Kaitlin says Jeremy has the wrong idea of what’s going on. I just got out of a relationship, I have no attraction to the pen!$!

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV June 27
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 29th
HOH Winner: McRae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Candice, David, Jessie
Current Nominations: Jessie, Elissa and David
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Jessie, Howard, Helen

1pm Out in the backyard – Amanda now has black garbage bags and is cutting them up to make the slip and slide. Amanda gets called to the diary room and comes back a few minutes later. They ask her if they can’t do the slip and slide? Amanda says they said they are going to get us duct tape. Kaitlin and Spencer are talking on the backyard couch. She is asking questions about his girlfriend. He says she has an old persons name Marilyn Frances Boswell. Spencer tells Kaitlin that she has her whole life in front of her. Spencer and Kaitlin talk about Elissa and how she is always working out. Spencer says that she has the personality of a wet blanket. Aaryn comes out and asks if Jeremy will rub this on her back. Did you get it?! (Referencing how Jessie had David rub lotion on her back yesterday which upset Aaryn.) Jeremy and Kaitlin comment how they got it, it just wasn’t funny.

CBS Interactive Inc.

1:25pm Amanda and Jeremy are in the pool. McCrae and Jessie join them in the pool. David and Aaryn are laying out on the loungers by the pool. Check out the animated gif on Google+

Meanwhile in the kitchen – Nick, Kaitlin and Andy talk about random things. Kaitlin comments that she just painted her nails and can’t take off her pants. Nick says Jeremy will take your pants off. Kaitlin says I think Jeremy has the wrong idea of what is going on. I just got out of a relationship, I have no attraction to the pen!s! Nick says I’ll take your pants off. Kaitlin says that she just likes the feeling of being held and that’s exactly what’s going on. Kaitlin gets up to go to the washroom. Andy asks poopy? Nick says let us know how it comes out! Kaitlin says yes, thanks for exposing that to America. Kaitlin says ah god, I am going to come back and my nails are going to be fu*ked! Andy says at least something in here is getting fu*ked!


1:40pm Out in the backyard – Gina is working out in the backyard. Aaryn comments to David that Elissa has kind of a man body. EWWw.. I didn’t even notice that till now. David agrees. Aaryn says maybe she was born a man. You’ve got to have a lot of testosterone in your body to look like that! Aaryn comments to David that she might move in with Gina. It’s about time I do something. David says I guess I will have to come visit you, what’s a west coast guys supposed to do? Aaryn says come visit me with your half a million dollars. David says I don’t think you have anything to worry about, you’ll fall in love with me and move to LA. Aaryn comments that her GPA sucks and when she gets out she is going to get her a$$ railed by her mom because it’s so bad. College isn’t for everyone, I hate school. I am just going because my family wants me to. Aaryn says me and GinaMarie are going to travel the world on a yacht. David says so you are just going to ditch me?! David says he really started to like her last night when she came to see him in bed. She calls him an old man for going to bed so early.

1:55pm – 2pm In the kitchen Kaitlin says to Andy since you have no interest in vagina can you button up my pants. Andy goes over and buttons up her shorts. Meanwhile out in the hot tub – Amanda and Elissa are talking about the votes for MVP. Elissa asks do you think they will ask who looks best in a bathing suit? Amanda tells Elissa that she will be asked about her anniversary.



2:10pm McCrae and Amanda are sitting on the backyard couch talking about Big Brother Canada. McCrae talks about how he really liked Gary glitter. He mentions how Gary had a fit when he was put on slop.


2:15pm – 2:30pm Aaryn goes over and grabs the hose, turns it on and walks over to the pool. She puts it between her legs and pretends she is peeing in the pool. David comments that she is the smartest, hottest, wittiest girl to ever play big brother. David tells Aaryn that when he first saw her, he knew she was going to be his showmance. Aaryn says that this cast is so feisty there is going to be a lot of drama. She hopes he will stand up for her more. David says that he will when he is off the block and able to act more like himself.


2:40pm Up in the HOH room Nick and McCrae are talking. McCrae says we have the MVP but I don’t know what she is going to do. McCrae says that he thinks he can have Amanda under his thumb. I know you guys are worried about that. Eventually she has to go. Nick comments on how he was talking to Jeremy and how they need to go radio silent. Nick says that we just need to stay out of the drama because the girls are going to go after each other. Nick says that the best way to vote would be 7 – 5. Nick asks who would actually vote for Elissa to stay. They talk about going back and forth picking off the pawns. Amanda joins them. They talk about random things. Andy joins them. Nick tells Andy if I were gay I would hug you all day long. …even though I am not gay I would still hug you though.

CBS Interactive Inc.


2:50pm – 3pm Howard and Candice are in the havenot room talking about the hat incident. Howard brings up how he is annoyed that the only two black people in the house are the ones cleaning. Candice says oh yeah I didn’t think about that. He comments on how Jessie only started cleaning when she went up on the block. Meanwhile up in the HOH room are Candice, Andy, Amanda, Aaryn, Gina, Nick, Spencer and McCrae. They are talking about random things. Judd joins them. Amanda jokes after he walks in that it would be funny if everyone got up and left. She says no, we would do that if Helen came up though.


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Aaryn is SO catty Elissa is just in good shape she doesn’t look like a man

Chilltown Fan

Agreed, Aaryn is a bitc*. Elissa has a great body, and doesn’t look like a man. Aaryn is a fine one to be talking when she is an A cup up top, looks like a little boy.


