Josh “We all as a team get blood on our hands. He is a smart f**k!”

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2pm Lounge room – Christmas and Josh.

Christmas – eventually someone is going to have to take a shot at Raven. During your HOH, my HOH or your HOH. We’re going to have to put her up and vote her out. So that all three of us end up getting blood on our hands in that position. Josh – I am voicing my concerns with you because I have to get it out. Christmas – its good. We’re a team, the only time it becomes individual is when we get down to the final 3. We all have to be on the same page. We can’t have an Alex and Jason situation. Josh – we’ll play veto and god willing Raven wins. If not then we’ll have to take a shot at one of them. Christmas – we can’t split to the vote either. Josh – it has to be unanimous. Me knowing Paul, he is going to split the vote. Christmas – if it isn’t unanimous then we have a major problem. I don’t mind making the decision to vote out Jason.

Josh – I can’t blindside them. Christmas – why? You’re willingly exposing yourself and your cards. Josh – I’m just going to say its because he’s a strong physical competitor. Josh – that whole you’re (Paul) trying to lock in to jury votes before they leave is not really working for me. Christmas – Think about it, lets talk tonight about it. We need to assess it fast. Josh – we talk about it after the veto. Christmas – I think it should be your idea that you present to Alex to pull her in (voting out Jason and pulling Alex in to work with them). Christmas – its funny that Alex has never asked me for a jury vote even though she’s asked so many other people. Josh – because she thinks she has it. Christmas – I think he (Jason) can respect a game play. Josh – no he can’t, she (Alex) can. Josh – he doesn’t know the game. Josh continues to talk about how he isn’t okay with Paul being on Jason’s good side with Jason gets voted out and Christmas / Josh looking like the bad guys. Christmas – he’s locking in jury votes and we should too. Josh – We all as a team get blood on our hands. He is a smart f**k! Christmas – I know. Josh – when we get out I am going to tell him he earned it. He f**king worked it like no other vet could have. I’m glad he’s on our side.

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2:25pm Kitchen. Alex and Raven with her dirty feet on the counter are chatting in the kitchen about finding out about being on big brother and how they had to prepare to leave and about past house guests / events of the season.

2:40pm – 3:05pm Bedroom – Kevin laying in bed staring off into the distance.

3:10pm Paul and Josh are talking in the storage room. Josh – if he thinks that next week if Alex stays she is going to link me and Christmas to that vote and she will put us up. Paul – if I win the veto and use it on Alex then she is going think her and I are tight. Josh – we have to clip her the following week. Paul – no sh*t. Josh – she better not win. Paul – she won’t. I will make it like a me and you. They’re coming after me and you. They’re getting rid of strong players. Kevin joins them and the conversation ends. Kevin grabs the MM’s and leaves. Paul fingers him after Kevin leaves.

4pm – 4:55pm Paul and Raven cooking dinner. Josh joins them and start cooking. Christmas talks about going to Iraq.

5pm – 5:20pm Josh and Paul playing poo. Alex and Christmas watch. Alex comments on how they’re (production) still building out there. (Building the POV competition.) Meanwhile in the lounge – Kevin asks Jason about “rodeo-ing”. Jason then ditches Kevin to join the others outside the HOH room.

6pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the Power of Veto competition..

8:27pm Still nothing…

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71 thoughts on “Josh “We all as a team get blood on our hands. He is a smart f**k!”

    1. being my age and going a number higher on that date .. nothing would make me happier then to see Paul loose this season also .. i mean not even get to the final two ..that would be nice .. that is my birthday wish .. ;-)

  1. Josh u need to get Raven put on the block and get Jason off the block and vote with jason, kevin to evict Raven…. time for u to turn on christmas and paul….

    1. Yes I agree….Josh it’s time to take ‘The Trash’ out of the house. Shut up about all your fake unnamed diseases Raven, you won’t be getting $500k, the only thing you will be getting soon is the wrath of America and yes I’ll be watching! lol

    1. Please win the veto Kevin! Thumbs up if you think Kevin would pull Jason off. Thumbs down if you think he would listen to Paul.

  2. WTF is Josh scratching together the last two firing brain cells in that giant piñata or what…..probably not…..fizzle…..pop….zzzzzzz!

  3. I hope the POV is one of those suspect types where each houseguest goes by themselves into the yard so production can give it to anyone they want……then Kev wins pulls Jason down and sends Potato head Alex home.

