Big Brother 14 Spoilers – Ian’s Nominations

POV Holder: Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Frank and Jenn
Current Nominations:
Have Nots
Last Evicted Houseguest

Frank and Jenn are nominated for Eviction this week

6:25pm Kitchen Cam 1-4 Everyone

They’re talking about running out of food because Jessie/production took all the “Junk Food” There seems to be a bit of panic that their favorite foods are all gone. Ian says that he hopes the food isn’t thrown out because that is a waste of food, “that’s not cool”.

On the kitchen table is a bunch of health food that was left behind. everyone is trying different types of these health foods. A new player I have never seen before is eating slop with Ketchup and mustard. They appear to be nominated.

Ian keeps going up to his HOH room to get some food from his Baskey. (Jessie never touched the HOH basket food.. Ian’s doritos, pop etc are not gone)

Frank: “They took my F***** oatmeal”
Ian: “Maybe this is there way to curb the ant issue”
Danielle: “Or tell us we’re FAT”

There all these white stains on Joe’s Shirt. Dan asks him what they are. Joe claims they are part of his shirts design. He says his daughter gave him the shirt.

Danielle, Dan and Shane all say they have never smoked weed.

6:41pm Cam 1-2 Bedroom Dan and Danielle
Dan: “You’re going to get to the end”
Dan leaves.. Danielle jumps on the bed.. “I’m so excited”
Danielle says she shouldn’t get so confident.. “Oh my GOD .. I Can’t Believe they DID IT.. Oh MY GOD this is HUGE.. Jenn’s going out the door.. Even if Frank wins POV Joe goes up and Jenn still goes.. ”
Danielle thinks she’s won the game.. she keeps running scenarios in her head. they all include her in the final 2 with the votes to win.
Danielle: “I just hope I never ever ever have to choose between Shane or Dan.. OMG that will be the worse ever.. I’M SO EXCITED”

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7:04pm Kitchen table all cams everyone playing with toys
Jenn is the only one in a bad mood she’s not playing with any toys.

7:31pm Cam 1-2 HOH Dan and Ian

Dan: “Good job today”
Ian: “thanks… it wasn’t easy”
Dan :”I know.. nice job though”

ian gets called into the Diary room

7:36pm Cam 1-4 Shane, Danielle, Frank, Joe they are talking about the POV tomorrow. Frank is thinking it’s OTEV because they’ve been in lockdown for so long. Frank starts to explain to them what OTEV is all about. Joe looks confused. Shane has a decent understanding of it having seen the competition in season 13. Frank tell them he hopes Shane’s name doesn’t get pulled then he can say he’s the only houseguest that has the potential to play in all the POV’s.
7:38pm Trivia

7:48pm Why we wait for the trivia to be over take a look at these sweet crystals

7:53pm Cam 3-4 HOH Ian and Danielle

Ian is saying that he’s pretty sure that tomorrow will be OTEV.

Ian: “We don’t want Joe to win it because he’ll take Frank down then I have to put Dan up.. if that happens you would vote out Jenn right”

Danielle: “How smart is frank”
Ian: “He’s smart but he’s in really good shape.. He knows his stuff.. it’s more about being able to find them fast”

**** They were picking the POV players ******
Everyone but Shane is playing.

Danielle thinks that The POV is tonight but she’s not sure. Ian thinks the comp will be early tomorrow.

(The problem with Ian having no close allies in the house he we never hear him talk about his strategy right now it looks like Joe would go up if the POV is played but he could just be telling Danielle that.. If the comp is OTEV Frank has the best chance of winning it based on his athleticism )

8:03pm Cam 3-4 bedroom Dan and Frank
Frank asks Dan if the nominations stay the same does he still have Dan’s vote. Dan says yes. Frank says if Jenn or him win the Veto Joe will most likely go up since they can talk to Ian. There is no worry that Joe will win the Veto. Frank and Dan ponder if the POV is tonight or tomorrow. Dan thinks it might be really early so he’s going to get some sleep.

