Power Of Veto Competition Results! “I’m going to pull you off.”

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Power Of Veto Winner: PAUL

6pm – 8:55pm Big Brother blocked the live feeds for the Power of Veto Competition.

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When the live feeds return – Paul is wearing the veto around his neck. He heads to the storage room where Alex is dancing. Alex – safety! Paul comes in and says what the f**k I was trying. I was hot and overheating. I was like dude I can’t do this anymore. Slap, punch, punch, punch. Alex – I looked at Jason and asked is he telling me to throw it or not throw it. Paul – No yeah. Alex – he told me to go for it. Paul – I don’t know why he would say that. I’m going to pull you off. ALex – I don’t care, I trust you guys. It’s Kevin no matter what. Paul – I don’t want Kevin yapping to Jason all week. If Jason is up there Kevin can’t ask him to vote for him. Alex – dude I was trying so f**king hard!

9:05pm Kitchen – Kevin – we were out there for two hours. We went out at 6:53pm. They’re all hanging out in the kitchen chatting about the competition. Bobby Moynihan was the host of the competition. He is staring in a new CBS tv show. They comment on how he was a lot better than Derrick because Derrick was dry. Jason – he said this was his favorite season. Paul – but to be honest is he really going to say this season sucks? Jason – I asked him what his favorite season other than this one, and he said this one. Jason goes to the camera in the bedroom. Jason – arguably the best veto comp! Thanks Bobby! It would have been better if I had won but I am not going to beg. I’ll just see what happens.

9:15pm – 9:33pm Paul and Josh sit down to finish their chess game. Josh – just three more weeks. Paul – we just can’t f**k up.

9:50pm Bedroom. Kevin and Jason.
Kevin comments on how Bobby’s new show premieres on September 25th. Jason – Alex and Paul get to go to the premiere of the show so we have to be done before them. Kevin – no not the premiere, they get to go to a show. The finale has to be on September 20th. Jason – that deal was b***hen and I stood up there and f**ked it up. I hate f**king losing especially when something like that is up for stakes. Kevin – he said he would help us all after the show. He mentioned your bull! Don’t be down. Jason – I know. Kevin – You’ll get on Saturday Night Live. Jason – I’m not down. I just should have won that thing.

. Jason – I was in Galena Illinois. Christmas – you were in Elena? Jason – no! Never would I ever been caught dead in Elena.

10:05pm Bedroom.
Raven is alone in the bedroom. Raven – who’s going home? Jason’s going home! Who’s going home? Jason’s going home! Bye Jason! BYE BYE BYE! Gonna be a good week! Just happy! So happy! There is going to be a lot of carnage. So much carnage! Of epic proportions. You thought the veto with Matt and I was bad. Wait until this one! Heads are going to roll!

10:20pm Bathroom – Raven is upset about feeling like she hasn’t done. Christmas – you have a great social game. Raven – yeah.

10:10pm Alex and Jason in the storage room.
Alex thinks Raven threw the comp. Jason – I don’t understand why you think she throws stuff. Alex – she’s a dance instructor, there’s no way couldn’t get that. That’s her thing. Jason – what do you think Paul is going to do? Alex – He already asked me and if I wanted him to put me or Jason off. If he wigs out pull him off but think about it Kevin is going to freak the f**k out.. if we put you up there its just going to be hell for everyone else. Jason – ok, I don’t care but I’m just nervous as sh*t. Isn’t Christmas acting weird? Alex – she is super cool with me. Jason – so what is that plan. Alex whispers Kevin. Jason – so did you know I was going up? Alex – no, I swear to god. Jason – that’s fine I trust you. Alex – he (Kevin) thinks the nominations are staying the same. He is going to freak out on Paul. We have to wait and then we can blow up on him after the power of veto. He thinks I am going home. He is going to melt down with Paul slaps him up there. Jason – should I ask Paul… I don’t want to talk about it.. you guys just do what you’re going to at the ceremony. Alex – at this point we should just assume I am getting pulled off .. I will let you know what is going on.

