Last Monday in the BB20 house

HOH Part 1 WINNER: Tyler

HOH Part 2 WINNER: Kaycee

HOH Part 3: Tyler Vs Kaycee

Not Much happening.. Kaycee and Tyler are going to the end. Finale is Wednesday. Let us know your predictions in the comments. AFP, Winner, who will be the most annoying on Social media, Who will get the most hate who will get the most love?

9:06am zzzzzz

10:05am Wake up time

10:24am Kaycee up and about.. This is usually Sam’s time. it’s now Kaycee’s

(Ugh Folgers.. This is enough to keep me off the show.. )

Waiting for Coffee…

Tie dye bandannas


9:10pm Tyler and Kaycee comment on the house guests that have secrets. Tyler – so the secrets are that Rockstar and Scottie are related. Kaycee – I wonder if there are any secrets that we don’t already know. Tyler – for sure. Kaycee – because we found out a lot of secrets. Tyler – without a doubt there has got to be more. Sam is probably ex-military. Winston is a twin. Kaycee – I know one of Haleigh’s. She had to tell us undercover. Tyler – oh so its not really a secret. Its not a for tv secret. So its not a tv secret. Kaycee – its a family secret. Tyler – that’s not a part of the show. Kaycee – she told me and Angela but she had to secretly do it. Tyler – without her mic, you know that they hear everything. Kaycee – she mouthed it and put her head down. I got it at first and Angela couldn’t get it. I’m like what?! Its so simple. Tyler – her family is famous? Kaycee – I want to tell you but I’m just trying to figure out how. Tyler – so no one knows about it in the outside world? Kaycee – not many people. Kaycee grabs a juice bottle and points at letters to spell out something. Tyler – her? Kaycee – yes, but different situation. Tyler – I was reading the words .. I southern bud developer. (I have no idea what she was spelling out.)

9:42pm Kitchen. Kaycee and Tyler. Kaycee – has he been extra.. Tyler – yeah he is playing all angles. He is really confident that I will take him. Kaycee – really? Tyler – yeah. He’s like if you change your mind just let me know. I don’t want you crying during the live show and telling me to go. I’ll be a man. I don’t know if he is just trying to say that so he can have time or whatever. Kaycee – he is trying to covering all angles. Tyler – he is going to know eventually … I am not going to have him sit there in final 2 and be like yeah JC I would have taken you. I am not going to do that. Kaycee – yeah. All you can do is be vague and not make any promises. Tyler – yeah, in his head its just been him and I .. like he didn’t know about Level 6. Its going to be such a shock to him. Kaycee – it is.. its going to be such a shock. Tyler – I am prepared for that. Kaycee – everything is going to be okay. Its just a game. He will respect it. Its not like your friendship isn’t real. We had something from the beginning. He will understand. He will be pissed either way but he will get over it. Tyler – he will be fine. Its all going to make sense. Kaycee – it will. He is going to feel so left out and feel like he did so much work. Tyler – in his head he was pretending to work with the other side and I was pretending to work with you guys. I needed him to keep him thinking that. He will be pissed when he knows that I was only really with you guys. Kaycee – but he has to respect that we had an alliance since day 3. It will all make sense to him. He is smart. Tyler – he has always played it up that we are a team.

10:20pm The final 3 head to bed. Tyler – I’m not going to entertain you .. go to sleep. JC “I’m not sleepy”

10:50pm The final 3 are now sleeping..

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Most annoying on or off social media- JC by a landslide. Swaggy WHO? may try to make a second place.
Most hate- JC (hate is a strong word here. JC does need some social skills coaching on his mouth brake)
AFP- Tyler
No matter the outcome of BB20 what I most wish to say is THANKS Dawg and Simon for all your time, efforts, eye pain, along with some brain pain helping us through the season. A job, once again, well done And appreciated.


Agree on all counts. Simon – Dawg, do we keep using the Amazon account for all of our holiday purchases to support the site? Also you might want to start a site “”. Many of us are going to be going through withdrawals and need sober coaches.


The links work all year long, so feel free to use them for your purchases throughout the year.


Peet’s Coffee is what I can’t live without.


Swaggy is already most annoying on social media!

Big brother fan

I think Angela deserves to be America’s favorite player this season….. she was second in command for one of the greatest/likable alliances ever …..she was confident, secure, played a great game, kept it real and most importantly owned her sh*t!!!!

What’s not to love

She deserves it!!!!


I agree. I use my 10 votes daily to vote for her for AFP


Enough people disagree for her to not be the winner. Some people love her but there are plenty who only see a mean girl. No way she wins AFP.


RE: Difference of opinion

I differ with pretty much all of the people watching Big Brother. I find that JC was the most entertaining and funniest contestant by far. If any Hollywood producer is paying attention, JC is the kind of eccentric that you can cast as the weird next door neighbor to pretty much anybody and he will pop in and make people laugh with his accent, warped mind, appearance, tone and antics. Every writer in Hollywood must dream of being given a character like JC to work with. The jokes just write themselves.
Most hated for me is easily Tyler. His style of play was retarded. Let’s make final two deals with everybody is a style of play that will usually get you second place. Tyler’s other strategy: let’s pretend to be heterosexual and make a mean girl fall in love with me… may result in Tyler dying in a grease fire as the mean girl burns his house down with him in it. Angela will wake up to the reality of Tyler’s sexual orientation and kick him in the groin. I don’t expect the fans back home in Fessy-land to grasp this. To most viewers, Tyler is their favorite player and a virile heterosexual stud.
I found the stupidity of Fessy amusing. However, the stupidity of Kaycee very late in the game is more frustrating. In final 4, she could have evicted Tyler but chose to evict Angela (the one girl who is despised with a passion by every girl on the jury). Kaycee is dumber than a bag of rocks but I still like her as a person.
If Tyler is rational, then he should take JC to the final two if he wins the final HOH. Geniuses like JC count on players doing what is in their own best interest. Tyler should be smart enough to know that Kaycee has no blood on her hands and a number of feminist social justice jurors eager to vote for anything but a white man to win Big Brother. If Tyler does not see that, then he hands $450,000 to Kaycee for his mistake. I don’t feel sorry for Tyler, but I do feel sorry for JC who positioned himself brilliantly to have a shot at final two and simply expected these two dolts to do what’s in their OWN best interest come the end game. It’s possible that Tyler surprises me and cuts Kaycee loose. It’s possible production spends some time dropping little hints (like actual footage of the jury discussing who deserves to win). I mean, their hints would have to be as subtle as an airplane crash on your front lawn on a quiet Sunday morning to awaken an imbecile like Tyler and prevent his $450,000 mistake. But I don’t put anything past production. Production is the biggest player in every season of Big Brother (and the one the contestants are not even allowed to talk about).