8:08pm Cam 3-4 HOH Joe and Ian
Joe asks him if he gets put up is he safe.. Ian says he’s all good. Ian thinks that the comp is in the morning. Joe asks him if he wins it he plans on keeping the nominations the

Joe: “Basically we don’t want Frank to win it”
Ian: “II think I have a good shot of winning OTEV but so does Frank.. half of it is thinking the other half is physical”
Joe assures him that he won’t use the veto if he wins it..

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Yes Danielle your fat!!! Stop eating everything in sight!!


Could you please explain to me HOW danielle is fat what she considered fat because she not a bone rack like Dani D or Britney well if that the case then Rachel was also a cow you judgemental assholes are the reason women kill themselves cause no matter what its still not good enough


I can’t stand Danielle but what is with everyone calling her fat?! I think she has a nice body..if I was Shane I would done more than just cuddling! I find her pretty sexy in my book. Sexy but annoying!


Psst… It’s Danielle that thinks she’s fat. The more she’s hypersensitive about it the more people will sarcastically make fun of her.

dans bible

Of course she keeps calling herself fat she had a freaking eating disorder at one point no matter if shes done with her disorder its still in her head that she’s fat don’t make fun of her because God forbid she ever reads this and she goes back to starving herself people are really insensitive she has a lot of insecurities about herself just because she points it out all the time doesnt mean you have to make fun of her for doing it.


So wait. Which of Danielle’s truths are we to believe? She had an eating disorder or that she’s practically engaged to Trey? She’s an insecure liar. And yes, I will make fun of her. I am no less entitled to my opinion than you are to yours.


maybe she did have an eating disorder, i don’t know, but i will tell you this about a lot of girls, some may go through a period in their life when they arent eating much and lose a lot of weight and get obsessive about it – that is not healthy by any means, but it is not an eating disorder….when you severely restrict your diet for an extended period of timed that causes you fail to maintain within 10% or your normal body weight and lose your period for more than three months in a row, then you are clinically anorexic, but more than the psychological and emotional effects are all consuming and devastating….as someone who has been through both sides of it, i tend to think danielle has gone through the first, which like i said is bad, but not a full blown eating disorder


wtg kate .. and thank you so much … if you get this read my responce .. its people like them that make me want to slap them stupid .. but .. they already are as far as i am concern .. again . .wtg kate


Rachel is a fatass on amazing race. Her ass was even bigger, she had thunder thighs, and she had a roll going over her pants.

There are different degrees in fat.

Danielle is just young. Her gut will catch up to her fat arms, legs, and ass. Her legs are like tree stumps. Oh and the cankles.


I agree Kate, this is ridiculous. Danielle is nowhere NEAR fat. It is really getting pathetic.


You mad bro???

Ians virginity

Eh, dont worry about em. They are acting tough behind keyboards. They would never say this shit in real life and probably don’t even mean it. IF a girl half has hot as danielle looked at them they’d ejac.

I says, I

Ignore it. People who say he’s fat prefer anorexic/bulimics (Danielle) or girls who look like they’re 11 (Britney…although I gotta give props to the rack).

Danielle is a very attractive girl with a very nice body…it’s just she’s batshit insane and evil, so it’s hard to see the beauty.

Danielle's refection

Danielle is NOT fat. But her thinking everyone is infatuated with her, fishing for compliments, and staring at herself in the mirror all the time provoke people.


Nah, Rachel wasn’t fat. She just had big fake boobs. But she also had a flat stomach and muscle definition. Danielle has neither.

Team Razorback

Amen to that! Danielle is gorgeous! All you catty gay dudes need to stop calling her fat, real men love a full-figured woman.


Danielle is not fat. I’m sorry, but in my opinion, someone is fat when they look unhealthy. There is nothing unhealthy looking about Danielle. She has a flat stomach and doesn’t have rolls all over the place. She’s definitely thick. Which is good if you are into that type (which I am). But she is not fat.


