Big Brother Spoilers Amanda to McCrae “my boyfriend is going to kill me but you’re my only comfort”

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV June 27
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 29th
HOH Winner: McRae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Candice, David, Jessie
Current Nominations: Jessie, Elissa and David
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Jessie, Howard, Helen


8:11pm Cam 1-2 HOH Amanda and Elissa

FYI you can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s super easy to use Big Brother Live Feeds HUGE improvement over last year

Elissa accuses Aaryn of saying racial slurs she doesn’t want to be around her anymore.
Amanda: ‘Fine then she goes”
Elissa: “What she said was really offensive”
Amanda: “What did she say”
Elissa: “She was just making fun of people”
Amanda: ‘In front of you”
Elissa: “Ya like in front of everyone”
Amanda: “She make fun of Rachel in front of you”
Elissa: “Yeah.. you heard all the things she said”

Elissa claims that when she went into casting they told her to not put on a show they want it to be real.

Amanda cannot stand Jeremy, Aaryn and Kaitlin she wants them gone. She is disgusted in the way Jeremy was talking to Elissa a couple days ago when he called her out for saying her sister was a supermodel. Amanda about Jeremy “He’s so full of testosterone and overbearing.. and he thinks he’s so f**in gsmart when he’s so f***ing dumb”

Elissa says she cannot take another week of the bullying. Amanda: “You know they are nasty.. there nasty nasty.. we’re going to shock them into reality tell them this is our game and they’re just pawns playing in it ”

Amanda says she’s going to eat a cookie and have a cigarette.. they head downstairs.


Animated Gif of Jeremy doing some funny face here

8:24pm lounge Cam 3-4 Aaryn, Jeremy, David, Kaitlin Aaryn

David: ‘Has there ever been a power 4 before.. couples”
Jeremy: “Yes”
Aaryn: “Obviously we are going to be final four”
Kaitlin brings up the final 6 which includes GIGI and Nick
Aaryn is thinking that out of all of them Nick is the one most likely to be a turncoat, “Cause he kinda floats around”
Kaitlin doesn’t think so says that GIGI has nick in her back pocket.
Aaryn: ‘No she thinks she does”
Kaitlin looks at David “Maybe you should have a bromance”
Aaryn: “He love David.. LOVES david”
Kaitlin: “I wonder why.. cause he likes C****k in his mouth”
Jeremy: ‘HUH.. well well”

Aaryn explains to Kaitlin that some nights they got to let the boys do things together and so they can do girl things together.. She suggests that when they win HOH they alternate sleeping with their guys and each other.

David points out that Judd only follows the HOH around or whoever has the power. Kaitlin thinks that Judd is a nice guy.
Jeremy: ‘Watch he is really this well spoken person and he fooled us all”
Kaitlin: “Jess is going to flip if she sees us 4 together in here”

They start chatting about the Jessie liking Jeremy..


8:48pm Cam 3-4 HOH McCrae and Amanda

Talking about Candace being a useless player. Amanda mentions that every year there is a player that does nothing but slips through the cracks.
McRae thinks they will have no problem getting rid of Candace when the time is right. ‘we’ll have an easy week”
Amanda: ‘Ya”
McCrae: “Thats how we pitch her going home.. we’ll have a easy week she’ll freak out have a fit”
Amanda: “I want all the teeny bopper group out first”
McCrae: “Ya”
Spencer: “If I make it to jury house and Candace is there it’s going to fu** nuts”..
Amanda: “I know”
Amanda runs through the boot list.. David, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Aaryn, Candace and then Jessie.
Amanda: ‘We’ll maybe not in that order cause we still have Nick to take out”

MC: “Spencer not getting on your nerves is he”
A: “spencer is always on my nerves .. “
MC: “He gave you that back rub.. he can be a gentle bear sometimes”
A: “He tells the most long winded story”
McCrae: “He’s our fu**in Joe”
A: “his story is long and isn’t interesting”
A: “my boyfriend is going to kill me but you are my only comfort”
MC: “I know exactly how you feel because you are my only comfort .. you being upset bothers me.”

Judd and Andy join them say that beiber fever is in the lounge. They all start sharing stories of why they dislike Jeremy
Amanda: “I want to step on his face with a metal soccer cleat”

Nick briefly comes in to use the bathroom.. Andy mentions that he’s obsessed with NIck’s and GIGI’s dynamic. Asks Nick “When are you guys going to f***”

They giggle, Nick: ‘She’;s cool probably tomorrow” Nick leaves
Amanda: “Something is up with that .. he’s like A-Sexual.. he sticks his own p***s into his own V****a”
Andy: “agreed”
Amanda: ‘He flirts with anything but once they show interest he backs off major”
Andy: “It’s telling he’s setting off everyones red flag.. I did not want him to win that HOH”


Everyone Leaves.. Amanda says that she feels good about their alliances and we’re they are set up.
McCrae thinks that Amanda is acting like she’s pi$$ed at him. Amanda is hung up on the way she may get edited for the show. She knows how they make people look.


They get Alcohol the girls plan on heading to the hot tub..





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Really disliking Amanda so far.


There is very little to like about Amanda – fucking toxic EVIL QUEEN – does she ever leave the HOH bedroom? The way she dominates the HOH bedroom it’s like, who made YOU the HOH??!!!