Level 6 Lover

You are entitled to you opinions, but not your hatred. I disagree with almost everything you posted but I’m not going to call you names or assume your sexuality. If most people have a different opinion than yours, maybe you should look deeper into why that is.

Smitten Kitten

You’d have to be able to understand JC without subtitles for him to be that wacky, eccentric neighbor that gets a laugh.

Not being snarky, just being honest.

BB Fan

Go ahead Smitten and be snarky. JC is an ass

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

And so is gullible1.

Eh eh

Smitten, that’s ridiculous. Once you get around a little, meet more than one latino with an accent like 99% of the country has, it’s pretty easy to understand. Except maybe for “yatus”. Give you that one.

Ann L. Sekks

1- I find it amazing that people here still think tyler is straight! He is not. Look at his instagram.
2- KC made a horrible move keeping tyler
3- jc for the win!


There is nothing on his Instagram that shows he’s gay. Only 2 that deserve to be in top 2 are Kaycee and Tyler. JC won’t win because he hasn’t done anything.


Ann L. Sekks,

Most people are too naive or too lazy to know any better. The very first thing I saw when I went to Tyler’s instagram was a note by a gay friend of his named Andrew who is a life long friend and has a boyfriend. When I clicked on andrew’s name to get to his instagram profile, I saw a photo of two EXTREMELY gay looking male lovers/partners (andrew and his lover-boy). But the last time I tried verifying, his gay best friend’s instagram had switched to private or for his friends only. BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER.
Now Tyler takes vacations with these two gay lovers and they are among his closest and best friends. He also loves to take photos with many other gay looking men (just Tyler and another flamboyant fruit). Normally, a gay man’s orientation is not my business. HOWEVER, when that gay man is so low and devious as to pretend to be in love with a girl simply to advance his game or to bolster his image…then I’m going to call b.s.
As you know, Tyler is AMERICA’S FAVORITE. who votes? Old ladies, teenage girls and tween girls. Who will they vote for? A man who can be believable as a teen heart-throb. Tyler pretending to be straight is no problem if he’s not trying to get very vulnerable women who cannot love easily or open up to fall in love with his gay butt. I really do feel for Angela. I hope he will come clean to her. If not, I hope a real man like JC is there to set Angela straight after all of this is over.

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

Such a ridiculous comment! I have gay friends too. They are my friends first and foremost! So if “birds of a feather…,” does that make all hetero’s homophobic? Or just YOU?? And how do you explain Tyler’s DR’s? Is he playing America too? His physiological reactions as he describes his relationship to Angela are genuine, not contrived as if to “play gay” behind the scenes too!

Cray Cray

Who would want to cast JC when he doesn’t even listen or follow rules production has. Sexual Assalting people, he’s a liability.

Eh eh

snowflake alert


Please feel free to continue to believe the sun rises from the West. Wow.


Your choice of the word retarded is offensive. Wake up loser.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

It’s not your opinions, it’s your nasty attacks towards us and you know NOTHING about any of us. AND I might add, as much as I personally get a kick out of JC and don’t take his politically incorrectness seriously, no Hollywood director is going to touch that … have you ever heard of a little known female comedian named Rosanne? The speech police will destroy you in a heart beat and JC would be too big of a liability for sanctimonious Hollywood.

Eh eh

Hollywood sanctimony depends entirely on political stance & hating the people you’re told to hate. Samantha Bee for contrast. That said, I don’t know JC’s politics. If he’s a patriotic American, then yes, Hollywood will hate him.

BB Fan From Forever

This will be an unusually fun finale for BB, because nobody can figure out who will win. For some reason, Kaycee & Tyler think JC would win over them. He’s such a talker, he might could talk his way into a win, because he truly believes he masterminded most of the moves. Tyler must be frustrated more than he lets on, about JC! lol I cannot decide if Kaycee or Tyler will win! Tyler taking JC to F2 is hard to imagine, and Kaycee doing it, I can’t imagine, at all! Enjoyed the season, everyone. This is one of the best BB sites around! Thanks for the entertainment! My hubby orders almost everything from Amazon. I’ll tell him to check on listing OnlineBigBrother as his charity.

Eh eh

Agree on JC but your passionate hatred for Tyler isn’t even trying to appear rational.

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

How does he hand Kaycee $450,000?? She would still get the full $500,000! I get that it’s a $450k mistake, but it’s not HIS money and she doesn’t lose $50k.

Pennsylvania Goes Red

I think Bayleigh is the most annoying and I hope Tyler or Kaycee wins and a Level 6 member gets AFP.

Eh eh

Interesting that the HGs love him. Of anyone I’d enjoy hanging with it would have to be him, then Brett. I guess a sense of humour doesn’t make me seethe.


