that sends out Angela will get their vote.


Brett will be bitter about his ally Tyler, who double crossed him and turned his back on him, not JC who didnt owe him anything…

Haleigh's Melanoma

I don’t think Brett is bitter, I think he is crowing to all who can hear in the jury house how he and L6 engineered their demise.


Kaycee is not as smart as I thought she was if she sends Angela home. She is allowing Tyler who is a better competitor to get to the final two and pick JC. Nobody wants to pick Kaycee to go to the final 2 with. That would be crazy. JC I think would pick Tyler. Kaycee if she sends Tyler packing she has to deal with two easier opponents physically.

Who said that!

Kaycee has followed Tyler this entire game and taking him out would give her credit for the moves he made but I don’t see her changing at this point.Also I think the one thing game-wise Tyler is being honest about is taking Kaycee to final 2.

Who said that!



Hahaha level 6 who??? I’m so happy those over confident hacks just got owned lol. Those losers had the easiest hoh and povs ever! Against the biggest floaters. Awwww poor disgusting Angela will go home, wait what was that? I thought you always get what you want? Not today baby girl bye bye loser. Level 6 sucks ? hahaha poor baby’s. Well deserved karma ??


Kaycee is in a win/win situation for many reasons… if she makes it to the end. JC winning means she no longer is the one voting out the other LGBTQIA member. If she votes out Angela, those who are bitter will feel vindicated that she doesn’t get a chance to win the money. If she votes out Tyler, then those who would vote for game play will she her voting out the biggest player. Everyone will know she was the one making the important vote and that she won in order to make that vote. All she needs is to make it to the end. And after JC’s win, nothing is set in stone.


They’ll still most likely have 2 members in F2 so I don’t know how you think they got owned when only 2 of them was ever going to make it to F2.

Level 6 Lover

I guess you’re new to this season.


Not trying to be preachy, but it is kind of amazing that 2 LGBT people will be in the top 3! And while this season has been Tyler’s to win, I am rooting for Kaysee!

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

I just watched all of the “Off The Block” interviews with the evicted jury members, and I am not convinced that the jury will be all that bitter with Tyler. Some of them mentioned that they should have put him on the block with Angela, but she was always their target.

Brett talked about how Tyler betrayed him but he knew approaching Tyler to target Angela was a risk. He even admitted that he should have stayed silent and took the shot if he had won the HOH or veto himself and that he thinks If he (Brett) had won the power, Tyler would have helped him get Angela out. He said that Angela got her hooks in him so once again the blame is put more on Angela. Not one person said anything to indicate that they were mad at or bitter with Tyler. Haleigh said she would have enjoyed any of “the three” getting evicted but showed and confirmed she had no bitterness. However, she did say she will vote for KC and talked about how much she loved JC so i think either of them will get her vote against Tyler.

All in all, I think a lot will depend on Tyler’s speech and how well he explains all the moves he made in the game. At the time of their evictions they all seemed to believe that Tyler has either been playing both sides of the house the whole game or that he was manipulated by someone else (Kaitlyn and Angela). Who knows if that all changes after they have spent time discussing it in the jury house, especially with Brett knowing about the alliance. But I think they are going to be surprised when they find out how much Tyler was calling the shots and doing the manipulating. Hopefully, they will find out before they vote and see it as good game play. Up against KC, I am afraid he might still come in 2nd.

It is going to be interesting to watch the jury round table and see if anyone has been able to convince the majority to vote solidly for one person. It will be even more interesting to see if Angela can influence or change anyone’s mind in the discussion. If it comes down to Tyler and KC in F2, I am hoping it will be just like the eviction voting has been all season, split and close. Unanimous is just too boring and I would be happy for either of them to win.


I hope they show the jury house soon? It’s almost the finale and absolutely nothing from jury house. Is it because they’re being put up in a Motel 6?


The jury is being housed at Swaggy C’s apartment, since he moved in with Bayleigh’s parents.

Fes The Rhodes Scholar

hmmm….. wonder if Fes remembers he was in the Big Brother house?? After all, it’s been 3 weeks since he has been gone. Looks like Haleigh is the most powerful juror…she now has 2 votes. Her’s and the Rhode scholar’s.

Poor Brett in the jury house ...