Chilltown Fan

I think TVGN has prevented them from getting Alcohol. Though, they did get a little bit of alcohol tonight. I remember the early days of BB when the houseguests would get a huge amount of alcohol practically every night of the week.


bbad one hour less. No cursing. Now commercials. C’mon now!!! Total bullsh–!


uggggh, i hate Jeremy more and more as he continues to breathe.


Summer Camp is the code word for the convention they all go to before BB starts. He uses that word so it wont get bleeped from Production.


Having BB on TVGN stinks!!!!!!! When they are not bleeping the conversations, they are having commercials every14 minutes,

What is this summer camp that Andy keeps talking about????? I thought these people were not supposed to be together until the shows.

Are the live feeds still available???

Janelle pov queen

Lol the showmance aka final 4 don’t have no idea what’s about to hit them it would be legendary if David sent home then Elissa when HOH!!!

Biff Tannen

JFC give them alcohol. It’s a young cast; let them get oiled up and make some bad decisions.



So many potential whores in that house it’s ridiculous, we could have another BB9 on our hands. Sadly we wouldn’t be able to see it due to Censored-ass-TVGN BBAD…

Damn I wish I had a better computer, then I’d buy The Feeds.


To get or not to get the live feeds?? I was going to but idk if I can’t stand to hear aaryn and Jeremy all the time! Also I agree with lady bug what is this summer camp??


Def. get the feeds. You get to see just how much you miss. Even though they capture a lot of things here, it’s still amazing to get to see everything first hand. It changes the game entirely. I debated for a few years and finally got them last year. OMG I couldn’t believe it. Now I couldn’t go back to not having them. I think the beginning of the season is kinda hard because there are so many people and the cams aren’t always on the people you want to see. But as people get evicted the cams tend to focus more on the good people. Last year Jenn wasn’t even on the feeds for pretty much the first half of the season..maybe At least it felt that way. There is just so much happening in the house (esp in the beginning) that even with the feeds you can’t watch it all. When I get up in the morning I turn the feeds on and then come to this blog and read everything I missed. And you can always go back and watch stuff that you miss (though I haven’t really done that with this new format yet). My only regret is that I didn’t just get the feeds a few seasons ago!

King Silva

I’m worried Amanda will get evicted Week 2 or 3 so I hope someone wins HOH that won’t nominate her and or she wins Veto.


same Amanda is playing a very good game, I hope she doesn’t get evicted, but I got a feeling she might win hoh this week, shes been my pick since day 1

King Silva

Seems we are two of Amanda’s only fans.. :-/

I can see why people don’t like her since she is sorta annoying but I’m not going to turn my back on her the first week. That would be pretty cold!

I’m been thinking that McCrae would be pretty stupid to want Amanda to go week 2. I mean he may not see her as the person he wants to go to the end with but she certainly is going to help him out as long as she is around and he isn’t revealed to be in the Moving Company.. So if I was him I’d try to get the MC people to target people like Jessie, Candice, GiGi, Aaryn, Kaitlin, Judd, etc.

I mean eventually the Moving Company will break up. In the scenario they expect to happen where they all make it to at least final 5 I would think that when there are like 7 people left things would get VERY interesting [if not way earlier]. I mean hello only ONE person wins the game. The members of the MC will probably be closer to some than others and around that time it would probably be good to take out a big threat from within your own group. If you are not in the ‘core 3’ you for sure need to do that earlier so yeah shit will have to go down and I really feel McCrae would be dumb to not really try [in as discrete a manner as possible] to save Amanda from eviction for ASAP!


The exact conversation in my head happened with aaryn, david, Jeremy, Kaitlin when i see these people together. Blah blah, we are kings and queens…blah blah, SEX, blah blah, youre a loser, blah blah, final four.
HAHA. 3 of you will be gone in the next 6 votes.

Francis Haycox

I really dislike the blonde group. It is gong to be epic when they vote out David instead of Ellisa. I can’t wait to see that. It’s going to be amaze-balls.

production rigged it

First TVGN says BBAD isn’t going to be censored, that was a lie. Then they promoted it as being commercial free for the first week, which wasn’t even a full week….3 nights commercial free and that was it. I wonder what else they’re going to lie about next.


It also wasn’t LIVE or on delay like some of BBAD used to be after the live nights, it’s taped, no way production could catch all them F-Bombs on a live show.

LIES,LIES,LIES,LIES, how could you do this to us AG??? Someone take her “BB refrigerator raid” privileges away away


I feel bad for elissa. she just doesn’t fit in. she is married, and really doesn’t fit with the “cool kids”

really hope david goes home to make them scramble.


mcrae, Amanda, elissa, judd should all be teaming up

they are all on the outs when it comes to the cool kids


I am shocked McCrae is being such a giant pu$$y and allowing Amanda to run his HOH. She just sits up in the HOH room and barks out orders for him to get her coffee. Its crazy. I know he is a nice guy but damn, talk about getting run over.


Nick is ‘a-sexual’! LOL. He gives me a very heavy gay vibe. Either he is in the closet or he is hiding his sexuality… Definitely gay though

Amanda reminds me of a dragqueen


Last night for the first time, I turned OFF BBAD and turned on my laptop while I was in bed so I could watch feeds, UNCENSORED and UNCUT! TVGN sucks balls, I for one am totally disgusted with the cutting of words and convos on there. Cutting the curse words didnt bother me as much as when they did cut the words, most of the frigging sentences and convo got cut also. Hated it, will probably not watch TVGN BBAD at all.


I do miss sho2 BBAD with commerical and three hours, but tvgn is okay but will see.