Big Brother Spoilers – Trumpets Sound Hula hoop boot camp begins

POV Holder: Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Have Nots
Last Evicted Houseguest

10:35pm Cam 3-4 Bedroom Danielle and Jenn

Jenn is saying it’s either going to be herself and Frank or herself and Dan. Danielle says that if it’s Dan and Jenn they will get the POV and get Ian to put up Joe. Jenn adds if it’s Joe and Frank they have the numbers to take out Joe and as long as the Power of Veto doesn’t get played they are in a really good spot for next week. Danielle is going to try and get Shane to sleep in her bed so people don’t think her and Dan are talking.

Danielle and Jenn saying that Britney calling dan Judas wasn’t funny. Jenn calls it a NO-NO. Danielle: “Jerry got hate mail for years for that Comment” Danielle and Jenn b!tching about Britney being depressed and acting mean after the POV was played. They felt bad having fun last week because Britney would get snarky. Danielle says it so much nicer to hang around Jenn because she’s so mellow. Jenn start bringing back the idea of a girls alliance and how the girls are going to be strong till the end.

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10:55pm Cam 3-4 Dan and Danielle

Dan telling her they need a quack pack reunion.
Dan: “I’m getting too old for this game”

Dan says they need to get Frank out. Dan: “Think I should tell Ian the deal I made with Frank that I told Frank I was going to go after Ian… Just to clear the air” Danielle: “I dunno” Dan thinks that Joe and Frank are their best bet.

Dan thinks Britney was trying to be funny. Dan is bothered by Britney saying she didn’t have a big enough ego to host her own funeral. The Judas comment didn’t bother him but the ego one did. Dan says that Jenn is looking pretty scared. Danielle says that Jenn is just acting scared. Danielle hates that they have to act mad at each other she misses talking to him.

Dan tell her she has a great shot to make a run to the end. He thinks she’s the only one out of whose playing that can win the next HOH competition.

11:02pm Cam 3-4 Shane and Dan

Shane is saying that he talked to Ian before he dropped out of the HOH and Ian promised him that Dan, Danielle and Shane were safe this week. Dan is surprised by this. Shane adds that either Frank and Joe or Frank and Jenn are going up. Shane hopes it’s Frank and JOe. He says he likes Jenn doesn’t want to see her go.

11:20pm cam 1-4 kitchen Trumpets sound and Joe starts hula hooping. Everyone gives it a try. Everyone more or less sucks at it expect for Shane who is really good..

11:13pm cam 3-4 Joe and Frank Storage Room

Joe is saying he’s starting it right now he’s going to work Ian hard. Crazy joe thinks If Frank and Jenn go up they have the votes to save Frank. Frank asks him how so. Joe explains that Danielle, Shane and Joe. Frank doesn’t think Danielle will vote out Jenn over Frank. JOe: “Then lets get Jenn and Dan put up Danielle will vote Dan out” Frank just agrees with everything crazy powerhouse joe is saying. Joe gets pretty pumped up about it tells him that he’s going to really push to get Dan up. Joe has noticed Jen’s shitty attitude coming out. She’s going to sabotage herself if she keeps it up. (Jenn was acting very down but now she seems to have integrated back with the other players)

11:52pm Cam 1-4 Ian gets his HOH room.
Shane: “Ahh Ian your mom is shot”
Ian: “Thanks”
Ian holds a brown crystal in his hand. It’s a bismuth crystal he grew.. He explains the process. He bought a chunk of bismuth and heated it up poured it in a crucible.
Ian: “got Pierogis.. potato and cheddar. ”

The letter is from Ian’s mom. She talks about Ian getting to enjoy a HOH room this week because his last win was during the double eviction. Ian reads: “I had to explain to grandma why you didn’t get a HOH room last time.. You been a fan of this show sine you were 10 .. Don’t be afraid to make hard decisions that will benefit you. Dad is very proud of you and he wants you to go all the way..”

