JC “Sam’s strategy was keeping all the bathrooms clean & feeding all the tarantulas..”

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5pm Kitchen. Tyler, Kaycee and JC chatting about past events of the season. Tyler – what if we get out of here and find out that Sam is a superfan. JC – her strategy was keeping all the bathrooms clean and feeding all the tarantulas or uhh.. spiders. JC – did you guys every notice how Angela has a non-constant voice? Like her voice was weird. Like I would see her going up and down a lot in her voice. Even when she would make big announcements you would notice it even more. Tyler – I think she’s just not a big talker. Kaycee – I think in the DR she’s a completely different person. She is louder.. she’s more.. JC – I got her to say something she would say in the DR and it was really good. I was like I wish you could talk to us like that. Tyler – I’m like that too. I’m way more relaxed. UUhhh.. JC is stupid. JC – if I had to root for anyone this season it would be Alex.

They talk about the cast. Tyler – there is no one I don’t like. Kaycee – there is no one on here that I hate. JC – I definitely wouldn’t follow Tyler. Tyler – everyone was some kind of athletic this season.. besides JC was very fit. JC – we were comparing last years cast. Mark was big and muscular. We were saying that Elena had big t!tties. She had t!tties that she could probably touch her knees with it. Tyler – not we were saying.. you were saying this! JC – she had big t!tties why is that a bad thing?! I liked Alex.

6:30pm – 7:50pm Tyler in the lounge room working out. Meanwhile – JC and Kaycee guess the ingredients on food products. Kaycee then goes to lay down.

Tyler – I think Tyler is funny. JC – really!? Tyler not 0 funny and not 100 funny. I loved his hard a$$ laugh. JC – yeah it was him laughing at his own jokes! JC – what about Scottie? Tyler – I loved Scottie. JC – what about Angela?! MMMMhhhh? Tyler – I didn’t like anything about Angela. Because any time I say anything about Angela, you get all butt hurt. JC – no, what was your favorite thing about her? Tyler – I liked how she got bashed every single week and still doesn’t really give a f**k. Resilient.

8pm Kaycee is sleeping. Tyler and JC are chatting about the cast and other events of the season.

9pm- 9:35pm JC is working out in the lounge room. Meanwhile in the bedroom. Kaycee and Tyler are studying the days / events of the season. Tyler – is he (JC) saying sh*t? Kaycee – no. Before the physical but after the physical that you won he hasn’t been saying anything because we’re going to the part 2 together. Has he said anything to you? Tyler – just.. Kaycee’s going to win if she gets to the final 2. I’m like yeah, I know. Kaycee – he’s going to say anything. Tyler – I know. But he knows he can win if he gets there. If someone takes him. Kaycee – he knows, he knows for a fact. Tyler – we’re good. We got this. We’re almost there. Kaycee – so f**king close. Kaycee – the last one (part 3) is what someone said. Tyler – I feel like I would be good at that. Tyler – all we’re going to worry about is what we’re going to say to him. Kaycee – that will be easy. We’re almost there. Tyler – its going to happen. He is not going to win. Kaycee – part 2, I feel like I’ve got this.

10:15pm – 10:48pm Tyler is cooking. JC – lets make an LGBT dinner that’s presentable. The final 3 sit down to eat.

11:15pm – 12am The final 3 and Orwell are sitting on the living room couch. They chat about past events of the season. Tyler talks about when Rockstar tried to get Tyler to use the veto on her in exchange for top 7. They all laugh.

12:30am The final 3 are fast asleep..

9:04am zzzzzzzz

10:24am and we’re up…

the last hour.. …

12:08pm Kaycee studying

12:53pm Tyler and Kaycee

Kaycee is unclear about the order and the days something before  Scottie won the veto Day 24.

Kaycee – damn taht feel sliek so long ago


JC – I’m nervous..
Tyler – don’t be
Tyler – Just calm down

2:20pm – 3:30pm The final three talk about what it will be to get out of the house. Tyler – It gives me anxiety thinking about getting out of here. JC – we’re going to get out the same way we came in here. Kaycee – what we knew coming in here will be what we know coming out.