But I think the less you know the better. You won’t slip up and you won’t wig out on Kevin. Jason – yeah. Alex – if he (Paul) is going to do some power move .. I don’t think he should tell you. I trust Chrsitmas. Jason – I only trust you and Paul. And I am worried about being on the block for a vote. Alex – yeah but it will be me and Josh and Christmas will break the tie. Jason – that’s why it would have been better if you had won this one and then we alternate. Alex – we can’t risk it. Josh has to win to take out Raven. Do you want Matt pissed off at you. Alex – after this we’re not going on the block anymore. Paul owes me one. Jason – I don’t want to question Paul. I was like are they going to try and send Alex home or me home? Alex – do you know something I don’t know? Jason – absolutely not. Alex – I need you to pump me up before competitions. I didn’t know most of these questions. The last one I knew for sure. Jason – I don’t know why you would ever throw them ever! Alex – if there is a case were we need to protect Paul. We need to make sure we’re covered… so that’s two votes for you. That’s a safety for you. If she did want to make a big move and throw up Paul then we are screwed. Do you see that. If I had won and pulled you off then he goes up against me. There was no way I was going to let you sit on the block because I was 100% going to pull you off. (WTF?) Jason – and I thought I was going to win and I was going to pull you off. Alex – I know. Thats why I was getting paranoid that you were throwing it. Jason – I never want to throw it. Alex – we have to throw the next one for Josh to win it.

10:30pm Alex and Jason discuss when they think the finale would be. Alex – Raven was messing me up with the date. Jason – don’t listen to her. She is weird, she is weird all the way around. What’s her story? Alex – she said her pacemaker isn’t FDA approved… why does that matter? Jason – it means that its not government tested and its not covered by insurance. Alex – but the FDA is for the Food and Drug Administration. It approved for drinking and eating. Its not for drinking or eating. It might not be for that but its approved for this (your heart) so what is the difference .. its approved for the same thing. Alex – anyways .. lets meet with Paul and talk everything out. Jason – just don’t tell Paul you threw it, okay!? Please! Alex – he knows I threw it. Jason – how? Alex – I told him after. Jason – oh okay. Alex – he said “gumpy” .. thats his cue to throw it. But we had to though because we’re the only ones we trust. As long as we have Josh and two of us. This was the safest option. This is for sure I am not going home. You’re not going home. We’re only f**ked if he doesn’t pull one of us off. But I don’t think he would do that. Josh joins them. Josh – he is going to pull one of you guys off. Jason – its not that I don’t trust Paul. I trust you guys first. Alex – where is Kevin? Josh – kissing a$$. Alex – if one of us is up there we are good. Josh – Kevin gets to you (Jason). Jason – he doesn’t talk about you. Alex – don’t f**king talk to him. Jason – he is a f**king idiot. Josh – wait until he sits on the block. Alex – yeah you can sit back with popcorn. They head out of the storage room.

11pm Bedroom – Josh and Raven.

Josh tells Raven – you did so good. You’ve busted yourself in every comp. Raven – you think Matt and I went off. Those two (Alex and Jason) are so co*ky. Josh – they’re real co*ky and just their ego. Its just so hard. I’ve gotten attached to all of you guys. Raven agrees. I was talking to Christmas in the bathroom. Josh – I couldn’t wait for Jess, Mark, Cody, Elena to go. Raven – I’m not a selfish person or a greedy person. I would rather go home than be like that. They both talk about when I make it to the end. Josh – they talk about they’ve already made it to top two. Raven – I know that me making it to final 2 is not going to happen. Everyone knows that I need money. I need money for a new pacemaker. So I know the chances of someone taking me …its not going to happen. I would rather play a loyal game than be co*ky. Josh – I always said that you and Matt were awesome people. Raven – literally Matt threw away his entire game for me. Josh – he’s a stud for that. Raven – I just want to make it worth while. Josh – we have to win the next one. Raven – we got this. Josh – I love you. Raven leaves.

11:30pm Paul working out in the living room.

11:10pm Josh to the camera – this isn’t going to be easy. Josh – my loyalty lies with Paul and Christmas. Jason and Alex are going to lose their sh*t. All the heat is going to be on me. Kevin joins Josh. Kevin – hows things going in the game. Josh – good, I think. Kevin leaves. Josh – I don’t see myself winning this game because if those two go. The way that Paul wants the votes to go .. he is playing to his benefit. He’s not thinking about me and Christmas’s game. He’s thinking jury votes. And its like I’ll take all the heat. I’ve taken all the head all season. Raven joins him again. Josh – you miss him (Matt) uh? Raven – yeah. Josh – there could be a double on Thursday. We have to win. Just go for it. Double on Thursday – she (Alex) goes. Double he (Jason) goes.. then win the HOH. Then Kevin goes. That would be awesome. Raven agrees. Josh – Matt is going to be happy. Paul joins them. Paul – Jason isn’t that good of a competitor. But at this point forward its all mental. But at this point Kevin sucks too. Without Alex, Jason will freak out. Alex is great at both, mental and physical. Alex joins them. Paul tells Alex – he (Kevin) told me not to use the veto. So either one of you choose. Alex – pull me off, Jason understands. Alex – if you leave Jason up there its going to be better. I’m going to call him out (Kevin). He was copying my answers (in the veto). Alex leaves. Josh – they grilled me in the storage room. Paul – about what? Josh – votes. Jason said he doesn’t feel good. I said wait to see how it plays out, he is going to use it. Paul is going to pull one of you guys off. Josh – I am telling you right now no one is going to get heat in this house but me. Paul – but we can protect you. We’ll talk about it. Don’t worry.

