Final Feeds “Do you think she feels played”

HOH Part 1 WINNER: Tyler

HOH Part 2 WINNER: Kaycee

HOH Part 3: Tyler Vs Kaycee

10:30am zzzzz

11:11am crafts..

11:34am last feeding

12:49pm chit chat..
Jc – I see myself hanging out with.. of course with you.. Rachel and Angela..
Kaycee – not Kaitlyn? Haleigh?
Tyler – you live just down the street from Kaitlyn don’t you
JC – Kaitlyn lives right around here I live in west hollywood
Kaycee – I think you would hang out with her
JC – if she wants to .. she took off my f*ing sweater.. that tells you a lot sometimes you don’t need someone to tell you I don’t want to hang out with you

2:23pm kaycee and Tyler
Kaycee talking about Jeff from Big Brother 11 and Big Brother 13. Kaycee mentions that Jeff flipped out on someone during BB13 and he was “in the wrong’ (the time he flipped out about Dumbledore being gay and a teacher. Jeff didn’t think that was something appropriate)

2:49pm Kaycee, Tyler and JC
Talking about Kaitlyn running around telling everyone she fallen in love with them (Fes, Brett and Tyler)
Tyler brings up that KAitlyn thought Brett had a power and was able to flip two votes. this was during the “Winston and Brett vote”
T – I just looked at the camera..
Kaycee – they probably show her following you around
T – yeah
Kaycee – like on your a$$… on your a$$
T – all the time constantly
JC – poor Kaitlyn, do you think she feels played
Tyler – Yeah
JC – do you think she’ll talk to you
Tyler – Yeah
Tyler says he likes Kaitlyn as a person, ” I enjoy her company.. she’s fun she’s crazy”
Kaycee and JC agree she was funny.
Kaycee – she’ll be cool at the club and sh1t

3:13pm Tyler and JC
JC – I’m getting really scared just thinking about getting out of here
T – I know, I was really scared yesterday but now I feel good
Tyler – it’ll be fun
JC – I’m getting out of here in a limbo (I thought he said limo at first.. lol)
Tyler in a LIMBO?
JC – in the limbo .. that means getting out of here literally not knowing what to do with my life
t – me too
JC – it f*ing sucks
Kaycee joins them.
JC – I wonder if Rachel will follow us on Instagram

They start talking about the wrap party and how their parents will be there.
Kaycee says her dad doesn’t drink “I never drink around my dad”
Tyler mentions his mom doesn’t drink as well
Tyler says he left home at 18 his mom has never known him as an adult.

JC – my parents don’t know me at all. like at all
JC – if my dad knows what a gay plug means and me going around gay plug this and that he’s never going to talk to me again.. that’s a no brainier like never talk to me again.. I never told..
Feeds cut..

4:10pm It’s like Sam’s still in there

Final Climb

6:35pm Kaycee and JC
JC says he doesn’t want to be blindsided
Kc – I have no idea what is going to happen
JC – I feel really down just leave it at that
KC – Yeah.. I need to win this that’s all (final HOH)
JC – I don’t know if I am cool with you or not just I told you.. It’s better for your game
JC – If you think you will win with him than go for it..
KC – I know dude it’s so sh1tty I love both of you guys..
JC says he’s really not that good with the jury. JC says after Angela told him he’s not good “with them”
JC adds that Angela is probably campaigning hardcore for Tyler.
JC – just have these things in your head.. whatever happens we’ll all be friends..

JC says they think he’s the “little guy that everyone loves” but he’s not they all hate him
JC warns that Angela is very smart.. “putting in a good word for him.. she’s had 1 week to talk to all those people” (Tyler)
KC – yeah.. yeah you’re right
KC – we both did wrong to her

last couple hours…. 9:30pm

10:30pm spending time in every room.

10:50pm JC and Kaycee sing and drum their song. Tyler is their number 1 and only fan.

11:08pm Kaycee – lets tell them something. Tyler – JC tell the live feeders something .. one last time.
JC – Well live feeders this was the best summer of my life. I am so grateful for this experience. Thank you for watching me doing random stuff for the last 3 months. I hope you guys were able to understand me at least at the end of the season. That’s pretty much all I have to say. It was my pleasure to make it to top 3 with these two ladies. I couldn’t have asked for any better top 3. Maybe Rockstar and Steve instead.

