Raven – Both my parents are disabled so, I IS the one who makes money.. huh.. for the family

9:24am Wake up time.. Xmas makes Coffee..

10:00am sleeping again

10:19:08am Bathroom Xmas and Raven
Production – Paul please go to the Diary room
Xmas – he hates life
Raven – he’s PISSED
They start talking about raven wearing buns. She says her dance girls love her buns and now she started wearing them to the club.
Raven – Paul’s pissed right now he got DR’d last night
Xmas – Paul’s always pissed
Jason comes out of the toilet “I can go now”
Raven – Paul got called he’s in the DR right now (he’s sleeping)

10:21am Production – Jason please go to the Diary room

Raven – Oh
Xmas – alright so paul said f* that
Raven – he sure did

Production is the biggest joke this season

10:21am Xmas and Raven bathroom
Xmas – what are we going to do today guys
Xmas – I liked the mix this morning.. So what kinda clubs do you have in your town.
Raven – I have nothing in my home town, Gas station, pool hall, dairy bar, BBQ place.. you literally know everyone
Xmas – sounds like a place my mom grew up
Raven says there was all sorts of rumours, “is she gay, is she mean” that started out in her hometown because she didn’t date local people.

Raven – I grew up there but I was constantly gone with my dance and stuff..
Raven – Sometimes I’m not home for days.. I’m at little rock with my friends or out doing dance competitions with my girls so I’m constantly travelling.. never home
Raven – my momma text me, when are you gonna be home

Raven – both my parents are disabled so, I IS the one who makes money.. huh.. for the family
Xmas – which is kinda ironic
Raven – My family is sick including me but I’m the wellest one of us all..
Xmas – I’m sure their spirit is a match to yours

Raven – If my mom could work she’d work.. But she can’t when she got sick was in law school.. Some of her biggest regrets was not being able to graduate
Raven – She can quote any law.. She really smart..
Raven – she says she’s a waste.. I’m like MOM You’re not a waste don’t say that, just because you couldn’t graduate because you got sick
Xmas – she’s got you.. On this huge platform for awareness

Raven – she’s like you take care of me and pay my bills it’s not fair..
Raven – It’s fair I’m here because of you of course i’m going to pay your bills.. .I’m not going to leave you high and dry (Holy shit this family)

Raven – I wonder what the POV is.. I hope I get picked
Xmas – all put on 1
Xmas says Jason and Alex have no idea what is going on.
Xmas says she never told Jason she was going to backdoor Kevin
Xmas – he never asked either
Xmas – that is why I was freaked out afterwards
Xmas talks about how Dense Jason is.
Xmas – Jessica was right

Xmas explains how Jason came up into the HOH laid down and said to her “Man that felt real”
Xmas – I looked at him and said It was (OMG)
Xmas – he was like yeah good job on that because man I had no idea it was coming
Xmas – this dude thinks I was lying… holy cow.. I asked Josh was I not clear in my speech (THe image above is the face she made when telling this)
Raven – you were super clear
Xmas – you’re in a really good position , now that matt’s gone you are laying low
Xmas – people are going to start looking at Kevin.. Win the f*ing Veto today.. But lay low stay quiet in the house (huh)
Xmas – you’ve been doing great .. I’m not trying to ignore you, I’m trying to keep the loud ones loud and the quiet ones quiet

Xmas – how’s thor
Raven – he’s good..

Raven – before I came in this house I was taking care of everyone taking care of my mom and dad
Xmas warns her if she openly teams up with someone it might freak people up thinking there’s another duo

Raven says when b2men left he told her to listen to Paul and Xmas
Xmas – if you would attached close to PAul they would see that as a threat
Raven – yeah

Raven starts whispering about something Paul said to her about Alex
Feeds cut
when they come back.. Xmas – Yes yes stay close to her .

Xmas says after she broke her foot people just ignored her and she sat back and observed.
Xmas – I was like you people are stupid

Xmas – I think she wants Jason gone
Raven – I do too
Xmas – she wants me to take that shot because he’s so worried about votes.
(everyone suspects Alex wants Jason gone)
Raven – Jason said if he wins POV he’s taking Alex down and Alex says if she wins POV she’s taking Jason down
Xmas – maybe they want us to think like they’re not shook

10:37am Kitchen

Raven – If I had won POV he would not have let me take him down .. he told me that do not take that
Raven – i’m here to go to Jury I never wanted a chance at the money that is not what i’m on the show for after meeting you there’s no way i would do that
Raven – I would literally take a bullet for you (Matt’s a champ)
Xmas – I just got chills.. stop my heart hurts..
Raven says Matt hinks his friends are laughing at him because when he goes in the Diary room he says
“She’s the best human I’ve ever met… like she deserves the 1/2 million dollars.. blah blah blah .. so he’s like if you take yourself down i’ll feel more comfortable so please don’t take me down and if you do go home I would go home in there and they would have to self evict me if you go before me”
(Matt is the worst i knew it from day one jeff interview..)