  4. Oh Paul, so brave, flipping someone off when they leave the room. Your my hero. What is wrong with this cast, I have never seen so much flipping off. Some would say a total lack of the verbal use of words. (I agree!)
    After listening to Xmas and Josh’s conversation it makes me certain that she is there to let Paul win………..That remark about Paul running things better than any other vet…………..hogwash. When you have several members of the cast that are there to help you win……… hard is it? I am beginning to believe the only members who were not on the team Paul, were Jessica, Cody, Jason, Kevin, Mark, and Dom. AG you stink at producing a decent program…………please quit, that is the only decent thing for you to do ……you are a total embarrassment to TV producers world wide.

    1. Yes. Paul, Christmas and Paul’s friend Raven. Final three picked by production since day one. If any one other than Christmas broke their foot, they would have been sent home!!

    2. And they say that “Common Core education is dumbing down America” is just a conspiracy theory!


      BTW, I can’t wait to see the new BB19-themed emojis!

  5. The pack mentality got old a long time ago. These imbeciles have decided Paul is Mother Teresa and can do no wrong. Honestly at the end of the day when they get home and reality sinks in that they are hated af and might even lose their jobs, they will wish they didn’t have their heads buried in the sand. Some of these pathetic excuse of carbon matter have families, come between me and taking care of mine and gloves are off, but Paul hasn’t approved of them to use their brains so they dont. They need to apologize to all the trees that have to provide them oxygen!

    1. I would like to think some of that will happen, but I don’t think it will (sadly). Most of these people will spin it as “that wasn’t really me,” “I was playing a character,” blah, blah, blah.

  6. I really hope when get out of that house that they are family friends call workers boxes etc. really look at how they just respect Kevin because of his age difference. If the show doesn’t get any better I don’t know about next year I don’t even have anybody to favor in the show I wanted Jason but his comments no way Alex seems to be a very bad person in the rest are just there and I can’t stand Paul

  7. BWahahaa, I thought maybe Josh was waking up, but instead of saying we need to get Paul out or at least expose him, he says he’s going to tell Paul he earned it? More proof of how Paul is just good at beating people willling to be beat.

  8. Has anyone done a “This is for you …” declaration yet after a comp? It happens every year and really the only thing to look forward to in this terrible season.

  9. CBS is a disgrace, as parents we raise our children that there are rules to follow, if you don’t obey the rules than there will be a punishment. CBS should of followed that with Matt and booted him out. We also treat others with respect it not take the consequence. I have watched since session and this is the second time I have stopped. Julie should have stepped in and removed Matt and should address the bullying and if it continues that person should also be removed it is time CBS steps it up and dose something. If not I guess we can assume that it really was set up for Paul to win since he is the ring master.

  10. It’s obvious Paul already won 500k, but if any way of them could.hold him down & shave that beard on finale night, it would all be worth it…

    1. I hope the final HOH requires head and beard shaving. Didn’t I see that once on a reality show–I think it was Amazing Race.

  11. Assuming that Jason is gone….Double eviction should be good on Thursday. Doesn’t appear that any of them suspect it (unless production tells Paul). If they leave Alex in…she will gun for it. If she gets it, Paul will convince her to take out Kevin (wow..what a big move /s).

    Any one else gets HOH…goodbye Alex. Once Alex is gone, I think Xmas will try for Paul. Can’t leave him in for F3. Need him gone so that all that’s left are non-competitors. If she gets him out…that’s the big move for the season. She will probably keep Raven for F2. No one but Matt will vote for Raven.

    Kevin for AFP!

  12. Ramses for America’s Fav!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Vote for Ramses!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He’s the only one with any decency in this whole entire season

  13. I feel bad for Kevin. I don’t think he’s being nice to people for jury votes, i think he is just wanting to be a nice person and end on a good note so he can be friends with them after. I just don’t get why they have to be so mean to him.

  14. Rats, another site says not only did Paul win veto, he already told Alex he’s taking her off!!!!!!! RATS way to ruin your viewer’s fun even more. Vile Alex is due her just desserts!

  15. Christmas’ comment to Josh implies she knows Paul will win–expects it–will congratulate him. What they hey? Rigged much?

  16. Worst case scenario….CHECK

    Congrats Paul…here’s 500K!! This has ruined my end of summer fun that I’ve had for years. I’m not kidding. I’m starting another hobby and won’t be back next year. Bib brother is ruined…so sad!

  17. The more I watch this mess, the more I like emotional, but very loud and funny, Josh. If only he would play his own game and not let Christmas ruin his shot at $500k.

    On second thought, half the time I wonder if any of these people know what intuition is? If so, why have they rarely, if ever (in some situations never), used it?

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