Nomination Ceremony Results! “It was like Kevin was laughing. RUDE AS F**K!”

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Christmas Nominated: Jason & Alex

5:24pm – 6:24pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the nomination ceremony. When the feeds return – Alex, Josh and Christmas hug Raven. Christmas – I had a lot more nice things to say. In the kitchen, Josh whispers to Christmas, Alex and Raven – it was like Kevin was laughing. RUDE AS F**K! Alex – I thought this would get easier. Josh – I thought you (Jason) really fainted. And I couldn’t get up because if you really were dead, I couldn’t look at you. Jason laughs. Christmas – I fumbled on my speech so bad. Could you tell I was nervous? Alex – you did really well on your speech. Josh agrees. Christmas to Raven – Paul is going to sell the idea of me backdooring him but you could also sell the idea that I also want to take out Kevin. Raven – Ok.

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Paul – this is all just to get him (Kevin) out right? Jason – I have no idea! Paul – If I get backdoored, I’m going to punch you in the f**king nuts! Jason – if you get backdoored, I’m going to punch you and me in the nuts. Is she trying to backdoor us both? (Jason you’re not being backdoored, you get to fight for the veto) Paul – she might be trying to get out a strong male competitor this week. Either we’re being paranoid as f**k .. or you’re beyond f**ked. Josh is a strong male competitor but he hasn’t really don anything. Jason – Alex and me are both on the block so if she wins the veto she will pull herself off the block. If I win, I am pulling myself off. (Ummm duh!) I’m not pulling her off. Paul – but then, I’m going up. Paul – Maybe Kevin is getting the boot. Just stay calm. Jason – I am staying calm. She said there was a conversation to come. Paul – well we all threw it to her so she could take out Kevin so I am going to put good faith in that. If I get f**ked in this exchange I am going to feel like a real douche. Jason – if I get f**ked in this exchange I am done with Alex. Alex has been a real a$$hole the last week. Paul – let just go out there and be normal. Hopefully I get picked (to play in the veto).

6:32pm Bedroom. Paul and Raven.
Paul and Raven do a happy dance. Paul – I’m going to continue to do damage control with Jason. Raven – Christmas told me to act like I think I think she’s backdooring Kevin. Paul – you still hate Kevin. Raven – yeah.

6:40pm Bedroom – Jason and Kevin.
Jason – f**k. I don’t know what the f**k is going on here. Kevin – what do you think is going on. She can’t put both of you up as pawns .. use your head Jason! Pawns go home. You thought it was going to be me. Jason – I thought it was going to be you and Raven. Kevin – right, so what they’re doing now is you and Alex are the best two players. Think about it, they’re tell you what you want (to hear). Your fave is on the board. You hear me!? Jason – yeah. Kevin – so there’s the HOH (POV?)
if you don’t win, you’re going home. They’re going to tell you that they’re going to put Raven up against you and then you will go home. They’re not using nobody as a pawn, don’t be stupid. And I didn’t even talk to nobody. Here’s your choice.. you have to win. If you don’t, you’re going home. If you win, she (Alex) is going home. Jason – I think the whole thing was staged between her and you.. to make me think that. Kevin – you got it knuckle head. Jason – f**k. Ain’t nothing I can do but win. Paul – if I win, I’ll pull one of you c**k beaters off. Jason – I am going to win that veto.

7pm Josh – I think everyone here is beautiful for different reasons… Like you (Raven) you have beautiful blue eyes! Raven – well my eyes are hazel. Its day 70 and you still don’t know my eyes change colour.

6:43pm Storage room. Josh and Jason.
Jason – what the f**k is going on. Josh – you’re tripping. I think she is doing it to throw homie off (Kevin). I haven’t talked to her. Jason – why would she put both of us up. Why wouldn’t she put up Raven. I told her I didn’t want to be a pawn. I threw the comp to her. Paul and Alex join them. Alex – I think Jason – someone knows what the f**k is going on here. Why wouldn’t she put up Raven? Josh – I think she is trying to blindside Kevin. Jason – I think he (paul) knows what the f**k is going on. Paul and Alex were all up in the HOH room today. So all three of those motherf**Kers know what’s going on. Paul is just saying he thinks he’s going to be backdoored so he doesn’t have to say.

7:17pm Jason and Alex talk to Christmas.
Alex – tells Jason to calm the f**k down. Jason – Kevin said you or Alex are going home.. Open your eyes, so you better win the POV. Is this motherf**ker in on it? Christmas – no. Jason – I was going to flip the table over. Christmas – the only thing I told Kevin was to relax. Leave me alone. They all laugh. Jason – my gut was saying Its okay but my brain was saying why both of you. And you (Alex) have been a c**k sucker all week. Alex – I told you I trusted her (Christmas) decisions. Jason – this is really good. Jason high fives Christmas. Paul joins them. Jason tells them about Kevin thinks I’m being backdoored. Paul – he is trying to f**k with your head. Paul – so what do we do scare the sh*t out of him (Kevin) all week. Alex – wait until we have the veto.

7:35pm – 8pm. HOH room. Paul, Raven and Josh.
Paul – I am winning the veto and not using it. Josh – yeah same. Paul – And I can be like sorry Jason, I can’t have him running around thinking crazy ideals and … he was tossing my name around. Raven – he is freaking out. Josh we need to sure Christmas joins them. Paul – Kevin. Christmas – Jason or Kevin can’t with the vet.

8:30pm Alex and Josh playing chess. Meanwhile – Jason and Raven are sitting in the living room.