Kaycee – Well live feeders I really do appreciate you and I hope you guys enjoyed the peanut and all the health nut workouts. And don’t be afraid to call me peanut if you see me out on the streets. Its okay ..and I love these two! I love these two girls and I’m glad we could be top 3 together. I can’t imagine it with anyone else. And you know what big brother is the sh*t and I love this show. And thank you to all of you amazing people out there.

Tyler – Live feeders .. this is tough.. thank you for watching every single day.. every day for whatever reason .. to watch JC destroy everyone.. mainly me. I really appreciate you guys watching because if you guys weren’t here there wouldn’t be a show and you guys see it all. So you guys know the real deal. If the show is a little bit different .. you guys know the real deal. And we appreciate you guys for watching us everyday. Its sad to see you go but I love to see you leave. If you see me or any of these two.. make sure you tell me you’re a live feeder because there is totally a difference.

11:25pm – 11:40pm Bedroom. Kaycee and Tyler. Kaycee – are you ready? Tyler = maybe we should tell him tomorrow. Kaycee – we can. Tyler – right before the live feeds go up. Kaycee – yeah, probably do that. Tyler – if you want to? Kaycee – so that we can talk to him about it. So its not a shock. Tyler – I feel like we should. Kaycee – I’m down. Tyler – he’s going to be pissed. Kaycee – at least then we can talk to him about it. Tyler – he is smart though.. he will throw out anything. Kaycee – so when do we tell him? Tyler – like 3:30pm or 4pm? What do we say exactly .. like day 1? Kaycee – yeah. Tyler – I think we owe that to him. He doesn’t deserve to be blindsided. Kaycee – I’m down. Tyler – as close to the show as possible. He said that he has Angela campaigning hard for him.. to vote for you. Tyler – I hope she isn’t .. they don’t like Angela so it would work against us. Kaycee – he is going to be so pissed. Tyler agrees. I think he actually expects me to pick him more than he expects you to pick him. He is going to know regardless so we might as well tell him. Kaycee – we made it. Lets have fun in this part 3. Win or lose we both accomplished so much. Tyler – we made it. I am not even worried about jury sh*t… just say my speech and whatever happens, happens. Kaycee agrees. Kaycee says her speech will just be general sh*t. I am going to say something about me and you. And Level 6 + JC. Its going to be good. Lets just get it over with.
They agree they want to walk outside (walk out of the house on finale night) together holding each others hand up.

JC to Tyler – I am so nervous. If she wins and picks you .. that is okay. You know you have my vote. I would do anything for you. Tyler – same for you. JC – I told her to do what is better for her game. I just feel like I should have won that. Tyler – don’t beat yourself up. That doesn’t get you anywhere. JC – I really think you’re going to win tomorrow. Kaycee joins them.

12:20am The house guests go to sleep for the last time in the BB house..

7:50am zzzzzzzzz


9:58am Final 3 saying goodbye to us unwashed live feeders.. \
JC – it was my pleasure giving you guys a show every single day I hope you guys are happy with top three we’re doing the best we could
Tyler – we appreciate you watching us because it makes us feel loved.. Even when you guys are probably hating on us hardcore all the time
Kaycee – We love all the haters we love all the lovers.
JC – thank you so much for supporting my relationship with Tyler..
Tyler – thank you so much for tuning into my life being destroyed (poor baby wounded bird)
JC – hashtag JAYLER

Last shot of the feeds…

Thanks everyone for supporting this site we couldn’t do it without you. Great season!

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Thanks Simon and Dawg for the great updates this season! I don’t do the Amazon thing but I did leave a contribution. Hope to read you next season too.

The quiet one

I don’t do amazon either so where is the link for a donation please? I would like to donate something to show my appreciation for all you do! To watch those hours and hours of craziness or utter boredom and write them here for us all to enjoy, you and Dawg deserve a MVP award. Thank you!!!!

CPAC Nation

Thank you Simon and Dawg for a great season. Enjoy your yatus!


