Joe Lasted 21 seconds in the HOH Ian tells him not to worry next competition is Hauling Bricks

POV Holder: Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Have Nots
Last Evicted Houseguest

9:20pm Cam 1-2 Jenn, Ian

Jenn saying she had hit her sweet spot on the Endurance Comp but she didn’t realize that her back was so far out and she got hit by the comment and went down. Jenn: ‘I’ve lost a lot of weight since the show started”

Ian tells them that at one point he almost fell it freaked him out he figured he was getting too comfortable.

Joe: “When they lifted the disk I was hanging upside down”
Jenn: “I have such great balance.. it’s so upsetting”
Ian: “I was hurting like shit… but I could have done 2 more hours”

Ian: “Better than the PIrate ship for sure.. I have never felt pain like that before”

Shane joins them and shows everyone his hands.. they are pretty messed up. Danielle joins them reminds them all again that she threw up. Danielle: “Did y’all hear me throw up?”
Jenn: “No i was trying not to listen”
Danielle : “Did y’all hear me throw up the second time”
Frank and Joe milling around.

9:10pm Bathroom Danielle by herself.. in case you didn’t see it one the feeds Daneille wants to make sure you know that she threw up twice after she fell from the HOH Endurance competition. He reminds everyone in the house a couple times. (OBB will do their part to remind it’s readers to.. )

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9:38pm Cam 1-4 Frank, Joe, Ian and Shane eating pizza

Joe is saying that the pirate ship competition was easier. Ian and Shane disagree completely. Shane: “Poor Brit.. She’s with Ashley now” Ian: “Tomorrow is her media” Joe: “They spend one night in a hotel”

Joe apologizes to his wife and kids for ‘S**king *$$” tonight .

Shane: ‘You lasted 5 minutes”
Joe: “you’re making fun of me?”
Shane: “No.. at least you lasted 5 minutes”
Frank: “He lasted a little bit over 1 turn”

Ian: “At first I heard them say prize I was like.. Oh shit a prize maybe I should jump”

Joe talks about his punishment.. saying that everytime he hears music he has to hula hoop.. for 24 hours. Hula hoop Boot camp it’s called

Ian points out that Dan seems pretty upset because he was really wanting to see pictures of his wife. Joe jokes that he won’t see his family until September 19th when they are released. Ian: “You can win next time.. hauling bricks could be next”

Ian starts explaining that the endurance HOH competition they just did was a lot like the one they did in the beginning of Big BRother 9. He goes on to explain what happened. Jacob and Sharon were a pair and Jacob really stirred the post so they were evicted. He adds that Neil left the game so they brought Sharon in and she made it to final 4.

Shane asks Ian how much does he weigh. Ian: “125lbs” Ian says that the one week he was a have nots he went down to 108, All Ian ate was cereal and salmon.

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10:05pm Cam 3-4 The cameras are alternating showing Jenn and Frank. Frank is in the living room Jenn is in the arcade. everyone else milling around the kitchen eating and chatting about the competition.

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Joe + Jenn = Power floating salad tossers with a side of weak sauce. #facepalm


Jenn is literally just like Lydia from BB 11. I think the Big Brother producers should stray away from women who are covered with tattoos as they generally become useless floaters who f**k up everybody’s game. Just an observation :P


In that photo… is that danielle’s own puke on her face?… geez she had it bad!

Karen S

It really is hard to predict this game and how people will act according to their looks Simon. Kudo’s to you!
With all those that are left.. just rooting for Ian. The rest are pu**ies! Actually, I want him to have a good HOH..
and someone like Shane to get next DE HOH… minus Dan, Danielle, Frank (first) and then let the slaughter begin.
With Brit gone… all I can watch for now, is all those I want to go out next. Just like the season’s Rachel was in.. just
watched for her demise. And at the end, I knew she was going to get it over Porsche. ugh~ *shrugs* I can hope. lol


Derogatory asshole much?


At least Lydia was a guaranteed meltdown every week. Jenn is just boring.


At least Lydia appreciated what a true gentleman and hero Jessie was and rewarded him with her lesbian delicacies.

