JC “Its crazy, the first time in Big Brother history that 3 gay people make it to the top 3!”

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7:25pm Kitchen. Kaycee, JC and Tyler are in the kitchen. They talk about who the jury thinks is joining them. They head to the bedroom. Tyler – the hardest one to get out was Rockstar. Tell the one person who you don’t want to win what the right answer is. They all laugh. JC – its crazy, the first time in big brother history that 3 gay people make it to the top 3! Kaycee laughs. Tyler – I said the nicest speech ever and you said that speech made me want to throw up. Kaycee – it was really nice. Tyler – I wish I had said that we’re broken up. If I have to say another speech, I’ll say that. JC – what’s waiting or us out there. Tyler – I don’t know dude! JC heads to the kitchen.
Tyler – are you ready to hang on something all night? (Part 1 HOH competition). Kaycee – yes sir!

8:05pm Bedroom. JC and Tyler. JC – yesterday I told her that I was 50/50. Do whatever you like. I was telling her we should take Tyler out because he’s good at competitions and then I was like we should take Angela out because of this, this, this, this and this. I was like, I don’t know .. I’m confused. Tyler laughs – you’re always confused. I don’t know. I’m just confused. You’ve been doing that since the first week. JC – my best acting here that deserve an Oscar for is voting out Bayleigh. Kaycee joins them. They reminise about past events of the season. They laugh about how Haliegh sent home her best friend Rockstar.

8:25pm Bedroom. Tyler and Kaycee. Tyler – she (Angela) thought you and I had a better chance at winning than she did because the jury hates her. Kaycee – you said it in your GBM (goodbye message), right? Tyler – yeah, final two. (That Tyler and Kaycee had a final two deal.) Kaycee – She probably thought she was going to be staying. she is totally going to understand. Is she going to be shocked? Tyler nods yes. She had no idea. Kaycee – no one had any idea. She is the first to know. You think she is going to go back to jury and tell everyone? Tyler – yup.

9pm – 9:30pm Lounge room. Kaycee, JC and Tyler chatting about past events of the season. Kaycee leaves the room. JC – if she (Kaycee) wins this competition.. she’s won the game. There is no way I am winning with Kaycee. Tyler – me too. JC – you, yeah its out of the question. Tyler – yeah because I f**king suck. Without a doubt I lose. JC – I am telling you as a friend if you go there with her you lose. Me too. I really do like Angela but she was just so bad for my game. Every time I was trying to make a move it was her there in the middle. I really didn’t think I would make top 4 or top 5. Tyler – I did. JC – if it had been me you and Angela and you picked her I would hate you. I would have been so bitter!

9:46pm Big Brother switches the feeds to the BB re-runs for the

12:25pm Still showing re-runs…

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That guy really is delusional.

Eh eh

Tyler? Don’t worry. It’s called taking the piss.


First gay final 3……lol.

I'm Julie Chen Moonves

My dress tonight looks like my husband ravaged me, he’s an animal.


That $150 ,000 ,000 golden parachute Les will get is gonna buy Julie a lot of those tacky outfits……good riddance.

who me?

Gay maybe, Bi possibly. A man just does not wear a man bun…especially 3 years after it went out of style


He made a bet. Unfortunately lots of straight guys wear man buns. Some women actually like them.


I really feel like Tyler will have enough communication ablity to prove his worthiness over the realitivity lesser accomplishments of Kc and especially Jc……..after all Tyler set this whole season in motion from week one he was mostly responsible for every HOH outcome and comp wins will be a toss up……but the real mover and shaker was undoubtedly Tyler and he will in my opinion convey that to the jury…. bitter or not…… Just the facts should be enough to do it.


Earlier…JC said that they knew EVERY single week who was going home.
I don’t know how Tyler didn’t say > Oh, and how about Brett’s eviction?
Wisely he kept quiet.
WAIT until he finds out about level 6..AND the final 2 deal with Ty and KC..and that his..
persuation kept Tyler. HA!
He will be shook.
JC has to hang his hat on how well he manipulated..because it took him 93 DAYS to win a comp.
Level 6 kept him off the block that long.
His indignation on being put on the block AS A PAWN is ridiculous.

