Josh – Paul is protecting his game from all angles

12:01 Alex and Paul
Paul – he thinks I’m not pulling one of you off
Alex – it was a split second sorta thing
paul – is he a idiot
Alex – yes
Paul – I’m so close to blowing up on her (raveN) everything I say she mimics, do you see that..
Alex tells him it’s safest if he pulls her off over Jason

Paul – at the end of the day I have loyalty for you over anything
Alex – yeah
Paul – if some crazy sh1t is going down I would rather keep your a$$ safe
Alex – yeah
They go over the jury votes if it’s the 2 of them.
Alex says they take out Kevin this week, Next week raven , “then it’s xmas and Josh that’s it”
Paul claims that Xmas is giving him weird vibes. Alex says Jason told her the same thing which is strange because xmas is being really nice to Alex.
Paul – when I won she wasn’t happy.
alex – I’ll make sure I’ll see, I don’t think she wants to make a final 2 deal with me but she’s been really nice to me
Alex – I thought you guys were closer
Paul – we talk about marketing..
Alex – we only talk about game
paul says he never talks game with Xmas.
Alex – I thought Josh was close to her too
Paul claims he thought he was getting backdoored this week

12:01am Josh and Xmas
JOsh – they grilled me in the storage room.. Alex and Jason
Josh – they go t with you vote to evict me..
Josh – I said do you not trust Paul do you not trust he going to pull one of you off and put Kevin up .. do you not trust this is what we are going to do
Josh – they said they are going through scenarios
Xmas – where are they getting this from
Josh – going through scenarios just the case he doesn’t use the veto.. They were checking if they had me
JOsh – I never told them I was going to vote him out I told them I wasn’t going to vote her out
JOsh – they grilled me.. They said they know they have you (Josh) that’s a vote they know they have Paul that’s a vote,
Josh – they’re like Xmas doesn’t have a vote .. they’re like we can grab raven so we can evict Kevin
Josh says Jason is getting this from Kevin, “Kevin is feeding him sh1t”
Xmas asks him what is wrong with him right now.
Josh – I know I’m going to catch all the heat.. THey are not going to Address Paul they are not going to Address Xmas
JOsh – Paul is protecting his game from all angles
JOsh – they’re not going to give you heat because you are giving it to them straightforward
JOsh – the only one that is shady in this position is me with my vote
Josh – everybody is protected in a sense but me
JOsh – do you know Paul gave MAtt a friendship bracelet right before he walked out the door.. I don’t know why she brought that up Alex.

Josh says Kevin is making Alex and Jason paranoid.

Josh tells her when it’s all said and done.. “Who put them up and who voted them out”
JOsh – we got to work in an angle that works for us
Xmas – I will push hard for him not to use the veto
Xmas – I put them up I was straight forward.. They chose to believe something else.. They never asked
Josh – if we want to go his route his game plan I’ll mentally prepare myself because I know what’s coming my way
JOsh – the heat’s coming my way
Xmas – what do you think about the Alex idea.. Getting rid of Alex instead
Josh – I don’t think that’s smart, HE knows that JAson is going to turn up on me like a f*ing hawk and Jason if going to gun for you because you took his girl out, Paul knows that

Josh – Paul knows that he can Control Alex and he can control Jason because Jason is naive and gullible
Xmas – you know how it sounds what you’re saying right now

Josh – I don’t care what it f*ing sounds like it’s the truth
Xmas – Alright let’s go clear the air.. Lemme go chat with im first..
JOsh – what does it sounds like
Xmas – I don’t want to say it.
JOsh – say it
Xmas – I’m very uncomfortable about it
Josh – say it
Xmas – no..
Josh – tell me
Xmas – are you saying you don’t trust Paul (MY god Xmas is so misted even negative words towards paul can’t be utterered by her)
Josh – I do trust Paul 110%, I’ve had nothing but Paul’s best interest in this f*ing game but now this move has Paul’s best interest
Xmas – I know but as a team and as a team player are you saying you don’t trust Paul
JOsah – I’m saying i’m not trusting this move.. I’m trusting either unanimous or don’t use the veto
Josh – the heat’s going to be on you and me xmas..
Josh – that secure 2 jury votes (For Paul)
Xmas – I want to listen to what he has to say (Paul)
Xmas – we cannot start shooting at each other
Josh – Xmas, I won’t start shooting at each other
JOsh – we are analyzing the situation and I am analysing how is it best for the three of us

JOsh – we have HOH and Veto how do we work this out so none of us get the direct heat

12:10am Paul Xmas and Josh
Paul – real quick you see what we did this week, one of us win HOH one win POV we control it from both Angles.
Paul – we keep doing this until the end of this game and we’re done.
Xmas – no shit
Paul – this is a perfect example of what we need to do for the next 2 or 3 weeks
Simon – no shit win all the competitions
Paul – I swear to god if raven comes up here I’m going to punch her
Xmas – keep going ..
Paul – ok, Jason or Alex?
Paul – Alex is a great competitor bit at the same time Jason is f*ing wigging out already.
Paul – she’s telling me he’s wigging the f* out
Josh – he has to go
Paul – Jason is the most paranoid mother f*er on this planet and what does that feeds off Kevin
Paul – if we swap Kevin in there he’s going to get paranoid to and they are going to feed off each other their paranoia and start doing crazy sh1t..
Paul – and now I’ve thought it over .. the original plan was the right plan (Take Alex down put Kevin up)
Paul – for a minute there since she was trailing me (Alex trailing Paul in competitions)
Paul – she’s (Alex) is a great mental and physical competitor he’s just good physical

Paul is saying he’s not perfect eventually Alex is going to beat him in a competition, “I don’t know how much more until I slip up and she wins, Like I’m here for you guys to protect you I’m not perfect” (You lie)
Paul – I will bust my ass off but like I don’t want to ever be in a position where I let you guys down

JOsh – I need to win 6 (the 6th HOH)
Paul – as confident as I am, Yeah I’m a good player but if I slip up I don’t want to f*ing kill myself.. I would feel more confident against Jason if it ever came down to a nitty gritty
Paul – I can still beat Alex but she nips at my tail
Paul is proposing he pulls Alex even closer “hey something is going on I say we need to band together”
Raven comes in to use the shower.
Paul tells Xmas the best bet is Jason to go then they can’t pair up with Kevin.
Paul says if he doesn’t use the veto he’s got a enemy with Alex and they are butting heads next week.

