JC “Are you listening to what I am saying?! Do you have problems listening!?”

POV: Kaycee Next POV: Sept 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 17th
HOH: Angela Next HOH: Sept 20th
Noms: Sam & JC Have Nots Havenots are done!

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12pm Kitchen. Sam, JC, Kaycee and Angela are all hanging out in the kitchen. JC talks about Tyler is shaving in the bathroom.

12:36pm All the camera’s are on the kitchen. Kaycee, JC and Tyler. Not sure where Sam is but you can here her saying. Sam – Motherf**ker! He follows me around…

1:20pm HOH room. Kaycee joins Angela. Angela – Sam was in a lot better mood today. I talked to her for like 2 hours this morning and it actually wasn’t painful. It was a good conversation where I was like listening and not being like .. okay.. It was a good conversation. Kaycee – that’s awesome. Last night Sam asked me would it be stupid for me to ask you to use the veto on me? I was half asleep and I was like I have no idea it just happened. I am not in the mood. I am already irritated. And now I have to go into the diary room. Angela – wrong timing. Kaycee – I was like I don’t know Sammy. We can talk tomorrow. I just got it. I was literally half asleep. Angela – has she said anything today? Kaycee – no. Angela – when I got HOH as soon as I got back in the house she was like what are you going to do?! Kaycee – are you serious!? Angela – I was like I don’t know. It was like 10 minutes after. The thing is she belittled us so much for playing this game and not wanting to play the game and for her to .. its just so contradictory. Kaycee – well yeah and for her to coming up and .. she didn’t like when she was asked oh so what are you going to do. And so with the whole vote thing I am going to be like I love you and JC. I am not going to tell anyone which way I am voting. Because she kept it to her self and had attitude about it. Angela – exactly. Kaycee – She would get mad at us. That irritates the f**k out of me. Angela – its so hypocritical. Kaycee – that time she gave you attitude when you were HOH, that sh*t pisses me off… when you were asking to find out how she was voting. Angela – we can’t ask you about how you’re voting but you can come up to me after I win HOH and ask me what I’m about to do. Kaycee – yeah. That’s crazy! I will probably just tell her I haven’t used it the past three times and it would be dumb for me to get blood on my hands and to shake up the house so I am leaning towards not using it. At the end of the day JC has been more loyal to us than she has. Sam was always in between. Angela – and she always voted against me.

1:40pm Storage room. Tyler and JC. JC – you know I might be the fourth one going home. Tyler – why the f**k do you say that. You act like I’m not a vote or an HOH possibility. JC – yeah I mean have you run the scenarios here and the way you f**ked me up? We had literally a 100% chance because if you had stick to the plan and got one of the girls out from the thingy and then Brett was out this week. Then we were good because Sam for sure wasn’t going to win anything. Tyler – okay, if I had gotten one of the girls out and the other girl wins HOH.. who is going home because I did that? Me! JC – no because Brett is here and you have my vote and I had Sam doing whatever I wanted. Its not about winning HOH, its about who votes. And the girls weren’t going to get HOH. If you get HOH and either of the girls get the veto.. they have each other. Do you have top two with them? Tyler – no dude. Why don’t you just win? You always just sell yourself short like you’re not going to win anything. JC – if that HOH would have been without Angela, I would have got it. Tyler – she’s not going to be in the next one. JC – if you make to through with them and the competitions are mental do you really really think Angela is going to take you to top 2? Tyler – I don’t know dude. I don’t know. JC the only thing we can do right now is literally separate them. I only want you to listen to me. The whole season you have been safe and haven’t been on the block. And I have been on the block because you wouldn’t listen to me. I didn’t do you wrong. The first time I was on the block was when you put me. Tyler – Yeah and I knew you weren’t going anywhere no matter what. JC – are you listening to what I am saying?! Do you have problems listening!?

I told you the whole season that I would send you my plans and I kept myself off the block and I kept you off the block too! Tyler – that’s what I did that for you! .. up until this point. JC – don’t be so f**king naive because you’re pissing me off! Because you know when Fes won he wanted your a$$ on the block. And if I hadn’t kept you off that block you wouldn’t have won the veto and you wouldn’t be here right now! So at least be a little freaking grateful. Tyler – I am! JC – I was always caring for you. Right now I already told you I don’t have anyone here. The only thing I can do is just keep working with you. And I don’t even think you are a vote for that. I think you are completely thrown over there on that side. And its going to backfire on you because if I don’t do something about it they’re not going to have your back. Do you understand what I am telling you? Tyler – yes. JC – so I am going to talk to Kaycee and Angela to make sure I don’t go home. Tyler – you’re not going anywhere. JC – then the next one I am going to try and separate them. (Kaycee & Angela) When we get down to top three Kaycee isn’t going to win anything. Tyler – she isn’t good at mental competitions. JC – exactly. If we had stuck to the plan then we wouldn’t have needed any backup plans.

JC – so if you win HOH who are you going to nominate? Tyler- it doesn’t matter. It only matters who wins the veto. JC – yes it matters. Tyler – it doesn’t matter. JC – Yes it matters and I really hope you don’t nominate me if you’re HOH because if I am not nominated I can work with whoever wins the veto to make that person pick me if I don’t win it or if you don’t win it. If I am there on the block already, then I am f**ked! I am literally f**ked I can’t do an moves from there! Tyler – I don’t understand. JC – If I am on the block and the person not on the block wins the veto I can’t convince them. Tyler – there’s no convincing. If one of the three win the veto, they’re not going on the block. The other two are. There is no convincing. JC – do you understand that it is me alone and it is two girls working together. They can’t use the veto because then they go automatically on the block. (Wrong – the person that wins the veto is the sole vote for who is evicted.) JC – I had this in my head and now its completely gone… so you’re going to throw me on the block!? Tyler – no. It doesn’t matter who goes on the block, it matters who wins the veto.

JC – if you trust me and do what I say we will make it to top 3. IF you win HOH and I have to go on the block that’s fine I will go on the block. If you listen to me, then we will have a chance. JC leaves the storage room. Tyler throws his head back showing how annoyed he was with that conversation.