11:45pm – 12am HOH room. Paul, Christmas and Alex.
Paul – I’m being super blunt to him. (Kevin) Alex – he obviously doesn’t know that if you use it you’re safe too. Paul – I am just highly annoyed at this point and its taking every inch of my body not to blow up on him. Alex – Josh too. The only person that can stand him is Jason. Josh joins them. Raven joins them right after. They talk about the backyard being closed again. Paul wants to go outside when it opens. Alex – I can’t I’ll fight him. I have to stay as far way from him (Kevin) until the pov is announced. Paul leaves. Raven – after the POV its going to get messy. Christmas – Jason is erratic and unpredictable. He doesn’t do well under pressure. Josh – guess who he’s going to go after. Christmas – me. Josh – both of us. Raven – I don’t think he (Paul) is going to use it. Christmas – did he tell you that? Raven – no, its just a feeling. We tell Jason all week he is going home and then Thursday we vote out Alex. Josh – he would be out of it for the HOH.

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Paul won? I’m so shocked!! Ugh

BB sucks withough JODY

fuk its so hard to make comments about anything on here. the game is all laid out for paul to win now. this week its jason next week its josh/xmas. and then after that its kevin leaveing paul raven alex and josh/xmas. and all of them will take paul to the end.. if he can pull it off then he’s a machine. but the main thing is for jason to go this week. after that paul and alex will steam roll bc josh actually sucks at everything. its so strait forward its not even worth mentioning. in a way i wish jody was still around. i loved this site when i got to troll the living shit out of that skank whore doorknob jessica and that piece of shit cody. i actually dont like cody. but i hate jessica more. she is so self entitled to everything it sickens me.. she thinks just cause shes young skinny and has big tits shes better then everyone and should have it easy in life.. the only thing easy is her. if u can flaunt infront of here with a few hundred bucks with a 100dollar bill wrapped around a stack of 1’s she will prolly go home with u if u say ur a producer or big time buissness man who makes millions. thats why i hate taht bitch. fuking user. just like shes using cody.. bet u she already fuked someone else since she’s been out of the house.


Jesus, you sound like a bitter, angry, miserable person who’s clearly got a HUGE crush on Jessica.

Your ranting is of someone who’s been rejected one too many times.


Lol you think?


I don’t know if Jessica is a bitch. There are so many stories out there that could lead a person to think she is a bitch. Nevertheless I don’t think hat Jessica played a good game. She threw her game away for a showmance. So did Cody.

BB sucks withough JODY

obviously jessica’s friend in real life or even jessica herself using a alias. man she had a superbowl ring between her boobs.. u dont get julians ring between ur boobs with out having to take a dick that 4th of july weekend. it was totally ya we gonna have a party with edleman invite a bunch of girls.. and they all forsure put out bc if they can become one of his gf or side bitch that would be alright with them. and if they deny it i would say “cough” bullshit”cough”. and i notice all my comments get the most likes and dislikes and the longest reply thread always.


You sound jealous. How long has Jessica been off the show? Get a life and some self esteem.


Jealous much?

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

Wow, someone is a wee bit JEALOUS I think……..

Maybe someone from Raven’s family? There was a showmance with a bit of class and a showmance with A LOT OF TRAILER TRASH!!!! I don’t think we have to tell Raven’s family which was which. I wish that family of bums would just go get some jobs instead of Raven begging people on national TV to support her GoFundMe. I can’t wait until Raven finds out it was stopped by GoFundMe and pulled down. lol


All the showmances that went to far is trash. Lets not be selective.

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

Yes we can be selective in these circumstances. There has never been a showmance as repulsive and as trashy as Raven/Matt, none that even come close.


How did Paul, Josh and Alex get internet access?


Well Alex threw it to him, so there you go. Seriously, how can you be so dumb?


I know it’s unbelievably crappy gameplay because Alex is sooo naive to what’s going on in the house, but the irony is Paul is actually planning on using it to take Alex off and put Kevin up (to keep Alex and Jason calm and thinking Kevin really is going home). They’re then going to vote out Jason.


