Alex – “Paul’s season is friendship, I don’t think he would leave us now in this game..”

12:33pm APSR Alex and Jason
Nervous chit chat
Alex says she’s tired she’s use to being active and going to the gym every day.
Jason complains that Xmas has been in the Diary room a lot lately.
Alex thinks there’s something coming up
Jason – we say that every week

Alex says Kevin is sitting there not saying anything
JAson – Paul told him to shut up
Jason – I knew we shouldn’t have been so cocky
Alex – one of us will come off don’t panic.. yet
Jason – yeah
Alex – once one of us comes off we have the vote.. it’s one of us Paul and JOsh
Alex says the replacement nominations will be Raven or Kevin
Jason – there’s no way they are going to beat us
Jason – what if one of us doesn’t come off what the f*

Jason – that’s not going to happen one of us is going to win the f*ing veto guaranteed
Alex – if we are worried about someone trying to backdoor us (you are both on the block no backdooring )
Alex says they need to throw the POV to Paul to pull them off
Jason – OK that’s a great Idea Al
Jason – we can talk to him.. if he is really genuinely worried than.
Jason lets out a BIG sigh..
Jason – ok
Jason – oh my god.. that’s leaving our fate in someone else’s hands
Alex – I say we just play for it then
Alex says she doesn’t think it’s Paul trying to screw with them trying to talk them into not getting the veto so taht he can get it and trick them.
Jason – I don’t think it’s paul either
12:40 Alex – Paul’s season is friendship, I don’t think he would leave us now in this game.. when we’re his only real allies (z)
Jason – I guarantee it’s not him now .. what if they are trying to be like.. Look we already got it in position so.. we’re not in trouble..
Jason thinks maybe Xmas told Paul “you and me to the end”
Jason – I don’t think it’s a thing let’s not worry about it
Jason – we don’t want to get cocky
Alex – Jason, I’m not the one acting weird the whole time

Jason – I Kinda liked it that she didn’t tell anyone
Alex – she never told me
Alex – technically she can’t tell anyone
Jason – you volunteered
Alex – yeah

Paul joins them
Jason – we don’t know what the f* is going on or who is part of anything
they are worried Xmas is backdooring Paul “WE’re not backdooring you right”
Alex – if Xmas puts up you she’s a f*ing a$$hole
Paul – it[‘s not that she’s mean to me but her…
Paul says her temperament has changed she’s been looking at him weird during the nominations speech

Paul – if she put me she would feel like I would be WHAT THE F* IS HAPPENING.. I would start grilling her a$$
Paul – if she did it this way.. the only thing that is sticking with me is.. I want to get out a strong competitor
Jason – Kevin’s not a strong male competitor.. (lol)
Paul – I know
Alex – she’s gong to throw up Kevin
Paul – the best case scenario is for me to win and pull one you 2 numbnuts off (watch this make the TV show)
Jason – so here’s the deal we all have to gun it

JOsh comes in …

Alex says they will pull Jason off and Kevin goes up
Josh – OK
JAson – apparently you are in an alliance with xmas
Josh – I wish
Jason laughs

Alex – you don’t think xmas is working with Kevin
Josh – nho.. I don’t think so..
Jason – are you sure
Josh – I’m not sure … I don’t think so
Paul – I don’t trust Kevin that is why we have to get him out.. he is good at getting into people’s heads

Paul says if Kevin wins the Veto they are really f*ed

Paul tells them if they pull JAson off and Kevin goes up he will be really aggressive in his campaigning. If Alex comes down and Kevin is up against Jason then he’ll be calm and can just go home. Paul and Josh push that Kevin will say and do all sorts of crazy shit if he’s on the block with Alex.