3:45pm – 4:43pm Kitchen. JC and Tyler talking about what the final part 2 and Part 3 competitions will be like. JC talks about what they did last year. Tyler – have you been studying your days? Because I can tell she has been studying a lot! JC – Yes, I’ve been studying. Every time I go to sleep I go over the days. Tyler – just know them because she does. JC starts rattling off the days. Tyler tells him it might be a hanging one where you have to grab someones face and match it up with the day they were evicted. JC – if it is I’m not going to… Tyler – yeah but her arm is messed up. JC – yeah, maybe. JC – you have to win part 3. Tyler – I plan on it. JC and Tyler head into the lounge room. JC starts working out. Kaycee joins them.

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who me?

“JC – what about Angela?! MMMMhhhh? Tyler – I didn’t like anything about Angela. Because any time I say anything about Angela, you get all butt hurt. JC – no, what was your favorite thing about her? Tyler – I liked how she got bashed every single week and still doesn’t really give a f**k. Resilient.” Give..me..a..break. EVERYTIME any said anything remotely bad about her..she whined about it and obsessed over it.

Fraggle Rock bottom

I see you were watching another version of BB this year….Jealous Again; great Black Crowes song….

Turd Ferguson

“Who me?” Is butt hurt too over Angela.

BB 20

Tell me about all these angla lovers in here so blinded by her average looks that they fail to see the other side of her! Cracks me the fuck up! Then they write paragraphs as if they live with this chick actually know the real her! Yeah give me a break so glad she’s gone! God forbid we see her in a different light! Geesh!

BB Fan

BB20. U just wrote a paragraph about someone u don’t know. LOL

Charles Bronson

Angela is special….how dare you.


Ok let’s start with facts

She is beautiful accept it or not. Average looking women are not successful models.

She is dedicated and hard working in everything she does. Gymnastics, Pole Vaulting, modeling, and her own small business which is not that small.

She is successful as her net worth according to the internet shows to be 800k.

She is kind, caring, and loving unless you piss her off and then she will cut you out and move on with her life.

She does not tolerate dumb, entitled, or jealous people. Basically all of America that is full of large ego’s, and hate for anyone that we feel might be better than us in any way. Hence her trust issues!

She is one he’ll of a big brother player even though haters give her no credit for her wins and moves in the game.

Sorry others have a different opinion than you. Fyi your option as does mine does not matter ever. Here or in life!


You forgot to mention she is a b*ch.

Eh eh

Objective evidence about Angela (see Ryan): extensively favorable, too much to bother reiterating.

Negative points so far raised:

“Waaaaaaaah!! Waaaaaaah!!”
(reinserts thumb into mouth)

OK. Interesting discussion here.


lol. She sure is.

Brett for AFP

I agree. Personality makes her not attractive at all. Nice bod. Stale person.


Lol yes she is a cardboard cut out you see at a liquor store. Lol

BB Fan

Do u know her personally? I didn’t think so.

Sandy C

And we all know what b*ch stands for; Being In Total Control (of) Herself. Kudos to Angela! She played a good game. Tyler played the BEST game this season, just saying 🙂 Cheers.


Angela isn’t ugly but she’s not beautiful either. She seems average in the face to me. I’m envious of her fit body but not her face. Sorry but her mouth reminds me of Butthead from Beavis and Butthead. As a straight female, i would not feel threatened by Angela in the looks department. Bodywise, she’s blessed.


There are many average looking women who are successful models. And is she successful? Rachel did nothing to get that horrible GBM from her and she relished putting it together. Laughed about it and even gave old Brett some tips on lying in his speech. That’s not nice.


To Angela, Rachel deserved it, to us watching at home and seeing how it all played out, no she didn’t. You forget that Angela truly believed that Rachel was lying to her when she said that Tyler tried to get Bayleigh to put Angela up if he used the veto. We (at home) know that wasn’t exactly how it went down. Bayleigh mislead Rachel to thinking that is what tyler tried to do and Rachel (again, to us at home) just being a friend went to Angela to tell her. Angela asked Tyler about it and he said he didn’t do that and Angela trusts/believed Tyler and felt that Rachel was lying to her. It was actually partially due to Bay for why Angela left that message to her. With Rachel going home and not to jury Angela had nothing to lose in anything she said in her GBM. You are right, Angela did enjoy leaving that message because at that moment she was hurt. Can you say any of the house guests haven’t said anything at all to anyone else that wasn’t nice?? I mean those who were in the house past 2 weeks? I can’t think of anyone that didn’t say something mean about others at one time or another. Rocky was the worse of the whole group, then fessieboy. Angela has been the target of many of their attacks, scottie, fessieboy, rocky, bayleigh, I don’t think she deserved majority of the things they said about her personally. Rachel has already said she forgives Angela and understands why she said what she did.