Who said that!

The reason JC stuck around so long is because he couldn’t win a comp,until he did.


It’s very good for Tylers chances at winning that Angela is gonna join the jury tomorrow…..I bet they will be deliriously happy the evil entitled princess is knocked down off her pedestal (they are obviously mostly hive member’s….. nuff said) I think it shrinks the target on his back substantially…..they will blame her because they can’t see past their dumbass misplaced hatred lol.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

I don’t get why Sam is so insecure around Angela (yes, Angela is beautiful with a killer body that she works hard for and also was blessed with; Bay is beautiful on the outside and not so much on the inside; and who cares. Judge the total package and stop already.) I hope Haleigh continues with thinking more independently instead of letting Bay forcing her will on her. Now she knows she CAN hang out with different people. And I’m all about cleaning up after yourself and being responsible, but Hails, leave your dirty dishes out and the bathroom a mess just to spite her, Girl.


For some people..money brings out the worst in them. Or the losing of an opportunity.
I know everyone who plays thinks they have a shot. But no matter how much you know a game..or think you do..there are so many variables. The luck factor plays a part..the diversity of other players etc.
I really wanted to like Rockstar..and at times I did. But really..the VENOM !
Bayleigh seemed so lovely..and then. HOH. WHOA. What a different person emerged.
Same with Sam. I really liked her….I won’t go on. I have said enough about her !
I have gone off and on Hayleigh. I give her props lately though.
A different alliance…a little more mature..and she would have done really well I believe.
Angela has grown on me. Yes..she is a bit tightly wound..but a very nice person.
Tyler or KayCee for the win. Tyler AFP. Like them both. Really good BB players. IMO of course.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Same – and I actually am turned off by Sam saying she would never trust Tyler again in real life. At least JC was all into everything he could get into, using what he could. Don’t like Bay anymore but she played SOME game. Blockstar … ok, she kind of looked cute in the Jury house. That’s all I got. Fez and Hails, actually owning that they sucked in the game. Sam went to one of my favorites all the way to the bottom. If she hadn’t cleaned all summer, then she should have been paying rent. I’d tune in if she ever built a house off the Grid on HGTV, that’s about it.


Exactly – I have been Team Tyler all season (which was shocking because I didn’t really like Frank and he reminded me of him)….and then Sam as number two. Sam went out of her way to be judgmental and just not very nice. Why would Tyler keep a deal with somebody who did absolutely nothing to further his game???? uggghhh….I’m not sure why she thought that she deserved final two.


I want to correct my message – ORIGINALLY, I had Sam for number two….but the girl -blaming sanctimonious crud went too far.

My Take

Well we got to see the jury. Except for Haleigh, they are a pathetic group. It’s no wonder they ended up there one right after the other. They’re acting in the jury house exactly how they acted in the game. Stupid! And I know Brett is popular but he’s out of the game and what does he do he lies to the jury telling them that Tyler is the one that wanted to put up Angela. I’ve never heard a sincere sentence come out of his mouth.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

That story will pretty much be blown up since Angela is coming in and KNOWS Tyler filled her and KC in on the entire conversations, which sent him out. So it sounds as believable as Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Perhaps he’s just playing and will take his ego down a notch towards the Round Table.


I was surprised at the jury, they are still so petty and truly stupid. Bayleigh is a really bossy angry black woman, Rock is just plain nasty, Fes is still on some cloud somewhere, Scottie is shocked that Tyler didn’t support him (even though he joined the other side), and Brett is never going to get over a Bro betraying him. When he said he was forced to be with the nerd herd it was the truest statement ever. I think Hayleigh would have been a far better player if she had only been with the other side, she doesn’t really belong with the misfits.

