X- I’ll explain to Alex, Hey, Jason is the biggest competitor… Straight shoot em”

9:41am Xmas and Josh

Xmas – Raven should act shocked, Not Super pissed but pissed like what the f* . Because of Kevin.. That will tie her even more closely to Alex..
Xmas – I’ll explain to Alex, Hey Jason is the biggest competitor
Xmas is going to “straight shoot” Jason.
Xmas – I don’t want Alex to think I’m coming after her..
Josh says they have to separate in peoples eyes.

Xmas tells him not to Yap, “when you Yap you are too f*ing smart.. You are too good”
Xmas – you were bobbing around like a kid last night I was like mother f*er calm down
Josh suggests she boosts Jason’s ego tell him he’s too strong to be in the house.

Xmas – at this point it’s all game
Josh – it’s all game
Xmas – you can’t have personal vendettas

Xmas – I’m going to start attaching to Alex.. like white on rice
Xmas – my mom says Kill them with love

Josh jumps on Paul
Paul – Josh i’m not kidding get off..

Kevin – YOu see how nice Raven is to Paul
Jason – F* raven she’ll be s*kining Xmas off like crazy

Kevin – I don’t know how JOsh finagled his way so far up the ladder..
Jason – I don’t either.. I know how exactly how..
Jason – it’s because … he he eh./.. He was the soldier for getting out all the cody’s and the Jessica’s and exposing Elena..

Kevin going for that crotch tan

10:08am Alex and Xmas finger the tree.. how perfect is that.

10:21am Paul tells Raven their best bet is to go with Xmas and Josh. Raven agrees 100%. Paul says no one is going for an apple.

10:22am Kitchen
Paul mocking Kevin how he says “you want to walk in the yard.. Ja you want to walk in the yard”
Paul – he’s so gumpy
Alex – ahhh that’s the understatement of the year
Paul – his skin looks…. You want to waaaaalk the yaaaard
Alex brings up how this morning Production kept telling them that the yard is open and Kevin was all excited bouncing around for Jason to wake up and go out for a walk with him.
Raven – that’s supposed to be enticing, the yards open house guests (you’re all the worst)
Alex – he’s a weirdo

11:00am The TRee wakes up

“The Tree of Temptation has sprung to life”
They all pull out their middle fingers.. Except for kevin.
Paul – has this sprung to life, How about this
Josh – F* the tree
Xmas – How about that.. I sprung my own tree

Paul – f* the tree coming straight from the underground
Raven – F8 the tree gumpy tree

11:08am HOH Paul and Josh
They are laughing at Alex telling them they should put 2 pawns up to backdoor Kevin.
Josh – this is not real

Josh – do you think they will let us DR together..

12:50pm HOH Paul, Xmas and Raven
Xmas is going to say she wants to take a strong male competitor out. PAul will play up on his end that he thinks they’re trying to backdoor him.

Paul – just leave kit open… I just want to get out a strong male competitor
Paul – I’ll be like DUDE one of us is going home this week
Paul – Worst case scenario Alex goes home… which isn’t a worst case scenario.. That sets up me and Jason next week

Paul – If Jason goes you guys have Alex
Xmas – me and her both have been working on Alex for a couple weeks now
Paul – awesome, Who’s winning next week. We gotta talk about that. (damn this season sucks)
Raven – Josh or myself
PAul – you guys don’t mind me not winning next week..
He adds if he does that they have to keep him safe until “5”
Xmas says it would make sense if Raven took the shot at Alex
Raven – I would love to
Paul – it would also make sense with JOsh as well.. He could say you boss me around and think i’m a F*ing idiot

Paul – we lucked out that we could throw it this week, it actually worked, the plan worked
Paul says he was getting pissed at Kevin for be apprehensive about throwing the HOH competition. Paul had to threaten him if Kevin didn’t throw it to Xmas then Paul was going to win the HOH and put Kevin up.
Paul says kevin is a “f* a$$” for what he said “I can’t lose to a girl that’s embarrassing.. Let Xmas go out first”