8:47pm Lounge room. Paul and Jason.
Jason – we went in there and he (Kevin) was like f**k this sh*t, F**K F**K and F**K! Paul – he was cussing at what? Jason – nothing. Paul – are you sure you guys aren’t f**king me. Is Christmas f**king me somehow? Jason – she better not be. Paul – she’s been weird to. Jason – if you you’re weirded out that make me weirded out. Why would she not put Kevin up there. And if she isn’t telling anyone then she has her own agenda. Jason – now its f**ked because if I win the POV … I can’t pull myself off. I’ll look like a f**king stooge. Everybody back how will be like you counterfeit motherf**ker. F**k you she’s meaner than a f**king snake. So I’ll have to pull her off. So I’ll be sitting next to Kevin and he is going to think that it was like a whole. Josh and Ale

10:55pm HOH room. Josh – what did whistle tell you? Paul – pretty much that Al is against him. Josh – why do you say that? Paul – no, no not me. He thinks that. I was playing it up like I don’t know nothing. He was like if you don’t know nothing for real. I thought you and Alex were in on it. I was like dude why would I be tripping out if I was in on it. He was like I don’t think Josh and Christmas were smart enough to come up with it so I assumed you were the brains behind it. Let me break this down logically.. when benefit would it be to team up with a girl with one leg? What is she going to do for me? He was like you’re right. How would that benefit me? He was like Alex has been pissing me off.. so he was like why don’t we just clip her! Josh laughs and high fives Paul. What the f**k! Paul then tells Josh about how Jason said people at home would think he’s a counterfeit if he won the veto and didn’t use it on Alex. So I told he he was right. Josh laughs. Paul – if I don’t vote for Alex she will go rogue. Josh – I think she (Alex) thinks I’m still in her back pocket. Paul – maybe I could get her to throw it to me.

11:15pm – 12:30am HOH room. Paul tells Christmas about his conversation with Jason where he talked using the veto on Alex if he won it. Paul – I’m not making this up. Best case scenario Raven wins and he goes. Worst case scenario one of them wins and pulls them-self off. I am pretty sure I can convince Jason to pull Alex off. Alex can convince Jason to pull Alex off. Christmas – I can’t even wrap my head around that. Josh – its so perfect its insane. Paul – after this week we have the power in the house. We have more numbers than anyone else.

8:50am Everyone Sleeping

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And the REAL game moves finally begin…

Martha Stewart

So now Paul just needs to convince Jason to throw the Veto comp. That should be easy enough.

What REAL game moves

Paul controls all game moves – if not Production. What feeds/ show you watching?!


FYI: TMZ has been covering BB bullying and had a few stories on what Jason said about raping Kevin’s wife. They showed pictures of Kevin’s wife and her comment about it. She said, “It’s disgusting” and is very upset. The next day Jason’s wife put out an apology to Kevin’s family in a round about way saying sorry. CBS WAKE UP! And listen to the viewers, not executive producer, Allison Grodner, who has shoved Paul down our throats for another season and has done nothing to stop the horrendous behavior and bullying done by these contestants…started by Paul.

They're Not as seen on tv

Many here are saying that they cant wait till Kevin finds out what Jason said.
Not me. I feel really bad just thinking about how Kevin is going to be so hurt by it. Jason is Kevin’s only friend in the house. It’s going to come as a huge betrayal. Especially after xmass and all the other’s betrayal and bullying.
Sadly this is what BB has become.


I think when Kevin finds out and talks to Jason he will be pissed but will understand the comment in its context. It is vile and sick but he did say he was trying to think of the absolute worst thing to say and he managed to do that. I am glad the best people have gotten out early so they are not part of this disgusting troop. Kevin is definitely the best one left although he does drink the Paul koolaid. Despite Jasons awful comment I find Alex to be the worst of the worst with her hiding Kevins food and trying to hurt him more….she is just scum, followed by krampus, paul and josh and raven is just bag full of garbage.

Butters Mom

I agree that alex is scum. she is a horrible person. But, I think Jason is worse and the reason why is because you can tell that Jason has a conscience and he feel remorse after he does something and then he goes ahead and does it again. also, Jason has a wife and child with another on the way. He should at least be able to put himself in Kevins shoes as a husband and father and know how it would feel to have your wife and child see you treated that way and talked about in that way. Jason walks with Kevin every day and has been most like a friend to him. I dont think Kevin is an innocent in that house either… he’s gone along with things in the past too but, I was a jason fan before he chose to go with the vile crowd and participate in the bullying. I had higher hopes for him to choose the high road over the money if that be the case and he failed. The rest of them are scum too… I truley believe all of them failed the ethics test Production gave out prior to picking their contestants this season… these people must have scored the worst on that test.


Of course Paul’s family never made an apology to Cody for saying Cody was lying about his military service, or to try to trigger any PTSD. (Why are the families even getting involved? I’m not responsible for what another adult says)


And Cody’s family never apologized for Cody calling Josh a fat piece of shit and all the other fat names he and Jessica called Josh. Cody is a bully just as much as the others. He doesn’t get a free pass because he was in the military. Double standards with you Cody fans.

bangor princess

Yeah…but they should gotten raven out. Of course psul wanted testup with damsel in distress instead of dude so he brainwashed everyone to think it was better to keep the smarter stronger one

When matt got evicted did anyone else notice no clapping except a lil when he first exited. When judy asked if he was in love…no claps…then he asked something where he claps but no one else…i notived a good 3 -4 places where pep wud hav clapped but didnt…I just wish they booed him for his sucky behavior promoting josh to aggervate jody kevin and cowboy…

Bolt Uprite.

He said he’d never watched enough Big Brother to know whether he got less audience response than normal. Just the kind of person you want playing the game.


Yes I did, not a sound and very short clapping when he exited. It was super quiet! i was wondering in BB told the audience to not boo when the HG exited.
When spoke about how good Raven was, I laughed! just wait buddy, just wait. He is an idiot and did not play the game. When Raven and Matt called out Jason, it was hilariously weak and entertaining. All because they didn’t get their way to float by.
This is the worst BB I have ever seen. I am not entertained by the messy HG. I do love that the majority of the viewers that read the blogs and live feeds are disgusted by the HG behavior. Mob mentality is not attractive and abusive. They all suck and I do hope they do lose money when they get out. Christmas is NOT a motivator and she claims she is.