Big brother fan

Well said Ryan, great perspective.


I agree with all of that but I do disagree on one point.. I’ve seen plenty of average looking girls or even some unattractive women become successful models. Makeup and photoshop does wonders. Otherwise, all great points about Angela. She held her head high and left with class.


What is ridiculous to me is that if you see Angela in a different light you’re “just jealous”!!?? Grow up and get a different line. Before you comment let me say it for you I’m just jealous!!

who me?

Me either..wouldn’t want to be her

BB Fan

Right on Kelly

Fraggle Rock bottom

What is it then, other than jealousy that prompts your rational thinking ability to be marginalized in such a manner. We watched this all season with the JiveHive and nothing has changed in the jury house….What a miserable life they must lead….Sad really.


I am with you too BB 20.

Brett for AFP

I agree

BB Fan

Why are you on here “who me” if you don’t watch the show. 🙁

who me?

I watch it and the feeds…have every single season. I am entitled to my opinion just as everyone else is

BB Fan

You sure are


I really like this Final 3. First time i liked a final 3 in years.



This may be lost on the sock puppets, but this exchange is part of the reason that JC transcends this silly game and is the best houseguest ever…

Big Brother- JC, please stop singing.
JC- Oh look, Bob is awake.
Big Brother- Behave yourself.
JC- No. You behave yourself.
Big Brother- You are the reason we cant have nice things.
JC- No. You are the reason why I’m being the reason that we cant have nice things.

Now let’s stay tuned and see if SMART AS A HAMMER Tyler makes a $450,000 mistake after he wins the final HOH. Kaycee has ALREADY proven she’s as smart as a bag of rocks by evicting Angela when she could have taken out Tyler.

JC = sui generis (that means unique or truly one of a kind in latin, sock puppets).

Paul Treffinger

Notice the dislikes lol

Trackin the Kraken

I wish i had more hands….so i could give this post 4 thumbs down !!

Ann L. Sekks

Agree. Dumb decision by KC


Yes I thought it was a dumb decision too. maybe even dumber than Fes taking out Scottie, since KC’s was worth 500k. She could have easily won if she picked Angela because the whole jury hated her.

BB Fan

Why did KC bring JC vs Angela who was Level6, especially knowing Angela won’t win. Is it just because JC is gay? I’m confused.


JC was HOH so evicting him instead of Angela wasn’t an option….


I was thinking the exact same thing who me?


Lol Angela was bashed because she was a bitch and trash talked more than everyone else including Blockstar.


she only bashed people who bashed her first

Boring week ahead

Humm she sure did bash the shit out of Rachel and she never said anything about her! I agree who me all these simple minded lovers for mustache face can’t see the poor side of her! Love is blind i guess. LMFAO! You guys are all mad!! So glad she gone too!


yea after she thought she was lying to her face


I agree.

Big brother fan

I said this in the last thread and I will say it again:
People always love to point out the Rachel example as to why Angela is a bitch. The honest truth and the reason why Angela reacted the way she did to Rachel, was because Rachel believed a complete fabrication of a conversation that Bailey twisted saying Tyler was wanting Angela to go up!!!!! In my 15 years of watching the live show on cbs I’ve never seen a pawn get so damn paranoid and emotional, it was obvious to Angela that Rachel had become A COMPLETE LIABILITY!!!!

Game level Rachel was just not cut out for big brother way too emotional!!!

Whenever you have an alliance member believing complete fabrication from the enemy —which is what BayLeigh was trying to do with causing a rift in the level 6 alliance and distancing Rachel from Tyler, and essentially Causing dissension among Angela and Tyler because BayLeigh wanted Angela to go arguably more than Brett in week 5.

