Willow says he’s a little upset that I didn’t kiss him. We don’t need the press right now.

POV Holder: Kevin Next POV April 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Bobby Next HOH April 1st
Nominations: Kevin and Brittnee
Have Nots Jordan, Brittnee, Naeha, Godfrey
POV Players Godfrey, Willow, Johnny, Britt, Kevin, Bobby.
Jordan is the VETO HOST!

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Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-03-29 05-36-43-211

8am Big Brother blocks the live feeds. When the feeds return, Graig, Pilar, Zach, Bruno and Willow are in the living room. Willow jokes and says he (Zach) is a little upset that I didn’t kiss him. We don’t need the press right now. I’m going to move to Regina. Willow says she didn’t kiss on the lips but comments on how she kissed Johnny and Pilar on the lips. Willow says that men love ultimatums. Relationships with Willow 101. She says guys love ultimatums, like we are going to get married by this time. She says he can have his fun till he’s 23, then we’re getting married. Johnny joins Willow on the couch. Willow says so Kevin didn’t stay with you last night? Johnny says story of my life starts with me, ends up in someone else’s bed. Bobby joins them. They talk about the POV ceremony happening today. Willow jokes and says I heard Kevin’s not going to even use the veto. Jordan says he’s going to pull a Marcellas.

In the bathroom – Brittnee and Cindy fill Jordan in on what happened last night during the kissing party. Kevin asks if Johnny and Kevin kissed. Cindy and Britt both say YES! Jordan says that he’s sorry he missed it. Jordan says next time they drink he’ll stay up. They comment if it even happens again. Kevin comes into the bathroom. Jordan says so I heard I missed out last night. Kevin says some scandalous things happened last night.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-03-29 05-46-32-954

9am – 9:15am In the bathroom – Bruno, Pilar Britt, Godfrey, Cindy, Ash and Willow. Ash comments to Willow and Cindy that she’s not into Bobby. “Not into that!” They talk about how the POV ceremony is today. Willow says they’re doing diary room sessions right now. Willow says I can’t believe they made Bobby go to the diary room at 4am. They talk about how last night was fun. Cindy says that was my first time playing spin the bottle.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-03-29 06-11-40-817

9:20am – 9:40am In the bedroom – Johnny and Willow are talking. Johnny says that she honestly thought that Ash was vibing it. Willow says that Pilar said Kevin is like her brother. Johnny asks Brother you make out with!? Willow says because I have a brother and WE DON’T DO THAT! And I’m pretty close to my brother, Richard I love you. Johnny says and they were pretty close together and he was in his underwear. Willow says stuffs happening! They talk about how nothing happened until they got into bed. Willow says I hate to say this but I think Pili is too sweet of a girl to push him away. Johnny says but she was super innocent in the hot tub and then.. turns on the make out session in the bed! Willow heads to the bathroom and talks with Zach.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-03-29 06-42-25-902

9:45am – 10am Out in the hot tub – Bruno and Bobby are talking. Bruno tells Bobby about how he’s not a virgin. He says during the balloon challenge he just said it and went along with it. He laughs about how everyone believes it. Bobby says that it’ll be funny for the cast to learn after. Bobby tells Burno that he trusts him more than Ashleigh. Bruno tells Bobby that he’s colour blind and gets different colours mixed up. Bobby says that he had said he’s good a solving a rubik’s cube. Kevin joins them. When he leaves Bobby asks Bruno if he thinks Kevin has any idea he was the target this week. I’ve tried to get a read on him and I just can’t.

In the bedroom – Zach tells Jordan about how he really slept in the bed with Ashleigh. (He’s been telling other people he slept alone last night.) Zach says I can’t commit to one girl just yet. I don’t want to close the door on Willow, Britt, etc. Zach comments that he came to win and not to play with my d**k. I can’t close the door on them. Zach says I’ve got Ashleigh.

In the bedroom – Willow talks to Pilar about last night. Willow says its awkward and you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Pilar says about kissing Kevin it was nice. That’s all that happened.

10:25am – 11am The Chop Shop Alliance meets in the pantry and all do a chop session:

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Funny how last week I was like Sindy needs to leave week 2 I can’t deal with her
And now I’m like noooo backdoor Graig I hate him
Ash stop leading Bobby on lol we all c thru u


Flirting is a strategy. I don’t see anything wrong with Ashleigh’s behavior.