Alex – I’m confident they are getting paranoid because they don’t know where xmas stand but I think xmas is solid..
Josh says he doesn’t talk to xmas much but he thinks she’s onboard
Alex says she thought Paul and Xmas were close but now he’s saying that he’s not sure what is going one, “What do you mean”
JOsh says they are all friends

1:00pm Paul and Xmas
Paul says ALex and jason are getting worried but they are on the fence about it
They laugh..
Paul says he’s trying to get jason to use the veto on Alex.
They laugh and Jason and Alex..
Paul – I’m already saying if I win I’ll pull her off
Xmas says she’s 100% wanting to get Jason out she’ll break the tie
Paul – he’s crazy as f*.. we can’t have him this far in the game
Paul – at least Alex is more of a rational thinker .. when I say shit she’ll be like Oh that makes sense. (Jason is an independent thinker Alex isn’t)

Xmas – i’ll be the tiebreaker I’m fine with that.. I told him exactly what I was doing.. He never asked me he never came for clarity
Xmas says she told him he was the target but he didn’t get it
Paul – you guys cannot be this stupid… you cannot be this dumb.. how is this even possible (Alex and Jason)

Xmas – A combination that they are a little dumb sometimes..
paul – and their ego
Xmas – and they’re arrogant and we’re f*ing good..

Veto Players Picked Raven, Christmas, Alex, Jason, Kevin, Paul

Josh – he’s always thinking 10 steps ahead and I get it but it’s always 10 steps ahead of the benefit of Paul’s game
Xmas – I know but you need to stop saying that right now
Josh – this is the first time I’ve voiced that
Xmas – Ok heard it taken.. you keep preaching somebody is going to hear it (ZOMG.. dare speak ill of Paul)

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For being such a big gamer, Alex is playing so stupid. Paul has hardly mentioned Friendship this season. Alex, dont you think that Paul has come back and is playing with a vengeance to redeem himself from giving the game to Nicole last year? Just like Nicole came back last season and actually played the game compared to her first season when all she did was be there.


You had me until you said Nicole played the game. I only remember her and Corey cuddling .


I know, right? Nicole only came outta bed to do a little snake work to keep them safe then went right back to cuddling with Cody last season, & because Paul wanted to be “nice” she won 500k. That’s why Paul is playing ruthless be this season, because he wants to win 500k & at this point unless he f*cks up, he wins..


I thought hiding in the corner of the house doing nothing made you a fan favorite on this site?


It does when you are doing it to avoid contact with closeminded vile nutjobs. I respect Cody more And more for ignoring them , every day I hear these people talk .


Their name should be
The Degenerates


Are you kidding? That makes you shark bait.

Franks Fumes

Yeah Paul’s “friendship” cost him 500k last season so he will scorch the entire cast to win… would be cool if he lost to Kevin(LOL)

Franks Fumes

Kevin is getting tired of staying in his “cawrnar”……..his passive aggressive meddling in Paul’s plans gives me hope that Kevin is gonna at least make it harder for the others to steamroll… it’s hilarious so there’s that!


Lol, nicole played last season?

Guy From Canada

On the tv edit she did. Otherwise she did as much gameplay as matt and ravens drawer…..


Nicole tried her first season, she just wasn’t very good. Last season she spent two-thirds of the time undercover with Corey. Then when Natalie was about to take a shot at Nicole/Corey, DR told her to work with them and ditch Paul/Victor for girl power. Last season it was the goal to get a female winner you can tell the girls were coached to shout girl power and they really loved a Big Brother first with a female beating a guy in the final. Everyone then called shenanigans and we have Paul’s make-up season.

Wonder who’s getting a spot on some other show in the future…I can see them doing something with Cody and Jessica, Amazing Race for both or Cody can go on Survivor once they realize they don’t actually like each other. Cameron deserves something too.


CBS announced Jessica is off to try her hand at acting on Bold and Beautiful. She isn’t waiting around for Cody’s return. I take its a short contract to see how she does but its not just a guest appearance.


Nichole played last year? I thought she laid last year..

social experiment

I read somewhere that in her pre show interview that Alex said that she wanted to be like Nicole and end her first show being well liked (failure?) and return and win the top prize on her second try. Could she be deferring to Paul because she thinks letting the vet win gets her a return offer. Bizarre, whatever her thinking. Also bizarre is her negative obsession with Kevin, wonder if he reminds her of a negative influence someone in her life?


Kevin is a liar,the whole $25 000 thing – he has let others take the responsibility at times for receiving this temptation and so he isnt any different a player then say Paul, EXCEPT he cant win anything else to allow us to witness this..And how come no one has mentioned that he combs his hair with his toothbrush…lol.