2:50pm – 3:22pm HOH room. JC, Kaycee, Tyler and Angela are hanging out and chatting in the HOH room. They head down to the kitchen to eat. Meanwhile Sam is in the havenot room making her bed and other crafts..

3:30pm – 3:47pm Kitchen. JC is talking in Spanish asking them questions. Like who their favorite production employee is? Everyone answers Bob. They then ask what percentage are you gay? Kaycee – 100%. JC – 100%. Angela – 5%. JC jokes that Tyler is 65% gay. Tyler – if you can be 100% why can’t I? They all laugh that he meant he is 100% gay when he actually meant he is 100% straight. Tyler – no dammit! Angela – you admitted it! Tyler – I meant the other way. I’m going to do some pull-ups!

4pm – 4:26pm HOH bathroom. Kaycee, Angela and Tyler take a bath together. They start quizzing each other on the days / events of the season.

4:37pm Sam being Sam

4:45pm Havenot room. Kaycee & Sam. Sam asks if Kaycee talked to Angela? Kaycee – a little bit. It only makes sense for me to keep it the same. It would be pretty much stupid to use it because then it puts a target on me. It wouldn’t make sense for my game. That’s why I didn’t use it any of the other times. Sam – is its because Tyler is the only other option? Kaycee – yes and why would I go against the HOH. I love you and JC. Sam – I’m not going to climb up your a$$ or act crazy. I will respect it. Kaycee – there are 5 of us and this is where it gets uncomfortable. Sam – okay so you’re not going to use it. Who are you going to vote to keep? Kaycee – I haven’t gotten that far. this is uncomfortable. I love both of you. I am up in the air. I am going to keep it to myself. Sam – I respect that and I won’t pester you. Typically I wouldn’t do this but there are only 5 of us. Kaycee – this sh*t is sh*tty. I wish I could keep everyone. Sam – I can’t think of an argument for you to keep me over him. If I went I’m sure I know some stuff but I’m sure JC knows way more. I have made it painfully obvious that I am not a physical competitor. I think I am seen as the weakest person and it sucks. Kaycee – this game is way more than just competitions. You made top 5. Sam – I think the only reason why I am here is because of y’all. I would like to stay so that at least one time win something and pay a due back. Kyacee and Sam hug. Kaycee leaves the room. Sam says to the camera – I tried. That’s all I can do!

5:10pm – 5:20pm Kaycee reading her HOH letter. Kaycee tells JC what she told Sam about how she’s not going to use the veto. She then tells JC that he has her vote. JC tells Kaycee that she has his support. If we can make it to top 3.. Kaycee – that’s huge! Let alone the message to the LGBT community. Meanwhile up in the HoH room Tyler and Angela are laying in the bed.

5:40pm Sam is sleeping. Meanwhile in the kitchen – Tyler, JC and Kaycee are chatting and cooking. Angela is running laps outside the HOH room.

6:50pm Kitchen. JC, Tyler and JC looking at the memory wall..

7:40pm – 8:31pm Bedroom. JC, Angela and Kaycee chatting about what their profiles say as their profession. Angela gets her snap chat sunglasses. They start recording videos. Kaycee, Tyler and JC talk about how they hope they get to go on the Ellen Degeneres. JC and Kaycee think they have a chance since they represent the LGBT community. Tyler says he’s gay too. JC – on now you are?

9:50pm – 10:15pm Sam is in the kitchen cooking. When she’s finished she eats her dinner on the stairs up to the HOH room. (Angela will be thrilled)

10:35pm – 10:40pmPOP tv gives them an ice cream maker. The house guests make chocolate ice cream.

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I’ve got a headache just reading that!

Dirty Harry Reid

jC has become as crazy as Sam.

Eh eh

He’s not incorrect though. Tyler had his chance to get out Kaycee; if he’s stuck with her in F2 (assuming she lets him get that far), he’ll most likely lose precisely because he chose to align with Kaycee over Brett (who had less of a résumé, competition-wise, and had pissed off more of the Jury, and also would never win social-justice-warrior votes or girl-power votes (Blockstar, Haleigh, Bayleigh).

It’s funny, but Tyler’s been thinking with his little head. He has a small chance of finessing a win despite it, but there’s a good case to be made that keeping Brett & putting up Kaycee as replacement nom, while disloyal, would have made his odds (and of course JC’s too) much better. Easier to beat Brett both in comps AND with the Jury, than Kaycee.

Anyway, his “blindside of the season” primarily benefits Kaycee.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Kaycee & am a big fan of her & Tyler, Angela, Brett. And also JC. They’re all very good at this game & fun to watch. Don’t care who wins. Would only be shocked if Sam makes it.


It’s shocking how aggressive JC is with Tyler. He is so clueless about L6 and tries to claim all the credit for Tyler’s current position in the house. It will be so interesting to see what he has to say about everything after the reality of everything sinks in.

Tyler has done a good job remaining quiet with JC when I would likely completely go off on his arrogant attitude.

Kaycee is killing it! I hope she wins!

The highlight of the day is JC and Angela trying to talk about production in Spanish and getting busted every time. So funny.

Okay, SCRATCH that! Highlight is definitely the “Bun Fun” tub party with Angela, Tyler and Kaycee. The girls can’t stop ribbing Tyler with JC’s homosexual accusations. Kaycee said, “Three women in a tub”. They are having a good time celebrating their success…..well deserved, too!

But, during all this fun, poor Sambot is hiding under a have-not bed trying to escape the constant cameras. She’s dangling over the edge, for sure.

I’m looking forward to Kaycee finding out about the legit showmance of Tangela. I know she will support that 100%. These kids are cool.

The puddle

I Really respect JC’s game play. The house acts like JC has the power and the ones with the power will not stand up to him, as if they are all afraid to put him in his place, not only Tyler. The house allows him to get in their faces the way he does, and the POV will take him off the block in a heart beat. My hat’s off to JC (Teddy Bear) who should have BEEN out the door. No one needed him in the game, but he is still there and may win. He is behind breaking up couples and turned into a “demon” while making those moves.

Who said that!

JC should have been gone before jury,he deserves credit for making it so far.Without any comp wins he’s played one of the best games,second only to Tyler in my opinion.Unfortunately he left his end game dependent on Tyler which leads to his downfall.Level 6 fans love to talk about loyalty and trash JC but he has been completely loyal to Tyler.