12:19am Paul and Xmas
Paul – it was only fair you took the heat with HOH I balanced it out with Veto..
Paul – I wasn’t going to let you take all the heat and I wasn’t going to let them dictate what will happen
Xmas – Alex will go paranoid rogue next week no matter what
Xmas – I think she feels comfortable with me
Xmas saying that Raven threw that POV competition
AS raven is in the shower they talk about how annoying Raven is.
Xmas – Matt is a saint.. imagine having to deal with that
Xmas – that is why he took her under his wing to get further in the game because he knew she would drive everyone f*ing insane
Xmas – it would have been a mass suicide
Paul says he’s close to telling raven “Shut the f* up”

Paul says Kevin told him not to use it, “F* you Kevin you sack of sh1t, you should have won”
Xmas – the only reason he got the points that he did is because he cheated off Alex (during the POV)

Paul – if I use the Veto and Kevin says something to me I am going to say, Kevin I am no longer working with you because you suck at this game
Paul – if you talk to me one more time..
Paul – fool, you are literally the worst player in this game if you say one more word

12:24am Paul – he just keeps going.. every chance (see image above)

Paul – I’m going to go.. shut the f* up

Paul if we hit and miss with her we’re kinda f*ed
Raven – yeah we are..

1:25am Paul and Jason
Paul – why are you freaking out mother f*er
Jason – no it’s ok
Paul – you think i’m stupid

Paul says Alex was supposed to throw the veto to him why was she tailing him for 8 rounds
Paul – f*ing give it to me so we’re both safe..

Paul – dude I don’t know what is going on I’m pretty sure it’s fine
Paul says kevin has twice come to him telling him not to use the veto they are coming after him
Jason – he’s so full of sh1t Paul.. he’s like I love you I got your and Paul’s back
Paul – oh my god
Jason – I had a talk with Alex.. I was like Alex I am not freaking out I am not paranoid.
Paul – who am I using it on.. you or her..
Jason – use it on us one of us that’s 2 of us two vote
Paul – but if you are going to be up there freaking out
Jason – I am not freaking out Paul, the reason I was freaking out is because you didn’t know what was going on paul
Paul – I still don’t know what is going on you two going up is f*ing weird
Jason – that’s what I told Alex this morning.. we have go to figure out what is going on..
Paul says hey have the best case scenario 2 of them are safe
Jason – I said (to Alex ) I don’t know what’s going on, you don’t know what going on and Paul doesn’t know what’s going on
Jason – I said I can tell by his face
Jason – everyone wants Paul in on some of their plan because he understand everything (You’re a idiot)
Jason – He’s really good at strategizing so if he doesn’t know (what the plan is) we have a HUGE f*ing problem
Jason – you just have to use it I don’t care who
Paul – Alex said to use it on her
1:27am Jason – yes then use it on her
Paul – are you positive
Jason – I trust you 2 f*ers.. If I can’t trust you two I’ll go walk infron of f*ing traffic .. than I have no idea what the f* is going on
Jason says Alex is on straight turns with ZXmas.
Paul – i’m not worried about Alex, she said (xmas) male competitor, I’m worried about me
Jason – you don’t have to worry you have the f*ing veto

Jason says paul winning he veto is the best case scenario because then there’s no way paul could get Backdoored.
Jason – Josh isn’t voting against me and you aren’t voting against me and Alex sin’t..
Paul – why would I use the veto pull one of you off and vote against you
Jason – pull Alex off that’s the smart move I can handle it.

2:01pm Paul, JAson and Alex
Talking about Raven.
Alex says raven has stopped doing her eye thing, “She looks at you now”
Paul – she said upstairs she had a relative that was in the titanic
Jason – remember when she was rubbing cream on her legs because her skin was going to fall off
Alex – it’s a numbing lotion it’s a prescription
Jason – how come she quit using it
Alex – it was expensive
Paul – she said her mom was struck by lightning
Paul – she said she has a inverted spine.. I don’t know what that means..
jason – it’s upside down..
Paul – she might be the most interesting human on this planet .. you’re an olympic athlete
JAson – she’s had 48 surgeries
They bring up something about Raven’s knee caps being “rough”
paul – is that even a thing
Jaon – her nerves are dying.. all the nerves in her body are dying
Paul – that might be true with her disease

Paul says he can’t discredit her medical things because he has no idea but here’s a few things he can discredit
Paul – inverted Spine
Jason laughs..
Jason – i’ve been wanting to say this for 3 f*ing months
Paul – what does that mean
Paul – and the titanic thing when does it end.. when does all this end..
Paul – if I had a family member on the titanic I would know everything about them

Alex – didn’t the titanic sink in 1940

Jason – she said she’s got to get a hysterectomy when she gets out
Paul – that might be real
Jason – how do you really know what is true
Pual – she has a inverted spine.. means your spine is either upside down, your pancreas is where your neck it or it’s inside out
Jason – it’s impossible
Paul – means you are bent this way. so explain to me exactly how is your spine inverted ..
Paul – is your spine bent back like the exorcist
Jason – or you can bend your body any way possible eat everything under the sun

Xmas joins them

Alex – her eyes don’t twitch anymore
Xmas – guess what Matt packed.. her accent

Xmas – I am not an olympic athletes I was never in try outs.. you are just an athlete until you perform in the olympics
Xmas- I have friends that have gone to the olympics, I know the process. it’s pretty intense.. what is she an olympian in
Jason – gymnastics
Xmas – did she go tot the olympics
Jason – no
Xmas – then she’s not a f*ing olympian

Xmas – if you’re coming in here saying you are a goddamn olympian than bring your goddamn medals here (see gif below)
Xmas – or shut the f* up or get out
Xmas – do the work and go into the olympics..
Xmas says it’s the same thing as city slickers saying they are cowboys

Jason starts questioning Raven’s medical “Stuff” and how she says she’s had 15 surgeries
Xmas – I’m not knocking her medical stuff

2:13am PAul and Josh
Paul saying they need to stage a fight. “We need to pull this off one more week than we’re done we’ve made it”
paul – raven still doesn’t want to win sh1t and if she does win.. this is the plan
Paul – you know how we’ve been playing these mother f8ers for the last 3 weeks and they’ve been playing themselves.. we have 1 more week of that
Paul – this is the easiest week you know why Alex has no other choice
Paul says at the end of the day as long as Alex thinks her game is fine she doesn’t care.
Josh – I’m down with the plan but..
Paul – let me finish .. then she’s going to be alone..
Paul says he’ll overreact and start a fake fight with Josh
paul – be like josh what the f* bro.. I hear you are coming after strong competitors
Josh – ok..
Paul – fake the funk .. this way I can convince Alex to throw it to me. (HOH)

Josh says Alex is claiming that she threw the POV.
JOsh says Alex and JAson are freaking out
Paul says he guarantees if Alex wins the next HOH she’ll put up Kevin as one of the nominees.