Thank you! We will!! 🙂

Team Tyler


Simon Dawg Fan

Simon and Dawg. Thank you so much. I’ve been following feeds from you guys for a couple years (especially as I have had summer travel in the past 4 years). As I read the “final three” address the live feeders and talk a bit about being afraid to leave the house and what comes next, I realize I feel a little bit the same. This this site has been to very important to me this summer. I’ve had a number of difficult life events and these summaries have made me laugh and given mw something to look forward to. I do all Amazon via you guys now. I’ve found I’ve read on days I thought I would hold out because I had to order some supplies. I’m a little afraid of not having the best season of BB to distract me and this very smart group to look forward to. The commenters, respect the game so it is reading the commentary is great. Seriously, you people are incredible. And when someone tries to derail the conversation, you commenters use humor to bring it back to topic . It’s so funny and works. No political nonsense. No grandstanding. You guys are the best. I’ll be still going through this site to do purchases during the year, especially during the holidays. I can’t imagine a better season. I will miss Simon and Dawg posts and occasional commentary (JC, Foute, Fez the gift that keeps giving “I don’t know what happened” and the powerhouse of Level 6). There were very good people playing a very ruthless game with mad skills and dignity. So Granny and the rest of you awesome people, I want you to know that sometimes a silly game can be someone’s Super Bowl and having good people to share it with makes a big difference. Will miss you all. May our Yatus be short.

Blessed in

There are so many sides to JC. So many reasons to dislike him. So many reasons to like him, laugh at and with him, to love him and sadly, feel sad for him. God Bless JC, A complexed being. I wish him well in his future.

Who said that

Wow,you mean all those people we were watching all summer are actual human beings?


I feel the same about Sam. Although I worry about her, I wish her the best.

Pennsylvania Goes Red

Even with all the weird stuff I still like Sam and JC. Bayleigh is the only one that I really wouldn’t want to be around.


I totally agree – Bayleigh is the only one out of the whole cast that I didn’t care for at all. Not saying she’s evil, just not my cup of tea. And Sam and JC, I especially hope they have support and love around them.


I like the fact JC is still playing the game.

Haleigh's Purple Panties

Long live Sam. Long live Haleigh.


Does anyone know what Haleigh’s big secret is?

Ann L. Sekks

She is gay. Hence nothing went down with Fezzy. She was attracted to KC.

Elephants Rule

Houka is off the hook for the worst poster of the year.


She used to be Bruce Jenner. The whole season is actually just an add for Kardashian anti-aging cream.


I LOVE this site! Such great updates and quick for us who don’t have live feeds! This is the only site I check, a must have for big brother.

Who said that

Isn’t it odd that BB would have a homophobe come in to reminisce with the the first ever “gay top 3”?


Sounds like you are the homophobe for assuming Tyler’s sexual orientation like it’s any of your business

Who said that!

That was JC’s joke,moron,read the site.Everyone knows Tylers not gay but even he has joked about it.


I’m sorry I thought you were serious but there are people on this site that say it seriously and it’s getting old imo

Who said that!

Despite my failed sarcasm,I was trying to ask a serious question regarding the use of Jeff considering his repeated use of homophobic slurs.


You’re right! I hadn’t thought of that, but it is ironic.


You all have a good memory. BB 13 2011, just said, and argued, on the live feeds that a gay teacher should not be teaching children, implying that they are all pedophiles.

Use the google and/or YouTube machine and see…..

Who said that!

That was Jeff’s 2nd stint on BB,his comments on BB 11 were worse and yet they asked him back.I don’t believe anyone who made repeated racist attacks on fellow houseguests were ever asked back.

70 MO

That hasn’t happened yet, but when it does in the future, I hope you’re around to see it.

Who said that!

FYI,on BB11 Jeff repeatedly called fellow house guests F***ing fags and faggots and yet BB producers have helped him craft an image and career.So I wouldn’t think Kaycee and JC would be very happy to see him.

Hi Sailor

Yes, I don’t understand the love that CBS has shown Jeff Schroeder either …he’s made blatant homophobic comments numerous times …used words like faggott and queer ..yet they’ve given him a very nice career ….does anyone really believe he’s changed his mindset? Where is the LBGT community on this?


For what it’s worth, I’m straight and Jeff disgusts me. You don’t have to be gay to hate hate.


Maybe after watching his season, Jeff realized he was an ill informed bigot and enlightened himself. I’m sure there are many past house guests that are not very happy with themselves afterwards and use their experience in the BB house as a life lesson.

Of course, I don’t know Jeff personally or follow him on social media. Maybe he is an ignorant ass! Lol! ????


We all have our blind spots. Maybe he learned about himself and grew from the experience.


Jeff is disgusting. Someone reposted that live feeds homophobic rant of his again the other day… worked up like Bayleigh, all rage and spittle. Sad little man.

Who said that!

I don’t want to put any more hate out in the world,I just thought the situation was ironic and the hypocrisy of CBS for not treating homophobic attacks the same way the treat racist attacks.


Thank you Dawn and Simon for all you put up with to make my experience so much better.

Team Tyler

The only sure vote I see are Bayleigh /Rockstar who will both vote for Kaycee and Angela who will vote for Tyler. I think everyone else can be convinced by either of them.
This is by far one of the best seasons!