Early in the game I thought Alex was going to be a good player(smart, good in comps) and seemed like a decent person. Boy was I wrong. She is hands down the worse player in BB history. There have been so many clues that Xmas, Josh and Paul are working together and not only does she miss the clues but when Jason points out something she calls him stupid or paranoid. Ex’s: Xmas picking raven to play veto instead of Alex, Xmas putting Alex and Jason up this week(and the fact she didn’t tell them ahead of time), Josh telling Paul and not her and Jason that Kevin won the $25K, the fact Paul and Josh said they had no idea that Xmas was going to put Jalex up, NEVER considering that her and Jason might be targets because they’re good in comps… How many times has she said assume everyone is lying to you. She is going to be in for the biggest surprise when she gets back in the real world and is told how much she was played. Her ego, cockiness, arrogance and nastiness are gross and hard to watch(also these are the reasons she is getting played so bad). Unfortunately, in the process she has ruined Jason’s game. I really hope she is left on the block (and Paul takes Jason down) and goes home this week.


Yay, I hope he does go through with his plan.


I’m confused about that. She told Paul she “tried really hard”, then said she didn’t know the answer to a lot of the questions except for the last one. So I’m still trying to figure out how she “threw it”.


Ridiculous! Here we go with pauls ego trip n nonsense!


Ridiculous! Here we go with pauls ego trip n nonsense! Man, they really want Paul yo win the whole thing… no back n forth of power just whatever paul wants thats what goes ever stupid week! BB BLOWS this year!!!!


yup this all back coded letters and memory wall


What a surprise, Paul won the Veto?! – We all knew that was going to happen. The Demon Child sent from AG got another rigged win !!! Now the 3 Fucktards ( Joshie, PieHole and Blackmas ) can stick to the plan – Bye, bye Jason.
I feel another audience of Boos coming this Week on BB.


Jason isn’t getting booed.


He should.


I hope they boo every single house guest except Kevin.

Sir Loin of Beef

Paul winning POV.

Even Stevie Wonder could see that coming.

The Foosa

Lil’ Allie Groder’s script continues exactly to plan…..Yay CBS?


When is this shit show gonna end. I was so hoping Kevin would finally win and pull Jason off. Now it’s just more of the same


Why would you think Kevin had a legitimate chance to win? His performance in competitions has been abysmal.


Even a blind dog can find a tree from time to time.


You comment is very funny. : )


You have got to be kidding. Kevin can’t get out of his own way let alone win a competition. I mean, I like the guy okay so far, but I don’t think he even knows what game he is supposed to be playing. He is constantly berating people for lying and cheating…that is BIG BROTHER! You’d think one of his many kids would have clued him in before the show started. And…if you really think he’s going to win a comp, what show are you watching?


I said , I was ” hoping he would finally win a comp and pull Jason off ” . Hoping being the key word. All of you that are tired of the Paul show should have been hoping the same. There is a difference in saying , I was hoping , or saying he should have won.


No one is making you watch

Franks Fumes

F#cking Paul wins veto now he’s gonna take assface potato head off the block……….Now we have to look at Alex and her dirty ass shorts another week….Cmon Kev HOH next week.(lol)

Sir Loin of Beef

“I’m going to pull you off.”

I’m sure Matt misses hearing that every night!

It was like back-brace girl, Raven’s favorite way of way of saying goodnight!


kevin is a ass clown, he does nothing but pucker his lips

Kid Rock

Best case for a good week is if Paul doesn’t use the Veto!!! Alex and Jason will be losses at him… Jason will expose Paul and we get good fights….. Josh is on to Paul and if they vote out Alex like he wants to them all the heat is back on Paul for not using the Veto…. JASON WILL NOT LINK BACK UP WITH PAUL! If Jason is voted out then Alex would still be up Paul’s ass….. and he will say the house made him do it! Keep noms the same and send Alex home would make for great tv for us.


The only reason Josh is on to Paul is because I’m sure the DR is feeding him hints, no way is that child capable to think that on his own. I really can’t stand this season. Paul is the worse. I hope everyone of these idiots read what everyone thinks of them when they get out and are embarrassed.

Carolyn Whitted

I heard Paul tell All the cast on BBAD that We who comment or write about them on the internet that we are stupid and Bully’s that we will get on here and say what we want to but we are too chicken to say it to his face. So he will not read our shit. He is one nasty pot head. He admitted on tv he smokes pot everyday. I hope if he gets to the end they do not vote for him And vote for the one who has not done anything. Anybody but Paul, Christmas, Alex I don’t want to win.