12:08AM everyone leaves the HOH room
Ian gives the Hula Hoop a try.. only him and Shane know how to do it. (Image Link)

12:20am Danielle Giant Rash (Image Link) (looks like it’s taken over most of her neck now) Frank joins her at 12:22Am they start talking about being on the block. Frank is getting sick of being nominated.. Danielle tells him that he’s not nominated yet. Frank thinks it’s inevitable. He doesn’t know who it will be, He’s thinking it’s Frank/Jenn or Frank/Dan. Frank asks her who she will vote for. Danielle doesn’t know she tells him to wait until he gets put up. Danielle remind him that she puked during the competition. She has never felt that sick from motion sickness. Frank: ‘Oh I forgot you puked” Danielle: “I puked twice actually in the garbage bag.. I hope they took it away”

12:25AM Dan’s hairy arms he’s a werewolf in sheep’s clothing (Image Link)

12:31AM Ian is upstairs int he HOH room. Joe is saying goodnight to everyone so he heads up to the HOH to say it to Ian. While up there he asks Ian if he’s being nominated. Ian tells him Joe is safe this week his key will be pulled. Big Brother over the speakers says “IAN It is against the Big Brother Rules to discus your nominations” (WTF! ) Dan, Frank and Danielle are in the bathroom douching out. Dan: “I guess Joe didn’t just go up there to saw goodnight”

12:40AM Joe goes to bed early.. the tumpets blow..

12:43AM Cam 1-2 Ian and Frank Ian tells him that if he was Frank he would be sweating it. Ian says the selling point for Frank is that he cannot play in the next HOH so it might be an alright idea to keep him one week.

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Here we go again…..same shit different week. I hate this season. Nothing but backstabbing no loyalty at all! I hope Ian gets his head outta his ass and do whats right. Put Frank and Dan up. So Frank actually has a shot at the Pov.

Karen S

You’re getting this wrong.. it’s survivor. that’s all… I am learning that from being so sad about Brit leaving. Suck it up babe..
We’re in this together. whomever survives…


YEeah that would be the smartest….. but I have a feeling frank will not win this POV…. just a feeling …bye bye frank


Wouldn’t be worth watching if everyone sat around and held hands :)

Carol & Steve

This is one poll I don’t want Dawg to win – LOL!!


It’s Official . . . For a while, I thought the reason Shane didn’t want to kiss Danielle is due to the fact she is a Nasty, Pale, Chubby ass, Annoying Chick – and he is way better looking than she is (which he is). However the truth comes out tonight. I do believe after the hula hoop incident tonight – it’s pretty obvious Shane bats for a different team – which Danielle cannot play for. the pink shirts, and tanks were subtle hints – but that hula-hooping display tipped the scales and stated the obvious this evening. Only if Will were still in the house.


shane is so gay…he needs to give up the act and come out the closet

Shane's Flaming Homosexual Tanktop


Hey ya sweetie…..LMAO

He did try to come out of the closet a couple weeks ago when he said he was going to come into the house and “say” he was gay to get all the girls secrets….I’m not sure what he is talking about, maybe he was going to find out if they wipe back to front or front to back

To me when he said that he was coming out of the closet, skipping around the room for 10 seconds and then right back in

Swim golden

Wasn’t it obvious when Shane let Jojo put makeup on him!?

Insecure Teenagers

We’re so Happy! Danielle has succeeded in her mission to get all the pretty girls evicted. We were planning that from the beginning via sending all the pretty girls a good “ol” American apple pie ……… MADE OF ARSENIC !!!!

production rigged it

just like rachel the last 2 years that was her mission too getting out everybody that was better looking than her which come to think of it was everybody.


The only thing Danielle wants is Shane and all the attention from EVERYONE in the house, she isn’t threatened by Jenn and now that
Britney is gone she will talk crap about her. Instead of being jealous stop eating and workout..
I really hope she doesn’t win BB14…

Karen S

I mentioned this earlier.. about Danielle talking crap on Brit and she’s not even there.
The only point is trying to make herself look better in the other hg’s sights… but I think it’s
too late as well. Try to put myself in each of their lives.. and in the game. Sometimes….
most of the times it gives me the willies.. (lol no pun intended, although it might be)
I just wanna smack the crap outta Shane… and have a long talk with the rest of them.

Aqua Bernie

Danielle is becoming Porche, Chubby and wearing the same sweatpants every day!