Tyler for the win. Tyler or Angela for America’s Faavorite Player!

Big brother fan

Angela for AFP – played the best game from all the jury members won the most comps and got the most blood on her hands.

Sweet Sweet Baby Bird with a Man Bun

I agree JC is most annoying. Winner of BB20 will be Kaycee. Hands down. She has the least amount of blood on her hands.

Eh eh

You JC haters would genuinely rather be locked in a house with any of Bay, Rocks, sulky Hayleigh or even volatile Sam? Because of a little sexual humour? The level of sensitivity on this board amazes me.

JC is Pervy

Angela is 2nd in the ranking? I doubt it…….

Big brother fan

She kicked ass as a big brother player while overcoming stereotypes. She was confident, and not insecure like the overwhelming majority of this cast (HIVE/ Foutee), And destroyed that alliance prior to leaving in the final four. More importantly SHE THRIVED like none other when it came to people hating her. She is the rightful winner of America’s favorite. Because she owned her SH*T !!!!


There’s no predicting AF because we have no clue how the votes get spread out…and that being said I’d doubt Tyler/Angela’s chances because they likely split each other’s vote.

Say you have Hive fans and I’d venture to guess you could see some unanimity with Haleigh having lasted the longest but who knows how it splits, meanwhile the people who just watch CBS and don’t realize Sam is a massive phony (and bats**t crazy) might fall for her “character”….and even though folks her find JC annoying, CBS’ edit makes him incredibly funny/entertaining.

Who knows how votes shake out….

CPAC Nation

Sam was phony but nobody was as fake as Hayleigh or as mean as Bayleigh.


I am hoping for a Tyler win but I only see that happening if he is next to JC. If he is next to Kaycee it is to close to call. It all depends on the questions how he answers and if the jury values game. So we can rule out votes from bay, block and Fes. It is the remaining peeps that will be the key to his winning.

Team Tyler

JC will win if he’s in the final 2… a repeat of last season. The weak contestant taking home the prize. I’m okay with either Tyler or Kaycee since they both deserve to win… but not JC please.

Eh eh

To me they’re all likeable. Tyler’s strategy should be rewarded with a win if there’s not too much butthurt but I kind of would enjoy seeing JC take it if only for the fact it would piss off so many people on the board here who have yet to present one rational reason for their JC-hate. The dude’s been consistently clever, wildly entertaining, and all the descriptions & predictions of him losing control emotionally when put on the block have been pure wishful fiction. All they’ve got is that he was a bit crude & rebellious, and nagged beloved Tyler a lot (that may be the one biggest reason he’s hated here) but nothing compared to the annoyance factor of that pot-banging lunatic crybaby Josh. I can admit his win was a travesty; he was carried to the end because he was such a mess nobody would vote for him except out of spite.


I think Tyler has a shot at winning ONLY if he takes Kaycee. Otherwise, he may lose the level 6 votes for being disloyal. It’s a much better argument for gameplay if you can apologize to everyone for voting them out because you were honoring the final two deal you made on day 1 or 2. Kaycee isn’t much of a talker so he will have a better chance of swaying the jury against her. Also, I don’t think CBS wants JC in the final two because of the inappropriate behavior.

BB Fan

Couldn’t have said that better Kay

who me?

Sometimes talking too much is their downfall. Look at Paul…both seasons he was on.


Paul’s big problem was he didn’t really claim or acknowledge responsibility for anything negative including the evictions. Tyler needs to let the evicted house guests know he was pivotal in their evictions, if he waffles and Kaycee claims it she may get more respect from those willing to accept game moves.

Eh eh

Yes he did. He boasted of responsibility for the “negative” things because they were good for his game. And Paul was correct, that’s how you make it to the end. Same failure to coddle people who let their emotions trump their respect for the game also cost Russell Hantz 2 Survivor wins.

Eh eh

Tyler vs Kaycee: Blockstar, Bay, & a freshly betrayed JC should be assumed to vote for K, Angela the only sure lock for T. The other 5 need only a little bitterness for Tyler’s chances to be shot. If Sam & Brett feel sore, that could be enough. As a superfan I’d hope Scottie respects Tyler’s social mastery. Fes always seemed to respect Tyler’s game & Haleigh may have come around but Bay & Rocks will certainly be pushing the argument that hiding in the background til near the end, relying on others to take shots and then winning important comps, especially POVs to keep noms the same is better strategy (assuming you have people around you willing & capable of the moves the rest of L6 & JC made).

My Two Cents

JC clearly thinks that he’s responsible for Tyler making it to the final 3, and has said as much. His reaction to being told about Level 6 and Kaycee & Tyler’s F2 is going to be EPIC! I wish they’d go ahead and muster the courage to tell him. That would surely liven up the feeds til Wednesday’s show.

BB Fan

Can’t wait to see him lose it


No, I want them to wait until just before the live show. Really want to see how CBS handled him if he loses it on the live show.

Hi My Name Is Scott

Most annoying on social media will be Swayleigh combo. Depends on how they present themselves on finale night but could see Blockstar being so annoying and ranting her longstanding rants and complaining about who won and Swayleigh being obnoxious on the after show interviews and they will generate some disgust. Kaycee should generate a lot of love win lose of draw along with Tyier.

Win tossup between Tyler and Kaycee could be 5-4 vote. AVP will be Kaycee if she loses. Could be Brett if she wins because how he saved himself from sure eviction early and kept in till the final 5.


in my opinion….
Most Annoying: Big brother fans who thought Swaggy C was a douche bag but Winston was a saint….. also Fessy… for thinking he was a smart person putting up friends
Most Hated: JC the Creep….
AFP for me was scottie.. not only was he blindsided twice but no one gave him proper recognition…
winner kaycee…. everyone pretty much hates btoh tyler and jc… Kaycee wins… shes getting 500k


Hardly anybody hates Tyler…..