LOL @ the stain pic of our boy, Powerhouse. That’s wrong, guys lololololllllll


Danni is not fat yes she has large thighs but she is not fat.


No, she’s kinda fat. Chubby at the very least.


Thanks Biff!!! BTW… I’m actually watching Back to the Future right now!!!lol


LOL at Powerhouse. (yet again)

Dan is THE MAN

The shirt stains are part of the design? Mmkay, suuuurrreeee they are.

Carol & Steve

eeewwww!! lol!

Mike (not Boogie)

Frank saves himself, Dan goes home. Solid HOH week for Ian.


Wonder if Frank’s 9 lives are uo


I hope not!!

Dan is THE MAN

I hope so! I’m so sick of carrot top.


Frank’s cheating needs to come to an end so please production do not help him this week cheat to stay in the game. Frank the CHEAT needs to be evicted and let the door hit him in the butt on his way out!! He should of been sent home after he got caught cheating the first time. His time in the house needs to end this Thursday!!!!!


ugh shutup.


UMM NO!!! Frank cheated more than once and he needs to get his butt booted out of the house asap!!!




Frank did not cheat and nor did production. Such a stupid remark. if anything production set up the HOH so rat boy can win.


To who cares do you not watch the show??? Frank got caught cheating on national television on Wednesday and has admitted to cheating on the feeds more than once. It was even posted on You Tube where he admitted to cheating and then either CBS or BB got it removed. Get a grip on reality because there is real hard evidence of Frank’s cheating on BB!!!!!!


If Frank didn’t get kicked off the show then its fair game.

I says, I

If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.

The NBA still shows the clip at the end of the 98′ finals where Jordan clearly shoved Russell to get the open shot to win the game and the series.

Only losers cry “you cheated, you cheated”.


Yes bill , I DO watch. Frank is better than all the losers in the house still and you Frank haters can’t stand it so your only excuse is he cheated, he’s a bully, blah blah blah. Get a grip Bill.

Joe's $emen $tained $hirt

Frank the Tank is gonna pull it off again. You just know its gonna happen. The guy has endless lives…


Frank is like dr wil always on the block but nobody votes him out . frank will go to the end like dr wil did not like dr wil and do not care for frank or anyone that is left in the house . frank may win it because they all feel sorry for him he has no job and if he does win he will do something dumb with the money like do drugs or gamble it away


LOL ummm don’t you ever put Frank and Dr.Will in the same sentence again…..everyone wants Frank out he just manages to win Veto’s, he is like Crazy James from season 9….


Or production nullifies his eviction when they have the votes to send him home.


Frank go home.




C*m sta!ns no doubt. You sick f**k!


Big surprise. Another wasted nomination. Even if Frank goes home, this whole season has been about losers who are coat hangers jealous and afraid to face a real competitor, instead realizing he is a beast to team up with and could ride with him to final 4. If Frank goes home, know this… Frank will be back within 2 seasons to play again. Ian who “thinks” he will be back will not be heard from again. This season was a waste outside of watching Frank dominate solo.


You mad? Yeah you sound madddd…Bye bye Frankie boy!

Zingbot Fan

It won’t be a wasted nomination if Frankenhole gets the boot. Your right about him being a good competitor and beast is a great term for him because that is how he acts. He is a rude and arrogant bully.Watching him get the boot will be the highlight of the season.


Zingboat fan you are so right when Frank the Cheat gets booted out of the house it will make the entire season worthwhile!! Cheaters should not be able to gain from their cheating and I would love to be there to clap when his skanky nasty butt is booted off. He has threatened, bullied and cheated his way all season and agreed when Boogie talked about sexually assaulting Dan’s wife. At that point BB should of thrown both of their ugly skanky butts off the show. They communicated a threat and in the real world they would of been sitting in a jail cell but BB lets them stay in the house. His ugly butt needs to go THRUSDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I says, I

If Frank is on the block vs Joe or Jenn, I think Dan and Danielle will flip the script on Ian and keep him.