Martha Stewart

So apparently , Xmas told Jason, at the nomination ceremony, that He is her Target! Now he is trying to figure out Who Xmas is Targeting! I give up. Jason is a world class Dumas’s.

Elena will be playing soccer with her tits by the times she's 40

I wonder if Alex is related to James. They both seem to have the same IQ.

Raven's ugly horse hair

Raven is starting to turn the heat up on her lies as she thinks she will get houseguests votes out of pity, telling xmas her parents are disabled and can’t work and she supports them. OMG her parents don’t work because they are welfare bums.
If Raven wins this CBS will get a backlash they will never be able to dig themselves out of, it will end BB forever.
Raven is the most disgusting houseguest ever, a tramp, a liar, scammer and downright ugly person inside and out.

Just me, k?

I agree, she is getting a bad edit.

If they showed her game play the viewers would realize she is in a league with Janelle and Raquel.

Give her a chance people and realize what she goes through every day!




A bad edit? You obviously do not watch the live feeds.
I swear everytime Raven’s mouth opens she is lying, complaining or bragging that she is a walking dead person all in a different annoying loud dialect.

Raven's ugly horse hair

Okay Raven’s mother…..get off the internet and get a job you bum.


She goes through about 40lbs of make-up, a metric ton of junk food, and a lot of hand towels although not so many now.

Game wise, I’d put her with Victoria just not as likable. I’m seriously thinking she’s a plant (production not actual vegetation) to be a Paul follower as he’s openly talked about taking out the couples while she’s a part of the conversation while she nodded like a bobble head.


oh man that towel comment is one of the funniest things i have seen on here this summer

“…and a lot of hand towels although not so many now.”

Ravens semen storage device

Yes imagine the joy of a Raven and Paul shomance……their children would be stunning!

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

Sounds like the bases for a good horror flick……or whore flick…lol.
(Sorry about the language.)

Ravens A FRAUD

Ravens family… welfare, food stamps, financial assistance, scammed charities for money. Go fund me accounts. Fundraisers under a rouse of lies. It goes on and on. They should truly be in jail. Make a wish foundation paid for a Disney World vacation. The mother and father can work. They are lazy bums and con artists

Ravens semen storage device

That’s considered a real job in Arkansassy.


CBS does not care at all (that’s just my opinion) I mean if they cared at all they would have expelled Matt for breaking all the have not rules


Wait, I’m confused. Are you saying that you don’t like Raven?


I really think Cbs wants Jason gone because of the rape else do you explain Xmas being able to play in the last hoh..


Plus if you notice at the eviction ceremony on Thursday, Christmas already had her broken foot wrapped in plastic, before Matt was even evicted!! Production had to tell her it was a comp that involved getting wet ahead of time so she was ready. She had all the HG’s throwing the HOH to her, plus production’s help.


Production tells them what kind of attire to wear to get ready for the comps. Her foot being wrapped is not news


Frankie made a rape joke about Victoria and it didn’t hurt his relationship with CBS


Did Frankie’s comment make it on Tmz and fox news


Literally face palmed when Alex told Jason that they should throw the veto to Paul. I mean literally! How can some one be so stupid. There are 7 of them left and this nitwit is still more worried about pauls game that her own.

Guy From Canada

I hope Kevin gets in his ear again and Jason pulls a W in veto. Ideally I want Kevin to win, but I don’t see him winning anything but a before and after comp ?


Alex says they need to throw the POV to Paul to pull them off
Jason – OK that’s a great Idea Al

You’re both on the block…you know Paul lives in the HoH no matter who wins…there is no way he’s not in on the end game of each HoH…

There is no way anyone is this stupid. Production has to be directing these morons to act like this. If not, then Wells was right and we are turning into Morlocks and Eloi.


I don’t get it. Why do they need Paul to win the veto and pull one of them off. Why wouldn’t they just win the veto themselves and pull themselves off the block? What Am I missing?!


They want Paul to win it so he’s safe too…cause you know…Paul…reasons…friendship…pissed?


Jason won’t throw it to Paul. He will try to win it himself. We need to see Jason’s DRs to know what is going on in his head. When he gets a gut feeling that something isn’t right, he saves himself.