Paul – if I win 6 you have to win 5 otherwise I’m f*ed (6th HOH 5th HOH)
Paul – you have to get us from 5 to 4 and I have to beat Kevin at 4
Paul – if you win I will sh1t my mouth bro you have to take that shot (at Alex)
Josh – I will man
Paul – I’m excited we all are getting each other there
JOsh – Paul, I’m excited to, I’m not questioning us getting us there..

Josh – the only thing I’m concerned about is the heat
Paul – you think the heat from them will worst than the heat you’ve gotten.. Mark/Elena, Cody/Jessica
Paul C’mon pro, you are peppered up for this sh1t or I don’t use the veto and I take all the heat
PAul – If alex wins (HOH) who’s she putting up Me, and you or me and raven.. you feel me
Josh – yeah
Pau – I can convince her not to put you and Xmas up
Paul – we need to play er like we played the two couples .. you played yourself high five bye

2:36am Paul and Xmas
Paul – I can’t wait until he goes on the block so he stops looking at us like that.. F* you Kevin..
PAul says Josh is a little bit nervous because after the POV meeting he’s going to take some heat.
Paul – I told him I would draw the line during the veto ceremony but he said No that’s stupid you’re the bigger target and that would be dumb
Paul – I said yeah but I need you two just as much as you two need me
Xmas – three weeks left
Paul – it;s just swindling 1 person for 1 day then I will nominate them

Paul says he’s going to have a fake fight with Josh about the things Alex will be pissed about already..

3:36am Xmas and Josh
Josh says it’s smart great gameplay for Paul

Josh says he doesn’t like the plan and doesn’t like Paul securing his jury votes and protecting his game.
JOsh – you are going to turn me against Whistle and turn me against Alex
Xmas – you dont think it’ll turn you against Alex..
Xmas – lets say he doesn’t use the veto..


Xmas – I’m onboard with changing the plan and doing what we need to do.. I want to make sure what we do we are all onboard and agreeance.. we have 4 targets we have to get out
Xmas- there is no way we can get our those 4 targets and all three of us come out squeaky f*ing clean..
Xmas – it’s a beautiful plan and this week it does protect him
Xmas – Raven is a f*ing number, Kevin will do whatever the f* we tell him to because he knows he can’t compete
Xmas – our only competitor right now is Alex person
Xmas says with Jason gone Alex will see Paul as a person to steam roll with they will still be in a good position with Alex
Xmas – she won’t take this personally against you.. we’ve been straight up with how we are going to vote
Xmas – I’ve never f*ing lied to her .. if he’s able to tie into her worst case scenario.. we know Kevin isn’t going to win, raven isn’t she threw that sh1t tonight

JOsh – I don’t know what her strategy is
Xmas- she doesn’t want to do sh1t, she wants to be America’s f*ing sweetheart.. and win without winning sh1t because she doesn’t want to hurt anyones feelings (LOL)
Xmas – worst case next week Alex wins, At least if Alex thinks that Paul had no idea what was going on this week..
JOsh – we’ll get Clipped, you don’t think she’ll put us straight up yo and me
Xmas – she won’t put me up, I’m a number for her
Xmas thinks both Raven and Kevin will “Clip” Alex
Xmas says she’s pulling Alex in as close as possible.
Xmas is certain the best thing for them is Paul to use the veto on Jason.
Josh – fine
Xmas – it’s the most effective for us winning Alex’s trust.. she’s going to put up Kevin..
Xmas – we are going to poke him like a bear
Xmas – especially if he goes up on the block
Josh – poke him all week
Xmas – he is going to make her life a living f*ing hell .. and yo think she’s going to take one of us out..
Xmas says Alex thinks she has xmas and josh in her pocket and now Paul will be her ride or die with Jason gone.

Xmas says if Paul wins HOH next week he’ll take the shot at Alex
Josh – I doubt he’ll win it
Xmas – why
Josh – I’ll win.. I’ll f*ing win it
Xmas – raven will throw it, Kevin is a hot mess.. it’s down to three competing, you, Paul and Alex
Xmas says they have to cycle through winning comps from now on.


Josh wants what is best for “us” not just Paul
JOsh – I get that he’s the bigger targets.. but I’m thinking jury vote.s. we’ve pissed off Whistle nut he’s going to be an emotional voter.. he’s voting for Paul.

JOsh – you got him out I did the bad deed..

Xmas – do you want to play to secure Jury votes or do you want to play to win
Josh – I don’t want to that is what he’s doing
Xmas- he’s going to burn Alex next week do you think that’s not going to get around in Jury ..
Xmas – ANswer me
Josh – yeah

Josh – thank you for that talk I feel better..

They hug

Xmas – you are doing amazing
Josh – you are too.. two weeks
Xmas – we have a double and a single.. it’s happening..
Xmas – love you
Josh – love you to

Josh asks not to tell Paul anything

9:45am Sleeping

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Lol.. Predictable conversation for the next few days. Can it be Thursday already??

The Beef

Xmas sez “do you want to play to secure Jury votes or do you want to play to win?”

What a horses arse she is. You can’t win without jury votes! Is Paul, Alex and Jason the only people in the house that know this? Paul doesn’t give two shits and a giggle what Xmas and Josh think about his plan (you know, the plan that benefits his and ONLY his game), all he cares about is that they execute it properly to his specifications! So yeah, he’ll pull Tiger down, re-misting her in the process and may even vote for Kevin to prove his “loyalty” to both Jason and Alex, knowing Josh and Raven will be voting for Jason, thus creating a tie vote and forcing the HOBitch to cast the deciding vote to get rid of Jason, thus further bloodying her hands.

It’s a great move for the individual (Paul) but he’s shitting on his alliance members, and there is still time for them to turn on him for obviously overplaying his hand. Or as he and Josh so love to say, he does this and he’s playing himself.


what she means by “play to win” is play to get to final 2

What Paul learned last time...

Paul got to F2 before, but Nicole won the game. WHY? Jury votes. Second place is the first loser!


ya but
Some players in this type of game will do anything to get to the finals.
lie, backstab, break deals can get you far in these games and to the finals, but will the jury vote bitter or recognize how this type of game is “Fair Play” and vote for them to win.

it’s the catch 22 of this style of game
Look at Russell Hantz in Survivor. One of the best players to ever play the game , and he lost Twice in a row in back to back seasons.

Here Paul had 2 Useless HoH’s and instead of winning 2 more HoH’s , he instead threw them to Xmas!

Ya he may be keeping blood off his hands, But Xmas has gotten out some big players and gotten blood on her hands.
Some Jurys respect that more, some Jurys are bitter!

Your argument is destroyed

Paul got to F2 before, but had he taken James, he would have won! WHY? Jury votes.

The Jury confirmed that after the game!