Melted Snowflake

I’m really hoping that Tyler wins but Kaycee would be a solid choice for the winner too. I feel pretty confident that Tyler is going to win America’s Favorite Houseguest.

There are several different BB sites on the web but Simon and Dawg’s humor make this one my favorite. Thanks guys!


speculative break down of jury votes (assuming tyler and kaycee take each other):

bayleigh – kaycee
rockstar – kaycee
fes – kaycee
scottie – tyler
hayleigh – tyler
brett – tyler
sam – tyler
angela – tyler
jc – whoever doesn’t evict him

tyler wins, but by a fairly narrow margin. this could still go to kaycee.

Ann L. Sekks

bayleigh – kaycee
rockstar – kaycee
fes – kaycee
scottie –kaycee. Bitter at tyler
hayleigh – kaycee. girl power. Kaycee was straight up, comforted her, and did not lie to her.
brett – kaycee. Bitter over final 2
sam – kaycee. girl power. bitter over final 2
angela – tyler
jc – tyler

KC wins easily. Gonna be 7-2 or 6-3


what we’ve seen of the jury indicated scottie and hayleigh leaning towards tyler, though i do think there’s a chance they go kaycee. brett says he’s voting game and seems to think tyler has had a better game than kaycee. sam could go crazy bitter, but i think she views her vote as “for” someone not “against” and she doesn’t have any real bond with kaycee (by this logic i can see her voting jc over tyler though). jc is gonna be super pissed when he leaves and i’m pretty sure he’ll vote for whoever doesn’t cast his eviction vote.


Yes, I think you’re on point.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Bayleigh – KC
Blockstar – KC
Fez – Tyler
Scottie – Tyler
Haleigh – Tyler
Brett – ???
Sam – KC (unfounded bitterness towards Tyler)
Angela – Tyler
JC – KC (Unrequited love towards Tyler)

I think Brett is a wild card. I truly don’t know. Regardless, it will be close.

Red On Top

My guess:

Rocks – Kaycee
Bay – Kaycee
Angela – Tyler
Hay – Tyler
Fez – Tyler
Sam – Kaycee
Brett – Tyler
JC – Is the swing vote and he will vote against the person who evicts him.


You missed Scottie, who will vote for Tyler.

Kid Rock

Did you guys find out Haliegh’s family secret KC WAS TALKING ABOUT?

Hope Hicks Was Here


Well, it’s about time we wrap it up here. Simon it’s been a pleasure, thank you for working overtime to deliver us the feeds and sparring us commercials on TV that will bore us to death. It’s been fun chatting with all of you on this feed; some of you have really funny names. So for my final post, I will say my final predictions.

1. I predict this will be Julie Chen’s last season, due to her husband’s sudden fall from the TV throne. If she doesn’t say it finale night, I think it will be announced later on.

2. Tyler and Angela will hook up after the show, either of them might try out for Survivor independently or as a couple, in an attempt to be the CBS show all-star contestants; winning BB and Survivor.( they really should do BB past houseguests on Survivor and vice versa, that would be EPIC!).

3. Kaitlyn will continue to be a horny therapist, probably market herself as a motivational speaker, make her own line of soulmate crystals, have her own arm writing language, and so on. She will happily stalk Tyler and Angela will hate her devotedly.

4. Fez and Haliegh will end up being civilized fuck buddies. I do not see them lasting long. Fez will be lost after BB, thinking of all the stupid-ass mistakes he made in silence and return to being a substitute teacher in Orlando, who reads and BB youtube videos while the students do their assignments.

5. Rockstar might file a complaint about…something. If BB is late delivering her check, you will hear from her publicly. She will celebrate her useless time in the BB house by raving at Burning Man.

6. Brett will try to bang at least one of the girls in the hotel room, Haleigh or Rachel. He will party hard after the finale, take a crap load of photos, might try out for Amazing Race with Winston or Survivor, maybe even another take at BB and just be a regular bro with Winston. I can see them sharing a beer and laughing at how lame and dumb Rockstar was.

7. Scotty will demand reasons from everyone about their game moves, going around eating his thumb and asking questions. He will spend countless hours researching and defending his big brother legacy online.

8. Baleigh and Swaggy will be the BB couple, similar to Rachel and Brendon, have the kid, do interviews here and there on “where are they now?” get married etc. I can see Swaggy C coming back to Big brother, but homeboy better not take his shirts to the next season.