I hope some of these people have the grace to be embarrassed by themselves when they watch the show. I hear that sometimes reality show contestants change their whole lives once they are able to stand back and observe their losing behavior play out on television. I also hope with all my might that Hayleigh loses Fes, he is way beneath her in every way.


Her stupid move was telling she was the hacker and expecting everybody to apologize to Bay.


I think rocky is the main one who needs to be completely ashamed of herself and the way she behaved. I have never seen such a negative, hateful, insecure woman in my life and its scary that she has children. I hope to god her kids never behave the way their mother did. Also hope that rocky has respectable people in her life and will tell her that she truly needs apologize for the things she has said about some of the other HGs, mainly Angela OMG she attacked her non stop since the beginning. Just with everything she about Angela makes me think it was only out of jealousy. She never had a real conversation with Angela so the things she was saying about her were things she made up her little mind.


That’s where he lost my vote for afp.

Haleigh's Purple Panties

Angela was on fire tonight in her dress also.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

At the end of the day, Brett AND Angela will vote game; Scottie probably. Haleigh will vote game and Fez will probably vote game and be more influenced by Haleigh and Scottie than Bitter Bay and Block. (Conjecture, here, obviously.) I was surprised to see in the Jury House that Fez wasn’t taking Bay’s crap. Sam, she’ll be bitter, with no cause. If it weren’t for Tyler, she wouldn’t have Jury Stipend. Hoping Tyler wins, hoping Tyler and KC are F2; and will be completely happy for either of them to win. They are great kids.


Kc is great but Tyler has done all the heavy lifting……

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Agree. And truly, most of the strategy came from him; he was wise enough to not cram it down their throats the way Bay and Swaggy did. That’s why JC thinks he orchestrated so many moves because Tyler just let him, what was the point of arguing. And why his own alliance really didn’t target him – he doesn’t show aggressiveness in his personality even though he has a savage competitive side. Self control.

Haleigh's Melanoma

How bitter will he be when Tyler cuts him at F2? JC probably didn’t have to be so bitchy in that nom speech.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Kaycee has put up an extremely impressive run of comp wins but she is just a soldier, she followed Tyler’s plans.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

Why does JC not see that he had a better chance in the final 2 with Angela? He knew everyone in the jury hated her and she had way more blood on her hands than Tyler. I predict that KC and Tyler are taking each other to the end but if by some slim chance JC makes it, I hope he does not win.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

I’m tellin’ ya, none of the “girls” liked Angela. But it wouldn’t have mattered; JC didn’t get a vote, and the Veto winner called the shot this week. He’ll barely have time to write a new break-up song for Tyler.

Tom A

Ya’ll haters can say what you want about JC, but that dude is truly intelligent, and he’s also damn funny. He may over inflate his gameplay, but he’s still smart, outgoing and funny. Anyone that disagrees with that is truly hating just to hate.

Team JC, Kaycee, Tyler, Brett


Obviously he isnt that intelligent, he dsn’t even know abt level 6 at all n all they have done like control the entire game and evictions, or that brett was going bcuz he turned on them, and KC & Tyler f2!!! JC is halarious and def the most entertaining houseguest and deserves AFP but f2 not so much!!!

Also, all the sexual stuff he pulled was a bit much and almost sent him out early if Tyler, KC, Hay, or Katlyn wld of made a big deal of it with production and Alison he was going…


He wouldn’t even have still been in the game if Tyler and Hayleigh weren’t so nice. He was on probation for grabbing people before he even kissed Tyler while he was sleeping….Tyler and Hayleigh were asked if they wanted him to be kicked off and they said no! And then JC whined about it.


Tyler Won! I thought he wld since it was the hanging comp that he cld of won but threw to Sam since she was begging him to drop!!!