Raven – He said please be selfish for me.. so I was like OK mathew.. such a good man

11:00am Makeup never ending ..

Xmas with silver dildos on her scooter (it was a reference used in the house they look like painful dildos)

11:27am Paul tells Xmas he thinks he can convince jason to use the veto on Alex.
Paul says Alex’s ego has gotten in the way.
Paul adds that Jason and Alex are drifting apart right now.

Paul says the three of them need to come up with a name.
Xmas says the mistfits. (Let’s pick a name for the Paul, Xmas, JOsh alliance. In the OBB comments let us know you’re suggestions.)

11:54am Jason and Alex Have nots
Jason – you know what the f* is going on
Jason – I don’t wan to act like I’m freaking out.. but honestly this isn’t some f*ing weird coup of some sort. what is it
Alex – OK, if it is I don’t know (friendship)
Jason – what could it be.. I mean Alex why would they put us both up there .. what the f* are they trying to do
Alex – not to freak out Kevin
Jason – ok ok.. that’s what I thought

Jason – I just want to make sure right, we don’t want to be stupid
Jason – we don’t want to seem like we’re that safe, you know what I mean
Alex says if she wins POV she’ll pull him off. HE’s the one in danger because he’s the only one with a problem “With anybody” .

Jason – we’ll what if you have a problem with someone
Alex – it’s Kevin
Jason – guaranteed
JAson – I’m not freaking out.. (you’re freaking out)
Jason – don’t go tell f*ing Paul that I’m freaking out.. I’m not freaking out I’m just trying to protect us (You’re freaking out she’s going to tell Paul)

Jason – I just want to make sure we’re not F8ing missing something
Alex – you should talk to Paul because if you’re worried talk to Paul..

Jason – Alex listen to me god dammit, don’t be so cocky that you think..
Alex – Jason, you cannot freak out about this stuff .. you’re making me paranoid
Alex says they’ll talk to Paul and make sure they aren’t backdoored (potatoe)
Jason – there’s lots of ways to go about it why the f* put both of us up there.. I mean what is the reasoning behind that
Jason – if the backdoor goes wrong you always want to put one up and a pawn
Alex – no
JAson – if something goes wrong you always get a target out
Alex – there’s no more pawns
Jason – and we don’t want to freak out Raven and we don’t want to freak out Kevin
Alex nods.. zomg
Jason – I just want to make sure you’re solid with that too, I didn’t want to go into it blind and be like OH god how we not see that.. (too late)
Alex – I don’t care, one of us will win and pull us off
Jason – what If I win
Alex – pull yourself off
Jason – what if I want to pull you off
Alex – if you are nervous pull yourself off
ALex – the only one that can’t win is Kevin

Alex – if she decides to Backdoor Paul or Josh that’s on her (Alex’s awareness in the game is zero)

Alex – we need to win HOH and take out one of the 2
Jason – I’m not wound up at all or scared to death it just … My first priority is you and me
Jason – I want to make god damn sure that it’s fine… if you think it’s fine than I think it’s fine too because than I know

Alex – I think we’re fine, you make me paranoid

Alex – we’re good, how far have we gotten in this game, working together and with him (Paul)
Alex – I’ve been working with him since day 9
Jason – yeah… that’s fine I mean
Alex – 70 days later (70 days of being played)
Jason – yeah but…
(Buckle up for this)
Alex – His whole season is based on friendship .. I think he actually ..
Jason – I’m not saying we can’t trust him i’m saying what if Xmas is like f* it i’ll take one of those 2 out

Alex hides “I heard someone” Jason leaves..

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121 thoughts on “Raven – Both my parents are disabled so, I IS the one who makes money.. huh.. for the family

  1. Raven – My family is sick including me but I’m the wellest one of us all..

    Umm, I do not think that is even possible

      1. I say Alex because she is trying to throw Jason under the bus now. I want Paul and Josh out but watching Alex go this week will be fun.

