Tyler WINS Part 1 of the 3 Part HOH Competition!

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HOH Part 1 WINNER: Tyler

HOH Part 2: Kaycee Vs JC

HOH Part 3: Tyler Vs Part 2 Winner

During the competition: JC fell first, then Kaycee

12:42am When the feeds return – the final 3 are in the kitchen. Tyler – How long were we out there? JC – I think we were out there for an hour or probably less. I think we went out at 11. Tyler – I think it was an hour. I was zoning out. Damn guys! Kaycee – that sh*t was hard. Tyler – I really didn’t think we were going to have to do any more of that hanging bullsh*t. After the “pie in the sky” I was like this sh*t is over. JC – last yeah they had a unicorn and it was farting on their face and stuff. JC – I had a little bit more in me. Tyler to Kaycee – did you fall straight completely or hang on your arms? Kaycee – my arms went completely numb.

Tyler – I think I could have done another half hour. I am telling you looking up is what did it. You guys were looking down. That sh*t is all about switching up positions. Kaycee – I am so glad we’re done the physical. That’s it! I’m done! No more of that crazy sh*t! JC – no more f**king endurance sh*t! Tyler – watch part 3 be like hang on this sh*t for 5 hours. JC – its okay, we survived. Kaycee – you did so good. JC – thanks babes. Tyler – If you had not won that (last HOH), it would not be like this right now. JC – true that. Thanks, you make me feel so much better. I need a boyfriend like this. Tyler – are we back together? JC – no!

1:05am Bedroom. Kaycee and Tyler. Tyler – you’ll get him (in part 2). Kaycee – oh yeah, I’m not worried. I whistled and it got to him. In my head I specifically do that to f**k with him. To make him think I am chillin! Tyler – the whole time I did not let my face go.. and I was dancing and sh*t. Kaycee – I got him. I got it! I got this. We just need to get him to open his other bottle champagne. Tyler – That was mine. That’s my kind of comp.

1:14am Bathroom. Kaycee is getting into the shower. I feel like I’m disabled right now. JC laughs.

1:20am JC busts out the busts out the champagne. They cheers. JC – I’ve got this mental. The lean in an kiss on the cheek? They head into the bathroom to cheers with Kaycee.

1:50am Kaycee – I love you! Good job! Tyler – we’ve got this, don’t even worry. Tyler jumps in the shower and Kaycee goes to lay down in the bedroom.

JC and Tyler in the bathroom. JC – we really are a family in here. I really see you as a brother now. They cheers. No matter what happens.

2:00am JC and Tyler
JC – I trust you 100% and you didn’t trust me
T – look it worked if we stuck with your way
JC – If we stuck with my way I would have never seen the block and you would have never seen the block
JC – that’s how good my strategy was

JC – you will see after the game how much I jeopardized my game to save you right now it doesn’t matter because we’re already top 2
T – I believe you
JC – when people say I want to put up Tyler.. like Rockstar ..
JC – what are you doing girl this is not how you do it why are you coming with these names I’m telling you 100% Tyler isn’t coming for you

JC – If Rockstar was a little bit smart.. why are you so close to Tyler
T – I did the same thing with you
JC now says that FEs was going to put up Tyler and BRett and JC talked him out of it..
(IF JC makes it to top 2 he will claim he cured cancer while in the house)
JC says he started working on FES to put up Scottie “or something”
JC says he would tell FES that Scottie was making fun of him. Points out that FES had a really big ego and it was easy to play with for him.
JC adds that when he told FES that Scottie was in love with Haleigh that was it he didn’t need to say any more to FES.

2:36am JC and KC

JC – we’re top three no matter what happens.. no matter what happen we’re top 3 in Big Brother 20 you saw these producers put these.. Feeds cut..
JC – look at all that black and white
JC – Angela is a real f*ing athlete..
JC – brett is a body builder.. FEs played football
JC – what else all these b1tches..
KC – Swaggy basketball
JC – I’m telling you Scottie was good at everything

JC says that Rachel was “good” if she could have made it further
KC agrees.. goes on to say how pissed off she is at herself she almost won the first HOH.

3:20am zzzzzzzzz

Champagne morning

9:17am HOH lockdown called

Feeds go down

1:18pm Feeds come back

2:41pm everyone still sleeping

4:01pm Tyler now up making food

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Tom A

Atta boy Tyler. Now we just need JC to win this next part to make things interesting. Ik everyone on here hates JC, but if he wins the next part (which he most likely wont, ik), at least that will keep us hanging until finale night.
Team JC, Kaycee, Tyler, Brett

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

I am not rooting for JC but I like him quite a bit – he’s been super entertaining and he is definitely smart. His speeches cracked me up and I don’t think any of his non-PC talk is malicious. There are some haters, but truly, some people have favorites for good reasons.


I agree. And I really hope people are not hurtful to him when BB is over. He has no support from his family..and he is so in love with Tyler. He is going to be devastated when he finds out that they care for each other. Probably love.
I do feel empathy for him..and he made me laugh so hard on the feeds today.
Tyler, KayCee and Angela WILL keep him in their lives. They are good people.
I will say though..I have NO idea who Tyler will take to final 2 if he has the choice.
I hope it’s KayCee because she has been so loyal..and she deserves to be in final 2.
But..OY….JC will be heartbroken.
I prolly could never have done well in the game..if I was a lot longer and got picked.


He definetly knows he can’t beat KC. I personally am ok with this F3, but Tyler for win and AFP, Haleigh is in the lead for AFP cuz Tyler/Brett are devided


People need to stop voting for Tyler due to the mere fact he can’t win if he makes final 2 (which most likely he will). The top two aren’t eligible to win. That’s why I’m putting all my votes in for Brett.


Yes they are eligible this year. Production as announced this. Also, no one knows who is going to end up in final two so It is best to just vote for who YOU really want to have It regardless. It would suck if the person you wanted to win doesn’t because you THOUGHT they’d be in final two, and then they end up with neither.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Ok, America’s Favourite Player, 10 votes a day through Wednesday the 25th per device. We have 4 phones, 4 laptops and many Google accounts, some FB acts. AND of you voted for the power app recipients with Messenger & the CBS Bot, same. I typed in “vote AFP” & it walked me through for all 10 votes.

I have 3 browsers on all our laptops and log into our different accounts. So I, along with my husband, dog, and various personalities are voting Tyler AFP 140 times a day. Don’t shoot the messenger… Do you. Vote your hearts out.



No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Another note; I’m getting 10 votes per account logged in to their website; but if you log into your FB accounts from a computer, in FB, click on Messenger. Even though you are on your computer/laptop/whatever, you can get into your Messages without the Messenger app required on cell phones. It’s super quick and you get 15 votes from Messenger every day. After the 2nd vote you get the option of casting all remaining 13 votes for he same player if you are doing it that way.

I searched for Big Brother 20 within FB; it gives you a few fan pages but you can pretty much see which is the CBS account. I clicked on it to send a message and it gave me another link for the Bot. Then I just typed “vote AFP” and it starts the process. “Over 18” (Yes) – I typed yes and confirmed because it wasn’t clicking and it’s faster for me. Then you choose a house guest and I just typed “Tyler” and then so on. I have to help my parents (they are elderly) with their facebook account and they don’t do Messenger so I was able to do it from their accounts as well 15 votes each (the dog, my bogus account I only use for coupons, etc. etc.)


I got in the votes for 14 times. But when i went to my messenger it says i have done it for this round and to check who wins the 26th. So how do I get the automatic 15 votes every day?

