Jason “My a$$ slammed shut like a bear trap because I knew I was going to be on it [havenot]”

Paul – someone made a noise and then she makes it right after. Or she just gets a lot louder .. like she ligidimately blew out my ear yesterday. Christmas – yes! Paul – she screams. Christmas – like she is the constant center of attention. Paul – she says she is down like four flat tires. Like alright house guests are you ready for the competition .. she’s like I’m down like four flat tires. Alex – in the beginning she kept talking about how much her surgery costs and I couldn’t be around her and then she stopped talking about it. Paul – did you hear what she said the 5K is nothing to her but then she says that she could use money for da daa daa..

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Josh – Paul is protecting his game from all angles

Big Brother Spoilers 12:01am Josh and Xmas
JOsh – they grilled me in the storage room.. Alex and Jason
Josh – they go t with you vote to evict me..
Josh – I said do you not trust Paul do you not trust he going to pull one of you off and put Kevin up .. do you not trust this is what we are going to do
Josh – they said they are going through scenarios
Xmas – where are they getting this from
Josh – going through scenarios just the case he doesn’t use the veto.. They were checking if they had me

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Power Of Veto Competition Results! “I’m going to pull you off.”

When the live feeds return – Paul is wearing the veto around his neck. He heads to the storage room where Alex is dancing. Alex – safety! Paul comes in and says what the f**k I was trying. I was hot and overheating. I was like dude I can’t do this anymore. Slap, punch, punch, punch. Alex – I looked at Jason and asked is he telling me to throw it or not throw it. Paul – No yeah. Alex – he told me to go for it. Paul – I don’t know why he would say that. I’m going to pull you off.

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Josh “We all as a team get blood on our hands. He is a smart f**k!”

Christmas – eventually someone is going to have to take a shot at Raven. During your HOH, my HOH or your HOH. We’re going to have to put her up and vote her out. So that all three of us end up getting blood on our hands in that position. Josh – I am voicing my concerns with you because I have to get it out. Christmas – its good. We’re a team, the only time it becomes individual is when we get down to the final 3. We all have to be on the same page. We can’t have an Alex and Jason situation. Josh – we’ll play veto and god willing Raven wins. If not then we’ll have to take a shot at one of them. Christmas – we can’t split to the vote either. Josh – it has to be unanimous.

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Alex – “Paul’s season is friendship, I don’t think he would leave us now in this game..”

Big Brother Spoilers 12:33pm APSR Alex and Jason
Nervous chit chat
Alex says she’s tired she’s use to being active and going to the gym every day.
Jason complains that Xmas has been in the Diary room a lot lately.
Alex thinks there’s something coming up
Jason – we say that every week

Alex says Kevin is sitting there not saying anything
JAson – Paul told him to shut up
Jason – I knew we shouldn’t have been so cocky
Alex – one of us will come off don’t panic.. yet
Jason – yeah

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Raven – Both my parents are disabled so, I IS the one who makes money.. huh.. for the family

Big Brother Spoilers 10:21am Xmas and Raven bathroom
Xmas – what are we going to do today guys
Xmas – I liked the mix this morning.. So what kinda clubs do you have in your town.
Raven – I have nothing in my home town, Gas station, pool hall, dairy bar, BBQ place.. you literally know everyone
Xmas – sounds like a place my mom grew up
Raven says there was all sorts of rumours, “is she gay, is she mean” that started out in her hometown because she didn’t date local people.

Raven – I grew up there but I was constantly gone with my dance and stuff..

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Nomination Ceremony Results! “It was like Kevin was laughing. RUDE AS F**K!”

Paul – this is all just to get him (Kevin) out right? Jason – I have no idea! Paul – If I get backdoored, I’m going to punch you in the f**king nuts! Jason – if you get backdoored, I’m going to punch you and me in the nuts. Is she trying to backdoor us both? (Jason you’re not being backdoored, you get to fight for the veto) Paul – she might be trying to get out a strong male competitor this week. Either we’re being paranoid as f**k .. or you’re beyond f**ked. Josh is a strong male competitor but he hasn’t really don anything. Jason – Alex and me are both on the block so if she wins the veto she will pull herself off the block.

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Alex – do you think we should put up Josh and Kevin

Big Brother Spoilers 1:34pm Paul, Alex and Jason
Paul – she’s (raven) no even leaving that room
Alex – I know she’s scared..
Paul – I went up there took a sh1t and came back down

Paul whispers – who she putting up …
Alex – Me and Kevin
Paul – you don’t give a f* about going because it’s you and Kevin
Alex – I trust you guys at this point
Alex says the other option is for Josh to go up

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X- I’ll explain to Alex, Hey, Jason is the biggest competitor… Straight shoot em”

Big Brother Spoilers 9:41am Xmas and Josh

Xmas – Raven should act shocked, Not Super pissed but pissed like what the f* . Because of Kevin.. That will tie her even more closely to Alex..
Xmas – I’ll explain to Alex, Hey Jason is the biggest competitor
Xmas is going to “straight shoot” Jason.
Xmas – I don’t want Alex to think I’m coming after her..
Josh says they have to separate in peoples eyes.

Xmas tells him not to Yap, “when you Yap you are too f*ing smart.. You are too good” (Umm no)

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Paul “You’re not afraid to take the shot right?” Christmas “No, I’m not afraid.” Paul “f**k yeah!”

Paul joins Christmas. Paul grins ear to ear. Paul – boom, boom! You’re not afraid to take the shot right? Christmas – no, I’m not afraid. Paul – f**k yeah! Christmas – I told Kevin to sh*t the f**k up. I said keep acting like you are. He (Kevin) wasn’t going to throw it. I told him to and you know what he said, I can’t lose to a girl. Let Christmas be the first one out. I was like Kevin, if you don’t throw it, I am staying in the game, winning it and putting you on the block. I was like listen motherf**ker, if you don’t throw it the first round you are forcing me to and you will lose and I will send your a$$ out. Then he was like .. (dropped). I got mad dude! He was like I can’t lose to a girl, it would be embarrassing.

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