      1. Well “Stop the Hate” you must be Raven’s mother as no one else in the world believes that lying trailer trash tramp.

    1. I don’t like Raven at all but I am wondering if her mother has done such a number in her that she actually believes her own lies. She seemed genuinely confused by the Zingbot zing. She is going to be crushed when this game is over. How did she pass the psych test? What was it – feel your head if it’s warm you pass?!

      Groaner Grodner has taken “lowest common denominator” to a whole new level.

      1. Raven and her entire family are a bunch of ‘sick in the head’ scammers. I sure hope the people of her town have caught on. All the houseguests are disgusting but Raven takes the crown for the most pathetic player ever!! Can’t stand to listen or look at her anymore. Trailer trash.

      2. Yes. That’s Munchausen by Proxy. They do it from such a young age that’s all they know. The caregiver tells them how sick they are and even does things to them to make them appear sicker. It’s evil. Those guilty of it should receive the death penalty IMO.

    2. My parents are disabled, my brother is disabled, my sister is disabled, my grandparents are disabled, my cat is disabled, my dog is disabled, even my poor little goldfish is disabled too! Woe is me!

      1. And every single one of them is probably taking disability. Taking money from the government from people WHO REALLY NEED the money. So pathetic!
        Keep those comments coming Simon and Dawg. They are keeping me sane during this insanity!

    3. I’m going to fight petty with petty. I will vote for Codt for AFP just because all of the remaining houseguests hate him so much…especially Small…oops, I mean Paul.

    4. Her “my family can’t work” lie is bullshit. There’s a video showing text messages between her family and a friend. The friend felt so bad for one of their sob stories that he hired them. They were mad he was only paying them 40k a year for doing little work, demanded more money and wouldn’t let them bring beer to a gathering. They left him during an important event and he was pleading with them not to leave, so he was left alone. Poor guy.

  2. I feel like I lose brain cells every time I read what Raven says. She is so full of crap! And I’m sure all of Matt’s friends are laughing their asses off at how he threw his game away for Scammy McScammer! What a waste of space in the BB house!

    1. I wish they would interview Matt’s friends!! That would be funny.
      I have stopped watching it and reading the blogs. Have they went to HG homes yet? Raven’s mom was in law school and got sick? That is probably a lie. No one in their right mind will put that much effort into grad school just to give it up. She could have switched majors, went with something not as intense.

        1. If her mother is so smart she could have fast tracked her law degree. Shelby from BBOTT was very smart and fast tracked her law degree and was able to skip a year…

      1. What about ‘The Wizard of Oz’. One needs a heart (the dictator), a brain (Xmas since she is clueless about the game and how the world perceives her), and Courage (Josh since he tries to bully people but just ends up crying if anyone says anything to him).

  3. Raven mom going thru law school ….. can quote any law… hmmm what an interesting statement. I believe Jason when he says he will take Potato Head off block if he should win veto (which would be MOST idiotic) BUT I doubt Potato Head will take Jason off if she wins veto.
    Kevin win POV and keep yourself safe!!

      1. Omg well no we are all going to die at some point .. Did ravens mom really say that to try to justify that raven of course it’s not dying at this time but eventually she will die .

    1. something Raven said earlier was her MOM held some kind of athletic record, I think running ?? wonder if that was in college? before she got ‘sick’. Be nice if CBS would go to her folks and do a story about her home town.

      1. It would be nice if the cops would go to her hometown and investigate this scamming, lying, cheating, scumbags of a family.

      2. She said her mom holds the Arkansas State College record for fastest mile. 5:50. Which is ridiculous. If you’re going to lie about athletic stuff, at least make it a good one. A lot of casual runners can run it faster than that….

        1. You can actually look up the record for the fastest mile on Arkansas State website for women and it’s 4 min 57 seconds — I wonder if raven actually believes all the crap that comes out of her own mouth!

      I would bet big money she didn’t even make it to high school.
      I would say ‘Run Matt run’however he is trailer trash too.

  4. Nicknames for the Paul,Christmas, and Josh

    1) Three little Pigs

    2) Worst Christmas EVER and Crew

    3) Paul and the Puppets

    4) Sheeple Incorporated

    5) Two Men and a Crybaby ( Josh )

    1. I would call them the “I Drank the Kool-Aid Club” of course this would work for everyone left in the house that is following Paul.