Yea I can’t stand Aaryn. Can’t wait to see her reaction when David walks out the door this week!

King Silva

Exactly her ass deserves to get a good shock.

I mean she is suck a twat:

“Aaryn comments to David that Elissa has kind of a man body. EWWw.. I didn’t even notice that till now. David agrees. Aaryn says maybe she was born a man. You’ve got to have a lot of testosterone in your body to look like that!”

Elissa has a good body why does she feel the need to talks shit.


I really hope they give Aaryn the correct edit. She has the maturity level of a 13 year old


Wow do I sense insecurity comin from Aaryn. She’s so mean sayin that about Elissa. I think Elissa has a better body than she does. Aaryn obviously has insecurities about herself or something traumatic happened in her life for her to be this ugly towards people. Her personality totally makes her look ugly even though she’s a cute girl. It trumps her cuteness.


Aaryn is definately not the most hottest wittiest thing to play Big Brother-she’s turning out to be in the running for the bitchiest, though.


David was joking with that last comment, right? I can’t deny that Aaryn is a pretty girl, but the more she talks the uglier she seems, this girl is just not nice. I was just reading the zap-2-zit site and they don’t have any kind things to say about her either. They need to vote her out, the sooner the better.


Does anyone know what Amanda’s tat says?
David don’t engaged the hottest, racist white chick, stay away, far away.


The more I am on this website the more appalled I am by Aaryns behavior. She is catty, jealous, and an overall ugly person. I will say that I am actually from austin Texas and went to Texas state, where she attends 1. The hat thing is not a southern thing, she is just being dumb and wants attention, 2. Texas state is probably one of the easiest schools ever so her gpa being terrible is either due to partying or her being a class a moron, 3. No matter how attractive she may be she is mean, spiteful, and says horrible things about people when she is threatened. She needs to be out in her place and get kicked out. She gives texans a bad name and that simply will not stand. It is women like her that give the rest of us a bad name.


She’s just very young and naive, she’s 22 she doesn’t have a lot life experience as the rest of the HG’s, she does have a lot of growing up to do.


yeah, i think she is just very young, acting like most 22 year olds who are still a little immature and insecure about life, and no she doesn’t come across as a smart person, but I think with age, eventually people learn and grow no matter what. she just needs time. that being said, I don’t think immaturity will help her game any


Your giving 22 year olds a bad name. My daughter is 22 and she would never even consider saying most of the things Aaryn has been saying. She’s racist, insecure, immature, a whiner and bitchy. Pretty much anything that comes out of her mouth is venomous. I can’t think of a single nice thing she has said since she arrived in the house. Shame on her family for raising her like they did. Sad thing is, before the show started I was going to root for her…


Nice bikini pic of Amanda there, keep em coming :)

I know she’s not the hottest girl in the house, but those boobs are great. And she seems to cover them up on BBAD, prob not on purpose, think it gets cold in there at night.


What’s going on with David’s mind? He hasn’t campaign but he too busy having a nookie with Aaryn. Dude, where your head at? Get in the game bro!

Janelle pov queen

These girl are thinking about everything but the fucking game


its such a shame. if you were to go simply off of looks going into this thing, I thought aaryn was going to be my summer love. instead she makes me root for elissa.


so has it been 100 percent confirmed that Amanda gave mcrae a “helping hand”?


This whole cast is just a lot of disgusting anti gay and racists!!! They are vile potty mouth racist who should not be on any television show especially Aaryn, Spencer, Amanda, Kaitlin and Gina Marie with their anti gay rants or racist comments, and the cast that sits around and just lets it go and does not stand up and tell them to shut up are just as guilty.


So two things:
1) I go on OBB and Joker’s, but Joker’s say that Aaryn was talking about Amanda, not Elissa about the man body comment. I’m not sure which site is right , however, it’s still a mean thing to say.
2) Also, this is kind of noteworthy, but whenever Aaryn drinks, she says things she doesn’t say normally, mentioning the Asian eyes comment, which still was really rude.

My point is that Aaryn will probably be regretting going on Big Brother once she gets off the show because of the drunk comments. However, I cannot wait until David’s probable eviction to see her reaction; it’s going to be gold


Yeah makes sense that she would say that about Amanda.. I didn’t catch it on the feeds.

Killer K

Awesome comments everyone! Totally feel the same way about Aaryn….she’s probably had her ass kissed her whole life based on her looks and been able to act any way she wants…..she acts like she’s 13….I know she’s young but that only goes so far…..a big fat BOOOOOO to Aaryn! Take that BIA! Enjoy the episode tonight everyone….peace


hey killer.. Do you have a recording of you podcast yesterday?

Killer K

Simon, you can click the link and replay last nights show, but it’s not all BB15 stuff …the BB segment is like 45 mins in…….I can send you an edit with just that part if you want…

nam e

Aaryn has more of a boy/man body than Elissa by far

nam e

helping hand one night, a dip the next


me reading aaryn’s comment about elissa’s body: “Ewweww, aaryn, you’re body looks like a twelve year old who just discovered training bras…..”


Aaryn has the brains of a potato


Love how we get mad at Aaryn for making nasty comments and acting like a 13 year old when all of you are sitting here making fun of her boob size and flat out talking shit on her even though she’s playing a game. I’m sorry, but that is completely hypocritical. Everyone, inside the house and out, needs to grow up.


Every season the most closeted seeming one makes it a point to say out loud that he is not gay. Nick= GAY