Jason “My a$$ slammed shut like a bear trap because I knew I was going to be on it [havenot]”

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10:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. They slowly wake up and get ready for the day. Jason heads out into the backyard to run. Paul – I had an anxiety attack in my sleep last night. Its the second time its happened this season. Alex – you’re lucky my mom has had them and we’ve had to take her to the hospital. Paul – you wake up and you feel like you’re having a heart attack. I had it a lot last year. Your heart starts pounding so fast and you can’t breath.

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11:15am Paul – someone made a noise and then she makes it right after. Or she just gets a lot louder .. like she ligidimately blew out my ear yesterday. Christmas – yes! Paul – she screams. Christmas – like she is the constant center of attention. Paul – she says she is down like four flat tires. Like alright house guests are you ready for the competition .. she’s like I’m down like four flat tires. Alex – in the beginning she kept talking about how much her surgery costs and I couldn’t be around her and then she stopped talking about it. Paul – did you hear what she said the 5K is nothing to her but then she says that she could use money for da daa daa. And then she said she could use any dollar she got. First of all 5K is a lot. Raven joins them.

11:20am Backyard. Jason and Kevin do their daily walk around the backyard.

Paul, Kevin and Jason are all working out. Christmas and Alex talk about kids and pregnancy. Christmas – I think being pregnant would be the coolest thing ever.

12:06pm – 12:27pm Big Brother blocks the feeds. When they return – its time to pick the havenots for the week. Christmas reads the card – this weeks havenots are …NOBODY! Congratulations havenots are over for the summer! They all erupt yelling and screaming dancing around the kitchen. Jason – my a$$ slammed shut like a bear trap because I knew I was going to be on it.

12:40pm Paul and Christmas playing chess.
Paul – I did more thinking and I think .. what was his main concerns just taking the heat? I think he just felt uncomfortable with the conflict. Paul – then I’ll take the conflict. Christmas – I calmed him down. He was just seeing this week and jury. Paul – what do you mean jury.. like who is getting their jury votes? Raven joins them and the conversation ends.

12:50pm Pool time..

1pm Paul and Christmas playing chess and talking.
Christmas – the only way we will f**k up is if we lose our sh*t. I don’t think in the history of big brother has there been a trio (Paul, Christmas and Josh) like us that is just slaying.. Paul – stacked against all odds and just slaying. Christmas – just planting seeds and people are just doing whatever we tell them to do. Paul – we’re all playing off each other … like sure I can plant seeds but it doesn’t work if you can’t sell them on it. We all literally using each other to get farther. Christmas – to be able to go to top three blows my mind. Paul – I don’t know if its happened where the final 3 actually all like each other. Its usually at least one enemy. Alex joins them and the conversation ends.

1:10pm – 1:20pm Christmas – she (Raven) was saying I can’t gain weight. Paul – correct me if I’m wrong because I don’t want to sound like an ignorant piece of sh*t but I used to date a girl that had thyroid problems. She (Raven) said that her metabolism is extra active. But your stomach can’t digest .. so how is your metabolism… Alex – this is what I don’t get .. the name gastroparesis means gastro, something in your gut and paresis, paralyzed. So the gut is paralyzed. The pacemaker would make sense to jolt it to process food. But if she had a hypo-thyroid she would be super skinny … she has a dancers body. She is lean. But hyper-thyroid, she would be really skinny because she would be processing food. Christmas – she wouldn’t be a thick as she is. Paul – and your poop is weird. I know about thyroid problems, I dated a girl. So I was like why don’t you just get your thyroid removed? And she said because then it leaves it to the other thyroid problem. I’m like no it would no longer exist if you removed it.. you would have no more problems with it.

1:20pm – 2:15pm Suntanning / chess.