How much you wanna bet that Danielle will finish off Ian’s whole box of Rice Krispy treats before the night ends???



Not A PH D Student thinksAllisonGrodner isa d-bag

the best line of the night that came out of the show is when Enzo called Danielle….Amy Fisher. Talk about hitting the nail on the head.

Quack-Pack Fan

Ian is so cute when he is excited. Frank looks like he is sitting through a nightmare…



I use to like Ian but no longer…Hope he is gone next week…


Me too, I liked him a lot in the beginning. I can not STAND him anymore. I also hope he goes in the double elimination.

Ian's Man Boobs

Same here. I can’t wait until his ugly ass gets sent to the jury next week. I wish Frank was the one to do it but he stupidly gave up the right to play in that HOH.

Someone will send Ian home soon. He is able to succeed at the Endurance Comps because he doesn’t weigh anything. It would be best to send him and his Tulane shirts packing before the last comp which I think is endurance.

I don’t want this puny hateful kid to win.


UMM Excuse me?? where’s Dan in live feed
is he getting evicted with Britney?
and Frank???

POP A SQUAT Dan and Frank
Jenn is so useless if you have her in an alliance with



…looks like Britney’s going home with another 25G
Well she deserves it and i am definetely voting for her to win that


I voted for Frank in this poll but only because I thought it was the regular one, not who we wanted out. I hope Britney doesn’t win the Favorite Player again, she doesn’t deserve it this time. I’m so glad she’s gone. SEE YA BRIT!!!!!!!!!


I voted on that poll thinking it was the other one. I do not NOT want Frank sent out..KEEP MY GUY I want him to win win win

production rigged it

well if ian wants to avenge britney like he said then he needs to put frank and dan up since they’re the two main reasons she was put up in the first place, hopefully he will stick to his guns and not let them intimidate him into putting up who they want.


I saw that after Ian had won the hoh and Dan was talking to Danielle, he asked her if he should tell Ian about the deal he made with Frank and come clean. What the? Why would he want to do that? But then again, now that Britney is gone and he is the only coach left in the house, Ian, Shane, and Danielle still need someone to tell them what to do…..such a joke how Ian thinks he actually knows how to play this game. Dan can easily win this season, with everyone still pretty much ok with getting Frank out and Ian most likely going to do that, Dan will coast to the end. I actually think it might look like they would give a question and answer type Pov and Ian will win that too and totally go overboard with having power. He’s such a loser. Even if he does get rid of Frank, I see him going shortly after. And Dan very well could take Danielle to the finals, not only do I think he can beat her, but I’m sure people have to find her more annoying than I do (having to live with her and all).


no it’s not Frank and Dan
it’s Frank and Jenn

Ian cannot let one of those two (Frank and Jenn) not nominated
that way, the POV is definetely useless if neither nominees wins it..
and that way …



Yeah, I want Ian to put up Frank and Dan so Frank can win PoV and take himself off, then Dan can spread his mist and Danielle the replacement pawn can go home. That’s my dream, don’t shit on it!


Frank and Dan. Frank and Dan. Frank and Dan. [raises torch and pitchfork].


A more dispicable human being couldnt have won hoh.I dont care who goes homw this as long as the kid who thinks 9 eleven is funny goes next


It wasn’t a joke. It was a reference to time. Get over it.

Aqua Bernie

He never said it was funny, he was using it as a reference.

Oh No You Didn't

He NEVER said it was funny, he only mentioned 9/11as a time reference. Get over it and find another reason to hate on Ian if hate is what you do.


Not only was it just a reference to time he was really drubk, who doesn’t say stupid things when they are drunk.-


when you people lose 2 family members in the towers than you can speak it was not a reference he could of used his age and i for 1 found it highly offensive and always will sorry thats how i feel

Head of Household

Wow, really? Many many people were affected by 9/11. Are we not supposed to mention it now…what is it, Lord Voldemort? Oh no, I said his name, shun me!


All Americans were hurt from the happenings of 9/11. I bet you have also used the date as a before/after reference of history. He was not making fun of your loss. Cut him some slack. We are all so sorry to any family with losses of that day & my condolences to you & your family. I’m sure Ian would say the same to you.