They said as much when they were talking alone.

Even if you hate Frank or love Ian, it’s is about damn time that the HG’s stop mindlessly voting how the HOH tells them. That strategy makes sense early when you don’t want to rock the boat or when you can’t muster the numbers, but we’re closing in on the end. If this season wasn’t filled with dumb/cowardly people they would have saved Boogie (I think Ian knows he should have held info closer and waited a little longer, then orchestrate the eviction of everybody but Britney and Shane or Dan), then let the alliances go to war.


Danielle actually thinks she’s already won the game????

Cant get rid of Frank

you might as well update the POV winner section as Frank. I thought Ian was planning on backdooring him, he had said it many times to Brit and mentioned it to Shane and Dan I think, so why is he giving him a chance at POV? I have a feeling that Joe will be caught in the cross fire, like Ashley and Brit were.


Ian has done the math. It’s hard to backdoor anyone with only seven people in the house. Odds are Frank will play in the POV and win it . If he’s not on the block at the time, he will use it to take Jenn off the block causing Ian to vote out Joe or another quack packer.

Carol & Steve

Great point. I hadn’t thought of that. However, if either one of them come off the block Joe will go up and Frank or Jenn will go home.


Double eviction so if Frank stays he still cannot compete in dble eviction for Hoh so odds he will go home this thursday if not first half of show probably second half lord knows
joe will never win
Jenn just started playing this game
but most likely Franks should bite the dust this week

I says, I

You’re right…but why not roll the dice.

If you can backdoor Frank then great, but if not you played nice and move further off his radar.




I think if Frank saves himself, Jenn will go home any way. I don’t think people will want to keep floaters at this stage. My curiosity is if Dan and Danielle would vote to keep Frank or is Dan sucked into the nothing but lying game this year.


You and Joe both, please stop sCreaming,


C*m stains!!!!


Danielle winning would be similar to Jordan winning: won a couple of comps but mostly hid behind men who did the dirty work.


Joe the chronic masterbating chef. Great name for a snl skit

Cant get rid of Frank

Danielle says ‘Jenn is going out the door’, does that mean her and Dan are planning on keeping Frank, hahaha Ian would be so mad


God I hope they keep Frank though I doubt Dan would just because he probably can’t beat Frank in a comp, plus Dan ‘s taking Danielle to Final 2 because he will beat her. He’ll just say he was the brains behind her moves and basically decided which direction she went in the game, which is true.
So if it’s Frank vs Jenn after POV ceremony there is no way Quack Pack will waste the HOH on Jenn.

I says, I

You’re missing the end game. Frank has dirt on Dan, plus Dan would like to have Frank take out Shane and keep the blood off his hands. Also Dan does not want to risk that Danielle flips on him for Shane or Shane targets him to have Danielle’s unobstructed loyalty.

Dan is looking at who the jury is and who he is likely to beat. I don’t think he wants Shane or Ian anywhere near the end, splitting up the Quack vote and maybe taking it all since they never flipped like Dan.

I think if Dan were granted magical powers, Ian gets Joe/Jenn out this week, then have Danielle take out Ian, then have Frank take out Shane. Then it’s final four so HOH means final 3, but veto means you get to pick number 3. He’s banking on having Frank’s loyalty (hate him as much as you want but his word has been bond the whole game) just in case.

Dan knows the best path to victory is either facing somebody perceived as your lackey (Danielle) or a floater nobody would give the win to (Joe) or a nemesis (Frank) and a jury filled with people who like you…they may be angry with you, but it’s nothing compared to the hatred for your opponent.


exactly I agree with you and I think that is exactly what Dan will do. I want the final two to be Dan and Frank. I think Dan will look at the stronger player meaning Frank and take him or follow him to the end. He may not be able to win against Frank tho and if not the second place is better than jury house.

Carol & Steve

I think she just wants to be the only girl left – LOL!! Funny last night I actually thought to myself that she was already the only girl left then I remembered ? – LOL!!
If Frank is still on the block after POV ceremony he will go home.