I agree with Frank Fumes 100% and love Kevin to death, but if Kevin won HOH, it would be Paul’s HOH. He’d tell Kevin exactly what to do! And Kevin has a backbone when it comes to arguing but no backbone when it comes to what to do about the game. So basically, it would be Paul’s HOH. I’d love nothing more than to see Kevin keep rolling through and making it to the final 2.

Millenials are failing humanity!

Oh he must be Moses and the burning bush! These imbeciles deserve what is coming their way for being so clueless. These social misifts shd apologize to the trees that have to work so hard to provide them with oxygen!

Sir Loin of Beef

More like Nimrod and “The Tower of Babel!”


I hope this cast feels like an idiot when they go back and see they gave Paul 500,000. What a bunch of moron


They all are idiots


They really believe that Paul is going to help them launch their new exciting careers of being reality show famous. It was very strategic on BBs part to cast people who are not actually there for the money but for exposure. They want to build Paul up as a star for some reason, probably an investment in his t-shirt company or band by CBS.


I don’t think they will care. Paul is the only one who wants the money. The rest just want the jury house.


I agree , they are so stupid . control by Paul. no one deserves the $$$$




Wish it was Alex to go but she drank Paul’s kool- aid Jason didn’t so he’s going.

Paul's Mouth

Let Paul pull her (Alex) off, show his hand and they DON’T evict Jason, but Alex’s replacement…………….as a FU to Paul!
Josh is already suspicious of his motives……………..
Can only WISH!!!

Franks Fumes

Who knows maybe they’ll have her clipped at the double eviction……..Paul looked pissed he won it but none of his embiciles could get it done….another week of Dr.Paul making his rounds going room to room making sure his mental patients are in line rolling his eyes at their breathtaking stupidity.


He did not want to win cause now he has to do something. He wanted someone else he could tell what to do to win so he could pretend to be everyone’s buddy.




You took the words, right out of my mouth!!!
Jason deserves this, b/c of listening to Alex. Kevin told him, he ( Jason ) was being set up. AND Deep down, he knew it! BUT NO, he had to go and blab to the rest of the household!
Stupid is as stupid does!

Just so disappointed in all these people/sheeple!

Disappointed Anonymous

I just can’t imagine another week with Alex. I hope that somehow she gets evicted. Seeing her get blindsided would make me feel better after being disappointed so many times by the cast and production.

Considering Bobby’s answer (that this season is his favorite), I am certain that Bobby has never seen BB.


None of us are making it through this sober. Cheers! P.s. BIG BROTHER YOUR KILLING ME!!!


Hell, I took my first drink when I saw Paul walk in the house. Why the f#ck would they send just one vet into game? This was definitely setnup for Paul to win.

Any one but Paul, Xmas, Josh, Alex, Raven, Matt to win AFP… now I need to go get an Advil.


Now the peeps get to see where his loyalty lies! This is perfect.


How do you figure that? He’s going to pull Alex down so she still trust him, Xmas will put up Kevin and Jason will go home and Paul will act like he didn’t know to Alex and she’ll believe him. Think by now we all know how this is going to go down, ugh!


One problem with your thinking. It’s 4 votes to evict. Alex is voting Kevin. Paul either votes Kevin and a 2-2 tie or he votes Jason and has to sell the betrayal as they could never beat him if he made the finale. Anyone other than dumbass Alex would see either way Paul is a turd. Second 1/2 of the double is Alex unless she is HOH or POV. Or Kevin if she is safe. The 1st double ever to suck this bad.
I seriously think it’s Paul and the Grifter F2. The worse final 2 ever.


Not really, 4 votes Alex and Paul vote Kevin, Raven and Josh vote Jason and Christmas breaks the tie sending Jason out the door. Paul already asked Christmas if she was good breaking the tie. Paul keeps everyone thinking he’s on their side another week.


Not really bad for Paul. He will take off Alex and Christmas will put up Kevin. Then he will convince them to split the vote so he and Alex will vote to evict Kevin, Josh and Raven will vote to evict Jason. Christmas will break the tie to send out Jason. Paul becomes Alex’s #1 and Christmas, Josh and Raven are on her hit list. (that is if she even cares about Jason leaving. This is all so Paul stays off the block if Alex wins HOH. So predictable it hurts. These are idiots we are dealing with, remember.


Mama like, you got it figured just right.


Plus neither Josh, Xmas or Raven will get Jason’s jury vote.

Humanity fail

Oh he must be Moses and the burning bush! These imbeciles deserve what is coming their way for being so clueless. These social misifts shd apologize to the trees that have to work so hard to provide them with oxygen!