The main reason why Rachel got a evicted that week was her reaction and her being paranoid about her conversations with believing Bayleigh and approaching in Angela in a frantic way over a COMPLETE LIE. You can make a strong case that Angela had the largest hand and in convincing level six for her to go and Brett to stay, Because Angela saw FIRST HAND that Rachel couldn’t keep It together and was smart enough to see how emotional and a problem she could be in the alliance which is why it was smarter for her to keep Brett, and judging how much of a liability Rachel could be, and it Made her upset that Rachel was more willing to trust an enemy (BayLeigh), that had a bullseye on Angelas head as a target since the first two weeks of the game over Rachel believing their level 6 alliance member in Tyler.

Down the road Rachel would’ve been as a complete liability and had she stayed because she never would’ve trusted Tyler, and level 6 would have been nowhere near successful bc Rachel was willing to believe the other side!!!! That’s why Angela was furious with her, because it was obvious the hive/Foutee wanted Angela to go back when Swaggy C was still around. Judging by the way Rachel reacted, had Rachel stayed she had that potential of flipping to that side, over the fabrication that bayLeigh stirred up to put Rachel against Tyler and obviously in this case Angela and Tyler became the two closest people in the house, and judging how emotional and paranoid Rachel reacted that week. There was high potential as to why Rachel could be that typical houseguest every other season that flips, because Angela was going to side with Tyler and I’m sure Rachel would have been pissed just as much at Angela for siding with Tyler and
flipped to the other side. That is why Angela reacted the way she did it because Rachel was causing a stir over a lie.

To all who still the debate the Tyler and Bayleig house meeting: Had Tyler really had the intentions of Angela going up as a replacement Nominee, he would have used the damn veto to ensure it, and In turn that is what sealed Rachel’s fate!!! Because obviously Tyler never wanted to put Angela in harms way, because he realized that Angela had just as much potential of going in week five as brett did since she was a major threat to them (hive/Foutee) and going to be the replacement nominee.

That Should not be on Angela shoulders for Rachel being too emotional and almost ruining level 6’s game.

Ann L. Sekks

This was too long and gave me cancer after 2 sentences.

Big brother fan

I guess Angela must have pissed you too either that or the hive broke your spirits.


The kindergarten children I work with do this.

Eh eh

if that, Yup. You can hardly call her GBM to Rockstar a bash: “I guess you’re right, i’m a soulless b*tch who always gets what she wants, b/c I wanted you out.” It’s called being self-deprecating, laughing it off & totally rising above the pettiness. It’s that unflappability that really seems to enrage the weak here. Oh, you hate me? “It’s OK”. She basically handled Sam the same way — makes her haters pull their hair out. NOOOOOO! How can she remain so unruffled?!!! The b*tch. People get so extra steamed when someone just doesn’t mind that you’re blaming them for your inadequacies. 😀


Well said Eh. Confident people don’t care about what others think of them. However haters project project project their own insecurities.

Enough said 😉

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Once those vile blood spewing haters left the game, no one wasted their time bashing anyone. Except the vile blood spewing haters in Jury. I think Fez Hails & Scotty are over their hate & see it hurt all of their games. Sam I believe is also a hater wrapped up in a fake sweet clueless southern bell disguise.


Sadly, I don’t think Sam even knew where she was TBH. She didn’t pay attention to anything, all she did was talk over things and laugh not realizing that maybe she should be paying attention to what is being said. Then in the jury house she whines that she wont trust Tyler in real life because he voted her out. Tyler was, the only one that wasn’t talking badly about her. Why she would think that Tyler would carry her to the end when she did nothing at all to help herself or him in the game. I really don’t think she should have agreed to be on BB. I hope the BB family will be able to explain to her why people did what they did because she seemed so upset and confused that they would vote out their friend. Maybe she thought this would be summer camp and she was only there to make friends and if everyone liked her they would want to keep her until the end. It was really sad to see her become so unhinged, I hope she will have a lot of support when she gets back home, she might need it.

Big brother fan

Actually I think Angela thrived like no other when it came to getting ripped on, and it made people even more pissed off because she outlasted just about everybody aka people that hated her.