Eh eh

Gotta respect your logical analysis. Obviously many people here too emotional to be able to acknowledge good game unless it’s from a player (or alliance) they’re rooting for.


It’s like one of those yappy little dogs. You don’t freak out because it can’t do anything to you. It’s just noise and annoying. I’ll grant you by being a source of information for Tyler JC has kept himself in this game. His use to L6/5/4/3 is done and so is he. As far as making actual moves or steering the ship, he’s only sort of convinced Fez to put up Scottie and not two of L6. But saying you’re the one to convince the Hive to do something stupid is like being the guy suggesting things for drunks to do.

JC Fills His Diaper

Well jC, Bayleigh and Rockhead can fight over who is the biggest victim in the jury house.

Eh eh

I think you mean Haleigh, Bayleigh & Blockstar.

JC Fills His Diaper

No because Hayleigh and Fessi owned up that they are the worst players in Big Brother history.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

If Tyler and Angela’s relationship goes that far, Tyler better nominate Kaycee as his “best” girl.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

We can see that JC hasn’t manipulated the entire game in the way he THINKS he has, and he’s angry that Tyler isn’t validating him as the master mind. He’s out of gas now and he knows it. He needs to settle down or he’ll find himself going out before Sam.

Who said that!

He doesn’t know that Tyler has played the game that he thinks he has.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Watching the show on CBS now; just thinking about the Hive members that gave Angela total credit for being the brains of their operation; it really has been all Tyler. They’ve played an awesome team game, but showing all the planning behind the scenes, it’s Tyler. It was his call for Angela to say “I call this being 1 step ahead.” and for him to say “I call this being 2 steps ahead.” I really believe this kid’s wheels in the brain haven’t stopped spinning for a minute since walking in the house.

Who said that!

The whole purpose of that team was to advance Tylers game.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

From Tyler’s perspective, it absolutely was. And if the others didn’t consider advancing their own game as well, that’s on them. JC is angry about it, but JC was always advancing his own game as well – which he should have. With this house and these competitors, it so happens it required a win here and there to preserve to the end.

Eh eh

He’s known Tyler’s been thinking with his little head for a while now.

Eh eh

Actually, JC directly acknowledged on tonight’s episode that his one miscalculation was trusting one player (Tyler) completely, so no, JC is a realist & as usual, he got it spot on.


I can only hope…

Who said that!

This just goes to show how well Tyler has played everyone.

Positive Jimmy Jam

And how well angela played tyler

Who said that!

You’re positively delusional.Angela is as clueless to Tylers game as HIVE,did you not see the conversation they had the other night where he was spilling some of the game moves he made and she was clueless even though he was claiming he already told her those things.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

I was racking my brain trying to remember, and I think he DID tell them in so many words multiple times that JC wasn’t always on the same page. Angela & KC neither one have had to pay close attention to his explanations and bits of info so the fact that they missed it shows they haven’t had much to do with strategy, just with executing the plan. There were many quick, private meetings when they were trying to stay separate. KC & Angela neither one have had to isolate themselves the way Tyler and Brett did.

Eh eh

heh heh well… that appears to be a side effect


No, I think Angela is playing with her heart, not her head.

JC Meltdown

My favorite week. What I have been wait for. Enjoying the meltdown.

Janey Haze

You’re so right Granny! I’ve never seen anyone on the block act so hateful towards someone whose vote they need to stay.


Spot on Granny, as usual!

That convo with JC & Tyler just sounded like a cranky little kid that can’t get what he wants……” I WANT ICE CREAM! GO GET ME ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!! AREN’T YOU LISTENING TO ME!!!!!!!!! GO GET ME ICE CREAM!!!!!!”

Smitten Kitten

? “Two bro’s chilling in the hot tub, five feet apart cause they’re not gay”. ?

That was the first thing that popped in mind between the tub & all of the Tyler/gay talk, lol.

* If you don’t know what my comment means, go to YouTube & type in “Chillin in the hot tub”.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

JC might be doing Sam a big favor.

Maxine Waters - Space Alien

If I’m Tyler, Kaycee and Angela I would tell Sam and JC that we love both of you and that we are going to evict the person who causes the most drama this week. Maybe that would get them to both zip it for awhile.

Eh eh

Haha! Should’ve thought of that weeks ago & used it on Haleigh. Of course, after they go back on their word one week it wouldn’t work the next.


I can’t stand J.C. He is horrible and manipulative and an entitled baby!

Swaggy's Missing Brow

And those are his finer points.

I saw a great photo-shopped picture earlier today of Sam and JC sitting on the (block) couch. Sam looks like she’s about ready to burst out giggling and JC looks very petulant…and is strapped into a child’s car seat.

Eh eh


Eh eh

Manipulative? On Big Brother?? Say it ain’t so! How DARE he.

JC's big toe

JC is king the way he manhandled Tyler. Listen to me b**ch!

JC for the win. Go get em big guy


JC is one of the most entertaining characters we will ever see on Big Brother. As soon as he gets to the jury house, the hatred for Tyler will simply go through the roof. The way he will manipulate and work up the clowns he manipulated all season long will be truly entertaining.

Tyler has zero chance of winning Big Brother… and knowing that his dim witted fans will be shocked and surprised that Tyler is destined to finish second will really cap off an entertaining season.

Production still has some work to do. A Tyler loss to Angela will be far more entertaining and surprising to most viewers than a Tyler loss to Kaycee.

gullible1 Thinks He Knows It ALL

So gullible1 doesn’t even believe in the long shot. ZERO chances of winning. You must suck at math the way Blockstar does.

Who said that!

?for the humor.

Eh eh

Tyler’s been probably my pick to win all season but I tend to agree with you. And boy, are a lot of his other fans sensitive. Maybe the majority have crushes on him.

Who said that!

Sometimes a boss has to put a bitch in their place.

Haleigh's Purple Panties

Long live Sam. How’s my curb stomping hottie doing today. Keep chugging along and keep your crazy eye on the prize. Lot’s of fans here pulling for you.