There goes Jason. Pack you bags. Paul has your days numbered. Not a Josh fan although at this point he is our last hope of possibly turning on Paul as per his conversation with Christmas today.


And just now in the SR, Alex told Josh that Paul gave Matt a friendship bracelet on his way out to secure a jury vote and Josh said WHAT? He asked Alex if Paul told her that and she said no she saw it, but that could be confirmation to Josh regarding his suspicions about Paul. Oh who I’m I kidding, sorry I was dreaming there, lol…

Team not Paul

Open letter to CBS – Just give Paul his check already. We’re all sick of this season (and not in a Raven way, we really are sick of the BB17).


How much Kraken have you had? It’s BB19, seems you’ve tried to black out this season which I don’t blame you for doing…


Of course he’ll pull her off, he can’t risk both jason and alex (in the jury house) not voting for his sorry ass!!


Did Big Brother find the most non-competitive people to cast in a competition show? How could they ever think this was a good idea.

Grodner Hearts Paul

It feels like Paul wins every HOH and POV comp because he decides how they are used anyway.

The season has really lost a lot of drama since Cody & Jessica left because no one has ever challenged Paul again, nor will they. They are all fighting it out only to see who gets to be the goat to sit next to Paul at the end and lose.

I’ll stick by my original prediction that Paul and Christmas were hand picked by Production as final 2 before the season as the 2 that came in with fan bases, although finding out Paul knew Raven before the season makes me think it is possible she will be the goat. She’d make a good one.

I don’t respect Paul’s win, though. The only vet, the bracelets, the 3 weeks of secret safety. Opponents who behave like wrestling jobronis, intentionally putting him over. He’s like a guy beating one of those old Sega Genesis games using a Game Genie and cheat codes. Production’s help, opponents who worship him, and a gang to help him outnumber his only challengers 10-2. How could he lose?

sunny dee

look, they had a choice, even with the safety weeks. in BBCAN voters gave neda safety until jury, and the second jury time came up, out she went. it is possible, but over and over these guys think they are his best specialest friend, and no one will even vote him out even if it means voting out their own ride or die to keep him.

there is literally, and never has been, a point for any hoh to put paul on the block at any point so far. even if he didn’t have safety, if cody had succeeded in getting him sitting on the block, he would have stayed, and the same outcome happened

Grodner Hearts Paul

I don’t disagree. The difference is that Neda was playing against people who were there to play the game for themselves and Paul is playing against people who keep saying how they wouldn’t mind losing to him as long as they make jury. Alex even told Jeff Schroeder she didn’t want to win this year, but wanted to win when she comes back. That’s why I likened them to wrestling jobbers. Casting was Paul’s friend.

Response to Grodner hearts Paul

I think your right about all the advantages Paul got but every year there are production favorites and a lot of the time those favorites win…….Nicole Dan Jordan ect got tons of help it’s just maybe their not so abrasive as Paul is so maybe it doesn’t bother people as much….

Tina W

I hate this season of Big Brother! Worst cast ever, Paul was the last person I wanted to see back in the house! No one has made a big move in this game, they’ve been Paul’s Puppets, I liked Jessica & Cody, they wanted to make big moves & get rid of Paul! I can’t wait for these idiots to watch the show & see how stupid they were letting Paul make all the decisions, using them to do his dirty work!! Shame on CBS & Big Brother for allowing all the bullying this season, they were evil & brutal! I can’t stand to watch the show anymore, seems like it’s rigged for Paul, he should be gone already! I don’t feel anyone left deserves to win, I hope Kevin wins it, at least he’s not a bully! Christmas is useless, should’ve been gone whn she got injured, she can’t play in half the competitions! I’d rather be watching Cody, Elena & Mark hanging out in the jury house!

Alfred E. Neuman

Oh my I wasn’t expecting that!! These F****** people I tell ya…

So over this season

I have never wanted a season to be over, but thank God it will be soon. If that bearded dwarf, little man syndrome is still in at the finale, which these people are so stupid, he will be. I will not be able to watch it because oh the arrogance that he will be spewing will make me throw up.

Go home Paul

Even the photos of the lil’ gnome on this feed get me pissed. Simon…please fuzz out his image.







Site Admin

This is the year of the Idiot..

They should change the Chinese calendar and everything..


Chinese calendar and everything!!!! Thanks for the laugh! : )


I feel like Big Brother is going down hill… idk it just seems like the seasons get progressively worse and worse as they go on. Maybe it’s just nostalgia talking, but I’m really starting to miss the old bb days when people came to play for the win and not for fame. The edited show is basically a cartoon at this point with the goofy sound bites and having so explain ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. Is bb meeting its end?