Kaycee made a final 2 deal with Tyler and I have no doubt she is sticking to it 100%. Angela was a great player. I admire her strong will and her ability to be so forthcoming knowing that it makes her vulnerable in the end. JC will be the one walking out to join the jury on finale night. It’s been such a great season! I’m so sad it will be ending so soon.


Hopefully seasons like this will become the new normal. Maybe add in a little more player driven back and forth power shifts.

Hurricane Bayleigh

Do you think on finale night we will learn that Brett and Rocks are in a showmance?

Poor Brett in the jury house ...

IMO, no way in hell. But, I did notice that a few times in the jury house Haleigh was sitting next to Brett and not Fes. I wonder if those two will end up like Nicole and Victor and surprise us all by dating each other?

Kid Rock

Tyler Threw that HOH TO JC ABD HE ALSO THREW THAT VETO COMP!!!! It’s obvious he had to let KAYCEE GET RID OF ANGELA….. it’s no way he could have made that decision…..
he was gone let either one of them win cause he knew both would take him to final three

Who said that!

You must be as dumb as your name implies.

Kavanaugh loves Roy moore

Angela: I just don’t know how America feels about us. Where should we start? fake, plastic, bully, mean, trump supporter……… etc.
sam would get america vote? LOL
bruh Kaycee: I love you so much both! til she watches the entire BB episodes and BB after night and rachel and angelo chit chat………. Angelo you B#@#@#%$@#$………..Catfight!
my america vote would go to rockstarz or Bay.


What bad things did Rachel and Angela say about Kaycee?

Level 6 Lover

Jealous much

Stacked Red Court

If I was Angela I would be very nervous.

Hillary's Lies Mattered

LMAO voting for Rockstar or Bayleigh. Kaitlyn is more popular than those two loonies.

Kavanaugh loves Roy moore

FYI Simon the BB Nominations chart is wrong. You almost got me a heart attack when I saw angelo as the HOH lol


Thanks it’s been updated.

Stacked Court

Wait until confirmations are over and you will have the big one. Tyler FTW.


Aww, da big babies are throwing the word “bitter jury” around so casually this year like it means such a big deal. What about past seasons where the jury was supposedly not “bitter?”
WHAT?!??! Bitter jurors are babies now?!?!?!? NO WAY!??!?! What a bunch of fooligans!


Yup the past 3 seasons the hive mind on this website has been supporting the bitter jurrys in the hope’s that Vanessa and Paul (twice) wouldn’t win. Now all of a sudden that they liked the game players this years they are complaining about the bitterness they supported. Laughable.


Is Kaycee crazy? She should be evicting Tyler not Angela…Tyler is more of a competition…I think Kaycee still can beat Tyler with the bitter jury but why not make it easier and keep Angela. Emotions are always high in the end and people pick personally instead. I thought it was game over for Tyler when Kaycee won guess not!!

Rahm Shoot Em Up Chicago

You’re right.


She could have done this with her recent veto win and she chose to keep Tyler off the block. Kaycee is a loyal team player. If she had control she is taking Tyler. We will know if a few hours.


I’m still so nervous for Tyler, but Kaycee seems loyal! If Angela does go, kinda digging the final 3….but always wanted Tyler to win


If Kaycee was smart and playing to win . . she would go to Angela right now and make a F2 deal. Keep her. Send Tyler home. Man wouldn’t that just burn him . . so close !!!! Because Kaycee has to know that most of the Jury hate Angela and won’t vote for her. And if it is JC . . .most of the Jury have now figured out his sneaky ways, and considering he literally won nothing till this one HOH . . .she will have it in the bag !!!!


At this point, I think it goes down to who sells the better game to the jury. There’s no useless player there and every one of them have some claim to having put in the work to get there. Even JC even though he was never a part of L6. I’d prefer Kaycee or Tyler to win but I wouldn’t get too bent out of shape if Angela or JC win.

Tyler's Straight Hair

the fact that she is not going to do anything of this sort shows why Tyler is a lock to win this game… deservedly so.


Lol Tyler isn’t beating Kaycee.

Liar Liar Pantsuit on Fire

He won’t have to if he is sitting next to jC.


So L6 haters are celebrating JC’s win, “oh they got complacent and now their losers” and so on and so forth. But nothing has really changed. Just like all the other times they did not have the power but still controlled who went home. Yeah sure, they wanted to see the 3 of them in top 3 but only two can be standing on finale night. This just makes their decision that much easier.