Lmfao there’s NO WAY people can be this stupid!?!?!?!?!?! Ummmmm hello have you brainless morons been paying attention to how your previous cast members went home????? Lol lol they were lied to in the EXACT same way! they were a pawn, or got back doored…tell me jason and alex dont remember how the house lied to make ppl feel comfortable and those 2 douches did it as well to others! Like wake up its a repeat every week with paul and them not having the GUTS to let them know ahead of time because they ” dont want to deal with it all week” lol open your eyes! And you know what for how you (alex) treated kevin and the way jason became a follower despite the fact u could tell he knew it was wrong ALONG with the cockiness and thinking you have everyone wrapped around your fingers , i cant help but laugh watching this happen to you guys lol it’s actually enlightening to see you’ll have to go threw what you Put others through. Listen.. I get the bashing to a certain degree but it has become sick , i cant watch after dark without one of the house members talking behind kevins back. Its literally the only thing they talk about, and its gone wayyyy over the line. This is hands down the worst cast ever, usually theres a few like this but not only are they complete followers who cant think for themselves but they are nasty and vicious… And kevin stop being concerned what they think/say! Its not a good look on you lol who cares, you know who you are! But im def gonna enjoy watching alex or jason get a dose of reality lmao


Unfortunately, Jason and Alex aren’t getting the same treatment they doled out. They aren’t being ostracized or yelled at. Everyone is actually going out of their way to be nice to them so they feel safe. None of the bullies are going to get that nasty treatment…at least, inside the house. However, Karma will have the last laugh … mwa-ha-ha-ha!!


BB 19: Classless vs. Clueless!


That last conversation between Xmas & Josh…..


Is it possible that Xmas has Paul’s number & is using him? Could she be that smart???? She would need Paul’s manipulation to get out Jason & Alex, but once that’s done….would she go after Paul??? She’d be eligible to play for HOH then. I know she’s done her share of bullying this season, but if she does that, she would deserve the 500K more than anyone besides Kevin (don’t think he’ll make it to F2).

Kevin for AFP!


I think you are giving Xmas way too much credit. If anything, Josh is the one who is catching on to Paul’s game and Xmas is the one reeling him back in. But if Josh confronts Paul on his plan to vote out Kevin, Xmas and Josh might just figure out Paul’s game. It’s wishful thinking, but we’ll see.

Stinky Season

It actually would be hilarious if Christmas and Josh were final 2 and got Paul out hahaaaaaaa opps sorry Paul guess you’re not so bright

Whistling sissy

They’ll only make final 2 if they get Paul out before the final 3. That’s why Paul picked them for final 3, he easily beats them. I think xmas is smarter than I first thought. Josh almost spoke up against Paul, xmas stopped him immediately. She knows that Paul’s true ride or die is production. If you plot against him, a new tree of temptation will sprout up. I think she’s a disgusting leather faced pig, but i’m starting to think she’s positioning herself to beat Paul at his own game. She’s counting his dr sessions, watching who goes in before & after him. Fingers crossed.


Why does everyone think Kevin deserves to win? What has he done to play the game? Besides sucking up to house guests on there way out!

Guy From Canada

In a season of just nasty, he has played the most likeable game. Not good game, but likeable. His comments earlier in the game were entertaining, but everyone is drunk on Paul-aide his social gameplay is laughable now for sure. He won’t win, at best f2. AFP based on this lot would be Cody for me for standing up against douche (playing poorly but standing up) or Kevin because he stands up for himself and is the most likeable houseguest left.

social experiment

She has asked several people several time whether they trust Paul and when they say sure,she backs off and says yeah her too She has even asked Josh about this before but this is the first time he raised doubts about Paul. She may well have known Paul’s scam for a long time
Seems like she may be working a F2 w/ Josh or Kevin or Raven and could get each of them to vote Paul out


Raven will never go for it. I’m not sure about Kevin because he thinks he’s been with Paul since week 2. And Paul always pulls him aside and tells him he’s talking to him less to keep up the appearance that they’re “not working together”. But Christmas and josh have not. They’ve both been pretty rude to him without any side talks.