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Capealadin, I type in Tyler for my vote in FB Messenger, mostly from different browsers on my laptops (u.e Chrome, Edge or Microsoft Explorer Firefox… like log into a FB acct and then click on your private messages, which is now Messenger, but within your FB acct. After I answer yes I’m over 18, it asks who I want to vote for. The 2ND time it asks if I want to vote for the same person again. Yes. THEN it asks if I want all 13 of my remaining votes to go to that person. Yes. Done, all 15 votes. You can also log in the CBS website with your twitter & google acct. Those only give you 10 votes.

I’ve set so many extra acct up over the years for voting, contact info for online acct, registering for coupons, etc to keep from trashing up my real email acct.

Log out of Messenger & facebook from your computer if you are going to vote from additional acct. It will let you.

ednamay torres

he cannt win?


No you are wrong. The top two are eligible. Read it in an interview with Allison Grodner.


I know she said that but I still wonder if they will really do it. Vegas mentioned that it was supposed to be that way but there are cases where they haven’t done it. Latest example she said was Derrick.


JC is an arrogant twerp who does not have any boundaries and thinks that’s ok because it’s his world.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Right now he is living in a world where 2/3 of the universe is gay. I hope he enjoys it while it lasts.



I don’t think that winning half a million dollars is a big enough SCREW YOU to his family back home that DISOWNED him. Let them see JC all over the news posing with Trump in the white house.


With the crap that has come out of JCs mouth I’m not sure I believe him about his family..sorry just don’t. He has proven he will say anything and he has no filter, so not far off to think he would lie about his family, sad if he is lying though.

Botox Pelosi

I would be fine with either Tyler or Kaycee winning. I found the veto interesting on last nights show. Both Angela and Kaycee smoked Tyler in that comp. In my opinion Tyler and Kaycee being the final two is just and I think they are the best players this season.

The bitter jury is just what we thought. Rocks and Bayleigh can’t get over losing whereas Hayleigh and Scottie are looking at gameplay. it is going to be a close vote.


I had hoped that after all this time in the jury Bayleigh would have gotten some perspective and maybe taken ownership of the mistakes she made, but alas, not to be.


She has literally been a princess all of her life. That nonsense about how she was mistreated because of her skin color is ridiculous….she was mistreated because she is a brat. (nice word for it)

Eh eh

That would’ve surprised me. Where would she get it from?

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

She’s actually worse than Blockstar.

Tyler Fan

Should Bayleigh have a baby bump now if she was pregnant?


It’s only been 2 or 2 1/2months so far. A lot of women don’t show that early with their first. Or wonder if she did something else her first week in the jury house.


I love the titles on all of your posts. You must be a Rush baby.


With those speeches between Tyler, Angela and Kaycee last night, JC should know neither one of them are going to pick him for F2.


See, we all knew Tyler liked the bootay.

Brett's Butt Plug

he is gonna work on tyler


I noticed on the last thread you left out Angela as well, as if she wasn’t the top tier of L6. The fact that people feel Brett, JC or even KC did more for the team is laughable! I can’t handle how much hate she gets on these threads. She doesnt deserve it. Hats off to her game play!

Big brother fan

Well said Batman, if you look at Angelas Game she is one of the best/strongest females to ever play this game, in spite of all the hate from the houseguests on the show
and on these threads. She won three HoHs, two vetos, with both of her vetoes she won she was willing to be a bad ass and get all of the blood on her hands with some of the greatest blindsideds in big brother history with getting out and backdooring bayLeigh and Brett, she pulled off some strong moves. In getting out Bayleigh, Brett, and Faysal she deserves arguably the whole credit Or at least half of it. On top of getting out the strongest physical competitors in Faysal and Haleigh with the other HOH and breaking that couple up, after she completely and I stress completely outmaniplating them by decieving them that the week before Faysal left that all four of them (Faysal, Haleigh, Tyler, and Angela) were tight. Then next week she wins HOH and puts them both up right away!!!! In spite of both Haleigh and Faysal being challenge beasts. Point is that this women was fearless and willing to put here self out there and make big moves in spite of the criticism that she received from the beginning of the game!!!

Let’s start, one Swaggy C being a bitter punk and calling her as ultimate floater non threat in his exit interviews off of big brother or the other side completely having it out for her. Having Faysal and Scottie being classless in their exits blasting her when the honest truth is that the boys got both got their asses throughly whooped in the game of big brother by a pretty girl, in yet she gets labeled with the bitch when she hasn’t done anything heinous or arguably worse than any other houseguest this season especially on the Hives side.

If anything I think last nights jury house in particular BayLeigh and Rockstar, proves that they are bitter. It’s quite obvious that they have an angst against her for getting thoroughly outplayed by her when she was there obvious target from the beginning!!! Also, it seems that they have it out for her on a personal level for her being a pretty female. On top of that Angela is great game player (she’s highly underrated) so it’s easy to place her as being a snob and bitch, for them I think it’s more frustrating with Angela, because she could careless about what they think or have to say. She’s smart enough not to get in a back and forth with those two so bayLeigh and rockstar are more inclined to be bitter and pissed. That’s no reason to label her as a bitch.

Then people like to point out the Rachel example of how she was rude to her and her goodbye message when the honest to God truth was that Rachel was trying to divide her and Tyler based on a lie !!!! Yes lie from Bayleigh who was wanting to divide up Rachel from Angela and Tyler and essentially Angela from Tyler, and I think Angela was so pissed at Rachel at the time bc she blantantly acted completely paranoid!!!! I’ve never seen a houseguest get so emotional about being the pawn in my 15 years of watching this show live. Rachel could not keep it together that whole week!!!! On top of it, she was trying break up Angela and Tyler based on a lie that BayLeigh twisted, so obviously Angela was annoyed with Rachel BECAUSE SHE WAS A LIABILITY, it was quite apparent that she was going to be a liable ally who was going to willingly act overly emotional and stir up things by believing complete fabrication’s from the opposing alliance when all Tyler was trying to do is to see if bayLeigh was going to put up Angela if he used the veto.

And newsflash to all Who still debate the Tyler and Bayleigh house meeting: if Tyler really wanted Angela to go he would’ve use the damn veto for her to go up !!!! So obviously he never wanted to put her in harms way, because Bayleigh was wanting to take out Angela, as one of the replacement nominees behind Brett. Meaning she was high on the hit list in week 5 for the opposing alliance!!!!!! And following week in week 6 she takes out their fearless leader with A damn power app that she could use to remove herself from the block and in spite of pissing off that whole side she still makes in to final 4 and is able to destroy that whole alliance prior to her eviction last night who wanted her out from the very beginning. That is why she is the best female player this season and one of in big brother history.

She basically had the price tag of Janelle in season six!!! In yet she was able to win a bunch of competitions like Janelle and take out that whole entire alliance prior to her leaving with a week left in the game. She even won more competitions then Janelle did in season six and Janelle is labeled as the strongest female competitor of all time. Point blank, in spite of your personal feelings, on gameplay, that girl deserves a lot credit for being fearless and labeled as one of the greatest female players ever, she played her ass off and deserves credit for making big moves and getting all the blood on her hands and still making to the final four – it does not qualify her as being a bitch.

Last in spite of the stereotypes she looked beautiful and was classy In her exit interviews unlike a lot of them other houseguests this season. To those three Tyler, Kaycee, and especially Angela in his case because she knew before that she was going to walk out the door, they couldn’t have been more sincere all of them to one another. I cheers all three of them for playing a hell of a game and making this one of the greatest big brother seasons ever. All three friends making it to the final four is amazing, and Give them credit for what they’ve done because they’ve established
themselves as one of the greatest alliances
in big brother history. Respect.