Ann L. Sekks

Is she were a man she would be Evil Dick


Evil Dick was intentionally mean to people who hadn’t done anything to him, Angela IMO lashed out to people who attacked her first or who she felt hurt her AKA Rachel. Her and Haleigh seemed to have left the house on good terms. The hive didn’t give her a chance. Rocky started talking bad about Angela from the start, fessieboy made the most ignorant comments about her that were actually straight out lies that he admitted he lied about and even Scotties comments towards her were just ignorant. I can now see why scottie is a virgin, not by choice either, figure if he would say those things on national TV can only imagine the things he says IRL. I believe that eventually everyone will make up and apologize to each-other except for rocky, she doesn’t strike me as the type of female that would ever admit that she was wrong to say the things she said about not only Angela but about many of them in the house. rocky is just pathetic and I honestly hope she has people in her life that will talk to her about the things she said and hold her accountable. You know she would be p!ssed if anyone said the things she has said about any of her children.

BB Fan

That is ridiculous.


The more I listen to Tyler, the more I don’t like him anymore. 🙁

Fes mom

Forget Tyler. Vote for Fes


I quite enjoy all the positive reminiscing.

*singing to self JC style….and “we’ll go dancing in the dark; walking through the park; and reminiscing”

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Same, Granny. JC singing to Tyler: “He’s an uptown girl, & he’ll be living in my Miami world: and he will flip his long curly locks, but he’s a b**** because he put me on the blocks… “


Laughing and dancing so much I fell out my rocker.

Haleigh America’s Favorite Player



She would be the only foutte/hive member I’d be ok with winning


I could not disagree with this more. I like Haleigh, but she sided with the wrong bees who just kept stinging themselves all season. I can’t call that gameplay.

Kaycee has had the most comp wins in a long time, and she is good people. Kaycee knows how to compete without ripping people to shreds. That’s gameplay I completely respect.

I’d be happy with Tyler as AFP, too. There really aren’t any other candidates in my opinion.

Social media has often controlled the AFP, so I’m sure whichever campaign is getting the most hype will win.


She will win. Just look at Twitter.

Eh eh

Twitter is always a huddle session for bitter SJWs with a victim mentality disorder. I haven’t bothered to look for YT clips but there tend to be a lot more people who admire good game there and don’t care what the sex, race, gender-identity or sexuality of the person is as long as they’re cool & not a professional victim. Case in point, YouTube is packed with people who saw Naomi Osaka beat a whiny, petulant, overpampered baby in the ladies’ US Open final, whereas I hear Twitter is largely defending Serena’s tantrums & finger-pointing.

who me?

Eh eh…I must say thats so Republican white of you lol

Fraggle Rock bottom

Now all your irrational, unhinged comments make sense…..

Boring week ahead

I guess you don’t watch tennis much lol I’ve seen the chair umpire get yelled at much worse by Rafael Nadal.She may not have won the game or was going to but she definitely got cheated a set. But this is BB so i won’t write a page long thing about this subject!


JC’s jealousy of Angela still shining through!


Vote Hayliegh and support her mole removal fund so she can live a normal life


You’re right. The mole does deserve a chance without that annoying growth attached to her.

Haleigh's Melanoma

What mole?

who me?

You sure are hung up on that mole. How about these women?
Cindy Crawford
Marilyn Monroe
Eva Mendes
Goldie Hawn
Shannyn Sossamon
Paula Abdul
Sherilyn Finn
Mandy Moore

Fraggle Rock bottom

Snowflake alert! Snowflake alert! Haleigh’s mole has a supporter here…Let’s get the signs out written in crayon and misspelled like the usual SJW signs, “Save Haliegh’s moll !!!”…

who me?

Fraggle, you are a disgusting human. The names you use for the players is disgusting, the things you say to commenters is disgusting, the attitude of you’re so much better then some is disgusting. Glad I don’t know you in real life. But let’s just jump on the ones this post…the biggest “snowflakes” are people like you…I am NOT a democrat…but I believe every person has the right to a fair deal..so if that makes me a SJW then so be it…beats being someone like you. Simon & Dawg should have banned you long ago.


I’m with you Who me.. sorry about Fraggle’s comments. I’ll try and keep a closer eye on them.

who me?

Thank you Simon. Come here every Season and ones like Fraggle and a few others were throwing a monkey wrench in others enjoyment. If don’t say it after Wednesday (I have surgery that day) thanks for all you do!


Jc makes me want to vomit. I can’t stand him, and after saying how much he liked Alex shows how sneaky he is. He thinks he is the greatest player ever in BB.

