Jordan – “We’re the centre.. we control everything .. Kinda like the Brigade”

10:25pm Jordan and Zach in the bedroom
They laugh at Graig, Zach mentions how hilarious it is when Graig talks to Jordan because Jordan is 5 steps ahead of him.
Jordan – I know everything.. let him think he’s the master let him thin he’s running the show.
They start talking about Kevin locking down pilar and Zach locking down AShleigh this leaves Bobby with no one, no showmance. Ideal situation is Graig goes out first this leaves Bobby and Bruno with no one. Jordan thinks Bruno will come to them at that point.
Jordan will keep Willow close to him.
Zach – What about WIllow how long do we keep her
Jordan – As long as we need her then cut her

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Chop Shop Vs. Naeha, Naeha Vs. Chop Shop, Newport in the Middle

9:27pm Graig and Bruno Pool side

Thinking about telling Brittnee that Neaha has been trying to rally votes against her.
Graig thinks it’s a great idea.
Bruno – That will make her distrust Naeha
bruno proposes he’ll even start talking to Neaha to make it look like she’s trying to get votes.
Bruno is worried that it might blow up “should we play it safe”
Graig doesn’t think they need to.

Graig – I trust Zach

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Big Brother Canada 3 – Power Of Veto Ceremony Results! “She did it to herself.”

1pm – 3:30pmBig Brother blocks the live feeds for the Power Of Veto Ceremony to take place. As the power of veto winner Kevin chose to use the veto on himself and as a result Bobby the head of household nominated Cindy as the replacement nominee. We all expected this to happen as Bobby informed Cindy yesterday morning that she was going up on the block. Cindy tried to campaign to not go up for a second week in a row but Bobby wasn’t budging.

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Ashleigh describes kissing Bobby “It felt like I had a little sausage in my mouth!”

Sarah asks Ash so you kissed Bobby last night? Willow says everyone kissed everyone. Sarah asks he was really into it? Willow says really gross, it was really aggressive. Sarah asks there was lots of tongue? Ash says it felt like I had a little sausage in my mouth. Willow says verbatim! Ash says it was a little much! Willow says but he was like that with everyone. Sarah asks was it like that in the HOH room? Ash says yeah.

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Willow says he’s a little upset that I didn’t kiss him. We don’t need the press right now.

8am Big Brother blocks the live feeds. When the feeds return, Graig, Pilar, Zach, Bruno and Willow are in the living room. Willow jokes and says he (Zach) is a little upset that I didn’t kiss him. We don’t need the press right now. I’m going to move to Regina. Willow says she didn’t kiss on the lips but comments on how she kissed Johnny and Pilar on the lips. Willow says that men love ultimatums. Relationships with Willow 101. She says guys love ultimatums, like we are going to get married by this time.

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Big Brother Canada 3 – House Guests earn a pool party! “Drinks and Making out!”

1:30pm – Big Brother blocked the live feeds. When they return, Graig, Godfrey and Bruno are talking about Willow being bothered about not being called in the diary room. Bobby says he tries to get in the diary room all the time and gets denied. I get the red light every time.

Zach and Willow are alone and talking. She says she’s better now. I just had to have my one break down and now I’m good. Willow asks Zach if he wins next week who he would put up.

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Sarah “Damn, that is a privilege I have because of my whiteness. We live in a racist society!”

11:15am In the living room – Zach and Jordan are talking about sports. In the bedroom – Sarah and Johnny are talking about Big Brother 15 and all the controversy around the comments made by Gina Marie and Aaryn Gries. Johnny says “Go eat a bowl of rice!” ??? Are you kidding me?! Johnny asks was that Gina Marie or Aaryn that said that? Sarah says Aaryn. Sarah comment that where Gina Marie is from – Staten Island is one of the most racist places on the planet.

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Bobby “He becomes possessed when he’s on the block.” Graig “Puzzles and sh*t, he’s insane!”

8:05am – 8:45am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Bobby goes around with new batteries for everyone. In the HOH room – Graig talks with Bobby. Bobby asks Graig if there’s anything to report? Graig says no, nothing. I’m not saying a word for three days. Booby says Yeah I think that’s a good idea. Fly under the radar right? Graig says yup exactly! Done! Graig says The only thing I am going to say is to JP. Bobby asks what are you going to say? Graig says oh, I’m just going to make sure he’s on board.

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