CPAC Nation

I’m pretty sure JC is going to hate Tyler after Wednesday.


Some people thought Winston was a saint? Are those the hive rejects?


Both Winston and Swaggy were douche bags Swaggy was just a bigger one


This whole thing is dragging on and on so much that I am among probably many others are probably thinking at this point who cares??????????


It should also start earlier. Down south, our summer starts end of May.


I would vote for a Phoenix summer long Big Brother. St. Patricks’s day thru Thanksgiving !!!


I’m tempted to look him up but I’m not sure I really want to know…it’s like a train wreck.

Eh eh

What did Winston do besides give a cranky exit interview after his L6 blindside? Bang a histrionic race-baiting misanthrope in the shower?

Big brother fan

America’s Favorite player should go to the jury member that played the best game who was willing to get blood on their hands and go against a good if not the whole majority of the house

I know there has been a large following for Brett to win AFP over recent weeks, with only two days remaining. I clearly think Angela deserves to win America’s favorite, because she clearly played the best game out of all the jury members.

On a game level she outplayed Brett in a classic big brother fashion, by backdooring a terrific game player. Currently Tied for the most HOHs in the house. She deserves it because she had the upper hand on him and played a better game. And how she won a lot of comps with having the whole house against her and still making the final four.

As a game player – she is the most deserving for it.

From a game perspective she was a hell of a player and by far and a way the stongest jury member as she completed outsmarted and more importantly OUTLASTED all of them and she deserves that consolation especially since all of them wanted her to from the beginning.


This isn’t Survivor. AFP is for who we liked best

Big brother fan

She played Brett like a Spade, sorry you like popularity contest and not a better overall game players that destroyed people who had it out for them in week one and had a harder road outplaying stereotypes from the beginning and still making it to final 4.

But I guess In reference to you it’s cool when Janelle and Frank do it in their respective seasons, but not Angela.



Interesting is you making up all these thoughts as if they were mine. You must be a hoot IRL. I didn’t give my opinion as to who should be AFP. Just that it’s for who we like and not exclusively for your (very strong) opinion. Don’t take yourself so seriously.

Big brother fan

…Not a fan of strong game players I guess….

Just an interesting take that’s all

Big brother fan

You’ve been Thunderstruck !!!


Thumb’s up because I actually sang “THUNDERSTRUCK” in my best AC/DC voice and I nailed it.

Eh eh

Final 5 vs final 4, what a huge difference in strong game play THAT was. The difference, btw, was Tyler.

BB Fan

If you have been reading these threads you would realize that the majority of people here like and respect Angela!!!!!


I like Angela but I don’t see her as AFP. She played a great game but this award is about who was liked for whatever reason. If she was liked because she was a calculating game player, just a mean girl who entertained us with her harshness, or because she was hot then she can win. Game play is what the prize money is for and AFP is just because they entertained us. Fez and his HoH made me consider him…I mean seriously, one of those two tried to keep your ally in the house so you put them up to see if you can get the truth?! It’s like starting an overeaters anonymous next to a bakery.

Karen V

As a game player, yes. But not very likable or fun to watch. To me that’s what AFP is about.

Big brother fan

She was confident, secure, who was great game player and kept it real.
Most importantly she owned her sh*t.

What’s not to love?

Angela for AFP

who me?

She never “owned” her shit. Everytime she was HOH she spent the majority of her time hiding out in the HOH room. Instead sending out Tyler, Kaycee and yes, even JC to do the dirty work. That is not “owning” the game play. I have zero respect for someone that doesn’t own their play. So with the F3 we have I hope Kaycee wins it. She did great at comps when she finally needed to, was social with everyone, and was one of the few F3’s that didn’t lie about every single move they made.

Big brother fan

She totally did and you know it because she wasn’t afraid to speak her mind and didn’t kiss the ass of people who had it out for her. Was getting called out week one from the other side and yet she completely destroyed the alliance by winning 3 HOHs to KCs one. Unlike Kaycee , Kc never used the power for any of her vetoes, if you look she never changed the nominations, didn’t make any big moves . For Angela she was willing to make bold moves with getting all the blood on her hands. Aka Brett in using the veto to backdoor him. Winning all the power to backdoor bayLeigh even when she has a power app!!! And going after Fes and Haleigh who were strong physical competitors with her second HOH when she promised the week before that they were cool. Instead goes right at them to take them out when it would have been smarter for her to throw the HOH!!!! In all three of those big moves Angela used her power when she won it, that is getting blood on your hands. That is owning your game!!!

Eh eh

That is generally what gets a person a good chance of winning the game but AFP could include entertainment value.

who me?

If Kaycee wants to 100% no doubt win it, she has to beat Tyler in the last comp and take JC, otherwise I don’t think she will win it


Um what? Just the opposite. She wins the game if Tyler wins the final HOH because she will get JC’s vote.

Smitten Kitten

Either way, she can’t win AFP if she ends in first or second place & we already know it will be Kaycee & Tyler in the end, so there’s no way that she can win it.

BB Fan

I didn’t know that was a rule. I thought anyone could get AFP.


I believe it’s been changed and anyone is eligible.

Buh Bye

That rule has changed. Anyone can be AFP now.


That has changed this year. First and second place ARE eligible.

Smitten Kitten

That’s awesome, thanks for the heads up guys!
Why shouldn’t the person who played best be able to get AFP as well??
It shouldn’t go to whoever got the 3rd most votes by default, just because 1st & 2nd place winners aren’t eligible.

I always thought that was a ridiculous rule & I’m glad they’ve finally changed it.


