Alex – do you think we should put up Josh and Kevin

1:22pm Jason and Alex Shower

Jason tells Alex he’s not going to tell Kevin, Hey Kevin I’m going to cook up some eggs and Bacon you wanna watch
Jason – you can
(Kevin is a have not)
Alex – You’re such a f* a$$, grow a pair
Alex – this is psychological warfare
Jason – we’re winning
Alex – I’m winning
Alex – What do you think we should do backdoor him or do what
Jason – we don’t need too, I don’t care though
JAson says they want to have Alex and Kevin on the block so they can see the way Paul votes. They want him to have to decide.
Jason – pick between
Alex – we don’t want to lock up this vote because right now we have this vote (She doesn’t want both of them to go up)
Alex – I don’t think anybody will flip on us
Jason – no I don’t either

1:32pm Alex praying

1:34pm Paul, Alex and Jason
Paul – she’s (raven) no even leaving that room
Alex – I know she’s scared..
Paul – I went up there took a sh1t and came back down

Paul whispers – who she putting up …
Alex – Me and Kevin
Paul – you don’t give a f* about going because it’s you and Kevin
Alex – I trust you guys at this point
Alex says the other option is for Josh to go up
Alex – do you think we should put up Josh and Kevin (ZOMG you’re not HOH)

Paul – Xmas won’t put up Josh.. I think if we keep poking and prodding she might start wondering why we’re freaking out
Jason – if we’re all going to look like a$$hole put her up next to him (Alex with Kevin )

Xmas comes out of DR
Alex says she could put Josh and Kevin up.
Alex tells her not to put Raven up “She’ll freak out”
Alex mentions JAson going up.
Jason – I’m not going on that mother f*er what do you think I am crazy
Alex – I just want to make sure he goes home.. And doesn’t wig out

2:33pm “None of us are gettin’ out of this life alive” – Raven’s mom

3:35pm HOH Xmas and Paul
Xmas – I think Alex is trying to set JAson up 100%
Xmas – I never told them what I’m going to do
Paul – you don’t mind being the tiebreaker..
Paul – we have to make sure Raven and Josh are voting our way ..

3:46pm HOH Paul and Xmas
Talking about veto scenarios.
Xmas says ideally it would be Raven that wins the veto.
Paul agrees says that’s unlikely with Jason and Alex fighting for their lives.

Paul says Alex is fine if Jason goes. Xmas agrees.
Xmas – this is her only move to get him out sooner than later..
Paul – she’s so confident that if Jason wins Kevin goes up and ahs doesn’t get voted out..

Xmas – Kevin’s not going up.. it has to be Jason and Alex.
Xmas – I don’t do well when I have to lie and pretend..

Xmas – I don’t even think they will freak out I think they’ll think it’s all part of the plan to get Kevin out

Paul says he’s trying to form distance between Him, Xmas and Josh.
Paul says once he started being mean to Josh as was part of his plan Raven start being mean to him. Paul adds that Raven has no idea about the 3 of them so doesn’t know he’s trying to make distance.
Xmas – She’s just being mean..

Xmas says she’s not putting up Raven she won’t be responsible with sending her home.

Raven comes up Paul tells her she really needs to bust her a$$ to win the veto.
4:22pm Xmas is worried that ALex was so calm with going up. Paul says his main priority is to make sure nobody clues in on their three.

Paul – Kevin’s a wild card for them…
Xmas – Kevin’s a wild card for us

4:25pm the tree is out of play for the week.
Xmas releases a sigh of relief

Xmas says she’s freaked out that they are doing so well and every week it’s going as planned

Paul says it’s because everyone is playing their part.
Paul says the DR loves what is going home, “this is Boys.. Think of it as a viewer you’ve been watching the 3 underdogs complete tasks.. and if they get to the end HOLY SHIT” (ZOMG)
They start shitting on Alex for lying

Paul – Kevin said she swore on the rosary and she said I didn’t swear on the rosary I was praying when you asked me
Xmas – nasty..
Xmas says Alex and Jason lying is the reason she wanted to be straightforward with jason, Their method is “That’s not my style”