But how do you really feel?

Big brother fan

That Angela was a savage and kicked ass big brother player that happened to be an attractive woman ….and everyone feels inferior because of it and unjustly from the looks of your comment that makes her a bitch.


You said it all perfectly. I agree 100%. Most of the hate is jealousy.

Charles Bronson

There so jealous because Angela is smoking hott also. A winner and hotness.
Gosh she’s amazing, geez!


Angelina’s only real mistake (other then wanting Sam out before JC) was her GB’s. She did not understand jury votes and was really nasty .


Yes big brother fan I agree. I don’t understand all the hate for Angela. She is everything you said she is. Lots of her mean girl thing was reactionary. She felt betrayed by Rachel and heard about how the Hive talked about her. She was far more mature than most of her house guests. She wasn’t fake and enjoyed getting out people who were coming after her and saying nasty things about her. If she had been a man no one would have batted an eye.

Botox Pelosi


I did leave Angela out but only because she had been evicted. Angela played a great game and Level 3 would not be where they are now without her excellent game play.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Yeah, I love Angela… But…she isn’t the house anymore. (?????) Man, panties are up in a bunch here today, right?


Botox Pelosi, I wasn’t replying to your comment, I replied to Tom A.


The hate is because of jealousy and the fact that a lot of people don’t follow the feeds/understand the game. When she stated that “yes, she was spoiled”, it was a mockery of what Bayleigh and Rockstar had said. Some people just aren’t bright enough to put two and two together and get WHY she said that! She is definitely a great player. I would like to see Tyler, Kaycee, Angela on the All stars (and maybe Brett). See them play against some real competition – not morons.

Eh eh

definitely and Brett, and JC. Those two are hilarious, & good at subterfuge & thinking outside the box. Why this has been such a great season.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Every season a small handful plays against a house full of morons. Every season.


In my opinion I don’t think there would be any kind of robbery if KC or Tyler won against each other. They both deserve it. I’d be upset if JC won first, or second lol . I see Tyler taking KC, even if he loses. It’s the Derrick/Cody F2. He’s smart enough to know, even if he risk the chance to win, that taking your original F2 cements your BB status. He’d be talked about for years, even if he lost. If he takes JC, it would be seen as a cheap shot, an easy win, as well as removing your original partner, and preventing her from having any chance of winning anything. He takes KC. No ifs, ands or buts. You heard it here first.


KC should have voted out Tyler…he respects the game, he would not have been bitter. KC likens her and Tyler’s game to that of Cody and Derrick. We all know that Cody should have voted out Derrick….KC is Cody.


She’s in a much better spot than Cody ever was. Tyler and Kaycee’s game has been better and stronger than Derrick and Cody’s. This season required much more manipulation and attention. Derrick was able to sleep most of the season because no one else was playing the game including Cody. Poor Donny wanted to play but he got screwed with the America’s Team crap and the fact no one else would do anything.


Donny was terrible at the game. Nice guy, bad player.

You don’t win by going to bed at 10 pm when all other HGs are talking game then.

And he never had real alliances.

As for America’s Team, it saved him. Derrick and Frankie would have taken him out three weeks before they did were it not for that twist.


Donny tried in the beginning but was the obvious outlier. He said it himself, there was virtually no common ground between a 40 year groundskeeper and a bunch of college kids looking to get followers.

Haleigh's Melanoma

He also always solicited information but never offered any which made him sketchy.


I think Tyler will win against JC or KC…and deservedly so.


Tyler will win. I read people very good. Saw the jury house. Bay is still against Tyler. Rock Star too. Fessy seems not to angry was being pales with Bret. Bret going to forgive Tyler. Fessy, Brett, Hayleigh, Scottie, Angela so far will vote for Tyler to win. Mark my words. Bay, Rock, Sam, will not.


Bay and RS will vote for Kaycee because they have said from the beginning they wanted a female to win. But, it will be a bitter vote, as well.


I’m not so sure. If Angela, Brett, and Haleigh are able to get the jury to see Tyler’s end game, then yes. But the jury loves JC and Kaycee has earned mad respect with her comp wins. It’s a very close race. I’m sure Jeff will help the jury focus on the game plays, but it may not be enough given Rocky and Bayleigh have such strong opinions.

double D

I wouldn’t be surprised if KC or Tyler wins. But Tyler would be nuts to take KC to final 2. He would easily have KC, Ang, Brett, Hal and Scotty votes for gameplay over JC, but loses that advantage against KC. If Tyler keeps KC, he’ll lose JC and maybe Brett. Queen Bee, Rock and Sam are already nos for Tyler. Fes is a tossup.

Eh eh

Fes doesn’t think like Bay & Rocks. He respects the game but this is a strong final 3. Sam is a tossup because she has been unpredictable all season. Depends on her mood. Kaycee could be a harder sell considering she saved Tyler, out of F2 loyalty, and she’d have no time to get over it if he was the one to cut her which is more likely than JC winning the final two comps. Unless they (Kaycee, Ty) have a candid talk now and agree that whoever wins final HOH it makes sense to knock the other out & keep JC. Which probably isn’t in her best interest.

Also, JC has a shot to win, not purely on bitterness but on game. He hid his loyalty, stayed away from the block and kept blood off his hands nearly all game, bamboozled and divided the hive, and was well-liked by the other HGs on all sides. Not to take away from Kaycee’s quiet, make-no-enemies, win lots of comps and pick strong allies case, nor Tyler’s winning comps & controlling most of the game through multiple relationships (Kaitlyn, Sam, Scotty, JC, L6, even briefly (sort of) Fes & Haleigh) but all 3 are likely to have their share of Jury advocates.

I suspect Tyler takes Kaycee & the vote is too close to call, Kaycee takes Tyler & the vote is too close to call, or (least probable) JC takes Tyler & the vote is too close to call. I do think Kaycee probably beats JC in the end though because Kaycee gets less hate from bitter voters, more SJW / wanting a woman, part non-white & non-hetero to win – type of support from the part of the Jury that would actually care about identity politics, and she gets the loyalty from L6 (I don’t think Tyler would vote JC over her even if she sent him out). She earns respect for all her comp wins too whereas JC just has his (successful when it mattered most) game of deception and manipulation, his popularity among HGs on both sides, maybe the identity politics vote (1 or 2 tops), the fact that he’s not in L6 (gets more of the Hive vote if they really prefer nobody from the other side wins) and especially if JC were to cast the vote to evict Tyler, that might make Bay, Rocks, possibly even Sam happy & should impress Scotty who might respect the game rather than be sore at him).

I wonder who Bay hates more, JC or Tyler. I suspect that her aggressiveness has already derailed any possibility of Foutte keeping their threat to be a voting block that decides the game in the end. All except Rocks are probably sick of it, and it’s unimaginable Bay would submit to a group majority opinion differing from her own edict.

ednamay torres

I f he doesn’t take Kaycee I hope he loses.she should be there with him.

Eh eh

Rocks & Bay have such strong opinions but that could easily drive everyone else to vote differently than they do if for no other reason than that they’re too aggressive. Especially Bay. It’s like “I have nothing to lose by ignoring you now, so go ahead & do that queen-apoplectic-over-insubordination act all ya want, have an aneurysm while I cancel out your vote.” Man oh man, can you IMAGINE being stuck on a plane with her as your flight attendant? Brittle eggshells.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Maybe Dr. Will can get her to spew blood again, and whip out a clean package of gauze & a Xanax for her. Everyone wins.