Seriously send JC home! So tired of him thinking he is the puppet master.
He is not wrong about anything he is saying. He was loyal to Tyler and Brett and saw the end with them. I think he is trying to push on Tyler to find out where his loyalty is so he know how screwed he really is. JC you are screwed sorry!

Eh eh

Fair enough!


It’s official, JC is the first houseguest I despise this season!!!

JC is Pervy

I have not liked his creepy presence at all. Saw a video of him earlier and his behavior has been reprimanded all along. Snake.


It’s official, Tyler is the first house guest that I despise this season!!! I can forgive pretty much all manner of deceit and betrayal in this game but a closeted homosexual using a girl who does not love easily and has been emotionally numb most of her life and getting her to fall in love with his closeted homosexual ass just so she can help get him to final three in a game. ~shakes head~
I hope and pray that some REAL MAN like J.C. who lives with courage and intelligence will ENLIGHTEN poor gullible Angela that there is NO CHANCE for her to have a romantic relationship with Tyler.

Eh eh

LOL and here I thought you were rational.


“I GUESS I’m in love IN LOVE with Angela now”

-Tyler “crispy” Crispen to the cameras in the diary room with a sheepish look on his face (after angela confessed that SHE loves HIM)

His reply to her confession of falling in love with him was priceless. (I feel the same). He is not weasel enough to simply come out with I LOVE YOU TOO. “I feel the same” is all he can muster to his target/victim (LOL)

The vast majority of Big Brother fans inhabit a place that I now call Fessy-land.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

I’ve gone back and forth with him. I’m completely over him now. He’s been entertaining at times, but he’s like the abusive girlfriend in a relationship with Tyler. Let it go, Dude! He thinks he’s mad now, wait til he finds out he wasn’t in on the best kept secret alliance, and Brett, Winston AND Rachel were.


He needs to go now! According to the video of his DR shown tonight he is targeting Tyler. Not sure how they can remove the level of venom and bitterness JC will be infecting the jury with… Tyler’s in trouble on that one.

Positive Jimmy Jam

Tyler is in a helluva lot of trouble with most of the jury. But his fanboys are in denial. They will be back here on finale nite complaining about the bitter jury. even though we are already telling them the jury will be bitter


Pretty sure Tyler fans know he’s got a jury problem, one of the reasons they know he can’t take anyone outside of L6 to the end. Now with the ladies comp list getting crazy he’s got a big problem with them as well. It’s a toss up who’ll pull ahead in the end. It depends on so many factors and neither game play nor comps are the sole factor anymore.

Eh eh

Did you just tune in after Foutte finished getting themselves out of the house?


I would actually respect KC more and that’s saying a TON as I had no respect for this girl all season, IF she used the veto on Sam and Angela was forced to put CTop on the block and forced her hand by getting more blood on them. Yeah, I know that is stretching as I know KC is a puppet and needs her strings pulled by either Angela or CTop in order to play this game she unbelievably signed up for. Just some wIshful thinking. Can’t blame me for wishing with this horrible season.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Paul, is that you????

Eh eh

Who is “Paul”?


No honey, it’s your MOM. Now come upstairs and come kiss me before bed!!!

Eh eh

Who is “CTop” ?


Maybe he/she thinks Tyler looks like Carrot Top? Only thing I can figure out…


I am tired of hearing JC. He’s a master manipulator, that is taking credit for the majority of Tyler’s accomplishments. He’s won ZERO competitions… he’s in for a BIG surprise once he learns of Level 6!

Buh Bye

JC has thrown most of the competitions or at least he hasn’t tried to win and now has a fit. I despise that kind of game play. If you want to be one of the players, make a play!


A master manipulator fools all, but Tyler hasn’t been controlled by JC at all. It’s pure coincidence that JC’s moves worked to Tyler’s favor. I see JC more as a court jester….just pure distraction and zero power.

The only one he could control was Faysal.


JC had ideas it’s just that he never had any true alliance to carry them out. His partnership with Brett just started recently to get the girls out but neither one could win and he wasn’t very solid with Brett still one foot in L6.

He’s right, all this time he counted on one guy and it is very hard for him to recognize that’s over. “I didn’t know you were that tight with the girls” was a painful admission for him to make but I’m still not sure if he’s really got it. I’m loving watching the little brat finally squirm and I hope they focus the cameras on his dawning realization that he’s done.


Strategy can come back and bite one in the bum. Angela tells KC that as soon as she won HOH Sam asked what she’s going to do.
Sam pulls KC into the HN room. Asks what she’s going to do. KC very nicely reminds Sam that when she was HOH she didn’t want 1 on 1’s or people to ask what she was going to do.
Sam doesn’t acknowledge. asks again about veto decision.
KC says love both JC and Sam. Sam says KC hasn’t discussed game with her.
KC says Sam never wanted to talk game…( In fact, Ang and KC talked earlier how Sam belittled them for playing the game)
KC says she will prolly keep the noms the same. Sam asks who she will vote for. KC says she hasn’t thought about it.
Sam says something about Jury and that she, Sam is very well liked by all.
KC manages to escape.


Jc just keep pushing Tyler and watch him spin it and he will be evicted. He thinks he has controller everyone this whole game and he hasn’t. I could handle another week of Sam in the house just to see JC get kicked to the curb and another blindside win for L6


Between all the time he spent with Kaitlyn earlier this season and his recent time spent with JC, Tyler is going to need to win the $500K to pay for his post-BB therapy.


Feeds have been pretty boring. So I’ve been binge watching the episodes. I’m still really impressed with L6-5-4-3. I don’t get all the Tyler hate. He’s done a great job all season. There have only been a couple evictions that he hasn’t really had a hand in. TFTW

Positive Jimmy Jam

Why would jc and sam believe they are in a final 2 with Tyler if he did not clue them in on the brett eviction???
And yet KC and angie knew the plan???

Who said that!

Blind loyalty,but that’s finally broken with JC,Tyler should have managed him better.

Eh eh

JC doesn’t think Tyler has his back at all. He said so, multiple times, directly as a result of exactly that. As for Sam, I have no idea what she thinks.