If he ever had to play with players like Dr. Will, Evil Dick, Janelle, Dan or Boogie he would get chewed up and spit out early on. I can’t wait till he finds out that Tyler and L6 played him like a fiddle all season

Roll Tide

Angela said when she put JC on the block, the last time, she felt really bad. It was like she put a child on the block.
That could explain his staying in the house so long. They thought of him as a child.

Bret's Butt

Agree that JC makes me want to vomit-can’t stand that delusional, arrogant, know it all, aggressive/obsessive, pervert, loud mouth, disrespectful guy who knows no boundaries WHEN it comes to plenty of stuff he’s done and said in that house. He got played by L6 and I can’t wait to see his meltdown when he finds out about Tyler & KC’s final 2. He got played- Tyler is the puppet master NOT JC !!!!! ohhhh and wait til he hears that Tyler LOVES Angela NOT HIM!!!! I hope Tyler places and big ole kiss on Angela’s mouth at the end of the game when he walks away with a ton of money and tells JC to get the f*cuk away from him and his girl. The only way they remain friends after the game is if JC learns how to respect him and Angela’s relationship.


Anyone see Aftee Dark when Tyler is cooking and KC goes into the kitchen and camera switches to Haleigh for a second ? Kinda creepy. She wasn’t smiling. Just stone cold look. I heard they were doing round table last night on the CBS lot. Maybe it was from there. Couldn’t tell where she was.


The other night on bbad the camera switched to some guy just standing and staring too. It was just a couple seconds but kind of creepy. I think he was wearing a shirt that had JC in big letters. Maybe it was the real puppet master.

Paul Treffinger

After jury puts in their locked votes, they will reveal to everyone, especially JC about L6 but he will still believe he was the brains of everything until he goes into the backyard interviews and they start telling him and commenting about how much L6 was having him playing their double agent without even knowing it. He still will not believe them. Then he will go home and watch the whole show and still not believe it because he will say “they did not air all the work I was doing behind the scenes”. Only MAYBE finally once he sees all the comments made on twitter and the internet will he feel doubted and stupid that he isn’t getting the credit but he will still put on a front because he will say “you b**ches don’t know what you are talking about” <——-JC voice

Walter Sills

I was trying to think about past BB shows and people that play the part JC has. Have any of them ever won the 1/2 million or used by both sides? Somehow snitches aren’t really trusted at the end and not given full confidence. Wait till JC sees how Kaycee played him thinking they would go to the end.

The Beef

Andy the snake played both sides and won BB15.


Yes i was thinking on andy too. But andy pulled it off at the end. J.c will not win final hoh nor the game. Andy did. He is still not getting to much credit or love .. but he can comfort in his win and with people do belive he played the best this season
. J.c wont have that.
Danielle season 3 played both sides – didnt win but gets all the credit from the fans! Like she needs to.
Same for will kirby season 7.

J.c only thinks he is that something when he is not.
Its more like raven 19 and adam 13 ..
I dont know how they felt when they saw they are hated and everyone thinking they are the biggest coasters. At least, j.c has more fans i belive than those two. He didnt played that bad.
I do hope someone take care of him going out he has a lot to deal with and he is not strong enoght (angela will get upset but deal with it)


Why are all the past BB alumn rallying votes for Hails to win America’s favorite?


They are the worst.

Great season

I’m voting for Brett.

Hillbilly's Hootch

I don’t know what is more obnoxious,
that fact that you all call her “hails”
OR,,, the fact that she may win AFP.


Well it rhymes with Fails…

Haleigh's Melanoma

Because L6 has most of them smoked. Alums prefer Hivers because that’s the kind of HG they remember playing against. I’m talking to you, Janelle.

JC is Pervy

The mini munchkin is annoying like a wart on a nose

Bret's Butt

I will never support your site again I have spent so much money on Amazon Canada- and you blocked my post about JC- and all of it was the truth- and I wasn’t degratory at all…like other people have been on here.

Fraggle Rock bottom

Yeah I fell into that same trap early on in the season and gave some grief thinking they were being over-moderated. That wasn’t the case. Simon and Dawg have done a bloody wonderful job this year as usual and I suspect this was 110% more entertaining to watch the live feeds vs last year…

JC is Pervy

Your comment WAS posted. You were impatient. ALL comments await moderation. Geez!