Get em Josh

I think Josh will be the one to go against it all and get Paul out for the surprising win. He is brighter than you think. After all he has said from the beginning it was a part of his game to play dumb, becuz he is NOT clueless in this game at all. I have enjoyed him throughout after the first day, but other than that, he is a cutie patootie, he’s just a lil mama’s boy is all. Now on with the thumbs down, cuz I could care less, the man has game.


Josh has been sent as Paul and Xmas’s errand boy to spy on every conversation in the house. He interrupts discussions, gets in between private conversations and was the first bully in the house when he took the golden apple for safety and blew up at a innocent HG that she self evicted. That wasn’t strategy, that was paranoia that everyone was going to vote him out and his real personality came out. He’s been spoon fed info and strategy throughout and is Paul’s henchman, trying to get Cody so mad that he would have PSTD occur, banging pots and pans so close to men’s faces and calling them vile names, attacking their manhood. He’s a child.


I agree with what you said about Josh. He is a man child. When he actually watches back what he did/said on the show I hope he is embarrassed by his behaviour. All these HGs should be embarrassed and apologizing to the others. I have never used the the word “bully” to describe any adult but with these HGs I don’t know what other word would describe them. Its a bunch of mean girls and boys, that’s for sure. I love though how they all think that they are so Great and America loves them. But, what I was going to say is, the part I don’t agree with that you said is blaming it all on Josh (there were 2or3 girls involved) for Meghan self evicting. Can’t recall what Josh went at her over, but the girls it was because she misunderstood what they were referring to Alex – Meghan went to Alex and told her they were calling her “panda” saying its racist when they were actually calling her “Pao Pao”. I think the girls just got upset with Meghan for trying to say they were being racist when that wasn’t how they intended it. I am still hopeful that these people wise up and get Paul out really soon. It’s pathetic that they all just seem happy that they made it to jury ..but still none of them seem to want to win..they are all throwing the win to Paul. These people all need to get together and start talking and figure out that Paul has a deal with them all. Hoping if Alex stays she wins next HOH or Josh, since he seems to have “FINALLY” figured out Paul is only protecting himself. They have to win HOH and POV so that Paul can be back doored. With Paul gone maybe we will actually see the remaining HGs actually play the game rather than sit back and just trust that Paul will protect them.


CASSI, I think Josh blew up on Meghan saying he heard she was conspiring to get him out…which wasn’t true. He needed a ruse to get the attention off him picking that golden apple for safety and jeopardizing his team that first week. And I do agree that someone, anyone, should get Paul out. Whoever does, may win this game. Stop trusting Paul!!!

Not by himself

Josh can’t get Paul out all by himself. Someone else would have to turn on Paul.

Poop Squad

I think Paul wins the Andy the Red Rat award for this season but Alex, Josh and Christmas all deserve serious consideration. What a bunch of losers.


When the pack of wolves was trying to make Jason use the POV to pull down Maven and put up Kevin, Jason made a good observation after being ganged up by Alex, Christmas and Paul. He said, “In this house it’s a mob mentality… and then they attack.” He kept Kevin off the block, so I rather have Alex get evicted and Kevin work with Jason to get Paul out.

Good lord...

What does it say when the only one that is on to Paul is josh? Then again, Christmas talks him right out of it. I’ve never rolled my eyes so much!


Jason knows what’s up, he knows that Paul had a hand in him and Alex going on the block. But he’s afraid to do anything about it without affirmation from Alex, which he’s never gonna get. He’s practically begging her to confirm his suspicions about Paul but she’s just too blind and stubborn.

I feel like if Josh and Jason would’ve trusted each other in this game instead of Christmas and Alex, they might’ve confirmed each other’s doubts and gone after Paul.

But, too late for that.


Yes but the one thing she doesn’t do is tell Paul what Josh says.

Get em Josh

Beauty and the Beast


Good Lord, good point.

Kid Rock

I know you guys hate Josh but honestly he is the only one that’s really on to Paul…… Xmas is doing to Josh what Alex does to jason. Every time Jason points out something fishy Alex tells hinge is paranoid and to trust her. Well that has gotten Jason on the block and out the house. If Josh goes with Paul n Xmas plan this week then Josh will be up on the block next week and out the house….Xmas is sooooo misted by Paul! Josh knows Paul is selfish and up to no good but Xmas is not listening to him…. That has to be so frustrating for Josh

Yep Yep

That got Natalie and Michelle kicked out when they trusted James bloated gut


I think Xmas is on to Paul too but does not want Josh headed down a path that he can’t be reeled back in from yet. With seven people left in the house let Paul cover them with mist as they make their way closer to finals. Hopefully we will all wake up in time to watch someone ANYONE vote Paul out.
Also, I am going to vote for a houseguest that wasn’t even in the house as Americas Favorite- – Dr. Will etc that wat CBS will pay attention to casting next year 🙂


they should get raven and caleb together to swap lies!


Have you noticed how Paul is always saying how he is about to call someone but never does. He is such a little wimp. He talks all tough and bad ass with the group but never actually does it.


Like telling them how he told Kevin to stfu! Really Paul? I dare you to say it like that to Kevin for real

Yep Yep

They only people he can say shit to are skinny 20 year old girls like MIchelle last year when he called her a c@nt!!! He’s a real man!!!

Yep Yep

The only is what I meant sorry

Bo Diddler

Meech was not skinny.


Meech was not fat she was hellaacute plus funny as crap dude.

Ted Marie

He’s an a$$ clown!! Just like he said he is going to “punch Raven in the face” if she comes up to the HOH. He is a real tough guy–threatening bodily harm to women (behind their backs) & bouncing around the house barging into rooms & inserting himself into every conversation & constantly acts like he is entitled. Meanwhile his minions just stare at him wide eyed and listen to his constant dribble (just like the good little Stockholm syndrome idiots they are). I keep watching tho and waiting for these “big moves” they keep talking about. SMH


It’s game play.

He wants the group he’s telling that to to think hes actually calling these people out and him and the person he “called out” don’t get along so to confirm to the people he’s telling it to that he’s really with them.

It’s worked pretty well.


I can’t believe that none of them talk to each other about Paul. They all are delusional to think Paul will take them to F2. If, I hope not, he’s in F2 he will take Raven who will garner one vote from Matt. She’s done absolutely nothing. And he’s not taking someone who’s competitive like he said last year. He wants a guaranteed win. Maybe he already has it with Production!


I said it once, from now on the “expect the unexpected” theme, have the winner of the POV if they use it on themselves or another to take off the block, should then be able to nominate a replacement. Not the HOH, but POV winner names the replacement. This way there will be no more throwing of this comp. and get these stupid HGs to actually play or get on the block.
How BB found so many stupid misfits in one season, is beyond comprehension.