I noticed that too. The applause for Matt was minimal and there wasn’t any applause during his exit interview where, for someone else, there would have been. Good. Hope the audience won’t be peppered with CBS employees when the rest are evicted. Let these HG’s know what they’ve done within the house is not popular or tolerated by the fans.


Nope, we’re just watch Paul march down the road without opposition to the winner’s circle. Just like we have been all season. Nothing new here, certainly not a game.

Big Jim

Hopefully Jason wins POV and that vile disgusting troll Alex will get sent packing


Jason is just as vile If not more vile than Alex. Between calling audrey “it” and the comments about Kevin’s wife and kids, he’s absolutely repulsive!


His comments about the female HGs breasts and buns coming out, and how he liked that. Plus he is so boring. He’s done nothing. And he would get jury votes. That’s the sucky part.

Big Jim

Duly noted!


Jason also made a comment about raping old people in a retirement home


I actually think what he said about Jessica and Raven may have been worse.


No he didnt


Lol yes he did


Yeah, sure he did. Stay off of TMZ, stroke.


I don’t know if he was talking about Kevin’s wife with this comment, too, but he mentioned holding some woman down while all the guys take their turn with her. Even Paul’s smile immediately vanished when he heard that.


They’re all vile and disgusting except Kevin sorta. Kevin is not a bully. He reacts and tries to pretend he is an asshole too but he really isn’t. The others are exquisite dregs of humanity. No shame. No sense of decency. Cowards. Just still really can’t believe people will go on a show and demean themselves to this level. They know it’s all live every day and don’t care.
Lying and backstabbing and conniving and allying and smooching are all good. Fun to watch.
This show has none of that. It’s just gross.

bangor princess

JASONS WIFE IS GOING TO KILL HIM. He got a baby on way and gONna pull ALEX OFF? WTF??

Am i missing something? Kevin tells him he has to win (jason) wwill be going home and he actually says he will look bad if he dont pull alex off? That would go down as one of the dumbest moves ever…right alone with the fact they threw it hoh msCripple

I mean is he seriously goin to pull herr off or is he lying?
Also, is paul alex’s number 1 now? like over she in on plan?

To me alex is mor of threat cause she more sneeky, smart, good at comps, and coning pep. Where jason is not good at lying, bad memory for upcoming comp that requires recall of last 70 days, no game skills, but good on physical comps.


I don’t think he will pull Alex off. If you notice, Jason makes it like he is with the group but in his DRs he isn’t. I’m sure his DR will say he wouldn’t pull Alex off but he makes the group think that. He isn’t the brightest but he does see some things but we don’t see it until the DR. I hate that he takes everything Kevin says and shares with everyone but he could be doing it to see the reaction. He picked up on Alex and Paul looking at each other when he said he wouldn’t use Kevin as a pawn last week.

Jayson is a clown

Jayson isn’t too bright, in fact he is clueless.


Kevin almost hit Josh in head with glass. Josh is same age as some of his kids makes you wonder he would do that to his kids. I heard Kevin ask he Jason would f*** Christmas. I have heard Kevin say a lot of nasty mouth stuff too. I read an article about Kevin’s father being arrested for selling drugs so what does that say about him he probably does some type of criminal activity too.

F Josh

Josh deserves to be hit in the head with a shovel.


As potty mouth as Kevin can get, it doesn’t hold a flame to Jason or Alex.


Kevin should’ve hit Josh in the head with a glass. Would’ve spared him the weeks of having to deal with their bs. And rightfully so, Josh deserves it. He runs his moth and then cries and cries. I hope he watches this season and realizes how stupid he looks.


Really…..wake up. Josh was in his face talking about his kiddos. I get the part to want to throw something at someone that is talking about my kiddos, but he didn’t. He has will power to stop himself and even apologized. Yes his father was arrested, it does not mean he was involved. I have to believe that you are just saying this to get a rise out of someone and are not that dimwitted.
You comments are so off


I love the Big Brother Godfather pic of Kevin on twitter!! You can say that the other hooligans in there are “just playing a game” and that they’re not like that outside, but I have to believe that what we’re seeing is a glimpse into who they really are, in or out of that house. I love Kevin. I may not agree with his temperament at times, but if I was taunted the way he has been, I’m not sure I could contain myself the way he has. And he’s the first one to apologize. I hate that BB aired him going off on Josh, and then Josh going to the backyard to cry. If you’re going to put on your big boy pants and taunt someone into arguing with you, then man up and accept the repercussions.


When Josh said that about Kevin’s kids during their argument in the kitchen, he was talking about swearing on his kids lives…BECAUSE Kevin had been doing that about everything, then when Josh asked about the 25K…and Kevin hesitated then said no he didn’t win it…that’s when Josh asked why he didn’t swear on his kids…because Kevin was lying, that’s why he didn’t swear on his kids…and because Kevin was doing it about everything, everyone in the room then knew he was lying.

bangor princess

JASONS WIFE IS GOING TO KILL HIM. He got a baby on way and gONna pull ALEX OFF? WTF??

Am i missing something? Kevin tells him he has to win (jason) wwill be going home and he actually says he will look bad if he dont pull alex off? That would go down as one of the dumbest moves ever…right alone with the fact they threw it hoh msCripple

I mean is he seriously goin to pull herr off or is he lying?
Also, is paul alex’s number 1 now? like over she in on plan?

To me alex is mor of threat cause she more sneeky, smart, good at comps, and coning pep. Where jason is not good at lying, bad memory for upcoming comp that requires recall of last 70 days, no game skills, but good on physical comps.