Karen S

Are you kidding about Jesse being a gentleman? You didn’t watch the feeds did you? well that would explain it.
Jesse degraded, used and promoted himself all the time. The muscle man with the lil weenie.. yep~ He was
screwing Lydia.. literally and lying to Natalie about it. What a fine man! *sputters puke everywhere*


I am so thankful they haven’t and i hope they don’t ever bring Jesse back even for a small cameo, I have never met anybody with an ego like that

Jenn is the worst

Jesse is super hot, when his mouth is closed.


Jessie is a very humble person.


The difference between Lydian & Jenn is that they both love hotdogs. Lydia eats both the wiener and buns but Jenn throws away the wiener and just eats the buns.


I’m so proud of Ian I don’t think Dan was lying about what he said about Ian at his “funeral” this kid just loves the game. And he’s starting to win when he has too which is exactly what Dan did in his first season. Props Ian, tell Frank and Jenn to POP A SQUAT and next Thursday you’ll be telling Frank to “get to steppin” the only problem for Ian is next week is double evict but he’ll worry about that later.


I think he’s better off getting rid of Dan this week, since Frank can’t play in the next HOH competition.


Ian is the one I am rooting for now, I can not stand any of the rest (well maybe the player formally known as Powerhouse, but he isn’t gonna win shit).
I know Ian will probably get cocky with power this week and annoy me, but hopefully not too badly. Also, he is the only one I have heard mention using the money to HELP someone else. He said he wants to win so his Dad can retire, and I think that is really cool.

Is anyone else besides me DYING for Shane to mention how the entire audience went “ooooh” in dismay when he cast the vote to evict Brit?
That will totally drive Danielle (and Frank) crazy. It will kill them knowing America (at least the part who cares enough to go to a taping) wanted Brit to stay!


Oh please, just because a few people in the audience said”oooooh” doesn’t mean all of America wanted Brit to stay!! LOL I’m glad the bitch is gone and hopefully lying, backstabbing, twerp Ian will be gone next week in the double elimination!


Well they all backstab and lie, so if you don’t like that then you probably don’t like any of them. Thats is how pretty much everyone is eventually in the game, if they want to win. I love how everyone calls them names and don’t even know them, its a game why take it personally.

Karen S

I heard it… and everyone was completely disappointed by his action tonight. Britney, really did have his back from the beginning and whether you think she didn’t have a game at all (Britney) she logically and rationally fought and tried to save him physically every single time. And he’s safe for now, isn’t he? Brit’s game was a social game and that she had humor on top of it really helped. Shane is a dumb ass.. and he will soon find that out… I know I couldn’t bite my tongue and NOT tell him.. when this is all over. And, how quickly Danielle, his stalker I am so disliking after this competition. Throw Britney, your best bud under the bus to Jenn… when Brit is already gone? The purpose of this? Wow… this is the game. But your money that you get won’t bring you any satisfaction if you end up in the jury with her…. now will it? Crazy funny to me.. how Danielle is portrayed as a stalker. She ate it up for a minute when Jenn was talking to her. Britney and Ragan, will always be favorites of mine. They are just funny. Oh and I loved Joshua too… in the pool, giving his round of roasts to all the house guests. I loved Crazy James and Chelsia for different reasons. They were the couple I hoped would make it. Plus, Chelsia, smashed all of Nat’s eggs on the floor. It was a phenomenal memorable moment. Maybe even symbolic. But then, I am just a romantic, mid-westerner. winks~
Ps… squirm squirm squirm you little worms… (Dan, Frank, Danielle)


Ian is going home next week, you can be proud of him as he walks out the BB house crying like a schoolgirl and throwing up thrice. Did I say Ian will throw up thrice? Just wanted to be sure I mentioned Ian will throw up thrice. And i case you hadn’t heard, Danielle threw up twice.

Team SEC

Ian ain’t going nowhere, by this time on saturday, not only will frank not win the POV but the whole house will be ready to evict him. his mouth, rest assure will get him out and ian will be just fine. he is winning comps…and franks run is over, just the law of averages…just saying


Ian is a wildcard at this point. I tend to think a Frank nomination is a near certainty, but I kind of think all his “Quack Pack Lives” talk was just a ploy to get Britney votes, so I think Dan will go up instead of Jenn. Either way Dan and Frank would be wise to talk tonight to work on a strategy and before the night is over Frank should go to Ian and say “Look, Bubba, you got Mike out, I got Britney out, so I know I’m on your shit list and that’s OK. I will fight for veto and we’ll see where things stand. But let’s make a deal to be civil to each other. I’ve said some things to you that Nana wouldn’t be proud of, so let’s just try to enjoy our accomplishment of how far we’ve come and try to enjoy ourselves.”