I like this part of the season, yeah feeds are boring and most of the real action has been played out, but I get to take my life back. I get to come to terms with the fact that I don’t really know these people, it is just a game, and it doesn’t really matter who wins. The show is here to entertain, and this year I was highly entertained.

John Lerch Kerry

It was a fun season.


Dilly dilly!!


Yep, well said and us rational BB viewers fully understand this. The SJW minions well thats another story.


It was a lot of fun seeing people calling for JC’s execution for being a “sexual predatory” and now praising him like the greatest thing to happen to this world.

I always like JC just like everyone else this season 🙂


The angela hate I see in comments saddens me. Usually that is saved for contestants who didnt compete or play the game. Angela has been a loyal alliance member, a comp beast as well as taking part in strategic blindside after strategic blindside. This can also be said for Tyler and KC.

I’ve waited years for a group of people like level 6(mostly Angela Tyler KC and brett) People love to discredit them pointing to the cluelessness of foutee. Yet it was the misdirection and game played by l6 and JC that made it possible.

All hail level 6. Tyler for AFP. May the best of the 4 win with a great speech. What a fun season. Thanks again OBB for all the updates this summer. Every year I check this site daily.


Dilly dilly again!


I hate that Angela has to leave because she was my favorite and she is the strongest competitor bar none. It is true, everyone hates her, and I am sure this is how real life is for her too. She is not a bad person (she never got nasty), she is just introverted and only trusts a select few friends. Hats off to her… It is really a shame that the hive will get the satisfaction of seeing her walk to jury in 4th place.

However, all is not lost. The preeminent moment will be when it all comes to realization for JC. It should be the moment when KC sends Angela out the door, but I think he will think he had some manipulative move to make her do this. So, it will probably be when either KC wins the final HOH and votes him out, or IF Tyler does. If Tyler wins and takes JC with him, then it will sour the entire season for me….

JC was never good at comps. What he will be known for is being L6’s worker bee, because he would give them information and votes, so he proved valuable. He was great at playing on emotions, but everyone in L6 had his number, including Brett. The hive trusted people that outwardly betrayed them, such as Ty and Brett, so JC making them trust him wouldn’t have been the hardest thing in the world. His social game was his best attribute, but at times he went too far. Anyways, I am not saying Ty taking JC to F2 wouldn’t be a good move, I am just saying it would just disappoint me a lot.

JC doesnt deserve F2.

Ang/KC/Ty all deserve this game.

Bozo Bernie Loves Taxes

I agree with what you say but deserving ot not JC may make the final just because nobody wants to sit next to Kaycee of Tyler.


I tell you, Tyler will take KC. Both are honorable people. If KC is in control she is taking Tyler.

Hillary groped my in High School....I think?

JC – if Kaycee goes top 2 she wins. She will be the winner of the season. +
JC – maybe I pitch for her to keep Angela so that she keeps you.
Tyler – no don’t do that.

So much for love and protecting his lady. Ty just dropped angela like a bad habit. He doesnt want JC to pitch keeping angela because it might work!!!

Hillary groped me in High School....I think?

Angela is pushing the idea she is the least popular in the jury. Tyler is trying to push the idea they are both unpopular in jury. They are both starting to campaign against each other. JC already has the jury figured out. KC, JC, TY, and Angie in that order. He is pushing for Ty because he can work with him to beat KC. He has no relationship with angie at this point. Right now JC has it all lined up. Its him kc and tyler. He wins in a final 2 with Ty and he loses in a final 2 with KC. Well played

Hillary groped me in High School....I think?

Tyler – he will punch me no matter what. Technically you could still use the veto on one of us.
Kaycee – and then I would automatically go on the block.
Angela – yes.

LOL!!! Nice try but WTF would KC pull a Marcellus and have one of you evict her???? Nice try but she is smarter than that! I would be pissed that these 2 even proposed that type of nonsense!!!

Hillary groped me in High School....I think?

KC should send Tyler home. Its the smartest move. In a finale 2 she may lose his vote, but she nails down all the girls in the house plus Brett and Scottie and Fez. She wins an 8-1 vote in the jury against angie or JC. Do it!!!