Possibly if they said the right thing he might, but I’m pretty iffy on that. I think Christmas and Josh’s only hope would be to keep Jason and use him to win comps. Because I can’t see either one of them beating Paul in any remaining comps, unless they throw in a luck one. Or somehow pull Alex in, but Christmas will most likely seal her fate with Alex after this eviction.


Christmas is a witch

Smitten Kitten

Clearly none of these people has ever heard of the word autonomy.

Paul's Cattle Prodder

This group really does have a cult mentality with Paul Charles Manson as their God of worship. Creepy how people can be so bamboozled. But I don’t feel sorry for them. If it’s not somewhere in you already, you can’t be lead to act this way. They should call themselves The Despicables.


There’s the Paul, Xmas & Josh team name:

Cult Mentality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Josh not playing in Veto…If Xmas tells Paul what hes been just saying…i could see Josh being OFFICIALLY BACKDOORED this week now!!!
i hate him and alex so either way will be cool

Judgmental Judy

Alex should be forced to wear a BB Dunce Cap for all future appearances. She’s such a mean, cocky little girl with no respect for her elders, and her instinct is zip. SHE should have been listening to Jason, who should wear one of those “I’m With Stupid” shirts at all future appearances.


12:40 Alex – Paul’s season is friendship, I don’t think he would leave us now in this game.. when we’re his only real allies
Alex, that was his thing last season and he didn’t win. This season it’s King A**hole and he’s doing pretty good pretty good considering you idiots believe everything he said and never question why he can get anyone to go with him. Jason please pull yourself off so this “petty” chick can go.


Has any of these people heard this saying……………..”if he or she is saying this about so and so behind their back, what are they saying about me behind my back”?? This group brings new meaning to stupid.
I think their secret name should be “The Delusional Smucks.


Lol. The one thing Alex keeps telling everyone in the house is “trust no one, not even me”. That has been her game advice but what she really says is trust no one but Paul. I keep getting the feeling that we have been played. What with Raven saying she met Paul before, Christmas blurting out to Paul how she “loves his mom and Alex with all the ‘friendship’ talk and they seem to know places and events that they both frequent. Could it be a master plan of some sort. Paul’s ‘friend’s” go in each form a small group and control the game for Paul? Why? It sure seems like they are all working to that end. I have no other explanation for Alex trying to convince Jason to throw the POV to Paul. This is crazy season.

September 21st

Just because I hate Paul soooooo much. I want him and Raven to start hooking up in the house and then he sits in the final 2 and loses to whomever and then he goes back to living in his mommy’s basement!!

p.s I can’t wait till September 21st!!

who does paul trust more

yet watch sept 15 show!


I don’t know why they edited the show Thursday to make Josh look like he was not telling the truth about knowing Kevin took the 25k. Josh is the first person he told. Kevin lied.
I kinda liked kev too, but he straight up lied.


i think josh lied weeks ago when he said kevin told him 1st day…or assumed thru kevins way of talking . ..i think kevin only told paul


I swear to God if Jason wins VETO; he better use it on himself and he better not throw the veto to alex or Paul and I swear if Alex wins VETO; she better use it on Jason LOL …. and if Kevin wins veto, he better use it on Jason LOL


Love, love the surveys saying all of the current HG are ranked lower than all of the evicted HG. This says it all!!!!
One other thing, Paul and Josh keep calling other HG a baby, but Paul and Josh still live at home with their mommy and daddy’s. lol
Who the baby now!!!


No pun intended, but you can’t write this stupidity. I’m sitting here in shock at what these houseguest are saying and how ridiculous they are going to feel when they look back at this season.


Jason – oh my god.. that’s leaving our fate in someone else’s hands

There’s the light bulb finally going off in someone’s little head.
Too bad you waited till your on the block to use that brain .