9. Rachel will want NOTHING to do with BB. She will call Angela a bitch forever and pray she never makes Sports Illustrated. I definitely see her sleeping with someone, maybe Winston or Brett.

10. JC will have a rude awakening when he leaves BB, considering the bad articles written about his sexual inappropriate behavior; Tyler is the only one he will actively try to keep in touch, the rest he will forget about. He will watch every season after this, criticizing all the new house guests in his natural negative way, probably thinking his season was the best season.

11. Kaycee will keep in touch with most of the house guests and probably go to any BB reunion after this. She might do some charity work, campaign for rights for the LGBTQ community. I definitely see her wanting to be in Sports commercials, like Gatorade, Nike, Reebok etc as she continues to play football.

12. AND SAM. The curious case of Sam. I think she will think all of this was a dream and she was here for the experience, probably will forget most of what happened and act as if she was never on the show in the first place. I think she will be happy as fuck going back home and meeting her crickets, frogs or whatever shit she keeps or likes at her house. I don’t see her coming to any reunion show, I don’t see her wanting to reach out to any of the houseguests, she might make a special guest appearance on the Moonshine show or be a contestant on some wood cutting competitive show. BB might use one of her slop recipes for future shows.

Until next year folks, I’m Hope Hicks Was Here, good night.


i too am surprised that hayden is the only bb player to appear on survivor so far. amazing race seems the more popular option and i think there are a lot of potential amazing race couples from this season (tyler/angela, winston/brett, swaggy/bayleigh (fes and hayleigh aren’t going to last three months outside the house)).

i’m not sure we’ve seen the last of jc. he may want to continue sticking his neck out mr. pectacular style or on the podcasts as i think he really wants the spotlight, though he will be hit pretty hard entering the real world.

the rest of your speculations seem pretty spot on. in addition to jc and the couples i posted above, i do think we may see kaitlyn again. the rest either out of personal embarrassment (rachel) or being too unpredictable (sam/scottie) or just being boring (steve) i don’t think we’ll see again, though i do hope kaycee comes back and does keep in touch with everyone. she really does seem like a genuinely good person.

Cray Cray

Caleb was on survivor twice…first time left for health reasons.


i can’t believe i forgot caleb. well, i mean, i can, he’s not nearly as great as cbs thinks he is.


Caleb had seemed, well “Cray Cray” (sorry!?) would be a good way to put it, when he was on BB. But he actually seemed like a pretty good dude on Survivor. I think getting married must have been good for him.


He did have that stalker thing with Amber but once she was gone he became just a goofy guy almost brolike.


Caleb was also on Survivor.

Cray Cray6

Caleb Reynolds was on 2 seasons of survivor recently. The first one he had to leave a couple episodes in due to severe heat stroke effects and dehydration.

He came back two seasons later for the redemption thing.


Um…How could you forget Beast Mode Cowboy? Twice on Survivor.

Smitten Kitten

I have a feeling it’s far more likely that we’ll see Tyler & Angela on The Amazing Race.

Cody & Jessica just won their season of The Amazing Race & have now gotten engaged & are implying they have a baby on the way.

You can trust that CBS will move whatever mountains necessary to have all of the same successful results occur for Tyler & Angela, as it is ratings gold & that all begins with The Amazing Race.

I’d love to see Angela & Tyler on TAR.
They were so instrumental to the success of Level 6; if you took them as a common denominator away, I have no doubt Level 6 wouldn’t have lasted nearly as long.
Tyler especially was the glue that held Level 6 together.

It would be fun to see what they can do as a team on TAR.


while I wouldn’t mind Angela-Tyler on TAR I think I’d rather see Kaycee – Tyler as they’d would beast. The only problem with C2C going on TAR is KC tends to need more time in thinking comps so perhaps Ang-Ty would be the better pairing.


I read earlier that once the round table was over, the jurors would all be sequestered separately. Anyone know if this is true, and if so — why? The round table was held a couple of days ago…. so they all have to sit alone in a hotel room for five days???

PNW Granny

If this is true it may be because they (HIVE) have threatened to pool their votes, instead of an unknown separate vote they predetermine before the vote on who they want to win and vote together. This may be BB’s way of stopping them from doing that.


I’m not sure why they do it but they have always sequestered the jurors after the round table it’s not new this season


My guess is it’s cheaper than paying for the jury house for the extra time.