The white stains on Joe’s shirt are from him choking the chicken in bed at night. It helps keep the sheets clean.


Nice Move Ian but Frank will still win pov and send Jenn or Joe at the jury. Jenn city or powerhouse will come to end.


I hope you are right captain I hope you are right. I think the final two will be Dan and Frank Dan the second place with Frank winning it all.


I think that was the point if frank wins pov they send jen home and frank’s only allie and they have one more week he can’t play hoh (one of the worst moves ever in bb i think marcelles not using the pov is only thing that top this) to get him out and if he loses they send him home either way it is a win for the quack pack. As for danielle over confident someone should tell her it ain’t over yet alot could happen but if she has to chose she should go with dan i don’t think she could win against shane the jury would vote for him over danielle. As for dan he has alienated the house and he has won already and true that doesn’t matter will still won bb2 but the fact he won they may not give it to him even though he does deserve it


Ok…..we all know what those stains on Joe’s shirt are don’t we? eewwwwwww..yuck. get a towel at night and don’t blame your born child Joe.


Danielle has lost a few more screws (cashing the check with a side of fat, please)

Joe’s shirt stains… Uh…. Eww

Reasons to take away the food/junk food; bugs, Joe’s bacteria, punishment, comedy gold.

Carol & Steve

Personally I think if Frank doesn’t win the POV they should get rid of him this week and keep that new player in the game for one more week.


Shane should be the new ?, I mean Joe’s talked more game than him lately.

Not A PH D Student thinksAllisonGrodner isa d-bag

check the definition of confused….that is Shane


So are the people not on the block not going to be voting Frank out if he doesn’t win PoV? They just want Jenn gone?


I concur. Dan will probably want to take Jenn or Danielle to the end to increase his odds of winning a second time.

Carol & Steve

I think you’re right on that. I really think he wants that final 2 with Danielle and he doesn’t care so much about winning the 500K, b/c he wants the title of best BB player of all-time as well as coach.

He & Danielle managed to stay in the game when the other teams wanted to vote Danielle out to get Dan out of the game. He took the time to coach her (which the other coaches really never did). MEven now he might be playing this game as a coach.

While I think he could win & deserves to win if he gets to final 2 – he still wins the notoriety if he comes in second.


Very good point.

Danielle's refection

Dan has already started throwing Danielle under the bus, pointing out to people how close her and Shane are, while he keeps his distance. He will dump her once she is no longer useful. Just like he did with Brit.


I think Dan is fairly confident the QP won’t turn on him anytime soon so…

Dan wants Frank then Jenn then Ian out and have Final 4 of Dan Shane Joe and Danielle–throw the Hoh to Shane and then its Dan+Dani vs Joe for the POV to control the eviction and 99% would be shane dan dani Final 3. Definitely he has to get Ian out before all the memory/face recognition/other quiz comps get rolling near the end.


its people like you that make me sick.. one she isnt fat … i am guessing you are one ugly butt face fool to be making comments like this .. have to put down the good looking ones to make your ugly self feel better … take a closer look at yourself . cause one that makes comments like that are not only ugly on the outside but also the inside .. geeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh

Maer Bonczyk

I applaud you for standing up for Danielle. She’s a beautiful woman with a nice figure. Her voice may be annoying sometimes, but there’s absolutely no reason to say that she’s fat.

The truth

Why you so defensive defending a BBW unless you one yourself, so please relax. Danielle is fat, tree stump legs with cellulite, calling it like it is. Boogie comment she hasnt worked out all season, yet she continues to eat , so the results are plan to see.


Why would Ian play emotionally? He says he’s a super fan. As a super fan one would think that he would play smart! Team up with Frank and hide behind him and Dan til the final 4. Then win the question POV and take one of them out. What a moron!