Hopefully Kevin wins POV, pulls off Jason.


Come on Kevin win that veto and pull down Jason!!!!! You know you want to!

But will tell him that Paul would be backdoored if he pulls Jason down!
And Paul mist will continue ?

Franks Fumes

All I want is Alex having to beg Kevin for a vote all week…….Karma is a bitch and so is Alex.

Alex needs to go.

You know if it comes to that she won’t ask, she will TELL him. That’s what she does. She tells people what to do and when she doesn’t get her way she attacks. It’s people like her that give millennials a bad name.


I don’t like any of them but in this scenario I would love for Alex to be blindsided and go home. Jason is just dumb and will get cut soon. Alex would just give me such satisfaction. She is so cocky she thinks she’s so cleaver ugh. All of them are vile and disgusting. What a disgrace CBS.


Lizzie, I agree. Alex deserves to go home. Jason, although his comments were awful, did stand up and save Kevin when he could have used his POV. That’s the first time in this pathetic season that someone went against Paul and Alex. And I think that Jason does like Kevin and will feel terrible when he realizes his words were so inappropriate and mean. These people bring out the worst in each other. Alex needs to go.

Smitten Kitten

Just read this on Jokers & it made me want to cry for Kevin.

These people are SUCH heartless pieces pieces of trash & I cannot wait for reality to smash them in the face the moment they leave the house.

“The houseguest are enjoying their feast of steak, mashed potatoes & spinach.
All houseguests laughing and teasing each other.
Kevin has been sitting at dining room table by himself and watching and listening as others discuss how delicious and good the food is.
Kevin just watches and listen as they continue to talk and compliment the food (Kevin is a have not & they are encourage each other to finish all of the food and discuss how good it is in front of Kevin, who can’t eat until midnight. It doesn’t seem like they are saving any food for Kevin.)


Then about an hour ago Christmas was telling them all to go to bed before midnight so Kevin has to cook his own food by himself. πŸ™


Christmas and Paul have been so nasty to Kevin this week. Alex has always been horrible to him. And they have Josh joining in. Nonstop talk about Kevin and he did nothing to them.
I don’t understand people that get power and then treat others like this. I used to like Christmas and now can’t stand her one bit. Paul has always been demeaning toward others.
Christmas = turned into a nasty b**tch


I agree with everything you said except your AFP vote. I do think Kevin is the only nice person left in the house but I have to vote Cody for AFP just to see Paul, Alex, Xmas and Josh lose their minds.


Vote for a person that deserves it not because you want others to lose their minds, if you feel that is cody then vote for him, but note because you want others to go crazy. If you vote to see someone to lose their mind, you are no better than the people in the house ganging up on others.


Spoken like a true snowflake.


Let’s not forgot they wanted to make Kevin think he has or could get skin cancer. Who thinks of such horrific things to say to someone. Alex compared Kevin to a child molester. Jason raping Kevin’s wife while his daughters watch. Constantly taunting him. Then you have what they did and said to humiliate Cody(his military service, his daughter) I just can’t comprehend what they will do next. Paul orchestrated all of this. He is the ultimate description of an evil cult leader. Scary how they all fell in line to do what they were told. No remorse.


A few weeks ago Xmas had her hands all over Kevin 24/7, now she’s treating him like trash!


Kevin is a grown 56 year old man he should have to cook his own food. I wouldn’t cook for him either.


Every other person who came off being a Have Not had someone cook their midnight meal for them. Why wouldn’t you want Kevin to have the same courtesy.


I can’t even watch big brother after dark before I go to bed because I get so sick to my stomach at the treatment of one person who seems to be the only person that truly wants to win the money for them self besides Paul good for Kevin good for Kevin for wanting to win the game ….. Since CBS doesn’t care that everybody’s bullying Kevin and I think Kevin has every right to unleash on these morons I hope he just goes off and all them and tells them how it is because he’s not gonna get to the end anyways ..


I think Kevin is the only decent one left. I feel sorry that they are demeaning him in every way. Can’t wait for Kevin to find out Jason’s comments re: Kevin’s wife and kids. He was planning a trip with Paul and Jason. That certainly won’t be the case. He will flip out when he finally hears what they have said and done. Hope you win Kevin. It’s a long shot, but I can’t stand the thought of anyone else left getting a prize of 500k for harassment and bullying.


I’m not defending them but whoever wrote that on jokers was over dramatic. I was watching feeds when that happened. Kevin was sitting there, and yes they complemented the food (like they almost always do), but are they all not supposed to eat dinner because Kevin is a have not?

And they did save him a plate. The reason why anyone made a comment about cooking is because Kevin never helps with the cooking and they have been complaining about it for weeks. It’s just another one of those things that annoys people when they’re stuck in a house together 24/7.


Really! Wow these people are horrible. There’s game play but that’s just mean and has nothing to do with game play. What’s sad is these 20-30 year olds can treat someone like their parents that way.


Whst type of parent is Kevin when almost throws a glass at Josh’s head . This is a game he swore on his kids to Matt when Matt asked did you vote for me. Josh was asking him did he take the 25,000 thousand swear on your kids like his did with Matt. He gets mad because he got caught in a lie. So he wants to physically harm Josh for this in which it’s only a game on a reality show. Can’t stand Kevin.

BB Cat Lady

Jason you should of broke away from Potato Head long ago!

Raven's biggest fan

X-mas just made the biggest move this far, Bravo.


This was Pauls plan a week ago ..he got everyone including Alex to throw hoh to Xmas so she would put up Jason and Alex and get the blood on her hands


I really don’t understand the 2 dislikes. It literally was Paul’s plan weeks ago, lol.


In all the seasons of bb I have never seen so many house guests just throw every comp. Are they there to help Paul win? Can they be that delusional? Out of all of them, Paul is the worst…he is behind the bullying and malicious treatment of anyone who dares go against his wishes or that he can’t control. He set an extremely unwatchable and cruel season in motion. And it got meaner day by day. Very disturbing.