I doubt it it probably costs less to rent that house for one week than to rent 8 separate hotel rooms

My guess is they want the jury round table to be the last time they talk about the final 3 as a group since that will be on tv


I’ve heard that they do this every year. Fourth out… Angela… goes right to the round table, then to a hotel. Never sees the Jury House. Houseguests aren’t allowed to talk game in the Jury house, only while they’re watching recaps with the latest evictee and during the roundtable. There are handlers in the Jury house 24/7 enforcing the rules.
Fun fact… during All Stars, a bunch of houseguests broke out of Jury and went to the bar to sing karaoke: Dr Will, Chicken George, James Rhine… can’t remember them all.

Hi my name is Scott

So sad……hate the last couple of days of a season. All the waiting and anticipation then it’s over in a heartbeat. :(. Thanks Simon and Dawg for all the good work you do. Love,to read your updates better than any other site. Hope Blockstar has limited appearances tomorrow because fear you guys will have a relapse and have to go through another round of derocksing.

On the bright side, only 9 short months till BB 21 !!!!!!!!!!!!


Is there going to be a celebrity Big Brother again?

Hi My Name Is Scott

Almost forgot, I did see somewhere that CBS did renew Celeb BB

Sam's Nicotine Patch

It is sad! It is like a child waiting for Christmas morning to come and then it is over in a heartbeat! We are all going to have BB withdrawals! See ya next Summer!


Thanks Simon and Dawg for all your hard work. It’s been a great season. I made a small contribution and will do the Amazon link all year round as well. Cheers….

My Two Cents

Same here..


Interviews of the pre-jury cast.

Big Brother 20′: Pre-Jurors Crown This Season’s Winner

Sam's Nicotine Patch

Interesting read and interesting to hear who the 5 NON-jurors think should win….click the link!


Agree Sams patch interesting read I think Swag is being honest I think Kaitlyn is still going n her own world.


Thanks for the link. That was fun

Boring week ahead

Congratulations to tyler and kc on a pretty decent season of bb20,two of the most deserving ppl for a final 2. I think kc has the slight margin for the win with the jury tho. And i would love to see tyler and kc or brett and winston on amazing race together!


Tyler finally said what I was hoping to hear. He told Kaycee that he couldn’t possibly cut her and take JC to F2 because Angela would be like “You told me you and Kaycee had a F2” .
I’d put my money on Kaycee and Tyler F2. $$$
LET’S GO!!! Excellent ending!!! Don’t care which one wins! So happy!


Exactly. As soon as KC won I knew it would be Tyler / KC final 2. It would make no sense at all to tell Angela in their GBM’s about their final 2 and then not take each other. So excited for the speeches and to see how each make their case for the win.

Tom A

I think I love this group of houseguests more than any other group in any other season. I will always like JC, Kaycee, Brett and Tyler more than the rest, but I truly love Scottie, Hayleigh, Fessie, Winston, Rachel, and hell, even Steve. Just one hell of a season, with one hell of a group of people. This will be the first time since season 14 that I will miss seeing these people practically every day.


They were truly an interesting, fun group of people, and very enjoyable to watch.


Simon and Dawg as always an awesome job on the reporting and keeping us all up to the goings on.
I watch the feeds but miss a lot due to work, so I come here. Have been using the amazon link and will continue to do so.

To all the posters it’s been a blast ready and sharing see you next year.

Oh and Tyler for the win!!!!!!


Thank you! Glad you enjoyed our updates 🙂


Jc never shuts up……


It’s slowly sinking in that JC isn’t the center of the world to Tyler and KC. It is painfully starting to dawn on him that they may just like each other more than him. It’s been a long depressing process for him to get that he really isn’t in control. I hope the cameras show us when they tell him he never was.


I think Tyler and JC should be on the Amazing Race. Now that would be funny.


I’ve had enough of JC to last a lifetime. Ty and one of the girls would work.


That would be like Tyler doing the amazing race all by himself dragging a bag of potatoes around.


omg I almost spit out my drink – that was so funny!


Both Angela and KC are very athletic and competetive


I’d like to see Brett and Rockstar on The Amazing Race.


Sad to see this cast go. They’ve been exceptional all year. Really played to win and the show was actually entertaining. Reminds me of the BB past seasons.

Red On Top

I know what a great season. Even Kaitlyn made big moves.


Thank you Simon and Dawg for another awesome season! This by far is the best site.