I also think that the last place finisher for HOH should be an automatic 3rd nominee. Again, it just might make these losers think twice about throwing comps…


Throwing comps is part of game play?

Look, I want Kevin to win like the majority of people, but I feel like people in the comment section just have to find something to complain about.

Why are viewers caring if the houseguests throw comps? Seriously, why???

The Beef

Because it’s chickenshit?


What is chickenshit about it?

You’re trying to win 500000 dollars. If throwing a comp gets you closer to 500000 dollars, that’s what you do.

The big time players who go to win every competition are the ones who are targeted, that’s not smart game play.

Again, people are just trying to find something to complain about.

Same Ol' Same Ol'

I wish I could give you more than one thumbs up. If this show continues, they have to find ways to make sure people play the game and compete. This show needs to be fun again (heavy sigh).

Debra Cutlip

If not for Paul, this would be a slow slow season.


Because of Paul this seems like a slow season because we know what he has ordered & have to wait until Thursday for it to play out. Then another comp for HOH which he then takes over and runs. Gag me. I wish the game moved a little faster to get to the end.


So they should change the rules? Then maybe who we want to lose will lose?


In my 11 seasons of watching Big Brother (I started with Season 8), I have never seen anything like this season. Never.
The deliberate cruelty and intentional house vs 1 person mentality is pretty effed up, but the bewilderment of these houseguests when it happens to them is almost funny. The things said out of their mouths is off the charts but they see absolutely nothing wrong with it.
It seems that every competition won by someone (save a couple), were thrown to the winner. Never have I seen folks ON THE BLOCK pass over the power in veto for another prize or win it and use it on another person (although I have heard the Marcellus story and remember when Lawon begged to get evicted to get the “special power”).
At F7, folks are still throwing comps, not even trying to win a comp, and volunteering to go on the block. And what is saddest to me is that now that at least one person sees Paul’s strategy, it is too late. Josh could tell the whole house, but who will get behind him? Everyone left thinks they have a F2 with Paul; no one is going against the one taking them to F2.
Season 19 had the potential to be a great season and by great, I mean with all the over the top personalities, we could have had power struggles every week, one on one blowups, and some good backstabbing and strategizing. Instead, we got folks shunned and berated for playing their own game and a bunch of mindless followers doing their best to see who could be the laziest, most cruel, and the most ridiculous all in search of air time.


I’m loving this on point comment! What a stupid season this year. Paul has the gift of gab and he’s such a sneaky slithering conniving snake, they believe everything he tells them even when he tells them to lie to someone else, but he’ll never ever lie to them like those Paul manipulated and teamed up against and got them evicted the same way!

Paul's Chode

Small man is a scary dude. His ability to manipulate people is incredible. AG will have created a situation where returning players have won back-to-back. Enough! This is no longer fun or entertaining.


Josh is making so much sense and Christmas won’t take it. If Paul doesn’t use the veto then Alex is made at Paul so it makes it a sure thing if Paul wins hoh he goes after Alex instead of them. For once someone is putting it together and she won’t listen so frustrating to read.


OMG……………Josh was talking like he actually has a few normal brain cells…..when
he was talking to Xmas…….he knows Paul’s motives…..he’s afraid to say too much ! ! !


That moment when your hope for the season rests with Josh!


Seasons almost done (thank God). There is absolutely no hope to undo the damage that has been done . The season of bullies and ganging up. What a twist this was , and such a waste of a bb season.


You know how I know they are all terrible at this game? They think it’s good game play to bully people on the block who are already going to jury. That is some stupid a$$ sh!t right there! We are going to put him up and POKE him. Alex did it with Cody and Mark. Potato head and meth face are dumb as rocks. Josh and Jason are figuring out but have no spine. My only hope is for Raven to beat Paul in F2 and she had to pay all those people back she and her family scammed.

Grodner Hearts Paul

I think Paul encourages them to bully the people going to jury so they will lose jury votes and it won’t matter which goat he sits next to at the end. And they’re all stupid enough to do it because they’re his fan club and would rather lose than disappoint him.

They think they have created real friendships with Paul, but he has no respect for them. If a man knows he’s made you his bitch, he does not like or respect you.

Min O'Pause

Thumbs down me if you want, but I can see Paul taking Kevin to F2. He has stirred up so much hate for Kevin that no one will vote for Kevin to win. 🙁


And that just might be Paul’s downfall. One can always dream!!


It’s amazing to me how the words “bully” and “bullying” get thrown around so flippantly on these boards. The behavior of these houseguests (both individually and collectively) is properly classified as HARASSMENT, not bullying. When Paul and his minions target a specific individual, the effects on that person include feelings of anger, despair, frustration, isolation, abandonment, etc. It is despicable behavior that should be universally condemned. However, the component that is missing which is necessary for real bullying to occur is fear, more specifically fear for physical or intellectual well being. The damage is permanent and can often be tragic. Do you really believe that Kevin is afraid of anyone in this house? Was Cody afraid? Mark? Of course not. It is obvious that most of you have never been subjected to what is true bullying. You should be very grateful as I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. I only hope that you can avoid trivializing the trauma felt by victims of true bullying by accurately labeling the behavior in this BB house as harassment.

To Adam

Adam, it appears that you have had first hand knowledge of bullying, and for that I am truely sorry. I honestly hope your life is better and you have become stronger, and most of all am happy that you are here and able to post. However, this is the definition of bullying… is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively dominate others. The behavior is often repeated and habitual. This is exactly what these HGs have been doing this entire season, so you are unfortunately wrong in your summation. BB19 has been the season of bullies.


Adam – you are 100% correct. I am a high school guidance counselor and I can tell you that these specific circumstances would not be recorded as a case of bullying. There are additional aspects missing besides fear which preclude this from meeting the minimum standard for bullying but I won’t get into all that. Unfortunately, bullying is much too complex to be categorized by a simple dictionary definition. My advice is to try not to take any of this personally. All you can do is attempt to educate then let the chips fall where they may. It seems that most people dislike these BB house guests so much (with good reason) that it makes them feel good to view the situation as bullying. They really don’t mean to diminish the often catastrophic effects that actual bullying can deposit on its victims. As the saying goes “ignorance is bliss.”

Hey Naomi

Bullying does encompass more than just a simple definition. Part of it is the denial that bullying is actually taking place. You have no clue as to what effect this season’s bullying is going to have on these people after they are out of the house. To be sent into isolation and called names and screamed at has to make a person question their value. As a guidance counsel I am shocked that you would deny this level of abuse. I guess this is why too many of our children become hopeless. Denial is as shameful as the bullying itself. Don’t try to make bullying so difficult to explain that no one will be held accountable for their part. There might be different levels, but what these HGs are doing is 100% bullying. Maybe when our educational system realizes that, we will save more children. By the time a child gets help from what you deem to be considered the definition of bullying, it will be too late.