Ian reminds me soo much of the little boy from the movie step mom i think his name is liam aiken anyone else think so/??

Roisin Dubh

Ian reminds me of that kid preacher in Children of the Corn.


Wonder if Ian will stick with what he said a few days ago. He already seemed excited he could use his speech. Quote from the earlier article on here:

“Ian tells them if he wins HOH he’ll toss Jenn and Frank on the block. His speech will be as follows
‘Frank nominations without you is like halloween without candy'”


I hope frank wins the pov it will probally be his only shot to stay unless theres a pandoras box which i doubt or unless its not him and jenn up and she wins pov which i also doubt

Joe's soul patch

Ian I’m routing for you lil buddy You can do this! Dan is the biggest backstabber of them all he can’t go home soon enough for me I just wanna see his face when it happens Ohhh the arrogance of this guy That ego comment bothered him the most because the truth hurts He always tries to straddle the fence u cant be a jackhole & have everyone love u it doesn’t work that way bright boy


If Frank were smart (LOL), he’d blow up the Dan alliance before Dan does. What makes Frank think that Dan wouldn’t do it to him if he was willing to do it to people he was a lot closer to?

Roisin Dubh

Doesn’t matter, Frank kissed his girl and got his”other girl” out of the house. Ian’s got a giant hard-on for Frank.


I wouldn’t say giant…


I think Shane is Gay too my closest male cousin is gay and he acted like Shane…


I guess that means you have a gay radar, hmmm….put it to use, have you looked in the mirror lately. I think you protest to much, sounds like you are the gay one. You are so unsure of your masculinity, ……just give us all a break and go to the other side. Not that there is anything wrong with being gay! Its just that closet gays like you like accusing other guys of being gay.


Right before Ian got his HOH room, all the HG’s were saying quotes from Forest Gump. And to my disbelief, nobody said “Jenny and me was like peas and carrots” considering Frank is wearing a huge carrot costume! LOL Whoooosh, right over their heads!


and if Shane did say Danielle was his girlfriend to Jenn … cousin calls his female friends Girlfriends…Idk.. did anyone hear that convo between he and Jenn…i never did..


It didn’t happen. Jenn told Dani that she heard it from someone else, she didn’t hear him say it. She was making it up. I think she knows that it’s bad for her if Shane and Dani are close, so she is winding Danielle up and hoping Danielle goes back to stalking him, and hoping that will make Shane drop her. A guaranteed meltdown in the making. I really don’t know what Jenn is thinking overall, though. At this point, she should be getting in Joe’s ear for a powerhouse alliance because he is the only person she might beat in the end, if she even makes it that far. Anyone left in the house would take her and unless their name is Joe, they would beat her.


Gay or not, Shane is sexy as fu*k!!!




I hope Joe goes to bed and that he has to wake up every 20 mins and do that lame ass punishment lol


If Dan gets picked to play in the Pov, with Frank and Jenn, and Dan wins it…..Would he repay the favor and save Frank? And I say Frank instead of Jenn, because Dan made the final 2 deal with Frank and swore on the bible and on his wife. And a side note: Dan was given a lot of credit for pulling that crazy move and saving himself, but was it an even bigger move for Frank to convince Jenn to use the veto on Dan? Either way you look at it, Ian would have won hoh this week, and more than likely Britney would have talked him into nominating Frank or trying to backdoor him, for the remaining quack pack of course. So Frank is really in no worse position now than he would have been, had he sent Dan home instead of Brit. And at least now, he will most likely get nominated and get a chance to play for the pov. FU Ian, no one would want you to come back on Big brother all stars, or good vs evil, or any big brother for that matter, you suck….hard.


dont think Dan will use POV to save Frank
Danielle could go up


Dan is in full throwing comps mode again–100% guaranteed he will not be winning POV to save anyone.