Xmas – I’ve beat that mother f*er in every single competition
Paul – He’s totally a chauvinist
Xmas – I know

1:04pm Xmas leaves.. Raven and Paul talk about their angles.
Paul Is going to tell Jason one of them is going home
Raven is going to tell Alex and Jason that Kevin must have gotten to Xmas.
They talk about how over confident Alex has gotten.
Paul – she talks about winning and Jury all the time..
Raven – all the time.. there’s still 7 people here
Paul – she just thinks she can clean house (LOL remember when potato head was telling jason that Paul will never turn on them because of friendship being the theme of the season)

Paul says Alex “sucks up” to evicted houseguests in her goodbye message.
Raven brings up Alex throwing out Kevin’s slop. When Kevin came up to her and said was it her or Raven and Alex told him it was probably Raven.
Paul – what the f*
Paul says the only reason Alex threw the HOH was because she didn’t want the blood on her hands to get Raven out.
Paul – Oh My God

Raven thinks they can convince Alex to throw the Next HOH by saying Paul will take the shot at Raven. (fat chance inverted spine)
Paul doesn’t think Alex is going to be throwing any competitions after this week.

Raven – I haven’t won a HOH.. does that matter if I make it to the end
Paul – I’ll make sure you wina least 1 HOH
Raven – you and me have had the best social games.. (ZOMG)

If you plan on buying anything from Amazon. Use this link Amazon home Doesn’t cost you anything and we get a small cut.

Links to the ranking system

Rank your house guests here

For those of you that like Statistics here are some expanded reports.

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The tree is a terrible twist…summer of temptation was a complete disappointment

Raven lover

Raven continues to look like a bloody genius.

She is playing the game at so many levels and owns everyone in the house.

She is the best regards Peter to ever walk into the house.

Lina Love

Raven’s con-artist mom blogging again.




Who’s Peter


please wacth #ravenexposedparty on youtube. its the best!!!!


I’ll pass, I have a life


“I won’t watch a video because I have a life”

Says the doof who instead spends his life to read a recap, the comments and then make one himself.


I gave a thumbs up because I appreciate sarcasm ?



I ain't saying she's a gold digger..

Raven’s Mama: Didn’t you raise your southern belle better than picking her nose and eating it? (See feeds about an hr ago) So classy, it’s just the cherry on top of this little gem. Her lying and exaggeration of her “illness” is the real kicker! You must be so proud!! Can’t wait for her to see what ‘Merica thinks of her and her Momma!!


And your momma raised a cruel, vindictive cyberbully. Some of you won’t be happy until Raven gets out of the BB house, reads all of your hate and kills herself. You can dislike someone without being cruel and vindictive. Well, maybe You can’t.

I ain't saying she's a gold digger..

No. Mama raised me to call bull when I see it. I’m calling it on Raven and you, Troll. And not one person would want Raven to kill herself. But appreciating her life, instead of constantly making ailments up or bringing up how hard her life is, would be a great place to start. Some aren’t as lucky as Raven and truly are terminal and are fighting far bigger battles, every day of their life. And if calling her out on her booger problem makes me a bully, then I hate to see what these houseguests get called!!


Pardon me, I thought I saw that you wrote you can’t wait for Raven to see what ‘Merica thinks of her. Which I interpreted as you can’t wait for her to see all of the hate directed her way, not just your petty nose picking remark. I didn’t realize you were just being kind, pointing out the errors in her ways, gently and with compassion. I’m glad my eyes deceived me and you didn’t really write that, because being bombarded with hate has actually caused people to commit suicide, as hard as that is to believe, I know. So sorry, I’m going to make an appointment with my eye Dr. right now.


So she can digest buggers?


Are you her mother or just a troll?

sunny dee

pick an apple, put a target on your back for sure. there isn’t anything tempting there, why would anyone pick on the chance they get some of those things. if they were all good things, of course someone will pick an apple, but most of them are to ensure they will be nominated and go home, while just the fact of picking one when the ‘leaders’ have said don’t do it is enough to get nominated for going against that.

some like bounty or two vetos are so vague anyway


Maybe the apples mean the opposite??? expect the unexpected right???