Sure, flirting is a good strategy. But letting Bobby massage and cuddle you all night…and then claiming that he basically raped your mouth with his tongue…just to win favor with Zach is a bit much. I saw the kiss in the hot tub and it looked like a quick peck. I actually think it would be hilarious if Bobby got wind of how bad she was ripping on him and in a jealous fit, he throws her ass up on the block…which results in her exposing the Chop Shop.


Craig = Devin 2.0


It is really annoying how people in this game lie about shit that means absolutely NOTHING in the house. Like I do not know what Bobby will gain about lying about being a virgin.

Zach thinks he has everything figured out, and while I am kind of rooting for him, everyone is going to eventually catch onto him being a worm and playing every single side of the house.

It does not seem like much has changed after yesterday.


Lol how typical. Stand up for the pathetic guy who thinks he is gods gift and shame the girl who is seven years younger than him. She turned him down for the massage twice before he followed her to the bathroom and basically told her that he was doing it. He’s also the hoh and he hasn’t made a replacement nom, so she can’t even voice her hesitations to him without that possibly screwing her game. And he was way too aggressive towards both ash and pilar in the hot tub, and everyone in the hot tub was uncomfortable with that. Not to mention he’s lying to the girls about being a virgin so theyre more at ease around him, and he’s already joked about getting pilar drunk and taking advantage of her. He’s a creep. Check your facts before you post ignorant, sexist garbage.


There’s is no doubt that Bobby is following Ash around and being awkwardly forward in his flirting. But she isn’t the innocent victim that you are portraying her to be, either. When he massaged her shoulders in the kitchen, she let him. When he sat by her on the couch later and put his head on her shoulder, she let him. When he climbs onto her and rubs her bare back in the bathroom, she let him. Then she plays spin the bottle with him, knowing she may have to kiss him. My point is that…if she doesn’t want to pursued by him in that way, then she should just have a talk with him about it…instead of letting him believe that she is o.k. with it. (And then telling the guy she does like, that she is uncomfortable and awkward.)

So he is the creep because he thinks he has a chance with her and she hasn’t said otherwise…and she is an innocent victim who is trapped and has NO CHOICE, but to suffer through these unwanted advances, because she may be put up on the block? And you claim I am the ignorant sexist…


Apparently neither you or bobby understand body language. None of his touching yesterday was welcomed. And she hasn’t returned any of it either. He is trying to claim her. And if you don’t think turning down a guy who is in power won’t screw your game, you must not have seen bb16. Caleb turned the house against amber after she told him she wasn’t interested. Bobby is acting the exact same way caleb did in the beginning. every time she moves to get away from him, he follows her. But I’m not going to argue this with you any further. You’re convinced that the 21 year old virgin who clams up whenever a guy flirts with her is the aggressor. And I’m convinced you are Bobby’s mom.


Just because she is 21 and claims to be a virgin, doesn’t mean she is innocent, naive and clueless. She knows Bobby likes her and was trying to use it to her advantage when he asked her for a final two. She thought she would be able to string him along, but his advances are getting to much for her.

There is nothing wrong with that…but now she is in an awkward situation that is partly her fault for not being up front with him. Just because we…and I said WE because I do see it too…see the body language, doesn’t mean that Bobby is seeing it. Especially if he really likes her and she hasn’t giving him any verbal rejection yet. If she HAD told him that she isn’t interested in him and he STILL aggressively pursues her…then yes, he would be crossing the line. But he thought he has a chance and she wasn’t really telling him otherwise. I think it would be unfair to label him a creep for trying give it shot, when he thought he had one.


it seems like Bobby is turning into Caleb#2, following and touching Asheligh too much.


who else is in love with kevin and pilar

another name

so far i’m not willing to vilify bobby or shame Ashleigh. not in terms of their relationship/non-relationship. i think they’re both playing each other for different reasons to a different extent.
in terms of game: the whole musical ‘showmance non/showmance’ thing is going to fracture the chopshop within a week. willow will whine. bobby will brood. Zach will try to deflect and Ashleigh will have a deer in headlights expression. being meatheads… graig and Bruno will support bobby and cut loose Ashleigh. she was last in first out in the chop shop’s mind anyway.
just my prediction. if it happens. if not… okay, i’m wrong.