Positive Jimmy Jam

If angela were a man, no one would be calling her a bitch. She would be considered one of the great BB game players. Unlike the other whores in past seasons, she doesnt have to sleep around and use a man for a meat shield. looking at you Nicole Frazen


Amen!! I so agree with you. The hate for Angela is horrible. She is a great player and has been completely loyal to her alliance. She would be hailed an amazing player if she was a man. I think its bs

Positive Jimmy Jam

bunch of sexist pigs on here!

Eh eh

Hate has nothing to do with sex but the hate for Angela is ridiculous.


Also, she would be hated less if she wasn’t in such great shape. People are jealous because she looks great and they don’t feel the same about themselves, regardless that she works hard through diet and exercise to look like that while the jelly’s just keep shoving potato chips in their mouths and blaming their genetics. For men, some can’t stand a woman that thinks for herself that they can’t control. Bring on the thumbs down from all the losers.


Completely agree. She’s savage at times. But I love that about her. And she owns it and makes no apologies for it. She is loyal and doesn’t blab things. Which is true for all of them. The only reason I vote for Tyler over Kaycee or Angela is they did nothing the first part of the game and let Tyler Brett and jc do all the hard work in the beginning and had to work the whole game. Just my preference of gameplay. Both work. All 3 are deserving of the win. All 3 should be considered great BB players.


Kaycee was building relationships which is a huge part of the game especially for jury votes.

She was building a social resume just as much as Tyler was manipulating the house to benefit his game in the long run.

Both strategies are respectable and necessary so I do not agree that “she did nothing during forest half of season

I do believe her strategy was well rounded and balanced to get her this far in the game.

Social+ Loyal + comp beast = Good remedy for success ;o)

Let’s Go!


The only thing I don’t agree with is Kaycee was building relationships. They stuck to each other L6. Don’t get me wrong. I love Kaycee. She is a very kind person. And when Haleigh glued herself to Kaycee, she was kind to her. But Haleigh is the only one from the current jury that had a relationship with Kaycee as far as I saw. Kaycee doesn’t like doing the fake thing. So she didn’t. And I agree it’s a total package game if you can do all of those. I just prefer the riskier game of putting it all out there from day 1.


Kaycee and Bayleigh were close. Bayleigh has a huge influence on Hive members. Therefore benefits Kaycee when it comes to jury votes 😉


Kaycee had a bit of a bond with Fez, although he may feel bad she beat him in the veto. At this point, any thing can turn a voter.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

I agree with Callie – I love KC, but my thinking is they relied so heavily on Tyler in the beginning for winning comps and for intel (JC, Kaitlyn, Bay) so he has had a target on his back most the game. IF he can pull out a first or second place win after all the direct moves he made to put people in the Jury House, he deserves it. It’s an uphill battle with the bitter betty’s – I will be super happy if KC DOES end up winning, but for those reasons, I’m still pulling for Tyler. Heck if for some stupid reason he ends up in a F2 with Angela, and the crazy jury gives it to Angela, I’ll be happy for her as well. Love her savage ways and admire her abs.


Bay and hive love Kaycee
Will be the deciding factor if Kaycee makes final 2 as Bay is convincing.

Best strategic game for Kaycee to build relationship with Bayleigh as jury votes is what wins you the game in the end.

Tyler took a lot of risks for his alliance but it’s safe and easier to do that when you’re sitting on a cloud protected for half the game.

The others did not have that luxury and it was too risky to play double agent so they used building relationships as an alternative strategy.


He wasn’t protected for 8 weeks. He had to activate the protection and it would only work during that one ceremony. If he wasn’t nominated during that ceremony his power would have gone away. It wasn’t a blanket protection like Paul’s ridiculous power.


Ok, but ask yourself this, Tyler’s game would have survived without Kaycee, would Kaycee’s have survived without Tyler?

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Agree about Angela. The only time she pulls out the “b**** card” in DR sessions is when she goes on defense after Blockstar and Sam have called her names, cried that she doesn’t deserve to be there (???? she won comps and you didn’t, she’s in a great alliance and you aren’t), called her a princess, etc. I love that she doesn’t start crying like a baby (Blockstar, Sam) or spew blood. KC’s social game has been better, but remember Janelle and Rachel O? They weren’t social butterflies.


Nicole was just toning up the arms to avoid the arm jiggle.

Positive Jimmy Jam

Why does Sam talk out of the side of her mouth???

Blessed in

She just has a crooked has a crooked shaped mouth.

Positive Jimmy Jam

chewing tobacco????

Positive Jimmy Jam

I am serious…..

Gimmie A Break!!!

Bye Bye Jc!!! Keep going off on Tyler and we will see u goin to Jury a day earliar…

# Send Jc out Wednesday….


Why can’t they just boot JC’s ass out next? He is so damn annoying and does he really think being aggressive with Tyler like that is going to get him further in the game? Is he really that stupid that he doesn’t know Kaycee, Angela, and Tyler are all working together? I mean, even Haleigh was able to figure that out. And it makes no difference if he is put on the block at F4. If he does not win that POV, he’ll be on the block. Doesn’t he understand that?


I absolutely agree that JC has become hard to like. And that he feels entitled to go to final 2.
However…I do remember how pivotal he was getting Bayleigh voted out. It was masterful how he got Fess and Hay and then Scottie to vote against her. And Ty, KC and Ang know that it could hae gone very badly because SAM voted against them.
Also…JC was resonsible for Fess putting up Scottie.
These were important manipulations for Level 6/5/4/3/.
Sam was only thinking about herself when voting rogue. For jury votes. Level 6 etc always voted for their alliance.
And they were the ones who kept Sam in the game by getting the votes to get Steve out.
I make some allowances for JC because it was so painful his family not there for him in the goodbye messages.
In any event…I respect ll opinions.
Sam seems to be doing a bit of a Fess thing when he was on the block.
She never seemed to sleep and now has taken to her saucer.
Also slamming doors and seems angry.
I know it’s stressful. But to be a good gamer…the way you handle these things is important.
Basically..almost 3 months ago she was on the block. No comp wins since HOH..and only the last couple of times on the block. Not bad.
I think she also gets 5th place money?

Eh eh

Finally, a voice of reason.