And why can’t she? All houseguests (even the F2) are eligible to win AFP


jc needs to be 3rd place so he doesn’t get a dime!!!!!!

thanks simon and dawg!!!!!!!!!!!!


Third place gets 10k plus their weekly stipend


What does 4th thru 6th place get?


4th gets 5k and the stipend 5th gets 2500 and the stipend 6th just gets the stipend



BB Fan From Forever

I’ve been wondering about this. How do you know, if you don’t mind my asking?


they have talked about it on the live feeds it was a change they made this year to try and help the i just want to make it to jury mentality that has been the mindset by most the last couple seasons


Different from what heard earlier this season. It was that 3rd does get 10K but 4th gets 7.5K and 5th gets 5K. Either way I am glad that the last 5 get more that those that went to the jury first.
If fact I wish there was a progressive bonus for all those in jury, the longer you stay in house the more money you get.


From what I’ve been told, the stipend is better for jury because they get paid the weeks they are there. My understanding is that others’ stipends end once evicted (the ones evicted pre jury).


Yea the pre jury hgs receive the stipend till they are evicted the jurors keep receiving the stipend even after evicted from what I understand the stipend is between 750 to 1000 a week and includes the week of sequester before moving in

BB Fan

Last year all BB19 we’re talking about was making it to jury and all the money they would make.

70 MO

I thought what they meant by, “making it to the jury,” was not getting evicted before they, “made it to the jury.” Once evicted, the stipends stop unless one is in the jury house. They did not want their stipends to end.


true thats why they added the 3rd thru 5th incentive this year


AFP. Tyler or Brett (I like Brett for this)
Winner. Tyler. (It will be close)
Most annoying. Rockstar uggh.
Jc and San right behind her
Most disliked. (My opinion) Bayleigh and rockstar
Tyler will get the most love Very good edit for him, but it wasn’t a stretch from the truth
Kaitlynn will (or already did) get the most hate. Or JC for his groping.
Most moronic. Fes
Most envious. Rockstar
Most likely to go to amazing race. Tyler / Angela
Great season! Thanks guys for the updates!!


When do they play part 3 of the hoh?


Sam is a cross between The Beverly Hillbillies and Deliverance.


lmfao…over and over…best ZING yet!


You have a purdy showerhead…

Kid Rock


Karen V

He should


I must admit, I thought the same thing. Smart move actually.


I believe Tyler will win the season and win AFP (MAYBE MAYBE Kaycee might pull out the win for the season). JC will get the most hate. “Swaggy C” is already the most annoying on social media and i don’t see anyone else surpassing him.


Tyler is more than likely going to be one of the two left. I don’t think Tyler will think about throwing it because he figures they both will see it as a game move.


I believe he will be in F2 as well, but f2 can also win AFP this year according to production and I see him doing both


Most annoying. Swagleigh. A close second. Rockstar.
Most hated. JC
Most liked. Tyler. Kaycee.
Winner. $500,000. Tyler.
AFP. Tyler.

I do think Tyler should win. He led Level 6 from the beginning.
Getting Kaitlyn to vote out Steve.
Then Swaggy.
These 2 evictions set up the discord and paranoia for Foutte, Hive.
Tyler won key vetoes in the beginning.
He was privvy to lots of info…didn’t lose his cool…and was working from the beginning.
KayCee is a worthy second place winner.
Took a long time to win..and never made decisions.
Therefore never had a target on her back for more than 65 days.
A loyal soldier..not a leader or planner.
Without Tyler….Level 6 could not have survived. JC was important in that he was tied to one else.
And so Tyler and JC planned who would be evicted. Apart from Brett.
JC was important for turning the votes against Bayleigh.
Also pushing Fess to put up Scottie.
After that…it was a clean sweep for Level 6.

LA in LA

Winner: Kaycee
Most Annoying: Rockslobster
Most Hated: Scuzzy C and/or Bitchleigh
AFP: Brett
Most Love: Tyler


AFP- Tyler, the masses love surfer (seeming) dudes, I’m voting for Kaycee though.
Winner – I think Tyler wins, will depend on how each answers the jury’s questions, Tyler is definitely the better public speaker, if he can make them understand his moves he wins. Kaycee, though the most genuine person in there, won’t be able to convince anyone of anything
Who will be the most annoying on Social media, I don’t follow anyone after the show is over but probably Swaggy or Rockstar, they get their kicks by being trolls
Who will get the most hate who will get the most love? Most love will be Kaycee for being super cool and Tyler and Angela’s relationship, we’ll all be watching to see what happens next!
Most hate will go to anyone denying L6 is awesome and one of the most fun alliances to watch in BB history.

Ann L. Sekks

Should the 3rd competition be midget lawn darts of JC? I know we live in a politically correct world, but I think we are all adults. A JC midget lawn dart comp could be the most exciting BB comp in history. JC would wear the hockey helmut with a spear on his head, there would be a target, and they would toss JC high the air or shoot him out of a cannon to the target for points. Any thoughts?

The Beef

First bowling and now lawn darts? Clearly you are just trolling. No need to put the “Any thoughts?” at the end to try and stimulate reaction. Have fun coming up with your next faux “little person” competition.

Ann L. Sekks

Beef, no need to drink the haterade. I will come up with another one you can support.


Looks like someone really wants a hug.


Jc wanted Tyler to shave his armpits because, he wants to lick his armpit finally night. I am going to really enjoy seeing JC’s face when he finds out that Tyler and Angela are a couple

Ann L. Sekks

Couple??? Tyler is gay


Your childish name says it all how you like to take it. You greatly underestimate your stupidity similar to the JiveHive.

Ann L Sekks

Says the person named after the dumbest player in BB history.