The sound bites are really annoying. I don’t remember sound bites being used as much, if at all, in the past.

The sleeper

Officially kraken now !!!!!!

Tetti Dew Korti

Kevin is the only decent (and I say that hesitantly) person left so right now I don’t care who leaves as long as it’s not Kevin. I’ll be honest though, he has no chance but still it’s Kevin or no one for me. Anyway, if Jason leaves that’s just as good as Paul or Crapmas or Alex leaving because to me Jason is a massive sack of shit and sorry excuse for a human. IOW Fuck him and the horse that kicked him in the head.


If only Paul had won last season , as he should have….I mean he was on the block a thousand times & survived, still the air head blonde (annoying talking) Nicole won. But apparently CBS felt the same way & brought him back. That being said, you have to give the guy credit/kudos for his strategy. Be a master manipulator, form allies with other allied teams & tell everyone exactly what they want to hear. If that isn’t strategic play at its best, I don’t know what is…be honest …the guy know how to play the game…annoying, irritating , yes but brilliant


So who is the official Victoria of the season?!?
Even Victoria played better than them (is that possible)?


Now Paul will HAVE TO SHOW his cards! But none of these BLIND IDIOTS will SEE THE TRUTH!

Paul (aka Manson) should BOTTLE HIS MIST and sell it on Amazon! He (The AntiChrist) will make millions! (with a cut for Lucifer (Grodner/Production/CBS) of course…)

Production must be up to something…


Where can I buy one hahhaha dont hate the player hate the game

Butters Mom

If things go as they have in past weeks, Paul wont use the veto, he will leave the noms the same and he will instruct meat head to start some sh*t with Jason and Alex so that he has an excuse to leave them up there. Then Jason can go to jury pissed at meat head instead of Paul. I just dont think he will risk Kevin going up. I really think he wants to take someone who has done nothing in this game and that leaves, Kevin or Raven… and back up plan would be Josh who everyone hates. He cant risk taking Christmas or Alex because they have both won comps.


Xmas only won because Paul threw them to her she hasn’t won anything


Xmas hasn’t won anything! It was given to her!


Simon, do you remember that a couple of days ago Xmas and Paul had a conversation about what kind of dirt they had on Jason and Alex? Both got excited about it and said that’s what they’d use to discredit them to the group. I can’t remember what the info was, but I can see X & P getting Josh to “leak” the info, thus making it possible for Paul to keep noms the same. Holy h*’ll, I’m playing way harder than they are!


I remember about a week ago on BBAD Christmas and Paul were alone in a bedroom. Christmas was sitting on a bed and Paul was standing next to her. Christmas said something like ” Alex and Jason are HITTING IT” Paul was not sure what she said because she whispered so repeated what she said and then they both agreed. So am I missing something? I think they are very close and touchy feeling with each other but…………………………………………
ARE ALEX AND JASON INVOLVED? Hope not. He is married to a beautiful wife but some of the comments out of his mouth make me not trust him……….

Sir Loin of Beef

If I were Josh, I’d take the potato peeler and shave off Alex’s eyebrows while she slept!

Alison G

Hi, My name is Alison G. Thanks for watching the very last Season of Big Brother!

My next project will be “How I Killed A Beloved Reality TV Program in 90 Days or Less!: Featuring The Actual Devil!”

Please buy my book! Or better yet, see you in hell!


It’s all rigged ! And of course they signed contracts so that they can’t say that. So no matter what is said about them, they’re just going to laugh! But, the jury is getting wise, 1 evicted person at a time. Just wondering how they are going to vote in the end. Either way, it was the worst season and I have no respect for any of the HG.


I actually think Paul wanted to win the veto….

So he has the power this week…. he can keep the nominations the same or he can fuck christmas over and make her put up another person by taking alex off the block…..

…if he keeps the nominations the same; he can lie lie lie…. tell them that “it’s what the house wants”…..
….or he can take one off the block and have the other voted out or brain wash the others into voting raven or kevin out….

….winning the veto gives him lots of options…..

….but if Raven/Christmas/Josh had won the veto (which josh wasn’t picked to play) …he wouldn’t have options because the nominations would stay the same….
…also if kevin had won the veto; than jason would have come off the block; not leaving him with many options
…also if jason or alex had won the veto — one of them would have came off the block —not giving him many options and risking everyone turning on him for some reason.