2:24pm Storage room. Paul and Josh.
Josh – Kevin and Raven aren’t going to win anything. Paul – the only heat you had is from me .. and we’re playing them and maybe Jason but he’ll get over it. We have to pull it off, we can’t f**k it up. Josh – I don’t know why but I feel if she (Raven) wins my a$$ is going to walk because I don’t trust Raven or Kevin. Paul – I don’t either but I have Raven’s ear. Why would she put you up. I will tell her if you put Josh up, I am gunning for you. There’s no way, she wants to get to four with us. Josh – Alex and Jason linked us already. Paul – Jason is going to be gone. She’s not afraid of you and Christmas, she thinks you guys are easy to beat. Paul – its a matter of swindling her. The three of us are ping ponging her in between us. Josh – so Alex, Raven and then Kevin. Paul – yes. Paul – because once Alex is gone, then I can tie in Kevin. And then I convince him that we have to take a shot at Raven. Josh – if I make it to the end, there is no way I win. All of jury hates me. Paul – all of the jury hates me.

2:40pm – 3:27pm Lounge room. Paul and Josh.
Paul – okay, so home girl definitely threw it yesterday. Josh – Raven? Paul nods. Josh – why? Paul – because she didn’t want to be the one to have to say she is not using it. Josh – I don’t get their game. Just come in here and play nice. Paul – yeah, to get to the end. Why would anyone vote against her. Josh – I think she would win. Paul – MMmhhmm. probably. Mark, Matt, Elena will vote for her. Paul – we just can’t f**k up. I need you. Do you want me to take the heat and not use the veto? Josh – no I don’t want you to do that. Paul – we’re a team. I did it on my own. Last season I got the then end on my own .. imagine what we can do with 3 people. Josh – I don’t see myself winning. Paul if Raven wins the next one I thin kit would be good. Josh – I don’t trust her. Paul – the only person I shook my hand with is you. And I

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Paul and Raven head out into the backyard. Paul – you’ve got to win HOH next week. Raven – I know. Paul – are you going to put your big gypsy pants on or what?

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big bro

Thumbs up if you find Alex voice really really annoying


Wear industrial strength earplugs. LOL

Yep Yep

Better than SNAnicoles raspy whiney corey corey all last season but yes it still is annoying

Jimmy 64

Alex is annoying period


I don’t understand a bloody thing that comes out of her hole.

Botox Pelosi

Her voice is not as annoying as her personality.


And her stories are BORING as heck!!! She talks in that rapid fire tone and at the end, I’m like, what the hell did she just say?

September 21st

hey paul 18 more days then you get to go home to your mommy’s basement and if you are a good boy maybe she will let you invite one of your minions over before you go nighty night.

Johnny Depper

In 18 days, Paul can by his “mommy” a new house after he wins the 500k…stop hating


Did you see his house last year? It is a fuckin mansion. He is a rich boy and 1/2 million is nothing to his family.


Paul Abrahamian- you are beyond hated dude! Good job loser….your arrogance is disturbing – and by the way you are Jewish- why you hiding it! But … Your mommy will tell you it’s all okay… Especially when you buy her that new car she begged for- you know the Jaguar or was it a Mercedes. I’d actually be scared to live with you ….

Yep Yep

No, his moma says he has to go to bed early to wake up for his medical practice because now he has a degree in medicine , because ya know he dated a girl


I have hyperthyroidism and I can 100% confirm Paul didn’t know wtf he was talking about but am not surprised he took it upon himself to mansplain it to someone who actually had it.


As long as Mommy “tickles his arm” and “plays with his hair”. #gross


This comment has nothing to do with my opinion of Paul. Just a side note/thought about multi-generation cohabitation. A very good friend of mine is 100% native American and asked me why is this a negative thing and where did it start. I had to really think about it and asked him what he thought. He said he didn’t have an opinion of “our ways”. He did, however, spend the entire evening speaking to me and my friends about community, cohabitation and elder wisdom. I have since completely changed my views about so many things.

sunny dee

many East Indian families are multi generational in one house, elders take care of young children, walk them to school and so on. it would be unusual for an adult child to not live with parents i don’t think.


Since Jason is leaving this week I hope Alex wins and puts up Christmas and josh..ba ba sheep


Josh and Paul going up would be better.