4:37pm They scheme about how to turn Alex and Jason against each other.
Xmas – I really think she was entertaining COdy all week
Paul – OH you know what we can bring up.. .that Jason pointed and said she was the thing.. . turn them against each other (During the HOH Jason pointed at alex implying she was the matt vote)
Xmas – yes
Xmas – also… I think she was really entertaining Cody that week and she was pretending not to the reason I think that is because during JAson’s speech putting MArk up he said until this week I didn’t know where you were and you two couldn’t get on the same page.
Xmas – He was talking about working with Mark and Cody but they couldn’t get on the same page (Very good sleuthing)
Paul – say, Jason pointed at you. you were the rogue vote you lied to all of us
Paul – now that’s outta the bag because Jason told us you lied and she’ll know that true because they are the only ones that know
Xmas- he can’t lie once he’s confronted
Paul – done
Xmas – I love it
Paul – then we turn them against each other.. they’ll be like what the f* and that way it’s justified

Xmas – I like it

4:46pm Kevin and Paul

Paul – I’m tired, they called me in at 4 today
Kevin – You’re the man, you’re doing great.. so proud of you, you’re a smart kid
Paul – I wouldn’t be surprised if I go next week or the week after
Kevin – not if you do the right thing this week no one can beat you
Kevin – if you take the king and the queen
Paul – it ain’t my job
Kevin – if you take the queen and the bishop

Paul – it’s not my job this week
Kevin – you can’t leave the two best players together , you understand (Alex and Jason)
Paul – I understand
Kevin – not if it’s my choice you are never going
Paul – glad I got you
Kevin – other way trust me I ain’t stupid

5:24pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the nomination ceremony…

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Is Alex trying to get a look at the cowboys rope?




These people are a bunch of idiots!!!!! Kraken!!!!

Excited 3030


Bye-bye vile Alex


Alex and Jason are so stupid, they are worst than Lowen. I don`t even know which of them i want to go home first, I want both of them gone.


I think by telling Paul she won’t put Raven, Josh, or Kevin up she is saying he better stick with her plan . No funny stuff Paul.


She doing whatever Paul wants remember this is the 2nd hoh Paul has given her


Apparently, Christmas is complaining that everyone is starting to get on her nerves because there are only seven people and their antics are amplified. Yet, Paul (90% instigator), Christmas, and Boo Boo are constantly yelling, giving the middle finger, grab assing, talking over the other, and the very big one – NONE OF THEM CAN HAVE A NORMAL CONVERSATION. This isn’t even college, high school or summer camp. This is freakin left on an island with no chance of being found and no one knows what to do and can’t think for themselves and says “fu*k it” let’s just run around the island and see what happens. Even Gilligan’s Island had more self-control


Gilligan’s Island had more control! Very funny!


just the last 30 minutes alone, here’s been the conversation:

Christmas Abbot “I’m a simple girl, just love me, feed me, and fu*k me”
Jason Dent – “I’m no the one who has the smelling as*”
Alex Ow – “I’m going to beat all of the house guests meat”
Paul Abrahamian – “Oh fu*k, somebody fu*k me!”

I think we found a new force in the universe – how quickly degenerates devolve

604 Macho

Alex going home is the best case scenario this week. Karma for that vile little idiot!


Paul realizes if Alex or Jason come off with the veto he will go up. So now he’s starting to sweat.


No way Xmas would put him up it would be Kevin


yeah, kevin would go up or, if by some miracle kevin won veto and used it on jason, it would be raven.


Stupidity is the name of this cast. Actually, it is several swear words strung together, but I am obeying the rules.


I’m throughly grossed out by that video of Scammer.


It doesn’t matter anymore. I’m just waiting on Simon’s YouTube report two months from now telling me how miserable all these people are. Paul’s nose is infected and his beard falls out bc of it. He blows all of his 500k on hair replacement which doesn’t work. Alex is sitting at home with 5000 bikinis that she can’t sell and her dad is broke bc he bet on a loser. Raven is working at a fast food place bc nobody wants their kid to be trained by someone who might not be here in six months. Or bc her and her mother scammed everyone. Jason has to sell tacos out of a truck under the name “Clarabell” bc no one will hire a rodeo clown who speaks of raping women. Josh is back at home and broke bc his new “Buy my Pots and Pans business bc I have a good heart” isn’t selling. Matt has become lactose intolerant and has to eat cereal with water. The best part of the report will be that Kevin had become a big soap opera star detective who also produces documentaries about true crime stories.


lmao Matt’s was hilarious


Best comment today!