So Tyler Won part 1 HOH! JC vs KC part 2

KC needs to win 2 n 3rd HOH bcuz as much as Tyler says he wants to go to final 2 with a worthy opponet which wld be KC, I see him thinking why not clip KC n take JC cuz I def see him beating JC since Scottie, Hayleigh, Brett arnt bitter n see how good his game play was…

Tyler vs JC:
Bay- Tyler unless she’s still super bitter than JC….
Rockstar- Tyler
Scottie- Tyler
Fez- Tyler
Hay- Tyler
Brett- Tyler
Sam- JC cuz she’s hurt by Tyler…
Angela- def Tyler
KC- Tyler she won’t vote bitter…

Tyler- Winner of BB20!!!

KC vs Tyler f2:
Bay- KC
Rockstar- KC
Scottie- Tyler
Fez- KC
Hay- KC
Brett- Tyler
Sam- KC since shes hurt by Tyler…
Angela- Tyler
JC- KC if Tyler takes him out, If KC takes him out He votes for Tyler…
KC Wins BB20!!! It cld change n Tyler wins if he gets Hay n Fez since they will most likely vote the same way!

***JC has no chance of winning vs KC or Tyler…***

I want KC or Tyler to win BB20!!!

My Take

Congrats to Tyler winning the first final three comp! I hope Kaycee wins round two. A little concerned because it’s mental. Anyway, Angela left graciously. Level 6!!


I can see where if Tyler delivers the right speech he cld win vs KC! If it wasnt for Tyler and Angela winning those important HOH’s & Vetos they (level 6) wldnt of made it to final 4 or 3 & KC basically got their due to Tyler & Angela, he also pretty much controlled majority of the game & all the evictions which sent them to jury, and was working both sides of the house with each side thinking he was loyal to their side…

His Record 4 HoH’s and 3 vetoes! What will hurt him is how many final 2 deals he had with pretty much every1 but Rock, Hay, n Fez….

KC cld use her laying low as a strategy until she needed to win comps…(2nd half of game) in which she has 5 veto’s in a row, (Super Impressive in itself) 1 HoH, & 1 hacker comp… She also cld win 2nd n 3rd part HOH! If she gets those two HOH wins, I think she has it locked up for the WIN!!!

She says she was f2 with Tyler day 2 & has stayed loyal to that the whole game bringing him to f2, when she cld of taken Angela bcuz she heard from Scottie that most the jury hated Angela & knew if she hadnt won final 4 veto, Tyler n Angela where taking each other to final 3 due to their showmance!!! Also was able to vote with her alliance level 6 whole game without getting any blood on her hands n won physical & mental comps…

The Beef

For the record Kaycee did not win 5 veto’s in a row. As you may recall Angela won the veto on DE night, setting up Brett’s eviction which broke her string. Winning 5 out of 6 is still very impressive, although her resume’ would be more impressive with a couple more HOH wins mixed in. The HOH is the most powerful position in the house with the ability to nominate folks to leave the game and that is why I believe both Tyler and Angela have a stronger competition resume’ than Kaycee as they both have 3 HOH’s along with multiple veto’s (Tyler – 3, Angela – 2). Kaycee has only 1 HOH. Still a very strong competition resume’ (especially when you add on the hacker win, which is like a Diamond power of veto IIRC – maybe not).


Dont worry JC theres still plenty of time to be bitter


Sam has a lot of nerve blaming Tyler. She wouldn’t have made it through the first eviction if it weren’t for him. She did NOTHING all summer. She didn’t even vote with him all the time. Plus she had several final 2’s. Her pinky promises are worthless (shocker).


I HATE JC…. new Paul….,y would he be bitter? Bc Tyler who is not gay loves Angela and not him and even if Tyler were gay he would t love you JC bc ur a jealous egotistical angry bitter man…get fucking over yourself…the only thing Angela was in the middle of was you and Tyler asshole…JC WILL


Join the discussion…I totally agree with you, Blair. JC was a whiney, petulant baby throughout the entire season and “creepy” doesn’t begin to cover his behavior! My vote for AFP: STEVE!! Poor guy never had a chance right out of the gate!