Actually Josh winning HOH and putting up Alex and Paul would be best and keeping noms the same


she won’t, shell go for raven and Kevin. but Paul will tell her to throw it and she will…..just like the POV.


She’ll put up Kevin and Raven just like her master wants.

desirae's Mom

Had a little hope for Xmas but, it’s not even 10 hours later and she’s telling Paul about Josh.


Xmas has been in Paul’s pocket since he came into the house. That’s why Cody, who tried to nominate Paul week one and couldn’t because of that ridiculous three week safety, put up Xmas instead. Cody knew and said that she was getting close to Paul, snuggling with him, etc.


At this point I kinda want Paul to win just so all of the idiots in that house realize they have been played. And everyone else in that house hasn’t done anything to deserve being called a winner.


I don’t think they care if Paul wins. They’ll congratulate him. Some day when they want to buy a house, they’ll think back about the money.

Whistling sissy

They will never realized they got played. Even after the game and after they watch the show. They’ll only be super stoked that they came in second or third to PAUL, or that they made it to jury. They’ll be so happy that Paul isn’t mad at them. They really are that clueless. There will be nothing gratifying about a Paul win. Thought xmas was plotting something, but now it doesn’t sound like she is. Here’s hoping josh wins final 3 and picks Christmas over Paul. He is the only one dumb enough to do it. In this alternate universe, if you’re “smart”, you listen to Paul. I’m hoping dumb dumb makes a move.


If Jason goes before Alex and Raven I will be done for good. Already only watch Thursdays.


I don’t even bother with Thursdays. These updates are it for me.

Nothing else matters

Raven is beautiful

Jessica's Birth Control

If buy “beautiful” you mean she’s a filthy pig, then I agree…

Whistling sissy

Lol. Yes Raven is a beautiful filthy pig, xmas is a stunning leather handbag and Alex is a hot messy shrew. Next year, hire a casting agent who likes and respects women.


@Whistling Sissy- “stunning leather handbag”… ROFLMAO!! : – )


*a scammer


You must be blind


I agree. I’m a little smitten myself.

Her breasts in particular tickle my fancy

Botox Pelosi

Can you check your medication and see if there is a sticker on it that says do not mix with alcohol please?


Nothing about Raven is beautiful!


………said no one ever

Ted Marie

Now that was a good one!! I needed a good laugh!!

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

Obviously a comment from Raven’s trashy mother. Family of bums.


Hahahahaha….is it her lovely clown make-up that does it for you? Or, is it her ravishing narcissistic personality disorder? Hypochondria rocking your boat? How about her I.Q? Sadly for you, she lost her heart to a Cereal Killer!

Jessica's Birth Control

Xmas raising her game and starting to play paul and josh off one another. Shes a cool cucumber. She is a very good listener. she gets info from others but does not give up too much of her game. These other idiots just love to talk. If they listened and watched like xmas it is pretty easy to figure out the alliances. But most of the HGs are cluless. I think xmas time out of the game helped her. Grodner may have had her watching tapes and feeds because she has had a good read on the game. She’s riding paul and josh like a $20 hooker. I think she takes her shot at paul after matt is gone and then rides with josh and raven (weak player) to the final 3. Kevin josh and xmas all know paul has the jury votes. If paul and alex or paul and raven go up, she has the votes. Lets she is still on her testosterone cycle and has the ball (literally) to pull it off!


Her read on the game has been horrible. Paul has made all of her decisions. Her game has been to get out people that were going against Paul because Paul wanted her to.

Jessica's Birth Control

She is playing paul. Making moves that he wants but that benefit her own game. she keeps her hands clean for the most part. And got far with a fuckin cast on her foot. You guys judge the game on likability not strategy.