Paul is a malicious idiot who knows what a bitter jury can do to his dreams of 500k….so, this season he is stirring it up so every person making these moves against HIS targets has the bullseye on them! He knows exactly what he is doing! Please let Kevin pull out a win this year!!!

social experiment

And Christmas may actually see through Paul. She has asked Josh and few others on more than one occasion if they trust Paul and when they yes, she backs off and says something like good because she does too…but maybe not.
Imagine a F2 of Christmas…who could not participate in most of the comps and only won when gifted the win and Josh….who is a crying immature bully who so far only won one accidental comp.
What a choice!


GTFO Ravens mom


GTFO Rachets mom

This is so wrong

She didn’t make it. Paul did.

Groundhog Day

Yada yada yada … Kevin, please win veto and take down Jason…not that I care if Jason stays or goes, I just need something to liven up first week back to school. Have a safe and fun Labour Day weekend everybody!


They need to change the veto ceremony and make it whomever wins veto gets to save someone and the veto holder picks replacement

Wishful thinking

UGH Please just end this show, you play big brother not get it handed to you by mindless groupies! Just stop the show give the $550,000 to TX and make us happy by doing something good after all the bulling and non playing, well at the same time making all Paul’s”hard work” pointless


couldn’t agree more!


Giving the $ to TX is a great idea. And also Paul would get his “just desserts”…nothing but a bad reputation.

September 21st

Jason oh Jason u naive little boy. Have fun in jury. It should never have gone down like this! U will be going home before raven. Dumb and stupid is no way to go thru life my friend.


Jason threw his game away for KEVIN? Omg. His family just lost a chance at $500,000. because of that lying KEVIN? Jason’s life is going to be drastically changed in a negative way when he gets home all because of Kevin. Jason deserves what’s coming after his comments about Kevin’s family( which would have never happened if he just put Kevin on the block like everyone told him) Jason – Kevin PLAYED you!
I’m sorry for Jason’s and Kevin’s families. They don’t deserve any of this.


jason threw his game away for paul. taking matt down and putting paul up was what he should have done last week. kevin on the block? he still ends up on the block this week in need of a pov win to stay.


Jason threw away his game for Alex who was throwing away hers for Paul.. Whenever Jason had a good move or good instinct Alex told him Don’t be stupid, so he did the stupid thing Alex wanted. They have kind of reminded me of James and Meg. Every time James was about to make a good move, Meg talked him out of it.


Good analogy. Jason is throwing his game away for Alex.


Had nothing to do with Kevin. Paul has been planning to get Jason & Alex out for some time. Wouldn’t have mattered one bit if he put Kevin up or not.


Jason in no way threw away his game for Kevin. Why should he listen to Paul and get out Kevin. Kevin had Jason’s back and was never voting against him. Why should everyone follow what Paul wants. Jason was HOH and did what was good for his game – not best for Paul’s game. And if you ever listen to Jason, he tells the craziest of the craziest stories. What he said about Kevin was horrible but that is not who Jason is. He just said something incredibly stupid – which he does often.


Mag you sound as delusional as some of those sheep in the house


Nobody opened Jason’s mouth and inserted his boot!!! Jason is getting Karmic retribution for his nasty behavior towards a man who gave him true companionship and guidance in this game! Bye you jerky clown! See ya never, I hope!


one too many bulls hit him in the head a while back


Ugh! While I would love to have something to say about this season, all I can come up with is Ugh!


I only think I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Will the HG wake up and start playing their own game or will they continue to follow Paul to the slaughter house. What is going on with Alex way of thinking…you told Christmas to put you on the block this late in the game. Awful HG ever!


Alex has the worst intuition ever. Basically if Alix thinks it, then the opposite is true. Potatoehead.


My phone does not like the name Alex either. Always wants to change it to Alix.

too late

Too late, there is nobody left to pull for.


Kevin just told Jason what’s up!! Lol
This guy can’t keep a secret to save his life.


I’m really surprised he didn’t tell him before the tree of temptation was over. That could’ve really messed up Paul’s plan. Doesn’t Kevin remember just a few days ago Jason went against what the whole house wanted and didn’t put Kevin up. Kevin knows they would’ve voted him out, including Paul. Now Paul tells him to just shut up and do what I say. When Paul threatened him to throw the HOH he should’ve said I ain’t your b***h and told Alex the plan so she didn’t throw it either.


But he didn’t.


Hopefully Jason keeps this information to himself. Kevin wins Veto, takes Jason off, Paul goes up, they vote for Paul , Christmas breaks the tie and sends Paul home. She knows she can’t beat Paul.


You know its double this week=DOUBLE EVICTION.


OMGosh, thank you sooo much! Kevin comes to his side during Matt’s ape-man tirade too, but Jason is such a . . . that he turns his back, once again, on his only true friend in the house. What is wrong with him?!


The problem isn’t Kevin telling Jason what he did. The problem is Jason repeating what Kevin has told him. Geesh, Jason. That was vital information and notice to play your own game. Work with Kevin.

bangor princess

Seeems like yhis yr EVERYONE is so damb quick to run and tell secrets….like when kevin bonded with jess but then told paul about her hex. Paul yelling about kevin wining 25k , jason telling paul stuff.. jason and alex telling about codys plan for them to work together against paul and a 1000 more snitching with lose lips on
When they told cody sounds good i will thi k about it, but then 5 mind later they laughin with paul i was like ugh r u fu*kin kiddin me. Paul has trained each and every one of them ( except jody couple) like stupid dogs…to come right back and snitch to him. He would make a great animal trainer..i would fear bei b his girlfriend, he would lie and manipulate her. I guess who ever does the most mind fucking wins 500k congrats paul…not fair though since u had 2 tries and help from production


Exactly! Paul is not a good player, he is just playing with idiots that make him look good. I believe they want Paul to win this season and knew the only way was to put stupid people in the house. If Paul wins, he will not be known as one of the greatest but he will be known as the player that made this season suck!