Right now Dan and Frank need Ian calm. Ian is book smart, hence his ability to recite entire seasons of Big Brother….but he’s not shown the capacity to map a strategy. It’s the difference between being able to recite a novel from memory as opposed to being able to write on of your own. If he’s excited he will act rashly.

One angle could be to play to Ian’s sense of Big Brother, his distaste for floaters, and the continued presence of Joe. I don’t know that this would work, but it’s worth floating the balloon. They should really emphasis how Joe shit himself in HOH tonight. Maybe throw out that he didn’t even try because he knows Shane and us are the real players. Maybe you talk about how the deserving final four is the three of you and how it would ruin their season if somehow Joe was carried to the final 2 simply because he floats to power and everybody knows he can’t win. They can even throw out some historical references comparing seasons where the top players were at the end with seasons where a floater slipped through. I think the more they can take Ian’s mind away from Britney and back to the game, the better.

Dan has to know that Frank is holding an ace, especially if Ian is on the warpath to avenge Britney. Dan gave Frank the blueprint and all he would need to do is tell Ian what happened the night before the veto ceremony, how Dan and Danielle sold Britney out with no hesitation, and they might leapfrog Frank, who Ian knows has another week of jeopardy. Knowing that he was the sole vote for Britney means Ian knows he is alone. Ian knows Joe and Shane will go where the power is and in Shane’s case, getting rid of Danielle could open up an ally. I don’t think Dan would do it unless his back was against the wall…but a good move would be for Frank and Dan to both go to Ian and tell him the story of what happened the night before veto, with just a bit of spin.

Frank and Dan alone with Ian in HOH.

“Ian, I felt alone and desperate, with nobody to save me since the Quack Pack was backing Danielle, so I lashed out at Danielle without thinking. It had more to do with me thinking she was making deals with Jenn. Anyway, when I went to apologize to Frank, Frank pressed me about Boogie, saying we wanted to work together so why did you turn on us. I said that it was complicated.” Dan says.
“Bubba I noticed how you hesitated about not using the 2nd veto and how Britney seemed to be lying when she said we could work together. I was alone and worried about this week. I saw Dan was vulnerable so I pressed him.” Frank says
“I didn’t want to implicate you.” Dan adds
“The “get to steppin'” and Mike saying not to trust you.” Frank admits
“He already knew, so I tried to throw Shane under the bus as the instigator.”
“I’m still pissed that you lied to me again, yo.”
“I know, but he’s so dumb and useless. The Captain America nonsense.”
“It’s OK man I get it. You know he was the first guy looking to make a deal with me after HOH and then once Britney was nominated, he actually partnered up with Joe and wanted me to join them as a final 3. Can you believe that? Old Eagle Eye was who he wanted in the final.”
“I know, he’s just clueless. So I suggested to Frank that we get Jenn to use the veto on me, get Shane on the block, and everybody would send Shane packing.”
“So I talked to Jenn. She was reticent, but as long as Danielle was on board, she would do it.”
“So you guys saw me go apologize to Danielle. Once she calmed down I explained that I could save us both, but that Shane would be going home in my place. Danielle did want to save me she said, but she just couldn’t let Shane go.”
“He’s got such a hold on her, yo. It’s like she’s brainwashed.” Frank interjects.
“I know, which is why he was my fall guy. He goes were the wind blows and she tends to follow. If he was gone, I know she’d get her head back. But when she would not accept Shane, she did say that Britney going was fine. That she was taking to much of Shane’s loyalty and he listened to her too much. Ian I was desperate, man. You would have done the same to me and as a true BB gamer, you know I’d understand. So I went back to Frank with Britney.”
“We just wanted you to know what went down, so if you don’t hate us and just hate that we sent Britney home, we wanted you to know the full story. We both think you’re a great player and would be glad to compete with you until the very end, but you’re calling the shots, so give it some thought and we can talk more before veto.”