What does the bounty apple of temptation mean?

Little Paulie

It means you get a reward for taking someone out of the game.


Wrong. It means a bounty of $5000.00 on your head. Yes, you get sent to jury but with an extra five thousand dollars to add to your stipend. Take an apple Kevin! Take a chance, you might get a second veto which would come in handy if you are on the block.

Stark Girls Kick Ass

Eliminate two eviction votes sure would be nice to have.

BB Fan

Would have been better if they didn’t know what was in them. If all they knew was it could be a reward or curse I’m sure they’d pick them especially if they thought there could be money..


Actually I think the tree would have been an interesting twist with a cast willing to play and not be led by the nose by Paul. They are all far too secure to even consider the tree. When you have people who throw competitions and decide ahead of time who’s gonna win HOH it’s a lost season.

This whole season is a ZOMG.


There’s no pleasing you people is there?


Your comment is ZOMG.


The tree could still come into play. I’m not sure what second veto entails but being able to eliminate two eviction votes is huge since only four people will be casting votes this time.


Maybe Alex will go for one next week when she isn’t feeling so comfortable


Paul saying Alex is sucking up in her Goodbye messages for jury votes is so telling, did anyone catch how corny and brown-nosy is goodbye message to Matt was?? Paul gives away a lot of his strategy to other hg all the time…Just now telling Xmas they need to look separate and coming up with plan to say he had no part in it is to remove as much blood and blow back on him as possible. Not too long ago, The fact he insisted on telling hg that he was never put on the block when Alex thought only Kevin didn’t touch the block was another tell-tale sign; he wants to have a bit of that derrick comparison thrown his way come judgement night. Also, he just asked all of them ” if it’s ok for him not to take HOH again but ask them to promise safety” !!! That’s crazy, there is I believe 4 regular hoh’s left in the game, he obviously is trying to keep his eligibility for the most crucial ones…His speech will revolve around him being a vet and making it through without any time on the block, controlling all HOH’s and votes, and unleashing the bully-them-till-they-crack-become-pariah-targets strategy through his dogs….I really hope he gets evicted but it seems like a very strong certainty at this points that he makes final 3. It’s truly unsettling to see how easy it was for him to navigate his way to here, dumb dumb cast…


Not necessarily.. we have a dumb cast that does not play the game & think for themselves or really care for winning other then Paul. Everyone throwing a hoh comp to someone who is injured blows my mind. These are not BB players.


You think production hates this cast as much as we do?


If they did they would walk Kevin out of the DR point to an apple and say “that one”


probably not. really easy to edit when there’s only one storyline.


I think they might soon. I don’t watch the feeds but I do watch after dark. It sucks because it’s been like t minutes if AD and then 10 commercials, 5 minutes AD and then 10 commercials. The last week its been 5 minutes AD and 8 commercials (over and over). That means they have lost 2 advertisers every 10 minutes on a 2 or 3 hour show. That is a huge revenue loss. I don’t know how much CBS cares about that.


You count commercials?


Yes. I record everything I watch because I hate commercials. I have that 30 sec fast fwd. And know to hit it 10 times. Now only 8.


Do Jury Members watch the live feeds or just what Production lets them see? If so, wouldn’t it be easy for Production to manipulate the Jury?


They don`t watch anything..


Jury members only get to see the tape the next evictee brings… If Jury could see the live feeds they would be extremely bias.


BUT, they can watch movies too.

Just not prime time anything.

Roll Tide

Before the live show to pick the winner They get to talk to Dr. Will, round table style. I think he has caused people to think about their vote and changed their minds. They all talk about what happened in the house.
That is out only hope for the hamsters to find out Paul had a final two with each of them.


Yes, Paul’s really smart. Even if HGs compared notes they wouldn’t catch on because he’s Told each of them he’s getting close to the others as part of game play. He’s playing a strategic game. Of course the Haters will never admit it.