No, 5th place doesn’t get any more money than the rest of the evicted houseguests. They receive $1000 a week whether they are the first one evicted or the last one evicted. The winner and runner-up do not get paid the stipend. Vets are paid extra. Like Paul from last season got paid double so he made $2000 a week. The vets in S18 got $10 thousand for coming back plus their weekly stipend. And back during All-Stars, they received over $4,000 a week. I think that’s one reason why they haven’t done another All-Stars because it would cost too much to bring 16 of them back all at once.

True Dat

They are actually doing it differently this year. Third place gets 10k plus stipend, fourth place gets 7.5k plus stipend, and fifth place gets 5k plus stipend. The whole reason Level 6 claims they are keeping JC over Sam is because they believe he deserves the extra money for working with them this whole time. He keeps saying they are ungrateful for what he has done but they are grateful enough to give him an extra 2.5k by voting him out final 4 instead of final 5.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

I love that and I wish they’d start doing it different starting with the 1st person in the jury so everyone doesn’t JUST play for the jury. Stipend or stipend plus bonus should change based on how long EVERY person stays in the house. The first person in Jury making the same money as the 6th person in Jury, for instance.


Could have tiered stipends as well, like perjury gets $1000/wk, first jury could get $1100/wk. so all perjury folks get paid the same based on the number of weeks they were there (sorry Steve), first jury gets $1100 for each week they were in the game. Then the bonus for first through fifth. Monetary rewards are strong motivators. This way there is a huge difference between the first and last jury member.

Positive Jimmy Jam

Sam just summed up her strategy—“I put my trust in tyler and hopefully I am safe this week”. WTF!!! Thats her whole game??? Why is she on the show???

Swaggy's Missing Brow

“Why is she on the show?”

She took video of what the recruiting from production did with her mule.


Ewww… Bob tailed nag?

Butters Mom

I am worried about Tyler with Jury management because there is no way of knowing for sure how they will all vote but one thing they all have in common is they are all or most are mad at Tyler and he honestly has not be disrespectful in any way to any of them. The reason they are mad at him is because he got the better of them and sent them packing or had a hand in doing so. With that said, Tyler has played the better game. Brett is bitter, JC will be bitter, depending on who goes out from here on, they will be bitter towards Tyler regardless of who it is… if they vote based on bitterness, he’s cooked. If they vote based on who out played them all season long, then they have to vote for Tyler because he is the name that you hear most from all the evicted house guests. He stands out from the rest.

Positive Jimmy Jam

I got a 6-3 or possibly 8-1 win for Angie that I laid out below. I would like a tyler fan to explain his road to victory over angie. Forget about kc jc or sam.

Butters Mom

Im actually not Tyler’s number one fan. I like Angela and KC just as much as Tyler. I really dont care who wins out of the 3 of them. I think they have all played a great game … they have all played a little differently and yet all had their roles to play as an alliance to get where they are together. This season we have a few “boys club” kind of guys in the house or in the jury that I feel would vote for Tyler over Angela based on that… that is if they dont let their hurt feelings over ride their boys club mentality) We also have a couple of “girls club” kind of women who would vote for a woman over a man unless they let their hurt feelings over ride their “girls club” mentality… so those cancel each other out. (Fessy, Brett, Rocks and Bayleigh). We are left then with Scottie, Hayleigh, JC, and Sam… and then KC if you are asking how Tyler beats Angela… ,
Tyler had a personal friendship with Scottie and he said he respected his game when he won his way back into the house and he wanted to work with him so he would vote Tyler if not butt hurt and voting bitter, Sam also has been loyal to Tyler all season and hates Angela so she would vote Tyler if not voting bitter… JC also has been loyal to Tyler and would vote for him as he is in love with him and hates Angela out of jealously.. if he doesnt vote bitter… KC has had a final 2 with Tyler from the beginning and although she has been friends with Angela all season her vote would be a toss up probably depending on who wins and sends her out.. if she doesnt vote bitter and votes based on game… that is yet to see…, Hayleigh wants to be Angelas friend and part of the “in crowd” so bad, she will vote for Angela I think.. she played the whole game based on “feelings”.. so There we have 6-3 or 5-4 Tyler over Angela based on non bitter jury. The difference of the 1 point is KC who I assume would be the last out and her vote would go to the person who wins the last veto and sends her out if she votes game and not bitter. The reason Tyler has better game than Angela is Tyler didnt spend the summer in bed hiding under the covers most of the season and made relationships even if they were to benefit himself when Angela pretty much stayed with her small couple of people and gives off the impression that she’s unapproachable or above others (imo) I think it just depends on the jury and whether or not they are able to put their feelings aside and vote based on game and in my opinion, Tyler played a better game so far than Angela has. I am very curious to see who wins the final veto and who they take to the end… Its been the best season in years and I’d be happy with any of the 3 winning. ftr, Angela is unapproachable and is cliquish. Haleigh gave it her best shot to fit in with her and Angela would be nice to her face and complain about her trying to hang out with her behind her back. Only KC pointed out to both Tyler and Angela that Haleigh is human and she had no one else to talk to… (then KC complained about her behind her back too.) lol

The Beef

And last year everybody had Paul winning 9-0 over whoever he drug to the finals with him. Nobody at this point in the game last year could possibly see any way that Paul could lose.

Dr. Will has a way of getting the jury to focus on game play over bitterness. Doesn’t always work, and even if it does there are three very qualified resume’s to consider this year. Let’s just let it play out before we hand the check to anyone. There may be a lot of surprising votes from this years jury (or not). We shall see.

Billy Birdfan

Angie? That’s Blockstar and she’s already in the Jury House (though she shoulda gone out right after Not so Swaggy).


Question. Watching the live show. After Brett was put on the block they showed Angela then Tyler like crossing from one shoulder down. I haven’t seen them do that. Just wondering what it meant. And have they done that before ?


Fasten your seat belt!


Ohh. Lol. Thanks.

Who said that!

buckle up?

My Two Cents

I saw that too. It looked like they were mimicking putting on their seat belts.

Janey Haze

I took that to mean fasten your seat belts for a bumpy ride. Maybe they thought Brett would flip out on them?