The ONLY way KC would send Tyler home I see if production got involved. She’s loyal to him no matter what. If production reminds her that loyalty could cost her $450,000, she *might* reconsider. All it takes is refreshing her memory about Cody. He wins final HOH, remains loyal to Derrick, sends Victoria home and that move right there cost him $450,000. She may give that some thought.

Butters Mom

JC said some really mean things to Tyler last night. He’s really pissed at him and rubbing it in that JC has carried Tyler to the point that he is at and Tyler has done nothing for JC. JC said Tyler has made the last 3 weeks miserable for him and that he should have told Tyler to just win the competitions and let JC do all the thinking because JC is basically smarter than Tyler. He told Tyler he deserved to be on the block and if he gets taken out by KC, thats what he gets for putting JC on the block and for not listening to him and getting Angela out. Tyler kept his mouth shut and told JC he didnt have anything to worry about. I honestly dont know how Tyler holds it together dealing with JC… he’s a piece of work with a lot of nerve. Tyler gets the saint of patience award. Most people would just let JC have it and possibly pick him up and throw him for talking to them the way he talks to Tyler.


Wow !!! I so wish they would have evicted him instead of Sam. But no way to know this would happen. I don’t know how Tyler keeps his mouth shut. So now JC wins one comp and he thinks he could have gotten here all on his own. L6 protected him the entire time. And he thinks he’s too good to be on the block. It’s a shame because it’s all jealousy over Angela. I hope Tyler stays and sends him home in 3rd place.

Anthony Weiner Texts Bubble Guppies

Tyler will get the last laugh when he wins the show.


I wonder if Tyler doesn’t regret allowing JC to stay after the fondling in bed incident- I still think in this day an age if the tables were turned- OUT no questions asked- Tyler & Haleigh both saved him and the rest that were asked-

Haleigh's Melanoma

JC thinks he is responsible for Tyler making it to F4 when in fact JC is only there because Tyler protected him. Funny how both JC and Rockstar both had Tyler’s game all planned out for him if he was only smart enough to see the infinite wisdom of their vision.


It’s funny how JC thinks Tyler has no idea how to play the game and JC has had to tell him what to do! Lol! Some will be completely shocked when they watch the playback! Tyler’s played one of the best games! Just wish remaining L6 could’ve made it to the end!

Who said that!

It’s all game.You people are so emotional,like Baleigh and Rockstar,you’r not made for this game.

Butters Mom

stab me in the heart comparing me to Baleigh and Rockstar… ouch!


What is with l the LBGT talk , who cares, a player is a player no matter what preference they may have .

another name

in a perfect world, yes. In the real world?
Let’s be serious, any game alliance talk concerning lgbt is just that. talk. neither one actually believes it. JC and Kaycee are conning each other.
Everyone playing should be judged on how they play the game and how they play the game only, but sadly that’s not where we live.

Who said that!

JC was just trying to use that to manipulate Kaycee into keeping and taking him to final 2,it didn’t work on Kaycee but commenters are obsessed over it.

another name

When considering Angela or Tyler:
jury may hate Angela more, but they respect Tyler less. The jury thought Tyler didn’t have a mind of his own and was led by the nose by women. Who would they more likely vote for? The one that up front was bloodthirsty, or the one that tried to lie and hide their complicity?
Reasonably speaking, If JC isn’t in the final 2, he won’t vote game he’ll vote bitter. Two seconds into his latest round of i controlled the game and you can see he will never see reason. He’ll be fresh from eviction and he’s already a know it all in his own mind.


I just love how supportive these 3 are of each other. It Angela was what some say. She would be acting like some of the others. Instead. She’s trying to take stress off Kaycee. Even tho Kaycee may be evicting her. Then you have JC pulling his stuff with Tyler acting like a child. I was wondering tho if Angela was going to tell Kaycee to evict her like she was telling Tyler. Maybe saying what she did was her way of doing that.

Who said that!

I think Angela will be blindsided by Kaycee.


I think she knows what’s about to happen, Kaycee isn’t giving her any indication that she’s safe and Angela is not stupid

Who said that!

But Angela and Kaycee have been together in the game for almost as long as Tyler and JC have been together,and neither Angela or JC know about Tyler and Kaycee being a pair.


Did Big Brother break CBS.com?


Is there something on Saturday night also ???? anybody ????

Chuck U Schumer

Not according to my cable guide.