You know what’s so sad about Christmas..she was all over Kevin I believe because Kevin was very likable and she attached herself to someone that was likable. Paul saw this that’s why he picked her to do the punishment with him because he wanted to turn her against him because he is so jealous of Kevin because Kevin is likable and no one should be more likable than Paul ..Paul is sad on so many levels . Now Christmas and Paul can’t stand him for reasons I still do not understand yes Kevin wants to win the game . yes he gets close to people that are leaving the game it’s a game play . The lack of thinking independently for them selves is mind-boggling seriously my mouth just drops when Jason and Alex speak about Paul and Christmas it’s all about Paul the only person that has half a clue is Josh which should tell you how stupid Christmas Alex and Jason really are ..


I said from the beginning of the season that Paul, Christmas, Josh, Raven, Kevin would be final 5…..

….Sure looks like that is going to happen thursday during double eviction …. and if Alex wins HOH or Veto than final 5 will be Paul, Christmas, Josh, Raven & Alex

This season is boring as hell


I think some people may dress up like 2-bun Raven clown face for Hallowe’en. What do you think?


Is the US prepared for that? The make-up shortages will be monumental, fortunately, if they are going authentic, it’ll be the non-waterproof mak…good lord, will there be enough orange t-shirts?!


Ha! Paul complaining about someone being loud would be equivalent to Raven calling someone a hypochondriac, or Christmas calling someone fake, Or Josh calling someone a fat bully..


Christmas will cut your throat while she smiles at you.

Something really odd about that chick.

Rude ass Christmas

Omg so true.


It is her big co&k. Very odd indeed


Can someone tell me what the bottle in Kevin’s picture(above with HgS) means?


I toss a kraken bottle on the houseguest that represents Hope.. Tonight it may move to Josh depends on what he does

Paul the Punk

It is there so he can toast Paul at any time.


So is her mom. I banged her in law school at a Mensa meeting. We were training for the Olympics and then she got struck by lightning..oh man I might be Ravens papa..

Paul the Punk

I hope you were upside down to prevent any spinal injuries.



BB Cat Lady

Gotta love X-mas saying “we’re slaying it”. Paul “stacked against all odds” … LOl! They’ve had it SO ROUGH…
Josh better watch out now that he’s told X-mas about Paul not getting any “heat” as Josh would say it. Never ever say one negative comment about Paul ๐Ÿ˜‰

Mob Mentality

Don “Paul” Corleone can’t take criticism or disloyalty. Be careful Josh or The Don will have his henchmen wack you (or clip you haha).


No one up until Josh said something to Xmas said anything about Paul setting himself up for Jury Votes. Xmas shut him down real quick. I do not understand why no one is even thinking about the fact that if Paul is in the final 2 he is set up for a 500K win. All the dirty work is being done by everyone but him. His hands are clean yet he is behind every person going home. This is 500K not 50.00. Why are they not fighting and thinking hard about who they want to sit next to in the finals being so close to the end of the game. A half Mil and they are just giving Paul the green light to win this game. It is crazy to me and I don’ understand how the only person that was willing to go after Paul was Cody. Pauls mist is strong and he is playing the hell hell out of all these idiots but it is now down to the end and they are not even thinking of the final two. No one, not one person has even told us in their diary room sessions that they want to get Paul out. It makes me think that everyone in this cast is a friend or an associate of Pauls outside of this house or something. I know Raven is and Xmas maybe. Something is not adding up. They are all dumb as HELL to give away 500K like this. This is strange as hell.

So predictable

If and when Paul makes it to final three. He will win the first hoh and Josh will probably win the 2nd comp if it’s physical as Xmas could not compete and loses because she has to sit out yet again.

Josh loses final hoh comp to Paul.
Paul takes Josh and clips Xmas at 3.
Josh has pissed off everyone in jury house as he does what his master Gnome asks him with all the bullying.
Paul wins 500K.
Boom done!

… most predictable season ever. Rolls eyes … ๐Ÿ˜‰

Butters Mom

I agree that something is up… there is no way that Christmas is this dumb… the fact that she is telling Josh that he isnt aloud to to have “thoughts” or speak outloud about “thoughts” that involve Paul tells me that she is basically saying.. “shut up production is watching and listening to you and you are going to get clipped if you dont stop it”. It is so obvious at this point that Christmas was hired to help Paul get to the end. Dooped… we have all been dooped!