The irony of my name is lost on you obviously. Man alive, you must struggle everyday just tightening the velcro straps on your shoes.

Ann L. Sekks

Says the guy whose mom puts him in a hockey helmut and leash when she takes you to the mall……….

Haleigh's Melanoma

Only in your fevered dreams.


Some things that made me laugh.
JC’s fall from the tree comp. Like a marionette drifting down forever.
Rocks victory dance at OTEV…then getting wrong answer.
Rocks telling KayCee sorry..that she wasn’t supposed to go home.
Hayleigh..drunk in the bath…telling Tyler she won’t put him on the block. Tyler * Well, you can’t. I won Veto.
Hayleigh’s awkward bunny hop when seeing Level 6 do a victory dance.
Fessie’s jump out of bed, with his hair on end..when Kaitlyn catches him snuggling with Hayleigh.
Brett’s speech to Scottie..saying your arms are like glazed hams.
JC mimicking Tyler speaking to Julie on early tuesday eviction night surprise.
Fessie almost wrecking the pool table whilst spying on Hay and Brett on the hammock
Rocks blasting Sam for calling her * Blockstar *

There are many more..just a few that come to mind.


Winner: Tyler
AFP: Tyler (although I think KC is deserving)
Most Annoying: JC….by a mile!
Most Hate: A tie!…..Bayleigh/Rockstar
Most Love: KC

The thing about AFP this year is….with 2 deserving players in F2, you don’t know who’s going to win so you don’t know who to vote for. I’d like to see a Tyler win & if that was likely, I’d give KC my vote for AFP. But for the first time in years, it’s a toss up. So I’m voting Tyler for AFP just in case KC wins.

Loved this season!!!!

Huge Thanks to Simon & Dawg for all their hard work!!! You guys have the best spoiler site on the web!!!


Tyler for the win and AFP
Most annoying HGs: Swagz, Snottie, Blockhead, Sam
Most annoying soc media: Swagz, Kaitlyn
Most amusing HG: Brett, JC
Most blood: Angela, Kaitlyn, Tyler
Most delusional: Bayleigh, Fez, Sam
Most love for: KC
Mastermind//best gameplay: Tyler

The real rockstar

Rockstar need to trademark the phrase on my daughter’s birthday. That’s got to be one of the greatest lines ever on TV.

Haleigh's Melanoma

For all of Rockstar’s envy and bitching about not being able to use her name, Angie Lantry, because of Angela, NOBODY would ever remember her real name, and NOBODY, no matter how hard they try, will ever forget ROCKSTAR.

Team Tyler

Thanks for the update. Can’t wait to see if my bet (Tyler) can talk himself to a win.


It’s really interesting to look back throughout the season and review my HG rankings for houseguests. (Any that see my posts from the start know I rank the HGs each week.) Just as in real life, my opinion of things changes as time goes by because I take into consideration gameplays, non-gameplays, interaction among houseguests, their personal platforms, etc. I do watch the live feeds, but not 24/7 like some do. I appreciate being able to turn to Simon, Dawg, and the OBB regulars to fill me in on what I miss.

I also love the OBB ranking grid to keep track of comp wins and overall ratings from OBBers.

One thing that didn’t change this season was Tyler being my frontrunner. I definitely changed my opinion of Sam as time went on (she is not meant for this game by any means).

I’ve always thought that BB has a cruel way of showing the worst in everyone. It’s part of the social experiment, I suppose. But, I am very pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable this season has been. It’s proof that there doesn’t have to be a bunch of hate and toxicity floating around in the house in order to have great game.

In the end, I see only winners in that jury house. If they see it in another way, they need to change their mindset. Faysal, Scottie, and Rockstar have the highest chance of coming out no “better” than when they went in, but we have no way of really knowing that to be true. The experience, alone, is a win. However, I suspect many will face a lot of negativity. I hope they can shrug it all off and focus on the positive. I wish them all well.

JC seems to be the type that is used to losing. Many predict he will become worse outside the BB game, but I don’t think that will happen. I hope JC finds unconditional love, even though he is super annoying.

If Sam can rise above the criticism, she will be fine. She is such an intriguing person (mostly to herself) LOL

Brett was always going to be just fine. That sort of confidence & charisma will serve him well. (I started out really disliking him, but ended up appreciating him more than I could have ever anticipated.)

Haleigh has her whole life ahead of her. She held herself very well in the game, especially for being so young. She’s mature beyond her years, and that will serve her future well.

Yet, there are a few losses we cannot ignore…

Scottie loses any possibility to appear for CBS future projects. He is such a master at self sabotage!

Faysal lost his “sort-of” substitute teaching job, and prospects for future jobs in education are doubtful. I also doubt there will be a true romance with Haleigh (Sorry Fessie, but Haleigh is way too smart for you).

Rockstar lost the time with her kids AND the opportunity to learn and grow (maybe she will surprise us on finale with a true enlightenment, but I’m not holding my breath)

But, Bayleigh and Swaggy C lose nothing, because they get exactly what they deserve…each other +1. LOL

I predict that Kaycee will win the game and Tyler will win AFP.

I am sad to see this season end, but I’m hopeful for more fantastic seasons in the future.

Mega thanks to our wonderful Canadian hosts for keeping us completely updated and providing a place to meet and chat BB. Simon and Dawg, you do a fabulous job, and I hope you keep at it. As long as you do, I’ll be around, too.


such a great post granny always look forward to your post great insight you remind me of bbgramdma simon and dawg do reminder her ? she was so great!!!!!!!!

Best Season

I too remember and miss bbgrandma. I admired and was envious of her quick witted remarks.