Dan would be protecting himself from Frank, while exposing Danielle to some danger, but if he and Frank play up how Shane toys with her emotions and how he’s making deals with Joe of all people and how quick he was to let Britney go after all that she did for him. Plus you throw in how Shane can win comps, so whenever the opening exists to get him out, you take it.

Now Ian might see through this or he might blame Danielle or Jenn rather than Shane, but if Dan or Frank are up against the wall, it’s worth a shot.


Frank is too arrogant to do this. He also is a poor sport and a bully. He knows Ian is gunning for him so he will come after him and try to intimidate him into not putting him up.


where’s dan, dr???


thx, he’s been in there a while…wil did a great job with that video, it was too much!


holly spike in the polls for ian!


I think it’s because all of Brit’s fans voted for him now.


Give it a week.. . :-)


Ian deserves it. They treated him badly, especially Frank. I hope he gets Frank out, if not Dan.
Ian was totally loyal to the end with the Quack Pack and got Boogie out. This is his second comp win.
Go Ian.

Carol & Steve

I think Ian should put up Jenn & Joe, hoping that this will be the first POV that Frank doesn’t play in or doesn’t win. Then I’d backdoor him – which may be the only way to get him out. After this week it won’t matter if he goes up.
I do think that the remaining Quack Packers will work together to get Frank & Jenn out the next 2 weeks. But we’ll see.


I hope you’re wrong, but you’re proabably right. I think Frank will be out by the first or second eviction, since he can’t play for HOH next week either.


Here is the thing i think that Ian is very focused on getting frank out i also think he wants one of the QP to get to the end. I don’t see him putting up dani or shane and i don’t see him putting up dan because i think he wants desperatly to pull dan back into the QP. He has said on a number of occasions that he under stood why dan did what he did to save himself and that one of them had to go because of frank. I found it funny that joe is promising jen that Ian is going to put up dan if he only knew. I don’t think he will backdoor frank i think he will put up jen and frank because if frank won the pov then he could save himself and jen then he would have no choice but to put up joe and a QP member this way he can get one of them out. He believe that dan first loyality is to the QP


Why poor Frank why not stalker and Shane im sick that no one thinks thier a threat…sorry I do…


Ians goingse his nominations without frank is like halloween without candy line the only question is who will be next to frank joe or jenn prob jenn cus she would save frank if she magically won another veto


hey did you guys know danielle threw up?

Carol & Steve

Oh yeah – did ya’ll see Danielle throw up? LMAO!!
I was thinking poor Shane if she tried to kiss him when he went down – especially if she hadn’t had a chance to brush her teeth or rinse out her mouth. Yuck!


Watching BBAD and I’m noticing how Ian can’t sit still. – I’ve noticed this before but tonight it seems to be on overload. (Tonight’s excessiveness could be due to the HOH win, I know.)

Does anyone know what causes this or are some people just “antsy”?


Ian obviously has aspergers. I’m not sure why no one in the house has figured it out and it seems to have slipped past most of the BB fans as well. Anyway I seemed very clear from day one. He has aspergers and the will rock and or spin and do things like this to soothe themselves.


I am sure the houseguests know and I think it may be what drew Brit to Ian, as her brother, I believe, has autism. While not the same – there are some similarities.


My dog gets that way too.
We give him newspaper.
He goes to town making confetti.
Turns a couple circles, then lays down in the middle of it all,
And, all is right in his little world.


i was watching that stare from danielle in the bathroom…it was scary!!! wonder what she was thinking…”am i safe”…or was she thinking about dan?

yea!!!! gilligan wins HOH!!!

how should ian handle his HOH? get a guarantee for 1 week safety from shane, danielle, joe and jenn? fo sho the carrot is going up…dan or jenn as the second nominee?


It will be frank and jen and if frank wins pov then joe will go up and they have one more week to get him out. Ian seems more focused on a QP making it to the end then actually winning he blames them for the breakup of QP and for brit leaving he seems to have obsolved dan of any wrong doing

Karen S

I think the other option is Dan gets back-doored.. or visa versa.. Frank . Jenn again would be a pawn.