Will be interesting when Paul in answers to jury explains how he lied used bamboozled every member in house and oh vote for me cause I was good at taking advantage of stupid people with mental deficiencies

Chief C

Will be interesting when Paul in answers to jury explains how he lied used bamboozled every member in house and oh vote for me cause I was good at taking advantage of stupid people with mental deficiencies


Josh cried when he started a ridiculous fight with Kevin when Kevin just asked xmas if she was going swimming. He cried in her arms and asked why am I always getting threatened cuz I call everyone out on their s__t. xmas answers Josh, “cuz you’re real.” Josh starts the fights, gets in a grown man’s face, calls him names, other times bangs pot and pans right up in their grill and he cries when someone won’t back down?


Let’s see if Josh calls out Paul on his shit

Linda Kaye

It’s not Paul’s fault these people are idiots. You work with what you have. Obviously, it is a fulltime job to contain and manipulate fruitloop dinguses like these HGs and I am certainly not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I would think it pretty difficult to just keep track of what is said and what I say to all “my minions” while also memorizing all the data for possible comps. My hat’s off to Paul.


BB gives Kevin a hard time…for eating a minute early…when all week he was only one on slop…he found bugs in the slop..everyone eating and teasing him with real food . ..nobody cooked for him like was the usual thing to do…this guy was isolated..bullyed and gang intimidated all week and BB adds to that by humiliating him for a matter of a fucking minute while everyone laughing AT HIM..NOT WITH HIM!


I would love to give you 1,000+ up votes! Yes!!! This show is shameful, disgraceful, irredeemable, and sad. CBS has a lot to answer for after this season!


Wouldn’t it be great if josh just voted for Kevin? No one believes anything raven says so to blame that vote on her would be fairly easy. If josh and Jason just talked Paul’s game would blow up and josh would see that right now he has a lot of power.


” So I was like why donโ€™t you just get your thyroid removed? And she said because then it leaves it to the other thyroid problem. Iโ€™m like no it would no longer exist if you removed it.. you would have no more problems with it.”

PAUL IS Hanging out with raven to much. What an idiot. If you have hyper and take it out it doesn’t go away it turns into hypothyroidism. Also hyperthyroidism doesn’t necessary means skinny. A lucky (sarcastic) few gain weight with it (me). ๐Ÿ™


Sorry for your thyroid…
Paul is a genius, right? All these pesky extra parts in our body, if they screw up just remove them! Problem fixed…holy smokes, how do people get through life ignorant of everything? I don’t expect Stephen Hawking in the damn house, but can’t they cast some people who know a little about history, geography, basic medicine?


Yeah, a lot of his comments about her medical conditions pissed me off. Some people have trouble with their thyroid due to autoimmunity. If that’s true, then taking it out can lead to another part of the body being attacked by the immune system. Also, thyroid autoimmunity can also a wild ride between hyper and hypo, and I don’t appreciate his snarky remarks, since this is serous and can make someone really ill for years, life. It’s not recommended to remove it unless it’s serious cancer. He’s a fucktard.


This KASSting nightmare has to end! Please BB, for the love of all things bright and positive (or even just neutral)…get a new casting director.


As long as the ratings are decent, Kass will continue to scour the social media wannabes to find “talent”. How many regular types can take more than 3 months off of work? Not many, unless they are looking to change jobs.

Live Eviction!

Tonight on Big Brother: Septuple Eviction Night!
The 7 remaining house guests are evicted in the first 5 minutes.
Julie apologizing to the fans for 45 minutes and explains the entire show has been rigged since the beginning.
The final 10 minutes: Grodner and Production are fired! LIVE!
Expect The Unexpected!


Julie can’t be fired…Les can’t afford that severance.


Does anyone here want the person who played the best game to win, or is everyone so against Paul that they don’t care if someone who played a horrific game slips through and takes the win?

I’m genuinely curious..