    2. There is a name you call people who don’t think for themselves and just follow blindly, Turkeys . You see one turkey will follow the next till they are in one line. At the front of the line is the farmer who cuts off the turkey’s head and doesn’t even need to get off the stool, just reChes down for the next in line. Turkeys line up to get their heads cut off because the blindly follow the one in front of them, no brains.

    1. Hey thanks for the tip on it, I just watched it and actually laughed out loud!!! His portrayal of Raven is dead on!!!!! We should all tweet the link to her. LOL

  5. Matt, Cody & Mark are dumber then a sack of rocks, killing their games for fake love. All of their girls was clearly using them since the beginning to further their games, but they failed at that too.

    No Love on Big Brother… It’s all about the Money

  6. RIP THIS SEASON I’d say If Jason uses the veto on Alex that’s the nail in the coffin but let’s be honest this season died weeks ago.
    This season is FILLED with casting errors, what were they thinking of putting Matt in, he’s clearly not a fan… what did he bring to the table? And JOSH – literally missing brain cells. Alex is a nutcase as well.
    The only think I’m looking forward to is pre jury ripping them all a new one on finale

  7. So now piss-ant paul doesn’t have to go to the diary room when called? The inmates are running this asylum. Production has either lost control or they just stopped caring.

  8. Raven said earlier that her mother held an atletic record in state of Arkansas. Before or during her illness? I wish cbs would go to the home town and do a story on Raven.

    1. She said she ran something in 5 minutes. Her Mom is in Mensa, Raven also, went to law school. Knows a lot of laws. Too sick to work. That means that we, America, are supporting them with Medicare, Food Stamps, disability plus all of the freebies the govt. gives out. Plus GoFundMe. Scammers.

  9. This is the WORST cast ever to play. And CBS should be ashamed for bringing in past players. Let the newbies figure it out. This year has had the most bullying I have EVER seen. Shame on CBS

    1. i want to see Paul, Josh, Alex, and Christmas all get voted out. Nobody from this years cast ever needs to come back to Big Brother again. PLEASE,

  10. Can someone, anyone pull their head out of their ass. Funny how Paul is talking to everyone and nobody else is talking to each other. This is a train wreck, don’t want to watch but I can’t help it…..

  11. How can Raven be the “wellist” of her family but could die at any moment!!! If that’s the case does that mean mom and dad could die at any second?

  12. A few weeks back Raven was talking about her brother who’s a code breaker for the government….top secret. Can’t he help out? ? Twitter word is that she has a brother in prison. Maybe she has 2 brothers? Who knows with all her stories!

  13. Their alliance could be the 3 ghosts of Christmas that haunt us all – Paul (from BB18) is the past, Xmas is present since she is Xmas, and Josh is the ghost of the future since he will undoubtedly be the returnee for BB20 (plz let me be wrong)

  14. I honestly think we should be coming up with a name for the BB Fans this year instead of the contestants…

    fans = CHUMPS

    Thanks production.

  15. The Shit Clique. B/c they are all pieces. And whenever Raven & Xmas have a conversation I will just scroll right past it cuz whatever they say is like banshees screaming. Fuck this house. I hate knowing what’s gonna happen way before it does.

  16. The ggg-why witches…that would be a great name for Paul’s alliance I don’t know if I spelled it right but him and Josh are always saying it to each other …

  17. Alliance Name: The Shameless Worst

    If Jason goes on Thursday (& I think he will)…it will be interesting to see if Julie addresses his rape comments in the exit interview. Will CBS be honest (lol) & let the audience boo him?

    This man (along with Alex) is in line for one of the biggest wake-up calls ever when he gets out. After party should be interesting when Kevin finds out what he said.

    Kevin for AFP!

  18. Production – Paul please go to the Diary room

    Production – Jason please go to the Diary room

    translation: Allison Grodner does not like where this is going and needs to talk to both of you.

    For crisskaes AG. LEAVE THEM DAMN GAME ALONE!!!

  19. Paul is playing some solid big brother (with the help of production). The remaining schmucks are going to have trouble finding votes in the jury if they go up against him.


    paul v josh. Paul wins 8-1

    1. Why hasn’t anyone brought ip Josh taking the golden apple therefore ending his groups chance to win that comp earlier? They pick on kevin for taking the 25,000.

    1. I’m a writer. There would be no apostrophe in Triple Ds. I know it looks weird but if Simon chooses it and spells it D’s it will drive me nuts. Triple Ds is correct.

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