He gets more and more white stains on his shirt each day, it is not part of the shirt design…


Joe, tell them the truth, you were aiming for your chin last night, but missed… LMFAO


LOL my guess is that Joe stashes a tshirt under his sheets. The stains appear to resemble fingerprints. Soon it will be the whole hand print and the design will be obvious. Imagine a UV light in that house at night. Doooowit!


Simon any confirmation via pics that Joe ‘came’ into the house with an unstained shirt?

Carol & Steve

Maybe Frank’s decided to be like Dan with those shorts from last season that haven’t been washed. EEWWWW!!


I hope the red circle is supposed to indicate joes j!z stains lol


Danielle thinks she’s won this game! haha…. whether she likes it or not she’s gonna have to get rid of Shane and Dan soon. At this rate I rather have Frank, Jenn, or Joe winning it.. Quack Pack is lame! Ian is gonna get backstabbed during double eviction week and go to jury with Frank or Jenn. Danielle learned well from Britney in hiding behind all guys doing the dirty work


I kinda like the fact that ? Will go home simply because it shows her how dumb she was n how the people that she was close to screwed her


Good job Ian so proud of him. Dani is an idiot if Ian somehow survives the double eviction next Thursday he is going to win the game. You can count on that, if it is somehow Ian vs Danielle in the final don’t you think Ian would win? He has the better resume and it will only continue to get better. If Frank goes this week Ian would beat all the remaining players in the final except probably Shane. GO IANNNNNNNN


Ok anyone who has Thurs episode on DVR. Rewind it to when Shane gives his vote to Julie.

He has is hair slicked up. I swear he has hair plugs in the front.

Am I wrong?


That’s been an allegation for a while now. No confirmation, that I am aware of though.

Carol & Steve

I remember a few weeks back on BBAD somebody was messing with his hair & he said to stop that his hair was already thinning…. LOL


As long as Dan is safe, I don’t really care how this all shakes out.


@Talker.I’m rooting for Dan too,but I want Frank to be evicted next Thursday.Hopefully he doesn’t get the veto.


Frank can’t win them all. I hope he takes his redheaded a$$ out the door this time. I’m sure Britney would love to see him.


i cant believe Joe uses his shirt as a nut rag then wears it around the house with his semen stains on display. this dude is way beyond the normally disgusting redneck. dude has easily jerked off 100 times and that shirts got crusted dna all over it. and the redneck dumb as rocks piglet Danielle isnt winning this game. final 3 gheesling frank shane or bust, anything else is pathetic






Lmao at how people give so much credit to Rachel and Janelle for being competition beasts but when Frank is one, he gets no respect.
I can’t even deal.

Hopefully Frank pulls of this POV. He’s the only one besides Dan that deserves to be there.


SO TRUE. I don’t understand why there is still so much Frank hate – he deserves to be there more than anyone.


Yep. Just like Armstrong deserves the Gold and Bonds deserves the Hall of Fame.


Well they are arguably the greatest cyclist and baseball player in the history of those sports…so yeah, they do.


Would they still be had they not cheated?


Think they gave him enough Legos to create a model of plutonium?

The past few seasons the viewers have been getting excited by Pandora’s Box. We can hear the Oooooooo’s turn to Awwwwww’s whenever the box unleashes Jessie. Enough is enough. Let him hold on to his 20 minutes of fame in the wrestling ring instead of in the BB house.


Danielle is a very beautiful girl, annoying yes, but beautiful! Must be tough being as beautiful and perfect as you…. lets see a pic!


No, OP is right. She has probably gained ten-twenty pounds since they walked in the house. I’m saying that objectively. I don’t dislike her (yes, she’s annoying, but so is everyone else).


Ian with another stupid nominations. Ian had to put up Dan and Danielle and use Frank as the backdoor. Frank doesn’t even play in the next HOH, and guess what Ian…you neither.


still cant believe danielle said that guys have l***ed her a$$h*le before. who on earth is signing up for that task?


I woud

Ian's Man Boobs

Frank isn’t going anywhere. Homeboy will win the veto YO!

Dan is a master manipulator.

Ian is a follower.