I’ve always been the type that supports someone who played the best game and “deserves” the win (aka: Paul), but my favourite person in the house is Kevin.

I’d be pretty content with a Paul and Kevin final 2.

Bring on the thumbs down lol but if anyone could actually give me a response about why you don’t think the person who played the best game deserves the win, that would be cool.


I totally agree. You sit thru these shows for multiple weeks watching the one person playing in all the challenges and winning and then the jury votes and choose an idiot that never won a single challenge. This happens all the time in Survivor. The Amazing Race also has their methods to keep popular people in the game. A popular couple come in last OH this is not an elimination round. The challenges on Survivor are extremely difficult and tedious, yet the jury voted someone who never won a challenge.

Jessica's Birth Control

Okay here goes. Because production handed out his friensdhip bracelets and then gave him 3 weeks of safety with a bogus reward he did not win or earn. That set him up and gave him a 20 yard head start in a 50 yard dash.
1-That made him a power in the house when it is likely as a vet he would have been voted out early by cody.
2- It totally destroyed Cody and Jessicas game and by extension marks and elenas
3- The HGs seem aware that production is protecting paul and they are afraid of even discussing making a move on him as allison grodner will block any moves against paul

If he never got the 3 week safety, I would agree. But its not a fair football game if the referee is your mom.


This is very true. If Paul was playing on equal terms with everyone else, I’d be fine with him winning even though I don’t like him, he should have won last season as he really outplayed Nicole 10 times over. This season he was handed so many advantages he couldn’t keep track of them.

The apple during the first comp was for him, although Josh took it. Voting during the very first couple days of the season when the only person known by the majority of BB players was Paul, which gave Paul 3 more weeks of safety plus the capacity to expose and derail another’s game as it was secret safety. He was the only vet and because of that he has better insight into how the DR is manipulated as he can compare what happened last season and use that to understand the DRs this season. So even if production isn’t actively feeding Paul, he can get a much better read on production DR shenanigans and thus stay ahead. Couple that with the obvious idea that the majority of these people are here to further a brand more than try to win half a million and we see this as more a Generals vs. Globetrotters meeting than real competition.

Ratso Rizzo

Just because Paul deserves to win doesn’t stop me from hoping that the nasty a-hole gets clipped (by anyone but Alex)

Chief C

Will be interesting when Paul in answers to jury explains how he lied used bamboozled every member in house and oh vote for me cause I was good at taking advantage of stupid people with mental deficiencies oh by the way we don’t wanna see Paul win cause casting and 1/2 show was delivered to him on a platter lus tired of him picking playing cleaning his dag gum nose

From Flyover Country

I wasn’t a fan of Paul last year but felt he should have won the game. I was a fan of his this year until he started to instigate/pressure Josh, Alex, Raven, Jason, and Christmas to harass/bully specific house guests. How is that good game play? It’s repugnant behavior and the thought that he will win this year is sickening. oh well, life goes on …….


Paul has not simply “played the best game”. Too many circumstances were tilted to his advantage. Mysterious houseguests visits to the diary room, and their Stepford Wives submission is just unbelievable. Too many dumb, immature, overreacting people in one small group is against all odds, unless it was planned/arranged. Paul should have been suspect from the beginning, but no one has a clue…..really?? Why so many pairs that HATE the other pairs to such extreme, but no one hates Paul? If his power/control/manipulation of them is real…..that’s scary. On many levels. How have they survived in the real world without a Paul?


I think they give hints too like Matt saying he was never there to win, just to get to jury…Most of them might have been told to make that their goal.