@ Paul’s Shorts …I’ve been waiting for this question to come up. Yes, they bring in Dr. Will ( so called genius ) and he leads them, to whom production wants to win. Although this time, it will not be easy, if Paul is in final two. Plenty out for his blood. ( Cody, Elana, Mark to start with. )
Last year he went on and on, about how Nicole should take the prize. ( in his subtle, but firm way. ) Dr. Will get paid big bucks for this.
That is manipulating the jury!


For future references, those who are entering the Big brother house, please have your written letter give hints of the good person at the beginning of the letter and the main person who is against you at the end of the letter. This way we don’t confuse who is who.

Rum Ham

Paul asks Alex about Xmas backdooring him? Uh, why would he have everyone throw the HOH to someone he thinks will backdoor him? Think Alex, you idiot. I hope Jason wins POV and she goes home. Or Kevin wins and pulls Jason off so Kevin is safe too.


Not to mention he tells X what he is saying to Alex and X is totally ok with it , even though by doing that it puts all the blood on X , and Paul looks like he has nothing to do with it ! F-ing stupid a$$ people in this house !!!

BB Cat Lady

Lol about Kevin walking and a-sun tanning LOL! HG’s flipping off the tree … how classy! Really looking forward to hopefully watching Alex walk out this week … that would be priceless 🙂

Bolt Uprite.

The last few days flipping the bird has suddenly become a “thing” in the house.

Raven's cooter cream

The fights are the only thing worth watching. Game wise, this is the probably the worst ever. Maybe slightly better than season 16.


Like if you dislike Alex


It really rubbed me the wrong way to see Matt flaunt the have-not rules and do whatever he wanted. That’s just one of the many things I did not like about him. He had no game, blah personality, nasty habits, and I was so sick of that horrible orange thing he always wore. Now Raven’s wearing it. Crap!! Matt is arguably the worst player ever.


Can’t imagine who would argue with that


He should have been vote out of the house and been told because of his behavior he was going home , no jury house. More of the same behavior of I can do what ever I want with nothing more than a slap on the hand ! Matt is a snowflake !


All we can hope for is their realization of how much they are disliked, and we don’t even get to see that.


It is going to be fun watching them cry when Cody wins Favorite Houseguest.

Alex's slanted pu$$y

Christmas looks like a Transgender. Kevin looks like he’s in the process.


You had me rolling on the floor laughing, so true.


and you are probably a smelly fat person living off the goverment


Now, now, that wasn’t a nice thing to say, where did that come from?


Shouldn’t be surprised, 95% of comments consist of name calling and hate? What is happening to OBB?

Alex's slanted pu$$y

Sorry to disappoint you. But I’m not. But I did just shit in your bed and come on your blow up dolls face FYI. Great name by the way.


No! That is a totally inappropriate comment to make. WTH? You’re telling me if a girl is a weightlifter and has a really cut body she looks like a dude, wrong. And Kevin won a contest for once being the best looking hunk. For a guy his age he isn’t in too bad of a shape unlike so many couch potatoes who just get a fat ass & big bulging belly. Lighten up on him guys.


Someone from production please replace the apples on the Tree of Uselessness with motion sensitive hand grenades.

Thank you.


If people could give clues in letters to HOHs. Adding something about a eye of the TIGER and FRIENDSHIP beads would be a good way to send a message


at this point. They all want Paul to win. Even jason with a child on the way would rather give Paul the 500K. And Im not saying this as a joke…that is what is really happening


if we learned anything from the week alex sent dom home, friendship=dom right?


I truly believe these people (with the possible exceptions of Kevin and Jason) may evict themselves before they would even consider evicting Paul.


Kevin doesn’t take a shit without Pauls permission


Kevin is backed into a corner. Mob mentality. He has no one he can trust.


I hope Jason wins veto or that kevin wins veto and uses it on Jason….

someone PLEASE pick a damn apple lol


Such a classy group…flicking off the tree. With that attitude they deserve what they get. That tree would help some, but since Paul said NO, then the tree gets the finger.


One question for CBS
What the f*ck did your fans do to deserve this?