Nope. That’s the way I roll. Always have. Always will. You could just politely pass my posts on by. That’s what I do to posts I’m not interested in reading. It’s much more polite than throwing poop like monkeys in a zoo. *shameful behavior

People have asked for Cliff Notes for my novels, too. Read or don’t read. It doesn’t make a difference to me at all. Rude posts make you look bad, IMHO.

Ann L Sekks

So that’s a no???

BB Fan

Bravo Granny

Tennessee Nana

I appreciate your insights, Granny! And I agree with your assessment. This has been the best season in a long time and may just have saved BB from the axe given some of the current political culture at CBS. Many thanks to Simon and Dawg for the massive amount of work you guys pour into the site and for keeping us all up to date.



Loved your post. Agree on everything except the winner. I think vote will be close (5-4 or at best 6-3) & while I’ve definitely vacillated I think Tyler wins. I might be naive, but I think a few factors will force shifts. (note for those who prefer shorter posts head up – you’ll want to avoid this one).

Many suggest Ty will throw Part III to avoid evicting JC — personally I think that’s something KC is more likely to do. Ty performs better at those types of comps & he will WANT to win, b/c it plays into his pitch. In the event this is the result comp totals will be:
*KC: Hacker app (& she still sat on block eviction night), 1 HOH, 5 POVs P2 of final (8 total)
*Ty: Power app (unused), 3 HOH (plus final HOH), 3 POV , *2 parts of final (9 total + 1 he handed to Angela)

You could call this a wash except Ty’s HOH’s evicted Steve, Scottie, Brett, JC while KC’s evicted Haleigh.

So here’s where /why shifts might occur:
1. first of all Ty will NEVER get Bay/Rocky vote. How much will their comments work to annoy the other jurors? It’s highly likely this becomes a voting block of 3 with Sam reuniting with her BFFs

2. Late game Haleigh showed game savvy recognizing Ty’s game play & since she’ll want a return to BB (aka Nicole) I think she also brings a voting block of 3 for Ty (her, Scottie, Fes). Faysal & Kaycee aren’t fans of one another anyway.

3. Dr. Will likely points out most of the blind sides occurred early: W1 – Steve 7-6 (Ty got Kaitlyn’s vote & JC) W2 Swaggy (Ty got KK to back door Swaggy & got with Sam/JC votes) W3 Winston 6-5 (Ty got Sam/JC), W5: Rachel 5-4 (Ty got Sam/JC). On the 2 occasions Brett stayed it was Ty’s influence which kept him over Winston/Rachel as Brett had no relationship with JC/Sam yet & Rachel was very close to JC.

4. And while those F2s will be brought up Tyler can state without Sam/JC’s votes/loyalty L6 don’t weather the storm of weeks 2-7 when Angela was the lone L6 HOH winner.

5. One would presume Dr. Will is likely to ask L6 (Brett/Angela) who made more of the strategic moves within the group Ty or KC.

6. Assuming the trio of voting blocks cancel each other out the two L6 votes become potential game shifters. Angela stated post eviction she thought Ty threw F4 HOH to JC, & was upset he didn’t tell her about Coast2Coast prior. Brett lied saying Ty came to him for a F2 & brought the idea up to evict Ang or KC (will he come clean once Angela arrives). Both are gamers & both respect strategy.

If they split the vote will go to JC (not ideal, since he tends to vote emotionally, unless he truly thinks Ty would move in with him in LA post show).

***It may seem like a minor point – but my guess is the audience will respond similarly (to AFP voting) when the jurors are introduced. If they do Brett, Hal, Sam & Ang will get the loudest cheers & when Julie introduces Ty – KC for questions (if the double digit lead by Tyler is true he may get a substantial roar). Would that affect Brett/Angela’s votes?

It’s unlikely F2 speech or Q & A would hold much weight, but Tyler is a better speaker. Not only can he state he stayed true to his Day 1 F2, he can also state he stayed true to L6 until Brett wanted to split them & he also protected Sam/JC to F5.

Again – it could all be a moot point with the jury voting bitter. But, I’d love your insight Granny on if you think it’s feasible for Ty to get the votes as outlined above.



When does Dr. Will conduct his jury roundtable?


It happened Friday night (and the jurors have been sequestered away from each other) they will show it finale night


Vegas update about afp
1 tyler (commanding double digit percentage lead)
4. Hayleigh
6.angela(<1% behind sam)
Everyone else not even close

Best Season

Yup. I like spreading the money around. Got the Bro Shrine up?



The Bro love never dies


Latest tweet from Vegas this morning warning to use some other way to vote other than KIK:
“Tons of KIK votes being cancelled out today due mass vote with bots or automated accounts. Those will be discarded but real KIK votes likely also tossed if during the entire time frame in review.”

Finally a good season

I am sad that this season is coming to an end.

BB Fan

And it’s been nice not having the final 4-5 talk about how famous and relevant they wil be after BB, like last years clowns.


You know they are hitting the meet and greet circuit with Paul and Raven…Crazy Bob’s Mattress Emporium will have an all you can eat cereal buffet, unless Matt’s there, they don’t have the budget for that.


Yes, this has been the best season that I can remember. (Granted even though I watched all 20 seasons I don’t remember the 1st 10 very well now..LOL) Just hoping a bitter jury doesn’t ruin it…Tyler for the Win!


For Tyler to win he has to be a REAL BB fan and cut Kaycee for the win


But he’ll lose votes with that move, betraying his true F2.

Hi my name is Scott

Tyler made the,comment that the first person to enter the house has never won. He said he hung back on purpose. Replayed the 1st episode and you could tell that indeed he hung back and Queen Bay did go through the door first and she is not winning 🙂

Paul Treffinger

Can you make it to top two and win AFP??


No, Dawg cannot make it to top two and win AFP, he’s not on the show.
Maybe next year?