Kavanaugh loves Roy moore

From my perspective is on bruh kaycee best interest to take to the final snake fake angelo or pinky tyler.
Either way bruh kaycee would win cause she has no bad blood with no one from the house.
Now if JC reaches the final 2 the same he might be the winner
now what if kaycee and JC reach the final 2?
I believe Jc would win cause everyone thinks is so cute and adorable LOL

Tyler FTW

It really hurts what happened to your hive huh?

Kavanaugh roy moore and pence are secret lovers

nah actually they were the dumbest hive ever lol go JC? LOL

Pennsylvania Goes Red

I’m sure JC’s cellmates will find him cute and adorable.

Kavanaugh loves Roy moore

I got to admit america would enjoy every second tonite if snake fake angelo gets evicted LOl
She would be it is ok I still I would get america vote…..but as the most hated of the BB
oh my…………………………………


Well you can tell Sam got out of the house.

Cory Never Read a Booker

Bayleigh is the most hated for sure with Swaggy & Rocks in Her Hesd close behind.


She is very far from the most hated house guest


Sounds like someone has some Angela jelly issues.


You do realize Kavanaugh is getting confirmed next week right? That must really eat at you just like your short bus riders, aka The Hive’s stellar gameplay throughout the season.

Kavanaugh loves Roy moore

I don’t think bruh kaycee would use the veto LOl otherwise she would dethroned fez as the dumbest player of the season

Moonbeam Jerry Brown

Tyler and Angela understand that Kaycee can’t risk her own game. They don’t expect her to use the veto.

Kavanaugh roy moore and pence are secret lovers

IDK expect the unexpected lol

The veto is not being used. Even Fessi knows that.


Dude, you really need a life.


If she uses the veto the person she leaves on the block would automatically be evicted since there would be no elglible house guests to be the replacement whoever wins veto can’t be the replacement nominee if they use it

Kavanaugh roy moore and pence are secret lovers

Thank you Simon for fixing the BB nominations.

Do you remember back in week one when Sam led the ranking poll? Things have really changed.

Kavanaugh roy moore and pence are secret lovers

is there a ranking poll who is the most liked from the bb?


I suspect there is room on The Hive’s short bus for you. Sheesh “bruh”.


Assuming Angela leaves, here is how I think votes go and why.


Angela- Tyler for obvious reasons
KC- Tyler because she is loyal to level 6.
Brett- Tyler because deep down he is loyal to Level 6 and will want to be able to say he was part of the alliance that won and he wasn’t happy that JC didn’t give him a sympathy vote.
Scottie- Tyler because he is a fan of the game and won’t view JC as a true winner and he did have a good relationship with Tyler.
Fes- Tyler because all game he felt Big Brother was about winning comps and Tyler did that way more than JC. Plus he blaims JC for manipulating him in to getting rid of Scottie.
Hay- Tyler I think because she is a fan of the game and she did spend the most time with L6 and actually got along with them.
Bay- Tyler because I don’t remember her ever being close to JC but I could be wrong.
RS- JC because he is gay and a minority although she did say she would vote on game but I doubt it.
Sam- I think Tyler because they were friends but not 100% on this one.


Angela- KC
Tyler- KC
Brett- KC
Scottie- KC because she played a well rounded game
Fes- KC but only because of the comp wins
Hay- KC for comp wins and girl power
Bay- KC for comp wins and girl power
RS- KC I think for girl power but maybe JC since KC was closely aligned with Angela
Sam- KC most likely


Angela- Tyler
Brett- Tyler only because it’s a guy thing but could go either way depending on speech
Scottie- Tyler just because I’ve not seen him spend much time with KC
Fes- Tyler because Fes is a guys guy and he really considered KC a floater and even though she won a lot, most were after he left so he didn’t witness them.
Hay- KC most likely but not 100% on that because I think part of her respects how Tyler managed to dodge bullets where KC was usually the pawn.
Bay- KC most likely although she usually considered KC a floater too. Most likely voting girl power.
RS- KC for girl power and being gay.
Sam- Tyler most likely
JC- KC unless she is the one who evicts him from F3. Not sure if hs goes with tge gay person or his BB crush.

Who said that!

In the TY/KC finale I think JC will vote Tyler and Haleigh probably will as well.In the case of JC/KC I think JC would get Fes and Sams vote and possibly Scottie and Rockstar(50/50).I agree with your Ty/JC scenario but Fes could be up in the air.