Alex says they need to throw the POV to Paul to pull them off
Jason – OK that’s a great Idea Al
Me – Does dumb as dirt mean anything to either of you? (Crickets from both)

Jessica's Birth Control

Josh – he’s always thinking 10 steps ahead and I get it but it’s always 10 steps ahead of the benefit of Paul’s game
Xmas – I know but you need to stop saying that right now
Josh – this is the first time I’ve voiced that
Xmas – Ok heard it taken.. you keep preaching somebody is going to hear it (ZOMG.. dare speak ill of Paul)

TRANSLATION: Xmas and josh are taking paul out at final 3 or before. Xmas is smart enough to realize that production is listening, josh is not. She is telling josh to keep quiet and this has to be done at a double eviction where there is a comp and immediate vote. Grodner wont be able to step in. Or it will be done at final 3. xmas could be making the best game move in BB history is she pulls this off. if paul xmas and josh make final 3 she is going take paul out.


She would have to win a comp to do it

The Foosa

Ding ding ding, we have a winner here!!

who does paul trust more

alex or raven

Jessica's Birth Control


He had Josh in the room with Jason and Alex. big mistake! And he made a fatal error. He put the target and blame on xmas with josh sitting right there. Josh now sees paul has a final 2 or 3 with everyone in the house. And he is selling everyone out and getting everyone else to get their hands bloody.

Fast forward- to josh and xmas
Josh – he’s always thinking 10 steps ahead and I get it but it’s always 10 steps ahead of the benefit of Paul’s game.

BINGO!!! xmas and josh are gonna take paul out, but they have to fake out production!

your acct if it is a bank you ba Suisun or Fairfield here.

What is Raven going through other than nothing at all. We can only go on what we see or hear from Raven and to me her medical issues are not adding up. Now I do believe Raven might have had a few medical things going on But to what extent. Again that is the question. Raven is eating good, She had no problem having sex on national tv numerous times, she is playful, cooking tacos eating beef and the list of things goes on with Raven. Why is she on the show if she is so sick. Raven is playing the sick card to try to win the 500k. We all pretty much are going through something in our lives. If you never have been through anything then keep living you will because we are all human. I would not have pity on Raven or any one else to give up 500k and we playing game NOT. I went through several surgeries and chemo for 6 months, my husband passed from cancer, mom and brother passed away from medical issues etc and I would not expect you to take me to the end just because of things going on in my life.

Oh Yea - Karma

I really don’t believe Raven is terminally ill, first off CBS would not take the risk of a law suit to have someone that ill for 3 month’s playing a game. She knows Paul outside the house and is secretly helping him somehow. Hope she is healthy enough to face Karma on Sept. 21st. She cannot go into porn because no one needs to pay to see, just go on the net.


Your acct… Sorry about the loss of your husband. Its obvious Raven has had the neurostimulator implant for GP. Its also obvious that it is working wonders for her. She isn’t nauseated or vomiting and eating whatever she wants. Hopefully people with GP who ate watching this show and thinking about getting the implant can see how much it benefited her and ignore all the BS she is spouting.

Houka Inumuta

I don’t care about this game anymore. I cant wait for a new season with new people. I don’t even like at least one of them. Only thing I’m looking forward to is seeing Ramses win AFH at the finale.

Simon eats Dawgs ass

Alex’s butthole color is darker than her skin tone.

coded letter

sure ate funny know this season nobody mention yet


Did any of them talk about Matt’s exit and lack of applause he received? I’m just curios if they noticed.


I actually do hope they all throw the veto to Paul. He doesn’t want to win it so he will be trying to throw it. And they all throw it to him so he will have to show his cards. Leave them the same or use it. What to do ?! How would he get out of that pickle? Would like to see it. If he doesn’t use it. There are several days for his game to get completely exposed going into a double.

Bullies United

Xmas, Paul and Josh – code name DESPICABLE THREE


I hope in his quiet moments alone, Kevin is counting days, events, studying things in the house….doing his homework for the mental comps coming up! Please,please,please Kevin, pull a win out for the BB fans still watching! You can do it!


Unfortunately Kevin is not doing that. He seems to be either too lazy or has no confidence in his ability to win anything. I thought Victoria was the all time worst BB competitor but Kevin is giving her quite a challenge for this dubious honor.


Btw jason is a complete follower he should not get credit for keeping kevin literally his best friend in the house

Bolt Uprite.

Did Alex actually watch Paul last season in BB18? If she had she would know “Friendship” was just an empty catchphrase and didn’t require or reflect any actual altruism on Paul’s part. In fact, he was an extremely nasty d-bag.