Thank you! We appreciate the praise. We try our best 🙂


Watching JC ignore Bob’s request to put on his microphone I was infuriating. He’s like a rotten child. I hope he gets shit in the real world for being such an ass

The puddle

This seasons BBro. had several rude and annoying house guest, but overall this was one of the best BBro. seasons. The bedroom couple scenes are HOT with young adults and hormones flying, it is expected. If I had to hang with one of the house guest, it would be Haleigh because she keeps it real. Happy belated birthday to rock*’s daughter.


How long will the finale be?? I just read that It doesn’t start until 8:30 central time. That’s pretty late for a finale to start!

Red On Top

It lasts for 1.5 hours.

The puddle

Final starts @ 8pm and BBro. fans sit back with a big bowl of popcorn because Bayleigh is going to give you drama against Tyler with PMS. I think he will win.


The finale start 9:30 on the East Coast.


Does anyone know what the big secret is with Haleigh?

The puddle

Yes, she likes Fes

Buh Bye

She’s adopted. Maybe that’s it?

Elephants Rule

Thanks everyone for a great season. Dawg and Simon rock and all the poster here are very funny. We should all get together at The Hive funeral or for Rocks daughters birthday.


Pretty sure Brett is planning an epic birthday bash for Rocks Daughter…


Thank you for this site and for this great season, this season is, without a doubt, on top 3 of BB seasaons – along with S7 and S10, If Tyler wins I’ll rank it 2nd (BB10 is #1).
I’d love to see Tyler-Angela, Brett-Winston and even Rachel-KC on TAR someday…. they would easily make it top 3 🙂


Not better than S6 either. But yes a solid 4th.


BB6 is my 4th – but 20th is better. better gameplay, more likeable characters. BB6’s smarter alliance was so disgusting (nerd herd), in this season the more likeable alliance played a better game and won.
Level 6 is what the sov 6 could’ve been if not fore Howie’s stupid move.


Hey Simon, Dawg, did you catch that Taran Armstrong mentioned your site on RHAP updates the other day?


He just said something like you can keep up with live feeds on sites like online big brother or reddit. I figured he meant you, but I could be wrong. I have posted your site on his chat in the past for people looking for updates, dunno if that had anything to do with it though,

Butters Mom

Thank you Simon and Dawg. Another season down and I couldnt have enjoyed it as much without you two! Ill see you again next year I hope and Ill continue to shop Amazon through your site.


Simon/Dawg – are the backyard interviews on the live feeds after the finale?


Which facebook page? There are a few. Do you know why Live Feeds not showing backyard interviews this year?

Hi My Name Is Scott

To Simon and Dawg,

Again, as I have prefaced several comments with this, thanks lots for all of your hard work and hazardous duty this season. Covering the detail of all of the Hive missteps had to hurt your brains tremendously. First you laugh then in kind of numbs you but then after a while, your brain does not want to try to process the craziness anymore and then the pain sets in….. Can’t wait till nine months from now and we will be discussing a whole new collection of housepets!!! One drink to solute BB 20 and one to celebrate the coming of BB21!!


Thanks again Simon and Dawg for a great season! Just donated!


You can release the Kraken for the post season lull.


Wonder if they’ll announce the cast at the end of the show tonight…

Teri in Oregon

Thank you everyone for an awesome season, but especially Simon, Dawg (and Granny). You all made an amazing season even better! I look forward to this every year but it’s been incredible this season! See you all next time! 🙂

another name

Close to final thoughts:
Man, I sort of hate that the people i wanted to like week one became the people i disliked the moment i saw them by week two… and vice versa. That said, I have enjoyed the season.
I wasn’t so impressed with the selective editing for the episodes, but I never am impressed when they twilight zone edits that seem to over- vilify some, and whitewash others. I’m still shocked production didn’t try harder to save the hayseed given how much energy they put into her edit. I’m also a little shocked that tyler ended up with close to 300 d/r moments in the episodes, while kaycee and jc’s d/r’s in episode combined are only about 250.
I read the pre-juror group interview, and all was well until third-eye-blind starts talking about being ‘slut shamed’ on national tv by Sam. Yeah, Sam’s nominees weren’t using a feminine wiles to gain meat shields strategy. not at all. If either of the two that felt slut shamed would own their game, perhaps they’d feel a sense of ‘slut pride’ that it worked so well for as long as it did. Instead: victim noise.
I totally think the jury will have bitter voters. It will be the people that played the game without taking ownership of their own mistakes and their own part in their downfall that vote bitterly. If production didn’t write and hand the jurors questions to be asked at finale, I could totally see Bayleigh or Blockstar or even flashy moment for the camera Brett asking questions more based on ego boosting themselves than learning anything about the finalists’ game play that they didn’t know before.
Big Brother Bob was fun this week. Who knew he had it in him.