Just saying

Please stick within the human’s not “stupid dogs ‘ animals as a’s always been about stupid humans..
Stop demoralizing animals

Smitten Kitten

Just as you wrote that, Jason ran to Christmas, Josh & Alex to tell them what Kevin said… what an idiot.

Couldn’t even keep the info to himself for 5 minutes, now Jason officially deserves to go home.

Was a fan till this season

If production doesnt do something to save whats left of this season and get somebody to pick a damn apple I think there will be zero viewers left for next season. Stopping rhe bullying AND showcasing it on the live show for Gods sake would be the responsible thing to do as well. They have let all the seasons before it way down and I just couldnt not say anything any longer. I had hopes that someone might remain decent but that went iut the window with Jason talking about Kevins wife . Could we please have some proper BB gameplay in the time remaining?

Jess Vivette

The tree comes into play, and these people collectively give it the finger. Matt breaks every have not rule for days in a row and he gets one lousy vote against him. What’s the point of any of it then?

Smitten Kitten

Unfortunately, the tree is over for this week.

It might as well be over for the remainder of the game, because unless they switch some of those apples out for something better, nothing on that tree is worth going for.


I think the mistake production made with the tree is they have to pick an apple before nominations. If they had changed that to before the POV they might have had more takers. Paul mentioned that the DR LOVED the way the game was going. Paul is the one making sure nobody touches that tree and makes sure everyone gathers around so nobody can pick one without being intimidated.


The DR loves the way the game is going? Wow…that says alot! How sad.

Paul's Gallery of Ghouls

I wonder how Kevin is gonna react to the comments about his wife and children from Jason when his family whisper it in his ear at the finale. I would love to be a fly on the wall for that…..

Kathie from Canada

Is stupid contagious?? I’m worried that like Raven, I too have a very rare disease. Doctors have warned me that I could die of a giant brain fart if I’m with stupid people. Please pray for me.

Art Vandaly

Hey Kathie from Canada, help is on the way. We set up a Go Fund Me page for you. If phony Raven and her fat ass mother can, so can we.

Kathie from Canada

Bless your heart! I’m hoping that sufficient funds can be raised so that I could purchase a condo on a beach in Florida. My doctor has assured me that I should escape our cold Canadian winters. ?


I’d rather see Alex go before Jason… Kevin win POV and take Ja down; ruin their plans and lives … Raven getting so close to the end makes me sick to my stomach.


Hey Raven, I had no idea your eyes changed colours, but I did notice your nose growing longer everyday!! πŸ˜‰


You know she has that terminal disease called optic rainbowism. Just her and 1 other person in Sweden

Guess who

Please. Alex. Win.

Just. Win. Babe.


Alex’s ex you gotta be a bigger pussy than Jason to put up with that POS


If Jason is smart he’ll listen to kevin. But then again it is Jason.

Paul's Gallery of Ghouls

Remember a couple days ago when Kevin came out of the DR seemingly with a new found confidence…..Maybe they hinted something about how hated Alex is now. I bet all of a sudden Kev is going to win a hoh or a veto…..I am feeling a little BB “magic” may be coming his way.


Or maybe they told Kevin that he will win “AFP”


Or maybe they gave him something to eat!


Kevin was smiling because the DR told him that Paul gave him an attaboy.


Who looks like a fool now Alex and Jason ……….. not Kevin


And so now her eyes change color. Go figure.

Backseat Driver

Raven who has done NOTHING this entire game is being led down the garden path like she is “in on” everything and an important part of the current stragety…….first off, I want to gag and second….anybody who takes her to final is a coward.


Well, I’d hate to say this but I’m sure Paul and Raven are final two. So suspect now that I’ve seen their picture taken together before the show!!

Not Raven's Mom

Interesting to see what happens to Paul and Xmas I believe they have “special contracts” and they will be the final two. Maybe Raven also had something going on but internet blew up all her shit and CBS can not let her win now.


I truly believe this whole season has been rigged.

Same Ol' Same Ol'

Well, duh!

mrs. shook

I truly believe this whole season has been rigged.


Matt’s comment was hilarious, “She sees moves before they happen.” Duh!!!! That’s called being informed of the Paul agenda. Somehow she didn’t see Matt’s departure before it happened though.


Paul and Raven were friends before this game. It is a total set up. This is the worst season ever. A con artist and Mussolini. But the sad thing is no one else is worthy of winning the game either. They all are horrible people. I loved BB from season one with chicken George . Now it is not even worth watching. I now DVR the show and fast forward everything. I read OBB. I put what I think and now I even think this is even lame, because they are such losers.


Been a fan since season 1 and cannot recognize this as anything like the first seasons! No real prizes, no comps for luxury, nothing…blah! But, every year I get excited for a new season and come August 1, I am disappointed….AGAIN! Go Kevin!!!


I can’t stand these people. They are so boring too. I can’t believe they think they are entertaining us. So delusional!


Then don’t watch. Won’t change a thing.


You have to admit, writing & reading posts about them has been entertaining.

Ready Set Go

Come on, Jason…win that damn veto! It would make my week to see Alex sent packing!!!

bangor princess

Dont u mean Jason please win veto…AND DONT WASTE IT ON ALEX!

Franks Fumes

Paul running around like a ER doctor dashing in and out of rooms checking the pulse of his patients…….yep their still comatose!


That was a LOL comment, and true.


Does anyone feel that Kevin should have went home last week instead of Matt? Would this have saved Jason?