I could see Ian putting up Jenn and Joe to try and backdoor Frank. He realized his error before about putting Frank on the block and then Frank winning POV and pulling himself off the block. Ian won’t make that mistake again. Either way, Frankfurter wants the veto.

I’m f’n amazed that Joe hung on for a minute or two…I kinda *snort* at the t.v. when he talks about his “no carb” diet. On the night Ian won the HOH during the past double eviction, Frank ate a giant cookie, asked Ian for one of his KitKat bars and scarfed down something else also in that time frame. Joe, for f’s sake your on t.v., your not at home hiding your snackies from the Mrs!!

I’m really disappointed in Jenn’s whole appearance on that show…her personality is very lackluster and she just doesn’t seem to “get it” or even care. Apparently the new BB strategy is sleep your way to 1/2 million.


Prediction: Ian opens Pandora’s Box and Frank gets the Diamond Power of Veto. I swear that it is going to go down like that! Big Brother production rigging at its best!


Don’t get my hopes up, Frank deserves the diamond power of veto. BB Production is really trying to get rid of Frank. Frank never cheated in the POV competition, he was not trying to help Britney, he was NOT cheating. Frank was in the lead and had already won the POV. Not only did BB Production take away Frank’s POV, but they banned him from 2 HOH’s considering he wouldn’t be playing in the next one. At the most BB Production should’ve booted Frank from the POV comp and took away his sure win,therefore depriving him of the POV which was rightfully his. BUT NO, BB PRODUCTION HAS IT OUT FOR Frank and is rigging the game so that he doesn’t win. But Frank has 9 lives and hasn’t used all of them. Even though Production is against Frank, I think he can defy them and all odds and win this thing!!!


Do you realize that his helping Brit answer that question would have given him the win? He was cheating. They all know that they are not to give answers to others. He just got caught doing it.


Did you bother to watch the veto comp? They did not ban him from playing in two HOHs. He already could not play in tonight’s as the outgoing HOH and he took the penalty in the veto comp to not play for a week – so there are your two weeks….he also took the penalty of the avocado bath, the chum shower and the carrot suit.


Did you not read my post???

What you said was already explained very eloquently in my post.

So what you said was just a bunch of superfluous babble showing your vacuous and inane level of knowledge and understanding!


OMG, enough for the show being rigged for Frank! I’m sure he’s going home next week.


Do you even know how to read and comprehend???

The post is about production being AGAINST Frank,

everyone else is saying production is for Frank,

you should’ve spotted that if you had the reading

comprehension of a fifth grader. But you don’t!!!


When Shane voted to evict Britchney, I said, OOOooooooh, yeah, frick yeah, great, amen.


Let us pray. Do not like Ian. Too sneaky.


watching BBAD….Danielle & Jenn talking…have to MUTE already. For gods sake bring back Brit!

Aqua Bernie

Danielle’s voice is like nails on a chalkboard. Does she really believe the shit she says?


Yes she does believe it. But did you know, Shane said she is his girlfriend and she threw up twice tonight. Didya also know that Brittany campaigned to stay, how insulting to Danielle! Jenn wound her up like a toy. It was funny, but I miss Brit. The feeds aren’t the same without her!


I never heard shane tell jenn that she was his gf…never and i too have live feeds…did you actually hear the convo between jenn and Shane… and if she puked are you thinking shes pregnant..if she is its from her ex bf not shane I doubt theve had sex… they barely pecked


No, it didn’t happen. Jenn just said that. Danielle asked her what else did he say, and she said, I didn’t hear him say it, I got that second hand, but he LIKES you, girl! Jenn may be boring, but she is not stupid. She knows how Danielle is an insecure mess. I think Jenn is winding her up hoping to cause a rift between her and Shane. She laid it on really thick and Dani bought it. Expect to see her back to her stalker ways, now that she thinks he really does like her and is just too shy to make a move.

quack-pack fan

Do you mean when Danielle says ‘why’ and it sounds like WHAAA or END OF STORY or WHAT DID HE SAY ABOUT ME….she is so annoying and insecure!

quack-pack fan

Can’t wait to see Ian’s noms – Frank and Jenn? No doubt that Frank will go up but who else. Seems like Ian is all about getting QP back together since it suits him now.