Why does anyone believe Brett will vote for Tyler. He seems bitter in jury house. He blamed Tyler saying it was Tylers idea to evict Angela and then backdoor him. Fes may vote for Tyler only bc he will nevet admit that a woman or a floater got the best of him. As far as The Wacky Homemaker aka Betty Crackpot all pinky promises are off.


Jury house “deliberations” are dramatized for entertainment value and the views expressed may not belong to the speaker. Productions wants the viewer to have some suspense so they feed some of the jury lines to make it seem like it’ll split a bit.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

And I have no doubt BS & Bay will try to make it all about themselves. Still accusing Fez of being the dumbest player… projecting much?

ednamay torres

I agree ,At the start I was for Tylor,but KC has played a good game in the last few weeks.It will be a close race,and if its Tylor or Kaycee I will be happy with it.Bit not jc.


Haleigh realizes she was in with the wrong group, so she will probably not listen to the Hive. Fez should listen to Haleigh since he’s had no clue.

Team L6

I’m pretty sure Fes will do whatever Hay tells him to do.


If JC makes the final with Tyler. Tyler votes would be Angela, Brett, Hayleigh, Scottie, JC would have Sam, Rock, Bay Fessy and Kaycee? Not sure. It could go either way. If it is Tyler vs Kaycee. I got a good read from the players that Tyler wins 5-4. Angela is 100%, Brett he is very bias calling people he views as inferior as LOSERS. Brett is an identifying individual. He identifies with Tyler. Brett is 95% vote for Tyler. Fessy he is similar to Brett. Perhaps it is Muslim faith? He identifies with men strongly and doesn’t have the same respect towards women. We saw this time after time in the house as he talked over Hayleigh, made decisions without her. I don’t think he respects Kaycee enough to give her his vote. We have Angela, Brett, Fessy voting for Tyler. Hayleigh we saw in the clip say to Bay when discussing Tyler/Kaycee we’re still not on the same page. Which means she IS voting for Tyler. She praised his game play. So now we have Angela, Brett, Fessy, Hayleigh voting for Tyler. The weakest vote for Tyler is Scottie. He was disappointed when he found out Tyler wasn’t with him at all. His last two words was we will see. This means he still wants to vote for Tyler but just very disappointed. Know the dynamic in the house and how Tyler is able relate to Scottie and persuade him. Scottie and Kaycee haven’t been close at all I can’t see him all of a sudden giving his vote for Kaycee. Scottie will give his vote to Tyler based on the relationship even though he feels betrayed because Tyler will convince Scottie that he didn’t like to do it. His alliance made him do it. Tyler will make Scottie feel it was a game move rather than personal. Why I think Tyler also has Scottie’s vote. 5-4 Tyler beats Kaycee. JC that could go either way. JC and Fessy had a good relationship but after they watch the tapes I think Fessy will lose JC’s phone number. Fessy will vote for JC. Kaycee depending on who votes against her might be the decider. who wins with Tyler/JC. We will all find out soon. Tyler/Kaycee match up i’m 99% sure it is Tyler coming out on top. So you can all make me eat crow if Kaycee wins against Tyler.


Tyler deserves to win, but because he had to win and keep them safe during the first part of the game those jury members are bitter. They will act like spoiled little brats when they vote instead of accepting the fact that they all sucked at the game. I hope the jury grew up in the jury house and got over their pettiness but that group is made up of pretty pathetic individuals!


Here’s the thing: BB edits to create drama and the jury “DR’s” are no different than in the house where they’re prompted to say sh*t that makes it seem they’re leaning different than reality…just like the dynamic in the jury will be little different than what we saw in the house: Bayleigh will sway how Haleigh, RS, and Fez vote and she will forcefully argue that Kaycee played every bit as well as Tyler and did not need to lie, betray, make a half dozen final 2’s, etc. That’s 4 votes and 5 pick the winner.

Brett was close to both Tyler and Kaycee and eliminated on Tyler’s betrayal….where he was not threatened and therefore did Kaycee and Angela’s bidding. Scottie had two bites at the apple, bet on a Tyler alliance both times, and got evicted the second time on Tyler’s HOH in which he lamely blamed “the house”. Sam is committed to her character and will penalize Tyler the more she hears that he was in no way committed to her. The more anybody campaigns for Tyler’s gameplay, the more Sam realizes he completely used and played her. Kaycee only needs one of these three to be salty and she’s half a millionaire…pre-taxes..


Sam is Tyler’s fall from grace she is a smoking gun!

Eh eh

Somewhat agree except now that they have no game riding on it, Hay & Fes have no reason to be cowed by Bay’s bullying, it could even drive their decisions against hers. I think only RS’s aspiration is to be a good toady.


Kaycee spilling the beans to JC about L6 and having a final 2 with Tyler from the very beginning might get her JC vote in finaally just before she cuts him.

JC would feeling way too betrayed by Tyler with not enough time to shake it off.


After watching the Thurs nigh show I’m going to say Kaycee has a good shot to win against Tyler.


Neither Tyler nor JC can beat KC in final two. It’s not because she’s a great player. Look at who is on the jury! All she needs is a VAGINA to beat Tyler and JC.
This is what PRODUCTION has in store for you dumb puppets. Afterall, they pull all strings and making great television matters more than anything to production. Sadly, the viewers have no idea that they are watching a puppet show.
The final 2 will be Tyler and JC (and that will take A LOT of work on the part of Production to make that happen).
Tyler vs JC in final 2. The score will be 4-4 and up comes Fessy to cast the final vote. You can guess the rest. Fessy will vote for the little demon who mind raped him relentlessly.

Winner: JC over Tyler by a score of 5-4

p.s. After the show, Tyler confesses to Angela that JC was right. The final three was three gay people. He asks if they can still be friends because she is so good for his image. Angela being Angela kicks him in the groin and moves on. The sock puppets watching at home wonder why Tangela did not last a week outside of the Big Brother house.



No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Jack a$$.

Eh eh

Hilarious! What will you do to them if this doesn’t play out?


They vote in order of eviction so Fez will not be the last vote.


Tyler is covering all his bases. No way was he going to drop. He KNOWS he needs an edge, and I do think HE would like to be the one to pick KayCee.
That way, in his speech..it gives credibility that he was in charge.
Absolutely RIGHT !!!!

Bret's Butt

Way to go Tyler…glad you won the comp. Capealadin– I agree with everything u stated above.


Thank you so much. 🙂

Dirty Harry Reid

The only way I see a Tyler vs Kaycee finale is if Kaycee wins the HOH. Tyler can’t afford to evict JC. JC is bitter over Tyler putting him on the block. He needs his vote and Kaycee will vote for Tyler even if he evicts her.


I believe it is Dingy Harry Reid but Dirty still works.


I guarentee Tyler takes KC and vice versa. I have been calling it right between those two.

Fraggle Rock bottom

Just like I was 100% convinced that KC was going to vote out Angela over Tyler, I’m absolutely certain that Tyler will take KC to the final 2 if he is in control of who goes with him….Yes, it’s a game, but those two seem to be kindred spirits


I want kaycee to take tyler it shows he had loyal allies and j.c would prob be mad at kaycee
And the hives would probably not belive kaycee had 2 options to take ty out and she didnt .. it will look bad for her


Another option . Tyler wins but he make sure j.c knows he had a final 2 with kc since day 2 and that she would of done the same. Kc wont deny .

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

JC can’t let anything go with Tyler NOW; he’s not loyal to Tyler. He won’t even vote for him if me goes to Jury (fingers crossed).