Nobody is denying that inappropriate behavior has been happening in the BB house and in no way should it be tolerated. If this were occurring in a high school situation of course it would be addressed immediately. What you seem incapable of understanding is that when harassment is mistaken for bullying it makes the victims of true bullying feel marginalized. I’ve had parents tell me that their son/daughter hasn’t engagied in bullying, it is just that their target is over-sensitive and needs to develop a thick skin. How bad can it be? Who hasn’t been yelled at, called names, and felt alone, right? This nonsense happens because people like you haphazardly label any behavior they find distasteful as bullying . Consequently when real bullying occurs I hear this garbage from the offender’s parents and the victims don’t feel that they are being taken seriously. These people don’t comprehend that what is going on goes far beyond harassment because to them it is all the same thing. This is why’a clear differentiation needs to be established between harrassment and bullying. Can you understand that? If you honestly believe that Mark and Cody have been permanently scarred from the actions of this pack of idiots then we will have to agree to disagree. You are letting your hate for these houseguests overwhelm whatever amount of common sense you may actually have.

To Naomi

Ok, so by holding people accountable for bullying by its definition, instead of labeling it harassment (your definition) makes victims of bullying feel marginalized? You can’t be serious? Sounds to me like the typical write-off you’re talking about. If schools are so intolerable of “harassment” why is teenage suicide so high? Didn’t know school guidance counselors had their doctorates in psychology! I feel as though I was bullied in school. Nothing was done about it so I guess it was just harassment so it didn’t matter. You have so much common sense!!! Let’s hope your child doesn’t get “harassed,” because then I’m sure you’ll want to call it bullying! Sorry that the dictionary definition doesn’t agree with yours!


I just counted three different times where I previously stated that all forms of inappropriate behavior, be it harassment or bullying, should be addressed by school administration. You choose to ignore this because it does not fit your narrative. I can assure you that all cases of harassment and bullying are handled promptly and effectively at my school. If this didn’t happen for you then I’m really sorry to hear that. All I can say is that not everyone is good at what they do. There are good physicians and bad physicians, there are good police officers and bad police officers, there are good accountants and bad accountants, etc. The counselors and administration at your school appear to have fallen in the bad category. Why didn’t your parents come to the school office and insist that something be done?

I’ll try one last time to get you to understand why victims of bullying often feel marginalized. Suppose every form of inappropriate behavior between students (or people in general) is labeled as bullying which you seem to advocate. This would mean that infractions you would consider to be relatively minor are treated in the exact same manner as true incidents of bullying. Now suppose you were the target of real bullying. How would you feel if your case was addressed with the same intensity and allocation of resources as other behavioral issues that in reality do not rise to the threshold of true bullying? Do you get it now? Can you now understand why Adam finds it offensive that so many people on these boards use the term bullying so frivolously? This is why a clear differentiation between harassment and bullying is necessary. And the definition of bullying used in professional circles is not “my definition” but rather one that has been clinically established by experts in the field. It has 9 key requirements that must be satisfied for an incident to qualify as actual bullying. THIS DOESN’T MEAN THAT INFRACTIONS WHICH DON’T MEET THIS STANDARD FOR BULLYING ARE NOT IMPORTANT AND SHOULD NOT BE TREATED SERIOUSLY. I put this statement in all caps because I know this would be an immediate objection for you. I’m being generous when I say that 4 of these requirements for bullying are met in the case of Paul and his minions.

Yes, many guidance counselors do in fact have an expertise in psychology. Many have studied psychology in the academic world. All of us acquire quite a bit of knowledge about psychology on the job as the nature of our work requires frequent consultation with licensed psychologists.

As school counselors we can only address what we directly observe, what is brought to our attention directly by those who need help, and what is brought to our attention from the parents or fellow students of those who need help. Some school districts provide resources for the monitoring of social media. We have had some successful hits from these efforts but unfortunately it is often like finding a needle in a haystack. I’m not going to get into the extremely complex issue of teen suicide with you as to do so effectively I would need to much more space than is allotted on a message board.


Josh has it figured out but since Xmas is paid to protect Paul, nothing can get done.

Kevin final two

I cant help but think that Paul is going to go rogue and take Kevin to the end… His original ride or die. NOT because he is loyal- but because he has gotten everyone to hate him. They all have become jury votes for Paul. He already lost once to Ratcole…. He is making sure EVERYONE hates Kevin. He’s trying to set himself up to take that. Watch, he’ll convince the minions to throw a HOH to him… But he’ll throw it to Kevin. Then the curtain will start to crumble and it will be too late to change the course for others. Mark my work LOL


Xmas should be suspicious as to why Paul would be using the pov. They should have tossed her out as soon as she broke her leg but she has a huge vendetta against Jason ever since that happened.

Franks Fumes

Josh has finally managed two rub two brain cells together and create a spark in that giant gordita head……..don’t go tell Paul!


Josh realizes that Paul had everyone fight his battle. In return, Paul gains jury votes. In the end, Paul will take someone who won’t call him out in front of the jury, like Xmas or Raven.


Too late.

Only zombie drones are left. They will never go against the gnome.

Once the gnome gets wind of what Josh is saying he’ll be isolated, attacked and kicked out.


Won’t need to, the jury will call him out.
The decompression that will happen in the jury house will be Paul’s blood bath.
People forgive a lot of things but being made a fool of isn’t one of them, once they compare notes and realize he instigated everything them stood back and let them take the fall it will change their minds fame whores or not.
As STUPID as they are they are equally as hateful, and they live for that.


I hate that Paul made this game so boring. There’s no campaigning, can’t talk to people or your game is over, throw the comps so no one is truely winning and then of course all the stupid players thinking this is great let’s listen to Paul. Hey Josh…it’s a little late to be thinking Paul is livking in votes but you want to take him to final 3….stupid!!!


I can’t blame Paul for this season. He didn’t choose these pathetic housemates. Like him or not, if he makes it to the end, he deserves the win. I didn’t particularly like him first time around but he seems to be the only one in it to win it. I have to admit, I never thought Josh would be the one to wake up albeit it’s a little late in the game. A while back, I have a vague memory wherein Christmas brought up suspicions regarding Paul in a conversation with Josh. Seemed like she was trying to see where Josh was at. He was the one all gung ho for Paul and she let it go. I really thought she was planting the seed & would subtly continue to cast doubt. Oh well…

Not Jason's Holly

Josh is waking up, but of course, Xmas isn’t listening. Well, she might be, but not acting on it.