Watching Joe do his punishment…LOL At least he has a sense of humor! Had to laugh that he was off the endurance before the live show was over…LOL He kind of grows on you after awhile (kind of)

Where did Ian go? Guess he is in DR talking about winning and how he will avenge Britney.


I feel you. I had to change the channel.

Aqua Bernie

I want Frank or crazy chic Dani out next. Good riddens to either of these twits.


No, I love Frank, but he probably will be gone next week, especially with the double elimination.


Really, really want Frank to win.


I like Joe, (probably the only one on here lol) but, I think he is funny. I thought Jenn was going to be a bad a$$ in comps and such when she first walked in the house, but not so much…I am still rooting for Ian or Dan. Still don’t like Frank, but probably only because he hooked up with Mike, I loathe Mike.


I love Joe. He’s my unintentional comic relief.


Bye Bye Frank


I don’t trust the votes at all this week, I hope if Frank is on the block and STAYS on the block that they actually vote him out. But with these idiots in the house (excluding Dr. Ian Terry and Dan) I would not put it past them


Ian will get evicted next week during the Double eviction … guarantee it


That would be nice.


This week should be fairly predictable. Ian says he won that one for Britney so he should follow through with that emotion and nominate Stank and City of Jenn. Ian claimed earlier that Joe is kind of growing on him (like salmonella, ecoli, herpes, streptococcus, fungal infections or a flesh eating bacteria) so he probably won’t put him up unless he’s a pawn. Frank the Stank’s luck has to run out sooner or later with these POVs, then he will be headed out the door. I think Ian and Dan would like to take Jenn or Joe to the final 2 because neither of them has any game to speak of. It’s also not out of the realm of possibilities that everyone will want to take Frank to the end because they believe that no one on the jury would vote for him considering no one likes him as a person and if you have to survive by winning POVs or HOHs every week then your social game is not there. I really don’t know if Dan has any intention of taking Dani to the final 2, although I’d vote for him to win a second time before I gave her a dime.

Just my .02


If Frank had any balls the quack would still be alive and kicking.


Frank’s balls are so big that they make yours look like pimples



If it walks like a duck,

If it quacks like a duck,

Then it must ………..



Keep your eyes to yourself. TMI you look below Frankie’s belt. Gross.


I meant Shane.

phantom of the house

Backdoor! Backdoor! Backdoor! I want Frank out-Immediately. Let it hit his ass on the way. If he’s nominated without being backdoored and wins POV I will lose my mind.


I really hope Dani goes during the double eviction but no one is going to put her up because they think she’s “America’s sweetheart” and it’s disgusting. I’m praying she does not make the final.


I am rooting for Dan to win! I know he’s won it once and all but what he did last week was amazing-you gotta give him credit. With that said though-don’t you think Ian knows that Dan was the one who informed Frank of what he was doing?


Now all week we’re going to hear Ian getting cocky and stupid, hope he gets drunk again and loses all his supporters. We’ll also be annoyed by his constantly telling the camera, Britney, this one is for you. And then the little imp will make us suffer watching him walking around the house with his man-boobs stuck out like a proud jacka@@. When he gets pressured, we’ll have to endure his frenzied pacing back an forth and his breaking down and crying like a schoolgirl saying that he needs to see a psychiatrist.


Check out dannielles Wikipedia . Lmao


What the hell has happened to Danielle. She went from a semi-attractive southern belle to a “pasty white, chubby faced, acne showing, high pitch nasal sounding, scary looking chick now”. Is this what happens to you when you team with the evil side of the house (or have Judas pull your strings)?

My God, she looks like a different person than when she walked in. Similar to how Shelly turned green, stringy haired and sick looking last season. I guess “lying” and “betraying” people eats at your insides.

I can’t wait until Brittney sees the tapes. If Danielle thinks they are going to be friends, she is fucking delusional (which she is). I think Danielle has become this year’s Shelly at this point. She is playing Shane, Jenn, Frank – but getting played by Dan.