If Paul had played as strategically as he does now from day 1, without ridiculous advantages showered on him by production, without being the season’s only vet, without a cast who came in with no clue how the game is played, and without starting off with a strategy of “Divide the house into those who have their own game and those who don’t, and egg on my no-game minions to harass and bully the target of the week in increasingly vulgar and sadistic displays” then he would be worth rooting for as a superb player. As it stands, he will likely win, but with a big, ugly asterisk next to his name. His win won’t be respectable, and the behavior of his crew has gone well past “villain” to “dregs of humanity.” Fans might accept a villain’s game if the player pulls it off well, and if it’s really all just game, but you can’t say and do what Paul did, or encourage others the way he did, even when his target was on the ropes with no chance of saving themselves, and still be able to claim it’s not personal. You can’t obsess over evicted HG’s like Cody and Jessica the way they do, and claim it’s not personal. You can’t blame fans who take Paul personally when he started it.
The sad part is that Paul actually is a good BB player. In BB18, he went from the bottom of the house in a doomed alliance of 3 to final 2. That doesn’t change the fact that he ruined BB19. I believe that without Paul, if the cast had stayed as it was introduced, the season would have been better. Some of the HG’s would have been the same zeros, but I think there are others who would have played better games, made better choices, and not been egged on to reveal the worst in themselves. I think those who say it would have been Cody running the house instead of Paul are ignoring Cody’s lack of social game and communication, including with Jessica, who could have been his social game. Cody couldn’t have held a house running alliance together as long as Paul. He wasn’t devious enough.
Of course, it’s not entirely fair to say Paul ruined BB19. Production ruined BB19. Paul was simply their weapon of choice. Still, he didn’t have to take it where he did, and run with it so far. When your win is that ugly, and that season ruining, people stop caring that you played well. Congrats, Mr. Asterisk, you won. Now take the money, and don’t come back. While you’re at it, take the whole current production team with you.
BB20 should have no vets, no recruits, and only one twist; ALL NEW COMPS. Not one comp that has been seen on a previous season. Make “Expect The Unexpected” mean something other than “Expect production to break the game with no rhyme or reason.” When HG’s study for anticipated comps, you are not providing the unexpected. Make BB new again. Not bigger, better, or twistier, just new.
Give the fans a reason to actually care. After this season, that would be unexpected.


Just sitting here watching Raven on live feeds lying. She is a pathological liar…with a dance GPA.

desirae's Mom

Mr Wall,. I did say something about that earlier. By the microwave clock, which they have been going by, said 12, Kevin took a nip and production nipped at him. Uncalled for. He’s getting it from all directions.


I agree 100%!! Yes paul might be cocky and he’s laughing his ass off at how stupid these HG’S are, but i mean they are stupid and he is PLAYING the game! ( not one other person is! There all playing for pauls benifit or just trying to slide by aka raven) you dont think that takes strategy?!? Going from person to person and making them eat up every word your saying??? He’s ON 24 hours a day! The guy isn’t just lounging around not talking. Yes I get people’s frustration 100% BUT thats ON production prolly wanting him to win, thats ON the other houseguests being such followers and not having the guts or a brain cell. Not paul! Take away pauls ago and production and the house and you cant say the guy doesn’t know how to play the game. Ppl just let their emotions take over, and i get it. Im sick of this season and how nasty the houseguests are with some players. It is prolly rigged abit but without rigging you have bbcanada season 1! (Predictable and super boring) watch it and say its not lol *cough cough jillian and emmett. Its not pauls fault he’s either that good or they are that bad, gaurentee you take his gameplay in a womans body or another guy and they’d say “genius how are you doing that” so whatever I blame production for allowing the bullying and HGS for being so weak they allow paul to slide to the end!


no mentopm of the sept 15th show!


What a waste of energy invested into this horrible and shitty season. Paul is so unlikable that seeing him win is going to be a hard pill to swallow. Xmas, Alex, Josh, Raven & Jason after his rape comments, these people are loathesome and despicable. Alison Grodner & Kasstings plus the entire crew of production should never be allowed to work in that town again after shoving these people down our throats. Nothing fun or entertaining, no game moves not even alliance names. Just one big house against the person they want to get rid of for the week. I can’t wait for Paul & minions to come out and realize they are hated. Right now they all think they are American Sweethearts. They have another thing coming. I’ve never hated a season more than this one.


Paul โ€“ weโ€™re a team. I did it on my own. Last season I got the then end on my own.

Hum…..I wonder how Victor would feel about this??