Kaycee has a better chance of growing her own penis than winning the last part of the final HOH. It simply does not play to her skill set. She does terribly in those types of contests.
Tyler is the favorite to win the final HOH. He is a heavy favorite. JC has a small chance to win the final HOH if he advances to round 3.
The key question for production: how do we get somebody who is as smart as a hammer like Tyler to NOT take the girl who will wipe the floor with him to final two? Production might have to go as far as secretly showing Tyler video footage of the jury talking game. Tyler is completely set on taking Kaycee to final two. How does production perform a successful brain transplant on Tyler with so little time? It will be hard…but look for them to get it done.

Final 2: Jc vs Tyler. final vote count: 5-4. winner? It will come down to who the all wise FESSY picks to win. I’m leaning towards Fessy handing the win to his #1 tormentor, JC.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

It’s completely 50/50 – it’s not her strongest category but she smoked them in the Veto with Tyler Angela and JC, where they had to physically complete the puzzle putting the balls in but she quickly knew the correct answers relying on memory and facts. So nothing is definite. N-O-T-H-I-N-G (except you think anyone who disagrees with you or makes a point is a puppet or an idiot. That is definite. 100%. Predicting it. Bank on it. I shot J.R. and J.F.K. #gullible1isnotOBBFavoritePoster #noonelikesaknowitall #joystealer


ignorant s@b @ gullible. Projecting phallic short cumings of your own?? Possibly. Grow up


ignorant cheap shot @ gullible. Projecting phallic short cumings of your own?? Possibly. Grow up


Hive will understand she played a loyal game to the end with her one and only final two with Tyler.

They will respect that decision because they know Kaycee’s middle name is loyalty unlike Tyler who used the betrayal factor to cover his bases helping him get to the end.

It all comes down to who’s game the jury appreciated more.

Either way both deserving of the money and title.

Can’t wait to see what happens.

Let’s go! 😉


Like I said after Kaycee evicted Angela. Tyler wins BB20. Kaycee you gave up the money. Game over. Kaycee caught up with euphoria of making final 3 or she’s just that dumb.

Cray Cray6

Does anyone know….do you have to have a cbs all access account to vote for AFP? I went on to vote and it popped up asking me to log into my all access account.

If this is the case it’s stupid and keeps out a large part of viewers from participating in the vote and also doesn’t lead to the most accurate vote count

I think Ty deserves to win however if he doesn’t and he has the most votes he should still be able to get AFP since $50,000 isn’t much compared to the grand prize and he did so much work this summer to only leave with $50,000.

But if that is the case and they don’t award it to him anyway and give to the next closest vote to ensure there’s 3 prize winners I’d rather see Brett get it than Haleigh and going by response I’m seeing all over twitter Haleigh seems to have more votes than Brett and if the nullify Ty’s is rather he got them since I believe he deserves it much more than Haleigh who really didn’t do anything aside from her 1 hoh and the 1 hacker and she really wasn’t even funny or entertaining


I’m pretty sure you do not have to have all access. They may have a toll free number to text or something.

ednamay torres

I voted and don’t have all access,I logged in to facebook


Everyone can vote…especially for Tyler

Roll Tide

Popped up on my computer also. Just scroll down and you can vote for Hayleigh.


Haileigh will definitely be one of the top 3 vote getters and that can be blamed on level 6 fans splitting the votes all over the place.


That and the fact both Krazy Kaitlyn & Rachel have their fans voting for her. Although Rachel is saying three different people Kaycee, (I think Tyler) & Haleigh. So their fan bases are helping. & Janelle also tweeted out to vote for Haleigh. But Janey oddly didn’t like L6 all season – I would’ve thought she’d relate to Kaycee of all the hamsters


I have been Team Tyler since almost the beginning. In the first week, I liked Sam…..THAT. CHANGED. I love Tyler’s game play & hope he makes it al the way to win $500k and AFP!!!


I’m going to sound like Fessie..but now I’m so confused.
JC and KayCee talking as though they will take each other no matter what.
Are they all lying to each other?
I now don’t know who to believe. Aaargh !


J.c will take tyler
Tyler and kaycee – each other

Butters Mom

I think because Tyler told Angela about his final two since day 1 with KC and KC told Angela about her final two with Tyler in their good bye messages, that is a sign that they intend to take each other to the final two. Otherwise, why would Tyler or KC have bothered telling Angela that?

another name

If part three of the hoh is the customary complete the juror’s statement type comp, neither Kaycee nor Tyler should want JC anywhere near it. It’s a bit of a crap shoot mixed with who spent more time talking to and getting to know the jurors. I doubt Kaycee and Tyler spent more than six hours out of six weeks getting to know Fes or Blockstar. JC was more embedded with foutte than the other two.
Episode jury segment: I’m don’t actually buy much of what is said in jury segments. lol.
There’s too much of a feeling of just read the cue cards after production has debriefed you for my liking.


Jury segments are scripted/edited to create an apparent division so people think the jurors haven’t made up their minds yet.


JC only knows about JC. He spent most of his time with Fes and that was spent telling Fes how good he was at manipulating everyone else. I’d be surprised if he does well in that comp.

I agree with you about jury segments. I could see production asking every juror to make a case for each finalist to win, and then asking why you wouldn’t want to see each finalist win, then they just show the most polar answers.

Eh eh

If I’m Tyler I don’t care if the final comp favors JC b/c he’s taking me to F2 if he wins. Then again probably so is Kaycee. But on the off chance JC beats both of them, then takes Ty, it solves Tyler’s problem of going against Kaycee without getting blood for it. But he wants control of his fate and wants the respect of the Jury so I think he still tries to win & take Kaycee out of loyalty (F2 deal before JC).

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I’m thinking Tyler won’t want to take the chance and not win challenge 3, but I agree strategically it might buy him another vote in the Jury House from JC. None of us REALLY know what Brett is going to do, and I suspect he may not know til it’s all been discussed and hashed out. Would he lose KC’s vote if he sent her out, though? Hive cried their eyes out for “LOYALTY” and that Loyalty got L4 to final 7 and final 4 with nary a Hive in sight. Remember how they all loved KC because of her social game (great social game btw)? Their moral superiority claim to hate the lies from Tyler, but they are the same lies told by KC along with the exact same votes. BUT they WERE loyal to one another (L6). THEY chose whether or not Winston/Brett and Rachel/Brett went home, not Hive. Game and Loyalty. They had to choose 1 person to evict because poor Winston and Brett couldn’t win a fricking comp. Love Brett, but own it.

Hailshad more time in the house to connect the dots and now she sees what great game play took place. AND I have to believe Brett’s pride will not allow him to continue pretending that he wasn’t in on a magnificent alliance helping to control the votes EVERY single week. That and Angela fill in all the other blanks. Scottie, Hails and Fez will appreciate that.

Sam – Bitter Betty
BS – Bitter Betty
Bay – Bitter Betty

The others could vote total game which is also subjective; and any of the 3 above could blow our ever loving minds and vote different than we think. Happens all the time.


I think Brett was still playing a part & although he was seen saying he messed up telling Ty to take the girls out he lied to the jury saying Tyler wanted to take out Angela. He’s doing it all with a smirk on his face.

Perhaps once Angela arrives at jury round table he & Ang will finally tell F-Hive about Level 6 b/c I think he’s waiting in order to make a show of it. I could be reading him wrong, but he said he respected game & for as much as Kaycee was a loyal L6 member & beasted comps Brett knows Tyler played the full game.