F*ck it rant on!
Seriously anyone else feel used and abused by those bastards at CBS?
It royally sucks, they get you hooked then sneak in like Alex and sh*t in your bed, they are basically telling their hard core fans f*ck you we are pandering to a different group sit down and shut up.
Would be like your favorite restaurant rewarding your patronage by adding rat poison to your dinner.
Many of us have made this part of our summers for years, I have always looked forward to it.
We suffered through CBS giving it to Nicole, but after last year don’t we deserve a break, h*ll no CBS decides to double down and see who sticks around.
They had to of been shocked to find out how forgiving their fans were after the tragedy last year, only to go “hold my beer” for season 19
Paul wasn’t even good last year, he was sucked the least and you bring him back and force him down our throats?
We didn’t leave the lights on, we took out the trash and mowed the yard and even cleaned our rooms, why are we being punished.


You know watching the tv show you wouldn’t know all these people are a bunch of aholes. CBS is doing all they can to make these people look good. Which is really doing a disservice to all Bb fans. Its a betrayal of what the show is menat to be.


Yeah, the editors must be working overtime to make this group look even a little bit presentable on TV.


This season is horrible. Majority of housemates are like whiny college kids who don’t get their way and Bully everyone who is not like them I hate it. I watch one night a week if that and just read about it online because they make me sick.


Well I think people do know otherwise they would have given Matt a better reception when he left. They were all quiet and that speaks volumes


Did you see Julie Chen look puzzled and perplexed (w/ a little jaw drop too) when Matt said Paul & Raven were playing the best game ? She was obviously thinking “Raven ???? WOW, love IS blind AND stupid”.


Could say the same about Julie’s stylist this season.

Judgmental Judy

Love may be blind, but Matt is just stupid! And a jerk. Victoria at least wasn’t a jerk. Or disgusting, for that matter.


BBAD has become what does piss-ant paul have to say to each group

Lina Love

Raven’s con-artist mom posting again commenting Raven to be the leader of the pack. Ba-Haaa!


Until this season show, I never imagined that there could be so many idiotic mindless players grouped at one time together or found.


I’m just wondering if anyone knows what’s up with AFP? I just watched BBAD from Wednesday night (thurs am). About 20 min in, Paul, Josh and Xmas are together and had this convo:
Paul- I can’t believe no FAP (AFP?)
Xmas – We’re bad
P- We f’d up
X – Why do I keep getting called out?
Josh – That makes me wanna cry
X – You guys kill each other every frigging day
J – Are we that bad?
P – Yes, compared to last year we’re f’ing terrible
J – We must have (whispers) R-A-T-I-N-G
X – I didn’t hear anything
P – I didn’t hear it
P – (I think he said “Zing”) didn’t want to get cancelled, he’s like f this shit, I ain’t coming back
J – Wow, that is f’d up, we’ve been nothing but awesome.
P – Mmmmmmm, we have definitely not been awesome
J – I think we’ve been great

So did production tell them there’s no AFP this year or just that none of them stand a chance of winning it?


Are you sure they weren’t talking about alcohol?


I don’t know, maybe? Paul said “FAP”, not AFP but the convo sounded like they were talking AFP? Was hoping someone else could clarify! It would be weird for production to flat out tell them “No AFP for you!”?


Oh gosh darn it! I just figured out that Paul said no “F8P”, not FAP, so final 8 party. I’ve just been so secretly hoping that someone, CBS or an HG, will step up and be a hero and say “this behaviour sucks and most people think you’re an a$$ for behaving this way”. Wishful thinking I guess 🙁
And in my defence, I only just figured out that BBAD meant BB after dark, up until now I thought people were saying “BAD” BB 😉


CBS, this is the worst season of BB. These people are so stupid and it is boring to see Paul run the house and NOBODY question him. It was a mistake to put someone back in the house after they were on another season. Will not watch another season unless they are all new house guests. Actually have not watched it since Cody was evicted. I just read the spoilers- can’t waste my time watching.


I would not be surprised if Alex blames Kevin for being on the block..


Either him or Jason by his actions last week of not getting Kevin out. One thing for sure she will never accept that she did anything that got herself in that spot. She was so stupid throwing the HOH!