This is funny, and would be great if it all came true!!

house of scamps

They’re going to need extra security at the party after this is all over. When they’re told what each one of them did and said about the others, it’s not going to be pretty. The comments and actions this season have veered way off the path of Big Brother. More like Someone Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

bangor princess

Oooooh yes. .i wish they would film that and let us watch it…can u imagine the wives tellin their hubbys about thr rape thing and the backlash not to mention all the othrr terrible things theyve said behind pep back..wonder if fight breaks out

Is it Thursday yet??

Best case senerio:
Alex and Jason nominated.
Jason wins veto and Alex gets voted out.
I love how Alex and Jason think they have a say so in who xmas puts up. Smh


Paul will probably threaten Kevin not to use it, otherwise he’ll put up Kevin the following week. Same tactic he took on this past HOH where he made Kevin jump off so he could give the HOH to Christmas. Kevin does whatever Paul tells him and I don’t think he’ll cross Paul, unfortunately.


At this point though, I think Kevin would still use it on Jason. Jason is the closest thing he has to an ally which is horrible…even the US teamed up with Stalin during WWII, well sort of…

I don’t think Kevin will do what Paul want’s if he has the veto. I’m sure Kevin will let Jason know Paul threatened him if he used it. Alex and Jason are curious where they sit in the post Raven/Kevin scenario and this might be a chance to see.


I really hope the double eviction catches them off guard this time.

mrs w

This is exactly what I hope happens. Then Alex realizes what a beotch she’s been to Kevin.


First Kevin would have to actually WIN something….! Kraken! Come on Kevin!!!!!


Effin hate Alex.


Other tgan being stupid and hating Kevin, why is Alex hated so much? What makes her vile?

Team Ahole

Have you been watching the show?


There has to be something this season staying that Paul will win. I refuse to believe that these people are that stupid as to not even consider putting him up. Surely they realize that Paul will win if he makes F2?! They’ve even exposed recently how he is playing all sides!

I'm confused

Is Paul wanting Alex out first or Jason? I thought he wanted Jason first, but people here are sounding like Alex first.


Simon is that a bottle of rum next to Kevin that’s freaking hilarious good one


I still think the answer is on the wall pictures.


Listening to Alex complain about Kevin stories and how unrealistic they are is just as bad as listening to Alex come up with the most ridiculous ideas of what he does for a living he’s a producer he’s an undercover cop he has to have money he has seven children he’s a child molester he’s a murderer he has skin cancer he’s leather face but yet he’s the annoying one


Can someone please tell me what Josh at during the dr where Josh said something like his mom would hit him with something I couldn’t understand what he said his mom would hit him with


I’m pretty sure he said slipper in spanish

Raven's black tears

How long before Paul “figures out” it will be a double eviction on Thursday?

So predictable

Josh said his mom would hit her with her house slipper but he said it in spanish/Cuban.

That was pretty funny.

I can see it now …Kevin chasing the big meatball around with mommas rubber sole slipper…

Wishful thinking 😉


LOL……………………Production is hinting at how popular they are as the under dogs. When were they ever the underdogs???? (Paul and Xmas have been protected all season long) (who gets to stay in when they are injured that bad??) The underdogs were Cody and Jessica ,(albeit by their own doing, but they were the underdogs) the viewers watched weeks of abuse, unfortunately we still hear crap about them. Good Grief get over it!
I still am trying to figure out if certain players are ringers for Paul, there is no other reason why these idiots don’t take a shot at a vet. Why didn’t they do this for some of the past vets that were screwed out of their win,………..why is Paul different??
These poor people think they are popular and entertaining the viewers, I think that’s why they keep up the crap they are doing. They have no self awareness.

Captain Obvious

It is very evident these people all have no self awareness.