If Josh doesn’t want the heat, this is how I see the votes going…Alex- Evict Kevin (Because she’s stupid and thinks the house is voting that way, NOT because she likes Jason), Paul- Evict Jason (Friendship, you know! ha!), JOSH- Evict Kevin (so he can honestly say, “I voted to KEEP JASON!”) Raven- Evict Jason. Christmas breaks the tie. Then Alex, who thinks she’s now close to Christmas would be mad at Christmas. Maybe?

Anyway it goes, Paul will say, “I had NO IDEA they were voting Jason out!” They are all stupid for thinking Paul didn’t have a hand in getting Alex and Jason on the block. Jason knows whats going on. He did it to Ratt (Raven/Matt). Alex knows, too. She just isn’t saying. That’s why she wants OFF of the block. She wants safety.

desirae's Mom

Simon, do you think that Xmas kept asking do you trust Paul and if he said no, that it would have been a different conversation ???? Like I said before, it’s a waste of time and money to set up these comps and no one plays.


I have hated him from the first time I heard/saw him last year but I will give him credit. Once the show was rigged in his favor with 3 weeks immunity he did take advantage of it and he worked those people over like nothing we have ever seen so congrats Paul. You have earned it so far. No one in there can come close to manipulating people like you can. You are a good strategist and manipulator. The others not so much. They yell and scream and get overly emotional at the wrong times or sit back hoping you are their friend/favorite, just in awe of you. There’s a lot of game to play but so far you are the only one playing it and if the game was over today you would get my vote.

Before your emotions get the best of you and you start down voting understand I hate him with a passion. He is hyper, insecure, maniacal, weird and perhaps even dangerous, but Paul has played the game while the others haven’t. I was on Cody’s side from the jump and wanted Paul out immediately but CBS had other plans and Paul was smart enough to take advantage of that so I have to give him credit as much I hate it. It’s not a popularity contest so that shouldn’t matter when considering who has actually played the game.

Yep Yep

I don’t agree with what you said based on some of your own facts. If production helps you with 3 weeks of immunity that does not make you a master manipulator. That gives you a huge advantage to get out the people that you know are on too you and have better skills then you. You leave in the stupid asses and faithful to the end Victor AKA the Ned Stark of bb to help you win. This would be like letting someone have 3 unopposed moves in chess.


I agree. He’s the only one one into the game by observing every move and not there for a showmance.


I agree. He’s the only one one into the game by observing every move and not there for a showmance.

worst rigged season yet

It was rigged last season and this season, so best watch it for fake entertainment only or be stressed and angry otherwise. GO JOSH FOR THE WIN. Now bb is merely watched to see how gullible people are lol


Earned?????? Surely you jest.


I can`t deal with Xmas anymore, she treats Paul like he is GOD and if you say you don`t trust him you are Evil.. I think also she afraid of production, she wants to stay loyal to Paul and this will be the way to make to the end, as she knows Production will take out anyone that wants to get Paul out.


It’s almost as if Paul studied communist tactics and is using them against the house.

Lie, use propaganda, pick a target, isolate it, mock it … initiate violence (verbal and physical) and finally destroy it.


Josh & Kevin are the only ones to break thru the mist.

Too little…too late.

If Alex wins HOH, he’s going up next to Kevin. And he knows it. If she doesn’t, she’s gone.

Kevin for AFP!

Im LIke

Cant stand Paul ! He was horrible last year with paulie. He then stood behind Victor and the populous thought they liked him because Victor was so nice. People talk poop about these players being snowed, but in general people who watch this show shift who they like and also rationalize peoples poor behavior. (dr Will horrible person who is starting to look like plastic and desperate to stay relevant ) Had Victor not come back 2 times last year paul would have been out earlier. Michelle was the only person to see what he and Nicole and production were doing if she would have been less emotional her game would have been great. Production has messed it up this year too and Paul barely does what they ask!! I do want to throttle Raven though!!!

september 21st

I 10000% CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL September 21st when Paul can go back to living in his mom’s basement and constantly say….. “ma ma ma where is my dinner? I want it now!”


Kind of like your mommy wakes you up for school every day ??

Miss Cleo

Anonymous must either ALSO live in his mom’s basement, just like Paul.

It’s Paul’s mom…

I know which one it is, but I’ll let you all figure it out.

Go home Paul

No basements where Paul lives. So he probably lives in a 2 car garage or if he’s really lucky…a remodel box over the garage. I’m sick of his face on these feeds. Please Simon and Dawg…blurr/fuzz out his 2 faces.


Why wouldn’t they pick an apple when it was available? Sooooo lame! Bye Jason. I wish it was Alex first, but being a double – she may be next. You better hope so Jason. You have no friends in the jury. If these people were thinking about jury votes they would keep Jason.


Paul walks in the door….. everyone self evictes 🙂 !!


We all have been wondering how these people managed to make it through the application process, including mental & physical exams. Well, I checked the application directions & this is what I found-
“Producers reserve the right to change the terms of the application and the production schedule at anytime. Producers reserve the right to change the eligibility requirements and any other application rules in its sole discretion at any time with or without notice on a specific, case-by-case basis or across the entire applicant pool.”

So, the way I read it, they may say they require them to pass the testing but if they want they can take them anyway. What a farce! I’m sure it’s all for legal reasons- even Raven’s Mom (the mensa member “almost lawyer) would understand that.


Of all the idiots to pick up on what Paul is doing, it’s finally, Josh.
And Jason knows in his bones, he’s getting screwed.
I’d be okay with the switch to getting what some refer to as “Potato Head”
on this site, out.

Buh Bye

Anyone know when the next Veto Ceremony is expected to happen?

Jessica's Birth Control

Paul to Josh – you think the heat from them will worst than the heat you’ve gotten.. Mark/Elena, Cody/Jessica

TRANSLATION: Josh you have already lost at least 4 jury votes. You aint getting first place. BOOM! At this moment josh has finally realized how badly he has been played all season. This week he started counting jury votes and realized he has literally killed his game if he is in a final 2 with paul.

XMAS- Folks in the comment section. Xmas is no dummy. She also knows that Josh is toast, but she also knows she does not want to incurr the wrath of Production or Allison Grodner. Let josh babble on about paul and AG is gonna take of josh. If xmas starts agreeing with josh AG will step into the game and give paul magic powers and take out the both of them. She wants Josh in a final 2 deal, so she cant have him going rogue and starting a fight with paul. She wants to make a move on paul, and she is recruiting alex and kevin. So if paul goes up somehow someway she has votes. Josh, alex, xmas, kevin can all take out paul if he goes up. If xmas wins hoh or pov she can make her move. But she can not telegraph it to Grodner the Food Gobbler.