Danielle is not going to win. She’s in dreamland.

Joe is the grossest houseguest ever.

Shane seems to have given up.

Jenn is going home to Brooklyn.

I think the next BB house should be all men or all women. It would be interesting to see what happens.


Yea, ALL Women, and some of them Lesbians… best season ever

Ian's Man Boobs

Ha ha. So true! Might have to move the show to HBO! It would definitely be more interesting than this season.

Zingbot Fan

At least the sponge stains on Joe’s t-shirt keep you from looking at his soul patch.


please stop with that BULLSHIT about who deserves to be there more than anyone…… They all deserve a shot at the money.

FYI just because your winning comps doesn’t mean you’re going to win the game……. Frank got 1 for sure vote in jury and that’s Jenn, everybody else will most likely not vote for him, so he’ll never have the votes to win the game anyways .. Of course you can say Dan would have the least votes, but that’s just Brit that probably won’t vote for him, but STILL doesn’t give Frank the votes.

Sid Viscous Jr has 0 chance if winning, not enough people in the house that’s liked less than him, and he’ll need that for the win


Oh please. Just a week ago you were calling Jenn ‘ ? ‘ and now she deserves a shot at the money?

In terms of who has worked their ass off to get to the position they are in now, Frank deserves it, and that’s simply the truth whether you choose to accept it or not.

At the end of the day, we don’t know who’s going to vote for who.
People talk a lot of shit in the house then get to the jury and vote solely on gameplay.


Hmmm…..what did Danielle mean by no matter what jenn is going home????, Double D being true to frank???, talk about a shit storm waiting to happen!!! I love it!!! GO FRANK!!


Lol are they all forgetten that dan is still in the house, the only remaining coach, a former winner and an amazing social player. Ian is making a huge costly mistake by not targeting dan this week.




@cooper Team Danielle? I think you’re the only one on that bandwagon bud


What do you mean “a new player I have never seen befor…” am I missing something or is there a new player in the house?

Carol & Steve

when we talk about the “new player” or use a ? – we’re normally referring to Jenn who until last week as she’s been in hiding until last week.


jenn lol


It makes no sense for anyone to team up with frank. When ever someone decides to team up with frank they go home. Boogie was his #1 ally. Boogie went home. Then Ashley became his #1 now she is gone. Now jenn is franks #1 and if frank wins POV guess what. Jenn will be going home. Dan was franks biggest enemy And look he’s still in the game. So basically the best thing is to stay far away from frank. Especially since he can’t play in the next HOH because if he wins POV then there the one going home

the edukator

you keep frank if you’re dan shane and danielle because then they have a 1 in 4 shot at hoh with ian and frank not in it. you also have dj jizzy joe on your side which means that ian and frank on the block next week for sure. why chance it by keeping jenn in the game?


LMFAO @ dj jizzy joe


It makes no sense to try to back door frank. Only 1 person doesn’t play this week for the POV. So he just might as well put him up. The best time to have tried to back door frank was during the double eviction. Ian should have voted for boogie to stay. Then put up Shane and joe. Before hand told frank, just invade he did get picked for the veto, that hopefully Shane wins POV so Shane can take himself down and then put Dan up. Maybe frank doesn’t try as hard. Then if Shane did win it or if frank didn’t get picked then anyone who won it uses it on Shane and Ian puts frank up. If frank did get picked and won it and used it on Shane thinking Ian would put Dan up. Then Ian blows his cover and puts Ashley up and she goes home. That’s how the QP should have handled double eviction


Well Danielle should slow down because she hasn’t won yet and a lot can happen between now and finally all i can say is she is lucky she had dan because if it wasn’t for him she would never be in such a good position and she probably would have gone home a long time ago.


is the veto tonight?!


Why not try to back door Frank this week? It’s the last week that someone will sit out the veto comp! Ian should have made Frank a deal and told him not nominating him would be a sign of trust/trying to atone for his (Ian’s) past decisions. If back door falls through then maybe the deal helps him in the future.