*Ty & KC will take each other F2 (no need to tell Angela they had a F2 otherwise)

*Fessy won’t vote for JC should he get there b/c someone (Brett?) will tell him how JC laughed about how he puppeted him

*Angela will vote Ty (she loves KC – but she’ll be hanging with Ty more lol)

*Brett will vote Ty -he was just playing, respects the game & previously said KC only votes & wins comps (that’s a LOT but Brett respects the manipulation)

* Bay/Rocky/Sam will NEVER vote Ty – so they vote KC

* Scottie wasn’t a fan of JC to begin with, is a super fan & needs to get back in CBS good
books after his eviction speech – votes Ty

* Haleigh loves KC – respects full game play (wants to return another season like Nicole did) will vote Ty

* Fessy & Kaycee dislike each other & he respects men over women – votes Ty

* JC likely will be salty & bitter if he gets booted so will vote for whoever didn’t boot him AND odds are Tyler wins the final round b/c KC doesn’t do well at those types of comps (remember What the Bleep?). JC only lands in F2 if he wins Part II & III

Tyler has: Angela, Brett, Haleigh, Fes and Scottie (Kaycee)
KC/JC has: Bay, Rocky, Sam
JC votes opposite of who evicts him

So unless Brett does something stupid the vote is 5-3 meaning JCs vote won’t matter although I think he’ll make it interesting as I suspect Ty votes him out so he’ll vote KC and an L6 key will be pulled last (Angela?) awarding Tyler champion by a 5-4 vote

Top 3 vote recipients for AFP: Tyler/Haleigh/Brett toss up who wins (maybe CBS gives it to Haleigh if Tyler takes first)

Kid Rock

Easy win for TYLER EITHER WAY!!! JC n KC DONT HAVE THE BALLS TO CUT HIM LOOSE….. They will both take him to FINAL TWO.


When speaking to the jury, Tyler needs to push the fact that they all came for one reason that was to play and win this game. They didn’t come in on day one with the intent of just making friends. It is a game and some need to stop mixing game with reality. Reality on the outside of the house is much different. Also, when questioned about loyalty and his final two deals, he needs to stress that he was loyal to the first person he aligned with. Most of the others came to him for a final two, he couldn’t tell them “sorry, I already have one Kaycee”. I think he has played the best game and is the most deserving with Kaycee a close second.


Tyler and Kaycee In the final 2 is golden with either being a great choice, so I hope Kaycee pulls out part 2 of the finals. I also hope whichever of the two doesn’t win the season, wins AFP. (I voted for Kaycee).

JC played the game, but his intentional comp throws and pious attitude made him my # 4.

#3 = Angela
#2 = Tyler

What a glorious season. I’d be okay with JC winning (let’s face it, this guy has had a rough life with zero family support) but he is the weakest player of those F4. Had he even attempted to win earlyier in the season, I could respect his game more.


KC is far behind. Haleigh is first on Twitter with Tyler and then Brett, so maybe put all votes towards Tyler


Twitter is filled with HIVE fans.


Yes!! I truly hope twitter isn’t indicative of what the majority really think. It’s scary.


I think it’s just my age but so much of the stuff I see on twitter just hurts my head because of all the stupid.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

If that’s the case, maybe they’ll vote for the wrong persons. Hive Jive.

Eh eh

Not surprising; Jack has worked long & hard to make Twitter a “safe space” for hateful tribalists with victim mentality disorders, by banning & shadow-banning conservatives, classical liberals, and egalitarian meritocrats guilty of expressing their wrongthink.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Yeah, I’ve had an account for years that I barely use. Actually followed a few previous houseguests for this BB season for a time and I just couldn’t take it, sprinkled in with their political expertise (NOT). I hate Twitter.

Butters Mom

How do you see the information that shows how many votes each one has? If we are going by “polls”… we all know how that works out. lol

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Butters Mom, I didn’t see any poll on CBS. I suspect it is polls from fan sites like this one, Gold derby, in Reddit, etc. (I’m guessing.)


Anyone else really starting to like Haileigh? She was the only Jury member who seemed willing to give it to Tyler. I wouldn’t mind if she won AFP. Meanwhile we had Brett and Sam acting as bitter as Blockstar and Bayleigh.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

No offense, everyone is entitled to their favorites. Hails is a cute girl. She ONLY gets my favorite player among the HIVE. So After Tyler, KC, Angela, JC, and Brett, she’s my favorite. (Sam = Honorary Hive Member)

Eh eh

Selective editing by production continues, trying to make her look good, maybe thinking AFP win saves viewership among Hive supporters otherwise humiliated by this season.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Yeah, Allison – don’t take that Hive Humiliation away, dang it. They’ve EARNED that award!


I see Tyler taking Kaycee to the end or Kaycee taking him. Hopefully Kaycee wins round 2 so she’d have a shot. Bringing JC throws in a wrench neither of the remaining L6 wants to deal with and thats the question of just how hated will Tyler/L6 be with the jury.

My opinion is Fez and Haleigh will look at the game play. Bayleigh might consider game play but I see her willing to vote to try to punish someone rather reward good gameplay. Rockstar is bitter but I’m not sure it’ll translate to Kaycee or Tyler unless she believes one of them was the true mastermind. Brett and Angela will look at game play ultimately. JC might still be pissed. Scottie could go either way and Sam is there too. I think she’d vote for Tyler. The speeches might persuade some votes this year.

Just me

What a great season! I don’t see Tyler winning, although he certainly played one hell of a game. I believe the jury is going to give it to KC. Both KC and Tyler have played a great game.

The real rockstar

If the final two are Tyler and Kaycee its a Paul threepeat. Friendships are nice to have Tyler but $500,000 is better then $50,000.

The real rockstar

JC will have a great career in movies after B.B. he will make a great hobbit, munchkin, mini me just to name a few.


About as much chance as RockStar being Cinderella.

The real rockstar

Rockstar will make a great step mother for Cinderella.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

We know she’d easily leave her kIds to be on set for 6 months. ON HER DAUGHTER’S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!


Hispanic version of Peter Dinklage. I would watch 😉

Eh eh



I do see JC as having the personality to do well in entertainment, he’s already a dancer. I don’t think it’s much of a stretch for him to start acting. Although like Schwarzenegger, they may have to dub over his lines.


Tyler better be a bit worried about JC in the final two with him. He keeps saying no one can win against Kaycee but as you listen to him making the case of why Tyler owes him, he is showing why he was able to manipulate so many of the house guest to doing what he wanted. He will give a better speech than Kaycee and he should be giving Tyler a chance to see just how he will be giving his final speech to the house guest. Tyler knows talking is not one of Kaycee’s strong point. He really should stick with the plan to take Kaycee because of the two, he has the better chance of talking his way to the big money.
If Tyler chooses Kaycee to take with him, it would show that he did have one core loyalty and that I would respect. If that happened, I wouldn’t mind either winning the money.

Teri in Oregon

Agree. There’s a lot to be said for true loyalty in this game.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Perhaps; he WAS loyal to his true alliance. Sam was never loyal (rogue votes, DR statements, Exit Interview); JC wasn’t 100% loyal either. He did some good work. But he would only take Tyler because he doesn’t want to sit with KC; it’s not loyalty, he’d cut Tyler in a NY minute if he thought he could beat KC. I think Tyler’s true powers of persuasion, being nice about it, no eye rolls and interruptions will serve him well IF (no, please no) he ends up next to JC. JC can’t preach loyalty to all the Hive he had a hand in evicting no more than Tyler or KC can. Especially to Fez.


With JC’s accent and fast talking, the jury may not understand half his speech.


Kaycee will win it all unless she get kick off. Tyler would be stupid to take her to the end if he wins.


I think if it is up to Tyler and he chose JC over Kaycee, I think even Angela would question his intent and may not vote for him. He and Kaycee mentioned their final two. So if he throws that away, she will question how much she could truly trust him. I think he loses if he doesn’t take her.