Christmas looks stupid in those sunglasses. So sick of her.

Josh's Anal Warts

These creeps have no idea what’s going to hit them when this is over.

Production should warn them to stay off the internet and have staff psychologists on standby.

Matt's condom

I wonder if Cody and Elena fucked in the jury house.


My money was on Mark and Cody….


I hope during the Veto Comp. they all get an Apple as a Consolation prize as they lose, for giving the finger to the FANS and Production. – UNACCEPTABLE as far as I am concerned.
Then I hope Paul wins the Veto. ( Everyone will see where his loyalties lie ) – He doesn’t use it.
Kevin gets the Second Veto from the Tree and Saves Jason.
Jason puts a bounty on Paul.
Alex eliminates 2 votes which are Paul and Josh.
Christmas can’t play in the next 2 HoH’s.
Raven gets nothing because she wasn’t picked to play in the VETO Comp. but is put up for Eviction when Jason is saved. – Very satisfying !!!!


Hi Raven’s mom…must have been fun watching your daughter’s head bobbin’ ‘n weavin’ this season. And by the way, you and Matt are the only two people on the face of this earth that thinks Raven is playing a winning game. Basically all she does is “react”, that’s her gameplay.

TweedleDee&tweedleDum houseguests

My only hope is that kevin wins veto and takes Jason down, causing Xmas to nominate raven as replacement nom. Then Paul would vote raven (to give xmas the tie breaker vote) which will then expose to Jason and kevin that Paul is not on their side. Then maybe people will stop throwing games and actually play.

But this season is anything but unprecedent/shocking so Jason will most likely be going home.


I’m curious as to how many have actually stopped watching this season. Thumbs up if you still watch the show and/or feeds (including BBAD). Down if you’ve stopped watching and just come to this great site for updates.


A thought on the ranking grid. Are you folks kidding me?!? Seriously? Cody and Jessica are top ranked? So that is just silly. What is the point of the rankings if people who didn’t even make jury, are ranked two points higher than sone of the players still in the game? Not that I really should expect more from the troll community that lives under the bridge that is this comment section. I stay here because Simon and Dawg have for years don’t the best recaps I have come across on the feeds, but alot of the commenters are and have been for seasons the worst examples of comment sections across the internet. How are you people seriously wailing and knashing your teeth about the (admittedly digusting) bullying going on in the house and then saying horrifically foul things about these people here?

Paul the Punk

So only your ratings are correct? Cody who was smart enough to know that Paul needed to go should be ranked below a Josh or Raven just because they are still in the game? Everyones opinion counts. Get over it.


Yes, they should. They have lost. They are out of the game. By virtue of that they did not play as good a game, especially if they didn’t even make jury, and have nothing to say about how the game ends. Is Raven playing a lousy game, yup. Is Kevin’s social game not helping him anymore, yup. Are Christmas’ stats inflated by rampant throwing of comps, yup. Alex, Jason, and Josh are playing pretty good games, damaged mostly by the nastiness of this year’s game. Paul, who I don’t care where you fall on the spectrum of like him to he’s the Antichrist, is playing a phenomenal game, which is tarnished by the sheer nastiness of this year’s game. Yes the people in the house are being awful, but they are still in the house, by virtue of that they are playing better games. Kaiser was one of the smartest game players to ever set foot in the house strategy wise, but he lost twice and lost big, he didn’t play a great game either time. Maybe I am just confused what the rankings are for, are they for who we think should be AFP, or who is winning and playing the best game. I cede nothing on the nastiness of this message board though, many of you are worse then the players in this year’s nasty game. With that I will read the recaps for the rest of the season and stay off the comment section.


Just because a psycho is still in the house does not give them an advantage of having played a better game…Alex has JUST realized she needs jury votes! Come on…I wish U could vote negative points to her, Matt, Raven, Josh, etc….Kevin for the win!