The Real TMZ

I wonder how many times we’re gonna read the words “Bye Bye Frank” on this site before next Thursday…??? and then he DOESN’T go home!! I’m guessing about 150


Danielle… Shane isn’t terrified to kiss on camera!! He’s terrified of your stalker ass!!

Team Ian Big Dog

So glad that Ian won HOH. Hope he is does get Frank out this week. Dan should have listened to Ian and worked the votes for Brittney to stay. Instead he saved the vile Dani thinking he could get her to the F2 with him so that the jury would begin to unravel all her lies and then he would win. Now he has a ticking time bomb that he cannot control who can spin a lie at a drop of the hat and a bully who will throw Dan under the bus by doing the same Hail Mary pass. Since Ian cannot play in the next HOH, and it is a FF. He will more likely go home. Dan will be stuck in the house with Dani who has built links through all her lies to every house guest. Dani knows there is no way she would win against Dan. So he will soon follow after they get rid of Ian. The only houseguest left that you could maybe stomach getting the HOH will be Shane. How BB picks these guest is beyond me.

I think Dan’s only option would be to hook with Ian but he would have to layout all his game plan and tell him why he hooked up with Dani. They would have to win the remaining HOH between them to make this happen.


Simon I get the feeling you aren’t a big fan of frank. lol


I agree with the people saying Ian will be evicted during the double eviction. Ian is going to be twinkle toeing right out the door next Thursday.

Team Ian Big Dog

Yes but I think he already knew that when he won this HOH. The night Brittney went on the block he was looking at the memory wall and mumbled terms about seeking vengence and falling on the sword.


Wait… Danielle hurled? And twice? Is this accurate?


Yes. Right after she dropped in the HOH comp.

Ian's Man Boobs

The hammock is going to get a workout this week. Ian should be stimming like a mofo with the stress.

I didn’t want him to get HOH because I can’t stand him, but it should make for an interesting week on the feeds to see him have a mental breakdown.

This poor kid never needed to be in the BB house. I wish his parents could have guided him a little and kept him out of this situation.


Ian put up the dynamic duo Stalker and Shane…pleeeeease


Why not have BB “floaters” deal with a new threat of early eviction in future BB seasons? Jenn and Joe are typical BB floaters. They contribute nothing to the show, but these types often stay around forever, because they’re not a threat/priority to evict, and they couldn’t win a comp to save their lives. How is that good for the show? We all know winning BB comps makes you a bigger target. And, as set up now, losing comps is often smart gameplay. Because of this, HG’s who are able to win comps elect to throw them, especially early on. This makes for FAR less drama during comps. Doesn’t AG need to add in a new, bad BB consequence, for consistently bad BB comp play? It’s true that AG/none of us can predict who’ll end up as boring floaters beforehand. But, by 3 weeks in, we usually can. So why not invent a way to get rid of them! How ’bout this? BB should start with 16-18 HGs, knowing that some new, early “floater evictions” are coming. Then, 3 weeks in, start having special “non-HOH/POV winner only” BB comps. Last place in these comps get evicted. Do this 3-4 times a season, replacing some double evictions nights. This way, the show’s boring “deadwood” is gone MUCH earlier. And those who regularly throw comps now must think twice, to avoid becoming part of these “Floater Comp Eviction Nights.” Better, stronger, more interesting HGs at the end is the goal. Now, with only 6 HG’s left, much less is going on in the house. It can get quite boring in there. Can AG really afford to have Joe and Jenn be two of the six? (Snore.) Wouldn’t everyone agree that the final 3 weeks of BB14 would be much more exciting minus Jenn and Joe (both who’d already be long gone, non-winner evictees in my proposal), and have two of the stronger evicted HG’s still in the house? Just a thought. Make any sense?


Jim, you are right about ridding floaters and deadbeats. Great food for thought thinking outside the box. Some great ideas to make it more fair and dramatic. AG needs to change things.


Next Week Ian….You & Dan will be joining at the Jury House. Frank will keep on winning the PoV’s. Still Ian, you want to backdoor Frank. How dumb are you? I can wait to see your face that Frank will have the DPOV or special power to make sure He is not going anywhere. If you put up Frank on the block again. I would love to see your face that Frank will win his 2 PoV. That way, this is a double eviction, your *** is going home. Have fun seeing Ashley.