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

I totally missed the seat belt imitation LOL I thought it had something to do with swords and they are both savage. The seat belt thing makes more sense. It gets more difficult when you really like the person and have started friendships.


When did Rachel return to the house and how did she get into JC’s body?


95% of the comments the last few days can be summarized as:
1) I hate JC, he’s a troll, can’t we just evict him now.
2) Somebody trolling with somthing negative about Tyler or Angela bait.
I guess people really are bored and suffering withdrawl as BB winds down 🙂

Swaggy's Missing Brow

It’s only going to get worse as the finale approaches. Not that many people appreciate the game but hang their passions on some players for whatever reason. As their favorites are eliminated (note: out-played by players they DO NOT like) it only becomes shriller.

I always thought that Evel Dick was a vile, disgusting person, but I could appreciate how he “played the game”. I never liked Frankie and fortunately, his game play sucked.

As for Paul…and for some reason a lot of people think he and his jury are playing again this season…his game play was not too bad, but it was propped up by all the advantages that production gave him and he only lost it because he refused to own his “game play”…and that was close.

Cody? I do like him and loved him on the Amazing Race, but his game play (trying to call the shots within his alliance without keeping them in the loop…hello Swaqqy) was terrible. I did vote for him AFP though.

Just like Angela and Tyler motioned last night…buckle up. The rides going to get bumpy.

I Miss Haleigh Beautiful Eyes

I hated L6 in the beginning. But JC needs to go ASAP and Sam is trash.

who me?

I knew how tonight was going to go…same old same old. So I watched Dead Pool 2 with the son and his GF…much more entertaining

Janey Haze

Thumbs up for DP2


I got confused, Dead Pool was a movie with Clint Eastwood and I was wondering if they made a sequel. Then I remembered there was a new Deadpool…

Positive Jimmy Jam

Okay, Can tyler fans tell me how he wins with a bitter jury versus Angela? You guys keep saying he will win, so lets count the votes. So Tym v Angie

KC- Angie. girl power plus she will be pissed she was not a final 2 with Ty. close with angie
Brett- Angie. He blamed Ty more than Angie during eviction. revenge
JC- Angie. He dislikes Angie but he felt betrayed by not being Tyler’s final 2. He is getting more bitter
Hay-Angie. She was double crossed by both, but she targeted Ty and she will vote girl power.
Bay- Angie. Girl power and she realizes the baby bird conned her more than angie
Rocky- Angie. Girl power and pissed she helped Ty
Sam- Ty. This is the only sure vote I can give to Ty.
Scottie- Ty. He could easily vote angie but I just gave this freebie to ty.
Fez- Ty. He could vote with Hay and go with angie. Here is another freebie vote for ty

An easy 6-3 vote for angie that could be 8-1. Tyler only has 1 sure vote in sam. angie has at least 4.

So tyler fans, I am telling you that you have a bitter and betrayed jury. That is why he loses. Dont come back on final and say “Wow Ty would have won if it werent for the bitter jury. ITS A BITTER JURY!!! Thats why he loses. Plus Angie can make the case that she is just as good of a competitor. Prove me wrong Ty fans. Show me how he wins the vote…..

True Dat

I’m not going to try and “prove” you wrong because deciding where the votes will go at this point is pure conjecture. Angela may win over Tyler like you say but it’s certainly not a sure thing and it would likely not go down like you have listed. You have Kaycee voting for Angela because she’s supposedly mad at Tyler. If Angela wins the last comp and chooses Ty over Kaycee, Kaycee would have no reason to be mad at Tyler since he didn’t actually break their final two deal. You have JC voting for Angela because he feels betrayed by Tyler. He thinks Angela got in Tyler’s head just like he thinks Kaitlyn got in his head so he will probably hold Angela responsible for any “dumb mistakes” that Tyler makes. He was alone talking to the camera just the other night saying he hopes Angela doesn’t win. Plus, JC really doesn’t like girls all that much and probably wouldn’t vote for one unless it were Kaycee. You have Rockstar voting for Angela simply because she’s a girl. I can only assume you don’t watch a whole lot of live feeds or you’d know how deeply Rockstar hates Angela. In her eyes, Angela is not a girl…she is everything that is wrong with the world and the human race in general. She hates her on such a visceral level that it’s hard to understate just how much. Angela’s goodbye message, although justified, did nothing to disprove Rockstar’s opinion of her. You have Bayleigh voting for her as well even though Angela pretended to be best friends with her, told her she hopes she wins the game, and had Bayleigh sleep in her bed right before backdooring her. Like fattening a cow before slaughter. Angela’s goodbye message to her came off as super insincere and catty. She’s mad at Tyler too so she very well may vote against him but it’s definitely not a foregone conclusion. The hive mind is very susceptible to manipulation so any of these votes can change in any direction. I just wouldn’t be so sure of myself if I were you.


I’m trying to speak with Kaitlyn’s spirit animals…

Positive Jimmy Jam

Hey I am laying out a logical scenario. Lots of things can change. So why did you stop and not count the votes??? List each person like I did.

True Dat

I don’t think your logic is in question so much as the certainty that you use when voicing your opinion. You have a tendency to act like you are listing facts and call people losers if they have a different opinion. This is where most of your down votes come from. People here tend to like a logical discussion whether they agree with you or not but you can get agressive and condescending sometimes and it’s offputting. In this post you at least admitted this is just a scenario and things can change. For this reason I am finally able to give you an up vote. I didn’t continue listing off jury votes because my post was already uncomfortably long and I kind of find this to be a premature time to be counting votes anyhow.

Positive Jimmy Jam

Down vote losers can not prove their point.


Because none of the girls will vote for Angela because of their jealousy and talk of her being entitled.


I’ve heard JC talk to people like crap all season this was the worst and he doesn’t have a clue about the final 4 veto. He thinks if he’s off the block and doesn’t win the veto he can convince whoever has to veto to do what he wants. He’s clueless. This is Tyler’s chance to get him out. He tells Angela that JC was the one that convinced Brett to flip on them, that he’s coming for Angela and not KC b/c of the LGBT thing and that they will make it a tie and she will vote him out. No blood on Tyler’s hand b/c both Sam and JC will walk out thinking they had Tyler’s vote. Angela once again pisses someone off.