Dan didn’t swear on the bible and his wife that he would be loyal to Frank. He swore that the things he was going to tell him about the house was the truth. And it was the truth. Funny how week 2 Dan could have been out of the game (though I bet if that had happened, he would have been sequestered to enter the game with the coaches). But Frank wanted to get Jo Jo out because she was such a threat. LOL. Then he got HOH again and got Wil out because he was such a threat.LOL! At least he got a dangerous player out with his third HOH, Brit was dangerous, not to Frank, but to Dan. It isn’t the amount of times you win the HOH, it’s how you use it to your advantage. Getting out Jo Jo and Wil out did nothing for his own game. For Brit to be a threat to him, she would have had to win HOH. That might not have happened. He should have gotten Dan out when he had the chance. He may be a beast at competitions, but he is a chicken when it comes to pulling the trigger. He still has the Boogie stank.

production rigged it

well it didn’t take frank long to start kissing ian’s ass and throw dan under the bus now did it, now when ian talks to dan then dan will throw frank under the bus, should be interesting.


I’m so stoked Ian won. I wanted a Brit and Ian final 2, but knew it was a longshot. now that Brit is gone, it’s Ian for the freaking win! He’s smarter than everyone in this house, even though he’s young and socially awkward. So, go Ian!

Now for my complaints. That cross eyed tattooed thing that took slop for the rest of the game needs to wear a decent bra. If she’s claiming she’s lost weight, by the time she leaves the house, her tits are going to look like something out of National Geographic.

And Danielle needs to shove her whole head up her culo! Show us her real gymnastic skills while at the same time giving us all a break of her annoying voice. Heve you ever notice how she says the word “ever” like, “I’d never do that to you, EVER.” really fast and overemphasizing. It irritates my eardrums.
Those 2 talking shit about Brit. Jealous much? Clearly, Jenn shitty ass is in love with Amy Fisher. (Enzo nailed it.)

Now Frank is talking to Ian, this should be good…


Ian socially awkward? This kid is a bump on the head away from full mental retardation!


I’ve said it before, I know Ian loves the show and the game but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a good strategist.


He could be just teling Frank what he wants to hear. He has said that’s how you have to play Frank. I’m hoping! Or maybe he’s thinking of a backdoor situation, though he was telling Dan this morning that backdoors don’t make sense now. I didn’t understand that, but Ian’s brain works different from mine, so idk.


Backdoors are hard to pull off now because the hg’s are down to 7. All but one will play for POV. No one who thinks thry will be backdoorrd would slack on it.


Ian is gonna nominate Frank and Jenn. he’ll have his corny speech and dedicate it to his secret love of his life Britney. Frank will win POV, and Ian will throw up Joe as the replacement. Ian HOH will consists of the two lamest floaters of this year’s BB, Jenn and Joe. Ian will again FAIL, and realize how bad he FAILED when he’s the second person evicted next week’s double eviction.

Roisin Dubh

I hpoe so. Powerhouse for HOH!!!


ghe already has teh nomination speech done up…. unless frankor dan cons himinto changing his noms … hopefully he won’t fall for their crap


LOL!!!! Frank: “People like me, here.” This convo is a trip. Frank’s delusions know no bound.


Why is no one going after Shane?! He’s one of the strongest left in the game. Frank should’ve out him up instead of Britney… Britney hasn’t won anything and Shane has won a lot, yet he has never been on the block. WHY are people letting him slip by?!


He’s dumb but that dumbness coast him faaaarrr!!!1


They’re all banking on the fact that Shane doesn’t know how the end game works, and they don’t think he’ll do great at all the quiz-related stuff that dominates all the final comps (aside from Final HoH Part 1)


Because he is pretty dumb and basically a puppet…one that with Brit being gone, Danielle controls the strings to. They can get rid of him anytime he loses, and even if he goes to the finals, they know they can beat him in the question part and take the 3rd person over him.


Me too Simon. When I keep thinking about it I think he really should keep Frank around because Ian won’t be playing in the HOH comp next week and he is going to need someone to keep their word in case they win HOH during the double evict and Frank will keep his word. I would put Dan up but Dan has the votes to stay UNLESS you put him up against Danielle again but that would be going back on Ian’s deal with Shane. I have a feeling Ian is going to be stupid and put up Joe and Jenn which would be a complete failure.


Oh wait nevermind I forgot Frank can’t play HOH next week……..put his ass up!