Plus some of the Hive will believe JC as the mastermind over Tyler. Also some of the hive will hate Tyler/Kaycee because of L6.


I just want Tyler to win the final HOH and have to choose who to take with him. Man, JC is going to be crushed.


Let’s go KC!

King Silva

Haleigh is going to make me a fan of hers slightly if she votes for Tyler to win just like Shelly made me a fan of hers slightly when she voted for the better player no doubt in Rachel over Porsche.

Hopefully she can use her charms over Fessy and Scottie to get them to see the light.

If it is Kaycee/Tyler after seeing the jury house segment I think it will play out this way:

Tyler: Angela, Haleigh, Brett for sure.
Kaycee: Bayleigh, Rockstar for sure.

Swing votes: Scottie, Fessy, Sam, and JC.

I think all four lean more towards voting for Tyler but who knows. Sam and JC could be really bitter. Sam because she is just odd and her mood fluctuates and JC because he could get cut by Tyler at the very last minute which of course would sting. Either way he can justify his vote since Kaycee is still very deserving and a fellow LGBT person.

Having said that I honestly think Tyler deserves to win like 6-3.

My prediction is Tyler wins 5-4.

If it goes reverse than Bayleigh’s vote won’t get read since he should win before it is counted. If it goes in order of who went to jury first than it will be 4-4 with JC’s vote breaking the tie.


JC will be bitter toward whomever wins and doesn’t take him. I believe he will give his vote to the person that doesn’t vote him out. He will not have enough time to see things clearly and will vote based on his emotions.

Eh eh

We’ll see. Lots of ppl on this site mistaking his playing hard for mental control with emotional play.


No I don’t mistake mental control with emotions. He was pissed that Tyler put him on the block. And he made sure he knew it by places Tyler on the block. if Tyler is the one who makes the choice, JC will see it as betrayal because JC honestly believes he brought Tyler along. He doesn’t give Tyler ant credit for game moves. He will see him as ungrateful and he will punish him for that. If he had more time to consider, that might not be the case. But he would go right to the live eviction and won’t have time to talk to anyone. He will play with his emotions.


The only thing that “MIGHT” make a difference is if Tyler is the one who gets to evict JC & at that very moment says: I always planned to take my true F2 to the end so I need to come clean. I made my first F2 on on Day 1 any subsequent F2 was not who I was committed to. He should also tell JC about Level 6 and that Brett was in it, so JC can ruminate over the fact he kept lying to Tyler about what he was telling Brett/KC that was going right back to Tyler. That MIGHT get him JCs vote.


That would make sense if JC has the time to think about it. But usually the last person eliminated goes out and right to the stage. He will have to put his feelings of betrayal aside and vote with logic. Just being on the block with Tyler’s assurance that he wasn’t going out made him angry. Do you really think that hearing that Tyler was the one running things is going to make JC feel ok. He would have to accept it and humble himself. JC has been shown to belittle not only Tyler, but anyone he thinks he is manipulating.
Tyler needs to start counting his votes and see if he will need JC’s vote.

Eh eh

Fessy was always more pro-Tyler than Haleigh was. Scotty likewise. Odd that you’d think one sound bite of H saying she recognized his superior game play means she’s the only one over her emotions but who knows? I do think all 3 will make up their own minds. Scotty might let H do his thinking for him but I don’t see her being the calm, rational one of the three.


Idk if Kaycee is as deserving of the win as people are perceiving. She stepped it up by the middle of the game, winning the hacker and all those vetoes plus an HOH. But has she really orchestrated any evictions? It seemed she just went along with her alliance’s plans. I don’t remember any manipulations on her part, compared to say JC who really played hard to work both sides and get the other side evicted. It seems she was shielded by her alliance, had a good social game b/c she’s naturally low key and likeable, and then began to win comps. That’s decent game play but not at winning level, esp compared to Tyler who played everyone and orchestrated moves on a regular basis. It seems there’s no comparison between the two for me, with Tyler def being the superior player. Unless there’s something I’ve forgotten about Kaycee, please remind me if so.


She played a safe, boring game, had some huge wins for the alliance, like the hacker; however, with the way the next generation of jurors are more sensitive now, that could be what gets the win.

I’m with you though, I like the strategy, manipulation, winning and getting your hands dirty. ‘Young adults’ today in general can’t handle that kind of thing–they’ve been shielded and coddled as children and not prepared for the real world filled with those who where not.


I completely agree with you. I posted the same thing a few days ago. KC did not orchestrate one game move. She lucked into her alliance. The alliance made the moves and strategized and manipulated and she just went along.


KC has won comps and has everyone liking her. If that wins her the game then good on her but I would not call her a great player of the game.


Kaycee played a loyal, team game. She was part of the planning although she wasn’t the driving force, she didn’t need to be. The unanswered question is: what would have happened if Kaycee started with the Hive or L6 tried to cut her earlier. Would she have the ability to orchestrate a power shift? She’s untried in that area. If they bring her back, I see her getting cut early because no one wants to compete against her in the comps.


Join the discussion…Mostly she seemed to go along with whatever the plan was, which had already been devised in most cases by Tyler. He was the one who easily convinced her to go along with the plan to cut Brett. I don’t remember her being involved in any independent active planning of her own. She never tried to work the other side, the way that Brett did (although he did it poorly and it backfired on him).


Derrick explained his “strategy” as waiting for someone to mention a name that wasn’t him and agreeing with them. There was no manipulation needed which is similar to Kaycee’s spot. She didn’t have to work to get threats to her out because no one was really looking to target her. Tyler on the other hand needed certain players out because they wanted him out. What makes the better game? Able to get out the folks that are targeting you or not needing to target a specific person because no one wants you out? It’s a toss up to me.


Each has made a case for winning. JC put ideas into people’s head and did make sure Tyler was not in the line of fire. Kaycee had instrumental wins when needed and play a superior social game. Tyler won a lot in the beginning to keep L6 alive to continue playing. But non of them, including Tyler, would have moved forward without the loyalty of the group. It took each member staying loyal and not question each other to get where they are today. And remember, Kaycee could have knocked Tyler out. It was her loyalty that continued to move Tyler’s game forward. No one should be discounted. Tyler had a lot of protection from those that might not have been so visible. Never underestimate those doing the behind the scenes work. They all are deserving. We just differ in our preference in how we define deserving.


And Tyler had many opportunities (and with several offers of assistance via Brett, JC, Fes, etc.) to get KC out. IMO your comment above – “KC continued to move Tyler’s game forward” is false. Tyler had other relationships on his own that helped him as did his app. I liked Lvl 6/4/3/2 this season but believe without a doubt Tyler deserves first with KC deserving 2nd.


You make some valid points , but aside from Fessy’s HOH JC didn’t do much to keep Tyler safe with the other side. And even in that instance Fes offered Ty a F4 and even discussed replacing Brett with JC (it was Tyler who suggested KC go up as the pawn).

Tyler was the steadying force of L6. Brett & Angela were not well liked and KC lied low until week 9 of the game. Tyler played the middle ground until Angela’s HOH when Brett took over, the difference was Ty played that role to PROTECT L6 while Brett played that role to find a way to disassemble L6.

Personally, I found Tyler to have qualities no one else in the house could match. The two key examples were HOH’s first by Bay – Tyler was able to get her to not even consider nominating him initially or as a renom. Then by Fessy who tried to create a F4 with Ty (+Ang b/c Fessy thought that was his closest person).