I am sick and tired of these idiots throwing the competitions………………. I am pretty certain I could win the competition with them throwing it to me.
Really AG, you wanted Paul to win this much, that you put together this crap, you won first place as “IDIOT OF THE YEAR”! If you get my show cancelled, I hope you never have a chance to ruin another show.
This cast is despicable…………….Paul should of known something was up when they were not getting any alcohol. After all, he knows everything.


Xmas – at this point it’s all game
Josh – it’s all game
Xmas – you can’t have personal vendettas

Seriously ? What the Hell have you done ALL season regarding Cody , Jessica and Kevin.

The only good thing about this week would be Alex getting booted. She thinks America hates Kevin ? Wait til she gets back into the Real World and sees what we think of Her


Just wanted to let you know I bought more stuff through your amazon link, now I have amazon prime free for a month…couldn’t pass up the free shipping…lol. You guys make me laugh every day. Thank you.


Paul says Alex “sucks up” to evicted houseguests in her goodbye message
No Paul, that is you.
I can not believe the only way to get HOH is if someone throws it to you. So sad Paul turned the game to such crap with these idiots.


I thought it was always wrong to make fun of someones skin colour. But when the Armenian and Asian people make fun of the funny looking old white guy it’s just hilarious…


Paul will need an appointment with a proctologist when the season is over to remove all of these houseguests currently residing up his A$$…

I ain't saying she's a gold digger..

Had the feeds on a little bit ago and got a closeup of Raven rooting around in her nose. Did anyone else see this?? For at least a minute, it went on and on! So gross!! Who knew, a gold digger?! I wonder if boogers are on the safe list of food to eat with her life saving pacemaker!! I’m not sure but it looked like she ate one after. I was legit gagging!! Can’t wait for Matt to see those screenshots! Bahahaha!!!


I saw it but you know she has nostril cartlidge syndrome and it takes her over a minute to pull a boogie out


She has a pacemaker in her nostrils…didnt you know that? She is checking to make sure it is still running

Let's Compete!!

I wish the rest of the HOH/POV competitions would be individual competitions, or competitions where the players can’t see each other and had no idea how the other players were doing. That way, even if you wanted to throw it, you wouldn’t know how good or bad you did until the end of the competition. I think throwing the competitions is one downfall of the show….


Previous years CBS would ask family members of the showmances what they thought about them. This year I only saw Jason’s wife and family being asked about Jason/Alex, did I miss others?


Due to embarrassment, they’ve all gone in to Witness Protection programs. Not even the HGs will know how to find them.


Finally this week can have some action now that Alex and Jason are going up. But knowing dumb ass Alex she’ll probably think its all a good plan because Paul tells her it is and not see her or Jason will be evicted come Thursday. Hopefully, Jason or Alex exposes Paul. Lord knows this would be the most exciting part of the season if it happens. But with these houseguest, they think getting evicted and going to jury is the best thing in the world as long as Paul wins.

Jake K.

“Straight shoot em?”……For f*** sake who let Shelly back in the house?

Straight Scootin' Christmas

Thank you, Jake (from State Farm?) I was having a bad flashback and couldn’t remember
why. Straight Shooting Shelly! (Head slap)


What’s the story behind calling Alex a potatoe head? Lol


Alex’s head resembles a potato, ergo potatohead.

Brontë's Zen

In the rare event that production actually cares about what’s happened this season and have the nerve to be disappointed, they have ZERO right to complain.

They paved the groundwork to ensure that Paul did well and the consequence was a season filled with toxic behavior and a mindless mob mentality. Blinded by their agenda, they also didn’t realize that a cheap victory isn’t the same as one well-earned.

I’m sure production is more pleased with the boots in ratings/viewers, but the only people to blame for such shit results year after year is themselves.


If Casper the Friendly Ghost or Bullwinkle was the returning player Cody would have put them on the block. That’s not genius, it’s just your basic “I don’t want a returning player in the house” move. I wouldn’t have begrudged any of them wanting Paul out right away, I get it. So giving Cody props for the only houseguest wanting to take out Paul isn’t valid because it happened the first week, removing Paul was a given….as far as Cody was concerned. He doesn’t deserve a badge for that.



I really wish there was a zero option in the HG ranking. Pretty please?