$25000 Goes to the Beautiful Blonde

I’m voting for Haleigh because she had the guts to put Tyler on the block and if the Hive would have listen to her they wouldn’t have dominated so easily. Not to mention she last the longest among them.

The quiet one

The hive would have dominated? In what universe?


The universe where they weren’t morons.

The real rockstar

Just face it the Hive has the Hillary syndrome. They got Trumped.


She put him on the block Anonymously. It didnt took guts. When she was hoh she didnt .(and i will bet my life she wouldnt backdoor him even if rock did won the veto. She was thinking he is this naive little bird)

Walter Sills

Personally, members from the Hive could be sitting were JC, Kaycee and Tyler are now.
The Hive made numerous mistakes:
They weren’t really united as were the 6. Bayleigh never using her power. Haleigh spilling that she had the Hack power. Fay and his jealousy dictating his HOH and splitting from the Hive, (probable go down in BB history the dumbest move ever conceived and carried out). Rockstars brilliant move in telling Tyler the correct answer. Then there’s Scottie, someone you would have thought knew the game and strategy, but never connected the dots and also switched his alliance on a vote.
Never has there been such a disaster, disoriented formed alliance as the Hive with really no leadership. Because of the lack of anyone being a leader and conversing were votes came from or who might have cast votes to oust their members. They were clueless throughout the game and as long as they were playing, blamed each other. Also that not a single one ever considered JC, never committing himself or his votes, yet always throwing out to the Hive who to put on the block.

I know this maybe old, but I have a question on the rope competition watching a rerun. Did Scottie get buzzed when he slipped and sat on the disc? Seems like it and after the buzz, he dropped off??

Personally, I like to see Kaycee win. She never really bad mouth anyone, and her winnings were great, especially how she smothered them time wise.

Meanwhile in the Jury House

Brett gets Rockstar pregnant
Sam shaves Angela’s upper lip
Bayleigh is still foaming at the mouth
Fes thinks there will be a battle back on Finale night
Scottie obsession with Haleigh intensified. All her dirty socks are missing.


Swaggy C is still trying to justify everything he thinks, feels, says…..everything that happened/happens to him. This guy has a hate campaign that leaves a muddy trail. I’d be shocked if CBS endorsed his participation in any other CBS product. *BLUK!

Fraggle Rock bottom

Antifa anyone?

The real rockstar

Antifa will give you a free Swaggy T-shirt when you buy the combo protest pack which includes 2 blacks hoods, 3 Molotov’s cocktails, a lead pipe, a pair of Birkenstocks and a $20 bill complements of George Soros

Swag my Hi-C

I was so glad he was out early. At the beginning of the season I could tell he was going to be one of those players known for his personality, the ones you don’t like because they are too loud and have nothing but ego. They tend to stick around bc of drama and ratings. For me, getting him out of was a favorite move of the summer.


God I wish KC would wise up. I bet Tyler chooses JC in the end. I fear KC’s downfall will be trusting Tyler blindly. And then getting f%%ked. Hopefully she pulls out 2 wins and the choice is hers’.

At the risk of getting screamed at, people keep saying they can’t wait to see JC’s face when they tell him about Level 6 and how they controlled the game. I sincerely doubt he will acknowledge any of that. He’s too much of a narcissist to believe that anyone else drove the game. He absolutely believes that he is the master manipulator and controlled every single vote/eviction. This is someone who believes (because he desperately wants it to be), Tyler is gay. It doesn’t matter that he saw/caught with his own eyes the two of them in bed together, many many many times. This is someone who believes only what he has decided something to be. Not what it is…..ergo? He believes HE ran the game.

Post Script: Tyler has taken over the role of douche…:(

Ann L. Sekks

KC lost the game taking tyler. loyalty is over rated


Nah. She will beat Tyler in the F2.

The real rockstar

With the current events going on in American politics, I bet Tyler wins the half million, but some girl writes a letter to CBS saying Tyler used to play the cooties game on the playground in kindergarten. She felt intimidated and humiliated by him so they take the money and spilt it between JC and Kaycee because it’s the PC thing to do.

The real rockstar

Hopefully Rockstar gets a $25 McDonald’s gift card to take the daughter whose birthday she missed for some ice cream.


So Kaycee won part 2 ? Seems that way. Tyler vs Kaycee. Based on the season. Tyler should have part 3. Tyler / Kaycee final 2.