Even within his own L6 alliance he had KC as his true F2 and Brett trying to tie him down at what Day 85? and Angela falling in love with him. Suffice to say Tyler has the charm necessary for people to like him, comes across as loyal, genuine and reliable to the point EVERYONE wanted to work with him even Rocky for a brief while – what that means is Tyler had the innate ability to draw people to him & every person in that house wanted to work WITH him. I think that is the true reason why Bay is mad at him simply b/c he didn’t want to work WITH her.

Ultimately the key question to ask yourself is whether Kaycee (or Brett/Angela) could have convinced the other side to not put them up and/or create that same desire to truly want to work with them. That is why Tyler was head & shoulders above every one in the game IMHO.


Completely agree. I love Kaycee. And if she wins. I will be happy for her. But really I think it comes down to what type of game you prefer. There is more than one way to play. More than one way to get to the end and win. Not that any of them are right or wrong. Just each individual preference. My preference is Tyler’s way. Because of the risk involved. His style of play had a target on him early on. Had he not had the relationships and comp wins that he had. He would have gone much earlier. Kaycee and Angela had the luxury of Brett being the target for a while. JC being the middle between them working his agenda which was Tyler’s. So they didnt have to do anything noticeable to the other side. They stayed within their alliance and did show up when Rachel went off the deep end and didn’t allow that to sway their loyalty at all. But again. That wasn’t noticeable to the other side and put no target on them. Which is great if that’s the game you’re playing. Love Kaycee and Angela and the game they played, they played well. Especially once they felt it was time. They demolished everyone. But if I’m voting. It goes to Tyler. Just the risk factor puts him above them. But love all 3 and wish they could have been last 3 standing


Unfortunately, the jurors will only have Tyler’s word for the first half of the game. They only will see what CBS showed them and only from the jury on. It will come down to Tyler crafting his final statement. If he does it well, I believe he will get Hayleigh and Scottie’s vote. Scottie has no ties to Kaycee and wanted to work with Tyler. Even being played, I think he will give it to Tyler because he will know how long Tyler was at this… all game. Bayleigh and Rockstar will vote emotionally. I read Sam’s exit interview and she said she would never trust Tyler again. So she may vote emotionally too. This will be a toss up if it is Tyler and Kaycee in the end. And though I have been rooting for Kaycee for some time, if the two make it to the end, I would be happy for either of them.

The real rockstar

I have to admit that I am impressed that Tyler and Angela kept their relationship classy and not trashy like Swag and Bay.

Elizabeth Warren Groped Me as a Teenager

Big mistake not getting rid of Tyler….


Lol, I love the titles to your posts. I am guessing you are a Rush baby.


Tyler will have to explain all of his final 2’s. If he sticks w KAycee, he can say he honored the original final 2, all the others were people coming to him with the deal. What is he going to do, say No? If he told people “no, I can’t promise a final 2”. He would be voted out by those people. It would look suspicious. If he can get over that hump, he will win.


JC is really the only one he has to address b/c Brett didn’t ask him until Day 84 or 85, Sam can STFU b/c she made F2 pinkie swears with Fessy, Rocky, Scottie, Brett, JC & Tyler that I know of AND Tyler can say as soon as jury started you purposely tried to do things like shift votes knowing they wouldn’t to plant seeds with the evictee to gain their vote. You can play the naive card Sam but your ability to recall seasons & how you shifted your game play as soon as jury started speaks otherwise.

As for JC all he has to say is I honored my first F2 and can you tell me you made no other F2s? You and I both know you made a F2 with Brett & with KC which is why you mad Brett got cut b/c you wanted to go to F4 with three F2s up your sleeve. So, just like I would imagine was your true F2 – that is who KC was to me.


What a great season. Even tho I do not care for the Hive personality and how they could not be loyal to each other and always arguing. It wouldn’t have been the same without them. There wasn’t anyone that I just couldn’t tolerate. And all the feels from L6(3) Their loyalty and trust and friendship was top notch. Then add their comp wins to that. Angela and Tyler’s relationship was adorable. Angela’s eviction should have shown those haters who she is if they aren’t completely blinded by their hate. Classy, beautiful and strong. Completely different than some others. Just so happy we finally got a season that most of us can agree was fantastic. Hope next season doesn’t disappoint. But I’m good for a while now with this one.

Brett's Butt Plug

Brett for AFP!!!

Brett's Butt Plug

Tyler double crosses KC


He will lose Kaycee and maybe Angela’s vote. Sam will see he is less loyal and also won’t vote for him. He needs to play the end loyal. I think he has a good chance at Hayleigh and Scottie’s vote for game play. But if he ends this cutting the last person he has talked about being loyal to, then even his group will not vote for him. Angela will not be able to argue on his behalf and won’t be able to use L6 as a strategy if he was the one who got rid of the last reminding L6 member if it was in his hands to make the choice. He either stays loyal or has to hope JC does his dirty work. He can’t be the one to cut her.

another name

Why wouldn’t JC believe he has masterminded every breath every house guest took since week one? It is, afterall what they’ve been getting him to read from his script in d/r every week.
Somebody is buying their own edit.


“I think we were out there for an hour or probably less.” I guess the days when endurance comps were really endurance, lasting anywhere from four to fourteen hours, are gone. Somehow, hanging on something for less than an hour just isn’t very impressive.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Now that both Tyler and Kaycee have revealed their alliance to Angela I don’t see any way they don’t take each other to final 2. The Jury knows Tyler was making moves before most of them even knew who Kaycee was. I would be happy to see either win but Kaycee was an agent of Tyler’s plan, not the other way around. JC is just an unpleasant afterthought. I really want to see his face when L6 is explained to him and his realization that he was Tyler’s dumb puppet.

My Take

Which would be karma because JC considered Faysal to be HIS dumb puppet.


Tyler’s biggest msitake might be taking Kaycee to final 2 if he wins the last HOH. I do think Kaycee and Tyler are thinking of taking each other to final 2. It will be a toss-up between Kaycee and Tyler as in how bitter the jury is. Kaycee really hasn’t burned anyone upfront all behind the scenes and been pretty nice to everyone. Tyler’s done more backstabbing. I think she might win even though I think Tyler should.


Does any body know what time Angela episode of off the block comes on. I kinda want to see what she will say and who she thinks played a better game either Kaycee or tyler


Dawg! You and Simon deserve many, many kudos!! How you guys get through the live feeds and manage to not go crazy while listening to some of these people eat is beyond me. I couldn’t live in that house – between the loud chomping sounds and chewing with their mouths open. From JC eating the crackers, going way back to Bayleigh crashing her spoon into a bowl 25 times, bless you both!


There’s a lot less cereal munching this season…

The Beef

So is the part 2 the damn wall/puzzle competition where the competitors are wearing harnesses and the off-camera production crew basically haul their asses up and down the wall to place the correct answers? I wish they actually had to do the climbing themselves because I know Kaycee would smoke JC’s ass in a real competition like that and I’m afraid that JC is so small they will be hauling him up and down that wall at the speed of light, giving him a significant advantage over her.

Get him Kaycee!

The real rockstar

I think Tyler gets Pauled no matter who sits next to him at the end. This jury can care less how great of a game he played. They will find out that mada sexual comment to a girl in the first grade and want him disqualified

Backseat Driver

Simon-Dawg….. Can I use your link to Amazon anytime or only during BB season?
Love you guys and your reporting!


It’s over. Just write the check to Tyler and cancel the finale. KC should have picked Angela if she had any chance of winning but she was too dumb to see it.


I think she has a pretty good chance. We’ll see.


I’d prefer to see JC in the final 2 against Tyler, just to test whether it’ll be a bitter jury voting, or one that votes on game play and strategy. Kaycee will easily beat JC and Tyler. Tyler and Kaycee are evenly matched in social game and competition domination.