Positive Jimmy Jam

Sam is going hardcore stalker. she needs to go.


I’ve heard JC talk crap to people all season but this was the worst. He also has no clue how the final 4 veto works. He thinks if he stays off the block he can convince the veto holder what to do. Totally clueless. Plus tyler thinks that if the veto holder is the person off the block and they use it they’d go on the block? So why would they use it? I thought these people were fans! This is the time to get rid of JC. Tyler should tell Angela that JC was the one that got Brett to flip on them, that JC is pushing for Angela to go and that he’ll keep KC b/c of the LGBT thing. Tyler and KC make it a tie, Angela breaks it and sends JC home. JC is pissed at her like everyone else at the jury house. Both Sam and JC think they got Tyler’s vote.


Really JC if fessieboy would have put tyler up when he was HOH, Tyler wouldn’t have won veto? how does he figure that. Tyler still would have played and he still would have won. God, JC isn’t as smart as he thinks he is. I wish they would just vote him out already, arrogant and annoying. The things JC has said to tyler the last few days are just as bad as what brett said to him and maybe even worse, just put JC out of his misery and vote him out. Kaycee/Tyler can give their vote to Sam/JC and have Angela tell him he is out, that she heard what he said about her and he has to go. Tyler is keeping JC in what, the hopes that he may actually win something? I doubt he will win anything. Sam would keep tyler off the block as would JC so doesn’t matter which one stays. still a couple of days to go, maybe JC will say something to piss Tyler off and want him out sooner rather than a day later..LOL. Here’s hoping.


Right now I already know Tyler is taking JC to the final 3. He wouldn’t be tolerating this if he weren’t. He’d be talking to the girls to get rid of him. He’s not. So his plan is Sam this week. Kaycee next week.


He has already said multiple times in his DR sessions he is taking Kaycee, Angela and him as final three. I think the only reason he is tolerating it is because Sam has a better chance at winning an HOH than JC so they need her out this week so either him or Kaycee can secure HOH next week and I could see Tyler throwing it to Kaycee so she can put him up.


Kaycee wins HOH and puts up Tyler and JC, giving JC a whole week to badger Tyler with “I told you” type stuff about the girls. Hilarious.


JC trails Angela 3 to 1 going into the last question. The only way Angela can lose is if Sam gets the final answer right, and then beats Angela in the tie-breaker. JC pushes the button anyway. If he had answered the question correctly before Sam, he was sure to lose. If he is as smart as he thinks he is, he would have been sure to answer last. Brett is evicted. Sam was on the block. Who does he think cast the 2 votes, other than his own, that evicted Brett? He continues his futile efforts to get Tyler to turn on Angela and Kaycee. He can not see what is right in front of his face. He will fit right in when he goes to the jury house. No one there, except Hayleigh, could see the obvious either.


JC was telling Tyler if they would have evicted Angela he would have won HOH because he came in second but he and Sam were tied. It could have been Sam that won.

Fes The Rhodes Scholar

I miss Brett. Watching these peole trying to be entertaining isnt working for me. Now that he is gone i realized he was my favorite player of the season…by far

Right on!

Jc got played. For so long he performed intel for l6 as an independent contractor while never being a member of L6. He did it all for free. L6 owes him nothing since he volunteered.
Also, this so called “puppet master ”
Burned all of his puppets. Stupid move . He should have saved some of his puppets to help him win the game!
Oh yes cheers! And more merlot please.

Janey Haze

Was anyone else as underwhelmed as I was watching the Bebe Rexha performance? My first reaction was “Who?” and my final reaction was “Meh…”.
Maybe I’m just too old haha

Positive Jimmy Jam

She aint no Sheryl Crowe!


It doesn’t take a lot of talent to be an artist anymore.


JC : The Ultimate Floater done run outta ways to float, he been a rat all season, he forgot the other part of the game. LOL

Positive Jimmy Jam

Its funny how JC can not see how tyler is in a much better spot with Angie or KC than with JC. JC has won zero comps and jc has zero blood on his hands. JC only sees the game from his shoes and not tylers. He should have realized this much earlier. Tyler needs to tell him”

“look dude, they are better for my game and I can coast to final 3. At final 3 anything can happen. sorry but i have been carrying the heavy load with us. You rode my coattails and made final 4. You had a shot, but you didnt win anything. that is on you. I put you in a position to win”


Gosh ! I am not a fan of Sam…but I did hope to see some game play. Not a chance. Isolating herself..and being such a poor sport.
POP sends ice cream maker. Sam does not join in.
What does she do? Gets a Ben and Jerry and starts eating that. Didn;t join in with anything POP sent ever.
Cinnabon? Sulked outside.
So really. Just what has Sam done the whole game..except clean and suck up for votes?
Horrible player all round.


And here it comes, Folks. Sam refusing to join in the ice cream fest. In bed..talking about what if she puts on her boots, gets a lead pipe, smashes all the tv’s, shreds all the HN drawers, picks up a saucer and smashes the window. Etc etc.
I thought we would see the real Sam. Very angry..delusional as well. Really thought her shtick was going to take her to $500,000.
Now that she is in danger of leaving….POP goes the WEASEL.
Such a poor sport. Haleigh might have cried and been fake..but the girl tried. She didn’t isolate herself..gave great speeches..took accountability and left with class.
The OPPOSITE going on with Sam. Although I assume she will be all nice and fake in her speech. Expect a lot of I love you’s.
Will swan all over Julie. Expecting to get AFP. MEH.


Kaycee has got this in the bag if she can get to final 2!


Wow is JC ever in for a big surprise. I love how he tries to take credit for everything, except he has not won one single thing the entire game . .and both Angela and Kaycee are the top winners . . . .if he can’t see the writing on the wall that Tyler has used him the entire time . . . .and if Kaycee sits beside Tyler she wins, if she sits beside Angela, she wins! She has won more than anyone in the house and she is friends with everyone. While originally Tyler was the front runner . . . he has used too many people and they are all sitting in the Jury house !!!!


I think JC had a point about voting even though say it well. When the number of people in the house is this low, which is more important who is on the block or who is voting? Thinking about both sides is part of the game and is just as important as jury management.