No, not at all. Paul had already talked to both Raven & Matt and Josh & Chritmas about putting up Jason & Alex if any of them won HOH. Would have made no difference at all.


i wish it was Paul but Jason or Alex going is fine with me.

Go home Paul

Lil’ gnome getting evicted would be too good. I don’t know if I’d like for him to know and squirm….or shock and awe.


I hope it’s the POV where they roll a ball back and forth over an incline. Jason would be good at that comp, and then Paul won’t get his way again this week.


He already got won’t he wanted either Jason or Alex going home


It’s either morph or comic

Kevin for the win

I can’t believe that Alex and Jason are so stupid! Alex throws the HOH and Jason does not understand what’s going on. Kevin has to spell it out for him?? WTF? Hopefully Alex is the one that goes home. She is the one that got Jason in this mess by throwing the HOH. WHO THROWS THE HOH at the end of the game? She thinks she is so smart and thinking she’s making it to the end. Come on jason win the veto and let them send the bitch out! Kevin for the win!!!!

Franks Fumes

The look on Kevin’s face last night in the HOH while staring at Alex was epic……he looked like a hit man just waiting for the perfect moment. LOL


Just just watched a YouTube clip where Kevin tells Jason exactly what’s going on there trying to get out Alex and Jason not him and what does Jason go to Do he tells it all to Josh he will tell it all to Paul and Paul will probably go threaten Kevin some more frankly I don’t care who leave Jason because he is such a moron or Alex because she’s so evil .. In the clip at the end Jasons like Kevin is trying to win this .it seems like everybody’s mad that someone’s trying to win . Kevin doing something wrong by trying to win the game heavens to Betsy …. It’s almost sad help delusional Alex I mean if you really think about it she has built this evil person out of Kevin and nobody can do anything to Backstabber but Kevin it’s sad she’s A pathetic person.


The season is so bad most of us are rooting for a guy that said he was going to rape the wife, and children of another houseguest because he’s almost the best of a bad lot. Good God this cast is mortifying.

Simons inner thoughts

This season is so bad blah blah blah I hate Paul blah blah blah I’m done watching but continue to read these spoilers and vomit my negativity in the comment section blah blah blah big brother sucks ??? you guys kill me with your repetitive comments!!!!


And yet here you are, reading them and commenting on them. Thanks for adding your negativity, have a great night.

Little Paulie

Well if our comments kill you at least we won’t have to read any more of your lame posts. Paul sucks!


Are those tears in your eyes?


IMHO, Alex has replaced Frankie as the worst…most hated houseguest ever!

Never thought I would say that. Never thought they could find someone more narcissistic, egotistical, vile & without conscience or scruples as Frankie…….but Grodner did!

Would be great if it’s Alex evicted this week.

I agree with the other commentors who say it will be Paul & Raven as F2. He needs to insure against a bitter jury. No one but Matt will vote for her.


I do not like Alex , and I want to see her walk out of the door this week. She does go down as one of the worst , but Frankie still gets my vote for the number one worst HG. Did you forget his rape and racist remarks. And CBS protects him because of his sister. Frankie is even worse then Alex, and that is saying something because Alex is really horrible .

bangor princess

Wow really racist and rapd remarks? I remb i didnt like him but forgot why. I remb the season eith the young white frmale thst was racist against blks and lost her job when she got out…was also

Sir Loin of Beef


EVERYONE who has a DIFFERENT opinion than MINE or DISAGREES with ME is a:


Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

Sorry but I have seen every season and there never ever has been as much hate spread on any houseguest as there is this year on Raven. Not even close.
Hey I do agree Alex and Frankie are horrible disgusting people and are at the bottom of the hate pit but Raven is just a bit deeper and for good reason.

Little Paulie

Paul, Alex and Josh might not be the worst to ever be on Big Brother but they are three of the biggest aholes to ever appear on the show.


I wish Kevin didn’t say anything to Jason. Now Jason is going to go tell Alex and Alex won’t believe it and will go tell Paul and then pick another fight with Kevin. Does Kevin not realize that if one of them come down he will go up? I wish Kevin would of just keep his mouth shut…..

These people are so delusional….From Alex thinking that Paul still has her back to Matt thinking that Raven is playing the best game and is such a good person to Josh thinking that he is in control of the game to Christmas thinking she is such a bad ass……

Little Paulie

Kevin told Jason because Kevin actually has some good in him and was looking out for his friend Jason. Too bad for Kevin that his friend is an idiot.


Kevin see the writing on the wall for this week. He knows it is either Alex or Jason is going this week, won’t matter if Kevin is on the block or not.


here is what i think will happen….

Paul will throw the veto…. because if he was to win it; he would have christmas,josh,kevin, raven not wanting him to use it….but alex/jason would want him to use it and if he did or didn’t he would screw him self ….. he has to continue to play both sides — playing dumb…

Josh will likely throw the veto — why would u need to win it —- christmas isn’t going to put u on the block — trying to play all sides of the house — while Paul does all the work lol

Raven will likely not win Veto —- hasn’t won anything this season

Christmas will likely not win Veto —- both of her HOH’s have been thrown to her… never won a veto.

Kevin will likely not win Veto —but if by some chance he did; he will likely use it on jason — he need’s jason in this game….and looks like he is onto Paul….he also knows, he could go up as a replacement.

Alex or Jason likely going to win Veto …. Kevin likely going on the block…..

If Jason wins Veto …. Kevin will be evicted …. only because Paul will be worried that Jason might win the next HOH and could come after him for taking Alex out…..Kevin leaves — Christmas/Josh/Raven next targets possibly.

If Alex wins Veto… Jason will be evicted…. Paul can Control her… like putting Raven/Kevin on the block because she hates them.

Jessica's Birth Control

No. Kevin will not go up and he will not go home this week. Paul has made his move and he cant afford to have jason or alex in the game together competing for HoH in the comong weeks. Kevin is ZERO threat to him at this point.