~Raven goes on national television, lies through her teeth and thinks people on the outside world don’t do fact checks
~Josh who says he has a “good heart” fails to realize people with good hearts don’t go around bullying others, forcing them into conversations of YOU OWE ME AN APOLOGY and then cries his eyes out…people who are self aware are not emotional basket cases
~Jason continues to make “rape” jokes, not sure what parallel universe he lives in where rape is a laughing joke
~Alex, uses a rosary to “pray” then immediately goes and bashes people, calling another a child molester, she is just a mean spirited person that is so lost in her own ego

That leaves me to CBS production, where the biggest lack of self awareness lies. They have lost touch with reality themselves if they want to produce a 60 minutes show with “anti bullying” messages and then promote a show that completely contradicts their other programs message. Yes ratings are good so CBS doesn’t care and don’t see why they should be held accountable for their very contradicting messages.


alex kason block


Paul probably lied about that also. He lies on the drop of a dime. And as usual, X-mas most likely, believed him. I don’t Production told him that America loves them. If anything, they probably told him that America hates this idiotic, stupid cast.

Min O'Pause

CBS website says Jessica got a gig on Bold and the Beautiful. Shooting starts Sept 5th.


LOL wow I have no words…


Good for her, who would offer any of these other dopes anything. Bold and Beautiful always has some house guests on for a cameo. It usually is interesting guests not the ones who got the farthest in the game. Wouldn’t be surprised if some of the other evicted get one, only one left in house maybe Kevin.


I don’t get these morons one bit.
At what point does the dam little light bulb in their head go off and say “why the f_#$ am i letting someone else decide my fate ? ”
This is her second dam hoh, and again xmas is listening to Paul.
And alex, you complete and utter twit. Paul told you to your face xmas won’t put up Josh. And why is Paul speaking a for the hoh.. doesnt that rimg any bells on your head .??? OMG.

Prayers for Texas

It would be great if America got to pick who goes on the block on the second eviction Thursday. That alone would send them a wake up message.


Omgoodness – that would be great !


Alex walking around wondering who they should put up, when Christmas is one of the last people on earth that gives a sh*t what Alex thinks or wants, is hilarious. I know the initial plan was for Jason to go first but for the love of god, boot that hell harpy first. I thought seeing her face when she walks out the door before Kevin would be great but going before Kevin AND Jason would be fantastic. After all the dumb BS we’ve seen this summer we deserve it, d*mmit.


One thing I agree with Xmas on is that Alex is fine with Jason going home. If everyone was in on throwing the competition (but Jason), then who is the target? Hmmm Jason is not paying attention.

Not Raven's Mom

Just saw a hilarious video on you tube BB19 Raven looking for another temptation. Sorry I’m not tech savvy enough to post link but definitely a must see for anyone who wants to see another gross side of this girl.


no apple re taking they be forced tale them




Why did production take away the tree of temptation?? I thought it was stupid to bring it in in the first place but now that it is there, they should let it play out. They did that last year with the weekly twist. They did it for like 3 weeks and then it mysteriously disappeared. I hate that they interfere so much now! Ugh!!


They didn’t take it away. No one took an apple so it’s not in play this week.

fruit loops fingus

it was final week

apple tree

that i think should forced to get apple to


Although I have read the feeds and comments, this is the first time I have commented. I have watched since season 1 and by far this ranks as one of the worst. the guests are a bunch of followers and bullies. IF Paul has been able to manipulate them, so be it. If production is part of it, how do you explain that other seasons guests made big moves against big players. The rest of the house guests are followers and have fallen into disgusting behaviors and bashing. Many of the people commenting here are also followers. Paul has mesmerized the house guests but many here are mesmerized by Cody. Comments showing outrage by Jason’s rape remarks, but Cody is being ranked as a favorite? Where is the outraged regarding his transphobic comments. Cody and Jessica were as nasty as the rest of them. Cody thought he was the tough guy and needed no social game, he deserved to be voted out and Jessica just wanted to show her boobs and advance her career. Now that she is appearing on The Bold and the Beautiful, we’ll see how long that showmance lasts. Kevin for AFP, he’s the only real choice