Frank needs to tell Ian that getting out Dan, the last coach in the game, would be excellent for his F2 speech. Stroke his ego! Ian believes that crap LOL

Aqua Bernie

I love how Frank comments that Ian was all over Brittany before she left, He didn’t leave Boogey’s side, which looks worse.? Frank is not going after Shane, maybe frank has a little crush on him. Never know!


well. considering what boogie did for frank saving him and executing that backdoor, it made sense to trust boogie after the ENTIRE house flat out lied to him for days

but hey, go on with your weird anti boogie BS

their loyalty is admirable

ian is a total douche


I think Ian will be the biggest target in that double eviction. hes VERY likely to go home, or shane could be the casualty if its not ian


I really hope Frank does not go home. I feel bad for him that he has been alone and targeted since the very start.
I also am very confused as to why big brother told Ian that he could not discuss nominations. They discuss the nominations all the time, why is it any different. Shane and Brittany talked about it all the time as well as Frank just last week. Kind of annoyed that Big Brother has to keep such tight reins on everything. They intercede way to much in this game. They need to just be fair and let things play out.


it was bc it was on showtime. they dont want people to know who hoh is and their noms before sunday


Just me or is that HOH bed getting more of a workout with just Ian than with all the weeks of Dani and Shane? He is just bouncing all over that bed… like a kid at Christmas.


i hope Ian puts up dan and danielle then back doors FRANK !

VA Vet

Ian’s best bet is to put up Dan and Frank. If Dan or Danielle win and use the veto, put Jenn up against Frank. If Jenn or Frank win and use veto, put Danielle up against Dan.

The Man

Shane is not just good at the hula hoop……he’s FABULOUS!


ok, its time to make the game “fair”.

we need another pandora’s or something

frank cant make it through a double eviction if the guy cant play hoh in thef first part, let alone making it through this week

add a power for frank, get it done. make it like all stars, then he will somehow win it, and it will be awesome.

I dont want ian winning this year, that guy has a serious scary bad side. he is NOT a good person to the core. im not saying frank is, but I actually think ian is a bad person, and it really shows now that there is the tiny bit of pressure on him. he turns into a huge rude child. he needs to grow up


I can’t wait next week that Dan & Ian will be joining Britney at the Jury. Quack Pack had no loyalty. Not even Dan has no loyalty to Quack Pack. Better Yet, Frank will continue to steamroll Quack Pack. Quack Pack will continue to Fall apart. Beside, Ian will continue to fail and fail again. Go Frank! Win that 2 PoV! Let Quack Pack wet there pants! Also, I would love to see Dan, Pop a squat!


If Ian’s smart, he’ll put up Joe and Jen. It will show alliance to the QP and allow him to back door Frank if the POV is used.


Quick Question: If we try to be ‘objective’ jsut for this question….. Does it seem strange to anyone that Frank still has to complete his punishments even though he was disqualified? One would think that if you were disqualified then you’re ‘disqualified’ completely. If I were Frank I would have been in the DR complaining about that! What do you think objectively?

Zingbot Fan

Objectively Frank is an ahole. Appreesh.


The smartest move IMO is to put up Joe/Jenn……if I am Ian I want either myself or one of the noms to win POV, hope Frank is not in the comp or loses somehow, and then backdoor Frank. If someone other than noms or Frank win POV, I ask them to use it and tell them that Frank is going to get backdoored. I think this is the only way to get Frank out.

Zingbot Fan

I would be scared that Frankinhole would win the POV and take Jenn off the block. Even if you put Dan up as a replacement then Dani, Frank, and Jenn could vote to save him and you waste you HOH voting Joe out. If you put Dan and Frank up you have better odds to get a threat out this week. Your way does at least give you a one in four chance that Frank might be the only player not to get a chance at the veto. Please don’t mess this up Ian. Plant that carrot.

Jen W

Who do you think will go in DE this week? Since Frank sat out last night’s HOH & Thurs is DE, he gets to play in the 2nd HOH this week?


If Frank is still around, he won’t get to play in the live HoH on Thursday. If he still survives the DE, then he’ll get to compete in the HoH that will be played after the CBS show goes off the air.


Since when is the HOH not allowed to discuss their nominations?? Since production decided Frank was going to win BB14??!! Geesh!