BB Rulebook

Kevin winning the POV and using it on Jason still holds protection for Kevin. He can’t be a renom as a POV winner.


No way Kevin will use the veto on Jason because Paul would threaten him not to use it and remember Paul keeps telling him they are F2.


Raven thinks the way she’s played got her to this point, whereas it’s because she’s been insignificant & mindless. Plus, she’s been riding the skank train this season, and therefore couldn’t win even if in a Final 2 with a surfboard. ?I hope Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Stupid will live happily ever after?


Josh – you have beautiful blue eyes
Raven – they are hazel. day 70 and you still don’t know my eyes change color all the time.

Jees you fucking cunt he was complimenting you. Goddamn you suck

Maniacal Dwarf

Josh may get a complimentary BJ tonight, or pick a treat from the condom drawer. Ratven loooves compliments!

Little Paulie

Josh doesn’t need a condom. He and Paul are exclusive.

Back atcha

Josh-“raven you have beautiful blue eyes” (it amazes me because they should be brown…poop seeks it highest level since her spine is inverted)!

Jessica's Birth Control

Josh – you have beautiful blue eyes
Raven – they are hazel. day 70 and you still don’t know my eyes change color all the time.
Josh- So I guess a blowjob is out of the question?

Prayers for Texas

Jason said if he wins veto he won’t take himself off the block? Nobody can be that stupid. If that happens I believe he’ll be sleeping with his bull and not his wife when he gets out!

Bolt Uprite.

There is that old saying if you sit down at a poker game and can’t immediately spot the sucker, you are the sucker. I guess Jason and Alex never heard that one.


Was just watching some of the feeds – OMG how the hell can jason and Alex be so stupid! They are believing everything Paul is saying?! I’m just dumbfounded – lol! We are going to have the same week as last week! Hell they’ll probably even throw the POV if Paul asks them – this just can’t get any stupider?


Why is production so keen on not showing what really happens in the house. They are giving people like Jason and Alex edits that make them look like decent people on the show. Why not show Alex hiding the slop or Jason saying those comments.

Sir Loin of Beef

“Why is production so keen on not showing what really happens in the house?”

They’re using the same playbook as CNN and every other major news network!

“PRAVDA Lives” – The Neo-Bolshevik Resistance Movement!

Franks Fumes

One of the best moments this evening was when Kevin calls Jason over to his bed and told him to “wakeup man one of you two are going home you knucklehead…..have you got that through your thick skull yet” (lol)……mere seconds after Paul told him to lay low. Kev totally did that to just create paranoia and watch him freak out (lol)…….its possible Kevin is the only one really playing besides Paul at this point (lol).


Kevin may be doing that, or, he may be laying low in comps until he really needs to pull out a win…one can hope! Kevin needs to be careful in the pit of vipers, but he needs to start winning! Especially THIS POV….but they ( production) will taylor it to something one of their favorites are good at!


Watching BBAD, Does this group sit around and think how they can top themselves in being vile and disgusting????? I think it cannot get any worse………..boy am I ever wrong. (I am fed up with being wrong)
I cannot believe how stupid this group of people are. Lemmings!! Yes, everyone keep throwing comps.

Grab a tissue

Turned on the feeds to check on Kevin, because I can’t stand anyone else in the house. It just made me sad, he is just laying there by himself staring at the walls. I know it’s just a game, but the rest of the house are just downright mean. I can’t imagine isolating someone like that.


The person that Paul should take to the end is Kevin. He has set Kevin up as the stooge for weeks. There is no one in he jury house who would vote for him.
I really don’t think Paul is going to have to worry about too many people wanting to hang with him after they talk to their family and friends.
You have to feel sorry for these fools…….the back lash is going to be pretty harsh


UMM. did Josh actually say ‘it was rude because Kevin was almost laughing when Alex/Jason were put up? Wonder what Josh thought it was when he was literally laughing/clapping and yelling in Marks face that he was going home after Mark was put up? I guess that isn’t rude because Josh was doing it. Josh is a sad excuse for a man. Doesn’t think anything he does is wrong/rude/mean/bullying .. he will attack anyone but when someone attacks/defends themselves and says something Josh doesn’t like he runs off to cry and play victim.

I love that Jason and Alex are both up this week. When Raven/Matt confronted Jason about saying he was going to pull Raven off he denied that he said it, even in his DR he said he didn’t remember ever saying that..BS. Jason has proven he’s not that bright but stupid he isn’t. Then Alex voted to keep Matt and instead of telling the other puppies that she screwed up she just stayed quiet..happy they all figured out it was her though – screwed up Pauls plan to get everyone to blame it on Kevin..LOL. Can’t wait to see this week play out. Should be interesting to watch Alex and Jason lose their minds and possibly turn on each-other.

For some reason every time i read a post where someone here writes that they hope Kevin wins POV and takes Jason down I LMAO…as if that would happen. Some think if Kevin did that, that Paul would go up and go home, which wouldn’t happen. Doesn’t matter if its Paul/Josh/Raven beside Alex, Alex would still be the one going out the door.
I found (roughly 11) of the 16 players to be bullies (I hate that word) this season. I thought Cody would have been my least favorite player but I was wrong. Its really sad that the only person who is actually playing BB is Paul. I would hate to see him to make it to F3, let alone F2, The only one -kills me to say- that would give him a run for winning would be Alex/Jason. Even Raven I think would have a chance to beat Paul because the HGs, though they find her annoying really believe she needs the money more than anyone else because all she talked about was her illness(es) and her medical bills.

Prayers for Texas

I hope Kevin gets to be AFP. More than any of the other players he deserves it. He’s had no one and has been treated horribly. The only one that’s been decent to him in my opinion is Jason. Paul could care less about him. It blows my mind that he threatens Kevin that he’ll put him up if he doesn’t throw comps.