Grodner said in a interview a week or so ago that all HGs are eligible but after that interview Vegas pointed out that Derrick had really had the most votes in his season but didn’t get it because he won the game. Wonder if that is why Vegas is leaking AFP vote standings now. Guess we will see.


Just don’t lie about the fries.

Ann L. Sekks

Should the 3rd competition be midget discus toss of JC? I know we live in a politically correct world, but I think we are all adults. A JC midget discus toss comp could be the most exciting BB comp in history. JC would wear the hockey helmut, they would grab him by the legs, spin around twice, and they would toss JC high the air as far as the can like in the olympics for distance. Any thoughts?


You are truly a disgusting human

Ann L. Sekks

Okay, so you would be a no vote on that. Let me try another one.


Kaycee wins Tyler 2nd and AFP mosted Angela (not my choice ) JC is my choice for most hated


Well, I have to say this has been a great season!
I have been Team Tyler all season and still think he deserves tge win based on game play, social and comps but jury management wasn’t stellar for sure.
Unfortunately, I think several factors will have majority of Jury voting for Kaycee. They are blinded by their bitterness and can’t see how well Tyler played them. Several will vote for her for that reason alone. Several will chose her for being female, others for being a lesbian.
I am giving my America’s Favorite votes to Brett. He was a huge target who not only survived, but thrived beyond FOUTE and HIVE. He took the mouth of Blockstar with grace and smiles. He was fun to watch!

Thanks Simon and Dawg. Your services are much appreciated ?


AFP Tyler If Tyler wins final HOH he will lose the 500K if he goes to the finale with Kaycee.
Kaycee the winner hands down she takes most of the votes, the house guests many of them
will vote with their emotions and will never consider Tyler, even though he may be one of the
best players ever. Bailey– Kaycee, Rockstar–Kaycee, Fess- Kaycee, Hailey–Tyler, Brett–Kaycee,
Angela–Tyler, JC–Kaycee, Sam–Tyler, Scottie–Kaycee.


KC n JC final 2!!… LBGT Lets Go

Tyler for AFP!… Lets Go

Robyn Hopp


Robyn Hopp

What secret does Haleigh have that KC knows?


Are wanna be a rockstar and shottie really related?


I guess I am the odd one of this group. I hope Kaycee wins but I have to admit that Tyler played a good game. He seemed to be a friend to all and only betrayed them when needed. What may trip him up might be some hard feelings. Don’t lie to someone and the stab them in the back minutes later. As for AFP, I like Brett. He was consistent as the big dumb “bro” and got played oh so well by Tyler.


I think Kaycee might win between her and Tyler. Tyler’s best bet was going with Angela to the end since the jury hated her the most. I think it’s a bitter jury since it’s the whole other side, to them Kaycee didn’t really burn anyone as she just voted with the house(or if they find out about level 6 she just voted with them), so I think she will get a lot of their votes. I hope Tyler wins but I’m not that upset if Kaycee does she grew on me winning all those comps. It’s the best justice that JC is getting 3rd since he thought he ran the whole game! I think Tyler should take a gamble and throw the last HOH, he knows 99 percent Kaycee is taking him to the end. He could really use JC’s vote since it probably will be that close, and if Kaycee evicts JC Tyler won’t have to backstab him.

another name

I really don’t care who wins fav player.
One camp seems to infer it’s a vote for who viewers think should have won the game, but didn’t. Another camp seems to imply it’s for who was most entertaining.
I don’t think it’s an outside firm tabulating results, so I often get a bad feeling that it’s a set up. Increase traffic to the cbs site, get viewers going the week before finale with some idea that they have control of something.
IF there isn’t a set up involved, there’s still manipulation. Rewatch the flashback episode. Check the amount and tone of evicted house guest inclusion, and order of inclusion. That manipulation will be felt harder by episode only voters. Check with those same episode only viewers to see how much their diary room inclusion in episodes plays to their decision. There’s a chart of how many d/r comments each house guest has made out there in the twitterverse. Now ask, how much of that d/r inclusion was equal to what was going on during feeds for the same period, and how much was story line fiction. That’s manipulation too.
IF there isn’t a set up involved, why do I get the feeling that many past house guests that may or may not be watching the season (most likely episodic if they are), with active current season viewers following them, have been given notification by production (the hand that fed) to support certain house guests for fav?
Don’t mind me, just going to eeyore myself in a corner in anticipation of feed withdrawal while imitating admiral ackbar and adjusting my tinfoil hat for more transmissions.

Ann L. Sekks

Should the 3rd competition be midget pinata of JC? I know we live in a politically correct world, but I think we are all adults. A JC midget pinata comp could be the most exciting BB comp in history. JC would eat pie, cakes and desserts beforehand, until he is bloated, they would hang upside down with a blindfold, and then hit him in the stomach with sticks, and the first person to make him barf would win. Any thoughts?

Brett Kavanaugh Will Be Confirmed

Awesome idea!

Ann L. Sekks

JC for AFP. The most entertaining host guest!

Ann L. Sekks

How many people will scream bitter Jury when JC or KC beat Tyler???

Hi My Name Is Scott

Jc is not beating Kaycee or Tyler…I am guessing if it is Kaycee and Tyler it will be a 5-4 vote and could go either way. This jury will be no more bitter than any other Jury.

Ann L. Sekks

Down voting snowflakes are gonna be butt hurt.

Candice Price

Klycee got this all the way! She girl for sure! Tyler should the$25.000 grand


I would love for Tyler and Kc to mess with JCs head. KC tells JC that she and Tyler have a secret. They have been in a showmance since week 2. KC then goes and sits in Tyler’s lap. I would love to see the look on JCs face. I think his head would explode. Oh and by the way I am not gay. LOL