I can see Bayleigh asking Tyler if he will apologize to her.

another name

how dare he say good morning bayleigh to her the day after she’s nominated by the hacker. and how dare he say he’s going to vote her out. he should have done what the hive did, go back into a room and say all of that behind their backs while at the same time sewing distrust for his own alliance members. the nerve. he didn’t even have the decency to make her swear an oath to him on a bible. sheesh.


Woe – woe – woe…….


Everyone loves to go to the zoo and watch the monkeys. But no one wants to get hit with the poop when they get to flinging. Simon and Dawg: you are the sheet of plexiglass that shields our faces from the feces. All the monkeys, none of the poop.
Thanks for all the hard work!

(BTW, if you want to make “All the Monkeys, None of the Poop” your official site slogan, feel free)


Top Ten Reasons Why I Loved BB20:

10. Fes saying “Who flipped?” every single week. I’d put money on him trying to vote for an evicted HG to win tonight.

9. Level 6 alliance stayed secret the entire game. Nobody ever outed the alliance, even Brett kept mum when he was put on the block in DE.

8. FOUTTE becoming FOUITJ (Five Of Us In The Jury).

7. Nobody named Paul as a houseguest.

6. Tyler/Kaycee – two deserving HGs going to Final 2.

5. Brett on the feeds. That guy was funny as hell.

4. Haleigh’s house meeting. Telling everyone she was the hacker was the dumbest move ever, but Bay’s bat-sh*t crazy rampage on the Wounded Baby Bird was just pure insanity.

3. FOUTTE evicting their alliance members on their own HOH weeks.

2. The self-proclaimed BB expert who referred to himself in the 3rd person got backdoored Week 2. What was his name again? 🙂

And the NUMBER ONE reason why I loved BB20:

1. Simon & Dawg’s amazing updates!

Hi My Name Is Scott

I would have added few more a) and b) and c) as addendums to some of the things you listed with nobody named Paul as a Houseguest!


Very well said…but one more for ya…drum roll pleassseee…..

“Just own it…can’t even own it”


hopefully the jury sees Tyler had a much better social and strategic game than KC


Thanks for everything Simon and Dawg. I just donated and wish I could afford to give more. You guys were awesome as usual!


Simon as they are live streaming the final when does it start as my TV says 8:30 but I know it’s normally already happened for you.


will you have a link to your 630pm PsT stream??


Just wanted to say thanks to yall…Simon and Dawg. Thanks for the updates…the fun…the entertaining back and forths with peeps we disagree with. Thanks for it all! I may have to watch bbcan, live if I can…and get all up in yalls updates, cause I sure am gonna miss this! And whenever I order from amazon, I’ll be sure to do it through the link. Later gators! Brett for AFP!


I really think what could keep Tyler from winning is the fact that he didn’t tell his alliance about his power app. Hopefully he has a good explanation. All season the alliance was beyond loyal in everything. They may question it just enough to vote for Kaycee. Just curious to see how they are all going to feel about it. Really curious to know if Scottie told them anything or if Brett did. Scottie can’t keep his mouth shut so he probably told everything he knows already. Can’t wait for round table to see what they all have to say


Vegas update
Tyler has the most votes fore afp up to producers if he gets the prize if he finishes 1st or 2nd

Houka Inumuta

Guess there’s a lot of Scooby Doo fans out there. Shame Scottie didn’t win.


I had never heard that before Why do people even waste time voting if they are just going to give it to whoever they want. Yes. Seems like a lot if the same person wins the game and AFP. But they obviously worked for it and earned it in my opinion. Whether I agree or not. The most votes should get it. Think someone said Derrick won the votes. I didn’t really care for him that much but that just seems wrong to me. But their show. They can do whatever. I just won’t waste my time voting if that’s true.


There are two cases that I know of Derrick in 16 when they gave it to Donnie even though he got the second most votes and Paul on 18 where they gave it to Victor


But grodner the executive producer said in an interview earlier in the season that this season even the top 2 were eligible this year so we will see


link for live show?


Thank you Simon and Dawg without you guys BB would be wack. You guys make it fun!!!!


Thank you so much for your hard work! You do a great job and are the only place I go.


This jury discussion with Will is going much better than I expected. Definitely better than last year’s jury discussion


I love KC but Tyler could not have played a more perfect game. Good job both top two. Glad Tyler got AFP. (Heleigh in top 3?) Great job Simon and Dog.