I SWEAR double eviction going to suck:(


Paul had the power no matter who won the veto

rating wed night

bb vs agt people what on wed night lol

production rigged it

Just thought i would get on here to get an update since i haven’t watched since Jessica left and surprise surprise i didn’t miss anything because the travelocity gnome is still in charge. By far the worst season ever and if this season doesn’t get Allison Grodner fired then it’s never gonna happen. The only thing to hope for now is that some of the idiots in jury talk to each other and figure out how badly Paul used them and how bad he made them look and vote for whoever he is up against in final 2. The only thing that sucks about that is i can’t stand everybody else espcially Alex almost as much as Paul.

Paul's Mouth

F….only thing I can say is F,F,F !

Paul's Cattle Prodder

Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Could this get any worse?


It wouldn’t matter who the returning player was in Big Brother house this season. The newbies would have voted out a vet immediately, not giving the vet 2cents worth of time to establish themself (too big a threat). I actually think that’s why it’s fair for a returning player getting 3 “free” weeks before being eligible for eviction. So, I have no problem with Paul getting a 3-week advantage since as a vet he’d be doomed—a marked man for immediate eviction. I think the idea was producers wanting a returning player to have time to integrate otherwise they’d be no purpose to invite them back. (I’m just trying to be objective here so please don’t hit me over the head; this season has already made me freekin’ dizzy, I think I caught what Raven has).


They didnt just give him 3 safe weeks though… they also gave him an alliance up front with friendship bracelets and he was still allowed to compete for HOH so he could control who was put up on the block… thats way too much power up front. Not to mention, he has a friendship with Raven prior to going in the house and someone in production has told him what to expect in the DR each week. AND…. as several have mentioned, these houseguest that were chosen to come on the show said in a questioner that their favorite past house guest just so happened to be…… Paul. wow. not hitting you on the head btw… I just think the overkill of help Paul has gotten has been way too much … it literally is rigged for him to win. if he doesnt win at this point, the characters of these big dummies left in there with him are so flawed that I still cant be happy about the outcome… either way… this season sucks!

Backseat Driver

Hello Kraken and hello Jason……..sorry buddy but you are gone Thursday night and I am so sorry cause I was rooting for you! The double eviction will bring this sorry-ass week to a close and at this stage of the game I don’t think I care anymore!

Franks Fumes

Poor Bobby Monaghan goes from SNL to the BB Veto host (lol)…….He said that this was his favorite season (obviously he’s never seen BB) I bet he was questioning his agent WTF he got him into (lol) . Obviously CBS owns your soul contractually or he would have stayed home for sure. What’s your favorite season EVER…… Bobby “this one”) ………(lol)


Bringing back just one vet was a huge mistake. They should never EVER do that again. You need a minimum 6 vets in the house for fair gameplay allowing each vet in mix with different players. Best is to do all all star season or no vets at all. Not a fan of mixing.

Anonymous 90000

I don’t know why people get so mad Paul is playing a great game these idiots want to take him to the end. Sure it’s predictable and boring but it’s big brother! If you don’t like it don’t watch it! Paul should win he has played everyone. I would of like Jason to win only because he actually wins completions and is not a floater like everyone else.
I would hate to see josh, Christmas, Kevin or Raven win they have done nothing!


omg i don’t have a clue what is happening….

…i was just looking at the feeds; paul was throwing alex under the bus big time and said she should go… she could win mental / physical comps and that its strange how she thinks she is 100% staying over Jason or Kevin….

…. Could Jason be safe ?

Ravens beef jerky

Raven with the stomach problem is standing there gnawing on beef jerky. Seriously ? She can’t seem to remember to keep her “cover story” in tact.

Roni V.

Reality TV shows have already been outed in one way or another as fake, made up, staged, and/or rigged; so why would any of us believe and become invested in people we don’t really know? It use to be fun to root for our favs, like Dr. Will or Nicole, but Big Brother is not fun to watch anymore. These people (idiots) that believe that anyone has their backs in that house, especially Paul, are delusional. As delusional, as the viewers (idiots) who watch it, myself included. So long BB, this show is dead.

Guy From Canada

I think your autocorrect is broken, when you typed Nicole you meant Janelle? Britney? You know, someone entertaining……

Judgmental Judy

Paul wins. Season of Temptation…maybe Satan really IS producing this season.

Ravens go fund me account

Wow. I am shocked… YAWN! Wake up houseguests! What happened to wanting to win the veto? Or playing for food? Wanting to win an HOH rather than throwing it? These players are mindless the only ones who had any sense Paul was destined to win was Cody and Jessica by default and production took care of that week one. Not one of these people and think for themselves. When they return to the real world the will be in for a big surprise….even Paul. Kevin for AFP and I am glad he took the 25K night 1.