Christmas has no instinct for this game. Josh fnally figured out a clue, of course it came tumbling out of his brain, and Christmas talked him down! Paul literally painted a picture of how he will use Josh this week, loud mouth, pots and pans, blabbering away, take the heat off mighty mouse, and Christmas soothes the silly beast from his terrifying thoughts.

Damn it Kevin!!! Please win something! Hoh thursday night during double eviction…put up MightyMouse and Potatohead…gun for it Man! Please, Kevin! Play for your life!

Jessica's Birth Control

Wrong. Xmas knows Allison Grodner is all over pauls love stick and will step in if she sees an alliance to take out paul. Xmas knows she has to get paul out b4 final 3, but she has to make the move suddenly during an instant eviction. That way Grodner cant rig the game and sway votes in the DR in pauls favor. xmas is no dummy. She reaLIZES she is playing against production. Josh put his cards on the table, so she will prolly feel out the others.


I hope by some miracle Kevin wins HOH this week and gets Paul out. If not, PLEASE someone wake up and backdoor Paul the rich, spoiled bully who has played the dirtiest game ever. And that’s saying a lot. Someone, anyone take a shot at him. Grodner, stay out of it for once. If Paul wins, it looks like the fix was in, just by giving him not one, not two, but three weeks safety. That’s never been done.

Jessica's Birth Control

Paul working his magic once again. He never gets his hands dirty. If he the votes goes his way he wins. If the vote does not go his way, he claims he does not control the game nad had no idea the house would go that way. He works every angle and has no interests in handjobs or b js. He is focused on winning and getting people out. Well played indeed.

Kevin- 60 years old with nothing in common with these punks and ZERO physical or mental comp game. Yet he has kept himslef in the game by positioning himself thru out the game. He plays the “I am not a threat” and “everybodys friend” cards very well. He also knows his time is running out and that paul now considers him a huge final 3 or 2 threat. Paul’s biggest threat in a jury vote is kevin. And both kevin and paul know it. And they know each other knows it. Kevin has one week to get paul out, so he better get to work. He needs to feed josh’s paranoia. Josh can keep on feeding xmas and xmas feed Alex.

Jessica's Birth Control

New BB rules changes:
1- Last place HOH competitor goes on the block automatically
2- HOH winner picks one person to go on block with last place winner
3- POV Picks who to take off block and the replacement nominee
4- HOH and POV can particpate in the eviction vote


Josh is like Truman….now we need to see if he can do anything to save himself in the long run or just go along allowing paul to win entire thing.


Is anyone out there actually wanting the person who played the best game to win?

Jessica's Birth Control

I gotta go with paul until xmas/someone else steps up and takes him out. Right now I think there are a few people who want to take paul out but are keeping their cards close.

Paul's mom

Paul rules and is the best. Only 6 more dumb ass fools need to be evicted and we 500k richer. Woooo

Jessica's Birth Control

He would b e a unanimous choice if it werent for the fact he was given HUGE advantages by Production. So he has an asterik next to his name. He was given PEDs. Production Enhancement Devices…


“Best game” is in the eye of the beholder. I don’t think that describes any hg left in the house now.


Who would that be……..Paul? Production handed him the most advantages from the get-go.


Another reason Raven is a compulsive liar..
She doesn’t want production to show a video from home.
The fact that she told Xmas in advance was another red


I really kind of don’t blame them for not going after Paul. Someone goes after him and what happens ….. wrong !! He’s safe for 3 weeks. Then all the different things in play that he could save himself with. Now there is the tree !!! They are probably all thinking…..if we go after him, some twist will save him and then we are next to go. And they don’t want to let on to production that they might want him out for that reason. I just feel if I were in the house I would not want to be the Cody that took the shot and production.killed it.


The most overused word in the English language: LIKE

The houseguest that overuses it most: ALEX

I wish she received an electric shock everytime she says it while talking.

Little tyrant flu

Found a way to loose weight, watch and listen to the little bobble head talk. His voice, his body and head movements literally makes me nauseous and sick until I have to vomit.

Go home Paul

Agree….I wish Simon and Dawg would alter or at least fuzz out lil gnome’s face on these feeds.


Alex – didn’t the titanic sink in 1940 (yes Potatohead, It’s the same year the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor)

I Weep For The Future

Seriously????? I can only hope you are being sarcastic. Titanic 1912 Pearl Harbor was bombed by the JAPANESE 1941. Just in case you were not.


Did you ever see Animal House?


Raven is a sociopath. She and her family are nothing more than white trash bottom feeders. How can CBS even cast such lying piece of sh!t? She and her mother take advantage of people. Has anyone seen her mother? She definitely does NOT appear to be wasting away by any means. Unless she is carrying about 75lbs of water weight. #Ravenexposed on Twitter is riping into Raven and exposing this funkbox.


I really loathe this cast. I am so sick and tired of all of the bullying. (Don’t say…………this is all part of BB, because it is not. BB is…….. manipulation, people skills, game skill, lying, and trusting your gut,) There were a lot more deserving casts member than Paul to bring back for a second go around.

In the early years of BB, there was not as much interference, I prefer that style, even if it means your favorite got kicked out of the house. Those years, the casts were very inventive and entertaining. I would prefer to have Jesse come back into the house than ever have to look at any of this cast again.


Like I’m here for you guys to protect you I’m not perfect” (You lie) hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


HAHAHAHA….Raven got her newest disorder backwards. Raven told Paul that she has a “hypothyroid” condition and it’s the one that’s too fast. And she said she needs chemo for it but refuses. ((( There are meds for this. Hypothyroid is underactive. )))


Correct on previous years of BB. There was always someone to root and follow after evictions of one’s favorite. HGs were manipulated, lied to. But this season everything about BB is unwatchable, or someone to root for. Players that lie not for game sake, manipulating with harassment and bullying. Lying not about their play game or en results, but making up stories of the players personal life and bringing into play, players family.
Games have rules to follow, so everyone plays as it should be. But this season BB allowed these to be not only broken, but ignored with no real penalty. How will they enforce in the future and ignore the past without showing that this season was all pre scripted?
Was this year pre-written? Ask your self why was this season so heavily edited, that not once was Paul’s real side shown, and he pre- instigated every bullying/harassment event, then stood back innocent.
How anyone can stand to painfully now watch the broadcasted white washed version is beyond me. Rather come here drop a donation, and share your thoughts on this season and let those with a strong stomach give the updates.


Gotta give it to Christmas on this one. Guess what Matt packed. Her accent. I laughed out loud at most of that. Why would you go on television and say all these crazy things ?!!! And why Matt would you believe all of it?

Just me

What the hell did I just watch?!?!?! The woman with a broken foot won a physical comp??? How was she even cleared to complete???